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With more than 300,000 vehicles being sold online on their online platform and an extra 5,000 being made available for bidding by the team at Copart UK, this company has slowly grown to become a powerhouse in all things car export, sales, and imports.

That being said, this post gets to highlight all Copart UK contact numbers including Copart UK customer service number.

Copart UK Phone Number List

Copart UK Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0844 875 8845
Member Services 0844 875 8837
Direct Number 0844 856 6648
Trade 1st Choice 0123 467 3671
Northern Ireland 0282 582 2066
Sandwich Branch 0844 875 8841
International Customer Service +44 (0)123 476 6500
Copart UK Fax 0844 875 8842
Bespoke Sale 0123 476 2264
North Ireland Fax 0282 582 2902
Member Service Fax 0844 875 8850
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm excluding bank holidays.

Copart UK Customer Service

Copart UK customer service contact number for main website page

Regardless of the query, inquiry or complaint you have, use this Copart UK customer service number 0844 875 8845 to address it with one of their friendly staff from their customer service team and he/she will guide you accordingly.

Copart UK International Customer Service

If you are contacting their customer service outside the UK, dial this Copart UK international phone number +44 (0)123 476 6500 and they will assist you accordingly.

Copart UK Fax Number

This Copart UK fax number 0844 875 8842 is also applicable when contacting their customer service team.

If you are unable to get in touch with their customer service using the Copart UK contact numbers provided, the following links are of great use Copart UK FAQ page and Copart UK contact us page.

Copart UK Member Services

This Copart UK member services phone number 0844 875 8837 will connect you with the right contact person at this company who is in a position to handle all your member service inquiry, queries and complaints.

In addition to this Copart UK phone number, you can also send their member service department an email using

Copart UK Trade 1st Choice

In addition to this Copart UK trade 1st choice phone number 0123 467 3671, Copart UK customers can get in touch with their trade 1st choice department for all questions, suggestions or complaints via email using

Copart UK Selling A Vehicle

Selling a used car, a salvaged car, damaged a car or even car scrap directly to Copart UK or their clients/customers?

You can visit Copart UK sell a car page for individuals or Copart UK sell a car page for businesses, fill out the form you see and they will contact in good time with a quote for your car. You can also use the Copart Direct number for selling services as mentioned above.

Copart UK Direct Number

Copart UK helpline number for Direct service

This Copart UK direct number 0844 856 6648 offers their customers with a direct contact with their customer service team in the United Kingdom.

Copart UK Bespoke

If you are dealing with Bespoke, call this Copart UK Bespoke contract sales number 0123 476 2264 to speak to their sales team who will help you moving forward marketing wise.

Copart UK customers who want to sell their cars can also use this email address to seek advice on how to go about doing just that.

Copart UK Northern Ireland

Speak to with Northern Ireland branch by phoning the following Copart UK Northern Ireland phone number 0282 582 2066.

You can also write to them and send it to the following their Northern Ireland postal address or the following their Northern Ireland if you happen to have a fax machine.

Copart UK Sandwich Branch

Have a business deal you want to conduct with the company’s Sandwich branch or simply a query or inquiry they are better of handling? Phone this Copart UK phone number 0844 875 8841.

If you are trying to reach them using this Copart UK contact number without success, consider writing to them a letter and sending it to the following Copart UK Sandwich postal address as Acrey Fields, Woburn Road, Wootton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Copart UK Investor Relations

If you are an investor keen on keeping up with all things of this company, do email their investor relations department using the following Copart UK investor relations email address

Copart UK Media Inquiries

For all your press and communications related inquiries, use this Copart UK email address to interact with one of their friendly representatives. The response time for customer emails is normally 1 to 2 days.

Copart UK Head Office

Write and send a letter to Copart UK head office staff members using this official Copart UK headquarters postal address:

Acrey Fields, Woburn Road, Stewartby, Bedford MK43 9EJ, UK.

Copart UK Find a location

The company has taken several measures in ensuring that their customers can easily find them. If you are looking for a Copart UK branch near you, visit Copart UK find a location page and key in the relevant details to find a location near you.

Below is a list of some of their branches in the UK.

Copart UK Branch  Contact Numbers
Bristol 0844 856 6649
Chester 0844 875 8643
Colchester 0844 856 6651
Newbury 0844 856 6656
Peterlee 0844 875 8637
Sandtoft 0844 875 8839
Sandy 0844 875 8840
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Contact Copart UK via Social Media

Copart UK contact number for social media account Twitter

If you do not like to contact the company via telephone or email, you can also get in touch with them alternatively by subscribing them to mainstream social media websites. Just give them a visit on any of the followings:

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