Barclays Contact Numbers

This page is a guide for all the essential Barclays contact numbers for use in the United Kingdom. Having a Barclays telephone number contact the bank can be a great help in case of an emergency. This page will walk you through all the different means by which you can contact Barclays. If you want more information, you can head over to the Barclays UK’s homepage.

Barclays Contact Numbers List

Barclays Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Barclays Customer Services 0333 200 9090
Barclays Telephone Banking 0345 734 5345
Barclays Business Account Enquiries 0345 605 2345
Barclays Mobile Banking 0345 600 2323
Barclays Online Banking 0345 600 2323
Barclays Toll-Free, Complaints 0800 282390
Barclays Helpline, Fraud 0345 600 2323
Barclays Accessibility Services 0800 400 100
Barclays International Banking +44 (0) 207 574 3060
Estates and Bereavements 0345 075 7070
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With a strong set of traditions and a history spanning more than 325 years, Barclays Bank is one of the biggest banks in the World. It operates in 50 countries around the globe and caters to more than 48 million customers worldwide. Barclays enjoys a strong global brand and a diverse portfolio of business and services. The company not only deals in personal banking services but retail banking, mortgages, insurances and wealth management of individuals and corporations as well.

To service their huge client base, Barclays has set up a wide variety of Barclays customer services helplines. You can contact these helplines to register complaints, perform transactions and also avail personalised banking services like Barclays Mobile Banking and Barclays Online Banking. We have compiled a list of the most useful Barclays contact numbers to have for fulfilling all your banking needs.

There are four ways to contact the Barclays Bank in the UK:

  • Barclays Telephone Service
  • Barclays Email Service
  • Barclays Live Chat
  • Writing a letter to the Barclays Bank

Barclays Customer Services Address

Want to make a general inquiry about Barclays and its services by mail? Send a letter to your local Barclays branch and get a helpful response as soon as the postal winds will allow it.

In addition to this, you can also write to the Barclays Head Office in order seek clarification over different policies and services. You can also file complaints about problems you are facing or communicate with the bank about the current status of your accounts. The Barclays head office address is,

1 Churchill Place London ENG E14 5HP

Please try to be very careful in your writing when reporting issues or stating your queries in a letter. This will help the Barclays customer care to respond more meaningfully and help solve your problems. A confused back and forth communication between you and the bank will only be a waste of your valuable time.

Barclays Customer Service

BarclayCard has the illustrious honour of being the first credit card to publicly launch in the UK. It is widely used by customers all over the world. In fact, it has more than 10 million customers in the UK alone which makes it one of the biggest credit card issuers in Europe.

You can call BarclayCard helpline to help resolve issues and get information about for signing up to different services. This branch of the Barclays helpline can help you with:

  • Payment protection
  • Learning eligibility criteria for different credit cards
  • Changing your credit limits
  • Finding out about exclusive offers and discounts

Contact Barclays customer services Toll-Free 0800 151 0900 to talk to a Barclays helpline representative today.

Another option is to call the Barclays phone number 0333 200 9090 and get your questions answered.

If you are travelling internationally and cannot make use of these local Barclays contact numbers, don’t worry. You can contact the International BarclayCard personal services by calling on the Barclays customer care +44 (0) 1604 230 230

Be advised: International call charges or fees may apply. So be careful and make sure you know the call rates before you make a long distance call.

If you have any general questions about Barclays policies and banking practices, you can also head over to the Barclays help forum and have your questions answered. If you want to get in touch with BarclayCard through the postal services, write at the following address,

Barclaycard House, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG, Mail Van area 24

Barclays Telephone Banking

Barclays provides its customers with the facility to manage their accounts through their telephones. Customers can make or receive payments, transfer money and also personalise their banking needs using this facility. It is an essential and secure service for any customer to make use of and it is really easy for you to sign up for it. Call the Barclays telephone number 0345 734 5345 and choose option 1 to sign up.

After signing up, the bank will provide you with a membership number and a passcode. You can use these secret details to access your individual accounts over the telephone. It must be noted here that once you have set up your membership number and the passcode, you will be able to access your Barclays Telephone Banking by dialling Barclays contact number 0345 734 5345. Once you are connected to the line, simply enter your credentials to enjoy a safe and secure service.

Barclays Business Accounts Enquiries

You can get in touch with Barclays banking advisers by calling on the Barclays helpline 0345 605 2345. When you call, you would be asked to enter your 12 digit bank membership or sort code. Once entered, you will be connected to a business adviser and can ask for financial advice. They can also guide you to better handle your daily banking needs.

Barclays helplines are generally open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m, every Monday to Friday.

Though be advised about the calling rates as you may be charged for most of these calls. For example, if you are calling from a mobile and do not have enough free minutes, you may run the risk of draining your account.

You can also get in touch with the Barclays Business Accounts Customer Services by calling 0800 515 462. State your query to the bank representative after you enter your personalised bank membership information.

To find out more about Barclays business accounts, head over to the Barclays website.

Barclays Contact Number Helpline

Barclays Mobile Banking

Barclays mobile banking is designed to provide its customers with a seamless banking experience on their mobile phones.  It is also highly secure and boasts a user-friendly environment.

You can download the Barclays mobile banking app to get instant access to your all your accounts. Personalise the app according to your financial needs, check your financial statements and pay your direct debts too.

You can also report your stolen or lost credit cards to the Barclays customer service representatives through the app. Barclays provides easy  access to its users through the app.

If you have any questions regarding Barclays banking or you want to report a lost or stolen phone which has your personal Barclays mobile banking app on it, you can contact Barclays at 0345 600 2323. The representatives will assist you in tackling any such issues you may be encountering. They will also provide you with the information you may need in order to better utilise secure Barclays banking facilities.

