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Have you been searching for contact details, in particular, Saga Insurance phone numbers? If so, you are in luck as this post gets to list a number of Saga Insurance contact numbers including Saga Insurance customer service.

Saga Insurance Phone Number List

Saga Insurance Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0800 015 0521
Home Insurance
Home Insurance Renewals 0800 056 9085
Home Insurance Existing Customers 0800 056 9102
Car Insurance
Car Insurance 0800 068 8718
Car Insurance Renewals 0800 056 9169
Car Insurance Existing Customers 0800 056 9173
Car Insurance Claims 0800 001 5424
Travel insurance
Travel Insurance 0800 015 8055
Travel Insurance Renewals 0800 904 7764
Travel Insurance Existing Customers 0800 056 9200
Travel Insurance Medical Assistance 0208 763 4878
Travel Insurance Claims 0800 027 1335
Travel Insurance Lost Passport 0208 763 4909
Health Insurance
Health Insurance 0800 015 0226
Health Insurance Renewals 0800 056 9271
Health Insurance Existing Customers 0800 056 9273
Health Insurance New Claims 0800 027 1331
Home Emergency
Home Emergency 0800 015 4770
Home Emergency Renewals 0800 904 7509
Home Emergency Claims 0800 027 1342
Pet Emergency
Pet Emergency 0800 056 5096
Pet Emergency Renewals 0800 096 6666
Motor Home Insurance
Motor Home Insurance 0800 096 4553
Motor Home Insurance Renewals 0800 904 7763
Motor Home Insurance Claims 0800 027 1339
Caravan Insurance
Caravan Insurance 0800 096 4087
Caravan Insurance Renewals 0800 904 7488
Breakdown Cover
Breakdown Cover 0800 015 4752
Breakdown Cover Renewals 0800 656 9915
Breakdown Cover Claims 0800 068 2196
Term Life
Term Life Insurance 0370 010 4080
Term Life Insurance Claims 0800 137 101
Guaranteed Life
Guaranteed Life Insurance Claims 0800 012 1793
Guaranteed Life Insurance Existing Customers 0800 001 5666
Boat Insurance
Boat Insurance 0800 092 7223
Boat Insurance Existing Customers 0800 904 7510
Boat Insurance Claims 0800 904 7796
Boat Insurance Renewals 0800 027 1345
Landlord Insurance
Landlord Insurance 0800 027 1354
Landlord Insurance Existing Customers 0800 027 1355
Holiday Home Insurance
Holiday Home Insurance 0800 083 6648
Holiday Home Insurance Existing Customers 0844 346 0435
Holiday Home Insurance Claims 0800 092 0111
Health Cash Plan
Health Cash Plan 0800 096 4085
Health Cash Plan Claims 0800 027 1343
Accidental Death Benefit
Accidental Death Benefit 0800 096 4560
Personal Accident
Personal Accident Insurance 0800 015 0251
Personal Accident Insurance Claims 0800 027 1350
Personal Accident Insurance Existing Customers 0800 015 0117
Car Insurance
Saga Select Car Insurance 0800 015 5973
Saga Select Car Insurance Claims 0800 096 7597
Van Insurance
Van Insurance 0800 051 0987
Motorbike Insurance
Saga Select Motorbike Insurance 0800 092 7285
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N/B: Lines open Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saga Insurance Customer Service

Their official number to use when reaching out to their support is this Saga Insurance customer service number 0800 015 0521. Call it for all your inquiries, queries as well as complaints and they will assist you accordingly.

Saga Insurance Home Insurance

Dial this Saga Home Insurance renewal number 0800 056 9085 if you want to renew your home insurance.

Saga Home Insurance Existing Customers

Existing customers with queries or inquiries about their home insurance can contact their home insurance department by calling Saga home Insurance existing customers number 0800 056 9102.

Saga Insurance Car Insurance

This Saga Insurance car insurance number 0800 068 8718 is the right sales number to call for all your car insurance sales inquiries.

Saga Car Insurance Claims

For claims, contact their car insurance department using Saga car insurance claims number, which is 0800 001 5424.

