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Specsavers is UK’s largest privately owned optician company. In fact, more than one in three UK residents who wear glasses buys them from Specsavers. The over 30 years of experience that they boast off also goes a long way in helping them deliver the right product that they customers/clients need.

If you would like to book an appointment or simply get in touch with one of their staff members for information on how you get your hands on any of their eyewear products, you will find this post extremely useful as it shares all the Specsavers contact numbers you are going to need.

If you would like to know more about the company, do visit the following Specsavers about us page.

Specsavers Phone Number List

Specsavers Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 198 1132
Lens Mail Support 0345 603 6026
Eye Health 0800 198 1134
Recruitment 0156 677 1888
Corporate Eye Care 0115 933 0800
Head Office 0345 202 0241
Retail and Insurance 0207 100 0241
Retail System Fax 0148 988 0615
Airways Optical 0238 062 5625
Ophthalmic Lens Development 0156 273 3920
Professional Services 0169 555 4200
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday, and bank holidays, closed

Specsavers Customer Service

Specsavers customer service contact number for home page

The Specsavers customer service number is 0800 198 1132This is the number to call if you plan to contact their customer service team over the phone. Once you have placed the call, remember to select option 5 as this directs you to customer service.

Other than this over the phone contact method, customers can interact with their customer service using this postal address;

Customer Care Manager, Specsavers Optical Group, FREEPOST GU209, GUERNSEY GY1 5SS

There is also an online contact link for customers who have queries, inquiries or complaints that they would like to address at Specsavers contact us page.

N/B: If you use this method, expect a reply within 48 hours.

Specsavers Lens mail Support

The Specsavers lens mail support number is 0345 603 6026. Use it if you are searching for details on the various lenses they have in store, order tracking, details of your new address, the delivery options available to their customers, specs offer and much more.

If you are unable to initiate communication over the phone, visit Specsavers lens mail support page where you will get all the details you need.

Specsavers Eye Health

The Specsavers eye health number is 0800 198 1134Once you place your call you will get to speak with a representative who will assist you with the following;

  • Getting insightful and helpful information about your eyesight
  • How to make a reservation for an eye test
  • Help you consult one of their experts using their online contact form
  • Will give you a brief on glasses prescription
  • Information about different eye health clinic in the country

Although important, you don’t have to necessarily speak to one of their staff members on all this eye health.

You can also choose to visit Specsavers eye health page where they have shared a wealth of information on eye health.

Specsavers Recruitment

The Specsavers recruitment number is 0156 677 1888. Think you have what it takes to be an employee? This number will connect you with their HR department. While at it, remember to ask about the available job openings.

A perfect alternative to this Specsavers phone number is to visit Specsavers jobs website. This site features insightful information about employees, how one can be one and most importantly a list of job positions that are open.

Furthermore, potential candidates can send their CVs and job enquiries to recruitment@specsavers.com if they are applying for the following positions;

  • Retail store vacancies
  • Healthcare vacancies
  • Domiciliary opportunities
  • Optical store vacancies

If you are applying for discussing store support or any other office role, send your emails to hr_resoursing@specsavers.com.

Specsavers Corporate Eye Care

The Specsavers corporate eye care number is 0115 933 0800. This number connects you with the corporate eye care department to get all your corporate eye care queries and inquiries sorted out.

Don’t fancy reaching out to them over the phone, send them an email at uk.corporateeyecare@specsavers.com.

In terms of links, do visit Specsavers eye care at work page for additional information on all things corporate eye care services.

Specsavers Branches

The company is spread across the UK and this they have done intentionally to make sure their customers can easily access their services and products where they are without too much hustle.

That said, below is a list of Specsavers branches across the UK.

Specsavers Stores  Stores Contact Numbers
Guernsey 0207 100 0241
Guernsey Fax 0148 123 5555
Whiteley Fax 0148 988 0615
Kidderminster 0156 273 3920
Kidderminster Fax 0156 282 7481
Nottingham 0115 933 0500
Nottingham Fax 0115 982 6071
Skelmersdale 0169 555 4200
Skelmersdale Fax 0169 555 4210
Cornwall 0156 677 1888
Cornwall Fax 0156 677 1897
Barking 0208 581 9611
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If you are unable to locate a branch near you, just visit Specsavers branch finder page and key in your location to get a refined answer.

Specsavers Head Office Address

You can opt to deliver your handwritten letter communicating with their head office in person or simply sending it via post and using this address as their mailing address.

They head office handles everything about the company from marketing, information technology setups, finance, legal issues, recruitment and much more.

Specsavers head office is situated at the following address:

La Villiaze, st Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8YP

Contact Specsavers via Social Media

Specsavers Social Media Accounts Facebook page

In addition to the contact details already shared in this post, one can communicate with Specsavers using social media.

Just locate any of their social media accounts, follow at least one, decide on whether you are going to post your message on their or send it privately as a message and you are good to go.

Below is a list of all Specsavers social media accounts.

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