Barclays Online Banking

Online banking is a great asset in today’s modern world. Being able to perform transactions and deposit or withdraw funds on the go is an almost necessity for the modern man.

Essentially, Barclays is one of the premier online banking services in the United Kingdom as well as around the world. It strives to provide its customers with a high-quality online experience. Using Barclays Online Banking, the customers can transfer money between accounts instantaneously, see their account balances, and also go through their statements. Plus, you can make use of a wide range of Barclays services like loans, insurances and making payments to different accounts.

In case you run into some trouble or have questions and need assistance. Call the Barclays digital helpline at 0345 600 2323 and get your queries resolved.

However, if by any chance you are travelling abroad and encounter problems with your Barclays online banking service, contact the Barclays phone number +44 247 684 2063.

Head over to Barclays Online Banking to access the service.

You can also find a list of all the Barclays UK contact numbers here.

Contact Barclays Customer Service

Barclays Complaints

Complaints are a normal phenomenon, especially when managing millions of customers. Not everyone will be happy, yourself included, unfortunately. If this happens or you are encountering errors in accessing your accounts or have any concerns related to Barclays in general, you should head over to the Barclays Customer care and get your complaint registered. The bank will look into your grievances and work to resolve the issues you are encountering.

Register a complaint by using the Barclays telephone number 0800 282390.

If you are travelling internationally and would like to lodge a complaint, call the Barclays contact number helpline +44 (0) 207 116 7489. Let the customer care know what is wrong so that your problem can be resolved. After all, the customers are the most important asset of any organisation and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Barclays Fraud Helpline

Fraud is real, and it can happen to anyone. Yes, even you. Hence, Barclays makes it a priority to provide its customers with the state of the art security. It also protects their bank accounts and keeps their investments safe by implementing anti-fraud practices.

However if by some unfortunate twist of fate, you fall prey to such a scam, you should let your Barclays bank know as soon as possible. The bank can then take all the necessary steps in order to protect your deposits and your investments. They can also ensure that only you can access your accounts without letting the scammer steal any money from them.

Contact the toll-free Barclays customer services phone number 0800 3891 652 or any of these numbers to notify the bank: 0345 600 23230345 050 4585 or +44 160 452 9410.

You can also get in touch with the Barclays customer care via email. Let them know about any possible breaches or security lapses that may have occurred so that all the necessary protective steps can be taken immediately. Due to an abundance of financial scams, banks tend to take such threats to their customers capital’s safety very seriously.

The Barclays guide to reporting fraud can further assist you in this regard.

Barclays Accessibility Services

To avail or seek guidance about the different accessibility services that Barclays provides for its customers, simply contact Barclays customer care helpline 0800 400 100. The representative will help you with any queries you may have and also guide you about performing future transactions as well.

If you are suffering from a disability and are calling through a textphone, please dial the alternate Barclays contact number 0800 400 100. Consequently, trained and relevant representatives will be able to get in touch with you to assist you in fulfilling any of your banking needs.

Barclays International Banking

Are you a savvy traveler? An international businessman? Barclays has you covered and will help you manage your accounts in multiple currencies 24/7.

With Barclays International Banking services you can easily keep in touch with your bank and traverse the globe at the same time. So apply now and get instant access to a host of secure and easy to use Barclays services.

Let the company representatives know about any query or financial requests that you may have or want to be performed on your behalf. With Barclays, it is always easy.

Estates and Bereavements

In the case of the death of an account holder, you can contact Barclays customer care to notify them at 0345 075 7070 between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday to Saturday. You can also contact them by writing to the following Barclays contact number helpline address:

Barclays Service Centre,

Leicester LE87 2BB

A Barclays customer services representative will get in touch with you and provide guidance regarding any steps that need to be taken for safeguarding the customer’s assets.

In addition to this, you can also head over to Barclays UK portal to find out about all the necessary steps you should take when someone dies.

Contact Barclays on Social Media

barclays uk help twitter

In case all the above options fail, and you just would like to express your concerns and inhibitions to Barclays over social media, then we have provided you with useful links you can utilise to contact them and make your voice heard.






EE Contact Numbers

This article includes the best EE contact numbers for resolving issues and ordering service. If your phone has a poor connection to the cellular service, is dropped or stolen, you can use the EE contact numbers on this site to get in touch with their customer service team.  If you’d prefer to submit an online request, you’re always welcome to check out EE’s Contact Us Page.

EE Contact Numbers List

EE Phone Numbers UK Phone Number
EE Broadband and TV Customer Service (Toll-Free from EE Landline) 0800 079 8586
EE Broadband and TV Customer Service (Not Toll-Free from Any Phone) 0207 362 0200
EE Business Account Support 0800 079 3333
T-Mobile Mobile or SIM Only Customer Service 0207 362 0200
EE Customer Service Number and General Sales Line 0800 956 6000
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EE Limited is a division of BT Group, acquired earlier this year from its previous owners, Orange and Deutsche Telekom. The subsidiary perfectly compliments BT Group’s previously slight position in the cellular phone market. EE provides British consumers with the fastest 4G speeds and the best coverage across the majority of the United Kingdom while using their ee phone numbers. Both consumers and businesses can order cellphone service, mobile broadband, landline telephone, home broadband and television service through EE. Both the service and the hardware (tablets and smartphones) are offered for sale online, in-store and by calling one of the EE phone numbers listed above.

EE can be contacted with questions in a variety of ways:

  • Call an EE phone number using your EE cellphone or landline.
  • Use EE Toll-Free 0800 numbers to reach the EE helpline from a non-EE phone.
  • Text a short-code to 150 to complete upgrades and service changes.
  • Send Customer Service an Email.
  • Submit an order or make account changes by logging into your account online.
  • Visit an EE store to complete a transaction.

EE’s Online Customer Service Portal

EE Contact Numbers
Picture From:

Click here to visit EE’s Contact Us Page for store locations, EE contact numbers and online support options.

