Apple Contact Numbers

The following page lists down all the Apple contact numbers that you can use in order to get in touch with the company. These contact numbers will help you get in touch with Apple customer services as quickly as possible, so that you can inquire about the different services being offered by them.

Apple Helpline UK Contact Number
Apple Customer Service 0800 048 0408
Apple Toll-Free 0800 058 2222
Buy For Education 0800 912 0207
Technical Support 0800 107 6285
Beats Headphones 0800 028 2329
Accessibility Technology 0800 048 0754
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Apple Contact Us

Apple Overview

Apple is the biggest company in the world. Its range of premier products and A+ quality services means Apple products are highly desired and appreciated by its customers around the world. Ever since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the company has blown up in a big way and has been on an upward trend that has seen it surpass Microsoft and even the famed giant Alphabet to become the most valuable company in the world.

Every year Apple launches a new version of its iPhone device and also accompanying versions of the iPad,Macbook and the Watch to extreme fanfare. Every year, these devices sell out faster than any other device being manufactured by any of their competitors. You can say they have set a standard for themselves and for other companies around them. Above all, Apple is an experience, and users are hooked on its simplicity and efficiency that no other product has been able to match.

You can contact Apple UK through a number of means including,

  • calling the Apple Helpline
  • writing an email
  • sending a post letter
  • online support chats

Apple Customer Services Address

If you are looking to contact Apple Distribution Services and communicate with them through writing, we recommend that you write to the main corporate arm. The customer service address to contact Apple UK is,

Apple Distribution Services

Hollyhill Industrial Estate

Hollyhill, Cork

The Republic of Ireland

You can also write to one of the Apple retail stores near you regarding any hardware or software issues with your Apple product. The flagship retail store in the United Kingdom is located on Regent Street in London. Its address is,

235 Regent Street

London, W1B 2EL

Please be advised to include as much detail as you can in your letters so that the representatives can effectively help you in solving the issues that you may be facing. A vague or confused letter may have a hard time being properly answered and thus may suffer from a delayed or equally vague response in return.

Apple Contact Numbers

If you are looking to contact Apple via telephone, the company runs a comprehensive number of Apple helplines to help you with your queries. These centres are run and maintained by a well-trained staff who main priority is to help the company’s customers in getting the most out of their devices. Apple is a game changer and you can expect the same from their customer services as well. Here are the Apple Contact Numbers according to department.

Apple Store

Contact Apple

If you have run into any problem while using the Online Store, or are having issues with your credit card or country information, you can contact Apple customer services. You can do this either by visiting the online portal or by using the Apple contact number toll-free 0800 048 0408.

In addition to getting your complaints registered, you can also use any Apple contact us phone number to make purchases. So if you want to purchases any sort of hardware, software and also third party accessories, you know which helpline to call. The Online Store is open every Monday-Friday from 08:00-21:00 and every Saturday-Sunday from 09:00-18:00.

Connect to the online store today. You can purchase all of the products available in your region through this page including the latest iPhone 7, iPad, Macbooks, Apple Watch and also services like iTunes and TV etc.

Head over to the Apple Contact Us page to find out more about other services and forums where you can get your questions answered.

Buy For Business

If you are looking to buy products and services for your business and would like to talk to an Apple customer service representative regarding this, you can do so by calling the Apple contact number 0800 058 2222. The company offers its customers a variety of options when it comes to purchasing hardware for their businesses.

When you contact Apple you will be made privy to a variety of business services and financing solutions that you can use to set up your business. You will also get a host of options including trade-in deals and access to developer products so that you always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the digital quality of your business. Open an Apple Business Account today to get access to all of these services.

This Apple contact number is open every Monday-Friday from 09:00- 18:00. Or you can visit the official page for its Apple’s business customers.

Buy For Education

Are you a student looking to get your hands on the best Apple products available today? Well, if you have the money to do so, then it is very easy to get your hands on them anywhere in the world. Apple products are considered inherently expensive due to the quality of their build and craftsmanship. So for a student, obviously owning these products seems like a pipe dream most of the time. However, Apple does offer an exclusive service which you can use to buy products from them as a student with afforded massive discounts on products.

The educational services provide discounts to both students as well as educational institutions looking to buy their products. If you are a student or a teacher, you can contact the following Apple contact number to garner as much as £349 in discounts when buying a Macbook: 0800 048 0408. Or you can visit the education page to explore more of your options.

If you are an educational institution looking to provide state of the art technology to your students in labs and classrooms, you can contact Apple directly at 0800 912 0207. These lines remain open every Monday-Friday from 09:00-17:00 for your convenience. Visit the Apple Contact Us page to learn more.

Technical Support

If you run into a hardware or software issue with your product and would like to talk to an Apple customer care representative or Apple Genius, to sort out the issue, you can contact the technical support helpline. You can contact Apple technical support by calling 0800 107 6285.

apple contact us

Get a Genius

The official Apple retail stores around the country usually employ an in-house “Genius Bar” which is manned by a set of expert technicians who can fix your devices and also service them for you. These technicians are called Geniuses and have been extensively trained with different Apple products so that they can troubleshoot your product problems on the spot. So if the Apple customer care helpline is unable to help you out in solving your device’s problem, then you should probably make a reservation with your local Apple Genius Bar and get your device checked out.

Find your nearest Apple store in the UK by following this link or fill out this support form to find out the Genius service options available to you and then make a reservation.

Beats Headphones

In 2014, Apple acquired Beats Electronics in the largest acquisition ever undertaken by the company at a price of $3 billion. This gave Apple a foothold in the market for the production of audio products with the primary focus of Beats being on developing headphones and speaker systems. Thus Apple has acquired all of the Beats operations including any liabilities of existing or future Beats products.

So if you own any Beats equipment and are having technical difficulties with it, or you would like to make a claim regarding malfunctioning equipment including warranty claims, you can do so by calling the following Apple contact number: 0800 028 2329.

You can also contact Apple Support Online to get your queries sorted out related to different products and service including Beats Audio, iPhone, iPad and also Mac. This page not only has the answers to many of your burning questions, but also products manuals and technical articles that can assist you in getting more in-depth knowledge about your products and their different functionalities.

Apple Customer Service Beats Headphones

Accessibility Technology

In case you are unable to contact Apple customer service through the usual means of communication due to a physical disability, Apple also runs a dedicated centre for special needs users. A variety of assistive technologies is available. You can get in touch with the Accessibility and Assistive technology division of the company by using the following Apple contact number: 0800 048 0754.

To learn more about Apple Accessibility Services for a variety of products head over to this Apple Customer Support Page.

Contact Apple via Social Media

Contact Apple

You can say that Apple doesn’t really do social media. This could be considered strange for a company whose many products are designed to generate hype and what better to ramp up the advertising machine than to use social media as a foremost weapon. Still, the company does maintain a certain level of social media presence to keep in touch with its users and also provide them with timely updates about product launches and also useful tidbits and information. The following are the official social media outlets being run by the company that you can use to stay in touch with them and also keep up with all the latest products and updates.

AOL Contact Numbers

Who has America Online anymore? No one, you would think! However, that would be a really poor assumption on your end. America Online, today AOL, is one of the leaders in internet technology and a global player in connecting people today.

So you may use AOL. Or you may have questions or concerns about AOL. Therefore, we put together this guidebook for you. Are you looking for all of the AOL contact numbers list? You are on the right page! Here you will find the list of the most important numbers you can have with you in case you want to contact AOL customer services. As you go through this article, you will also find other relevant information, including addresses and links by which you can contact AOL. To find out more about services in detail, visit the official AOL contact us page.

AOL Contact Numbers List

AOL Helpline UK Contact Number
AOL Customer Service Toll-Free 0808 234 9279
Software Services 0808 234 9279
Press Contact 0207 492 1000
Textphone 0800-759-3323
International Number +44 844 499 5555
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AOL Customer Service Address

The customers have the alternative to contact AOL via postal service as well. If you require assistance of AOL customer relations department, you can do such by composing a letter and sending it to this address: Shropshire House, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA, United Kingdom

You are required to include your personal contact information in the letter posted so that the members of the help team can contact you on your mentioned address or contact phone number as soon as possible.

The postal process can also be used for filing complaints too. In the event that you wish to make a complaint in writing, you can do as such by writing a letter and sending it. This can also be in respect to any unlawful matter on AOL.

The following address is only for complaints: AOL Legal Team, AOL (UK) Ltd, Shropshire House, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA

General Enquiries

The AOL helpline always aims to make the online experience better for the customers via their innovative technological advancements and offering the dedicated and trained user support representatives who are always happy to offer assistance.

NOTE: The users can contact AOL customer services toll-free 0808-234-9279. The telephone lines are open from 8am to midnight on all days including Sundays. The centre is closed on public holidays.

A textphone system is also available for all clients that need assistance services for hard-hearing impairments. Of if you are an indvidiual that needs text phone help, then call toll-free: 0800-759-3323 which needs a TTY-enabled piece of tool to use.

Are you a Spanish speaker?

The Spanish speaking clients can call the AOL contact number 1866 885 5117. Please note that your call might be recorded or monitored for quality, security or training purposes. You can submit your queries by visiting AOL Email Support page with the contact details so that the AOL customer service team will respond to the specified email address as soon as possible.

The users can also chat with the AOL customer care executives online and get their assistance. But this can only be availed by AOL paid users. Check this AOL Contact Us Help Page for more information.

You can simply type in your queries and the representatives will respond back at the earliest. The users are given an easy accessibility of social medium like Twitter or Facebook accounts to get in touch with the company anytime and anywhere.  For the services like McAfee, or AOL computer check or any kind of software service for UK users, you can call AOL toll-free, 0808 234 9279.

For all the phone enquiries from outside the UK, you can contact the AOL customer service centre by calling +44 844 499 5555.

