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Having flown more than 48 million passengers to different parts of the world, Turkish Airlines is without a doubt one of the, if not, largest air carrier in the world. In fact, in 2013 it became the first airline to record the most flies in different countries worldwide. With such numbers, you are bound to get the flight you want when you want it if you choose to fly with Turkish Airlines. All you have to do is simply contact Turkish Airlines and they will assist you accordingly.

Turkish Airlines

If you plan to do just that then you are in luck because in this article you will get all the Turkish airlines contact numbers that you will need when interacting with them. Additionally, do visit their online site to learn and check out all things Turkish airlines by clicking here.

Turkish Airlines Phone Number List

Turkish Airlines Helpline UK Contact Numbers
My Bookings 0212 444 0849
Reservation & Ticketing 0207 471 6666
Car Rentals 0212 444 0849
Hotel Reservation 0207 471 6666
Online Check In 0212 444 0849
Flight Status 0207 471 6666
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N/B: All lines opened 24hours

Turkish Airlines

The story behind Turkish Airlines is similar to many businesses. It started out as a very small company with a fleet made up of two King Birds, two Junkers F-13 and an ATH-9. As you can tell, this number is not that much and such their operations were not that widespread. In fact, during their earlier years (back in 1933), Turkish Airlines operated in three cities only. Fast forward to 2016, Turkish Airlines has grown tremendously and as such, it has performed a number of well-established international airlines.

The success they’ve had can be attributed to their commitment to ensuring that customer is king. They have taken various steps to ensure that their customer enjoys their services wherever they in the world are or whenever they want. One of the steps they’ve taken towards achieving this goal is having a reliable and efficient communication channel between them and their customers.

How To Get In Touch With Turkish Airlines

How To Get In Touch With Turkish Airlines

If you want to contact Turkish Airlines, there are various channels you can use all of which will be addressed adequately in this article.  To make matters even better, they have in place different teams tasked with dealing with different issues that you might have concerning them or when interacting with them. For example, if you had any queries regarding flight bookings or flight seats or even issues with reservation, you will find that there is a team dedicated to solving this type of issues.

Social media are usually very active socially, especially with the major social media brands, that is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and by simply reaching out to them, you will receive the assistance you were seeking. That said, It’s good to point out that many UK residents to contact Turkish Airlines helpline services provided in this article because it’s more direct and you will receive an answer, feedback or suggestions in just a matter of seconds.

Contacting Turkish Airlines Via A Letter

You can also write to Turkish Airlines if you prefer a more physical means of communication. Although not recommended, especially when addressing issues to do with flight booking, hotel booking or even car rentals, sending Turkish Airlines customer support team a letter is one way to be in touch.

One thing you should have in mind when using this channel is that you might end up waiting for some time before receiving any feedback or response from their end given that you have to send the letter to them by a courier then they will send a response back to you and all this takes time.

If it’s urgent consider contacting by using the Turkish Airlines phone numbers provided. Below do find their postal addresses for those who would like to send them a letter. Do note that the addresses vary depending on the city.

Olympic House, Room 2015-2016, Manchester Airport M90 1QX

My Bookings

Turkish Airlines My Bookings Details

Turkish Airlines’ my bookings online service allows you to manage all the booking you have made with Turkish Airlines. These bookings may include flight, car rentals or even hotel reservations.  For you to access this service, you will first have to create an account with their platform. Once you’ve done this you will be able to do a number of things.

For instance, you can cancel any bookings that you’ve made, you can also rebook, you can easily access their pay and fly feature, you can check out all details regarding your e-ticket and lastly you can view all the reservations you’ve made in just a few click. Using this service is extremely easy but just in case you need assistance while you at it feel free to dial the Turkish Airlines phone number 0212 444 0849. Their online site also offers details on how you can go about it. Click here to access.

Reservation & Ticketing

Reservation & Ticketing

Another great online service you can take up if you choose to interact with the Turkish Airlines helpline is their online booking reservation and ticketing service. This service will allow you to make online booking reservations for flights, hotels and even car rentals. The best part is, you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and your device. While making the reservations do note that one can make reservations only between 72 hours and 355 days before the first flight and if you are making them through Turkish Airlines’ website then it is between at least 2 hours and 355 days.

Upon making the final payment, you will receive an electronic receipt that will represent your transaction. This receipt is not to be lost at any given time. If you happen to be a member of their Miles & Smile program then key in your account details while making the reservations as this will see you earn miles after your flight. For more details on their Booking reservation service do contact them using the following Turkish Airlines contact numbers 0207 471 6666. For more details on their Miles & Smiles program as well as more on the reservation and ticketing click here.

Car Rentals

Turkish Airlines Car Rental Services

Renting a car in a different city or country is something common these days. Many people want to have the ability to move around easily whether they are in another city or country for business or holiday. Considering this, Turkish Airlines UK has in a place a car rental service for all their UK customers. One plus about this service is the fact you can access it easily regardless of where you are going, you are bound to have a car waiting for you. For more details on this great service, including details on their miles and smile program, do visit their online site by following this link. You can also use the following Turkish Airlines UK contact number 0212 444 0849.

Hotel Reservation

Turkish Airlines Hotel Reservation

If you are short of ideas on where you are going to stay once you make you travel arrangements, then look no further than Turkish Airlines hotel reservation service. With more than a million properties featured on their platform including over five hundred holiday rentals in over ninety-six thousand destinations. There are also new deals listed on a daily basis so you are bound to get the perfect hotel reservation. For more on this get in touch with Turkish Airlines customer service team by dialling 0207 471 6666 and they will assist you where necessary including how to get the best value out of your money. Click here for more details on this.

Online Check-In

Turkish Airlines Online Check-In

Another great service offered by Turkish Airlines UK is the Check-In service. This allows you to check-in online as long as you have a ticket reservation before arriving for your flight. With this service, you are able to access check-in passenger facility before your flight’s departure time. Companies planning to travel in large numbers can also use this service and still receive the same facilities. For more details on this service, feel free to call Turkish Airlines customer service team by using the following Turkish Airlines contact number 0212 444 0849. Their online site also offers a perfect platform for one to know more about this great service. Access their site by clicking this link.

Flight Status

Turkish Airlines Flight Status

Get details about your flight on any device anywhere by taking up Turkish Airlines’ flight status service. With the flight status service, you will be able to check whether your flight has arrived, arrival as well as departure time. Most importantly, you will be able to tell whether your flight is cancelled or not. You can access this service by clicking here. If you have trouble with this particular service and you would like more details regarding your flight from Turkish Airlines customer service team then do contact them using the following Turkish Airlines contact number 0207 471 6666.

Turkish Airlines Social Media Account Details

Turkish Airlines Social Media Account Details

Turkish Airlines have a nice presence online, especially in the social media world. To keep their customers and members up to date with all things Turkish Airlines and the service that they offer, the team at Turkish Airlines maintains very active social media presence. Therefore, their social media accounts are a perfect platform for one to keep up with all things Turkish Airlines. In addition, one can use these platforms to contact Turkish Airlines Customer Service team in an event you have questions regarding their services.





Google Plus

Get There Application

Get There Application Turkish Airlines

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android-powered smartphone you can now take Turkish Airline UK with you everywhere you go. Thanks to it’s innovative, unique and simple design accessing the services offered by Turkish Airlines through their mobile application couldn’t be any easier. Other than the design, the application also offers great features such as an interactive map for those who are booking their flight using it. The interactive map shows you your destination and entire journey. To install their app simply follow the following links depending on your phone. Windows, Android & iPhone.

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