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With more than 2,000 screens across 221 cities in 9 countries, Cineworld prides itself as being the largest cinema operator in the UK. Ever since it was founded back in 1995, this company has slowly but surely grown to become a major player in the movie industry not just in the UK but also Europe.

The company’s operation in the UK consists of multiplex chain cinemas and arthouse chain Picturehouse cinemas with 82 and 24 cinemas respectively. That being said, this post highlight a number of Cineworld contact numbers you are definitely going to need when contacting any of their departments.

Cine World Phone Number List

Cineworld Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service Number  0333 003 3444
Cineworld Unlimited Card 0208 742 4010
Cineworld Membership Discounts & Benefits 0330 333 4444
Financial Media 0203 772 2573
Investor Relations  0203 772 2579
Consumer Media 0207 413 3333
Unlimited Ireland +353 (0)818 304 204
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NB: Lines open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed. 

Cineworld Customer Service

CineWorld customer service number for main website

Dial this Cineworld customer service number 0333 003 3444 to get in touch with any of their UK operations customer service team and you will be assisted accordingly whether you have a complaint, query or inquiry concerning the services and products offered by this company.

However, they do advise that you visit Cineworld FAQ page contacting Cineworld customer service team or support because it contains answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this company and the services they offer.

Cineworld Financial Media

Use either this Cineworld financial media contact number 0203 772 2573 or these email addresses respectively to contact their financial media department with your Cineworld financial media queries or inquiries. These email addresses are:

Cineworld Membership, Discounts & Benefits

Thinking of joining any of their membership schemes? If yes, then use this Cineworld phone number 0330 333 4444 to speak to one of their friendly staff members and inquire about how you join their membership club.

Their customers keen on saving money on their next ticket purchase can also communicate with them using this Cineworld phone number.

Cineworld Head Office

To contact their head office, send them a letter using the following Cineworld head office postal address and you will be able to speak to one of their head office staff members:

Cineworld Investor Relations

If you are their investor, phone this Cineworld investor relations number 0203 772 2579 to inquire about all their investor details like share price, presentations, reports, financial calendar, latest regulatory news or even when they plan on holding their annual financial meeting.

Cineworld Unlimited Card

CineWorld helpline number for unlimited card

Phone this Cineworld unlimited card phone number 0208 742 4010 to find out how you can get your hands on their unlimited card and enjoy some of its benefits like an unlimited entrance to all their screens across the UK for a set price payable every month and discounted prices on all foods and drinks purchased at their cinemas.

you can also use this Cineworld unlimited card contact number to contact their unlimited card department if you have queries regarding their unlimited card, maybe it failed to get you in a certain cinema.

Cineworld Consumer Media

Dial this Cineworld consumer media phone number 0207 413 3333 to get in touch with Hill and Knowlton for all your consumer media department for all your consumer media related issues.

In addition to this Cineworld phone number, you can reach out to Hill and Knowlton by sending an email to

Cineworld Unlimited Ireland

For their customers staying in Ireland, dial the following Cineworld Ireland number +353 (0)818 304 204 to get your hands on their unlimited card enables you to watch movies on all their screens in Ireland at a reduced price of 20 pounds every month.

Contact Cineworld via Social Media

Cineworld contact number for Twitter Account social media

Not in a position to contact them using the Cineworld phone numbers provided or the Cineworld email addresses? Well, consider taking up social media.

The company is very active in the social media world so you can interact with them easily by posting your complaint, query or inquiry on any of their social media pages. Below is a list of all Cineworld social media accounts:

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