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lastminute.com_customer_service_number Customer Service Free Contact UK Number is 0800 083 4000. The customer service line is open, every time and every day. Call now to get connected to customer service team to help you book any of the products ranging from flights, hotels, city breaks to holidays and assist you with any other query you might have regarding  All you need to do is to ensure you have a valid email address to enable your booking. Further, you can visit the website to place your booking online. Once your booking is completed, you are going to receive a confirmation email. In the event you didn’t receive a confirmation email, please contact the customer service officer for help.

If you receive any acknowledgement regarding your payment showing the booking process didn’t go through, please liaise with the customer service agent for more information. It may be your account was flagged for fraud or any other error in the payment processes.

For clients with a disability, they are advised to contact customer service agent to ensure the reservation made take into account their conditions while making the bookings.

In case you are making a booking for a hotel and need a special arrangement such as having a cot, please contact the customer service agent so that the request is forwarded to the hotel.

In the event you need to make changes to your hotel booking such as changing the dates, room, please contact the customer care agent prior to your trip. Likewise, in case you need to cancel your booking, please contact customer service team for more information to establish whether you qualify for a refund.  The same applies to cancellation of booked flights.

If you arrived at the hotel and you find out they don’t have records of your booking, don’t hesitate to contact free number 0800 083 4000 for assistance. In the event you take shorter than your intended period as per booking in your hotel arrangement, you can claim for a refund. All you need to do is to contact customer service agent to obtain a document showing the number of nights spent and total charges for you to get a refund on the unused nights.

For flights, you might need to know the amount of luggage you can check in on your trip. Please contact the customer service agent for advice on the luggage allowances and policies. Please note that the check-in policy changes depending on the flight you are using. As usual, you can always contact the customer service agent for more information.

If you are making a reservation for your hotel or flight using different cards,  you will need to contact customer service payment operations agent for help. Spa SPA Customer Service Contact Number is 0330 100 3505. The Spa customer service number is available from Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm; 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday’s. Visit the lastminute website or contact the customer service agent for a variety of spa you choose from. Alternatively, you can call contact number 0330 100 3505 and speak with the customer service agent for more information about spa pricing. Experiences experiences contact number is 0844 474 0844. Are you looking for a perfect experience? Look no further, just visit the Experiences contact us page to learn more. International International contact number 0203 499 8517. The customer service line is open every day and every time. If you are not in the UK and you are looking for hotels, flights, spa or experiences, please contact phone number 0203 499 8517. Press

Media_contact_number press contact number is 0361 720 7240. If you’ve any media query and would love to get a correspondence from, please contact the above number for assistance. Further, you can use email address or use email contact to make other queries.

Are you looking to connect with millions of travellers? You can advertise with the group to reach out to your prospective customers. All you need to is to contact the customer care agent for more information or visit the website, advertise with us page.

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