Utility Warehouse Contact Numbers

Utility Warehouse Departments UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0333 777 0777
Customer Services International 0208 955 5557
Moving Home Enquiries 0333 777 0888
Technical Support 0333 777 0555
Technical Support International 0208 955 5555
New Member Enquiries 0333 777 3212
Business Member Services 0344 815 0506
Business Member Services Fax 0344 815 0810
Business Member Technical Support 0344 815 0040
Meter Readings 0333 777 0999
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Utility Warehouse Customer Services

The Utility Warehouse customer services number is 0333 777 0777. However, this is applicable for their existing members only. If you have already joined hands with them and want to learn more about the savings you will be making, the ways you can do so, and all the benefits you will be availing, giving a call to the given number would prove handy. Moreover, if you need to learn how to pay your bills, activate CashBack card, manage issues with your account or move your contacts from your SIM to your mobile, their customer support team would be there to help. Matters with respect to configuring the router, testing the speed of the broadband connection will be addressed here as well.

In addition to this, if you need to file a complaint with them about any aspect of their service which you found unpleasant, they will be happy to address it on the given number. They are always striving to make it a better experience for you to manage your utilities.

If you are calling them for a line fault, they are open 24 hours a day. This line is operational from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am – 5.30 pm and on Saturday between 9.00 am – 4.30 pm.

 Utility Warehouse Moving Home

The Utility Warehouse moving home helpline number is 0333 777 0888. If you are moving to som other place and not sure about how will you be able to avail the utility services from this company, give them a call on the given number and find out more about it. To learn about the billing procedure before moving out and for setting up of new arrangements at the new place, the number would come in handy. All your queries and concern with respect to switching home and the continuation or discontinuation of the utilities will be addressed via mentioned number.

Utility Warehouse International Customer Service

The Utility Warehouse international customer services number is 0208 955 5557. If you are not in the UK but are interested in contacting them for any of the above-mentioned issues or simply want to request additional information with respect to their utility services, give them a call on the given Utility Warehouse complaints number.

Utility Warehouse Technical Support

The Utility Warehouse technical support number is 0333 777 0555. Before giving them a call for Broadband issues, ensure that you follow their top four Broadband troubleshooting tips available on the respective page on the Utility Warehouse website first. In case none of them works out for you and you continue facing a network connection problem, feel free to give them a call on Utility Warehouse Broadband number for further assistance.

They are open from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am – 8.00 pm and on Saturday between 9.00 am – 4.30 pm.

Utility Warehouse Technical Support International

The Utility Warehouse technical support international number is 0208 955 5555. Basically, if you are overseas and want to get in touch with them for issues regarding the inability to connect with their broadband services, the mentioned number will be used.

Utility Warehouse New Member Enquiries

The Utility Warehouse new member enquiries number is 0333 777 3212. If you still have not joined this company and wishing to learn about the benefits you will be availing if you do, this is the Utility Warehouse new account number to call! Moreover, to learn how to start using their services, switching to this company and to get a quote, the number would come in handy. Details regarding all the further issues, like the billing and payment matters, setting up of meters and broadband connection, activation of other availed services can all be requested at this number if you are not their member as yet.

Utility Warehouse Business Member Services

The Utility Warehouse business member services number is 0344 815 0506. If you are running a business and your utility supplies are being met through this supplier, then to get in touch with their customer support team for any issues, such as billing and payments, broadband connection, mobile phones and landline connections or anything at all, this number would be helpful. Even if you want to learn about their packages and benefits for businesses, you can give them a call and ask for any required assistance.

Their lines are open from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.

Utility Warehouse Fax

The Utility Warehouse fax number is 0344 815 0810 which can be used if you do not want to give them a call. You can fax them your query instead and they will get back to you at their earliest possible.

Utility Warehouse Business Member Technical Support

The Utility Warehouse business member technical support number is 0344 815 0040. Being a business if you availed their broadband services but are unable to connect to them, try using their top four troubleshooting tips first. Even then your broadband connection is not established, get further assistance by calling the given number.

Their lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am – 8.00 pm and on Saturday from 9.00 am – 4.30 pm.

Utility Warehouse Meter Readings

The Utility Warehouse meter readings number is 0333 777 0999. If you want to submit your meter readings, you can give a call at this automated meter reading line. If you are asked for your reference number, that will be available on your bill. This number can also be used as Utility Warehouse smart meter enquiries.

Utility Warehouse Head Office Address

You might as well visit them in person at the given address to get information more personally and face to face.

Utility Warehouse
Network HQ
508 Edgware Road
The Hyde
London, NW9 5AB

Utility Warehouse Alternate Contact Details

Utility Warehouse Emails

Other than giving them a call, you might as well send them an email.

Utility Warehouse Contact Tips

You can also join the Utility Warehouse on their social media profiles:

Uswitch Contact Numbers

Are you searching for Uswitch contact details? Well, if your answer is yes then you have visited the right site as this post highlights contact details including Uswitch contact numbers you definitely going to need when reaching out to Uswitch customer service numbers for the various departments that they have.

If you are need of extra information regarding the company, get to visit the official about us page where they have shared a great deal of information about who they are and what they do.

Uswitch Phone Number List

Uswitch Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0800 688 8557
Customer Service Fax 0203 214 8417
Complaints 0800 688 8244
Life & Health Insurance Active 0292 009 9018
Uswitch Boiler Quote 0800 327 7190
Energy Contact 0203 872 5610
Energy Contact Mobile 0782 518 6828
Tech Contact 0203 872 5611
Tech Contact Mobile 0755 710 6497
Personal Finance Contact 0203 872 5613
Personal Finance Contact Mobile 0746 985 6789
PR Assistant 0203 893 8391
PR Assistant Mobile 0779 671 4255
Head of PR 0203 872 5614
Head of PR Mobile 0776 984 7460
New Boiler British Gas 0800 084 6664
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

Uswitch Customer Service

Uswitch customer service number for home page

The Uswitch customer service number is  0800 688 8557. Dial this number if you think about making a switch. By dialling this Uswitch phone number and talk to an expert or advisor will help you switch to a better supplier.

N/B: This Uswitch phone number is open Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

If you are unable to speak to one of their advisors using this Uswitch contact number, you can opt to send them a message using this Uswitch email address customerservices@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Customer Service Fax

The Uswitch customer service fax number is 0203 214 8417. This is a perfect alternative to the Uswitch contact number already shared when contacting their customer service.

However, they do advise that you visit FAQ page before speaking to one of their experts.

Other links that are vital to their customers seeking to contact their customer service are;

Uswitch Complaints

The Uswitch complaints number is 0800 688 8244. Dial it to address all your energy, broadband, car insurance, banking comparisons, mobiles and switching services complaints with their complaints department.

If you are unable to contact them using this Uswitch phone number, do send them an email using this email address complaints@uswitch.com. Don’t hesitate to speak with a superior in an event you feel that your complaint is not resolved to your liking.

Uswitch Life & Health Insurance Active

The Uswitch life & health insurance active number is 0292 009 9018. If you have queries and inquiries you would like to address with their experts, then get to dial it.

If using this Uswitch phone number is not your preferred communication channel, do send them an email customer_service@activequote.com.

Uswitch Boiler Quote

The Uswitch boiler quote number is 0800 327 7190. Get to speak with their boiler’s department by dialling this Uswitch contact number if you need a boiler quote for affordable boiler repairs.

The benefits associated with this particular service include;

  • Paying the exact amount on your quote
  • Having your work handled by professionals
  • It’s accessible and available to everyone

Uswitch Energy Contact

Uswitch Energy Contact

The Uswitch energy contact number is 0203 872 5610. Call this Uswitch helpline number to connect with Ailene Barr.

You can also send Barr an email detailing all your energy queries and inquiries at this email address ailene.barr@uswitch.com.

Get all the latest on energy by visiting Uswitch energy online page.

Uswitch Tech Contact

Uswitch tech contact number is 0203 872 5610. Connect with Claire Jones by dialling this number and she will assist you will all the tech information you want.

In addition to these two Uswitch contact number, you can opt to contact Claire Jones via email by sending yours to this Claire Jones company email address claire.jones@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Tech Alternate

The Uswitch tech mobile contact number is 0782 518 6828. This number is an alternative to the Uswitch phone number already shared for contacting Claire Jones.

In terms of links, this Broadband page and this Mobile page offers great information regarding the tech services.

Uswitch Personal Finance Contact

The Uswitch personal finance contact number is 0203 872 5613. This number connects you with their personal finance department tasked with handling all your queries and inquiries. The contact person is Rory Stoves.

You can also send him an email at rory.stoves@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Personal Finance Alternate

The Uswitch personal finance mobile contact number is 0746 985 6789. This an alternative number to use when contacting Rory Stoves

For information about their personal finance services, do get to visit money page and insurance page.

