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Do you enjoy travelling? More importantly, do you want to travel on the best airline across the entire UK? Look no further than EasyJet: the leading provider of modern passenger aviation in the UK.

Here is the guide for all EasyJet contact numbers, to make planning your trip as easy as it can be! Whether you want to book a luxurious hotel, a stress-free flight, or a well-deserved holiday, this page will offer an answer to all of your questions!

List of EasyJet Contact Numbers

EasyJet Helpline UK Contact Number
EasyJet Customer Service 0330 365 5000
Special Assistance Toll-Free 0800 998 1130
General Inquiries 0330 365 5454
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EasyJet is Europe’s leading airline. It is one of the few non-major commercial airlines that operates on over 820 routes across 30 countries! They have a fleet of over 250 aircraft, employing over 10,000 people. With more than 2,300 pilots and 5,000 cabin crew, you can feel assured that you will not only have a safe experience but a personal one too that meets all your travelling needs.EasyJet flies on more of Europe’s top 100 routes than

EasyJet flies on more of Europe’s top 100 routes than any other airline! It is an elite service that is guaranteed to make your next trip a breeze to plan. Contact EasyJet to learn more or visit their main website!

With any EasyJet phone number, you can access a company representative that will help you with anything you need. Did you have last minute plans to book an international flight? Are you planning a summer holiday vacation for the whole family? Are you flying today and you forgot to book hotel:reservations or a car hire?o , you can not only book a flight, but it is a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs! At

No matter what, EasyJet customer service will back you up and take care of you as the one-stop-shop for all your travel needs! With easy interfacing on the website portal, you track your flights, change reservations for the hotel:stay, cancel a car rental, or extend your vacation package from the comfort of your home!

If you use EasyJet, there is no need to call several places in order to plan your entire trip because, with the one EasyJet contact number, 0800 998 1130, your entire trip will be planned from start to finish! Call today and prepare for the trip of a lifetime!

The EasyJet Story

easyjet contact number

In 1995, Stelios Haji-Ioannu had an incredible idea to revolutionise the entire industry of airline travel. In that exact same year, the very first EastJet plane took off from Luton and landed in Glasglow, marking the beginning of EasyJet’s innovative history. In an era of incredible choice, there is one easy decision to make when deciding the jet you want to sit on. It is not a shocker that this company is so successful.

From that point on, each and every year, EasyJet Customer Service has always been committed to improving the flying experience for passengers. The airline’s number one priority has been to continue expanding services across Europe.

By 2005, just 10 years after beginning an independent world airline, EasyJet bought their 100th aircraft. They are dedicated to producing the highest technologies on their planes, and most of all, helping their clients in any way they can. Through the EasyJet contact number 0800 998 1130, hotels and flights have never been easier to book.

EasyJet Values

EasyJet Airlines has partnered with Unicef to only bring good into this world. And this way of thinking did not just start overnight. In fact, the airline is dedicated to providing services that are 100% honest and safe for the traveller. With this in mind, the airline created a list of values that it stands by to daily improve the flying experience worldwide.

  • Safety – The core the company is making sure all passengers leave the airport and arrive at another airport as if no flying even took place.
  • Pioneering – EasyJet is persistent to find you the cheapest travel possible and will work with you to find the right seat on the more reliable aircraft.
  • One Team – Working together to get the job done. All employees of the company are committed to the mission and values.
  • Passion – Passionate about their clients and the travel industry.
  • Integrity – EasyJet lives up to the high standard they make for themselves.
  • Simplicity – EasyJet wants to make travel EASY and SAFE, but most importantly, as reliable as possible for every traveller.

Contact EasyJet Customer Service

You can successfully reach EasyJet through the excellent EasyJet Customer Service Hotline. Due to demand, sometimes the line can be busy, or you may have an emergency and need to contact them right away! It is recommended that when calling during business hours you avoid calling between 11am and 1pm when communication traffic is at its highest.