NOTE: It should be noted here that international tariffs and roaming charges will be applicable while calling to AOL service number. However, if you are making the calls from a TalkTalk phone, the call to the customer care number will be free of expense.

Broadband Service

For the AOL broadband services, call the UK Broadband number toll-free, 1 800-827-6364. You can learn about the monthly plans that AOL offers.

AOL Contact Us

Press Contact

Are you a journalist? Doing an investigative report and need AOL’s help? The journalists and the media individuals can reach the press office by calling 0207-492-1000. Alternatively, you can also call 0207-492-1099.

General AOL Helpline

The support helpline is a team of experienced and trained experts to provide support to handle the email account effectively. The customers can reach the AOL helpline number at 0808 234 9279 on all days from 8:00 am to midnight for any queries related to advertising, membership services, advertising etc. Please note that the centre is closed on public holidays.

After making the call, you can press 1 to reset the password, press 2 for email updates or press 3 for any information related to account management or bill payments.

Account Support

There is always going to be a time when your system breaks down, or you forget a password or are locked out. AOL no longer provides old school email and chat services anymore. In fact, it is now an internet provider and news source, as well as, music and radio. Therefore, you never want to get locked out of the system. This is when the account support services will be helpful to you.

One of the AOL contact numbers is toll-free 1-855-893-4562. This number will help you utilise any account issue, from being locked out, dealing with a spammer, or preventing your account from getting hacked/phished. All login issues can be handled here, and it is a 24 hours service.

Customer Complaints

AOL Contact Number

The users are always encouraged to post their complaints so that the right move is made to help. All customers can have the best online experience but if it goes wrong, AOL is here to help!

There are multiple ways to reach out to AOL and complain including using the AOL contact numbers listed above. Yet, you may not want to speak with a person directly so you can mail through the post, a handwritten letter to complain, or send an email to the head department.

If confronted any issues with the AOL mail, you can also call the AOL customer service toll-free number, 0808 234 9279, between 8AM to midnight GMT Monday to Sunday.

The users can visit also the Unlawful Content Page and report any unlawful content present at AOL. You can fill up the Legal Form with all your contact details so that the complaints department can reply back soon.

Contact AOL via Social Media

Contact AOL

AOL has always been the pioneer of entertainment over the internet. From the early days of chat rooms and file attachments on emails, the company has driven toward a direction of bringing people closer together.

Even though AOL supplies different services than it did 20 years ago, it still maintains the one selling point, bringing people close together in the moment. It maintains a fiery and lively online networking presence to help it stay in touch with its users. You can follow AOL on these links and stay up to date with the latest information or redesigns. Also, you can shout out to them over social media and let them about your complaints and opinions.

These alternative social media sites help inform you about the company but also present to you different ways of accessing news, media, music, and so much more in the world today.

Posting a comment, concern or question for any of these social media teams is a great approach to develop visibility about an outage or other problems. In an urgent situation, the collection of the posts, Tweets and uploads can give the AOL Helpline team a valuable overview of the areas affected by the outage.

AOL Overview

Founded in 1989 as America Online, AOL is one of the earliest providers of web services in the world. During its splendid years, it maintained a news distribution channel and offered broadband internet as well as publishing software. With the headquarters located in the United States, the company has been gaining practical experience in the sector of websites, blogs, internet services, web portals, home pages, online advertising and SEO services.

AOL customer services have been at their best for all the queries raised, to the best possible customer satisfaction.

AOL Contact Number

Useful Links

The official AOL Website will help with all the necessary information like AOL UK office, or router settings or AOL contact numbers or AOL UK prices, AOL UK VIP etc. It also provides the list of all contact numbers which the user can easily access to reach the correct department.

Here is a special video about Tim and a restaurant he owns and operates. Tim has Down syndrome but this is the story of a lifetime. AOL did a feature on him and created this beautiful piece that will melt anyone’s heart. Enjoy!

Hastings Direct Customer Service and Phone Numbers

This page contains all of the Hastings Direct Contact Numbers you will need to make general inquiries regarding your insurance policy or in case of emergency if you need to file a claim. We have compiled a list of Hasting direct customer service numbers, which will connect you directly to the right department without any hassle. You can also visit Hastings Direct official site for detailed information.

List of Hastings Direct Phone Numbers

Hastings Direct Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Hastings Direct Customer Service 0800 035 4781
 Car & Bike Insurance 0800 035 4801
Home Insurance 0800 035 4917
 Van Insurance 0800 035 4946
New Quote 0800 101 8172
Policy Renewal (Car & Bike) 0800 035 4790
Policy Renewal (Home & Van) 0800 101 8158
Making a Claim 0800 035 4260
Complaints 0800 035 3949
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Founded in 1997, Hastings Insurance Services Limited is a renowned UK personal lines provider. It started as a private car insurance provider and has since extended its product range to include home, bike and van insurance policy along with related products and services. Presently, it is a leading insurance provider in UK with a customer base of more than two million clients.

The company boasts of providing straightforward products and quality services, ensuring long term security for its valuable customers. By offering extensive support and assistance to all the customers, both before and after getting insured, Hastings Direct has ensured that their customers are always satisfied with the services. The company enables you to resolve all your queries in the minimum possible time by providing various channels of communication. You can choose the one, which suits your purpose.

Ways to Contact Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct Contact Numbers

Whether you need to make some general inquiries about a specific policy, need assistance in choosing the best policy as per your budget and requirements or have some issue related to your current insurance policy, you can easily find a solution by getting in touch with the Hastings Direct customer service agents toll-free,0800 035 4781. You can reach out to them through following channels:

  • Navigate to Hastings Direct Contact Us page to find your options.
  • Visit Hastings Help Centre to find answers to all the frequently asked questions.
  • Register for online access and resolve your queries through live chat.
  • Use any of the Hastings Direct contact numbers above, to get in touch with customer care.
  • Email your queries, feedback or complaints.
  • Write a letter.

Hastings Direct Customer Service Address

If you wish to reach an agent through mail in order to resolve issues or file a complaint in written; you can post it to the following address:

Customer Relations Department, Hastings Direct, Conquest House, Collington Avenue, Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, TN39 3LW

Note: Make sure that you send a well-written letter, explaining your issue in detail. You are also required to mention your contact information with the letter, so that the company’s customer care representative can get back to you with the solution instantly.

Hastings Direct Phone Number 

Planning to get your home or vehicle insured? It’s always best to gather as much information as possible about the various policies, along with their features and benefits. This allows you to make a well-informed decision considering your requirements and budget.

Speaking to an expert can answer all your general queries and you will also get expert advise related to the policy that best matches your requirements. Use the Hastings Direct contact number toll-free,0800 035 4781, to get in touch with their customer service representative and you will receive proper support and assistance. The representative will also walk you through the entire procedure and requirements for getting the insurance.

Maybe you have a specific query about different insurance?

  • For car and bike insurance you can call the Hasting Direct phone number, 0800 035 4801.
  • Dial 0800 035 4917 for home insurance related questions.
  • Call 0800 035 4946 to get answers related to Van insurance.

The best time to make a call is as follows:

  • Monday-Friday 8 am-9 pm
  • Saturday 9 am-5:30 pm
  • Sunday 10 am-5 pm
  • Closed on Public Holidays
  • Avoid calling during the busiest hours of the week, 11 am-1 pm, unless it is an obvious emergency.

Note: The above mentioned helpline numbers offer support to both existing and new customers. If you already own an insurance policy with and have some query, you can use these numbers.

Car Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Hastings Direct various levels of car insurance covers with a wide range of optional extras to give you the perfect insurance policy, customized as per your particular needs and budget. The optional extras include enhanced personal accident cover, breakdown and motor legal expenses coverage.

If you have any general query related to the different policies and its coverage or have any specific questions regarding the company’s acceptance criteria, required documentation, and uninsured drivers benefit; you can get in touch with their insurance agent and seek expert advice. Call the Hastings Direct phone number toll-free, 0800 035 4801. You will speak to the Hastings direct customer care centre directly, where all your doubts and reservations will be answered.

The helpline also renders support to existing customers if they need to make amendments to their existing policy regarding name or address.

Home Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Our home is one of our most prized and cherished assets and so are its belongings. Every inch of the home is filled with emotions and memories from the past, both happy and sad ones. As such it’s only fair that we do everything we can to protect it from anything unexpected. Home insurance allows you to minimize your losses from unprecedented expense from a theft, loss, fire or any natural calamity.

Hastings Direct offers a wide range of insurance policies tailored to suit your budget and requirements. You can choose the coverage with maximum advantage. Speak to Hastings Direct customer service for advice and assistance regarding their policy offerings. The agent will resolve all your queries and help you get utmost advantage from the policy. Contact Hastings Direct at 0800 035 4801 and clarify all your issues.

Motorbike Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Get the advantage of a comprehensive insurance policy for your ride in order to minimize your losses in case of a damage caused by natural or man-made calamity.

Hastings Direct offers two levels of bike insurance with amazing benefits like protected no claims discount, discount for advanced riders, uninsured driver promise and additional savings on multi bike insurance. You get a de facto 5-star rated cover for your ride along with the advantage of a 24*7 claims helpline in case of an emergency. The premier policy also includes helmet and leather cover and £100,000 of legal cover for your bike. The company also offers a wide range of optional extras like personal accidental cover, breakdown and legal policy. You can choose the services you want to add to your policy as per your requirements and budget.

Call toll-free, 0800 035 4801 to learn more about these amazing bike insurance policies or visit their official website to gather information.

Van Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Do you use a van for your business? Why not get it insured and safeguard your business from any unexpected loss?

Hastings Direct offers flexible and easy-to-get insurance for vans and minivan, which helps you ensure that if anything goes wrong due to an accident or natural calamity, you are able to get back to business quickly. You can choose from the two levels of insurance policies and also add the optional extras to customize the policy as per your requirements and budget.