Uswitch PR Assistant

The Uswitch PR assistant number is 0203 893 8391. Dial it to contact PR assistant who is Jacinta Bonus if you are unable to reach the head of PR, Charlotte Nunes, using the contact details provided.

Uswitch PR Alternate

The Uswitch PR assistant mobile number is 0779 671 4255. This number also connects you with Jacinta Bonus so use it as an alternative in an event the first one doesn’t work.

If you prefer an alternative to these Uswitch helpline numbers, you can opt to send her an email using this email address jacinta.bonus@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Head of PR

Uswitch Head of PR

The Uswitch head of PR number is 0203 872 5614. When you dial this number you will get to speak with Charlotte Nunes.

You can also send her an email detailing the reason for you reaching out to her using this email address charlotte.nunes@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Head of PR Alternate

The Uswitch head of PR mobile phone number is 0776 984 7460. This number also connects you with Charlotte Nunes.

Uswitch New Boiler British Gas

The Uswitch new boiler British gas number is 0800 084 6664. Dial it to get answers to all your queries and inquiries that touch on boiler British gas services for new customers.

Uswitch Business Inquiries

For all your business, do get in touch with their business department by sending an email to new.partnerships@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Chief Executive Officer

Uswitch’s chief executive officer is Steve Weller. You can contact them by sending him an email using this chief executive officer email address steveweller@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Marketing Team

Get in touch with marketing team by sending an email to Simon Hills using this Uswitch’s email address simonhills@uswitch.com. In addition to this Simon Hills email address, you can also contact them and their online marketing team using this email address search@uswitch.com.

Uswitch PR Team

Despite having contact details to top figures on all things PR, you can also get in touch with their PR team for all your queries and inquiries by simply sending an email to prteam@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Jobs


In addition to visiting Uswitch careers page for details regarding the various job openings and positions available to UK resident, you can as well get this information by sending an email to jobs@uswitch.com.

If you don’t find a job opening that fits your credentials, do set an email alert to receives alerts on new job positions. This you can do by filling out this email alerts form.

Uswitch Head Office

You can choose to either pay them a visit and address all your queries, inquiries or complaints to the head office or you can sed them a handwritten letter and use this address as the mailing address. Uswitch’s head office in the UK is located at;

5 Copper Row London SE1 2LH

Uswitch Content & Editorial Team

The department tasked with all the things related to their online content and editorial team, whom you can contact by sending an email to editor@uswitch.com.

Uswitch Community Events

Uswitch contributes to the community using several avenues such as events. Therefore, if your community is running or planning to have an event that is based on saving money and energy, do get in touch with their department using this email address communityevents@uswitch.com to see how they will be happy to help you.

Contact Uswitch Social via Media

Uswitch Social Media Accounts

Social media is another communication method you can use when contacting Uswitch customer service. They are normally very active so expect a response of your query, inquiry or complaint letter in real time as long as you contact them during working hours. Below is a list of all Uswitch social media accounts;

OVO Energy Contact Numbers

This post caters to OVO Energy customers in the UK who are searching for OVO contact numbers, email addresses and postal address.  Furthermore, this post gives additional information on some of the departments at as well as the contact numbers to use (in some cases the contact person) depending on your query or inquiry. Here are all the OVO Energy contact numbers you are going to need when interacting with the company

OVO Energy Phone Number List

OVO Energy Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 358 3523
Power Cuts 105
Pay and Go Customers 0117 930 3100
Pay Monthly Customers 0800 599 9440
New Customers 0800 408 6610
Pay and Go Mobile 0117 370 1041
New Customers Mobile 0117 332 6945
Citizen Advice Consumer Helpline 0345 404 0506
Consumer Help Service (Experian) 0844 481 8000
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
National Terms of Connections 0207 706 5137
Press Office 0741 570 2472
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday closed

OVO Energy Customer ServiceOVO Energy Customer Service website page

The official OVO Energy customer service number is 0800 358 3523. Call this number for all your energy queries, inquiries and complaints.

What about OVO Energy FAQ page? Well, it offers plenty of questions and answers to frequently asked energy questions so make sure you get to visit this page to answer some of your queries and inquiries without necessarily speaking to an energy representative.

Other than OVO Energy FAQ page, OVO Energy Contact us page is extremely useful as it gives contact details you should use when contacting their customer service.

OVO Energy Power Cuts

This OVO Energy gas emergency number 105 connects you with a distribution network operator from this company. This person is tasked with handling and helping UK residents with power issues for no reason get power restored as soon as possible.

OVO Energy Pay and Go Customers

Phone this OVO Energy pay and Go customers phone number 0117 930 3100 if you plan to take up their services once and forget about it.

OVO Energy Pay Monthly Customers

Do you have a payment plan with OVO Energy? Are you a long time OVO Energy customer?

This OVO Energy Pay monthly customers phone number 0800 599 9440 will connect you with a company staff member who will advise you on how to get the most out of your contract.

OVO Energy New Customers

Call this OVO Energy new customers phone number 0800 408 6610 to make your switch to this company as smooth, fast and easy as possible.

OVO Energy Pay and Go Mobile

Get answers to all your Pay and Go Mobile OVO Energy service by speaking to a staff member from this department by calling OVO Energy Pay and Go Mobile number 0117 370 1041.

OVO Energy New Customers Mobile

Need help as a new OVO Energy customer? Dial the following OVO Energy new customers mobile number 0117 332 6945 and you will get the perfect assistance from their well trained highly educated staff.

OVO Energy Citizen Advice Consumer

Call this OVO Energy citizen advice consumer number 0345 404 0506 if you want to complain about energy services or in need of energy advice before signing up for energy services. The advice you will receive upon making this call include;

  • Quality of your Energy Supply
  • How to deal with payment failure issues
  • Finding the right OVO Energy deal that suits you

OVO Energy Consumer Helpline Service (Experian)

The OVO Energy consumer helpline service number is 0844 481 8000. Dial it for all your queries and inquiries you would like them to solve and answer for you as soon as possible.

OVO Energy Gas Emergency

Report any gas leaks or gas smells in the air before it’s too late be it at your home or your neighbourhood using this OVO Energy gas emergency number 0800 111 999.

OVO Energy Complaints

OVO Energy Complaints

Have any complaints about services that you would like to address, well, send them an email using this OVO Energy complaints email address hello@ovoenergy.com.

OVO Energy National Terms Of Connections

Those who are not in a position to, simply speak to an energy staff member using OVO Energy National Terms of Connection number 0207 706 5137  and pose all your questions and queries.

Before signing up for energy supply, always go through their terms of connections.

Not your preferred communication method? Do not worry; simply mail them a letter detailing your concerns at;

Energy Networks Association, 6th Floor, Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2AF

OVO Energy Press Office

The OVO Energy press office contact person is Rob Jeffrey. Contact him by dialling OVO Energy press office phone number 0741 570 2472 and he will assist or guide you accordingly.

Just in case you miss him when reaching out over the phone, send him an email using this OVO Energy press office email address media@ovoenergy.com.

OVO Energy Head Office Address

Contact OVO Energy head office by mailing your letters to the following OVO Energy headquarters postal address;

1 Rivergate Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6ED

They also do have offices in London. To get in touch with their London offices, send your query, inquiry or complaints letter to this OVO Energy mailing address:

33 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London, W11 3JQ

Contact OVO Energy via Social Media

In addition to their online blog, OVO Energy blog, OVO Energy has set up several social media accounts for their customers and clients in the UK.

That said, UK residents can use this social media accounts to keep up as well as communicate with OVO Energy customer service.Below is a list of their social media accounts.

Co Op Electrical Contact Number

If you have been searching for Co Op Electrical contact numbers without any success, you have come to the right site. In this post, you are going to find a great deal of information on how you can contact Co Op Electrical customer service if you happen to have queries or inquiries about the services and product that they offer. In addition to going through this post, you could and should visit Co Op Electrical contact us page where they have shared a great deal of information on how their customers can contact them.

Co Op Electrical Phone Number List

Co Op Electrical Helpline Support UK Contact Numbers
Co Op Electrical customer service 0800 280 0111
Co Op Electrical complaints 0333 043 6693
Co Op Electrical Promo Code 0800 280 0111
Co Op Electrical Appliances 0800 280 0111
Co Op Electrical Washing Machine 0800 280 0111
Co Op Electrical Clearance 0333 043 6693
Co Op Electrical Delivery 0800 280 0111
Co Op Electrical Finance 0333 043 6693
Co Op Electrical Warranty 0333 043 6693
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N/B: Lines opened from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Co Op Electrical Customer Service

If you have a query or inquiry about the services offered by Co Op Electrical, the best thing to do is to contact their customer service. This you can do by simply dialling the following Co Op Electrical customer service number 0800 280 0111. Upon placing the call, they will be a representative from their customer service ready to talk to you and assist you with your query or inquiry.