EE Address for Correspondence

If the EE customer care helpline or a visit to a store isn’t an option, you can always write EE’s Mobile and Broadband Customer Service Department. Address correspondence to:

EE Customer Service

6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tune and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom

This address is shown on the map below:

Tips for Communicating to Contact EE via Postal Mail: You should never send currency in the post. When describing your issue or concern, include as much detail as possible. Include copies of your statement and other supporting information to help the EE customer service team resolve your concern quickly. Pleases understand that communicating via written correspondence will significantly delay the handling of your concern, especially compared to using an EE contact number.

EE Broadband and TV Customer Service

The EE contact number for the Broadband and TV Customer Service department is 0800 079 8586. But only if you’re calling from an EE landline. All other callers should use 0207 362 0200.

Recently, EE was called out by a consumer watchdog for having the worst customer service in the British telecom industry.Thankfully, EE is paying attention and by the end of

Thankfully, EE is paying attention and by the end of 2016, all of their customer service reps will be based in the UK and Ireland. Overseas phone support is frustrating on the best of days, and soon EE customers will no longer need to worry about difficulty communicating with EE’s overseas support reps.

When you call one of the EE phone numbers for new orders or concerns with your broadband or TV service, make sure you are an authorized user on the account. Without proper authorization, EE’s support team may be limited in the options they have available to them to resolve your issue.

You might be able to save yourself a call to the EE customer care helpline by simply powering down and unplugging the device. Wait 10 seconds and then plug the device back in and reconnect to it.

EE Business Account Support

Communication services for your business are mission critical. If it is time to change providers, or you are experiencing difficulty with your business’ communication equipment, EE is standing by to help. The EE Contact Number for business customers is 0800 079 3333.

EE offers a variety of bundles to help business customers stay in touch with customers and access information online. named EE the UK’s Fastest Mobile Network. Does it make sense to power your company’s communication needs with the most powerful network in the United Kingdom? Of course!

The business team can be reached by calling the EE contact number helpline and advising the agent that you’re a business customer. Businesses qualify for different promotions based on the size of their team; 50 or more lines seems to earn the best discount.

EE Helpline

T-Mobile: Mobile or SIM Only Customer Service

T-Mobile branded mobile service is provided by EE. If you want to contact the dedicated T-Mobile support team at the EE customer care helpline, you’ll need to dial 0207 362 0200. This department is open 24/7 and is specifically trained to get your T-Mobile service back up and running if things go wrong.

A SIM Only pack allows you to purchase service separately from your device. This is a great solution for travelers and other customers that want to pop-out their mobile’s sim tray, slide a local SIM card in, and connect their own device to the network. The EE customer service number will put you in touch with an agent that can help you setup SIM only service.

Note: Calls made to the EE contact number helpline using T-Mobile Pay-As-You-Go plans may incur a 25p per minute charge.  For further clarification, check out the EE Contact Us Page.

Comparing EE, T-Mobile and Orange Services to Meet Your Needs

To select the most cost-effective cellular service for your needs, you want to consider your personal usage history on your current phone. Do you burn up the phone line from dawn to dusk? Or, do you primarily text and keep off the phone, unless an emergency pops up?

The good news is that the EE main website has a number of options available to compare online. No need to talk to a high-pressure sales agent on an EE contact number. Get the information you need first. Then, make the call to the EE customer service contact number to order your services, armed with the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. Or, even better, complete the entire process pain-free online.

If you need a new device immediately, or need help transferring contacts from one phone to another, visiting an EE store is probably the best way to go. The agent will make sure your service is up and running before you leave, transfer contacts, and help you make any other changes to your account to personalize the service, just for you.

Contact EE Helpline

Once you are ready to pull the trigger and setup new service, you can call the sales department at the follwoing EE phone number: 0800 956 6000. The agents will help you select a plan or bundle, and then ship your device to you free-of-charge to any address in the UK.

If you are ready to add an additional line to an existing account, you may qualify for discounts on the lines added in addition to your first line. EE customers can also bundle home phone and EE TV services for additional savings.

Keeping Your Number When Switching

When transferring from one mobile service to another, keeping your number is probably an important part of the equation. The EE helpline empowers allows customers to port-in telephone numbers from another provider. Transfers between T-Mobile, Orange, and EE simply require a SIM change; your number will stay with you.

Transfers from a company other than T-Mobile, Orange or EE will require a few extra steps. First, ring your current provider and obtain a PAC, or Port Authorization Code. This code will allow you to unlock and authorize the transfer of your number to EE. When starting service with EE, you’ll receive SIM and temporary phone number.

When you call the EE Contact Number to initiate the transfer, you’ll need to provide the agent with your PAC, the new SIM serial number and the temporary number you were assigned by EE.

Transfers of a phone number from another provider to EE generally take 1-2 business days. Do your best to start the process before 17:30 on a workday in order to expedite the process. Calls made to the EE customer service number on the weekend or after 17:30 on a workday will add an addition day of processing to your port request.

After your phone is configured with your new number, do not forget to dial 222 to setup your voicemail.

EE Car WiFi

If you watched the YouTube video posted a few paragraphs up, you’ll have noticed that EE is pretty proud of their EE Car WiFi. The streamlined design allows for the mobile hotspot to plug-in directly to your car’s battery using the cigarette lighter. The connection serves a dual-purpose as a stand; holding the mobile hotspot steady as you take to the road.

The device can support up to 10 internet-enabled devices at a time. This means the entire family can stream, facetime and download apps as you travel down the road. EE’s 4G network has been rated the fastest in the country, and connecting a mobile hotspot is a great way to let everyone experience the network’s performance while you enjoy the road.

