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With over 17 million customers in the UK, 322 crown offices and over 11,000 post offices countrywide, Post Office Currency prides itself as being one of the country’s largest financial service providers. If you are among the 17 million of their customers or simply a UK resident who would like to get in touch with them regarding the financial service they offer, you are going to find this article very useful.

Why you ask, well this post is going to highlight a variety of Post Office Currency contact numbers including the all-important Post Office Currency customer service number for those in need of much-needed help.

Post Office Currency Phone Number List

Post Office Currency Department   UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0345 611 2970
Driving Licence Application, and Renewal 0345 746 8469
Check Authority Card 0345 722 3344
Travel Insurance 0330 123 3690
Medical Emergency 0208 865 3074
Welsh Speakers 0330 123 0389
Broadband Existing Customers 0345 600 3210
Broadband Complaints Free Number 0800 092 0514
International Payments Free Number 0800 180 4809
Payments from Abroad 0203 162 8080
Online Balance Check Free Number 0800 316 0586
Balance Enquiries 0330 828 0881
Personal Loans Free Number 0800 169 2000
Personal Savings Free Number
Mortgages Free Number
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8.15 am to 6.00 pm, Saturdays 8.30 am to 2.00 pm and Sunday closed. Emergency Lines are opened 24 hours a day.

Post Office Currency Customer Service

Post Office Currency customer service number for main website section

Are you looking for their contact numbers? You have to toil no more, dial Post Office Currency customer service number 0345 611 2970. One other thing that they have been trained to do is address and solve any queries or questions that their customers might have in an event they choose to take up any of their services.

If you happen to have any question regarding the type of business operates, simply get in touch with one of their knowledgeable staff by using their general enquiries or feedback and they will share with you everything you need to know about them and how it can help.

One of the things that this company aims is to achieve in their day-to-day business is to offer their customers with the much-needed help and advice as they seek to take up the various financial services that they offer. To achieve this particular goal, they have seen to it that they have in place a reliable customer service that is not only well-educated when it comes to matters financial services but also very reliable.

Post Office Currency Complaints

Do you want to escalate your already registered complaint concerning financial matter? In order to escalate your enquiry, dial financial Ombudsman or Post Office Currency Complaints number 0300 123 9123. You can also email the Financial Ombudsman on their email address

If you happen to have complaints regarding the financial services offered by this company, you can choose to address it with their customer service or an independent body. To address it with their internal complaint addressing mechanism, use the following complaints form. You can address your complaint with two independent bodies and they are Financial Ombudsman and the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Service.

How To Contact Post Office Currency

How To Contact Post Office Currency

How to contact Post Office Currency? In order to find out the complete details of their customer service methods, visit their website Contact Us Section.

One of the advantages associated with taking up any of the financial services offered by this company is the ability to interact with them using several communication channels. As we all know, finance is a very sensitive topic and the more you get to interact with the person holding your finances the more comfortable you get.

That said, their customers can reach out to them by using either telephones or social media. Some customers you are going to find are letters this despite the fact that it’s slow given the back and forth involved in sending you letter. Regardless of other communication channels, even letters, rest assured that they would respond to you in good time.

Post Office Currency Headquarters Address

If you have a serious matter to bring across regarding Post Office Currency or even the services that they do offer, you should address it with their head office. One thing that you should always have in mind given that they have numerous offices countrywide is that you can choose to contact any of their offices that are close to you.

Although it is advised that you contact the closest office to you, you can contact their head office in Manchester for any serious issues you might have. This you can do using Post Office Currency phone numbers or simply send them a letter to the postal address shared below in this post.

If you plan to contact one of their offices based on your location do visit their office/branch finder page and key in the relevant details to get all the contact information you need. With that, below you are going to find Post Office Currency headquarters postal address.

26 Spring Gardens,


M2 1BB, UK

Post Office Currency Rates Today

If you would details of their rates before even visiting any of their branches, do get in touch with one of their knowledgeable staff using the following balance check or Post Office Currency Rates Today customer care department 0330 828 0881. As you might know already, currency rates tend to change on a daily basis. This is usually as a result of various circumstances affecting a country such as politics, earthquakes and sometimes election. That said, Post Office Currency usually has new currency rates for their customers on a daily basis.

