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Are you searching for Uswitch contact details? Well, if your answer is yes then you have visited the right site as this post highlights contact details including Uswitch contact numbers you definitely going to need when reaching out to Uswitch customer service numbers for the various departments that they have.

If you are need of extra information regarding the company, get to visit the official about us page where they have shared a great deal of information about who they are and what they do.

Uswitch Phone Number List

Uswitch Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0800 688 8557
Customer Service Fax 0203 214 8417
Complaints 0800 688 8244
Life & Health Insurance Active 0292 009 9018
Uswitch Boiler Quote 0800 327 7190
Energy Contact 0203 872 5610
Energy Contact Mobile 0782 518 6828
Tech Contact 0203 872 5611
Tech Contact Mobile 0755 710 6497
Personal Finance Contact 0203 872 5613
Personal Finance Contact Mobile 0746 985 6789
PR Assistant 0203 893 8391
PR Assistant Mobile 0779 671 4255
Head of PR 0203 872 5614
Head of PR Mobile 0776 984 7460
New Boiler British Gas 0800 084 6664
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

Uswitch Customer Service

Uswitch customer service number for home page

The Uswitch customer service number is  0800 688 8557. Dial this number if you think about making a switch. By dialling this Uswitch phone number and talk to an expert or advisor will help you switch to a better supplier.

N/B: This Uswitch phone number is open Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

If you are unable to speak to one of their advisors using this Uswitch contact number, you can opt to send them a message using this Uswitch email address

Uswitch Customer Service Fax

The Uswitch customer service fax number is 0203 214 8417. This is a perfect alternative to the Uswitch contact number already shared when contacting their customer service.

However, they do advise that you visit FAQ page before speaking to one of their experts.

Other links that are vital to their customers seeking to contact their customer service are;

Uswitch Complaints

The Uswitch complaints number is 0800 688 8244. Dial it to address all your energy, broadband, car insurance, banking comparisons, mobiles and switching services complaints with their complaints department.

If you are unable to contact them using this Uswitch phone number, do send them an email using this email address Don’t hesitate to speak with a superior in an event you feel that your complaint is not resolved to your liking.

Uswitch Life & Health Insurance Active

The Uswitch life & health insurance active number is 0292 009 9018. If you have queries and inquiries you would like to address with their experts, then get to dial it.

If using this Uswitch phone number is not your preferred communication channel, do send them an email

Uswitch Boiler Quote

The Uswitch boiler quote number is 0800 327 7190. Get to speak with their boiler’s department by dialling this Uswitch contact number if you need a boiler quote for affordable boiler repairs.

The benefits associated with this particular service include;

  • Paying the exact amount on your quote
  • Having your work handled by professionals
  • It’s accessible and available to everyone

Uswitch Energy Contact

Uswitch Energy Contact

The Uswitch energy contact number is 0203 872 5610. Call this Uswitch helpline number to connect with Ailene Barr.

You can also send Barr an email detailing all your energy queries and inquiries at this email address

Get all the latest on energy by visiting Uswitch energy online page.

Uswitch Tech Contact

Uswitch tech contact number is 0203 872 5610. Connect with Claire Jones by dialling this number and she will assist you will all the tech information you want.

In addition to these two Uswitch contact number, you can opt to contact Claire Jones via email by sending yours to this Claire Jones company email address

Uswitch Tech Alternate

The Uswitch tech mobile contact number is 0782 518 6828. This number is an alternative to the Uswitch phone number already shared for contacting Claire Jones.

In terms of links, this Broadband page and this Mobile page offers great information regarding the tech services.

Uswitch Personal Finance Contact

The Uswitch personal finance contact number is 0203 872 5613. This number connects you with their personal finance department tasked with handling all your queries and inquiries. The contact person is Rory Stoves.

You can also send him an email at

Uswitch Personal Finance Alternate

The Uswitch personal finance mobile contact number is 0746 985 6789. This an alternative number to use when contacting Rory Stoves

For information about their personal finance services, do get to visit money page and insurance page.

Uswitch PR Assistant

The Uswitch PR assistant number is 0203 893 8391. Dial it to contact PR assistant who is Jacinta Bonus if you are unable to reach the head of PR, Charlotte Nunes, using the contact details provided.

Uswitch PR Alternate

The Uswitch PR assistant mobile number is 0779 671 4255. This number also connects you with Jacinta Bonus so use it as an alternative in an event the first one doesn’t work.

If you prefer an alternative to these Uswitch helpline numbers, you can opt to send her an email using this email address

Uswitch Head of PR

Uswitch Head of PR

The Uswitch head of PR number is 0203 872 5614. When you dial this number you will get to speak with Charlotte Nunes.

You can also send her an email detailing the reason for you reaching out to her using this email address

Uswitch Head of PR Alternate

The Uswitch head of PR mobile phone number is 0776 984 7460. This number also connects you with Charlotte Nunes.

Uswitch New Boiler British Gas

The Uswitch new boiler British gas number is 0800 084 6664. Dial it to get answers to all your queries and inquiries that touch on boiler British gas services for new customers.

Uswitch Business Inquiries

For all your business, do get in touch with their business department by sending an email to

Uswitch Chief Executive Officer

Uswitch’s chief executive officer is Steve Weller. You can contact them by sending him an email using this chief executive officer email address

Uswitch Marketing Team

Get in touch with marketing team by sending an email to Simon Hills using this Uswitch’s email address In addition to this Simon Hills email address, you can also contact them and their online marketing team using this email address

Uswitch PR Team

Despite having contact details to top figures on all things PR, you can also get in touch with their PR team for all your queries and inquiries by simply sending an email to

Uswitch Jobs


In addition to visiting Uswitch careers page for details regarding the various job openings and positions available to UK resident, you can as well get this information by sending an email to

If you don’t find a job opening that fits your credentials, do set an email alert to receives alerts on new job positions. This you can do by filling out this email alerts form.

Uswitch Head Office

You can choose to either pay them a visit and address all your queries, inquiries or complaints to the head office or you can sed them a handwritten letter and use this address as the mailing address. Uswitch’s head office in the UK is located at;

5 Copper Row London SE1 2LH

Uswitch Content & Editorial Team

The department tasked with all the things related to their online content and editorial team, whom you can contact by sending an email to

Uswitch Community Events

Uswitch contributes to the community using several avenues such as events. Therefore, if your community is running or planning to have an event that is based on saving money and energy, do get in touch with their department using this email address to see how they will be happy to help you.

Contact Uswitch Social via Media

Uswitch Social Media Accounts

Social media is another communication method you can use when contacting Uswitch customer service. They are normally very active so expect a response of your query, inquiry or complaint letter in real time as long as you contact them during working hours. Below is a list of all Uswitch social media accounts;

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