The EasyJet contact number helpline is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm. It is closed on all public and bank holidays. However, if you are unable to reach an EasyJet Customer Service representative, there are a few other ways to reach them as well:

EasyJet Airline Company Limited

Customer Care Centre
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport
United Kingdom

Please note that whenever you are writing a letter to the company, you should do so in a clear manner. Typing a letter may be useful to the reader and helpful to you in getting your points across without misunderstandings. Please also leave important details so the airline can respond to you as immediately as the team is able.

Why Choose EasyJet Helpline

EasyJet Helpline

EasyJet takes customer care very seriously. They pride themselves on the simplicity of their bookings and working with customers to answer all questions. However, rather than using the EasyJet Telephone Number, 0330 365 5000, EasyJet wants you to use their online system for most cases and general enquiries.

If you need to manage your booking: such as changing seats, changing a flight or passenger name, or adding luggage; this all should be done online. The airline has mandated that if a customer uses the EasyJet Helpline but their problem could’ve been solved online, they will be charged £10. Do not get stuck paying extra fees if it is unnecessary! Therefore, we recommend you visit the EasyJet Contact Us help page online first, before considering making any phone call.

However, due to Internet difficulties, or if a problem cannot be solved online, the EastJet Contact numbers are at your disposal 7 days a week. You can also avoid a £10 fee by explaining this when you first call and speak to an agent.

Booking From Around the World

Contact EasyJet

With over hundreds of destinations to choose from, EasyJet strives to attract customers from all over the world. Therefore, there are different ways to speak with an EasyJet Customer Service representative. There are additional numbers if you are planning to call outside the UK. Here is a breakdown of every number from around the world. These EasyJet Contact Numbers for each country will allow you to travel easily and using your own native language!

Country EasyJet Phone Number
Austria 0330 365 5000
Croatia 0601 90199
Denmark 458988 1032
France 0820420 315
Germany 01806060 606
Greece 211198 0013
Israel 97237630561
Italy 199201 840
Portugal  70750 0176
 Spain  902599 900
Switzerland 0848 282828
Netherlands  0900 040 1048
Rest of the World  +44330 3655454
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Booking A Car

EasyJet Helpline

Booking a car has never been easier. You can either call, using the EasyJet telephone number or by visiting their website in the car section.

EasyJet has made three “partner” promises to anyone who services a car through them.

  • If the customer finds a better price on the car, other than on EasyJet, EasyJet will refund double the difference.
  • The airline provides a car at the airport for a customer, EVEN if your flight is delayed!
  • EasyJet promises to never charge you with unexpected extra fees when you arrive.

EasyJet’s main focus is always to provide the most affordable travel care, putting their customers’ needs before themselves! This is what makes EasyJet one of the most proficient airlines in all of Europe.

Price Match Guarantee

EasyJet Contact Number

EasyJet Customer Service wants to continue to assure you that the final price is the most affordable one on the market. This is why they have promised their “Price Match Guarantee.” EasyJet states that if a customer finds the same flight and hotel:for cheaper elsewhere, EasyJet will match it and give them an additional £10 off! This is an incredible deal, leaving customers assured they made the right choice.

Certain terms and conditions apply and not all ticket fares found will necessarily be matched. Please call the EasyJet phone number for more information today.

Package Holidays

Instead of booking everything separately for a trip: the flight, the hotel, the car; EasyJet customer service has grouped all three together through their Package Holidays Page!

Planning a trip has never been simpler with the click of a button, and through all of the EasyJet Contact Numbers, you can begin to plan your trip from start to finish with just one call! EasyJet has holiday package for every day of the year, to a variety of destinations across all of Europe. Enjoy a sunny destination in Spain, or a leisurely trip to Italy; the Easy Jet Holiday page has something for everyone. Simply contact EasyJet to get started!

Contact EasyJet via Social Media

EasyJet Helpline

Many times you do not have the time and patience to get on the phone. Also writing a letter may be too time-consuming. EasyJet Customer Service has made it simple to reach out on social media, providing multiple channels to communicate with. Reach out today to get answers to your questions or read about the most recent news regarding the airlines. Travel safely!

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