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Spark Energy took a start in 2007 as a small but bright and strong energy supplier. The company has gradually grown into a well-known supplier and now provide energy to tenants, landlords and letting agents across the United Kingdom. They have facilitated more than 350,000 customers and the turnover of £140 million as well as 300 staff in their Selkirk office based in the Scottish borders, 120 persons from that staff work in the Spark Energy customer service alone. They secured the 23rd position in 2014 for the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and have the credit to be the top-ranked Scottish energy company. If you are faced with any problem and want to file a complaint or general enquiry, you can find almost all the Spark Contact Numbers here on this page. For the acquisition of further information, you may wish to visit their official website.

Spark Energy Phone Number List

Helpline UK Contact Number
Automated Service 0345 130 8966
Spark Energy Customer Service 0345 034 7474
Spark Energy Complaints Number 0345 130 8355
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity Emergency 105
Complaint Escalation 0345 130 8354
Set up Direct Debit 0345 130 8703
Energy Ombudsman Service 0330 440 1624
Energy Citizens Advice 0345 404 0506
Pay Plan 0800 280 2816
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How to Contact Spark Energy?

Spark Energy phone number

The supplier has made it easy for its customers to get in touch with them for any of their enquiries related to their service. You can contact them via a variety of ways and their customer friendly service team can guide you through the problem you may come across. Follow these steps mentioned below to get along Spark Energy customer service team:

  • Dial Spark Energy Contact Number, mentioned above
  • Live Chat
  • Visit official Website
  • Online Complaint Form
  • Download Mobile App
  • Post a Letter
  • Social Media

You can use any the channels to get registered your complaint or learn more about their services.

Spark Energy Customer Service Address

Some people enjoy correspondence and consider it most effective and appropriate for the resolution of their enquiries. If you are interested in posting them a hand written letter, you can do it by sending it to their office address. Remember to include the following details along with your letter.

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Customer Account Number
  • Meter Reading and Meter Number
  • Your Contact Number

Their customer care team will contact you in few working days for the resolution of your complaint. When you compiled the details then post your letter to the following address:

Ettrick Riverside

Dunsdale Road

Selkirk TD7 5EB

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go is their prepayment energy service for which you have to pay before you use the energy supplied. Use all your already stored credit in the meter before inserting your newly received Spark key or card to avoid any loss of credit. Once you received your new key or card insert it for 30 seconds into the meter before the first top up, it is necessary because it updates your meter with all the information related to your new tariff. The company allows its valued customers to top up their meter key or card via three channels and those are the Post offices, PayPoints and Payzone locations. Remember that you can top up only during the operating hours of these top up sources. The company also caters in a case of emergency. If you, unfortunately, missed to top up your meter key or card, you can use the energy up to £5 and the amount will be deducted in the next top up. This emergency service is not for the routine use, but only when you face such an emergency.

Spark Energy Complaints Number

If you have an enquiry or want to learn more about any of their services you can feel free to call on Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, for complaints dial Spark Energy complaints number 0345 130 8355 lines are open from 8am-8pm on weekdays, 9am-2pm on Saturday.

How to Pay Your Bill?

The company provides you with a range of ways to pay your bill with ease, it is up to you what option suits you best. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter which method you choose to pay your bill, you will be able to have an online account on their official website and there you can view the details of your bill and the energy you have consumed. You can pay them by following ways:

  • Direct Debit
  • Via Automated Phone Service
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay in Branch
  • Pay on the Phone
  • Pay via Cheque or Postal Order

Want to register your complaint or general enquiry? Contact Spark Energy customer service number 0345 034 7474 for service complaints dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 130 8355 and to pay your bill via automated phone service call on Spark Energy phone number 0345 130 8966.

