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If you are a woman living in the UK and looking for an insurance cover that suits all your need then there is one company that will cater to you fully and that is Diamond Insurance.

This company specialises in offering a car insurance cover for women that covers your handbag, courtesy car and even child seat.

With that in mind, this post shares a variety of Diamond Insurance contact numbers including the all-important Diamond Insurance roadside emergency phone number for current customers or women who would like to take up their insurance cover.

Diamond Insurance Phone Number List

Diamond Insurance Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0330 333 5888
International Customer Service +44 (0)179 262 1990
Renewing Single Car 0333 222 6718
Renewing Multi Car 0333 220 2018
Claims Team Helpline 0333 220 2037
Claims Team Helpline 0333 220 2038
Hit By Someone Insured 0333 220 2048
Roadside Emergency 0800 600 840
Glass Repair Line 0333 220 2026
Breakdown Service 0800 458 9281 
Single Car Insurance 0333 220 2076
Multi Car Insurance 0333 220 2078 
Job Vacancies 0800 118 1619
Claim Complaints 0330 333 5887 
Single Car Enquiries 0333 220 2004
Multi Car Enquiries 0333 220 2005
Complaints Fax 0330 333 5886
Claim Complaints Fax 0333 222 5570
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and Sunday closed.

Diamond Insurance Customer Service

Diamond Insurance customer service contact number for main website

This Diamond Insurance complaints phone number 0330 333 5888 will connect you with an official from their complaints department so use it if you have complaints regarding services and products this company offers.

For additional information on how to go about addressing all your complaints visit Diamond Insurance complaints page.

Diamond Insurance International Complaints

If you are a company customer calling outside the UK, use Diamond Insurance international phone number, which is +44 (0)179 262 1990 to contact their customer service team who will them answer your inquiries and queries or, if need be, direct you to the relevant department.

Diamond Insurance Renewing Single & Multi Car

Diamond Insurance Renewing Single & Multi Car

Dial this Diamond Insurance renewing single car phone number 0333 222 6718 to inquire from the company representatives on how you can have your current single car insurance cover renewed.

Diamond Insurance Renewing Multi-Car Insurance

If you already have a multi car insurance cover on the other hand and want to have it renewed, dial the following Diamond Insurance renewing multi-car phone number 0333 220 2018 and one of their friendly staff members will assist you accordingly.

Diamond Insurance Claims Team

Call this Diamond Insurance claims team helpline number 0333 220 2037 to kick-start the process of claiming your insurance cover from the company.

Diamond Insurance Claim Alternative Number

If you cannot contact them using this number, then use the following Diamond Insurance claims phone number 0333 220 2038, as it too will connect you with Diamond Insurance claims department.

Diamond Insurance Claim Complaints

If you are having trouble making your insurance claim? Phone the following Diamond Insurance claim complaints phone number 0330 333 5887 to speak with the right company staff member who will help resolve your claim complaint in no time.

Diamond Insurance Hit By Someone Insured

Use this Diamond Insurance hit by someone insured phone number 0333 220 2048 if you are in an accident or have been knocked with a car that is also insured with this company and you will be advised on how to go about settling the matter and having your car back on the road in no time.

Diamond Insurance Roadside Emergency

Always see to it that this Diamond Insurance roadside emergency number 0800 600 840 is with you at all times when you drive your car as it connects you with the roadside emergency team who will assist you in an event you car breaks down while driving.

Diamond Insurance Glass Repair Line Service

Use this Diamond Insurance glass repair line service number 0333 220 2026 to speak to one of their friendly staff member from their repairs department on how you can have your car glass repaired.

Diamond Insurance Breakdown Cover

Diamond Insurance Breakdown Service

Use this Diamond Insurance breakdown cover phone number 0800 458 9281 to find out the different types of breakdown insurance cover (local, national plus cover & European plus cover) they offer their clients.

Alternatively, you could answer all your breakdown cover queries and inquiries by simply visiting Diamond Insurance breakdown cover page where, in addition to finding details about their breakdown cover, you will also find FAQ questions by customers about their breakdown insurance cover.

Diamond Insurance Single Car Insurance

Call the following Diamond Insurance single car insurance phone number 0333 220 2076 to speak with a company staff member and find out how you can get yourself their single car insurance cover.

Diamond Insurance Multi Car Insurance

For multi-car insurance cover, use the following Diamond Insurance multi-car insurance phone number 0333 220 2078 and you will be assisted accordingly.

Diamond Insurance Job Vacancies

Find out how you can join Diamond Insurance’s team of friendly staff by dialling their job vacancies number, which is 0800 118 1619. Additionally, you can visit the company’s job vacancies page to see the various job openings currently available at this company.

Diamond Insurance Head office

If you have a query, complaint or inquiry that you would like to have it answered or solved by their head office staff members, simply write to them a letter and send it to them using the following Diamond Insurance head office postal address:

Ty Admiral, David St, Cardiff CF10 2AA.

Contact Diamond Insurance via Social Media

Diamond Insurance Social Media Details

Contact Diamond Insurance customer service using social media by posting your message of complaint, query or inquiry on their page and they will get back to you in good time with an appropriate response. Below is a list of their social media accounts.

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