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In this article, you will find all the information you want about Wonga including Wonga contact numbers you can use to contact Wonga customer service for any queries, questions or inquiries you might have concerning their services. In addition to reading this article, make sure you visit Wonga’s website where they have shared more great posts detailing the services that they offer.

Wonga Phone Number List

Wonga Helpline UK Contacts
Wonga Customer Service 0207 138 8330
Wonga Complaints Number 0207 836 6511
Wonga Debt Advice 0800 138 1111
Wonga Loan Calculator 0207 138 8330
Wonga Repayment of  Short Loans 0207 183 0063
Wonga Media Enquiries 0207 284 5679
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N/B: All lines opened Monday to Sunday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Loans are quickly becoming hard and hard to get and to make it worse, even if you do qualify to get one then you will have to wait for days before the money actually reflects in your account. Luckily, other financial companies in the UK like Wonga offer reliable financial services you can rely on.

Wonga Customer Service Contact Number

Founded back in 2007, Wonga specialises in offering their financial services to individuals who are credit or cash constrained and they need money fast. Thanks to their friendly financial services and their business approach Wonga has been able to grow its customer base in the UK significantly in a very short period of time. In fact, since it’s inception to date, they have worked on million of applications.

If you would want to take up any of their services or simply want to know more about them as a company, feel free to contact them using the Wonga helpline numbers shared on this post. Additionally, you can visit Wonga’s website where they’ve shared great details about themselves and the services that they offer.

Get In Touch With Wonga

How To Get In Touch With Wonga

If you are looking for ways to get in touch with Wonga customer service, then you will be happy to know that they have set up a number of communication channels you can use. If you want to get in touch with them using the Wonga helpline numbers shared in this article then you can do it by simply placing your call to them using any of the numbers shared.

Many prefer this means of communication, especially when addressing issues that require a quick response. Other than the Wonga phone number provided, you can contact Wonga customer service by simply writing them a letter. You can do this via an email or by simply writing them a letter and sending it to their postal address.

However, it’s good to point out that if you choose to write them a letter and send it to them through their postal address, you might end up waiting for quite some time before receiving any response and as a result, it is advised that you use other communication channels.

Wonga Headquarters Postal Address

For those who would want to reach out to their customer service by writing them a letter, feel free to do so and sending it to the postal address shared below. As already mentioned earlier in this article, this communication channel tends to take some time and as such, you might end up waiting for days or sometimes weeks before getting a response from Wonga customer service. That said, do consider other communication channels if you happen to have queries or enquiries that require fast response.

When you are writing the letter, make sure that you include all the relevant details as this will help their customer service or the Wonga representative you are addressing understand your issue, complaint or enquiry faster thus speeding the communication process. Below is Wonga’s postal address.

88 Crawford St, Marylebone, London W1H 2EJ

Wonga Customer Service

Wonga Customer Service

If you happen to have any queries, suggestions, enquiries and even questions about services offered by Wonga then do feel free to contact Wonga customer service. By doing so, they will be able to assist you with any question you might have including details on how you can apply for a loan and how you can chose to repay it.

If you choose to contact them, you can do so by using the Wonga helpline number provided in this article, by writing them a letter and lastly by reaching out to them on their social media platforms. For more on their service, do call the following Wonga customer service number 0207 138 8330. You can also visit Wonga’s help center page where they have shared lots of insightful details about their services.

Wonga Complaints Number

Wonga Complaints Number

If you happen to have any complaints regarding the services offered by Wonga then you can address them to their complaint’s team using the following Wonga contact numbers 0207 836 6511. If you feel like your issue hasn’t been handled properly then you should consider forwarding the matter to their head department. This you will be able to do by simply writing them a letter and sending it to the following Wonga postal address Wonga.com Sheffield S95 1AR.

Whether you prefer contacting Wonga directly by sending them a letter or simple by phone, do make sure that you include all the relevant details that will help them solve your complaint mush faster. You can also visit Wonga’s help center page where you will insightful detail on some of the common issue Wonga customers face and how to resolve them.

Wonga Debt Advice

Wonga Complaints Number

Other than their financial services, you can also benefit from their experts. How you ask? Well, you can ask them for debt advice and the best part is they won’t charge you a single dollar. In addition, the debt advice you will be receiving is from some of the country’s experts when it comes to matters loans. To reach out to them for this particular service feel free to do so by using the following Wonga contact numbers 0800 138 1111.

If you happen to have debt problems then you will be happy to know that you can seek their advice on how to deal with it. Again, the people who you will be talking to or those who will give you advice are experts so you will be getting the very best as far as advice goes.

For this service use the following Wonga contact numbers to contact them 0808 808 4000. When using this line do note that is open from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 9 pm. On Saturday’s the line is open from 9:30 am to 1 pm.

Wonga Loan Calculator

Wonga Loan Calculator

Wonga has a nice system in place to help for anyone who wants to request for a loan. In fact, they have even gone a step further by allowing you to see the amount of money you are going to pay in terms of interest based on the loan you want. If happen to have any issues calculating the loan amount you need or even the interest that you are likely to pay after requesting a loan, feel free to contact one of their representatives who would guide you through the entire process.

Wonga Repayment of Short Loans

Wonga Repayment of Short Loans

Upon requesting for a short loan with Wonga, you will be requested to repay it at a duration that you selected. If you happen to have any problems while in the process of making repayment of their short loans then do contact Wonga using the following Wonga phone number 0207 183 0063.

When making the call, make sure you have all your questions and details in order as this will help one of Wonga’s representatives assist you accordingly and fast. You should also visit Wonga’s help center page if you happen to have problems with your loan repayment because your issue might have been raised and solved already. In fact, you should consider visiting their help centre page before giving them a call.

Wonga Media Enquiries

Wonga Media Enquiries

If you are from the media or a journalist and want to contact Wonga for all things Wonga, from their start, their business and their customers, do get in touch with them using the following Wonga contact numbers 0207 284 5679.Unlike other contact numbers shared in this article, this number is completely meant for all things media.

If you happen to have queries or complaints to make about other services offered by Wonga using this number you are likely not to get any response or help. In addition to the number provided, you can also contact Wonga for media enquiries by using Wonga customer service numbers, letters or through social media. By using social media and their customer service numbers, you are likely going to speak to a member of their customer service who will then transfer your call.

Get Social With Wonga

Get Social With Wonga

If you are looking for an alternative to phone calls and even letters when contacting Wonga customer service, then using their social media platforms is the best way to go. With their social media, you can easily reach out to them and better yet directly refer to the service or product you want them to give you more details on. When contacting them do make sure that you do it during work hours because that is when their team is available.

Other than contacting their customer service, you can also use this platform to keep up with all things Wonga. By following their account, you will receive posts they make on their page about their services and products right on your home feed. Below is a list of their active social media accounts.





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