You can also get in touch with Co Op Electrical customer service by simply visiting Co Op Electrical contact us page. There you will find a form that you can feel detailing your query or issue. In addition, Co Op Electrical FAQ page is also a perfect online platform for Co Op Electrical customers that have queries or inquiries about the services they offer. There you will find questions asked by other customers about Co Op Electrical and the services they offer.

That said, there is a high chance that the query or inquiry you have has been answered so you can just solve it without necessarily contacting Co Op Electrical customer service.

How To Contact Co Op Electrical

How To Contact Co Op Electrical

If you are a Contacting Co Op Electrical, there are other means you can use other the ones already mentioned. For instance, you can settle on contacting their customer service using social media. This is a perfect option especially for individuals who enjoy spending time on different social media platforms. More on this will be covered later on. You can also get in touch with them by simply writing them a letter. Regardless of the communication channel, rest assured that one of their representatives will be with you and will offer advice on how to go about your query or inquiry.

Co Op Electrical Headquarters Postal Address

If you settle on contacting Co Op Electrical by writing them a letter, you will definitely need their postal address. With that in mind, below you will find the correct Co Op Electrical postal address you should use when contacting Co Op Electrical using letters. Before sending your letter, always make sure that you have the correct postal address written. In addition, make sure that you have either your home or office postal address included in your letter.

Co Op Electrical will use this when sending back the feedback or response. Still on matters letters, it’s good to point out that this means of communication tends to be slow given the back and forth involved in sending and receiving letters. Thus, a good number of their customers tend to avoid letters when they have urgent queries or inquiries. If you settle on communicating with them using letters, below you will find Co Op Electrical postal address.

Co-operative Electrical Shop, 6th Floor, 1 Angel Square, Manchester. M60 0AG

Co Op Electrical Complaints Number

If you have any complaints regarding the services offered by Co Op Electrical, do address them with their complaints department by dialling the following Co Op Electrical complaints number 0333 043 6693. When addressing your complaint, make sure that you are clear in your explanation, as this will allow them to easily assist you or solve the issue that you have. You can also visit Co Op Electrical contact us page where you will find more details on how to go about dealing with complaints or disputes.

Co Op Electrical Promo Code

To make their products easily accessible to their customers, Co Op Electrical has in place a variety of offers as well as promotions to their customers. That said, if you do have any queries about their offers, discounts and even promotions, simply use the following Co Op Electrical promo code customer service number 0800 280 0111 to get in touch with one of their representatives. Some of the promotions they offer usually sees customers win products likes kitchen appliances, so it’s highly encouraged that you take part in them.

You can also use Co Op Electrical customer care line number to inquire about offers, promotions or discounts that are currently available to customers. You can also seek advice on how to fully benefit from these great services as well thus saving you money in the long run.

Co Op Electrical Appliances

Co Op Electrical specialises in all things appliances. Whether you are looking for appliances for your home, office or even school, you are bound to find the appliance you want. If you need further assistance finding that right appliance for you, do get in touch with one of their representatives by dialling the following Co Op Electrical appliance number 0800 280 0111.

You can also use this Co Op Electrical appliance phone number to address any query that you might have regarding their appliances. If you bought an appliance and it’s faulty, you can also use this number to point out the fault and seek further advice on how to go about replacing or fixing your appliance.

Co Op Electrical Washing Machines

If you bought a washing machine at Co Op Electrical and need assistance on how to go about it, be it installation, using it or even maintenance do get in touch with their customer service by simply dialling the following Co Op Electrical washing machines phone number 0800 280 0111. When you place the call, one of their representatives will be on the other side of the call ready to assist you with any inquiry you might have.

You can also use this Co Op Electrical phone number to address any query you might have regarding their washing machines. Be very detailed when going about reporting your query as this helps them solve your issue faster.

Co Op Electrical Clearance

In general, Co Op Electrical clearance usually happens after completion of a certain purchase and a customer receiving the right product. That said, if you happen to have queries or inquiries about their clearance services, feel free to get in touch with one of their representatives using the following Co Op Electrical clearance phone number 0333 043 6693.

If you happen to receive a product that is different from the one you purchased, then you can as well use this Co Op Electrical contact number to report the issue. On the other side of the call would be one of their representatives who will guide you through how to go about the process of returning the item you have and how you can get the right one.

Co Op Electrical Delivery

Another great service offered by the team at Co Op Electrical is their delivery service. Once you purchase an item from their shop, you have the option of having it delivered to you. If you have queries about this great service or simply need further details on how it all works, do contact their customer service by using the following Co Op Electrical delivery phone number 0800 280 0111.

Co Op Electrical Finance

Need assistance purchasing any of the appliances available at Co Op Electrical well do contact their finance department by using the following Co Op Electrical finance phone number 0333 043 6693. Once you place the call, a representative from their finance department will be right with you ready to assist where possible.

In addition, you can also use this Co Op Electrical contact number to get in touch with their finance department for all things refund, payment and billing. With billing, make sure that you have the right product with you, as this will help them sought out your issues easier and faster.

Co Op Electrical Warranty

All items you will find at Co Op Electrical come with a warranty. In general, most of these warranties are usually 90 days warranty. That said, there are various elements that come into play when dealing with Co Op Electrical warranty. For instance, your warranty is invalid if you damaged the product yourself. In fact, for the warranty to be valid you will have to prove that the manufacturer (Co Op Electrical) is at fault. With that, if you do happen to have queries or inquiries about their warranty, do contact them using the following Co Op Electrical warranty phone number 0333 043 6693.

Contact Co Op Electrical On Social Media

Contact Co Op Electrical On Social Media

Social media offers a perfect platform for one to keep up with all things Co Op Electrical especially if you are already a fan of social media. To contact Co Op Electrical customer service using social media, you will have to first, find their social media accounts. Once you have done this, you can either post your query or inquiry on their social media pages or simply send it direct to them as a message if you would prefer it to be private. Either way, rest assured that one of their representatives would get back to you with a perfect response or feedback to your query or inquiry. That said, below you will find all Co Op Electrical social media accounts.






Utilita Energy Phone Number

Gas and electricity are two of the most important necessities of life. Although they are the inventions of the last century only, imagining everyday life without these is just impossible. There are a number of gas and electricity service providers operational in the UK, but you have to select the one that can provide best of service at the least of rate. Utilita Energy is one such company that offers the best quality service at highly competitive prices in the country. Thousands of customers have availed their service and are fully satisfied with the Utilita Energy customer service.

Utilita Energy Numbers List

Utilita Energy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
 Utilita Energy Customer Service 0196 289 1180
 Automated Meter Reading Line 0800 849 9260
 Customer services – Main Switchboard 0196 239 7097
 Utilita Energy Emergency Line 0345 2068 999
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Utilita Energy Customer Service

If you have any kind of issue, query or complaint or if you want Utilita Energy support in any matter, then feel free to call their Utilita Energy customer service 0196 289 1180. When you call this Utilita Energy contact number, a trained and experienced customer care executive will talk to you from the other end. He or she will be ready to help you with any kind of request that you make. While calling them over the phone, make sure that you keep all the details of your connection and query ready with you. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time finding the details when asked for. For further details, you can visit the Utilita Energy contact us page online.

Utilita Energy contact number
Contact Us

Send them a Written Letter

You can get in contact with Utilita Energy simply by sending them a written letter. If you don’t believe in sending emails, installing apps and following them on social media, writing a letter can give a physical form to your communication. It is a cheap and reliable method of getting in touch with the company. But while writing a letter, you need to ensure that you mention each and every detail of your connection and your query. Otherwise, the process of asking and replying will consume a number of days, thus wasting time.

While writing a letter, make sure that you have written the right mailing address, and addressed it to the right department as well. If you don’t know the department name, you can write the subject of your letter, so that it can be directed accordingly to the right person. The complete mailing address of this UK-based energy provider is Utilita House, Moorside Rd, Winchester SO23 7RX, United Kingdom. You can even call the Utilita Energy phone number between 8 am and 10 pm.

Automated Meter Reading Line

Automatic meter reading or AMR is an advanced technology used by Utilita Energy to automatically collect the customer’s consumption from their smart meter. They use this data to manage consumption and analyse usage. You can call the automated meter reading line 0800 849 9260 to get any technical problem identified and resolved as well. You can use this line to get an idea of how you are using the available resources, and thus make the necessary changes to reduce your consumption and improve efficiency.

AMR allows highly accurate readings of the smart meter, and improved billing process as well. The customers are able to monitor their energy consumption and identify where they are wasting their Utilita Energy top up. The meter reading is updated in real time so that you don’t have to wait for an entire month to know your current consumption. So, if you have any kind of query or complaint regarding your automated meter reading, you can call this Utilita Energy phone number to get connected to a customer care executive. This line remains open 24/7, so you can call them at your own convenient time and place.