For business travelers, EE provides volume discounts to businesses based on the number of connections needed. The Car WiFi is a great addition for businesses with fleets of vehicles empowering employees to service customers. Keep in closer touch and provide your team with access to the information they need on their tablets and computers while away from the office.

Home Broadband

EE provides more than just cellphone service. Households can order internet service through EE. Call an EE phone number to find out if your home can be serviced. EE offers two levels of internet service: broadband and fibre.

EE Broadband provides a no-cap data connection with speeds up to 17Mb/s. EE Fibre provides an uncapped data line that can reach speeds of 38Mb/s.

As an added bonus, customers that order TV or internet service through EE can earn extra mobile data for their cellphone line through EE. To find out if you qualify, call the EE contact number helpline and speak with an agent about your needs.

Purchasing a Smartphone or Tablet

When ordering mobile service through EE, customers have the option to select a phone to match their plan. Instead of paying for the entire cost of a new phone up-front, customers can qualify to spread their device payments out into lower monthly payments. Once the device is paid for, you own it. And, of course, you stop making monthly device payments.

Of course, you’ll need to still cover the mobile service fees if you want to still be able to use the device on EE’s network. Having the option to make payments on a phone makes the prospect of shelling out £600+ on a single device a lot more manageable.

To order a phone, you can contact EE Helpline and ask for the sales department. The EE Helpline can process orders and ship devices for free to your home or business in the UK.

EE Contact Number Helpline

Contact EE via Social Media

Sometimes getting in touch is just easier when you’re able to interact on the platforms you use every day; like Facebook or Twitter. EE has a strong social media presence. As a result, they love chatting with customers via Facebook and much more.

Social media is about more than getting a quick answer. It’s easy to share customer experiences with other EE customers by uploading a picture or commenting on social posts. The EE helpline is great for quick answers, but the latest news and offers are always on social media.

If you have any other questions or concerns about this listing, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’ll update this page regularly in order to make sure that the information is accurate.

DVLA Contact Numbers

The DVLA helpline contains all relevant DVLA Contact Numbers that you need. It also includes relevant website links and other pertinent information.

DVLA Contact Numbers List

DVLA  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
DVLA Contact Number 0300 790 6802
Vehicle Registration 0300 790 6802
Vehicle Tax 0300 123 4321
Driver Licensing Enquiry 0300 790 6801
Driver Licensing Renewal 0300 123 0815
Medical Conditions & Disabilities 0300 790 6806
Llinell Gymorth Cymru 0300 790 6819
Vehicle Tax Refund 0300 790 6802
Theory Test Enquiry 0300 200 1188
Theory Test Scheduler 0300 200 1122
DVSA Driving Test 0300 200 1122
MOT Vehicle Testing 0300 123 9000
Driving with CPC 0300 200 1122
DVLA Jobcentre Plus 0345 604 3719
Passport Relations 0300 222 0000
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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency of the United Kingdom is a government organisation monitoring all relations and operations. Part of its success is committing the highest quality of customer service in the UK and Northern Ireland. In place is a working system that makes it easy for customers to find resolutions. The customer care department has the highest quality of trained individuals. Customer care representatives are ready to help today!

There are multiple ways to reach out to DVLA customer service:

  • Visiting the website
  • Calling the DVLA contact numbers listed in this DVLA helpline
  • Sending an e-mail
  • Writing a letter
  • Visiting DVLA social media channels

More About DVLA Policies

The UK has a world recognized road safety record. There is always more you can do to prevent death and serious injury before, during, and after a vehicle accident. DVLA registration improves drivers abilities on the road. DVLA’s “Think!” campaign is one branch that works with improving the licensing process for drivers old and new.

If you want a theory test or need a DVLA change of address form, then go to the main portal. Or call the main DVLA customer service helpline, 0300 790 6801. Do not forget to always be safe!

Vehicle Registration

Whenever you buy a vehicle, you need to pay the DVLA registration fee. This permits driving on public roads. To pay a DVLA car tax you need the V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate, also known as the log book.

You can do this by filling out form V62 and sending it by post to the DVLA headquarters in Swansea.

DVLA Swansea, SA99 1DD
V5C certification costs £25. It takes up to 5 days to get a replacement certificate.

Avoid the post and you can call one of the DVLA contact numbers, 0300 790 6802. You are not able to apply by telephone if you have changed your vehicle’s details, name, and/or your home address.

Always remember to keep the original registration certificate. This is most important if you lose your V5C certificate. It replaces V5C certificate when paying for your DVLA car tax.

Vehicle Tax

Every vehicle must submit payment for the DLVA car tax in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Then you can drive legally in public. This DVLA registration fee applies to all vehicles.

This is an annual car tax. For vehicle exemptions, please see the Vehicle Tax Refund section below.

Most individuals receive a reminder letter, known as V11 annually. Do not have a letter and your tax is due? Then call the DVLA contact numbers such as 0300 123 4321 and make arrangements.

Without V11, pay your vehicle tax at the local post office with any of these:

  • A V5C registration certificate that is in your name
  • A keeper supplement (V5C/2 certificate)
  • The “last chance” warning letter

In North Ireland, individuals can pay their vehicle tax using proof of an insurance letter. Remember you may also need your valid MOT test certificate and a valid reduced pollution certificate.

To calculate your current vehicle tax amount please visit the DVLA car tax page.

Driver Licensing Enquiry

What are your enquiries regarding driver licensing? Do you need to make a DVLA change of address request? Do you need a licence? Contact the main office Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and on Saturday from 8am to 2pm. The call center closes on Sundays and public holidays. Tariffs may apply to the call so please check with your provider before making a phone call.

Specific enquiries that are common include:

  • Changing a name on the licence
  • Changing a home address on the licence
  • Sharing driver licence information
  • Reporting a lost, stolen, damaged or a destroyed licence
  • Updating an application for a licence
  • Ordering forms from the DVLA directly
  • Applying for your first provisional driving licence

If you believe your enquiry is one of these, or you have something different please call, 0300 790 6801.

