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There was a time when travelling by air was thought to be a luxury for the wealthy only. But now, it’s not such a big deal. A number of airlines have come up these days, who have made air travel much cheaper and more convenient than ever before. Qantas is one such airline that has set the aviation industry by a breeze. It is one of the oldest airlines in the world and has a huge fleet of flights travelling from one destination to the other. Nicknamed as ‘Flying Kangaroo’, we have created this page for you to give you access to complete Qantas Contact Us details.

Qantas Airlines Phone Number List

Qantas Airlines Helpline UK Contact Numbers
 Customer Care Number  0208 600 4300 & 0800 747 767
 Corporate Sales 0208 846 0573
 Call Centre  0208 600 4300
 Qantas Frequent Flyer Helpline 0226 111 1818
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Qantas Postal Address

Writing a letter is one way of contacting Qantas Airlines. Make sure that the message you write in your letter is clear and precise, and you write the postal address completely and clearly. However, this method is not recommended to those who are in a hurry to receive a reply. Sending the letter and receiving a reply can take time, which can be annoying for you at times, especially if you are seeking Qantas support on an urgent matter. This can be anything from managing the flight to cancelling it or rescheduling it. In that case, calling the Qantas Contact Number seems to be the best and fastest medium of contact.

The head office of Qantas Airlines is located at Qantas Centre, Building A, 203 Coward St, Mascot, NSW, 2020, which remains open from Monday to Sunday.

Customer Care Number

If you have any queries or complaints regarding the flights or services offered by Qantas, feel free to call their Qantas Phone Number 0208 600 4300 & 0800 747 767. The experienced and trained customer care executives will address your issue properly and give you a suitable reply within the stipulated period of time. Other than queries and complaints, you can also call this Qantas helpline to cancel or change your flight booking, check its status, know about Qantas baggage allowance etc.

The Qantas support system is great and helpful, and their executives are fully qualified to satisfy their customers. If you happen to have a query about the airline or your flight, they have a special team to assist you in every manner possible. When you call the Qantas Customer Care Helpline, their team does its best to ensure that your query is resolved and you are completely satisfied with the response. So, if you have any kind of query, simply give them a call or visit their Qantas Contact Us page to get connected.

Qantas Reservation Phone Number
Contact Us

Corporate Sales

Qantas has a huge corporate network that through which it manages flights to and from different destinations across the globe. There are different sections of Qantas that you can contact as per the nature of your query, including the Qantas careers, investors, sponsorship, community, Jetstar, media, in-flight entertainment etc. Find a section appropriate to your query, and contact them via your preferred medium of contact. To find out more information about their corporate sales and sections, you can call their Qantas Phone Number 0208 846 0573.

Call Centre

If you want to contact Qantas Airlines in an easy and quick manner, then calling their Qantas Customer Care Helpline at 0208 600 4300 is the best way to go. By calling this Qantas Contact Number, you can talk to an authorised Qantas call centre executive, and get assistance to solve the issue. For instance, if you called their call centre to manage your booking, they will direct you to the Qantas Manage My Booking department of the airline. You can even call the Qantas Reservation Phone Number to make your reservations and confirm them via phone.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Helpline

Qantas does its best to keep its customers satisfied, and takes greater care of those who fly with them frequently. They offer a number of added benefits to their frequent flyer customers. After registering with their frequent flyer program, you earn points with each of your flights with Qantas or its partner airlines, which you can redeem afterwards for attractive gifts and offers. Whenever you fly, hire a car or book a hotel, you receive Qantas points. You also receive points when you make certain purchases in your city or at an international destination using their Qantas Cash. Australian members can even earn points while doing everyday purchases at shops and restaurants. An added advantage is the extra Qantas baggage allowance offered to frequent flyers of the airline. You start with the bronze status of a frequent flyer, but as you earn points, you upgrade to silver, gold, platinum and platinum one status. Call their Qantas frequent flyer helpline 0226 111 1818 to get complete details about this program.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Helpline
Frequent Flyer Helpline

Qantas App

Qantas has a specialised application that you can download on your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. With this application, you can book flights or hotels from Qantas, reserve care hires, manage your in-flight seat selection, get a web check-in, view frequent flyer points, get boarding pass, find your route to the airport, get important alerts etc. Just download the app on the device you are using, and stay updated about all the latest happenings at Qantas.

Subscribe to Qantas Red Email

You can subscribe to the Red Email facility of the airline, after which you will start receiving latest offers and updates about Qantas right in your personal email. By subscribing to this facility, you can be sure that you will never miss out any nice offer of the airline. Call Qantas Helpline or visit Qantas Contact Us page to see more details about the Qantas Red Email facility.

Qantas Contact Number
Subscribe to Qantas Red Email

Social Media

Considering the fact that more and more people are joining the social media network to gain information and stay connected, Qantas is also not holding back. It regularly posts messages, updates and information on a number of social media accounts, featuring their latest offers, facilities and discounts. They also like to keep their customers updated about their company’s latest happenings, even if it is exclusively related to their business only. By following them on their social networking accounts, you can stay updated about their latest feeds and remain informed about their newest offers and upgrades.

Qantas Airlines are available on a number of social networking sites, with thousands of followers on each:

When you follow Qantas on any of these social networking sites, you will receive latest news about their offers, discounts and events. If you want to make a query about anything related to Qantas, you can quickly call the Qantas Reservation Phone Number, and talk to a qualified customer care executive. He or she would be happy to help you out in every possible way, whether it is related to your flight or any latest news about the company or its corporate affairs.

Qantas Airlines Overview

Qantas is the major airline of Australia, one of the biggest by its fleet size, and also the oldest. Founded in 1920, it started operating international flights for passengers in 1935. Based in Mascot, it has its primary hub at the Sydney Airport, and carries around 15% of the passengers travelling in or out of the country. JetConnect and JetStar are its major subsidiaries that are dedicated to operating international flights between Australia and New Zealand. With a heavy Qantas baggage allowance, it remains one of the most favoured airlines not only in Australia but all across the world. If you are a regular Qantas traveller, you can avail many benefits in addition to the standard facilities offered to the passengers. For more details, call their Qantas Frequent Flyer Helpline.

Basically, Qantas is an Australian airline that covers 20 destinations within Australia, in addition to 21 other destinations across 14 different countries, including America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe. Qantas has other subsidiaries as well that cover flights to 31 international and 65 domestic destinations across the globe. In 2014, it flew the longest passenger flight in the world between Sydney and Dallas. Now, it’s most sought after flight is the longest non-stop passenger flight to be expected to fly from Perth to London. This flight is still waiting to be approved by the end of year 2016. For more details, you can call the Qantas Customer Care Helpline at their Qantas contact number.

Qantas is known for its excellent customer service, and you can easily access their service by calling their Qantas Reservation Phone Number. Cancel, reschedule or change your bookings by visiting their Qantas Manage My Booking section. In order to make things easier for the customers and to serve them better, the airline offers complete Qantas support by way of a number of contact mediums. Some of the ways by which you can access Qantas Helpline are:

  • Send them a written letter and post at their mailing address
  • Call the Qantas phone number to talk to a customer care executive
  • Manage booking at the Qantas Manage My Booking section online
  • Subscribe to their Red Email
  • Download their Qantas app
  • Seek Qantas support by following them on social media

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