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Yorkshire water is a company that deals with the supply of water and management in the whole region of Yorkshire. It was established in 1973, and by the year 1989, it got privatised. The company is tasked with ensuring customers are supplied with clean water, maintenance, treatment, and improving services on a daily basis.

Yorkshire Water, supply about 1.24 billion litres per day. For their excellence services to the customers has earned them several awards.Here are Yorkshire Water contacts you can use to reach the company.

Yorkshire Water Phone Number List

Yorkshire Departments UK Contact Number
Customer Service  0345 124 2424
Developer Services 0345 120 8482
Free Number 0800 573 553
Head Office 0843 453 0216
Press Enquiries 0127 469 2653
Community Trust 0345 124 2426
Resolve Scheme 0345 1299 299
Pay Your Bill 0345 124 2420
Automated Bill Payment 0345 124 7247
Incidents and Emergencies 0333 414 9040
Water Direct Scheme 0345 129 9299
Whole Sale Service desk 0344 902 0228
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Yorkshire Water Customer Service

When you want to contact Yorkshire water customer helpline call this number 0345 124 2424, and you will be attended by customer representatives, and have your queries answered back. You will get help with your question from:

a) Billing issues/queries

b) Moving from your current home location to settle elsewhere

c) Enquiring about online payments

d) Issue to do with water supply

e) Transfer of payments information details and much more.

Yorkshire water agents are available from 8 am to 8 pm. Another alternative way of contacting the company is initiating a Live Chat on their website Contact Us page.

Yorkshire Water Developer Services

Yorkshire helpline number for developer services page

To reach Yorkshire Water developer services call 0345 120 8482. This number will help you reach Yorkshire water developers the moment you are planning to develop your home, or probably any alteration that may interfere with the sewer; the number will provide you with all the information you need. The same applies when you visit the web page for Developer Services, you will grab the answers to your query.

Yorkshire Water Free Number

The number to call Yorkshire Water free number is this one 0800 573 553 to enquire any case of water leakage, or bill related issues among others. You can as well reach through email address by filling the contact form, and they will answer you.

Yorkshire Water Head Office Address

The number to contact Yorkshire Water Head Office is 0843 453 0216 which will let you connect to the highest office and have your queries answered accordingly. This contact will give you the information you want if you are a representative of an organisation and you require serious attention to do with connection or related cases.

Yorkshire Water is located at Western House, Western Way, Bradford BD6 2SZ, UK

Yorkshire Water Press Enquiries

Ring this Yorkshire Water press enquiries number 01274 692 653, and you will get all the information you want. You will learn about the company water plan and the latest news that focus on improving supply services. Moreover, you can visit the Media page and digest the latest information from there.

Yorkshire Water Community Trust

This is the number to contact Yorkshire Water community trust 0345 124 2426, and it deals with individuals who are not able to raise water payments and therefore they are given a longer duration to pay or until they can pay charges they owe the company. So, when you contact the company, and you are in that category with low income, then you will get help.

Yorkshire Water Resolve Scheme

Dial this Yorkshire Water Resolve Scheme number 0345 129 9299, and the representatives will resolve your queries you may have. If you have been unable to pay all your bills, here, you will get help about how to spread your payment for 12 months until you are debt free. Provided you have low income and have arrears exceeding 12 months.

Contact Yorkshire Water via Social Media

Yorkshire Water Twitter

To contact Yorkshire Water social media is very easy by writing to the sites below and you will have a response to your queries.

Yorkshire Water understands the power of social media especially to the young generation, therefore expect speedy feedback regarding water supply disruption, bill query, and any other information you would like to enquire.

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