Have a little extra time? Then you can send an email using the website service, or you can handwrite a letter and send it to the Drivers Customer Services Department Correspondence Team, c/o DVLA, Swansea SA6 7JL.

If you live in Northern Ireland please consult the special DVLA website.

Keep in mind that it can take up to three weeks for any application to process. If after three weeks you have not heard back, call. This feature is available for licence renewal, replacement, and provisional applicants only.

Driver Licensing Renewal

Every 10 years you must renew the photocard licence and ID. You will receive a reminder email at the address as it appears on the card. Renewing a bus or lorry licence is every five years, and requires additional training courses. All licensed drivers are eligible to renew online with a valid UK passport.

To learn more about the process you can contact DVLA at 0300 123 0815.

All licensed drivers are eligible to renew online with a valid UK passport. You need a government issued ID in order to complete the process. So if you are not in possession of one, you will receive one as part of the application process. This entire process begins online at the DVLA web portal.

Expect to pay a £14 renewal fee with a debit or credit card. Also, have ready:

  • A current driving licence number
  • Your National Insurance number
  • The address for the previous three years, or consult DVLA change of address form

Disqualified drivers and non-residents of the United Kingdom, cannot apply for renewal online.

The renewal process takes about a week to complete when serviced online. Government agencies share personal data when applying online.

You will receive a survey following the renewal process.

Anyone over the age of 70 must renew differently. Read more here.

Medical Conditions & Disabilities

DVLA contact numbers

If you have a medical condition or disability you need to report it when applying for a driving licence. When you have a DVLA vehicle check, share this information too. Common cases:

  • Epilepsy
  • Strokes
  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Neurological difficulties
  • Mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities

To learn about medical conditions and disability you can find more information online. Otherwise, call one of the DVLA contact numbers, 0300 790 6806.

Report a medical condition or disability. Or unfortunately receive up to a £1000 fine and prosecution will apply if there is an accident. Be honest and safe.

Llinell Gymorth Cymru

Ar gyfer yr holl gwsmeriaid y mae angen English asiantau gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid neu ffurfiau ysgrifenedig yn y Gymraeg dylai ymgynghori â’r Llinell Gymorth Cymru DVLA. Gallwch hefyd ffonio’r Llinell Gymorth DVLA rhif 0300 790 6819. Mae gofal cwsmeriaid yn agor o ddydd Llun i ddydd Gwener o 8 y bore i 7pm ar ddydd Sadwrn o 8 y bore i am 2pm. Mae’r swyddfeydd ar gau ar ddydd Sul a gwyliau cyhoeddus. Gallai un hefyd ddewis i lenwi’r ffurflen arlein i gael sylw 24 awr a chymorth. Mae pob gwasanaeth DVLA a DVSA berthnasol i gwsmeriaid sy’n siarad Cymraeg.

For all customers that need Cymraeg customer service agents or forms written in Welsh should consult DVLA Welsh. You can also call the DVLA Helpline 0300 790 6819. Customer care is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm. The offices close on Sundays and public holidays. One could also opt to fill out the online form for 24-hour attention and help.

Vehicle Tax Refund

Are you looking to get a refund on your vehicle tax? You are eligible to cancel your vehicle tax if you have fulfilled one of the following requirements:

  • Sold or transferred your vehicle to another person
  • SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) the vehicle in question
  • Written off by an insurance agency
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Scrapped vehicles for parts
  • Exported abroad
  • Registered exempt from the vehicle tax

Please note, there is no other way to cancel your vehicle tax. Do you have the DVLA contact numbers list? If you have other questions about canceling a vehicle tax please call, 0300 790 6802.

If you experienced an error with your refund cheque you can return it to:

Refund Section c/o DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AL

Theory Test Enquiry

In order to drive in the UK, you must pass a driving theory test. This test applies to all drivers of motorcycles, cars, lorries, buses, and coaches. Individuals who want to operate lorries, buses, and coaches, also need also the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This certification has two parts: a theory examination and case studies tests, with follow-up training every five years.

Who is exempt from taking the theory test? Only in cases when you need to upgrade your driving status:

  • To change from automatic to manual driving
  • To create an auto towing status on your vehicle
  • For motorcycle renewal
  • For lorry or bus licence renewal
  • Prior to taking a taxi driving test
  • Prior to taking a tractor driving test
  • When having the annual DVLA vehicle check

Do you want to take a DVLA practice test? You can find it by clicking the website practical testing centre.

For all other enquiries, you can call the DLVA phone number and get answers to any questions, 0300 200 1188.

Theory Test Scheduler

Do you need to schedule, cancel, or check the status of an appointment? Then for the theory test helpline, call the DVLA contact number, 0300 200 1122.

DVLA contact numbers
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DVSA Driving Test

Are you having difficulty with your experience trying to book a theory test? Do you have other questions about the DVLA theory test website? Then contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to receive more accurate assistance.

You can send them an email to, or you can call 0300 200 1122. The offices are open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and closed on the weekends and public holidays. Please note that  a 03 DVLA phone number may experience service charges so check with your provider regarding any tariffs.

MOT Vehicle Testing

In the UK, all vehicles need to pass the MOT test. This is a special annual DVLA vehicle check. This report includes a vehicle’s roadworthiness and its exhaust emissions, as required by the British Government. All vehicles three years or older need a MOT according to the Road Traffic Act of 1988.

MOT certification applies vehicles on the roads of Great Britain, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There are more than 20,000 local car repair garages that service testing. Therefore, over 50,000 trained individuals can perform the test and issue a certificate.

NOTE: Diving any vehicle without a valid MOT certificate will lead to a £1000 fine.

