Lovehoney Customer Service Contact Numbers

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Lovehoney Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0333 103 6969
Business Enquiries 0122 546 1127
Press Enquiries 0122 531 8881
Media Enquiries 0207 267 4011
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Lovehoney Customer Service

Lovehoney Customer Service contact number is 0333 130 6969. This is the contact number that you can use to easily get in touch with the company’s customer service team. Calls to this number are responded to by a human being 24 hours, 7 days a week. You need to know however that calls to this number may be recorded for training purposes. All your general enquiries regarding any product or service that you may wish to find out about from this company will be answered via this contact number.

Alternatively, you can contact the customer care team at It is yet another easy way for you to be able to contact the company’s customer care team without necessarily calling them by phone. You may want to ask about your order, cost of any item that you are interested in purchasing and so much more. You will be able to get help 24 hours,7 days a week via this email contact.

There is also a chat feature that is available on the landing page of the Lovehoney website. You will be assisted by a human who will engage you and help answer most of the queries and issues you may want to know from the company. This live chat feature is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lovehoney Headquarters

Lovehoney Group Ltd, 100 Lookbook Road, Bath, BA1, 3EN, UK.

100 Lookbook Road, Bath, BA1, 3EN, UK

Lovehoney Business Enquiries

Lovehoney Business Enquiries contact number is 0122 546 1127. This is the number you will call to reach the company’s business team. If you are interested in making a career with Lovehoney, visit the Lovehoney Job page online. There are many opportunities for anyone who is ready to get started in the sex toy brand business.

Lovehoney Press Enquiries

Lovehoney Press Enquiries contact number is 0122 531 8881. This is the company’s contact number that you can call directly if you need to find out about things such as product samples, sex statistics, saucy feature ideas, and so much more. All your issues will promptly be replied to via this contact number. There is also an alternative email address which is that you can use instead of the telephone number.

Lovehoney Geeky Stuff contact email is You will send all your issues and queries regarding Lovehoney geeky stuff via this email address. This email is aimed at helping to make your shopping experience as much pleasure as possible.

To get in touch with Lovehoney Advertising Sales team, you can send an email to For all your advertising issues with Lovehoney, you will have to email them via this email address. If you got an advert on a website or a magazine, you are advised against calling the order line as this will only render your request invalid.

Lovehoney Media Enquiries

Lovehoney media enquiries contact number is 0207 267 4011. This is the direct contact line for Jules Stenson who is the head of all media relations. You can contact Lovehoney online through Jules email, or through the US PR department To learn more about media or press release information visit the media centre website.

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