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Have you been searching for Covea Insurance contact details? Well, if it’s something that you have been doing then this post is going to be of great value to you as it highlights a number of Covea Insurance contact numbers including Covea Insurance head office contact number.

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Covea Insurance Phone Number List

Covea Insurance Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0330 221 0444
Household 0330 024 2255
Commercial Vehicle, VanGo, Private Car 0330 024 2240
E-Van 0330 024 2244
Business Development 0142 228 6495
Motorist & Motor Sure 0330 134 8186
Business Legal Expenses 0330 024 2290
Legal Advise 0330 134 8164
Home Emergency 0330 134 8162
Travel Insurance 0162 364 5308
Life & Protection 0330 134 8300
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed

Covea Insurance Customer Service

This Covea Insurance customer service phone number 0330 221 0444 will connect you with the company staff members at their head office so use it if you have some query, complaint or inquiry that you would like to bring to the attention of their head office.

A perfect alternative to this company main office contact number is this Covea Insurance main office email address

For additional details on their main office as well as how to contact them, do visit this Covea Insurance contact us page.

Covea Insurance Household

This Covea Insurance household phone number 0330 024 2255 is useful for all customers with household insurance queries, inquiries or even complaints as it connects you with the company’s staff member ready to give you a constructive feedback or response.

Covea Insurance Private Car

Covea Insurance Private Car

Call this Covea Insurance private car phone number 0330 024 2240 to inquire about how you can get yourself an insurance cover that protects you as an individual as well as your car against legal liability (for injury related to accidents, deaths and even damage to other people’s property), damage as well as loss in case of theft.

For more on their private car insurance service, visit the official Covea Insurance private care insurance page.

The company’s customers can also use this Covea Insurance contact number for all their commercial vehicle and VanGo insurance needs.

Covea Insurance E-Van

Use this Covea Insurance e-van phone number 0330 024 2244 to get in touch with a representative from the company if you have an insurance claim to make on your van and he/she will guide you on what to do.

For additional information on all things E-Van insurance services from the company, visit Covea Insurance E-Van page.

Covea Insurance Business Development

This Covea Insurance business development number 0142 228 6495 will connect you with business development team if you have questions regarding the various services the company offers or simply want to discuss new business opportunities.

Covea Insurance Motorist & Motor Sure

Covea Insurance Motorist & Motor Sure

Dial this Covea Insurance motorist and motor sure phone number 0330 134 8186 to inform their motorist and motor sure department about your insurance claim.

The following Covea Insurance motorist and motor sure link allow you to see policies guiding this insurance claims.

Covea Insurance Business Legal Expense

Their customers can use this Covea Insurance business legal expense phone number 0330 024 2290 when making claims under their business legal expense section of their policy.

Covea Insurance Legal Advice

This Covea Insurance legal advice phone number 0330 134 8164 will connect you to the relevant party if at all you are in need of legal advice from any of their staff members from their legal department team.

Covea Insurance Home Emergency

For all your home emergencies do dial the right CoInsuranceance home emergency number for assistance. This is the correct Covea Insurance home emergency number 0330 134 8162.

Covea Insurance Travel Insurance

Planning a trip anytime time soon? Use this Covea Insurance travel insurance phone number 0162 364 5308 to find out how you can get your travels insurance by this company.

Covea Insurance Life & Protection

This Covea Insurance life and protection phone number 0330 134 8300 will connect you to the relevant persons who are in a position to handle all your life and protection insurance queries and questions.

Covea Insurance Head Office

If you have an insurance claim you would like Covea Insurance head office to handle, then do write and send them a physical letter to the following Covea Insurance headquarters postal address:

Covéa Insurance, 2 Norman Place, Reading, RG1 8DA.

Covea Insurance Commercial Vehicle

Use this email address to contact Covea Insurance with all your commercial vehicle insurance questions and queries.

Visit Covea Insurance commercial lines overview page for a look into this great service, what it covers as well as how you can get your hands on one.

Contact Covea Insurance via Social Media

Contact Covea Insurance Using Social Media

You can also get in touch with Covea Insurance customer service using social media by simply posting you query, inquiry or complaint message on their page and they will get back to you in good time. Below is a list of their social media accounts.

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