Utilita Energy customer service
Automated Meter Reading Line

Customer Services – Main Switchboard

Apart from calling the Utilita Energy customer care helpline, you can also call 0196 239 7097 to gain any kind of Utilita Energy support. This is the main switchboard of the company’s Utilita Energy helpline that you can call to clear any kind of doubt, query or complaint. Just like the customer service helpline, this Utilita Energy contact number also connects you to a customer care executive, who will be trained and qualified to resolve your issue in every possible way. The lines to this number remain open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm. If you need help from the company representatives out of these working hours, you can call their 24/7 customer service number. For further details, visit the Utilita Energy contact us page.

Utilita Energy Emergency Line

The company has an emergency helpline number as well, that you can call during emergencies, such as a loss in supply of gas or electricity, or a gas leakage etc. When you lose your gas or electricity supply due to any reason, you can call this Utilita Energy emergency line 0345 206 8999, inform them about your lost supply, and they will do their best to give your supply back to you as soon as possible. This emergency helpline remains open from 8 am to 10 pm every day.

Download the Utilita Energy Mobile app

In order to make things easier for the customers and to give them complete Utilita Energy support while on the go, the company has launched its own mobile app as well. Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can download their app from the applications store, and you are all set. Just open your app and manage your service at your own convenient place and time.

With the Utilita Energy mobile app, you can do a lot of things while on the go from your portable device, including:

  • Getting a Utilita Energy top up
  • Creating your own barcode for your top-ups, which you may scan at a PayPoint outlet to recharge your energy account
  • Getting remove access to your Utilita Energy account
  • Viewing your energy account details
  • Editing your information
  • Staying updated with the latest information
  • Viewing history of your PayPoint top ups

Because the app is new, it is still in its developing stages and they keep adding more tools and features from time to time.

Filling the Online Query Form

When you visit the Utilita Energy contact us page, you will see the option to select your query, and fill an online query form. If you are not in an emergency and if you can wait for a few hours before the representatives respond to your query, you can visit their website, select the category of your query, fill in the required details, place your query and click on the submit button. The company representatives regularly check the online queries people make to them. You are most likely to receive a suitable reply within a few hours, or the very next working day. Sometimes, it may take a time of few days as well, depending on the availability of representatives and the nature of your query. If you want an instant reply, call their customer service number.

Getting Connected over Social Media

In addition to maintaining a 24/7 Utilita Energy helpline and launching a mobile app, Utilita Energy is also available on a number of social networking sites so that they can update their customers about their latest events and happenings. If you have registered to any of these social media platforms, you can follow the company on it and stay updated about all the latest information about the company and its proceedings. Utilita Energy is available on the following social networking sites:

The company regularly updates its information on these social media platforms. If you have a query, complaint or request to make, you can post it on these sites, and you are sure to get a suitable reply soon. Social networking affects their reputation in the market, and they just can’t ignore your request on a social networking site. So, follow them on these sites and get the best of service they have to offer.

Utilita Energy is a leading gas and electricity provider in the UK, dedicated to offering low-cost services to the lower income sections of the society. They offer highly competitive rates. They are one of the very few energy companies in the country that install modern smart meters for their residential customers, that too for free. They allow a pre-payment model of their services so that the customers can do a Utilita Energy top up and consume as much energy as they have paid for only. This disallows wastage of gas and energy, thus save the environment as well. For more details, you can call the Utilita Energy helpline to talk to a customer care executive.

Although availing Utilita Energy customer service is exceptionally easy and fast, it is easy to get Utilita Energy support by calling their Utilita Energy phone number as well. They have a dedicated Utilita customer care helpline that you can call in case of any kind of query, complaint or request. In addition to calling them by phone, there are other ways of getting in contact with the company officials as well. Let’s talk about a few of them.

  • Send them a written letter
  • Call a relevant Utilita Energy contact number
  • Download their Utilita Energy app
  • Fill the online query form
  • Follow them on social media

EON Energy Contact Number

E.ON is a German energy company that has been one of the most important investors owned gas and electric service companies in the world. It is operational in more than 30 different countries, serving more than 33 million residential and commercial customers. It has a subsidiary in the UK as well, which was formerly known as Powergen. Whether you are a customer of E.ON or you want to gain some information about the company or its operations, you can quickly call their EON Energy contact number or visit their EON energy contact us page to know about the different ways of contacting them.

EON Energy Phone Number List

EON Energy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
 EON Energy Contact Us  0333 202 4606
 Carbon Monoxide Emergencies  0800 051 1470
 Gas Emergencies  0800 111 999
 Customer Service Team  0345 052 0000
 Billings and Payments  0333 202 4606
 Online Account Enquiries  0345 301 5933
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E.ON is one of the biggest gas and electric companies in the UK. It is an investor-owned company that offers services to residential as well as commercial customers across the country. Earlier known as Powergen in the UK, it was re-branded in 2004 as E.ON UK. Headquartered in Coventry, Westwood Business Park, the company operates a number of power generation sites and offices across the United Kingdom. In addition to gas and electric services, the company also offers services related to climate protection, renewables, engineering, technology, gas and oil exploration, IT services, and gas and oil production. The company operates several power generators across the nation as well. For further details, you can call their EON Energy customer care helpline.

In addition to its excellent service and negotiable rates, the company is also popular for its excellent EON Energy Customer Service. In order to make things easier for their customers and to make themselves more accessible, they have managed a number of mediums through which the customers can seek EON Energy support. Let’s have a look at some:

  • Send them a written letter (not recommended in case of an EON Energy emergency)
  • Call a relevant EON Energy Phone Number
  • Talk to a customer care executive by calling the EON Energy Helpline
  • Pay bills by calling the EON Energy Pay Bill Phone Number
  • Get connected via social media

EON Energy Headquarters Address

Although there are several offices E.ON offices across the UK, the company is headquartered at Westwood Way, Coventry CV4 8LG, UK. If you are not in a hurry and you are not caught in an emergency, you can send them a written mail at their mailing address. However, this procedure is not recommended if you are expecting a quick reply or if you have an EON Energy Emergency. You can address your letter to the appropriate person or department, and you will receive a prompt reply within 3-4 days of your letter being received by the company officials. You can even call their EON Energy Phone Number of the headquarters.

Visit their EON Energy Contact Us Page

The EON Energy contact us page is fully informational to tell you all the contact details of the company, and its different departments and functional teams. When you visit the company’s website, click on their contact us link and find complete information about the different mediums of contacting the company officials. You will also find the Online Assistant link on this page, which you can open to find an online customer service executive that you can chat with to place your query. The EON Energy Contact Number that you can call for help is 0333 202 4606.

EON Energy Contact Us
Contact Us

Call the EON Energy Customer Care Helpline during Carbon monoxide Emergencies

Carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas that kills thousands of people every year. It is colourless, tasteless and odourless, due to which it becomes difficult to diagnose its leakage. If you feel headaches, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, chest pain or stomach pain due to unknown reasons, then there are chances that there is a CO emergency in your house. If you experience any of these symptoms, then calling the EON Energy Emergency number for carbon monoxide emergencies can actually save your life. Keep this EON Energy Helpline number saved in your speed dials: 0800 051 1470.

Seek Quick EON Energy Support during Gas emergencies

Although EON is a reputed and safe gas company, accidents can and do happen in houses and offices. If you smell a gas leak, the first thing you should do is to call the EON Energy Phone Number for emergencies at 0800 111 999. By the time they come to your place to solve the issue, make sure to not touch any electrical switches, not light any lighters or matches, not smoke, turn off the gas supply meter, open all windows and doors, and put out all naked flames like candles. The EON Energy Customer Service team for emergencies will do its best to reach your place in a minimum time possible, and address the issue in the best feasible way.

EON Energy Emergency
Gas Emergency

Contact the EON Energy Customer Service Team

Whether you have a complaint, query or suggestion, you can call the EON Energy Contact Number 0345 052 0000, talk to a trained and experienced customer care executive. They are qualified and authorised to treat all their customers fairly, and do their best to satisfy them to the maximum extent. Whether you want to apply for a new connection or have a complaint regarding an existing connection, the customer service team of the company will make their best efforts to resolve your issue within minutes. If something needs to be done at your place, they will quickly send a customer service team to your place to address the issue there and then. So, feel free to call this EON Energy Customer Care Helpline and get connected to them in an easy over-the-phone way.

