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Do you have a short break that you would like to take advantage off but don’t know how to? Well, if your answer is yes then you definitely need Superbreak services.

Over the last 30 years, they’ve specialised in offering the very best when it comes to booking every element of a short break in one place. Booking for Eurostar flights, 2-5 star hotels, rail ticketing, flights and even mini cruises are examples of Superbreak services.

That said, this post will get to highlight a list of Superbreak contact numbers including the all important Superbreak customer service number.

SuperBreak Phone Number List

 SuperBreak Departments UK Contact Numbers 
Customer Services 0190 471 7362
Customer Relations 0190 442 0445
SuperBreak Group Booking 0190 442 0454

SuperBreak Travel Agency Sales

0190 443 6000

SuperBreak Hotel Contracting

0190 475 4523

SuperBreak Press Inquiries

0113 243 1117

Marketing and Advertising

0190 475 4520

Accounts Managment

0190 471 7393
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SuperBreak Customer Service

Dial this Superbreak customer service number 0190 471 7362 to speak to a Superbreak staff member or representative from their customer service team if you have queries or inquiries that touch on departure, hotel contracting, group booking and even payment.

If you are not in a position to use this number, contact them using the following Superbreak email address For booking inquiries, kindly fill this SuperBreak booking inquiry form. For more on how to contact their customer service, visit the SuperBreak contact us page.

Superbreak Customer Relations

For more on Superbreak’s customer reward scheme or other loyalty programs like Customer Loyalty Scheme aimed at improving customer relations, call this Superbreak customer relations number 0190 442 0445 or visit Superbreak customer supplies page.

SuperBreak Group Booking

SuperBreak My Booking

Whether you are planning an educational group trip, a get-together or even a corporate event, use the following Superbreak group booking phone number 0190 442 0454 to speak to one of their staff member at their UK call centre.

Alternatively, you could visit SuperBreak online booking page where you will find a basic contact form for group bookings to fill. The following Superbreak email address can also be used.

If you are in a hurry or just want answers to your Superbreak group booking questions on the go, visit Superbreak FAQ page.

SuperBreak Travel Agency Sales

Travel agencies looking to partner up with Superbreak can kick start the whole process by speaking to a Superbreak representative over the phone using this Superbreak travel agency sales number 0190 443 6000 or this email address

If you are already a partner with Superbreak and having trouble accessing your online account, contact their support team using this Superbreak contact number. For more on this great service, visit Superbreak travel agency sales page.

SuperBreak Hotel Contracting

Hotel managers who would like to partner up with Superbreak and have their hotels join their program need to speak with their hotel contracting department either by sending them an email or over the phone using the following Superbreak hotel contracting phone number 0190 475 4523.

SuperBreak Careers

If you believe you have what it takes to join Superbreak’s team of highly knowledgeable and friendly staff, visit Superbreak careers page where a number of their open job posts are and simply follow the instructions on how to apply.

If you need further clarification on any job post, speak to one of their staff for further clarification using this Superbreak phone number 0190 471 7362.

SuperBreak Press Inquiries

Keep up with all things Superbreak by simply visiting Superbreak news page. If you are from the press and would like to feature their business on TV, radio or even an online platform, use the following Superbreak press inquiries number 0113 243 1117 to speak to or set up a meeting with their press department.

You can as well email Lucre from their Press department using the following email address

Superbreak Marketing and Advertising

For all your marketing and advertising inquiries or queries, use this Superbreak marketing and advertising number 0190 475 4520 to seek assistance or clarity on a given topic/subject.

Superbreak Accounts Management

All accounts queries or inquiries such as login failure due to password or username difficulties should be directed towards their accounts management department using this Superbreak accounts management number 0190 471 7393.

SuperBreak Head Office

To contact Superbreak head office to inquire about their weekend breaks, last minute offers or even their city and rail break services, simply write to them a letter and send it to the following Superbreak head office postal address Artemis House, 3rd Floor, Eboracum Way, York YO31 7RE, UK.

How To Contact SuperBreak

Superbreak customers can contact their customer service using dedicated phone numbers, fax numbers and emails. You can also write to them a letter detailing your query, inquiry or complaint.

There is also a social media option for customers who prefer contacting Superbreak using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

However, before initiating any communication using social media, you will need to find at least one of their social media account. To make it easier for you, below is a list of all Superbreak social media accounts.

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