The van insurance cover includes getting a courtesy vehicle while yours is being repaired, up to £750 of in-van entertainment system cover, unlimited windscreen and glass cover and up to £250 of personal items cover. The can also add personal accident, breakdown and substitute vehicle cover in your policy for extra benefits. To get in detail policy info call 0800 035 4946 or visit their official website.

Requesting a Quote

Hastings Direct Contact Number

You can easily get a quote by visiting the Hastings Direct site. Navigate the type of insurance you are looking for, at the top menu bar. Open the particular insurance page and there you will find a tab saying “get a quote”. Click on that and provide the required information to retrieve a quote. Alternatively you can also call at 0800 101 8172 to speak directly to an insurance agent and request a quote. This Hastings Direct phone number offers a new quote for your car, home, bike or van insurance.

Policy Renewal

Is your insurance policy due for renewal? Don’t worry all the Hastings Direct insurance policies are set to renew automatically so you need not go through the hassle of getting it done manually or online. You will receive a renewal notice and if you are happy with the renewal details, it will be automatically renewed. In case you wish to make any amendments, the renewal notice will confirm if you want to contact for any changes. You can easily change your payment details, address or add any optional extras to the policy contact Hastings Direct toll-free, 0800 101 8158.


In order to register a new claim you can get in touch with the customer service through Hastings direct contact number. For all car, bike and van insurance claims you can dial 0800 035 4260In case of a home insurance claim you will need to contact your insurer directly. This claims helpline also answers your queries related to an existing claim.

Breakdown Assistance

Roadside assistance in case of a breakdown is included as a standard benefit, if you are a Hastings policy holder. If you are a Hastings Direct or Essential policy holder, you can choose from the four levels of breakdown cover as an additional benefit with your insurance policy. If you are eligible and require a breakdown assistance you can get help by calling at 0800 035 4781. This Hastings Direct phone number operates 24*7 in order to offer assistance at all times.


The company strives to provide quality service to all its customers in an open and accountable manner. The company intends to offer high level of customer service and minimize mistakes in order to reduce customer complaints. All your feedback and complaints are responded quickly and positively. Therefore, if you ever encounter any problem with the service, you can contact Hastings through phone, email or letter. Following are the Hastings Direct contact number and other details you will require to file a complaint:

  • Complaints: 0800 035 4801
  • Complaints Direct address: Customer Relations Department; Hastings Direct; Conquest House; Collington Avenue; Bexhill-On-Sea; East Sussex; TN39 3LW

Contact Hastings Direct Via Social Media

Hastings Direct Contact Number
Picture From

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also a great option to send your feedback for Hastings services or file a complaint. Social Media will also keep you connected with your insurance provider and you can get regular updates regarding any policy changes, new offers or discounts. Following are the social media platforms where you can contact Hastings Direct:

Flybe Contact Numbers

When it comes to travelling, flight booking is often the first step while making arrangements. Although these days one can make all the travel arrangements at the click of a button online, certain circumstances still call for help and guidance.

On this page, you will find all the Flybe contact numbers you will need to make your travel arrangements quick and efficient. We have also listed Flybe customer service information for emails and postal addresses for your convenience. You can also visit the official Flybe Contact Us page for additional details.

List of Flybe Contact Numbers

Flybe Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Flybe Customer Service Direct 0371 700 2000
Technical Support Desk 03301 230281
Pre-Travel 0207 954 7898
Accounts / Refunds 0371 700 4455
Group Travel 0371 700 2223
Post Flight Customer Relations 0371 700 5000
Credit Card Services 0800 783 5881
Medical Assistance 01273 400610
Special Assistance 0207 308 0812
Internet Helpdesk 0330 123 0281

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Flybe is a leading regional airline of Europe, which has established a heritage in offering the most affordable flights across the continent. The airlines were launched in 1979 after the merger of Intra Airways and Express Air Services. Currently, it is the largest independent regional airline, offering services more than 60 destinations in 10 countries. The airline was also named the “Best Short-Haul Airline” at the 2016 Business awards.

Contact Flybe

The company strives to delight its customers by offering the best services and support. The company representatives are always available to offer necessary guidance and assistance to make your travel convenient. The airline offers numerous support channels to its valued customers. You can easily get in touch with the company’s customer care representative through Flype phone numbers or mail.

Get in Touch Today

If you are having trouble while booking your flight or just have to make general queries, it’s best to reach Flybe customer service representatives through the following channels:

  • Call the Flybe phone number, 0371 700 2000
  • Drop an email
  • Write a letter
  • Connect on Social Media
  • Visit the Flybe Contact Us page

Flybe Contact Numbers

Write to Flybe Customer Service

In order to contact Flybe customer care for general inquiries or to file a complaint, you can go with the traditional method of sending a handwritten letter. All customers are most welcome to post their queries or requests at the above-mentioned address. The Flybe support team will respond fully if they receive your letter within 28 days of your flight:

PO Box 795, Exeter, Devon, EX1 9UL

Make sure you send a detailed letter explaining the issue or query, in order to receive a helpful response. You are also recommended to mention your contact details so that the customer service representatives can back to you with the solution.

While writing a letter is one way of communicating with Flybe customer service, you can also explore the other channels for quicker response.

When to Contact Flybe?

The main Flybe contact number to use in all situations is 0371 700 2000This Flybe helpline will connect you to the appropriate person or department to resolve your issues and answer your queries. You can call the company’s centre for flight schedules, booking related information, luggage service, check-in and onboard inquiries, information regarding infants, children or pets, and routes.

Flybe Contact Number

When you dial the Flybe customer service number 0371 700 2000you will hear a recorded introduction message and then various menu options for support. The following phone menu details will enable you to connect with the right department really fast.

  • Option 1: On pressing 1 you can make inquiries regarding flight booking.
  • Option 2: If your press 2 you can pre-book your hold luggage. This option will also allow you to make arrangements if you need any special assistance during the flight.
  • Option 3: In order to amend the status of a pre-booked flight or to make inquiries if your flight has been affected by disruption; you can press 3.
  • Option 4: For any other inquiry you can press 4.

Assistance is offered on the above Flybe phone number as per the following schedule:

08:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday
08:00 to 16:00 Saturday
10:00 to 18:00 Sunday
Closed on Holidays

Technical Support

If in case you encounter any technical problem during your online flight booking, you can get in touch with the technical support desk at 03301 230281For example if you have trouble while creating an account, updating your email or phone number or maybe during the payment process. Any technical issue you face while online booking will be resolved by calling at the above Flybe contact number.

Note: The Technical Support Desk does not offer assistance with changing your flight schedule or name, ticket cancellations, unaccompanied minors, refunds, ticket cost queries or baggage queries.

Flybe Contact Number


You can dial Flybe customer service at 0207 954 7898 for any pre-travel needs. This Flybe helpline number will connect you to their customer service representative who will offer complete support and answer all your queries. You can make inquiry regarding the flight timings, routes, fare, discounts etc and all your queries will be immediately answered.

You can also visit the pre-travel Flybe contact us page, and get all flight related information. The site is extremely user-friendly and offers elaborate information on managing booking, check-ins, seating and baggage etc. The site also has a separate section for discounts and offers you to book your travel at the lowest possible fares.

Flybe Contact Number


Last minute change of plans that are due to an emergency or maybe you simply decided not to go. You are protected by the airlines and do not forget that!

Travel plans might change and you may need to alter your bookings or cancel them all together. You can easily cancel your flight tickets and request a tax refund on your unused booking. If you cancel the booking within the recommended deadline, your refund will be processed after the deduction of administration charges. You can contact Flybe customer service account department at 0371 700 4455 for inquiries related to unflown flights. This Flybe contact number will connect you with the right department and get your issue resolved quickly. Alternatively, you can also write to the company’s customers accounts department at the following address:

Customer Accounts Department; Flybe Refunds; PO Box 795; Exeter; Devon; EX1 9UL; United Kingdom

Group Travel

Flybe Contact Number
Picture From

Planning a school or college trip this season? Is your synagogue or church planning a European tour or a Middle East adventure? Maybe going for a big family vacation during the upcoming holidays. Whatever the case be, if you are travelling in a party of 9 or more people (excluding infants), you can easily make your group travel booking through the airline.

All you need to do is fill out the group travel booking form and the company will send you a quote within two working days. Group booking can be more beneficial in a number of ways as it offers more flexibility than the standard bookings. You can call Flype helpline 0371 700 2223 for detailed inquiries and get the necessary information to make the process convenient. Alternatively, you can also email your queries to the group main email address found online.


If you have recently travelled with Flybe airlines and have some complaints regarding their service or need to share your feedback you can easily reach their customer relations. You can either call at 0371 700 5000 or you can visit their official site to submit any queries, claims or expenses.

Flybe will make sure that all your issues are resolved as soon as possible. If however you do not receive any satisfactory resolution you can pursue the matter further and file your complaint to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) online. You can also call the CAA for advice on 020 7453 6888.

Flybe Helpline Special Assistance

Flybe Customer Support
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If you are a member of a party and require certain assistance at the airport or during the flight, the Flybe customer service can help. Special assistance is provided by the airlines if you get in touch with them at the relevant Flybe contact number or through mail.

It is recommended that all this special assistance communication take place more than 48 hours before your flight. You can speak to a representative at 0207 308 0812 regarding your special needs at the airport. Simply inform the customer care executive about the kind of assistance you will need so that the necessary arrangements can be made. The airlines can make arrangements for carrying medicines, personal oxygen, wheelchair, travelling with a cast, personal oxygen etc.

You can also visit the Flybe Contact Us web portal for additional details.