EON Energy Customer Care Helpline
Customer Care

Call the EON Energy Pay Bill Phone Number for Queries About Billings and Payments

There are different ways with which you can bill and pay your E.ON bills. In addition to the standard post-paid connection in which you consume your service first and then pay its bill, the company also allows you to top up your meter with a pre-paid amount. This means that you have a limited amount of gas or electricity to consume within a fixed period of time. You can even install a smart meter in your connection, with which you can keep track of how much you are consuming and how much it will cost.

There are different modes of payments that you can use to pay your E.ON Energy bills:

  • By cash
  • By cheque
  • By credit card or debit card
  • By variable or fixed direct debit
  • By BACs
  • Pay online
  • Use their mobile app

For more details on bills and payments, call their EON Energy Pay Bill Phone Number 0333 202 4606.

Online Account Enquiries

If you are an existing E.ON Energy consumer, you can register with their service to open an online E.ON account. After opening this account, you will be able to manage your account with the company and pay your bills on time. Registering to this account is absolutely free, it is extremely easy to use, and it allows you to access your service 24/7. You will save the environment by going paperless, as you will now receive your bills in your E.ON account only, and you will get some discount too for doing that. You don’t need to, but you can even print it out if you are more comfortable having it physically in your hand. You may log in to your account and submit your meter reading online without waiting for a person to come and take your meter reading. You will also get information about the company’s latest energy plans, rewards and discounts through this online account. If you are moving house, you can notify the company by logging in to your account as well.

Although registering to and using the online E.ON Energy account is very easy and user-friendly, you can call 0345 301 5933 to clear any doubts about opening or using it. If you have any trouble using the online account, you can get complete guidance by calling this EON Energy Helpline number.

EON Energy Support
Online Account Enquiries

Install and Use their Smartphone App

The company has an E.ON app that you can download on your smartphone, tablet or Android phone. Through this app, you will be able to do a lot of things, such as paying your bills, submitting your gas and electricity meter readings, viewing your account balance and transaction history, tracking energy usage in real-time and finding EON Energy Phone Numbers.

Get Connected via Social Media

Keeping at par with the latest technology and the increased dependence on Internet and social networking websites, E.ON Energy has also registered to a number of social media platforms, including

You can follow them on any of these social networking sites, and stay updated about their latest offers, discounts, events and plans. If you have an online E.ON Energy account, your bills and any information related to the company will be directed to your email address. Then you can log in to your account to seek EON Energy Support regarding any matter that bothers you.

Spark Energy Contact Number

Spark Energy took a start in 2007 as a small but bright and strong energy supplier. The company has gradually grown into a well-known supplier and now provide energy to tenants, landlords and letting agents across the United Kingdom. They have facilitated more than 350,000 customers and the turnover of £140 million as well as 300 staff in their Selkirk office based in the Scottish borders, 120 persons from that staff work in the Spark Energy customer service alone. They secured the 23rd position in 2014 for the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and have the credit to be the top-ranked Scottish energy company. If you are faced with any problem and want to file a complaint or general enquiry, you can find almost all the Spark Contact Numbers here on this page. For the acquisition of further information, you may wish to visit their official website.

Spark Energy Phone Number List

Helpline UK Contact Number
Automated Service 0345 130 8966
Spark Energy Customer Service 0345 034 7474
Spark Energy Complaints Number 0345 130 8355
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity Emergency 105
Complaint Escalation 0345 130 8354
Set up Direct Debit 0345 130 8703
Energy Ombudsman Service 0330 440 1624
Energy Citizens Advice 0345 404 0506
Pay Plan 0800 280 2816
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How to Contact Spark Energy?

Spark Energy phone number

The supplier has made it easy for its customers to get in touch with them for any of their enquiries related to their service. You can contact them via a variety of ways and their customer friendly service team can guide you through the problem you may come across. Follow these steps mentioned below to get along Spark Energy customer service team:

  • Dial Spark Energy Contact Number, mentioned above
  • Live Chat
  • Visit official Website
  • Online Complaint Form
  • Download Mobile App
  • Post a Letter
  • Social Media

You can use any the channels to get registered your complaint or learn more about their services.

Spark Energy Customer Service Address

Some people enjoy correspondence and consider it most effective and appropriate for the resolution of their enquiries. If you are interested in posting them a hand written letter, you can do it by sending it to their office address. Remember to include the following details along with your letter.

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Customer Account Number
  • Meter Reading and Meter Number
  • Your Contact Number

Their customer care team will contact you in few working days for the resolution of your complaint. When you compiled the details then post your letter to the following address:

Ettrick Riverside

Dunsdale Road

Selkirk TD7 5EB

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go is their prepayment energy service for which you have to pay before you use the energy supplied. Use all your already stored credit in the meter before inserting your newly received Spark key or card to avoid any loss of credit. Once you received your new key or card insert it for 30 seconds into the meter before the first top up, it is necessary because it updates your meter with all the information related to your new tariff. The company allows its valued customers to top up their meter key or card via three channels and those are the Post offices, PayPoints and Payzone locations. Remember that you can top up only during the operating hours of these top up sources. The company also caters in a case of emergency. If you, unfortunately, missed to top up your meter key or card, you can use the energy up to £5 and the amount will be deducted in the next top up. This emergency service is not for the routine use, but only when you face such an emergency.

Spark Energy Complaints Number

If you have an enquiry or want to learn more about any of their services you can feel free to call on Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, for complaints dial Spark Energy complaints number 0345 130 8355 lines are open from 8am-8pm on weekdays, 9am-2pm on Saturday.

How to Pay Your Bill?

The company provides you with a range of ways to pay your bill with ease, it is up to you what option suits you best. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter which method you choose to pay your bill, you will be able to have an online account on their official website and there you can view the details of your bill and the energy you have consumed. You can pay them by following ways:

  • Direct Debit
  • Via Automated Phone Service
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay in Branch
  • Pay on the Phone
  • Pay via Cheque or Postal Order

Want to register your complaint or general enquiry? Contact Spark Energy customer service number 0345 034 7474 for service complaints dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 130 8355 and to pay your bill via automated phone service call on Spark Energy phone number 0345 130 8966.

Direct Debit Payment

If you need some extra peace of mind, you can subscribe to their Direct Debit payment method. Most of their customers pay the same and get the freedom from the monthly bill. All you need to do is to let them know your monthly meter reading to pay the right amount and nothing else. If you don’t know your level of consumption, they will do it for you by detecting it by the postcode, historical usage and the time of the year. Moreover, they conduct three Health checks in the first three months after your switching to ascertain that you are paying the right amount. Under Direct Debit payment, your account will be looked into four times a year with two Health Checkups to make sure that how much you are using the energy and paying the right amount for it. They provide you with the account statement every three months so that you can keep track of your consumption and spending. If it was felt during the three-month inspection that your account needs to be changed probably because the usage and the spending are not on the right track, they will notify you ten days before they charge the new amount.

Want to learn more? Feel free to dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, for complaints contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 130 8355.

Smart Meters

Contact Spark Energy Customer Services

The company is committed to bringing all their customers from traditional meters to the new smart meters by 2020. The smart meter is the device which can provide you with the complete control over your total energy usage and the amount you pay for it. Now you don’t need to wait for the monthly bill to arrive and let you know the amount you have incurred. The meter’s in-home display will show you how much gas or electric energy you have consumed and how much the amount is the standing amount to be paid.

You can also keep an eye, with the help of this smart meter, on the appliances that are eating up most of the energy supplied. The meter also sends meter reading regularly to the company, this means that you do not need note down the meter reading and send it to the company manually. By installing the one, you can save yourself from the extra cost and have total control on the usage.

To learn more dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, if your Smart meter is not working properly or you have an enquiry to file just contact Spark Energy complaint number 0345 130 8355 for instant resolution of your query. For more information on Smart meters visit their official website.

Difficulties in Payment

Nothing is constant but the change. If your circumstances have changed and you are unable to pay the bill on due time, the company provides you with breathing space to decide for yourself a perfect plan to pay the incurred debt. You can dial Spark Energy contact number for the best advice by the company itself or you can choose to replace your current account with prepayment meter for complete control over your gas and electricity consumptions. Another way to get rid of accumulated debt is to pay in instalments. To avoid any misrepresentation send them regular meter readings. They always take into account your financial circumstances and provide you space to move on without having your energy supply disconnected. The company also allows you to contact independent payment advice agencies to decide the best for yourself. You can contact the following in a case of payment difficulty:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Money Advice Trust
  • Money Advice Service
  • National Debtline
  • Pay Plan
  • Stepchange

It is recommended first to contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 034 7474 for useful payment advice, the Spark customer service team will guide you in every thick and thin situations. If you need further assistance, call on Spark Energy contact number for the Citizens Advice Bureau 0345 404 0506 and Pay Plan on 0800 280 2816.