The DVLA vehicle check section has information to start the MOT testing process. Lost or damaged MOT certificates are replaceable.

You do not pay VAT on the MOT fee. The maximum fee for a car is no more than £55. The standard MOT fee for a motorcycle is £30.


DVLA Contact Numbers
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There are many DVLA contact numbers to expedite all your concerns including, 0300 123 9000


In order to drive a lorry, coach, or bus, you need to have a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. Training has a set of standards for qualification. You must pass four tests as part of the application process. Once processed, you must fulfill 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your CPC valid.

NOTE: Do not drive a lorry, bus or coach without a CPC. Consequently, you will receive up to a £1000 fine.

For more information call the DVLA phone number, 0300 200 1122, or visit the Driver CPC website.

DVLA Jobcentre

As part of the main website, DVLA has a connection to a service job centre. As a result, this protects your benefits and even helps you find a job.

This centre operates in all of the UK, as well as services for individuals in Northern Ireland. If you have a query about benefit claims, or to make an appointment, please consult the main website. Cymraeg guides exist too. If you need to speak with a customer service representative, call 0345 604 3719.

DVLA contact numbers

Passport Adviceline

You need a government issued document or a passport to apply for a driving licence in the UK. The DVLA website directs to the Passport Centre of the UK. There you can find all answers to questions regarding passport registration and renewal. You can book an appointment online if it is an urgent matter.

Otherwise, please call one of the DVLA contact numbers, 0300 222 0000. Then you will be able to speak with the helpline Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. On weekends and public holidays, the centre is open from 9am to 5:30pm. Charges may apply, so please consult tariffs with your telecommunication provider.

If you would like to send an enquiry online or by post:

Her Majesty’s Passport Office
PO Box 767

Contact DVLA on Social Media

There is sometimes no DVLA phone number to call. Therefore, find several ways to stay connected with the DVLA while you are on-the-go. You can contact DVLA customer service through one of the main social media network channels:

DVLA Contact Numbers

You can also receive the DVLA newsletter by signing up for the Email alerts.

Please do not leave personal information on any social media outlet. DVLA contact numbers are available for you to provide this to a service representative.

Sky Contact Numbers

Let’s start with Sky customer service number- 0800 151 2747 – This is SKY FREE NUMBER.

On this page, you find relevant SKY contact numbers. Find direct telephone numbers and also the local address for related customer service needs. You can also find out more at the Sky official Contact Us page.

Sky Contact Numbers List

Sky Helpline UK Contact Number
Sky Customer Service Toll-Free  0800 151 2747
Sky Television  0330 041 2526
Sky TV Apps  0330 041 2568
Sky Broadband  0330 041 2544
Sky Mobile & Talk  0330 041 2553
Accounts and Billing  0344 241 1653
Sky iD  0330 041 2572
Sky Complaints 0330 041 2646
Sky General Enquiries 0330 041 2558
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The world leader in telecommunications, SKY Limited serves the United Kingdom and Ireland. It also has affiliates in Europe and North America. As the main leader in broadcasting communication, SKY specializes in multiple channels of technology. These channels include SKY  TV, SKY BROADBAND, SKY NEWS, SKY SPORTS and more. With millions of customers over 25 years, SKY has the edge over their competition. Sky’s astounding customer service has a lot of pride. SKY Helpline serves the people and commits to answering any customer concern. An individual can contact SKY UK in a number of ways. There are multiple customer service lines with specific SKY contact numbers. This can confuse individual customers when deciding whom to call.

You can contact SKY in a number of ways:

  • Using a SKY phone number by landline
  • Writing an E-mail
  • Live Chat SKY Helpline (Available 9am-10pm, 7 days a week)
  • Traditional Letter Writing

Sky Contact Numbers

You can find a list of SKY contact numbers on this page.

Sky Customer Service Address

To make general enquiries to SKY, you can also write a letter. Send something to the address provided below:

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd

PO BOX 43 Livingston West Lothian EH54 7DD. Consult the map’s address below.

Something we recommend: Provide as much information as possible. Your enquiry is important and needs proper handling. It is generally easier to speak with SKY customer care via the website. Some people enjoy writing. Just remember to be clear and concise.

Sky Phone Number

Any customer is welcome to call any of the local SKY customer service department agents. Calls can forward to SKY TV, SKY Broadband, or other departments.

You will be able to discuss your package options or speed selections. When you speak with the customer service operator find the plan that serves you best. Consider your entertainment needs and economic value.

Bundle Offers give Brilliant Entertainment – options include:

  • Television
  • Fibre Broadband
  • Talk and Text
  • Special Sky Offers for New Customers
  • The Sky customer service main phone number is  0344 241 1653. You can set up an account immediately.

Have all personal information and any credit card information when placing a phone call. With Sky customer enquiries department, this will save you a lot of time.


Calls made to 03 numbers, and in this case, a SKY contact number, charge up to 12p per minute if from a landline. Approximately 3p-45p per minute charges may apply if calling from a mobile device. If you are calling from out of the UK, abroad, various charges may apply. Please check with the service network provider about local tariffs before contacting any SKY Helpline number. According to SKY’s official website, all SKY Talk customers can make calls free of fees.

Sky Services Enquiry

Sky contact numbers
Picture from:
To get any information about your SKY services, you need to call the SKY Contact number 0330 041 2558.
From 8:30AM to 11:00PM (local time) 7 days a week.
Busiest hours tend to be between 11:00AM and 1:00PM. Please consider avoiding calling at these times.
With the agent, you can discuss all the package offers. If you are a customer you can seek a resolution to your concern. You can also make payments by phone or express a complaint.

Sky TV

SKY TV is your first stop at entertainment, sports, and action. With SKY Q and SKY+ bundle options, you can find the most technologically advanced way to watch television. You can also stream video and record favorite shows with the push of a button.