Medical Assistance

Travelling with an ailment or health problems requires special assistance. Flybe strives to make your journey as much convenient as possible and hence the airlines can help you by my making the necessary arrangements on the airport as well as on the flight. All you need to do is call the Flybe phone number 01273 400610 well in advance and inform the representative about your requirements. The customer service will make sure that all your queries are answered and the necessary requirements are met.

Flybe Contact Us

Internet Helpdesk

If by any chance you confront a technical issue on the website or have trouble making your account or flight bookings, you can dial any Flybe phone number for assistance. Call the technical and website support team at 0330 123 0281 to explain the issue. The representatives will offer you an instant solution.

Cargo Support

Flybe Contact Number
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If you have any queries regarding the airline’s cargo service, you are free to call Flybe partners, Air logistics group. Their customer service representative will offer you necessary assistance regarding the shipment of cargo or any other related query.

Credit Card Services

Whether you have lost your Flybe credit card or someone stole it, you can always turn to the Flybe customer service for support. Use the Flybe phone number, toll-free, 0800 783 5881 and explain your situation so that the necessary steps can be taken at the right time. Support is available on this number 24 hours a day so you can call at any time.

Get in touch at Social Media

Contact FlybeSocial media is one of the most powerful channels of communication these days. It helps you to make the service provider hear and respond to your complaints quicker. It also enables you to express gratitude for their services and share your feedback for the same. Apart from that, social media keeps you updated with the upcoming deals, discounts and special offers on the services. If you wish to connect with Flybe airlines on social media, following are the options:

Lloyds Bank Contact Numbers

Do you need some cash? If you are looking for the investment to start your new business for a peak career, or stay ahead of the competition, Lloyds Banks finance services are for you. The bank offers a wide range of financial services and its related products. Lloyds is considered one of the most popular stocks for private investor in the UK and has a history of 251 years. The main efficient services of the Lloyds are the saving of money, mortgages, current account services, credit/debit cards services and loans.

This guide is the collection of all of the necessary Lloyds Bank Contact Numbers. Use these numbers today in order to easily connect directly with the Lloyds Bank Customer Service support you seek.

You will find additional information about how to contact Lloyds Bank by other means if these Lloyds bank customer services numbers are not what you need. You will find in this guide more about internet banking, credit support, travel queries and also how to visit the Official Site.

Lloyds Bank Phone Number List

Lloyds Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Lloyds Customer Service 0345 300 2281
Business Contact 0345 601 6909
Internet Banking 0345 300 2293
Technical Questions 0345 300 2280
Lost or Stolen Cards 0800 056 3874
Business Accounts  0345 072 5555
Financial Adviser 0800 015 0029
Credit Card Enquiries 0345 606 2172
Application Enquiries 0345 603 7239
Balance Transfer 0345 606 2172
Payment Protection 0345 602 4534
Lloyds Bank Customer Service Numbers for All Accounts Types
Select 0345 716 1116
Silver 0345 603 1839
Gold 0345 850 5056
Platinum 0345 850 5300
Premier  0345 604 0440
Special Departments
Travel Insurance 0800 731 4044
Life Insurance 0800 804 6826
Home Insurance 0800 015 0012
Holiday Money 0345 300 1160
Trust Card Plus 0345 603 7132
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Why Keep in Touch?

Regardless if you are a customer, business investor, retailer or job seeker, you will find out more about all that Lloyds Bank and its branches offer. The Lloyds helpline is a bank service that monitors and records telephone calls for your protection, and also for the improvement of your service quality.

You can contact Lloyds Bank by:

  • Calling one of the multiple Lloyds Bank Customer Service numbers above
  • Visiting the main website
  • Connecting via social media
  • Visiting your local branch
  • Sending a letter in the post — Lloyds Bank Head Brand Address: 6 Trinity Rd, Halifax HX1 2RG, United Kingdom

How to Search for a Specific Branch

As I have mentioned above that Lloyds Customer Service has branches all over the England. If you want to find your required brand location visit the Branch and Cashpoint locator and fill out the required field and the branch address is on your hand by just clicking on the search button.

Account Services

Lloyds Helpline

Lloyds Bank account services are design to meet both the business and personal requirements and needs of their consumers. You can easily access your money at any time and place. The Lloyds Helpline experience offers the following accounts services:

  • Select
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Premier

Call the Lloyds Bank Customer Service number 0345 300 0000 for your account query to manage your current account, change your status, manage all the queries of a joint account and much more. For getting in touch with the specific department of your account type, you can easily find all the related numbers in the table above that is mentioned in this article.

Efficient Banking

Contact Lloyds

You will not be surprised after hearing that with Lloyds Bank, you can secure your online banking experience. You will be able to efficiently manage you phone banking too. Get all the information you need by using the Lloyds contact number, 0345 300 2293. For any type of query related to the internet banking and for phone banking dial the Lloyds phone number, 0345 300 0000. You can also visit and view your personal account page. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For any type of real estate or property fund, Lloyds customer service will have all your answers to mortgage-related questions. Find the best housing loan or discuss and browse through a vast selection of loan packages. You do not need to contact Lloyds either, as you can use their mortgage calculator online.

For any type of guidance about anything discussed above, you call always call the Lloyds contact number toll-free 0800 783 3534. You will also have access to our dedicated Mortgage and Protection advisers for that additional expertise to support you along the way.

Lloyds helpline also provides a wide range of products and services to personal, commercial and large corporate and institutional customers. The Lloyds customer service number, 0345 603 7276 should be used in all cases when service help is required.

Insurance Options

Lloyds Contact Numbers

Lloyds is one of the few banks that offer customers the option to buy additional insurance, on top of typical banking. This includes life insurance, travel insurance and much more. Life plans and financial protection are also included to protect your family in the event of an untimely death, accident or certain critical illnesses.

For Life insurance program options and information dial the Lloyds helpline toll-free 0800 804 6826 at any time and request a free quote. To begin the insurance process you first must start online with your official login.

Remember that for taking the life insurance services of Lloyds Bank you must need to be an existing customer of the bank and you must be registered for internet banking. All life insurance policies cover one individual. You will not be able to have one policy for two or more people. A Lloyds customer service representative can provide more details.


Home and travel insurance options also exist. The wide-ranging and flexible travel insurance policies of Lloyds Bank are very attractive. Any policy needed for home or travel insurance must be pre-approved. For a quick understanding call the Lloyds Bank contact number toll-free, 0800 731 4044 and get an effective advice from the expert.

Do you need to make any insurance claims? This is most applicable for travel and home insurance.

You will likely be covered against heating breakdowns, plumbing disasters, storm damage, pest infestations and much more. You can make an unlimited number of claims to Lloyds customer service support. When emergencies happen in your life, they can turn your life upside down. But don’t get too much stress because the home insurance policy options will protect and minimise your stress.

Use the following Lloyds bank contact numbers for claiming on your home insurance:

Credit Cards

Contact Lloyds

For all credit card services you can easily apply online or call on the Lloyds Bank phone number 0345 606 2172. If you are outside the UK you need to use the special international Lloyds Bank Customer service number +44 1702 278 272.

Lloyds customer service support is online and 24 hours a day. In order to apply for the credit card services, you must be 18 years or older. The minimum amount of credit card that you will be able to send through the credit card is £100.

You must pay at least the minimum payment on time and stay within your credit limit for keeping any promotional rates and avoid any fees. For managing your credit card services if you have already credit card from the bank, then visit these sites. The Lloyds Bank credit card will give you the breathing space you need.

Online Banking

Lloyds Contact Numbers

The simple and secure Internet Banking services of Lloyds are open anytime and everywhere for you. Online banking services are a quick and convenient access to your accounts and much more:

  • See your current, savings and mortgage account balances in one place.
  • Transfer money between accounts in seconds.
  • Easy access with a web portal for Online Banking.
  • A special Lloyds helpline number 0345 300 0116.
  • 24 hours a day support.

Stolen Card

If your card is stolen, then this is what do to next. Don’t get stressed out, no matter how much of a challenge that is. The Lloyds customer service team is available to help you with this problem. The support centre will cancel your old card and deliver a new one to you usually within 3-5 working days. If your card is declined, there are transactions that you don’t recognise or you need a new PIN, you can get it all fixed by calling the Lloyds Bank contact number 0170 227 8270.

How to Apply for the Lloyds Banks Loan

The flexible loan policies of Lloyds Bank put you in control. In order to apply for a loan you need to be an existing account holder, so if not, please go and open an account at your local branch. Once you have your account ready you can apply for the loan online even. You need to be over the age of 18 and be a UK resident with a valid form of identification, that is, a driver’s licence or a passport.

If you already have a loan with the bank, a number of options and tools are available for you to guide through the management of this loan. You can pay it early, delay payments, pause interest rate fees etc. In order to make sure it is in order, you are best calling the Lloyds customer service number, toll-free 0800 389 8766.

Contact Lloyds Bank via Social Media

Contact Lloyds

The best way of getting in touch with the company is through their social media channels, when the phone lines do not give you what you need. You can directly place your complaint at any time or see up to date news and information about the bank and their loan interest rates. Keep in touch:

Halifax Contact Numbers

Do you bank with Halifax UK? If yes, then having ready for you all of the Halifax contact numbers is important. You never know when you will inquire about their new products and services or when you need to update your name or address with the bank. This page contains all the Halifax customer service options, which will help you get in touch with the right department at the bank to resolve issues, raise complaints or simply inquire. For detailed information about their service offerings and procedures, you can also visit their official site.

