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With a mission of simplifying your life at work, Lyreco is a UK based company that specialises in services and workplace solutions bound to increase your company’s productivity.

One plus about this company is the fact that they do their work with passion, respect, agility and excellence to ensure that their clients are always smiling.

If you would like to contact the company, whether you are a current customer or one who would like to hire their services, use the Lyreco contact numbers shared in this post when contacting any of their departments or Lyreco customer service.

Lyreco Phone Number List

Lyreco Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0845 767 6999 
Corporate Sales Customer Service 0195 229 3000
Corporate Sales Customer Service Fax 0195 229 0670 
Ireland Customer Service +353 1850 882 276
Ireland Customer Service Fax +353 1850 882 277
New Orders 0845 767 6999
New Orders Fax 0845 076 2698 
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday closed

Lyreco Customer Service

Call this Lyreco customer service number 0845 767 6999  if you have already visited their FAQ page and couldn’t find an answer to your Lyreco query or inquiry.

Before initiating any contact with customer service, they advise that you visit Lyreco FAQ page where you are likely going to find a frequent question or answer that matches your request.

There is also a Lyreco contact form that you can fill detailing your query, inquiry or complaint at Lyreco contact us page if you are unable to use this Lyreco contact number.

Lyreco Corporate Sales Customer Service

Lycero Corporate Sales Customer Service

Customers with sales inquiries and queries should speak with a representative from their sales customer service team over the phone using this Lyreco corporate sales customer service number 0195 229 3000.

This Lyreco contact number is also applicable when addressing complaints you might have with one of their staff members regarding Lyreco sales.

Lyreco Corporate Sales Fax

You can also get in touch via fax using Lyreco corporate sales customer service fax number 0195 229 3000.

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service

Are you a customer leaving in Ireland? Contact the company over the phone using Lyreco Ireland customer service number +353 1850 882 276.

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service Fax

Other than this Lyreco phone number, customers, if they happen to have a fax machine and currently leaving in Ireland, can contact the company using Lyreco Ireland customer service fax number +353 1850 882 277.

Lyreco New Orders

This Lyreco new orders phone number 0845 767 6999 will connect you with a representative who will be in a position to take your new orders so feel free to use it when making your orders whether you are in Ireland or London.

Lyreco New Order Fax

Can’t get in touch with them over the phone? No problem, just such for a fax machine (if you have one already that’s good) and use Lyreco new orders fax numbers 0845 076 2698 to place all your orders.

Lyreco Head Office

You can get in touch with Lyreco head office using two methods, you can use the Lyreco customer service number shared above (not the Ireland customer service number) or you can write to them a letter and send it to Lyreco headquarters postal address, which is:

Deer Park Court, Donnington Wood, Telford TF2 7NB

Contact Lyreco via Social Media

If you are big on social media and also big on all things Lyreco and would like to contact their customer service or any of their departments, just use their social media accounts.

They are normally very active in the social world so do expect a response or feedback to your question in a matter of hours or on the same day.

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