Post Office Currency Converter Euros To Pounds

Post Office Currency Converter contact number

To get a hold of one of their staff members regarding all things currency conversation, do dial the following number for Post Office Currency Converter Euros to Pounds 0345 746 8469 and they will assist you accordingly.

Once you have known the rates for the day, you might want to change the pounds that you have to Euros or vice versa. Either way, the staff members at customer care department will assist you to do just that. Furthermore, they do have a policy that sees them give you advice on the best times to convert your Euros to pounds given that rates tend to fluctuate from time to time.

If you are unable to locate any of their branches when you want to change your Euros to Pounds, simply use this Post Office Currency phone number to get in touch with one of their staff who will guide you accordingly.

Post Office Currency Sell

You can choose to contact them for information on rates before visiting their offices using the following travel insurance or Post Office Currency Sell number 0330 123 3690. You can also use this Post Office Currency contact number if you happen to have questions that you would like to address with the team at Post Office Currency before selling any of your foreign currencies in exchange of local ones.

If you have recently travelled to other countries and came back to the UK with some foreign money, you do have the option of selling these currencies in exchange for local ones through their offices. It’s not just UK residents, if you happen to be a tourist visiting the United Kingdom and want to have your foreign currency changed into local currency, you can as well visit any of their offices and they will be able to assist you.

Post Office Currency Transfer

If you would like further details on just how they can assist you with all things currency transfer, do get in touch with one of their representatives by dialling the following number for payments or Post Office Currency Transfer 0800 180 4809. No matter what your need is, rest assured that they will be able to sort it out for you.

In you intend on making any currency transfers you should look no further than Post Office Currency. They do have a team in place that will assist you step-by-step through the process of the currency transfer in order to ensure that it’s successful. Furthermore, they do offer services for both local currency transfer as well as foreign currency transfer.

Post Office Currency Credit Card

Post Office Currency helpline number for Credit Cards

Any inquiries or queries that you might have regarding their credit card services should be brought to their attention using the following number for Post Office Currency credit card customer service 0345 722 3344. If you are foreign or even a local having problems using any of their credit cards to make purchases whether online or at various shops, do use this Post Office Currency contact number to bring it to their attention.

Post Office Currency Card Login

If you find yourself in such a situation and the card you have is from this company, then you should contact their card login support. By doing so, they will able to guide you on how you can regain access to your cards. This you can do by using the following Post Office Currency login helpline 0800 316 0586.

Having an ATM card be it a debit or a credit card that usually needs you to have a pin to go alone with it for security reasons. Unfortunately, some of us find it a bit difficult to remember our pin number once we are issued with the card and as such, fail to have access to our cards.

Post Office Currency Debit Card Charge

To inquire about this as well as bring up any discrepancies noticed in charges already transacted on their debit cards, their customers should use the following number for Post Office Currency Debit Card Charge customer support 0203 162 8080. If you happen to have a debit card, then you can and should inquire about their debit card charges. Different companies tend to have different debit card charges and as such, you might find that the debit card charge you are familiar with is not the one offered by this company.

Post Office Currency Buy Back Guarantee

In order to learn the complete details about this service, you may wish to get in touch with their Saving or Post Office Currency Buy Back Guarantee helpline 0800 169 7500.

This service somehow related to their exchange foreign currency service. Once you have exchanged your foreign currencies with Post Office Currency, whether you are a tourist or just a local resident, you have the option of having the unused currencies changed to their initial currency state through Post Office Currency buy back guarantee service.

Contact Post Office Currency via Social Media

Contact Post Office Currency On Social Media

Thanks to the rapid growth of social media, businesses all over the world have set up social media accounts to interact with their customers easier. One such business is UK’s Post Office Currency. That said, you can be able to interact with the customer service team at Post Office Currency anywhere anytime using their social media accounts.

What you need to do once you decide on using this platform as a communication channel is locate any of their social media pages. Once you do this, simply post your complaint, inquiry or query message on their page and they will be able to get back to you in good time. Below is a list of all Post Office Currency social media accounts.

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