Saga Insurance Existing Customers

Saga car insurance existing customer phone number 0800 056 9173.

Saga Car Insurance Renewal

To renew your car insurance dial the official Saga car insurance renewal number 0800 056 9169.

Saga Insurance Travel Insurance

Saga Insurance Travel Insurance

Other than this Saga Insurance travel insurance number is 0800 015 8055.

Saga Travel Insurance Renewal

If you reaching out to their travel insurance department to renew your travel insurance, dial this Saga travel insurance renewals number 0800 904 7764.

Saga Travel Insurance Claims

If you are calling to make a claim, phone this Saga travel insurance claims number 0800 027 1335.

Saga Travel Insurance Existing Customers

Existing customers should dial this Saga travel insurance existing customer number 0800 056 9200.

Saga Insurance Lost Passport

Customers who have lost their passports during their travel can seek assistance by dialling Saga Insurance loss of passport number 0208 763 4909.

For additional information about the company, do visit the official Saga Insurance travel insurance page.

Saga Insurance Health Insurance

In addition to phoning this Saga Insurance health insurance phone number 0800 015 0226, make sure you get to visit health insurance page for a detailed look at their health insurance page in terms of what they offer.

Saga Health Insurance Renewal

Speak to a staff from their health insurance department for renewal of your health insurance by dialling this Saga health insurance renewal number 0800 056 9271.

Saga Health Insurance Claims

The claims phone number to call is this Saga health insurance claims number 0800 027 1331.

Saga Health Insurance Existing Customers

Existing customers with queries or inquiries about their health insurance service should dial Saga health insurance existing customers number 0800 056 9273.

Saga Insurance Home Emergency

If you are a policyholder customer, the number to dial for all your home emergency policies is this Saga Insurance home emergency number 0800 015 4770.

Saga Insurance Home Emergency Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer dial Saga Insurance home emergency existing customers number 0800 904 7509 and you will be assisted accordingly.

Saga Insurance Home Emergency Claims

For claims, call Saga Insurance home emergency claims number 0800 027 1342.

Saga Insurance Pet Emergency

Saga Insurance Pet Emergency

Do you have a pet? Want to have it insured? Speak with a staff for details on their pet emergency service using Saga Insurance pet emergency sales number, which is 0800 056 5096.

Saga Insurance Pet Emergency Existing Customers

If you already have a pet emergency cover, the number to call if you have queries or inquiries is Saga Insurance pet emergency existing customer pet emergency number 0800 096 6666.

Saga Insurance Motorhome Insurance

Call this Saga Insurance motorhome insurance number 0800 096 4553 for all your motorhome insurance quote details or any other query or inquiry you might have.

Saga Motorhome Insurance Claims

Customers who have motorhome insurance claims should dial Saga motorhome insurance claims number 0800 904 7763.

Saga Motorhome Insurance Existing Customers

Existing motorhome insurance existing customers, on the other hand, should dial Saga motorhome insurance existing customer number 0800 027 1339.

Saga Insurance Caravan Insurance

The following 24/7 Saga Insurance Caravan insurance claims phone number 0800 096 4087 will connect you with a representative who will help you report your loss and make your claim.

Saga Caravan Insurance Existing Customers

Existing customers can call Saga caravan insurance existing customer number 0800 904 7488 for all their queries and inquiries about Saga Insurance caravan services.

Saga Insurance Breakdown Cover

Saga Insurance Breakdown Cover

Speak with a staff using this Saga Insurance breakdown cover number 0800 015 4752 for breakdown assistance or answers to all questions.

Saga Insurance Breakdown Cover Existing Customers

This is the Saga Insurance breakdown cover existing customer number 0800 656 9915.

Saga Insurance Term Life

This is the Saga Insurance phone number 0370 010 4080, dial it for all your term life queries, complaints and inquiries.

Saga Insurance Term Life Claims

This number is for Saga Insurance Term Life claims 0800 137 101.

