Travelzoo Contact Numbers

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Department Service Contact Number
 Travelzoo Customer Service 0203 564 3000
Travelzoo Hotel Reservations and Booking 0203 564 9000
Travelzoo Press Enquiry 0207 420 0426
Travelzoo London 0207 420 0200
Travelzoo Head Office 0207 420 0400
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Travelzoo publishes business offers for travel, airlines, hotels, the entertainment industry, restaurants, normal transport companies (buses), and tour firms among others. With over 28 million customer base and consecutively winning a gold award by British Travel Awards since 2012 to 2016. The company has continued to research the best deals and offers, recommending them which in turn saves you time and stress. Here, you will find all the Travelzoo phone numbers you may require to contact.

Travelzoo Customer Service

Call this Travelzoo customer service number 0203 564 3000. When you call the staff at customer service, they will help you in this way:

a) Assist you in urgent hotel bookings as well as cancel after a change of mind.

b) If seeking to know about any information regarding special deals, bookings, cheap hotels, and travel deals, you will be recommended as they carry research before endorsing any deal.

c) Getting information about the available offers probably cheap ticket rates.

d) As a customer, you will get the information that has value after an evaluation of leading statistics from the company about the available deals offered across the UK.

They have an alternative way to reach them through the email or go to the website and contact from there.

Travelzoo Hotel Reservations and Booking

If you want to reach Travelzoo Hotel Reservations and Booking do so on this line 0203 564 9000, and another way is heading on their site page and go straight to the website and you will hopefully get a lead on the kind of information you require. You can have your reservation changed, given information about the hotel you are booking, get suggestion with your vacation plan if need be, learn of deals and offers available, and from there proceed with your preferred destination having made a firm decision.

Travelzoo Press Enquiry

The number to dial for Travelzoo Press Enquiry is 0207 420 0426. This number will allow you to enquire about Travelzoo plans, travel news, new deals, and offers. Moreover, you can use the email address and write to them. If not so visit their site on this page and get to learn about the information over there.

Travelzoo London

The Travelzoo London call line is 0207 420 0200, and calling will reach you to representatives. The number can assist you to learn of the available travel deals. Also, you can get an offer that favours you pocket wise, whether you enquired for it or got a lead that allowed you to change your mind.

Travelzoo Head Office

Travelzoo Head Office contact line is 0207 420 0400, which you can use to reach the officials any time. Contacting Head Office means something is of great concern and warrants their attention. So, this number is open to a serious matter that requires the intervention of authorities.

 Human Resources Contact

To reach Travelzoo Human Resource Contact, you can do so by reaching customer care for support. Otherwise, you can log in to your account and head on to the and check about the company, learn what goes around to familiarise before making a move, and their job availability from time to time.

The information you get can help you understand how the company operates.

Travelzoo Address

The contact can be found on Shaftesbury House, 151 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8AL, UK

The map below provides you with a clear direction to Travelzoo UK Local offices.

This address is easy to find Travelzoo centre without any hardship. Especially, for those customers who would prefer visiting Travelzoo physically.

Travelzoo Last Minute Holidays

For Travelzoo Last Minute Holidays you can visit the page on the other hand you can contact the customer care and enquire whether there is a package that suits your budget. If you are stranded on where to go for vacation, and you haven’t decided yet, then here the company does the tarmacking for you by providing the best deals and offers.

Travelzoo can help categorize the deals available for hotels, restaurants, and what they offer. This will help you make a plan with the given offers, and you could save a lot of money rather than when you would have preferred traveling vaguely. The company is thorough when providing deals, and this is owed to their wide market research before publishing.

The social media is as well active in case you decide to contact through Travelzoo social media, and you will get the assistance you need.

 Travelzoo Airline Reservations

For Travelzoo Airline Reservations you can check their page or contact via email for booking or querying about the available flights. You can use social media contact to enquire of the same.

Contacting Travelzoo can help to know of orders and offers from airlines affiliated with the company. Probably, that can trigger you to making a decision on where to spend your holiday.

Travelzoo Social Media Contacts

Travelzoo social media to contact are:


Travelzoo, being an online media provides an easy way of contacting them via social media. The Majority of people using mobile phones find it easy to communicate through social media and Travelzoo is active and serving customers.

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