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Gtech Customer Service

Gtech Phone Number

Gtech Customer Service email

Gtech Sales Customer Service Number

Gtech Customer Service Number is 0190 534 5891. The customer service number is available 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday, and Sunday.  Contact the Gtech customer service number for queries regarding all the Gtech products such as vacuum cleaner, garden tools and power sweeper. The customer service team is well trained to handle all your queries and offer assistance. You can also visit the Gtech website for detailed information regarding each and particular Gtech product. From the website, you’re able to get manuals on all products sold at Gtech. All you need to do is visit the Gtech customer service website; enter the details of the product you need to know about and the information will populate instantly.  Further, you can find answers to all your queries from the FAQs page. But in case you don’t succeed in finding useful information to your problem, you can email the Gtech customer service email through windows widget on the right down corner of the website.

The customer service team will address other issues such as overcharge or undercharge to your order. Call now to speak to a customer care agent with your order number to rectify the problem. You might be asked to provide the details of your payments to enable regularization of your account. In case you unable to make payments using the credit or debit card, you can reach the customer service during the working hours for assistance. You might be offered alternative payments methods that can suit your needs.

If you are experiencing delays with your order, contact the Gtech customer service number 0190 534 5891 for assistance. You’ll be asked about your order number and later advised on when you’ll be able to receive your order. Likewise, you can trace your order through accessing the Gtech account online and check the progress of the placed order.

You may need to know about the warranty period or registration for the products you have purchased online. Just write down your product name and model number and contact Gtech phone number to register or claim your warrant. This goes to the case where the product fails to work while still under the warranty period. You can request for a replacement from the Gtech customer service team. You might be asked to return the product to Gtech for the technical team to verify that it failed to work due to manufacturing problem.

From the Gtech website, you can learn about the available job opportunities for you to apply. This can be done by contacting the customer service team to inquire about available job opportunities. In case you have applied for a particular job and need to know the progress, the customer service will be there to help you.

Gtech Fax Number

Gtech Fax Number is 0190 534 5724. You can use Gtech Fax number 0190 534 5724 to communicate with Gtech customer service. This number allows you to send scanned copies of documents you might need to send to Gtech support team. This might include the warrant document or order delivery receipts. The support team is also able to send scanned data using the same line for your acknowledgement.

Gtech Head Office

Gtech UK head offices are open for enquires regarding Gtech products. Just visit the offices during working hours from the directions given below. The customer service team at the office will be able to address any issue you might have pertaining Gtech such as product failure, inquiries on machines and technical support.

Brindley Road
Warndon, Worcester
R4 9FB.

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