Emergency Services

If you smell gas leakage, please do not perform any activity such as put the electric switch on, lit a cigarette or other acts which could cause ignition. Remember that whenever you smell gas or fumes emitting from the gas pipeline, instantly open the doors and windows of your property and immediately dial Spark Energy contact number for gas emergency 0800 111 999, it is a free gas emergency service and the line is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

If the electricity in your property premises is out, first check that if your neighbours are also facing electric outage or do they have a constant supply. If you come to know that it is down only in your premises, you may contact Spark Energy complaint number for emergencies 105

Spark Energy Mobile App

Spark Energy Complaints

The company has enabled its customers with an amazing mobile app service, you can download it from Google Play or Apple App Store. With their mobile app, you can enter your meter readings within seconds and get the accurate bill for the energy that you have consumed. The app also provides you with the facilities to check your account details, billing history and payment details. Now to pay your bill on time is not a big deal, with this app you can pay your bill straightaway from your mobile, check your usage and the balance. Furthermore, you can also set up your Direct Debit account from this app in few taps.

Want to change your energy tariff? The app also includes the option by which you can easily compare you current and other available tariffs and choose the best one which suits your needs and consumption. The list does not end here if you are moving home let them know the date you are supposed to move and the last meter reading of your current address. When you finally moved, provide your new address as well as the first-meter reading and the job is done.

For further enquiries, contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 034 7474, for general complaints dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 130 8355. To learn more visit their official website.

Connect via Social Media

Spark Energy contact number

The need of the hour is to have your service provider on any of the social media sites. The company also takes enquiries via their social media platforms and apprises you of their existing service features and the upcoming ones. In order to get in touch with them, you can visit their profile on any of the sites mentioned below:

SSE Contact Number

SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is one of the Big Six that lead and dominate the energy arena in the United Kingdom. The company operates in the areas of energy exploration, generation, distribution, supply, connections, metering service, phone, broadband and even water supply. The headquarter of the company is based in Perth Scotland United Kingdom. They have a team of 20,000 employees and 8.99 million household customers. If you are looking for any of SSE helpline number, you do not need to wander here and there in search of it. Instead, you can find almost every SSE contact number and their postal address on this page. For further information, visit their official website page.

SSE Phone Number List

SSE Helpline UK Contact Number
Gas & Electricity
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity Emergency 105
General Enquiry 0345 026 2658
Submit Meter Reading 0345 071 7936
Complaint Number 0345 071 7800
Complaint Escalation 0345 071 9853
Ombudsman Energy 0330 440 1624
Citizens Advice 0345 404 0506
Switch to SSE 0345 026 7058
Pay As You Gas Meter 0345 026 7039
Pay As you Go Electricity Meter 0345 026 7038
Green Deal 0345 071 9599
Smart Meter Enquiries 0345 071 3991
Pay As You Go Smart Meter 0345 026 0677
Pay via Credit Card 0345 704 5038
Difficulties in Payment 0345 070 7395
Textline 0800 622 839
Phone & Broadband
Switch Phone 0345 071 7934
Switch Broadband 0345 071 9498
Complaint Number 0345 071 9890
Home Service
General Enuiries 0345 076 7646
Switch Supplier 0345 076 7645
Gas Installations 0345 076 7648
Moving Home
Gas & Electricity 0345 071 7991
Phone & Broadband 0345 071 9626
Pay As You Go 0345 078 3213
General Enquiries 0345 071 9657
Careline 0800 622 838
Sign Video 020 8463 1120
Energyline 0345 076 7638
Textline 0345 076 7023
Water Service
General Enquiries 0345 078 3200
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They hold great significance for their Six Core Values of Safety, Service, Efficiency, Sustainability, Excellence and Teamwork. In addition, they have long-term priorities for:

  • Responsiveness and Innovation
  • Gaining and Retaining the Trust of their Customers
  • Provision of Complete Energy Service to Business and Other Organisations
  • Competitive and Reliable Energy Procurement
  • Go Green with Environment Protection

How to Contact SEE?

SSE Contact Number

That company enables its customers to contact them in various ways. They have an award-winning SSE customer service team, who will guide you through every problem that may arise. It is easy for their customers to get registered their complaint and keep track of them conveniently. You can get in touch with them in following ways:

  • Dial SSE Contact Number, given above
  • Visit their Official Website
  • Download Mobile App
  • WebChat
  • Online Complaint Form
  • Post a Letter
  • Catch them on Social Media

They are available for their valued customers via any of the channel mentioned above.

SSE Customer Service Address

Some people enjoy writing a letter and assume that the correspondence is the effective way to have their query registered with their service provider and get it solved in a timely manner. The company also entertains their valued customers via postal correspondence. If you have an enquiry, you can write them a letter on the following address:


Customer Service
Grampian House
200 Dunkeld Road

Do remember to include the following details in your writing:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Meter Number
  • Meter Reading
  • Account or Connection Number

Narrate your problem candidly and recommend the possible solution for quick redress.

Pay Your Bill Online

The company takes utmost care for its customers and allows you to pay your bill on their official website with online bill payment facility. All you need to do is to register yourself on their website and set up a payment method. By registering your account, you can view your bill, make payments, view your energy consumption and send them your meter readings within few clicks. You can also receive your bill via email service and say goodbye to the lengthy procedure of paper billing, this will make you save £6 annually. If you have any enquiry, give them a call on the SSE contact number 0345 026 2658. The people who have the hearing problem can contact SSE phone number for text line 0800 622 839. If you intend to file a complaint just dial 0345 071 7800.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the cheapest way to pay your bill. You can register for Direct Debit by their online form and spread the cost evenly over the year and pay on the date that is convenient for you. They will review your payments each year to make sure that you are on the right track of energy consumption and spending. Moreover, you will be protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. If you are registering from the beginning or want to change any details of your Direct Debit account, you will need to provide them with your bank details and fresh meter reading. If you want to cancel this payment method, you will need to provide them with the latest meter reading and decide the future payment plan, if not the future payment plan then they require you to clear off all the dues. You have the choice to select the Monthly Direct Debit or Variable Direct Debit, select the one which meets your needs.

For any general enquiry, feel free to dial SSE contact number 0345 026 2658 and for complaints, you may wish to get in touch with SSE phone number 0345 071 7800.

How to Pay Your Bill?

The company maintains numbers of channel and permits its customers to pay in a variety of ways. Other than the above-mentioned methods, you can also pay your bill by following these simple steps:

  • Standing Order:

Contact SSE customer service and they will send you the Standing Order Form to be filled and let you know the right amount that you have to pay.

  • Paying via Credit or Debit Card:

This option allows you to pay your bill, when it is arrived, by using your online account and by calling on the SSE contact number 0345 704 5038.

  • Paying via Cheque or Postal Order:

Make it payable to ‘SSE’ and also provide your gas or electricity account number. You can use the payment slip provided at the bottom of your bill and send it with the cheque or postal order on the address SSE, PO Box 13, Havant, PO9 5JB

  • Paying via Text Message:

The company allows you to pay your bill via simple text message from your mobile.

  • Payment via Bank Account:

For this option, you will have to register for internet or telephone banking and gas or electricity account number. Make your payments to:

Account number   90210170

Sort code                57-17-57

For CHAPS Payments:

Account number   00800252

Sort code               60-17-21

  • Pay As You Go:

It is the simplest and easiest way to pay for your gas or electricity bills. All you need, top up your prepayment meter key or meter card from local Post Office or Pay Point. Insert your key or card into the meter and enjoy the energy for which you have already paid.

For further Enquiries, Pay As You Go Gas customers may contact SSE phone number 0345 026 7039, Pay As You Go Electricity clients may dial SSE contact number 0345 026 7038 and for Pay As You Go Smart Meter call on SSE helpline number 0345 026 0677. If you are faced with difficulties in payment of your bill get in touch with SSE phone number 0345 070 7395.

Switch to SSE

It is a great experience to be a customer of this company. They have an easy and convenient procedure to switch to them and being supplied by them. To easiest way to switch is to sign up for the online account on their official website and select the tariff which suits you best. They finalise the switching usually within three weeks and keep you informed with every detail of the procedure. Once you applied online, in the first week you will receive their Welcome Pack via post which includes a copy of your contract and their terms and conditions. As soon as you received the pack, your 14 days cancellation period starts. It is the period in which you can change the details of your tariff or contract and you can also revoke the contract altogether if you do not like to join them.

In the week two, they will let your previous supplier know that you have switched to them and let you know the date when they will start providing you with the energy supply. They will ask for the first meter reading, payment plan and send you a confirmation letter of their service which will also include useful SSE customer service numbers. Finally, they will send you another confirmation letter once the job is done. They will charge you according to the payment plan and the date you have selected.

Want to switch? Just dial SSE contact number 0345 026 7058. For general enquiries, contact SSE phone number 0345 026 2658. For further assistance, visit their official website SSE contact us page.

How to File a Complaint?