Saga Insurance Guaranteed Life Insurance

The Saga Insurance guaranteed life insurance number to dial is 0800 001 5666. This number connects you with their guaranteed life insurance department.

Saga Insurance Guaranteed Life Claims

For all your guaranteed life insurance claims, contact one of their representatives from their guaranteed life insurance department by calling Saga guaranteed life insurance number 0800 012 1793.

Saga Insurance Boat Insurance

Have a boat? See how you can ensure it by dialling Saga Insurance boat insurance phone number 0800 092 7223.

Saga Boat Insurance Claims

To claim your boat insurance or simply contact their boat insurance department if you are an existing customer, dial this Saga boat insurance claim number 0800 027 1345

Saga Boat Insurance Existing Customers

And this Saga boat insurance existing customer number 0800 904 7796.

Saga Boat Insurance Renewal

The renewals number to call is this Saga boat insurance renewals number 0800 904 7510

Saga Insurance Landlord Insurance

If you are a UK landlord, speak with landlord insurance department and see how you can benefit from their landlord insurance policy by dialling Saga Insurance landlord insurance number 0800 027 1354.

Saga Landlord Insurance Existing Customers

The number to call for all Saga Landlord insurance existing customers is 0800 027 1355. Use it to address all your complaints, queries as well inquiries.

Saga Insurance Holiday Home Insurance

Dial this Saga Insurance holiday home insurance number 0800 083 6648 to connect with their holiday home insurance department for quotes or any queries you might have concerning their services.

Saga Holiday Home Insurance Claims

Saga holiday home insurance claims number is 0800 092 0111.

Saga Holiday Home Insurance Existing Customers

Saga Insurance holiday homes insurance existing customer number 0844 346 0435.

Additional information on how to get in touch with them for their home insurance service is available at holiday home insurance page.

Saga Insurance Health Cash Plan

Saga Insurance Health Cash Plan

Find out everything you need to know about health cash plan by dialling Saga Insurance health cash plan number 0800 096 4085.

Alternatively, this Saga Insurance health cash plan page also features a great deal of valuable information about their cash plan service.

Saga Insurance Health Cash Plan Existing Customers

For existing customers and customers who want to make Saga Insurance health cash plan claims number 0800 027 1343 respectively.

Saga Insurance Accidental Death Benefits

Use this Saga Insurance accidental death benefits number 0800 096 4560 to find out the benefits you are going to receive in an event there is an accidental death.

For additional information, do visit accidental death benefits page.

Saga Insurance Personal Accident

For quotes, answers to your queries and inquiries, dial Saga Insurance personal accident number 0800 015 0251 to speak with one of their staff who will assist you with all the information you need.

Saga Insurance Personal Accident Existing Customer

For existing customers, the Saga Insurance phone number to call is this Saga Insurance personal accident existing customer number 0800 015 0117.

Saga Insurance Personal Accident Claims

Saga Insurance customers with claims on this insurance cover should contact their personal accident department by calling Saga Insurance personal accident claims number 0800 027 1350.

Saga Select Car Insurance Sales

Dial this Saga Insurance saga select car insurance sales number 0800 015 5973 for all things related to sales.

Saga Select Car Insurance Claims

and this Saga Insurance Saga select car insurance claims number 0800 096 7597 to have your claims redressed.

Saga Insurance Van Insurance

Get yourself a van insurance cover by dialling Saga Insurance van insurance number 0800 051 0987 and one of their representatives will advise you accordingly.

Saga Insurance Head Office Address

The Saga Headquarter address is as followed:

Enbrook Park, Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent CT20 3SE

Saga Select Insurance Motorbike insurance

The Saga select Insurance motorbike insurance number is 0800 092 7285. Call it to address all your motorbike insurance queries or inquiries as well as quotes on their motorbike insurance service.

Saga Select Insurance Motorbike Complaints

For customer relations and complaints on all things, the Saga Insurance complaints number to dial is 0800 092 3700

Saga Insurance Social Media Accounts

Here are the Saga Insurance social media accounts you should use when contacting their customer service or various departments via social media;

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