List of Halifax Contact Numbers

Halifax Helpline UK Phone Number
Halifax Customer Service 0345 720 3040
Savings Accounts Comparison 0345 726 3646
Halifax Mortgage Products 0345 850 3705
Order Travel Money 0345 246 0006
Share Dealing Products 0345 722 5525
Online Banking Helpdesk 0345 602 0000
Bereavement Help and Advice 0800 028 1057
Lost and Stolen Cards Inquiry 0800 0 15 15 15
Credit Card
Halifax Contact Us 0345 944 4555
Application Queries 0800 028 3258
Repayment Cover 0345 605 1150
Personal Loans
Agreements Starting “100”, “77” or “7/” 0345 604 7292
Agreements Starting “84” or “15” 0345 724 3444
Apply For A New Loan 0345 724 3444
Home Insurance
Prefix HDA 0345 604 6532
Prefix HIA 0345 604 6531
Any Other Prefix 0345 600 6001
Make Claims Prefix HDA 0345 604 6619
Make Claims for Other Policies 0345 600 0774
Halifax Helpline New Customers 0800 500 3973
Car Insurance
Renewal Inquiry 0344 2090471
Make a Claim 0344 2090472
Windscreen Repairs and Claims 0330 0181889
Helpline for New Customers 0330 0189539
Travel Insurance
Policies On or After 22/11/15 0345 307 3801
Policies Taken Before 22/11/15 0345 604 9839
New Customers 0345 307 3801
General Inquiries 0345 835 5726
Managing Purchased Investments 0345 600 0169
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Halifax is a renowned UK based bank operating a trading division of Bank of Scotland. It was formed as the Halifax Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society in 1853. The society proceeded to open several branches throughout the UK. By 1913, it became the largest building society. Presently, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyd Banking group and a proud holder of British Bank Awards 2016. It is the leading provider of residential mortgages and savings accounts in the UK and continues to grow and prosper.

Halifax is a consistently growing banking services with a wide customer base. In order to service their huge client base and fulfil their banking needs, Halifax offers excellent customer service through various channels. You can easily get in touch with Halifax customer service representative for support and assistance with their services.

Ways to Contact Halifax

Halifax Contact Numbers

There are multiple channels to communicate with the bank’s customer service to register complaints, avail assistance with their banking services or make inquiries. Depending on your particular requirements you can get in touch with Halifax customer service through following means:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Visit your nearest branch
  • Send a handwritten letter
  • Use social media platforms
  • British Sign Language (BSL): SignVideo Service
  • Halifax Contact Us page

Note: If you need to find out your nearest branch office or a cash machine you can visit the online branch locator, enter the required information and get results.

Halifax Customer Service Address

For general queries or complaints, you can send a handwritten letter to the local branch. Halifax Customer Service has a great response time. Post office distribution is a great option if you have to send some documents over to the bank for official reasons. Take note of the following address:

Halifax, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU

Note: The bank will not respond to any online banking related queries through post due to security reasons. If you’re having problems with your Online Banking and need assistance you can visit Online Banking help. The page will help you find out how to get in touch with the Halifax customer service representative.

Halifax Customer Service

Halifax Contact Numbers

You can use the Halifax contact number to get in touch with the bank’s representatives and discuss your bank account, credit card, mortgage, insurance or investments in greater detail. You can dial 0345 720 3040 to have a word with their support team and seek clarification regarding their services or resolve any other issue.

Savings Account 

If you are seeking to compare different types of savings accounts offered by Halifax Bank UK so that you can choose the right savings account, then you can contact Halifax at 0345 726 3646. The representative will provide you complete information about what makes the accounts different from each other, rate of interest, benefits and procedure of application. You can also visit their official site here to compare different savings accounts before making a decision. The number also allows the existing savings account holders to make general inquiries regarding their accounts or seek help for other related issues.

Halifax Customer Service Savings

Mortgage Products

Planning to buy your first home? Looking for a new mortgage? No matter what your query is or whether you are an existing or new customer call Halifax Support directly, 0345 850 3705. Your mortgage related questions will be answered. This Halifax contact number will connect you with their mortgage experts who will guide you through their service offerings, eligibility and procedure etc. If you are an existing customer you can also inquire about your current mortgage statement or how to make an additional payment.

Credit Card

Being an existing Halifax credit card holder if you need to update your personal details with the bank or need help and guidance regarding our borrowing options, you can always get in touch, 0345 944 4555. If you are a new customer and exploring your options to choose the right credit card for yourself, you can contact Halifax Toll-Free 0800 028 3258. Get detailed information directly from the bank’s representative.

Halifax Contact Numbers

Personal Loan

If you are planning on buying a new car or doing some home renovations, it is possible with Halifax personal loans, which are available at low rates of interest. You can easily inquire about eligibility, documentations, procedure etc. by speaking to an agent at the assigned Halifax contact number. All new customers wanting to apply for a new loan can call 0345 724 3444. On the other hand, existing customers with agreements starting with “100”, “77” or “7/” can make general inquiries at 0345 604 7292.

Home Insurance

Halifax Contact Numbers

Planning to get your home and belongings insured? Call the Halifax phone number for home insurance agent, toll-free, 0800 500 3973. Discover the details about their different insurance plans, cover, and application procedure. If you are an existing customer and need to make amendments to your existing policy you can seek assistance at the following numbers:

Apart from that, for any claims related inquiries you can contact Halifax at 0345 604 6619 or 0345 600 0774. For additional information visit the Halifax Contact Us section.

Car Insurance

Get a quality cover for your car, which is affordable and reliable. Halifax contact number will help you get in touch with their skilled panel of insurers who can guide with all the policies and the benefits which come with them. Call 0330 0189539 and get a competitive quote in few minutes.

If you have already insured your car and request amendments or renewal notices for your policy, you can call 0344 2090471. Additionally, all you claims related inquiries will be answered at 0344 2090472.

Travel Insurance

As of September 18th, 2016, Halifax Bank no longer offers travel insurance. If you have any queries regarding your previously owned travel insurance policies, you can speak to customer service at 0345 307 3801 or 0345 604 9839. Alternatively, you can also write a letter or send an email to your branch office regarding your concerns.


Halifax Support

If you are ready to start investing but have some general inquiries you need answers to before making your decision, you can speak to our experts at 0345 835 5726. You will be provided assistance for everything starting from basics of investing to information on risk and financial planning.

If you already hold investments and need assistance in managing the same, you can contact Halifax at 0345 600 0169. The representative will help you find out all about how your investments are doing.

Online Banking

Halifax Contact Numbers
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Halifax offers all its customers a safe, quick and convenient way to carry out their usual banking activities through online from anywhere and at any time. All you need to do is register for online banking and install their application on your mobile or tablet. For any technical assistance with your online banking, you can get in touch with the support team at 0345 602 0000 You will be provided complete support with managing your account, security and more.

Share Dealing

Halifax Contact Numbers

For inquiries related to shares, you can contact Halifax Bank directly, 0345 722 5525. This Halifax contact number will answer all your queries related to a trading account, tax-efficient investments or online trading account. The helpline also answers inquiries of existing customers about the transfer of stocks/funds to share dealing account, assistance with online trading etc.

Halifax Helpline for Lost/Stolen Cards

Halifax Contact Numbers
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If in case you lost your credit card or it got stolen somehow and you need  to file a report and block the card, you can call toll-free, immediately, 0800 0 15 15 15. This number will help you file a report and also guide with the next steps you need to take in order to ensure the safety of your account. This helpline number operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during public holidays. Use this special Halifax contact number in all cases of emergencies.

Halifax Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with Halifax banking or have been constantly facing issues, you can file a complaint by telephone, and toll-free, 0800 072 9779. Alternatively, you can also visit their official website and fill out the online complaint form.

Customers with hearing impairment can complain using their textphone number toll-free, 0800 056 7294, which operates seven days a week between 9 am to 5 pm.

Contact Halifax via Social Media

Halifax Contact Numbers
Picture From

In case you are still not satisfied by expressing your concerns through phone or email, you can rely on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. It is a powerful platform to make your issues heard by the associated party and get an immediate resolution. You can also use this platform to share your feedback and stay updated with your bank. Halifax is available on the following social media platforms:

Google Contact Numbers

Although Google answers all our queries just by entering their search engine, sometimes it is not enough! We actually need Google customer service representation to resolve certain issues. This page contains all Google contact numbers and other ways to reach Google support for Gmail, play/apps, Adwords and other products or services related issues. You will also find relevant links to help centres and useful information, which will enable you to solve your problems.

Google Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Google Customer Service 020 7031 3000
Google Support Toll-Free  0800 169 0455
Adsupport 0800 169 0455
Google Play  0800 328 6081
Gmail 0800 031 4244
Help Centre  0800 169 0703
Store 0800 026 1478
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Google was founded in 1998 by two friends Larry Page and Serge Brin, while they were still PhD students at Stanford University. Today the company is the largest search engine and web service provider. The company quickly grew from being a search engine and diversified itself to a range of website and software products for individuals and business. The brand name Google offers a variety of business, media, mobile, geo, home and office services as well as social applications and products including web-based products, operating systems, desktop & mobile applications, hardware etc.

If you are currently a user of any one of their products and have been facing issues with the same, you can get in touch with the Google support and resolve the issue. Note, not all the products or services offered by the company have live human support, so you may have to find alternative options to get a solution for your problem.

Ways to Contact Google

The search engine giant offers customer care for most of its product. You can speak with a representative through phone, email or opt for chat support for queries related to its products. You can also reach an agent by selecting the product you need to inquire about on the Google Support site. Google Contact Us is easy to navigate.

You will find direct Google contact numbers for some of the products, especially if you are an account holder.

  • The live chat feature allows you to discuss your queries and complaints with the support team and get immediate solutions.
  • You can also send an Email with detailed information regarding your query or issue.
  • Calling any Google Helpline number is another alternative.
  • You can also get in touch via the post and writing a letter.

Contact Google via Postal Address

An alternative to calling or getting support through live chat about their search and advert businesses, is writing to the company head office address, which is as follows:

Google London, Google UK Ltd, 1-13 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8AG, United Kingdom.

