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A large number of people have now started depending on the Internet for everything they want in their life. From cars and houses to clothes and groceries, people log on to the Internet to search for the product of their choice. Classified sites have come as a boon to Internet users, as they allow people to look for the type of service they want within their locality or a particular geographical area.

If you are looking for a particular service in a specific area, you can easily find it through online classified sites. Whether you are looking for a job, a car rental service, a computer repair service, a home tutor or a real estate agent, all of these are available for sale on these sites. Gumtree is one of the most popular and most widely used online classified sites that you can access. For complete Gumtree support, you can either call the Gumtree Contact Number or visit their official website.

Gumtree Phone Number List

Gumtree Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Technical Support 0208 610 0155
Gumtree Classifieds Number 0203 598 8081
Gumtree Customer Service 0208 605 3325
Business Queries 0203 5800 500
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Gumtree is a UK based classifieds website available out there, primarily popular in UK, South Africa, Singapore and Australia. It has been rated among some of the biggest local community classified websites, receiving around 15 million visitors every month. Their Gumtree classifieds number also receives hundreds and thousands of calls everyday. Founded in 2000 by Simon Crookall and Michael Pennington, Gumtree was basically designed to connect people of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia with new people and local merchants. In 2005, the classifieds group of eBay acquired Gumtree, with presence in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Poland, Hong Kong and the UK. During its operational years, Gumtree received an international expansion to several other countries, including Poland, Germany, Italy, Boston, Chicago and other states of the US.

Gumtree deals in varied categories of products and services, including goods, motors, job vacancies, properties, etc. In addition to their online presence, they also have a Gumtree Customer Care Helpline that you can call to make any kind of query or complaint with the company.

If you want to ask something or if you want to get more information about Gumtree and the GumTree Customer Service, there are several mediums of getting in contact with them. Some of them include:

  • Sending them a written letter
  • Calling them on their Gumtree Phone Number
  • Installing their Gumtree helpline app
  • Visiting the Gumtree Contact Us page
  • Getting connected via social media

Contact GumTree Headquarters

Presently, Gumtree has two addresses where you can post a written letter. First one is the registered company head office, while the second one is their registered trading address.

Head office address: 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW

Trading Address: 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN

You can send a letter to any of the above two addresses, but this method of communication is not recommended if you are expecting a quick and prompt response. Receiving your letter and replying to it may take a time of few days, for which you may not want to wait. If you are fine with waiting, then this is the most reliable method of seeking Gumtree support. They have a special Gumtree customer service team that is dedicated to the clients in the best possible way.

Gumtree Technical Support

Although has a user-friendly interface, and you won’t have any problem using it, you can seek technical support from the company experts by calling their Gumtree customer care helpline at 0208 610 0155. When you call this Gumtree classifieds number, you will be connected to a trained and experienced customer care executive who will be able to help in all technical aspects of posting an ad or finding one. If you have any kind of technical problem while browsing through the site or while using it, you can call this Gumtree Contact Number to seek complete technical support on your issue. You can also visit the Gumtree Contact Us page to find out other ways of contacting the company and seeking their support.

GumTree Customer Service
Contact Us

Get connected to the Gumtree helpline

If you have any query to make about Gumtree, then there is Gumtree helpdesk that can assist you in every possible way. The customer care executives at this Gumtree phone number are extremely friendly, patient and willing to help you. They are professionally trained to satisfy their clients and respond to a wide range of issues.

Getting connected with the Gumtree help desk is extremely easy and fast. All you have to do is to call the Gumtree Customer Care Helpline number 0203 598 8081 and start talking to a company representative. Be sure to keep your query details ready, so that you don’t take much time to give them to the Gumtree person you talk to. Lines to this GumTree Classifieds Number are open from Monday to Friday, between 7 am and 9 pm.

Gumtree Customer Service Number

In addition to the Gumtree phone number for technical support and helpdesk, you can also call their customer service number 0208 605 3325 to make any kind of query and complaint. If you have any query, complaint, request or suggestion to make, you can call this Gumtree contact number to talk to an authorised Gumtree executive. He will patiently listen to your issue, and do his best to resolve it in the best possible manner. The professional customer care executives available at this Gumtree helpline are fully trained and qualified to address different kinds of issues in a satisfactory and timely way. When you call their phone number, you will be connected to the relevant department which can address your issue and satisfy you with a prompt response.

Making Business Queries with Gumtree

If you are a business owner and want to post an ad at Gumtree, you can have your queries cleared by calling their business queries number 0203 5800 500. If you are facing a problem while posting your ad, or if you want to know about the conditions and rates of doing the same, you can call this number and place your query. Although posting ads at Gumtree is free and easy, sometimes it depends on the geographical location of the service and the type of service for which the ad is being posted. If you want to place a business related query with Gumtree, you can call this helpline number and talk to a business executive of the company.

Gumtree Phone Number
Business Queries

Installing the Gumtree app

Whether you are a customer looking for a service, or a business owner posting an ad on the website, installing the Gumtree app on your smartphone can make the job done much easier and quicker, that too on the go. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or an iPhone, you can download their app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once you have installed the app, you can quickly open the Gumtree website on your hand-held device, and browse through the myriad of listings while travelling, while lazing around or while chatting with friends. You can even click screenshots of your favourite listings, and save or share them for future reference.

Through the app, you will have access to the classifieds website 24/7, whether you are a customer or a business owner. You can send a message to the Gumtree customer service team through the app, and wait for a quick response. You will be able to link your services to social media, and make yourself known.

While browsing through the Gumtree website, you will need to enter your location and pin code to search your products or services. But if you use the Gumtree app, your location will be automatically detected by your location settings.

Registering to Gumtree

When you visit the Gumtree website, you will find the option to register to the site. If you are a business owner, you can register to the site and get added benefits of placing your ads on Gumtree. If you are a customer, you can register to Gumtree and receive regular updates, news, promotions and offers from Gumtree. There are several added benefits of registering to Gumtree, such as sharing your links, tagging favourites, posting your ads, promoting them and increasing your business.

All you have to do is to provide your personal and professional details and register to the Gumtree website for free.

Getting connected via social media

With an increasing number of people getting connected via social media, Gumtree is available on a number of social networking sites as well. You can visit the Gumtree contact us page, and find different mediums of following Gumtree via social media.

All you have to do is to follow them on any or all of these sites, including:

Gumtree regularly updates its information on social media, and shares its latest happenings, offers and events on these sites. When you follow them on social media, you will never miss out on even a single deal from them.

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