With over 300 channels to choose from, you are getting a lot of programming. Packages include HD quality viewing, thousands of episodes of kids’ shows, and all the entertainment you need. You can even enhance your experience for a little more value. Upgrade to Sky Cinema, SKY Sports, SKY News, and unlimited Comedy and Drama with on demand.

To learn more about these awesome deals that await, please use the SKY phone number to call SKY customer care 0330 041 2526.

Sky TV Apps

Were you on vacation with the family? Did you have to take a long business trip? Well, SKY TV APPS has you covered. Do not miss any programming you would have otherwise watched at home.

SKY GO is available for download on tablets, mobile devices, or computers. The number one download choice, SKY GO brings your television experience with you. Do not miss out on your favorite Premier League game. Have easy and unlimited access to your favorite SKY SPORTS entertainment.

Check out this amazing feature and use the SKY contact numbers to set up a device today 0330 041 2568. You will never worry again when leaving home. You can sync up to two compatible devices. This featured app is only available for download with customers living in the UK and Ireland currently.

Sky Broadband

How fast can you download? Better question: How fast do you WANT to download? With so many fibre broadband packages to offer, you will not know where to begin.

Package speeds:

  • 5Mbps
  • 8Mbps
  • 16Mbps
  • 38Mbps
  • 76Mbps.

As a bonus, all SKY Broadband customers receive SKY Talk free for the first 12 months! Do not miss these awesome deals. Enhance the fibre SKY broadband experience with the SKY phone number 0330 041 2544. The SKY Helpline agent is awaiting!

Sky contact numbers
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Sky Talk

As mentioned above, for a limited time, SKY Broadband is offering free SKY Talk plans. And this is a bundle for the first 12 months of service for new customers.

Do you have the SKY TALK plan? Maybe you are already a customer with a specific enquiry? Either way, you can discuss plans that include rental and monthly payments.

SKY Talk and Mobile Plans include:

  • Evenings & Weekend Extra
  • Anytime Extra
  • International Extra
  • 1571 Voicemail Rental Plan

As a result of signing up, for the first 12 months Sky Talk Anytime Extra is free. Maybe you want to know more about this deal or another question? For SKY Talk, the SKY contact number to reach the SKY customer service department is 0330 041 2553

Accounts & Billing

If you have a concern or question regarding your account or billing, you cannot use the website portal and community forum. In fact, SKY UK specifically disclaims sharing any information, personal or about others. Instead, this is a liability for everyone so prevent fraud and identity theft!

SKY Helpline will not call you either. Therefore, you need the SKY Contact number to place the call yourself, 0344 241 1653. Because a billing question is as important as a payment, all agents will be ready by phone.

Other questions that need answers can be about introductory offers, changes to your account details, SKY Protect Insurance, Tracking an order, reporting a deceased account holder, or even regarding service relocation and moving residency.

Sky iD

SKY iD is your one sign-in-account to access all of the online services, including My SKY, SKY STORE, SKY GO, SKY APPS, SKY BROADBAND SHIELD, and so much more. You can learn more about it at the website portal.

When you activate an account for the first time you receive the SKY iD. This includes a username and password. And the first account name will be the primary account holder.

Furthermore, this will allow access to multiple SKY accounts of your choosing. In all cases, the primary account holder will manage any new SKY iD account. Once you have set up the account you will be able to change your password freely.

However, if you forget your username or even your password, there is a service representative to assist you. You can use any of the SKY contact numbers but the fastest choice is 0330 041 2572.

Sky Complaints/General Enquiries


All customers matter. As a result, if you have a concern, complaint or general enquiry, Sky can help. And this includes any SKY products or services you are using. The SKY Customer care department is ready to field your call. You can reach them directly with these SKY Contact Numbers, 0330 041 2646 or 0330 041 2558.

If you do not want to call the service center you can also share a complaint by post.
You can consult this map:

Or simply write to:
c/o Sky Subscriber Services LTD
PO Box 43
Livingston West Lothian EH54 7DD

Please follow the Code of Practice when making a customer complaint.

In addition, regarding programmes broadcast on SKY, you can email There are also SKY contact numbers including 03442 410 265.

Contact Sky on Social Media

Additionally, you can contact SKY customer care via any of the social media websites:

sky contact numbers

Each social media channel offers videos, pictures, forums, and an opportunity to connect. SKY UK has several twitter accounts to address specific customer care needs: SKY SPORTS, SKY NEWS and SKY Ireland each have an account.

TalkTalk Customer Service Contact Numbers

TalkTalk Customer Service

TalkTalk free customer service contact number is 0800 049 7827. The company was originally a subdivision of Car Phone Warehouse. Today, it is an independent entity. The company provides customers in the UK with a landline, home internet, TV, and mobile phone service. The telecom giant is known as a “quadruple play service” because it provides both bundles and individual service to meet the entertainment and communication needs of households and businesses in the UK. For more enquiries please dial the above-given number.

Still confused that how to contact the relevant department? To reach the TalkTalk customer care helpline, you can:

TalkTalk Head Office Address

If convenient, you have the option of writing customer service team a letter. The letter must include (1) your full name, (2) the TalkTalk phone number or mobile number associated with your account, (3) your signature. In addition, for account security, the company requests that you include one of the following in your correspondence:

  • Your personal security answer that was provided when creating your account.
  • The last 4 digits of your charge card or bank account used to pay your bill.
  • The account number of your account (this will be printed on your monthly statements).
  • The third and sixth character of the password you’re asked to provide customer service before accessing your account.