Contact SSE Phone Number

The company has a step by step satisfactory complaint resolution procedure which could be divided into three simple steps.

  • Step First: When you contact the SSE customer service team, they will try their best to solve your enquiry while you are connected with them on the phone. Unfortunately, if your query was not resolved until 8pm the following working day then you can proceed to the step 2. To file a complaint, call on the SSE contact number 0345 071 7800.
  • Step Two: In this step, you can refer your query to their Head of Customer Service Team, who will initiate an independent introspection and reach a resolution within in 5 working days. To contact the Head of SSE customer service team dial 0345 071 9853.
  • Step Three: If you are not happy with the resolution provided by the Head of Customer Service Team and six weeks have elapsed since you first registered the complaint, you may contact Ombudsman Service Energy 0330 440 1624. The Ombudsman will conduct an independent review of the complaint and the decision will be binding on the company and not on you.
  • If you want to seek a fully independent advice to ‘know your rights’ as an energy consumer, just dial Citizens Advice helpline number 0345 404 0506.

Smart Meters

SSE Customer Service

To install a smart meter is an efficient way to save your money and the energy that you consume. With the help of Smart Energy Tracker, you can keep an eye on those appliances in your home which use most of the supplied energy.  Furthermore, the smart meter can automatically send your meter reading to the company, this means you will not have to bother to note down the meter readings and send it to the company manually. This meter comes with smart consumption indicators which indicate the level of energy usage and the cost incurred, which means there is no more a need for an estimate of your bill. For any enquiry related to a smart meter, feel free to dial SSE contact number 0345 071 3991. To learn more about smart meter, visit their official website.

Contact SSE via Social Media

SSE Contact Numbers

It is not less than a blessing to have your service provider on any of the social media websites that you use. By subscribing the company on social media you can keep yourself up-to-date with their existing and upcoming promotional offers as well as any helpful features they may offer. In order to catch them on the go, you can also message them on any of their social media accounts. To give them a visit, just click any of the followings:

Thames Water Contact Number

If you are a citizen of the UK, you must have heard about the utility company called Thames Water. There’s even a highly likely chance that your place’s water supply is sourced by Thames Water, or maybe it’s your business offices that receive water supply from the utility company.

This article will be a full catalogue of the Thames Water contact numbers that will allow you access to Thames Water customer service team, along with descriptions of other ways to get in touch with the utility company that do not require you to pick up the phone.

Thames Water Phone Number List

Thames Water Helpline UK Contact Number
Thames Water Customer Service 0800 980 8800
Calls from Abroad +44 1793 486 555
Textphone Support Team 0800 316 6899
Thames Water Leak 0800 714 614
0800 316 9898 (Textphone)
Thames Water Emergency Number 0800 316 9800
0800 316 9898 (Textphone)
HomeServe Plumbing and Drainage Cover 0800 073 1243
Meter Installation 0161 615 1177
Meter Fitting 0161 615 1110
Billing 0179 336 6000
Direct Debit 0179 336 6001
Debt Collection Department 0208 763 4522
Debt Collectors 0161 935 2203
Press Office 0203 577 4364
Thames Water Complaints 0800 009 3988
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Corporate Responsibility Thames Water

Thames Water number

Thames Water’s main objective is to maintain a sustainable development within the country. They desire to lower the environmental damages that have already been inflicted while also being a water supplier and waste water treatment company in the UK. This policy of theirs is underpinned by more detailed policies that surround factors like environment, employees, customer service, health and safety, business ethic, and finally, sustainable procurement.

Thames Water invests in community engagement, a process of ensuring that their customer feedback always stays on the positive side of the spectrum with their services of staying within the parameters of keeping the environment safe. With this objective of theirs, they aim to invest  £6.5million in community projects like implementing educational initiatives about water conservation and environmental presentation and support community projects that deliver environmentally and wildlife improvements.

They also offer flexible and bespoke water and waste water to businesses in the UK. From hotels to retailers, they do intricate homework to fully understand the requirements of their customers and implement carefully designed services that suit each business best. They are advisors that ought to be trusted to be able to provide the ideal advice for cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

If you wish to contact Thames Water, just do one of the following means:

  • Call the Thames Water contact numbers provided in the list above
  • Write a letter to the Thames Water office
  • Send them an email
  • Social media

Thames Water Customer Service

Thames Water customer service

Currently, Thames Water supplies for 15 million customers in total, which makes up for 27% of the UK population.

The utility company has assembled a skilful customer service team that will assist you with all general enquiries that you may have for them. They will attempt to help you solve issues from leaks to moving homes account switching.

Thames Water is determined to build up steady trust and loyalty among their customers, even when it comes to their customer service performance. They will not rest until you are happy and they are certain that they have done their responsibilities in having their customers hang up happy and satisfied.

Have general enquiries about Thames Water Services? Feel free to contact Thames Water via the Thames Water customer service number on 0800 980 8800. If you are calling from outside of the UK, the Thames Water phone number to dial is +44 1793 486 555. For those who are disabled in some way and want an easier way to get in touch with the company, don’t worry, because you can reach out to them through their textphone number 0800 316 6899. These numbers are open for calls from 8a.m. to 8p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday.

You can also reach out to them through these Thames Water contact numbers if you are moving homes. Water meter issues can also be reported by dialling these helplines.

For those who prefer the old-fashioned way of writing a letter, remember to have your letters delivered to this address:

Thames Water
Walnut Court 8BN
Swindon SN2

Still, it will be better if you visit the Thames Water FAQ webpage to see if your queries have already been answered before placing any call, in order to save time and money.

Thames Water Leak Reports

Wet or damp patches in your garden? Unusual specks of dirt or air in your water? Ugly cracks in paved areas? Random appearances of sinkholes or potholes? Water pressure reduction? Drastically increased usage in your water meter? Well, you are probably experiencing a leak.

When such occurrences happen, you can either choose to fix the leakage yourself or call for free assistance from Thames Water. Do not hesitate to contact the Thames Water Leak Helpline toll-free 0800 714 614 or their textphone number on 0800 316 9898 for assistance for possible leakages. These numbers are available 24 hours every day of the week.

Engineers will come to your home and investigate the source of the leaks. After that, they will help you in fixing the leakages so you can go on as usual as soon as possible.

Thames Water Emergency Number

It is inevitable that someone will experience more than a water leak. Maybe it will be a flood in your home or on the road. The Thames Water Emergency Number helpline is 0800 316 9800. There may come a time when you notice there is something inherently wrong with your water supply. For example, there can be absolutely no water supply to your space at all, or the water pressure is unusually low compared to normal. Even if you notice a change in flavour, odour, or colour, you must report it.

What you should do first is to check if there’s any major incident that could have occurred to impact your water supply, like a major pipe breakage in the main supply system. If there’s none, the next thing you ought to do is check if your stop valves are open, or if there are any frozen pipes.

Textphone users can contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9898. You are free to call these phone numbers any time of the day.


Thames Water helpline

Thames Water drainage and plumbing insurance are affiliated with HomeServe. Their aim is to ensure that your home is safe from any water-related emergencies and that if something were to happen, you will be well protected and compensated.

Take out a plumbing, drains, and water supply pipe insurance with HomeServe and you will be given access to a network of HomeServe approved plumbers. Their coverage goes from burst pipes to blocked drains. You can avoid any unexpected costs if you decide to get an insurance from HomeServe.

Contact Thames Water through this phone number 0800 073 1243 toll-free to learn more about their insurance cover and to apply for one. Learn more about HomeServe insurance cover on their official website.

Water Meter Service

A water meter is useful in such a way that it measures your water usage and let you see how much you have used or check for anything unusual, like a water leakage.

If you wish to request for a water meter installed in your space, please call the Thames Water contact number on 0161 615 1177. You can also request for a meter installation online, by filling out this form that will directly send an email to Thames Water.

Meter fitting requests can be submitted by dialling this Thames Water phone number 0161 615 1110.

Billing Department

Thames Water phone number

It is fairly easy to pay your bills with Thames Water. You are given the options to pay them online, set up a direct debit, or place a phone call to pay your water bills – not much trouble, right?

If you have any concerns related to your water bill with Thames Water, you can get in touch with Thames Water contact number 0179 336 6000. You should also call this number if you want to make your payments.

To set up a direct debit, Thames Water allows you to do so online, or reach out to them through this number 0179 336 6001.

Debt Collection

If you are unable to pay your bills on time, you can accumulate a debt account with the utility company. By the time you are ready to pay your bills, please contact Thames Water on 0208 763 4522 or 0161 935 2203.

Press Office

Journalists or other members of the media can look for the latest press releases or news about Thames Water on their online media centre. Their media centre provides details such as facts and figures, and a comprehensive image gallery.

You can also acquire information by calling the Thames Water contact number for their press office on 0203 577 4364.

