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Parcelforce is one of the top courier delivery companies in the United Kingdom. They have a specific helpline that is manned by customer care staff, who’re capable to deal with a range of issues. They can offer advice and info on the various Parcelforce delivery providers that exist, including the monitor, offshore shipment solutions as well as documented shipping services and track support.

You may even need-to contact the Parcelforce helpline, in case your package has been damaged during transit. They will be able to talk with you to resolve your issues through the claim process and explain the total amount of compensation that you will be able to claim for your package. ParcelForce Contact Numbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for its customers to resolve their queries.

Parcelforce Phone Number List

Parcelforce Helpline

UK Contact Numbers

Parcelforce Customer Services

0344 800 4466

Welsh Services

0344 800 5550

Hearing Impaired Toll-Free

08000 855 854

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Parcelforce Customer Services

ParcelForce Customer Services

You can trust on the courier to deliver your parcels at your home and abroad getting the same care that you would yourself. They’re equipped with the newest technology and you’ll find that high quality can also be good value. They provide a wide range of value for money services delivering across the UK locations as well as worldwide with exceptional quality of services.

They deliver to every address in the United Kingdom and 99.6% of the world. The strength of global partners around the world means they are able to provide combination of services. They offer a range of flexible convenient shipping & delivery options including distribution to over 11,000 local Post-Office branches, should they know they can’t beat house to get their objects.

  • They’ll get from your door step or you can drop-off at your closest Post-Office branch or depot.

  • They could attain every household and office in the UK every morning of the year.

  • Users can also pick up from their regional Post Office division.

  • You’ll be able to track your parcels at every phase.

  • They offer delivery services on Saturdays.

  • For business account customers you will find text facilities that are online and additional expert services.

Parcelforce Customer Care Numbers

ParcelForce Customer Care

Keeping the urgent enquiries of our customers, we offer several methods to get connected with our professional and dedicate team of customer representatives. The Parcelforce helpline number is 0344 800 4466. If you are a Welsh speaker, contact Parcelforce at 0344 800 5550 and for impaired hearing person you can call toll-free 08000 855 854.

Call centre hours:

  • Monday To Friday : 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Saturday : 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Public and Bank Holidays : Closed

If you need the email address for Parcelforce customer care, then you can visit the office website. Just fill  in an online form with whatever your query is, and within minimum time, your query will be answered. Regular customers can fill the short form to the query of special rates.

Parcel Tracking

Parcelforce Helpline

Parcel tracking is available for all continents. Tracking services are divided into five stages:

  • Collected

  • In Transit

  • At Delivery Depot

  • Out for Delivery

  • Delivered

At every stage of the delivery process, customers will be able to get the five-stags breakdown. It appears with a date and time to let you know when the delivery is expected to arrive.

Package Status

Guidance: The process starts of delivering the parcel, as soon it is entered in the system, the client will receive a message and parcel tracking scan will begin. At whichever point the parcel reached, status will change to “In Progress”.

Clearance for Awaiting Customs: You will come to know whether the parcel has reached the country. You will then be notified of any international customs handling.

Hand over to Royal Mail: Parcel has been handed over to the Royal Mail (RM) to complete the process of delivery.

Delivery Process: In case, the parcel item damaged, incorrect paperwork at customs and got any restricted items, it will stop the delivery.

Tracking services do not include any charges from the client, while other tracking care problems. You can sort it all out at the Parcelforce Helpline 0344 800 446.

Services in the UK

Parcelforce is a very trusting delivery agency using a personal touch by offering a wide range of services and access points. You just need to pay and get your delivery to the door step. These are services provided by the company:

  • ExpressAM

  • Express24

  • Express48

  • Express48 Large

Through all these services the parcel is collected and delivered at the door step of the given address. Clients are given access to tracking services and ParcelForce Contact Numbers to stay connected for solving issues during the process.

UK Networks

ParcelForce UK Networks

Parcelforce delivery networks are spread throughout the worldwide which are beneficial for faster and easy delivery. All the European destinations delivery by 10:30 am of the next day and the United States and Canada deliver by midday. 53 depots networks in several major cities around the country handle all deliveries. Two hubs are located near Coventry Airport, and each handles the international and domestic parcels.

Royal Mail is the sister company of Parcelforce. It is also known as the subsidiary of General Logistics Systems, which have road based networks of 23 delivery companies that span 30 countries within a distance of 5 million kilometres. The RM handles the European shipments and they are specialized to handle the over 1 million parcels per day, which is quite an advantage for our clients. Overall Parcelforce delivery networks enables to connect with more than 239 countries at the global level. That’s why they have earned a place among the top competitors of the delivery brand.

 Shipping Services

  • The foremost benefit is that the clients are ensured for the parcel to be delivered within the defined weight limits and size along with its ideal service for personalized and business customers.

  • Having a big variety of shipping options and supply within as little as 24-hours to Europe, UK and United States North locations. Parcelforce provides confidence and efficiency, while economical solutions exist for whom speed is not necessarily important.

  • Parcelforce enables one for tracking within the UK as well as as confirmed to be delivered at resident or abroad. Reassurance to clients that their shipments have arrived safely. Furthermore, their services provide collection of delivery from customer’s opted address although parcel might be dropped off at a depot or post office which is preferred.

  • There are various options for UK and overseas shipment. Their charges are per the weight and size of the parcel and speed of delivery as per the client request. Delivery items are taken from the sender’s suggested location.

  • The capability to track as it crosses the world or the nation is important to many clients who involve the confidence that their delivery is currently making improvement to its destination on time. Also, for peace of mind one can be assured that the products received an electronic signature on delivering the product to its recipient.

  • Products delivered with Parcelforce are allocated to a distinctive tracking number which typically includes a series of characters and numbers. It is the following number, which enables an individual to view the continuing advancement of the shipping from your point of collection location within the UK could be monitored at each stage in their vacation.

  • The easiest way to monitor a package is by using the Parcelforce website. By entering the initial lot range, customers will receive proof of shipment after it’s dispatched and can quickly see real-time details about the development of the parcel’s location.

  • The incredible ParcelForce Contact Number 0344 800 4466 provides assistance throughout the process of delivering from sender to receiver. Whether, you have issue with the shipment price, parcel size, charges, or you are unable to track or any other issue, you are required to contact Parcelforce and get the solution via their superb customer care services team.

Parcelforce Contact Us

Are you not satisfied with your experience? Or are you happy with their services? They will hear everything you need to say. It is occasionally proper and not informal to deliver letters that are handwritten inside the post also. Go right ahead and send to the following address. Be sure to keep all private information about your personal detail from the letter-writing processes.

Parcelforce Helpline:
Office: 100 Victoria Embankment,
EC4Y 0HQ, London

Contact Parcelforce via Social Media

Parcelforce Contact Numbers

You can post your inquiry online too using social media networks. You can expect answers within 48 hours but do not use personal details.


More than 25 years in the making, Parcelforce has a long history as a part of Royal Mail Group. In the year of 1986, Royal mail developed another parcel purpose building the foundations of the company which is today we know. In 1990 Royal Mail Parcels was relabeled with a huge investment in IT and infrastructure together with the introduction of online tracking and also the development of National and Worldwide sorting hubs.

Subsequently in 1998 the business enterprise was renamed as Parcelforce Worldwide. Since in 2013, they continued investing to enhance their network across the global. Parcelforce Worldwide operates shipping services via using a network of local depots. These have been purposefully based from Inverness in Scotland’s north to Plymouth in the southwest of UK. You can find two depots in Wales, one fundamental warehouse in Northern Ireland (offering Belfast) and two smaller satellite.

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