Individuals can write to the customer service for general inquiries and complaints as well.

Google Customer Service

Customer care offered by the company is predominantly an online system, where you can get the necessary support through online assistance via live chat. You can also find most of the frequently asked questions, already answered on the site in order to ensure that you do not face any problem while using their services. But even then if you are not satisfied and have been facing issues with any of the products or services, you can speak to the company’s customer care representative by calling the Google Contact Number, 020 7031 3000. 

Google Support Consumer Products

Google Contact Numbers

The company offers a wide range of consumer products, which we all use on a daily basis. It offers the simplest yet best email platform in the world; Gmail. Google Maps direct us on to the right path whenever we are in an unknown neighbourhood. Google news has become one of the primary sources of news for many of us.

Apart from that, we run our whole business through apps with documents and applications stored in the cloud. Then there is YouTube for entertainment, Google calendar, Adwords, webmaster tools and much more. Since we are so heavily dependent on these products; we just can’t afford to have any issue with them. But just in case you do, following are some of the ways to resolve them:

  • Go to the Google Support site, select the service with which you are having issues, navigate the “Contact Us” icon on the top right corner of the page and get the necessary support. The contact us page will connect you to Google support either by email, live chat or phone. Select the available support option on the page and you will be connected to a customer service representative shortly.
  • If you are unable to find the Contact us option on your product’s page, then it means that the company doesn’t offer phone, email or chat support for that product. The alternative is to go to the help centre, where you will definitely find an answer to your query.
  • You can also get in touch with their representatives through any Google contact number. Try calling 020 7031 3000. This option typically takes hours to get in touch with a human. The customer service operating hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM PT. Bonus tip: Pressing “5” for customer service may expedite your call.


Google Contact Numbers

Google+ is a social network designed to facilitate communication along with many other amazing features. The platform brings people together within the context of their services. So, if you are a user and have any query or complaint regarding its services you can contact Google toll-free, 0800 169 0455. Support is available on this customer service number for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

 Apps Support

Contact Google Apps

If you are an administrator and require app support, you can easily get in touch with their support team with the help of Google contact number. Call at 0800 169 0455, which is a 24-hour, seven days a week special Google helpline. You must be reminded that while making a call you will need a support pin for verification. You can locate your pin anytime. This page will guide you through the process of locating your G suite support pin.

Alternatively, you can also email your concerns or go for the live chat option as well.

Google Play

Google Support Numbers

We all download and enjoy loads of applications, books, games and music on Google Play. We also access other digital content like movies, news and much more. In order to offer a more user-friendly and rich experience while accessing the products or services, the company offers extensive customer care. In case, you encounter any issue with a Google play application, you can contact the company’s customer service for support and assistance. You can also bring your complaints to their notice by getting in touch with Google support Play team, toll-free, 0800 328 6081.

Google Play also offers an online help support centre portal. Here you can get information to resolve your queries without having to make a call.


Google AdWords is an advertising system developed by google in which advertisers bid on certain keywords so that their clickable ads can appear in their search results. Advertisers have to pay for these clicks. If you have any query regarding the use of AdWords to advertise your products you can contact for support. The Google helpline number is toll-free, 0800 169 0703.

If you need to talk to a customer service representative about advertising with Google, you can use Google contact number to reach their business solutions. The representative will guide you through the process of advertising.

If you need help with AdSense, you can call Google Support at 020 7031 3000.  You can also qualify for email support for AdSense if you consistently make more than $25 per week. You can take advantage by logging into your account you use to manage AdSense, then navigating the instructions to receive email support for your AdSense.


Google Contact Numbers

Gmail is the largest mailing platform used worldwide on a daily basis. It is used by individuals for both personal as well as business-related activities. If you need help while setting up your Gmail account, or are encountering issues while sending messages, need support regarding your account password or have any other issue; you can visit Gmail Help.

Support for Gmail is also available by a Google contact number. If you are having any technical issues, need configuration help, have password issues, lost contacts, not able to sign in or have to block unwanted emails, you can simply call Google customer service toll-free, 0800 031 4244.


Google Support

Google store offers a wide range of Android phones and tablets, android wear watches, Chromebooks, Nest devices, media streaming devices and other related accessories. If you have any query about the products sold on the online store or are facing some issues with something you bought from the store, you can go to Google Store.

The page contains answers to all frequently asked questions. If your query still remains unresolved, you can click on the Contact Us tab on the top right side of the page. This will direct you to the possible ways of resolving your issue, either through email, call or chat. Another alternative is to directly at 0800 026 1478

Contact Google via Social Media

Google Contact Numbers
Picture from

You can get updates about Google products and services by following it on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Here you will not only stay updated with the launch of new product or services but also participate in discussions, ask questions or any issue you have been facing with their services. Following is a list of social media platforms, where you can connect with your favourite search engine:

Amigo Loans Contact Numbers

This guide provides you with the most up-to-date Amigo Loans contact numbers. They have been compiled for easier access in seeking their services. You can access them without any hesitation whenever needed. Also, you will come across important links to reach out to the different departments in the company. If you feel like writing to the company or visiting it personally, you will find the postal addresses for the same.

Amigo Loans Contact Numbers List

Amigo Loans Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Amigo Loans Customer Service 01202 629 200
Loan Application 01202 629 200
Collections Department 01202 629 161
24-Hour Payment Line 01202 560 996
Complaints 01202 629 200
In-Store 01202 629 403
Amigo Loans Contact Us 02074 908 828
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You can successfully reach the customer support team through the listed Amigo Loans contact numbers. However, if the lines come busy or you need to reach them urgently, there are few other ways as well:

  • Visiting the company homepage
  • Phoning the Amigo Loans Helpline
  • Applying in 3 simple steps.
  • Handwriting a letter to Amigo Loans via post:
    Walton House,
    56 – 58 Richmond Hill,
    BH2 6EX,
    United Kingdom 

When you decide to write them a letter, make sure it is done in a clear handwriting. Ideally, you can type it out and get a print as handwriting might not be legible for all.

The content should be crisp and all your queries or complaints have to be pointed out with clarity. Make sure you share your contact details for the team to get in touch with you. If you do not give your contact details, the Amigo Loans customer support team might not be able to help you.

With an aim to change the way finance is offered to several people, Amigo Loans helpline has established a distinct reputation for itself in the entire United Kingdom. There are several people who are unable to fulfil their desires to travel or own a home simply because they are denied or rejected the loan due to bad credit score or poor credit history. This company is simply working to amend the process of approving the loan by making it simple and easy.

People can now undertake their dream projects that they have been procrastinating due to lack of finances. Amigo Loans simply believes that your family members, relatives, friends or close colleagues can be your reliable guarantors. So, even if you are unable to pay the instalment or repay the loan, your guarantor can cover up for you. It upholds a simple belief to treat every customer with special care and help them achieve their dreams by making loans easier for them.

Amigo Loans Customer Care Centre has a brilliant system in place to reach out with ease. One can discuss any of their financing problems and get it resolved at the earliest.

Amigo Loans Customer Service

When it comes to loans, you might have several doubts about whether or not  you want to take that loan. Can I pay it back? Isn’t the interest rate just too high? Yes and no! Amigo Loans Customer Care will clarify and explain any question or worry you have.

While you can certainly surf the site and gather information, you can go the old school way and contact Amigo Loans customer service with the special Amigo Loans phone number, 01202629200. Their prompt officials will assist and guide you in the best possible manner. Whether you have any random thought or general doubt to clarify, you can get access to this section and have a word with the representative.

Loan Application

Amigo Loans Contact Us Page on their website has the application process simplified for customers. However, in case you get stuck or need some assistance you can contact Amigo Loans helpline application team, 01202629200. You will be taken through the process carefully so that you do not miss out any important details.

The Amigo Loans Call Centre is open:

  • Monday to Thursday between 9am and 7pm
  • Friday between 9am and 6pm
  • Saturday between 9am to 1pm
  • Sunday – Closed
  • Public Holidays – Closed

Contact Amigo Loans Phone Number

Collections Department

The best way to know about your loan repayment details is by calling the Amigo Loans Phone Number, Collections Department, 01202629161. You can call them on Monday to Thursday between 8am and 8pm or Friday between 9am and 6pm. While the centre is open Saturday between 9am to 1pm, it is closed on Sundays and public holidays. Any query or complaint regarding loan collection or repayment can be resolved with this team.

24-Hour Payment Line

In the matters of money, you will have to be prompt and at times things cannot wait. It is possible that in such matters you will look out for an emergency number with that is reachable 24/7. You can contact Amigo Loans Helpline in emergencies at 01202560996. The loan centre believes that there are standards that make it easier for its customers to reach out to them and get their loan related queries settled. Hence, you can get in touch at the earliest so that you have a smooth loan application and repayment process with them.

Customer Complaints:

If you ever feel that you have a loan related issue and it has not been handled well then you can get in touch with the customer complaint section. This company believes in transparency in communication and treats every customer respectfully. Even if you have applied for a loan does not mean that your queries or doubts will go unheard. Hence, you can feel free to contact the team at 01202629200.

In-Store Help

Amigo Loans Helpline stores are known for providing its customers with electronic and other products on loan. You can choose to buy anything from baby products to furniture or home appliances when you are backed up with their loan facility. There is no need to keep on pending things any longer. With easy EMI options, you can buy anything that is on your urgent list. If you wish to get details about how the store operates, buying products, orders and delivery, then you contact Amigo Loans today, 01202629403.

Amigo Loans Customer Care

The Last Call You’ll Ever Make

If you feel you are unable to get the precise answer pertaining to the loans that you are seeking through this company, then you should contact Amigo Loans Phone Number direct at 02074908828. Whether you feel lost about the payday loans or are unaware about the flexibility of their guarantor loans, you can get the best advice from the experts handling the support system.

