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Since 1993, Sunmaster has been arranging cheap holidays for vacationers in and across the UK and beyond. Owned and operated by the Global Travel Group, the company makes arrangements for everything that you need during your holiday, including hotels, flights and transfers. With over 600 independent members and a huge network of holiday destinations, you can choose to spend your holiday in almost any part of the world, including Egypt, Africa, India, Mexico, Turkey and hundreds of others.

 Sunmaster Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Services 0344 493 0009
Travel Insurance 0333 202 5670
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Sunmaster Customer Service

Sunmaster customer service number for main website page

You can call 0344 493 0009 to make a query about Sunmaster all inclusive holidays right over the phone. Lines to this number remain open from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 5.30pm, and on Sundays between 10 am to 5.30pm. When you book this type of holiday with Sunmaster, you make only one booking and all your travel related arrangements are professionally made by the experts, including your flights, hotels, meals, drinks, sightseeing, activities and others. Once you have made your booking, you can call the same number to do a Sunmaster booking confirmation.

Sunmaster Booking

In a case you want to make a modification in your booking, you can find the Sunmaster manage your booking button at here. When you make your booking, you will receive a booking reference number and a password that you have to enter to make changes in your holiday booking or to cancel it altogether.

Sunmaster Booking Cancellation

You can find the Sunmaster holidays cancellation policy at this URL. You also need to provide this booking reference number if you happen to make some Sunmaster holidays complaints. Just call the Sunmaster customer service number mentioned above and let a customer service executive know about the issue you faced.

Sunmaster Discount Codes

In order to make the holiday more lucrative for the travellers, the company also launches a number of discount deals and codes from time to time. Once you have spotted a discount code, call Sunmaster discount code helpline number given in the above table to avail high-end Sunmaster discount code customer service from the experts.

Sunmaster Travel Insurance

Sunmaster helpline number for travel insurance

If you are looking for their travel insurance service, you can access the complete details by calling Sunmaster holiday insurance number 0333 202 5670. With an aim to keep its clients protected during the travel, and even before and after that, the company allows them to opt for specialised Sunmaster travel insurance. With this facility, the travellers get insurance if they happen to change or cancel their booking, or if they face any kind of difficulty during their travel, such as loss or theft of luggage, medical emergency, etc. If you happen to face an issue during your travel, you can call the Sunmaster emergency number to talk to a company representative and get your issue resolved there and then.

How to Contact Sunmaster?

If you want to get connected with the company professionals, you have more than one option to communicate with, including the following:

  • Sending them a written letter
  • Calling the Sunmaster customer service number
  • Sending them an online query
  • Registering your email address
  • Following them on social media

Sunmaster Online Query

Apart from sending them a letter and calling their customer service number, another option with which you can get in touch with the company professionals is to send them an online query. You have to visit this link to find an online query form that you have to fill. Provide them with the required details and send them an online query. They will get back in touch with you as soon as they receive your query, provided that you submit it during working hours of the company.

Sunmaster Register Email

Visit their link to register your email address and let them know your email preferences. If you are a regular customer of Sunmaster and want to stay updated about their latest offers and deals, then the best thing you can do is to register your email address with them. By doing this, you will get the latest information about the company, its weekly deals and events right in your inbox, so that you don’t miss out even a single lucrative deal offered by them. You can also dial the Sunmaster deals of the week contact number mentioned above to learn about the weekly deals that the company offers at frequent intervals of time.

Sunmaster manage your booking

 Sunmaster Headquarter Address

Recently, the company has relocated to a larger head office located in the heart of Halifax. The new office has been situated at the historical business site of Dean Clough Mills. The mailing address to their head office is:

Bowling Mill

Dean Clough

Halifax HX3 5AX, UK

The head office remains open from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 10 pm, on Saturdays between 9 am to 9 pm, and on Sundays between 10 am to 9 pm. Try to send them a written letter at such a time that they receive your letter during their working hours. Once they receive your letter, they will send you an appropriate reply that you should expect to receive within 3-4 days. Whether you want to make a query about the Sunmaster all inclusive holidays or you want any kind of Sunmaster terms and conditions to support, feel free to send a written letter to their head office and wait for a quick and prompt reply from the professionals.

Contact Sunmaster via Social Media

Sunmaster holidays complaints

Sunmaster is available on a number of social networking sites, which you can follow to stay updated about the company’s latest news, events, offers and deals. You can follow them on the following social networks:

Once you follow them, you will be able to receive their latest updates right on your home feed, and you may also post your query or complaint on their home feed.

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