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With a presence in more than 5 continents, RS Components is arguably a major player in its field. It has opened up numerous branches in different countries worldwide including the United Kingdom.

To help you get in touch with their branches and various departments in the UK, this post highlights all RS Components contact numbers.

Given the fact we are focusing on the UK, the RS Components phone numbers shared in this post are UK numbers.

RS Components Phone Number List

RS Components Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0845 720 1201
Customer Account Services 0153 644 4414
Online Help Desk 0153 644 4222
Data Protection 0153 644 4077
Marketing Department 0153 644 4129
Marketing Department Fax 0153 640 5575
Technical Support 0845 850 9922
Press Team 0779 540 0651
Large Orders 0845 602 5226
Head Office 0186 520 4000
Head Office Fax 0186 520 7400
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed

RS Components Customer Service

Customer or client need to dial this RS Components customer service number 0845 720 1201 if they find themselves in a position where they need;

  • Advice before purchasing a product
  • Expert support regarding product
  • Help to make orders and purchasing
  • Information about their delivery and returns services
  • Help with account management and invoicing

Of course, there are other communication channels to use when contacting RS Components customer service. One such alternative is communicating through their online contact form accessible at RS Components contact us page.

You can as well send them a feedback regarding their services and products at this RS Components feedback page.

RS Components Customer Account Services

Phone this RS Components customer account services phone number 0153 644 4414 if you need credit or cash accounts from the company as well as get information on all your customer account service inquiries on;

  • Account management
  • Credit accounts
  • Guest Checkout accounts
  • Cash accounts

RS Components Online Help Desk

RS Components Online Help Desk

Need some quick help while you are online? Customers can and should dial this RS Components online help desk number 0153 644 4222 for fast reliable response to all your online queries and inquiries.

Visit RS Components online privacy policy page for more on their online helpdesk queries and inquiries.

RS Components Data Protection

The RS Components data protection number to call is 0153 644 4077. Dial it for all your data protection queries and inquiries. You can as well visit RS Components data protection policy page for a look at their data protection policies and guidelines.

RS Components Marketing Department

The RS Component contact number to call for customers who want to subscribe or subscribe to mailing services is this RS Components marketing department phone number 0153 644 4129.

You can also make this request online by simply sending RS Components marketing department an email at

RS Components Marketing Fax


If you have a fax machine, use this RS Components marketing department fax number 0153 640 5575 to interact with their marketing department.

RS Components Technical Support

If you are need of technical support for things like;

  • Solutions to your day’s technical queries
  • Information and availability of products that discontinued
  • Product information that is made up of 550,000 tables, charts as well as data sheets

Call this RS Component data protection number 0153 644 4077 for technical assistance. This number is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Other than this RS Component phone number, RS Component customers can address all their technical support queries or even inquiries if there is one by visiting RS Component’s technical help page.

RS Components Local Branches

RS Components Local Branches

To find an RS Component local branch near you just go online, visit local branch page, and fill in the necessary location details.

Alternatively, you can go through the RS Components local branches list below to see whether there is one listed near your current location.

RS Components Local Branch Branch Contact Details
Aberdeen 0122 487 0982
Birmingham 0121 359 8844
Bow 0208 983 3233
Bristol 0117 954 1161
Corby 0153 644 4041
Gatwick 0129 352 1374
Glasgow 0141 552 4446
Heathrow 0208 572 4225
Leeds 0113 231 1211
Manchester 0161 429 7476
Newcastle 0191 491 0900
Nottingham 0115 986 6422
Nuneaton 0247 637 7700
South Wales 0114 384 1573
Southampton 0148 978 0590
Watford 0192 321 9696
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RS Components Press Team

The contact person for RS Components press team is Aakriti Kaushik. You can contact him over the phone using this RS Component press team phone number 0779 540 0651 or by email using this personal email address

To mail him your complaint, query or inquiry letter, use this postal address;

PR Manager – EMEA, RS Components Ltd, International Management Centre, 8050 Oxford Business Park North, Oxford OX4 2HW

See to it that you visit RS Components press team page because it does have some valuable information.

RS Components Large Orders

Use this RS Components large orders number 0845 602 5226 to speak with a representative from their finance department who will give you valuable details that will help you save your money in the long-run. Additionally, he or she will give you;

  • An online quote
  • Available delivery modes
  • Different methods of placing an order
  • Valuable production packaging information

Other than the RS Components contact number shared above, make sure you visit RS Components large orders page.

RS Components Head Office Address

You can get in touch with RS Components head office in three different ways.

If you are contacting them via phone, dial this RS Components head office phone number 0186 520 4000. If you are sending them a handwritten letter, then send it to the following postal address;

RS Components Limited, Birchington Road, Weldon, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 9RS.


RS Components Head Office Fax

Lastly, you can contact them with your home or office fax machine using this RS Components head office fax number 0186 520 7400.

Contact RS Components via Social Media

For information on how you can get into business with RS Components as well as first-hand news on new products and products information, do visit RS Components social media accounts. Their social media accounts are;

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