While you access any of the services to call the executives and get information, make sure you share all your details. Do not hesitate to ask even the simplest of your doubt so that they can guide you in the best way. The best way is to make a list of all the doubts you have and mail them your query. This way you can have a written communication to refer to every time you feel stuck at any level.

Amigo Loans Contact Us employees are known to offer services in several sections that people are not usually aware about. Below are the most important fields in the financing sector that this company has been actively contributing:

Bad Credit Loan

Are you bankrupt? Are you in bad debt? No credit cards at all? Maxed out your limits? Well, do not worry because Amigo Loans has your back!

No one will ever feel the pinch that a bad credit history will leave you with better than this company. Hence, it has dedicated an entire section for the same. Many people are unaware their credit is bad and that is why they are rejected so often.

How is the credit history checked and how do the financial institutions arrive at the credit scores? When you contact the Amigo Loans customer service, you will be guided with all this information.

Or you can simply check the Bad Credit Loans page for a better understanding.

Guarantor Loan

It certainly sounds to be an interesting concept and you will certainly want to know more about the same. You can browse about it in the Guarantor Loan section or always get through any of the Amigo Loans Contact Numbers. You will always find the team to be helpful enough and assist you with your queries.

Two numbers you can guarantee with a Guarantor Loan:

  • £5,000 per month in loans
  • 49.9% APR interest

Bad Credit Car Finance

Certainly, your bad credit history will leave you craving for all the things that you can have easy access provided you had the money. This is precisely why Amigo Loans was established. The Bad Credit Car Finance section will have all details about loan applications and approval processes for buying a car.


Debt Consolidation Loans

Have you applied for several loans and are unable to get a hold on them? There is no need to feel dizzy with the financial burden when you have Amigo Loans Customer Service to assist you. Simply visit their Debt Consolidation Loans page or dial any of the Amigo Loans contact number, 01202 629 200, for details on how to manage the loans.

Non-Homeowner Loans

It is quite possible to apply for a loan even if you or your guarantor does not own a home to place it as a security. You can access all the information pertaining to such facility at the Non-Homeowner Loans. Besides, you can know the general rules on how to apply for them and benefit the most.

Amigo Loans Helpline

Self Employed Loans

You get the chance to be on your own and manage all the activities that you have been planning all this while. Contact Amigo Loans Customer Care team if you want to have a personal word with the experts.

Unemployed Loans

No matter how impossible the unemployed loans sound to be, you can access them with the help of this financial service provider. You can browse the loans main page. There you will also find all of the listed Amigo Loans phone numbers.

Bad Credit Loans

For many people keeping good credit is just too difficult. But these same people should deserve a second chance and Amigo Loans gives them that with an unsecured bad credit loan. Instead of goofing up even more, the chance to get out of the financial burden is possible with such a loan. Learn more about it today.

Contact Amigo Loans via Social Media


Amigo Loans are reachable through various social media platforms as well. If you wish to express your appreciation after receiving their services, then you can join them:

Do not hesitate to follow and share information about the Amigo Loans contact numbers so that it reaches the maximum number of people who might need it.

Expedia Contact Numbers

Planning an oversea’s vacation or maybe a city break? Are you dropping off the kids with the grandparents for a weekend escape?

Here is the guide you need for all Expedia contact numbers in making your travel smooth and fun. Whether it is a flight reservation related query or hotel booking miseries, this page will offer you quick solutions to all your troubles.

List of Expedia Contact Numbers

Expedia Helpline UK Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 0330 123 1235
Expedia Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 783 2384
Flight Booking 020 3788 0445
New Bookings 0330 123 1235
Redemption Helpline 0203 027 5943
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Expedia Customer Service

Expedia is the largest online travel arrangements provider in the United Kingdom. The company also dominates the rest of the world and online booking. It enables customers to book domestic and international flight tickets, make hotel reservations and also offers assistance with other travel arrangements. In order to offer a hassle free service, it offers an elaborate customer support service to make your journey smooth.

You can always get in touch for bookings, online flight check-in, cancellations or any revisions/changes to existing. Dial the Expedia contact number toll-free, 0800 783 2384. You can also contact Expedia at 0330 123 1235 regarding your issues.

You can make all the general inquiries by calling the Expedia customer service telephone number, which offers support 24 hours a day. Further, the helpline number will connect you to the right department, which will help you resolve your issue quickly.

For existing customers: Option 1

The option 1 is for all the already registered customers. Here the customers can inquire about the request for a copy of trip details or make changes in the booking or any cancellation or refund related query etc.

For new customers: Option 2

After calling 0800 783 2384 or 0330 123 1235, the new customers need to press “2” for further inquiries.

NOTE: The customers can also contact Expedia head office department for guidance and support queries by dialling 020 7019 2000 and then going to option 2.

Expedia is a one stop travelling solution, which allows you to book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals and much more, all online. Operating since 1998, the company has established itself as one of the world leaders, and most trusted travel agent provider in the UK. It offers exciting deals and travel packages for overseas vacations to a large number of popular tourist destinations and attractions.

The company also offers in-depth travelling ideas, maps, holiday insurance, and comprehensive travel information through their online newsletter. It strives to make travelling easy and convenient for globetrotters by offering to build your own holiday package. For detailed information about the services, you can also visit the Expedia Contact Us official website.

Get In Touch With Expedia

Expedia Contact Number

In order to offer the best possible support to their valued customers, the company has established a thorough support network, with multiple channels of communication. Customers can easily contact the company representative before and/or after purchases are made:

  • Contact Expedia Helpline by telephone
  • Use email services from the website
  • Write a handwritten letter via post
  • Visit the online Expedia Contact Us Support section

Expedia Contact Numbers

Expedia Customer Service Address

If you wish to send your concerns to the company in writing the post, you can write at the following address:

You can easily email your general inquiries, complaints or any other travel related queries. Expedia customer service representatives will respond to you as soon as possible and offer the necessary guidance.

If you are planning to reach the company’s customer service via email, make sure you create a thorough and well-explained mail. Stating the concerns properly and reporting the issues in an easily understandable manner, enables the company to resolve the issues quickly and effectively.

Expedia Bookings

Expedia Contact Number
Picture From

The Expedia helpline online is extremely user-friendly and leaves no room for trouble while booking flight tickets or making hotel reservations. You simply need to click on the Hotels or Flights section on the site, complete the search form and view results. You will get the complete information about price and availability. Still, if you have any queries or concerns regarding your booking, they can be quickly answered through Expedia helpline.

You can easily get in touch with Expedia customer support to get the issue resolved quickly. Dial 020 3788 0445 and the Expedia customer care support staff will make all possible efforts to resolve the issue. Apart from that, you can also send in your concerns via email.

Expedia also allows you to make advance reservations for popular tourist attractions, car hire, cruises, museums, art galleries etc. You can explore the things to do section. Just enter your holiday destination with the date of visit and you will be offered numerous options to indulge in at your holiday.

Expedia Flight Cancellation and Changes

Expedia Contact Number

It happens! You get sick. Unfortunately, someone passes away. You have some type of emergency happen and without any warning, you need to cancel or change your reservation.

Nothing can ascertain that your business or leisure trip will go as planned. Certain circumstances can make you alter your travel plans and reschedule your flight. Sometimes the problems are not from your end like a cancelled flight due to weather conditions. As such, you can always get in touch with Expedia customer service number, 0800 783 2384, to help resolve the issue.

In order to cancel your flight go online or call Expedia customer care.

Online Flight Cancellation:

You can cancel your flight online within 24 hours by signing in on the website and going to the bookings section. Select the flight you wish to cancel under manage booking section. You can also visit customer support for additional details.

Cancellation via Expedia Customer care

If the option to cancel your pre-booked flight is not available on the site, you can contact Expedia at 020 3788 0445.

Expedia Hotel Booking Changes

Expedia Phone Number

Have a sudden change of plans and can’t go through your holiday plans? Maybe you got overwhelmed and entered the wrong dates while making your hotel reservations. Not to worry, you can easily cancel or change your hotel bookings. If your hotel booking is not a part of holiday package and is refundable you can easily make the changes or even cancel it all together before the deadline to do so has passed.

Online Hotel Cancellation or Changes

In order to cancel your hotel booking, log in to your account and review your upcoming travel arrangements. Go to manage booking section to cancel or change your hotel reservations. Although there is no service charge for any cancellations, the hotel you booked may access charges. You can avoid these charges my making the changes within 24 hours of your booking.

For further details, you can visit Expedia Contact Us online. Or call Expedia phone number, toll-free, 0800 783 2384.

Cancellation or Changes via Customer Support

You might encounter a problem while cancelling or changing your hotel booking online in case the reservations were a part of a holiday package or you have exceeded the hotel’s deadline for free cancellation. Under any of these circumstances, you will need to contact Expedia at 020 3788 0445 to go ahead with the process. This Expedia contact number will guide you for proceeding with your specific request.

Expedia Refunds

Have already forwarded your booking cancellation request but still waiting for the refund? Usually, it might take up to 5 business days for the refund amount to show in your bank account. Refunds can take up to 30 days to approve too!

Expedia Rewards

The company offers various deals, coupons and exciting deals on and off, especially around festive occasions. Apart from that customers can also avail great discounts on their flight and hotel :bookings by taking advantage of Expedia nectar points.

What is a nectar point? A sweet and delicious way to save on future travel plans!

You can sign in to get your nectar card, gain nectar points and redeem those while making your travel arrangements. For support and guidance regarding the redemption of your nectar points, you can use Expedia contact number

0203 027 5943. You can also visit Expedia to get detailed information on collecting and using the nectar points.

