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With an aim of empowering UK’s decision when it comes to matters properties, Rightmove has steadily positioned themselves as major players in the real estate industry.

Those who would like to get in touch with their customer service team, be it for advertisement or placements, you are going to find this post extremely helpful as it lists a variety of Rightmove contact numbers including private vendor phone number and Press office number.

Rightmove Phone Number List

Rightmove Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0203 322 3265
Free Quote & Advise 0190 871 2044
Investor Relations 0190 871 2058
New Home Developers & Estate Agents 0190 871 2300
Private Vendor 0190 871 2026
Partnership 0190 871 2205
Press Office 0207 807 0605
Register Overseas 0208 639 3399
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day

Rightmove Customer Service

Call this Rightmove customer service number 0203 322 3265 if you need to speak to customer service to help with your query, inquiry, complaint or even advice on how to go about using their online platform.

Other than this Rightmove phone number, customers can communicate with their customer service by sending an email address to customersupport@rightmove.co.uk.

The following additional links are also helpful for customers who want to either contact Rightmove customer service or simply know more about the company and what they offer.

Customers keen on answering their own queries or inquiries should visit Rightmove FAQ page where you will find several frequently asked questions already answered by either representatives or other customers.

If you have feedback to leave regarding the services and products that this company offers their customers, visit Rightmove feedback page and feel out the feedback form.

Rightmove Free Quote & Advice

Get a much-needed advice as well as a free quote by speaking to a representative using this Rightmove free quote and advice phone number 0190 871 2044.

Rightmove Investor Relations

Right Move Investor Relations

This Rightmove investor relations number 0190 871 2058 is the one UK Residents interested in becoming investors should us. By dialling this Rightmove phone number, you will be given all the necessary details on how to become an investor.

If you prefer a different approach when contacting their Investor relations department or in particular Sandra Odell, the person in charge of all things investor relations, as opposed to the Rightmove contact number already shared above, send an email to investor.relations@rightmove.co.uk.

Rightmove New Home Developers & Estate Agents

The Rightmove new home developers and users agents number to dial is 0190 871 2300. If you are a real estate agent or a home developer, dial this number to speak with one of their friendly staff on how you can get to advertise some of your properties with them or on their online platform.

In addition to this Rightmove contact number, you as a real estate agent or a home developer can send all your queries and inquiries online by visiting Rightmove Advertise & sell your overseas properties online page.

Rightmove Private Vendor

The phone number to call if you happen to own a private property overseas and want to advertise it is this Rightmove private vendor phone number 0190 871 2026.

By dialling this number, one of their representatives will take you through the process of signing up for this service as well as give you valuable information about their private vendor service you should know.

Rightmove Partnership

Right Move Partnership

UK Residents or companies that would like to partner up should dial this Rightmove partnership phone number 0190 871 2205 for details on how to do just that. Here are just some of the benefits of partnering up with them:

  • Full access to flexible advertising options
  • Give your company or business extra exposure
  • Start cost friendly E-Marketing campaigns

Rightmove Press Office

The number to call if you are from the press and need information about the company is this Rightmove press office number 0207 807 0605.

You can as well get in touch with their press team using email by sending all your queries or inquiries to press@rightmove.co.uk.

For additional information about the press, make sure to go through their press releases.

Rightmove Registrar Overseas

For information on how you can register you property overseas, be it public or privately owned, speak to a staff from their registrars overseas department by calling this Rightmove registrar overseas phone number 0208 639 3399.

Rightmove Head Office Address

Use it when writing a handwritten letter to their head office detailing your query, complaint or even inquiry you might have concerning the services offered by Rightmove. Rightmove head office mailing address is:

Turnberry House 30 Caldecotte Lake Drive Caldecotte, Milton Keynes MK7 8LE

Contact Rightmove via Social Media

There are several communications channel open for Rightmove customers to use when contacting any Rightmove department.

Other than the Rightmove phone numbers and email addresses shared above, their clients and customers can contact them through social media. Below you will find a list of all Rightmove social media accounts you can use.

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