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Known to be UK’s second most popular newspaper tabloid, the Daily Mail is without a doubt one of the country’s best platform when it comes to matter current news be it on politics, sports, science, weather, showbiz, business or even space related news. It boasts of having a diverse group of readers ranging from women and men across all age groups.

If you are an advertiser, or you simply a Daily Mail customer who wants to get in touch with them, you will find this article extremely useful as it will share with you all the Daily Mail contact number you will need. The Daily Mail telephone numbers listed in this article include their general helpline number, complaints number and editorial number just to mention a few.

Daily Mail Phone Number List

Daily Mail UK Helpline  UK Contacts
Customer Services 0207 938 6000
Daily Mail Complaints 0300 123 2220
Daily Mail Promotions Phone Number 0207 937 5656
Daily Mail News Dest Contact 0207 938 6000
Copyright And Licensing Enquiries 0207 566 0360
Editorial Enquiries 0207 938 6000
Daily Mail Rewards Club Number 0207 640 3900
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Before interacting with Daily Mail, you should familiarise yourself with a few key takeaways such as it being a member of the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO) and being owned by General Trust and Daily Mail. For more details on Daily Mail from what they are all about to the services that they offer, do visit Daily Mail’s About us page where they have shared lots of insightful information about their business and services they offer.

Getting In Touch With Daily Mail

Daily Mail Contact Number

Contacting Daily Mail is very simple as long as you have all the relevant contact details such as the right email address, postal code address and most importantly the right Daily Mail telephone number. They have also simplified the entire communication process by having in place different departments tasked with handling various issues that may come up.

For instance, if you happen to have a query that touches on Daily Mail’s advertising services, be it display or simply classified, then you can contact their advertising department by using the relevant numbers put in place.

The same also applies for those who might have complaints regarding the services Daily Mail offers (more on this will be covered later on). For those who have minor issues to address with Daily Mail or you would simply want to give your compliments then you can do so by contacting Daily Mail customer service by using their general helpline.

Daily Mail Postal Address

If you prefer a more physical means of communication then contacting daily Mail via letter would be a perfect way to go for you. When writing your letter, you want to be as clear as possible. If you are writing to make certain suggestions then make them clear, if you are writing with a complaint then make it extra clear, in other words, for whatever reason you are writing make sure that you make your message as clear as possible. Another thing you ought to take into account when sending them a letter is addressing it properly.

If you would like to interact with their advertising department address your letter in a manner in which, the letter will be delivered to the advertising department when it reaches their offices. That being said, writing a letter to Daily Mail or any other company for that matter is usually not that fast and as such, many tend to avoid it especially when they have issues that require immediate attention. If you choose to contact Daily Mail by writing a letter then below you will find their postal address.

Daily Mail, Northcliffe House,

2 Derry Street, London, W8 5TT

Daily Mail Customer Service

Daily Mail Customer Service

If you are looking for an easier option when it comes to getting in touch with Daily Mail then contacting Daily Mail customer service is the way to go. In fact, you will end up surprised by how simple the process is. If you have any queries, inquiries or suggestions about services offered by Daily Mail then you can address them with their customer service team by simply giving them a call using the following Daily Mail contact number 0207 938 6000.

Upon making the call, there will be Daily Mail representative ready to assist you accordingly. Before making the call, do ensure that you have all your queries or questions in place for them to assist you much faster. For more details on how to get in touch with their customer service team do visit Daily Mail’s contact us page where you will also find a useful form you can fill and someone will get back to you with a response.

Daily Mail Complaints

Daily Mail Complaints

If you happen to have any complaints regarding the services offered by Daily Mail or even the stories that they publish to their customers then you can choose to raise a complaint by contacting Daily Mail complaint team by using the following Daily Mail phone number 0300 123 2220. In addition to giving them a phone call, you can also choose to write to them if you happen to have a complaint.

You can use the initial postal address code given earlier in this article. If you are writing a letter to address your complaint, especially if it touches on their editing, make sure that you address to “Readers”. For more details on how to raise your complaints do visit Daily Mail complaints page where you will find all the procedures laid out for you.

Classified Advertising Enquiries

Classified Advertising Enquiries

If you have any enquiries on Daily Mail’s classified advertising service then feel free to contact using the following Daily Mail news desk contact number 0207 937 5656. When making your call, do make sure that you have in place all the issues or questions that you have right with you for them to assist you as quick as possible. Get more details on this great service offered by Daily Mail by simply visiting their classified advertising enquiries page.

Daily Mail Promotions Phone Number

Display Advertising Enquiries

Another great service offered by Daily Mail UK is their display advertising services. If you have taken up this particular service and had a few questions or queries to address then you can do so by simply contacting Daily Mail’s display advertising department by using the following Daily Mail promotions phone number 0207 938 6000. You can also get more details on this great service by simply visiting Daily Mail display advertising service page where the team at Daily Mail has shared lots of useful information with their customers.

Copyright & Licensing Enquiries

Copyright & Licensing Enquiries

In general, Solo Syndication is in charge of managing all copyright and licensing enquiries or issues made by customers concerning materials shared by Daily Mail on their platform. That said, if you have any enquiries whatsoever concerning this two, regardless of the item you want, then you can reach out to them using the following Daily Mail news desk contact number 0207 566 0360. In addition to this, there are various phone numbers under Daily Mail copyright and licensing department.

For example, if you wanted to make inquiries about book rights as well as any other educational permissions used on their platform, then you will have to get in touch using the following Daily Mail contact number 0207 566 0362.

If it’s commercial licenses you are after be it for promotions or advertising purposes then use the following Daily Mail telephone number 0207 566 0363. You can use this number for other products they have such as film and TV props or even for exclusives and features. For the archives, you can contact them using the following Daily Mail contact number 0207 361 50934.

Editorial Enquiries

Editorial Enquiries

If you have enquiries you would want to make regarding Daily Mail’s editorial services, it might be concerning news or a feature segment then contact Daily Mail customer service using the following number 0207 938 6000. When making the call do ensure that you all the material you need with you as this will help them assist you more effectively and faster. You can also get further detail regarding how to contact them for this service by simply visiting Daily Mail’s editorial enquiries page.

Daily Mail Rewards Club Number

Daily Mail Back Copies

If you have enquiries regarding Daily Mail’s back copies, be it for the back copies price or even their availabilities, then you can reach out to them using the Daily Mail Rewards Club number 0207 640 3900. You may not realise this but back copies and the rewards club are connected. While making the call, make sure that you are detailed as possible as this will enable them to address your enquiry easier and faster

Daily Mail’s Social Media Accounts

Daily Mail’s Social Media Accounts

In addition to the Daily Mail contact number shared in this article as well as their postal code address, you can also use Daily Mail’s social media accounts to contact their customer service team. They are very active on social media so you can expect a response from them if you happen to leave them a message in a matter of hours. Their social media platform also offers a perfect platform for one to keep up with all things Daily Mail. By simply following their account, you will receive all posts they make on their social media accounts right on your social media home feed. Below is a list of their current social media accounts;




Google Plus




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