Help from Local Expert

Expedia Contact Number

Expedia offers an incredible service of assistance from a local expert to make your vacation smooth and enjoyable. These local experts are available to many different destinations and can assist you with booking local tours, attractions or activities; providing dining recommendations or transportation advice etc. These experts also answer your other queries regarding your holiday destination. How to contact a local expert? Worry not, the expert will probably call you themselves before the trip to introduce and inform about the service offerings.

Expedia Car rentals

Expedia Contact Numbers

Avoid any inconvenience during your trip by hiring a car in advance through Expedia. In order to make the bookings for your car rentals, you need to call at 020 3788 0445 so that the customer service representative can guide and assist yours for the bookings. Alternatively, the customers can also hire a car online. Simply enter your search query, dates and you will be provided with an endless list of car rentals.

Complaints and Feedback

In case you are not satisfied with any of the services availed from Expedia or have a specific complain, you can always get in touch with Expedia contact number centre through the recommended numbers above. The company is dedicated to offering highest levels of customer satisfaction and hence you can contact their customer relations either through mail or phone.

Contact Expedia via Social Media

Get daily updates about travel deals and other attractive discounts or offers through social media. You can even contact Expedia customer care via a tweet or Facebook Message. Response times are within 24 hours! Follow today:

Esure Contact Numbers

Welcome to Esure, the insurance company for all categories. This page contains all the Esure contact numbers and addresses that you will need to connect with their representatives and resolve your queries. For detailed Esure customer care inquiries, you can also visit the Esure Contact Us website portal.

List of Esure Numbers

Esure Helpline UK Contact Number
Car Insurance
Esure Customer Service 0345 045 1000
Quotes and Sales 0345 045 1000
Esure Toll-Free 0800 434 6764
Renewal Hotline 0345 603 7879
Payment Queries 0345 045 1000
All-hours Accident Recovery 0800 085 8533
24-hour Windscreen Repair 0800 085 8459
Motoring Legal Protection 0345 603 7872
Motoring Legal Advice (24/7) 0345 850 9596
Car Breakdown Sssistance 0800 783 0587
Home Insurance
Esure Customer Care 0345 045 8000
Quotes and Sales 0345 045 8000
Renewal Helpline 0345 601 7079
Payments 0345 045 8000
Claims 0345 601 7072
Pest Coverage 0345 601 7073
24-hour Family Legal Protection 0345 601 7070
Home Emergency 0345 601 7624
All Annual Travel Claims 0345 601 6194
Pet Insurance
Payments 0345 606 1361
Claims 0333 234 0669
Esure Customer Service Number 0345 606 1374
24-hour Pet Legal 0345 606 1392
Pet Health & Well-being 0800 434 6122
Pet Bereavement Counseling 0345 606 1391
Dog-napping Helpline 0345 606 1891
Pet Minders 0345 606 1393
Vet Search 0345 606 1360
Travel Insurance
Sales 0345 600 3949
Payments 0345 600 3950
Claims 0345 600 3951
Renewal Number 0345 600 3950
Travel Esure Customer Service 0345 600 3950
Web Enquiries
All Esure Contact Us 0345 603 7873
Pets 0345 606 1362
Travel 0345 600 3949
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Esure is one of the leading direct insurance providers in UK, which offers 5 Star Defaqto rated car, home, travel and pet insurance at low costs. After being established in 2000, it has been one of the fastest growing insurance companies with an expanding customer base. Esure solidified its rising success and firm financial standing in 2013 after it got listed in the London Stock Exchange for the first time.

Esure Contact Number

The company has leveraged technological advancements to create a one- of-a-kind Esure Helpline for its UK customers. Being a direct insurance provider it has been offering quality protection at competitive rates. Now with the help of phone and internet, the main channel of sales is connecting with their customers.

Ways to Contact Esure

Getting in touch with the company’s representatives is pretty easy as they offer a number of ways to contact them. Whether you like the traditional way or the contemporary one, following are the channels for communication:

  • One of the many Esure phone numbers above
  • Typetalk options for the hearing impaired
  • Emailing
  • Handwritten letters via the post

Esure Customer Service Addresses

Looking for a brick and mortar office of Esure? Do you want to make a visit or simply ask a question? Or maybe you are you are among those who still rely on the old-school method of writing a letter to get your complaint heard and registered.Following is the

When using an Esure Car Insurance Phone Number is not your best option, contact Esure below:

Esure The Equinox 19 Cadogan Street Glasgow G2 6QQ

All Esure Contact Numbers in One

We all agree that the fastest and most efficient way of getting your queries resolved is by getting in touch with the care centre service representatives through your mobile device. You can use any of the Esure contact numbers to express your concerns. Each number can directly connect to another service if you mistakenly called the wrong number. For example, if you call the complaint line but meant to dial the Esure Car Insurance Contact Number, your service representative will expedite your transfer.

Typetalk / Textphone

For those with hearing or speech impairment the typetalk or specialised textphone is the best way to get in touch with the Esure customer services. All you need to do is add the prefix 18001 to the respective Esure contact number and get your query resolved.


All Call Centre lines except the Claims lines are open as following:

  • Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
  • Sat: 9am – 5pm
  • Sun: 9am – 2pm
  • Public Holidays: Closed

Esure Phone Number claims can be taken during this schedule:

  • Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
  • Sat: 9am – 5pm
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: closed

24-hour lines are open 7 days a week.

Car Insurance

Esure Contact Number
Picture from

For all your car insurance related inquiries you can use the Esure Car Insurance Contact Number, 0345 045 1000. From the above mentioned Esure contact numbers, you can also find the right department. Whether you need to make quick payments, or receive a quote, pick up the phone.

Service agents are ready to answer all your questions about legal advice, renewal related query or some other assistance, getting in touch with the right customer service representative will be a cakewalk with the help of these Esure contact numbers. For claim-related inquiries you can reach the company at 0345 603 7872.

You can also visit the Esure Contact Us official website for detailed information regarding various policies and benefits.

Multicar Insurance

Esure offers multicar insurance for those having two or more cars at home. This insurance offers no claim discount matched to the highest amount. It is limited to the years the driver has held a full-time UK licence.

Get your quote today! Contact Esure at 0345 045 1000 or visit their official multicar insurance page here for additional details.

Home Insurance

Esure Contact Number

Esure offers one of the most comprehensive home insurance policy in the market to help you protect you home. It provides cover against loss from fire, burglary, natural calamities or any other threats. If you have any question regarding their home insurance policies, you can easily get in touch with their representatives at the Esure contact number, 0345 045 8000.

The home insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage for the structure as well as the contents of your home. It enables you to secure your assets from any possible mishappenings, which in turn reduces stress and tension during adverse circumstances. With Esure home insurance policies you can find the best coverage with comparatively lower fees and additional services like family legal protection and home emergency cover.

Contact Esure for an in-home walk through and evaluation.

Pet Insurance

Esure Phone Number

Just like us humans, our beloved pets are also prone to accidents and health problems. Having your pet insured can save you a lot of trouble during the time of emergency. The company no longer offers new Pet insurance. However, the company offers help for prestigious clients to find the best pet policy comparison service named Gocompare.

All you need to do is enter your details on the site and get a number of alternative quotes for pet insurance policies. The Esure contact number for your pet is 0345 606 1374.

Travel Insurance

Esure Contact Number
Picture from

Esure offers a wide range of travel insurance plans to safeguard your overseas business trips or international family vacations. Whether you need insurance for a single trip or an annual cover, you can explore your best options online. You can get the advantage of most competitive prices, maximum coverage and convenience while buying the policy. The company allows you to get a travel insurance policy for your trip even at the last minute through their online portal.

Esure offers utmost convenience and efficiency to the customers by allowing them to buy their travel insurance policies online. After completing the required procedure for buying the policy online, you can print your policy documents so you don’t have to rely on the post.

You can get in touch with Esure customer care for travel insurance quotes at 0345 600 3949, while your other travel insurance related queries can be resolved through their customer service helpline.

Other Insurance Products

Apart from offering exceptional car, home and travel insurance policies, the company also offers other insurance products like motorbike and van insurance. You can visit Gocompare and find the best insurance policy for your vehicle. Gocompare also enables you to compare gas, electricity and dual fuel prices to find the best deals on utilities.

Car Insurance Claims

If unfortunately, you have been involved in a car accident, contact Esure immediately. All you need to do is dial the Esure helpline at 0345 603 7872. The Toll-Free number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 0800 085 8533.

After providing your car’s registration number, location of the incident, name, address and other required details, an Esure customer service representative will guide you through the procedure of claim. The company arranges for the recovery and repair of the car for your convenience.

You can directly contact the person handling your claim or get in touch with Esure Car Insurance Contact Number at 0345 603 7872.

Home Insurance Claims

Making a home insurance claim at Esure is also extremely easy to do. Simply call the 24-hours emergency Esure helpline at 0345 601 7072. You will be required to give some necessary details to initiate the procedure and the customer service representative will guide you through the entire process.

If you have already registered your Home Insurance claim with Esure, you can contact them by sending an email. Don’t forget to include your claim reference or policy number so that your query can be forwarded to the right department.

Travel Insurance Claims

For claims related assistance during travelling, you can get in touch with Esure customer service at their 24-hour emergency helpline number. Also, if you need a GP or need to go to A&E or a clinic, you can call at the Esure helpline direct, 0345 600 3951.

Web Queries

Need a walkthrough for using Esure Contact Us, FAQ section or their official website? Are you stuck trying to buy or receive a policy online? All of Esure’s car and home insurance related web queries are answered at 0345 603 7873. You can also get in touch with their official representatives for travel insurance related web queries at 0345 600 3949.

Stay connected through Social Media

Esure Contact Number
Picture from

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to make your complaint heard. You can also follow to get the latest updates or immediate company information. In the case of Esure, you can show gratitude for the exceptional service. You can also learn about Esure’s upcoming offers and policy discounts: