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Gas and electricity are two of the most important necessities of life. Although they are the inventions of the last century only, imagining everyday life without these is just impossible. There are a number of gas and electricity service providers operational in the UK, but you have to select the one that can provide best of service at the least of rate. Utilita Energy is one such company that offers the best quality service at highly competitive prices in the country. Thousands of customers have availed their service and are fully satisfied with the Utilita Energy customer service.

Utilita Energy Numbers List

Utilita Energy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
 Utilita Energy Customer Service 0196 289 1180
 Automated Meter Reading Line 0800 849 9260
 Customer services – Main Switchboard 0196 239 7097
 Utilita Energy Emergency Line 0345 2068 999
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Utilita Energy Customer Service

If you have any kind of issue, query or complaint or if you want Utilita Energy support in any matter, then feel free to call their Utilita Energy customer service 0196 289 1180. When you call this Utilita Energy contact number, a trained and experienced customer care executive will talk to you from the other end. He or she will be ready to help you with any kind of request that you make. While calling them over the phone, make sure that you keep all the details of your connection and query ready with you. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time finding the details when asked for. For further details, you can visit the Utilita Energy contact us page online.

Utilita Energy contact number
Contact Us

Send them a Written Letter

You can get in contact with Utilita Energy simply by sending them a written letter. If you don’t believe in sending emails, installing apps and following them on social media, writing a letter can give a physical form to your communication. It is a cheap and reliable method of getting in touch with the company. But while writing a letter, you need to ensure that you mention each and every detail of your connection and your query. Otherwise, the process of asking and replying will consume a number of days, thus wasting time.

While writing a letter, make sure that you have written the right mailing address, and addressed it to the right department as well. If you don’t know the department name, you can write the subject of your letter, so that it can be directed accordingly to the right person. The complete mailing address of this UK-based energy provider is Utilita House, Moorside Rd, Winchester SO23 7RX, United Kingdom. You can even call the Utilita Energy phone number between 8 am and 10 pm.

Automated Meter Reading Line

Automatic meter reading or AMR is an advanced technology used by Utilita Energy to automatically collect the customer’s consumption from their smart meter. They use this data to manage consumption and analyse usage. You can call the automated meter reading line 0800 849 9260 to get any technical problem identified and resolved as well. You can use this line to get an idea of how you are using the available resources, and thus make the necessary changes to reduce your consumption and improve efficiency.

AMR allows highly accurate readings of the smart meter, and improved billing process as well. The customers are able to monitor their energy consumption and identify where they are wasting their Utilita Energy top up. The meter reading is updated in real time so that you don’t have to wait for an entire month to know your current consumption. So, if you have any kind of query or complaint regarding your automated meter reading, you can call this Utilita Energy phone number to get connected to a customer care executive. This line remains open 24/7, so you can call them at your own convenient time and place.

Utilita Energy customer service
Automated Meter Reading Line

Customer Services – Main Switchboard

Apart from calling the Utilita Energy customer care helpline, you can also call 0196 239 7097 to gain any kind of Utilita Energy support. This is the main switchboard of the company’s Utilita Energy helpline that you can call to clear any kind of doubt, query or complaint. Just like the customer service helpline, this Utilita Energy contact number also connects you to a customer care executive, who will be trained and qualified to resolve your issue in every possible way. The lines to this number remain open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm. If you need help from the company representatives out of these working hours, you can call their 24/7 customer service number. For further details, visit the Utilita Energy contact us page.

Utilita Energy Emergency Line

The company has an emergency helpline number as well, that you can call during emergencies, such as a loss in supply of gas or electricity, or a gas leakage etc. When you lose your gas or electricity supply due to any reason, you can call this Utilita Energy emergency line 0345 206 8999, inform them about your lost supply, and they will do their best to give your supply back to you as soon as possible. This emergency helpline remains open from 8 am to 10 pm every day.

Download the Utilita Energy Mobile app

In order to make things easier for the customers and to give them complete Utilita Energy support while on the go, the company has launched its own mobile app as well. Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can download their app from the applications store, and you are all set. Just open your app and manage your service at your own convenient place and time.

With the Utilita Energy mobile app, you can do a lot of things while on the go from your portable device, including:

  • Getting a Utilita Energy top up
  • Creating your own barcode for your top-ups, which you may scan at a PayPoint outlet to recharge your energy account
  • Getting remove access to your Utilita Energy account
  • Viewing your energy account details
  • Editing your information
  • Staying updated with the latest information
  • Viewing history of your PayPoint top ups

Because the app is new, it is still in its developing stages and they keep adding more tools and features from time to time.

Filling the Online Query Form

When you visit the Utilita Energy contact us page, you will see the option to select your query, and fill an online query form. If you are not in an emergency and if you can wait for a few hours before the representatives respond to your query, you can visit their website, select the category of your query, fill in the required details, place your query and click on the submit button. The company representatives regularly check the online queries people make to them. You are most likely to receive a suitable reply within a few hours, or the very next working day. Sometimes, it may take a time of few days as well, depending on the availability of representatives and the nature of your query. If you want an instant reply, call their customer service number.

Getting Connected over Social Media

In addition to maintaining a 24/7 Utilita Energy helpline and launching a mobile app, Utilita Energy is also available on a number of social networking sites so that they can update their customers about their latest events and happenings. If you have registered to any of these social media platforms, you can follow the company on it and stay updated about all the latest information about the company and its proceedings. Utilita Energy is available on the following social networking sites:

The company regularly updates its information on these social media platforms. If you have a query, complaint or request to make, you can post it on these sites, and you are sure to get a suitable reply soon. Social networking affects their reputation in the market, and they just can’t ignore your request on a social networking site. So, follow them on these sites and get the best of service they have to offer.

Utilita Energy is a leading gas and electricity provider in the UK, dedicated to offering low-cost services to the lower income sections of the society. They offer highly competitive rates. They are one of the very few energy companies in the country that install modern smart meters for their residential customers, that too for free. They allow a pre-payment model of their services so that the customers can do a Utilita Energy top up and consume as much energy as they have paid for only. This disallows wastage of gas and energy, thus save the environment as well. For more details, you can call the Utilita Energy helpline to talk to a customer care executive.

Although availing Utilita Energy customer service is exceptionally easy and fast, it is easy to get Utilita Energy support by calling their Utilita Energy phone number as well. They have a dedicated Utilita customer care helpline that you can call in case of any kind of query, complaint or request. In addition to calling them by phone, there are other ways of getting in contact with the company officials as well. Let’s talk about a few of them.

  • Send them a written letter
  • Call a relevant Utilita Energy contact number
  • Download their Utilita Energy app
  • Fill the online query form
  • Follow them on social media

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