Direct Debit Payment

If you need some extra peace of mind, you can subscribe to their Direct Debit payment method. Most of their customers pay the same and get the freedom from the monthly bill. All you need to do is to let them know your monthly meter reading to pay the right amount and nothing else. If you don’t know your level of consumption, they will do it for you by detecting it by the postcode, historical usage and the time of the year. Moreover, they conduct three Health checks in the first three months after your switching to ascertain that you are paying the right amount. Under Direct Debit payment, your account will be looked into four times a year with two Health Checkups to make sure that how much you are using the energy and paying the right amount for it. They provide you with the account statement every three months so that you can keep track of your consumption and spending. If it was felt during the three-month inspection that your account needs to be changed probably because the usage and the spending are not on the right track, they will notify you ten days before they charge the new amount.

Want to learn more? Feel free to dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, for complaints contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 130 8355.

Smart Meters

Contact Spark Energy Customer Services

The company is committed to bringing all their customers from traditional meters to the new smart meters by 2020. The smart meter is the device which can provide you with the complete control over your total energy usage and the amount you pay for it. Now you don’t need to wait for the monthly bill to arrive and let you know the amount you have incurred. The meter’s in-home display will show you how much gas or electric energy you have consumed and how much the amount is the standing amount to be paid.

You can also keep an eye, with the help of this smart meter, on the appliances that are eating up most of the energy supplied. The meter also sends meter reading regularly to the company, this means that you do not need note down the meter reading and send it to the company manually. By installing the one, you can save yourself from the extra cost and have total control on the usage.

To learn more dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, if your Smart meter is not working properly or you have an enquiry to file just contact Spark Energy complaint number 0345 130 8355 for instant resolution of your query. For more information on Smart meters visit their official website.

Difficulties in Payment

Nothing is constant but the change. If your circumstances have changed and you are unable to pay the bill on due time, the company provides you with breathing space to decide for yourself a perfect plan to pay the incurred debt. You can dial Spark Energy contact number for the best advice by the company itself or you can choose to replace your current account with prepayment meter for complete control over your gas and electricity consumptions. Another way to get rid of accumulated debt is to pay in instalments. To avoid any misrepresentation send them regular meter readings. They always take into account your financial circumstances and provide you space to move on without having your energy supply disconnected. The company also allows you to contact independent payment advice agencies to decide the best for yourself. You can contact the following in a case of payment difficulty:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Money Advice Trust
  • Money Advice Service
  • National Debtline
  • Pay Plan
  • Stepchange

It is recommended first to contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 034 7474 for useful payment advice, the Spark customer service team will guide you in every thick and thin situations. If you need further assistance, call on Spark Energy contact number for the Citizens Advice Bureau 0345 404 0506 and Pay Plan on 0800 280 2816.

Emergency Services

If you smell gas leakage, please do not perform any activity such as put the electric switch on, lit a cigarette or other acts which could cause ignition. Remember that whenever you smell gas or fumes emitting from the gas pipeline, instantly open the doors and windows of your property and immediately dial Spark Energy contact number for gas emergency 0800 111 999, it is a free gas emergency service and the line is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

If the electricity in your property premises is out, first check that if your neighbours are also facing electric outage or do they have a constant supply. If you come to know that it is down only in your premises, you may contact Spark Energy complaint number for emergencies 105

Spark Energy Mobile App

Spark Energy Complaints

The company has enabled its customers with an amazing mobile app service, you can download it from Google Play or Apple App Store. With their mobile app, you can enter your meter readings within seconds and get the accurate bill for the energy that you have consumed. The app also provides you with the facilities to check your account details, billing history and payment details. Now to pay your bill on time is not a big deal, with this app you can pay your bill straightaway from your mobile, check your usage and the balance. Furthermore, you can also set up your Direct Debit account from this app in few taps.

Want to change your energy tariff? The app also includes the option by which you can easily compare you current and other available tariffs and choose the best one which suits your needs and consumption. The list does not end here if you are moving home let them know the date you are supposed to move and the last meter reading of your current address. When you finally moved, provide your new address as well as the first-meter reading and the job is done.

For further enquiries, contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 034 7474, for general complaints dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 130 8355. To learn more visit their official website.

Connect via Social Media

Spark Energy contact number

The need of the hour is to have your service provider on any of the social media sites. The company also takes enquiries via their social media platforms and apprises you of their existing service features and the upcoming ones. In order to get in touch with them, you can visit their profile on any of the sites mentioned below:

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