Once you have done with the writing phase then please post your letter to the following address:

TalkTalk Correspondence Dept.
M5 0NL

TalkTalk Billing and Accounts

TalkTalk billing and accounts phone number is 0345 172 0088. Have you noticed that your bill is higher than it should be? Are you being charged for services that you didn’t order? To resolve billing or account issues, you need to call the TalkTalk helpline. This is a direct line to the billing and account services team. It’s their job to make sure your bill is correct, and you’re receiving the service that you deserve.

The bundles and promotions that the company offers change regularly. It’s always a good idea to check on the latest promotions in order to secure the most competitive rate for your services. And, remember, when you bundle your services you can qualify for additional discounts.

TalkTalk Complaints

TalkTalk complaints telephone number is 0345 172 0044. This is a general telephone number, which means that the customer service agent will be able to direct your call to the appropriate department. The company offers a variety of services. Their complaints department support specializes in different products so that you have fast, reliable access to the information you need before making changes to your account, or initiating new service or registering a complaint.

TalkTalk Sales

TalkTalk Sales contact number is 0800 049 7843. If you want to skip talking to the operator, there is a TalkTalk helpline number that can immediately get a sales representative on the line to order new service for your home or office. Are you switching from one of their competitors? The agent may be able to help you with a special introductory discount in order to earn your business.

Unfortunately, consumers do not have access to a storefront for making purchases or account changes in-person. The TalkTalk contact number helpline is the fastest way to address your concern or order new services.

One of the main reasons their customers order home phone service is because it provides a back-up in case the mobile phone service isn’t operating properly.

TalkTalk BroadBand Internet

TalkTalk broadband internet helpline number is 0800 049 1375. The company offers clients two type of internet connections. The slower service is called SimplyBroadband. The faster service is called fibre broadband. Both provide consumers with an unlimited internet service. This means that data caps are a thing of the past. Downloading a large file will not eat into your data allotment for the month. It is truly unlimited.

The main difference between the two services is speed. Simply Broadband advertises speeds of up to 17mb. Fibre Broadband advertises speeds up to 77mb. That’s a huge difference. The biggest advantage to selecting a faster plan is the ability to stream/download content to multiple devices without experiencing lag or slow-down.

The average household has 6-15 internet-connected devices in the home. If the kids are watching Netflix while you’re paying bills online, do you want to deal with slow-loading web pages and buffering? Customers that regularly use the internet for watching shows, playing games and streaming music should seriously consider the Fibre Broadband package.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV contact number is 0800 049 1402. Are you ready to take your video experience to the next level? Sitting in front of the television is a lot more fun when you have reliable access to your favourite channels and shows. But, what happens when you miss your favourite show?

Their set-top boxes offer the capability to pause and rewind live television. They offer a feature called “Catch Up TV”, which allows you to watch shows that previously aired within the past 30 days. This is great for viewers that follow a favourite series. If you’re stuck in traffic while your favourite show is one, you’re covered; just fire up TV and watch it on Catch Up at your leisure.

TalkTalk’s top of the line TV service is called Plus TV. With Plus TV, you have access to all of the features included with Essentials TV, but you get the additional capability to record live television. Recorded shows can be played back at any time. The set-top can store up to 185 hours of your favourite shows and movies. Set a schedule, wait until the show is done making a recording and fast forward through the commercials!

TalkTalk Mobile Phone Service

TalkTalk mobile phone service helpline number is 0800 458 5331. Can you imagine your car breaking down on the side of the road, in an isolated area? Having a mobile phone isn’t a luxury, it’s a matter of safety. In an emergency, you need to be reachable. That’s why their advanced network is a great choice for mobile phone users. It provides a strong connection throughout the United Kingdom.

If you order mobile phone service along with TV and/or internet service, by calling the TalkTalk contact number help line, your Sim card is provided free of charge! Customers that order service on the website may also be able to qualify for special “online only” promotions.

If you set up a mobile service and need to order a new phone, make sure your order is placed before 3 PM. This is the cut-off for next day delivery. The company makes purchasing a smartphone extremely affordable. The cost of your handset can be charged to your bill. This charge is broken into monthly payments.

It’s important to understand that phone calls and internet/data usage over the mobile network are measured and billed separately. The plans start with the Small Plan. This plan includes 300 minutes, 250 texts and 300mb of data. The monthly cost is around £15 per month.

TalkTalk’s most expensive plan is around £27.50 per month and includes 2000 minutes. Texts are unlimited and data is allocated at 4gb per month. The great news is that with most TalkTalk plans, calls to family members are free and do not count towards your minutes. Delivery of a new handset is also free of charge.

TalkTalk Business

TalkTalk Business helpline number is 0800 083 3003. The company provides their business customers with retail locations that can handle their new orders and customer service needs in-person. Instead of using a TalkTalk customer services contact number, visit their office locations in the following cities:

  • Birchwood
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Gateshead
  • Milton Keynes
  • Newbury

Business clients that need to setup service can still ring the appropriate TalkTalk contact number helpline service to order or change their account status. They claim to offer the largest Next Generation Network in the United Kingdom. For businesses, this added connectivity can mean the difference between reaching a new customer and missing the call. When a company bundles their phone, high-speed internet service, television and mobile services together, paying invoices becomes easier.

TalkTalk TV Store

Streaming services have changed the way we view television. Consumers want to watch their favourite TV shows on their schedule, preferably without commercials. The company has launched a service to answer these demands: TalkTalk TV Store. When you purchase shows and movies on the TV Store, you’re able to watch your favourite programs on virtually any internet-connected device.

In many cases, content is available online before it’s available to rent on DVD or Blue-Ray. Even with traditional pay-TV services, it can be difficult to find the movies and tv programs that you’re in the mood for. When you sit down on your couch, you should be able to watch whatever pops into your mind. Their TV Store is a big step towards that reality.

This service is separate from the TalkTalk On Demand service, which is accessed through your cable box. Customers are not required to have a TV subscription in order to access the TV Store.

Contact TalkTalk via Social Media