Thames Water Complaints

Thames Water complaints team takes their customer feedback very seriously. They will keep up with their good work and rectify the unsatisfying parts of their operations based on their customer feedback. They have also set up a Complaints team to give their customers a suitable outlet to voice their dissatisfaction with the utility company.

If you find yourself unhappy with the services that Thames Water has provided, you are welcome to lodge a complaint by calling the Thames Water complaints helpline 0800 009 3988. Their representatives will be much obliged to take your complaints into serious consideration and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Contact Thames Water via Social Media

Contact Thames Water

Thames Water has maintained a strong social media presence ever since the emergence of these useful tools. They are helpful in terms of keeping in touch and releasing latest updates without much trouble. You can contact Thames Water through their social media accounts if you wish to.

Scottish Power Contact Number

The energy industry describes the totality of all the corporations involved in the business of energy supply – production and sale of energy. One of the most crucial parts of energy supply is the electric power industry. The energy industry important in the development and maintenance of society in the entire world.

This article will catalogue a collection of all important Scottish Power contact numbers to reach out to Scottish Power customer service department. If you ever feel the need to contact Scottish Power, you only need to scroll down for the list of contact numbers, and also other methods to get in touch with them.

Scottish Power Phone Number List

Scottish Power Helpline UK Contact Number
Scottish Power Customer Service 0800 027 0072
International Calls +44 800 027 0072
+44 345 270 0700
Minicom 0800 027 8899
Scottish Power Meter Reading Services 0800 027 8000
Card Payment 0800 001 5115
Boiler and Radiator Cover 0800 001 5214
Boiler and Radiator Emergency 0800 111 4686
Scottish Power Connect Installation 0800 027 6464
Scottish Power Complaints 0800 001 5136
Scottish Power Phone Number for Small Business 0800 040 7002
New Connections 0141 614 8800
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Why Choose Scottish Power?

Yes, there are definitely a lot of energy suppliers in the UK. Yes, you definitely have the choice to choose from other energy suppliers, rather than Scottish Power in the UK, like Green Energy and Bristol Energy. But here’s the thing: why should you choose Scottish Power instead?

Either you run a business, or you’re looking for a comfortable home, and you just want there to be a steady energy flow that you won’t have to worry about except for the occasional ups and downs that usually comes along with the prospect of powering your spaces. And this is definitely not telling you what to do, but there is a whole host of reasons of why you should go with Scottish Power.

Not only does Scottish Power provides electrical power, they also provide exceptional gas supply services. They have over 5.2 million customers currently, trusting Scottish Power to power their homes or offices; and their trust is not unfounded. They offer:

  • Fairer deals for everyone who comes to them for energy supply
  • The availability to switch between their deals whenever you want
  • The option to control your energy account the way you want
  • The possibility for a future with cleaner energy

These are reasons why you should go with Scottish Power, and then you can go on with your usual lives without having to worry about anything, because they will take care of you with their best services. These are, however, not the only reasons for you to choose Scottish Power. Visit the Scottish Power website to convince you.

To get in touch with Scottish Power, you should:

  • Contact Scottish Power numbers provided in the above list
  • Help yourself to Scottish Power Contact Us page to find out their full contact information
  • Send a letter to Scottish Power letter-box
  • Drop an email in Scottish Power customer service inbox
  • Social media

Scottish Power Customer Service

Scottish Power customer service

The Scottish Power Helpline believes that bringing energy to you isn’t their only job as an energy supplier; they want to be able to provide you with as many choices in terms of energy supply as possible while making them clear and simple. They are firm believers in the concept of being energy efficient.

Scottish Power customer service team members may be the best you have ever encountered. Their representatives are well-trained, friendly, and are total know-it-alls when it comes to the product and services of Scottish Power, but in a good way. Get in touch with them and you will get to learn everything you need to know to make a wise decision.

You are always encouraged to contact Scottish Power telephone number 0800 027 0072 if you are interested in becoming one of their customers. They are always happy to help you. You might even end up knowing more than you plan to when you hang up. If you are calling from overseas, the Scottish Power contact numbers to call is either +44 800 027 0072 or +44 345 270 0700.

This number is multi-functional, as you should also call this Scottish Power phone number if you change your supply address due to a move. While it is unfortunate for Scottish Power to lose you as a customer, you can call the Scottish Power helpline if you wish to cancel your plans with the company.

Minicom services are usually established to take into consideration the customers with special needs, and Scottish Power does not neglect any one of their customers. You can always reach out to them through their Minicom service on this Scottish Power contact number 0800 027 889.

These Scottish Power phone numbers are open from 8a.m. to 10p.m. Monday to Friday, 8.30a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday. They are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Other than that, Scottish Power pays attention to the letters they receive with the utmost care, so you can write a letter if you prefer this method to this address:

Scottish Power
Cathcart Business Park, Spean St, Glasgow G44 4BE

Scottish Power Meter Reading

Admittedly, energy fees are not cheap. Hence, it is always important to make sure that your meter readings are accurate so that Scottish Power will be able to calculate your fees correctly.

One way to learn about your Scottish Power meter reading is to go online. It’s very easy; all you have to do is create a Scottish Power account and just enter your meter reading in your account.

If you like it old-fashioned, that’s not a problem at all, because you are given the option to contact Scottish Power telephone number on 0800 027 8000 and tell them about your meter reading. This is a 24-hour service so you need not worry.

Scottish Power Phone Number for Payments

Scottish Power Number

Making payments can be difficult at times, especially when you are given restrictions as to how you should make your payments. What if you want to make your payments through cards, but the company only allows payment through cheques? What if you need to delay your payments, but the company doesn’t allow it?

Well, when you are a customer of Scottish Power, you don’t have to worry about these things, because they offer an array of payment options to make it easy for you. You can either choose to debit directly, pay as you go, set up a monthly cash plan, or with a card etc.

If you wish to make your payments with a card, go to your online account and pay online. Or contact Scottish Power number on 0800 001 5115.

Boiler and Radiator

Scottish Power telephone number

Making sure that your boilers and radiators are on their tip top conditions is one way to keep your peace of mind. Never ever risk your home because you feel as if it is a waste of time or money to maintain the appliances in your home, or you might just lose everything.

An affordable boiler and radiator cover plan from Scottish Power can save you a lot of money in the long run, and a regular boiler and radiator service can help them work more efficiently and effectively and reduce the likelihood of damages in the future.

Feel free to reach out to Scottish Power contact number toll-free, 0800 001 5214 if you are interested in getting a boiler and radiator cover from the supplier.

In the unfortunate event that you face an emergency with your boiler and radiator, do not hesitate to call the Scottish Power telephone number 0800 111 4686. Experts will be with you in no time to help you rid of your troubles before it goes too far and the only memories you have of your house are in smithereens.

Scottish Power Numbers for Connect

Scottish Power phone number

Connect is basically a remote gas heating control on the go. You can be anywhere; it can be anytime; and you will be able to control the gas heating remotely through the Scottish Power Connect application. Of course, it does not hurt that there will be an engineer to help you in the familiarisation of the application and the syncing of the application with your home heating system.

Once you acquire the Connect application, your home heating system will literally be at your fingertips, allowing you access anytime anywhere. It helps you schedule, boost, and stop your heating all in one.

Interested? Enquire about or buy a Connect by calling the Scottish Power contact number on 0800 027 6464. You will be given a full rundown of the Connect packages available and advice on which one to get.

Need technical assistance and want to make an appointment? You don’t have to worry about that because you only have to contact Scottish Power telephone number 0800 001 5136 to request for technical assistance and schedule an appointment with an engineer.

Small Business

Scottish Power helpline

You can’t run a business without power and that is a fact. You can, however, run a business on clean and efficient energy, which makes you a participant in the effort of saving the Earth as well.

Scottish Power carries this goal in their mind when they set up an energy supply plan for businesses in the UK. They offer a range of business energy fixed price contracts that are affordable and worthwhile that can prevent any unexpected price hikes for the entire duration of your deal.

New Connections

You’re probably moving and you need a new meter installation, and you’re worried about how to get it and how much it costs. It’s time you stop fussing and think about Scottish Power, because they offer this service for free.

Just get in touch with Scottish Power contact number on 0141 614 8800 and you are good to go. Keep this information at hand while you make this request:

  • Confirmed postal address and postcode
  • MPAN
  • MPRN
  • Planned connection dates for both electricity and gas

Contact Scottish Power via Social Media

Contact Scottish PowerThe Scottish Power helpline is the only ways for you to reach out Scottish Power Customer Service. Honestly, in this day and age, we all have to keep up with technology and the tools it has to offer us, like social media. If you wish to a Scottish Power complaint you can do so by using the number above, but social media is set up to offer updates, and a chance to complain.