Zalando Customer Service Contact Number

Zalando Customer Service

Zalando customer service contact number is 0203 059 8139 available 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday and 9AM-5PM Saturday-Sunday. You can get all the information from Zalando representatives concerning your queries. Zalando customer care agents are responsive, and you will be attended to regarding your account, delivery queries, your orders, information about returns, payments, reclamation, vouchers and much more.

You can proceed to write them an email if not so, visit the Zalando website and comfortably reach your query and have the information you are searching back.

Zalando Exclusive Brands

For best offer contact Zalando exclusive brands number 0800 206 1012 available 6AM-7PM Monday-Friday. This Vente Zalando exclusive lounge provides information about the available products selling at a low price. Zalando gives offers which a certain percentage off, though open to members who have an account. So, if you are salivating for those designer shoes, clothes, jewellery, then open an account and enjoy Zalando friendly offers to all registered members. You can visit the site and check the offers or write them an email enquiring about any query you may have. Alternatively, you can contact Zalando online through email, which is the lounge email.

Another easy way is browsing their website pages and check the Zalando FAQ page to see whether the information you are seeking can be found there.

Zalando Lounge Products

Zalando Lounge Products contact number is 0203 059 8140 available 8AM-8PM 7 days a week. This Zalando phone number offers information for shopping online, return queries, and the wide variety they offer from their online retail categories. The advantage of you choosing from Zalando Lounge products have numerous benefits in comparison with normal old stores that are known for ages.

Zalando Textfax number

Zalando telefax number is 0203 355 8328. This Zalando service is available 24 hours a day. However, do not expect a response immediately as you may have to wait up to 14 business days for a reply. Alternatively, you can send Zalando reviews or Zalando complaints in the post to the following address:

Zalando SE
Tamara-Danz-Str 1
10243 Berlin

Zalando Partner Products

Zalando partner products free number is 0800 472 5995 available 6AM-7PM Monday-Friday. This number connects you to representatives staff and get all the information you need to know about Zalando partner products. Zalando partner program extends for all customers.

So, customers can experience shopping that is unique as long they meet the laid conditions of shipping, return policy, offers, and much more.You can drop your query too through this email address or else visit Zalando partner page and fetch all the information you need.

Zalando Headquarters

Tamara-Danz StraBe 1, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Contact Zalando via Social Media

Contact Zalando social media and get all the information you need from the various social platform that Zalando company uses to communicate to their customers below:

Yell Contact Numbers

Yell is a UK online media company, touching the globe in the marketing world. It was established in 1966 and has been operating for the last 50 years. In 1996, the company started as a search engine for locals in the Uk, targeting businesses.

Since then, Yell has experienced lots of transformation, for instance, by mid-2015 the company had built websites above 50, 000 while managing over 20, 000 pay-per-click campaigns for UK clients. Today, it operates in the UK and across the world. Below, find all Yell contact information.

Yell Phone Number List

Yell Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 555 444
Advertising Service 0800 777 449
Business service  0800 777 445
Standard listing  0800 605 060
Press release 0207 384 1663
Yell Need Help 0800 533 433
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Yell Customer Service

To reach Yell customer service call this number 0800 555 444 and you will be attended to by qualified staff. Expect to get answers to do with advertising of your business, exposure your business will get when you have it on Yell. Also, as a client seeking answers about your business plan to reach more buyers, here, you will get all the details possible.

Yell markets businesses and acts as a link between sellers and buyers. Therefore reaching customer care about queries probably to do with your business market guide, then you will get the direction you are seeking. Customer care service is open from Monday to Thursday 8:00 am up to 6:00 pm. And during Fridays you can contact at 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Alternatively, if choosing the email option, you can do so to, and your query details will be received.

Yell Advertising Service

Yell customer service number for review page

To reach Yell advertising Service call 0800 777 449 and you will have your queries sorted if you need your business to appear on yellow pages. The company attracts about 80 million attention per month with listed businesses ranging around 20 million.

The figure tells you, advertising with Yell exposes your business to the right buyers. Other option regarding your advertising query you can fill contact form from the site, and you will receive the information you are searching. Also, you can reach support through the email

Yell Business Service

Yell helpline number for business page

The number to contact Yell business service is this 0800 777 445. Reaching out through the contact will help you know about the products available from the company and the services that they provide. Additionally, calling the number will get you the information about how to rank your business on top of search engines, be visible on Google, and learn how to maximise your business sales.

You can as well proceed with your queries by visiting the website page FAQs, and you will receive some of the information if not all you need. The company social media is active and it is another way of contacting and getting to ask your queries.

Yell Standard Listing

The contact number to reach Yell Standard Listing is 0800 605 060, and if you are looking forward to having your business listed for free, then this number will help you get all the information you are after. When you contact, the staff will answer you regarding the exposure you will have on Yell, how buyers will get to your business location to get services you provide, and numerous advantages.

There are many possibilities to have your queries received, if not contacting on the phone, you can do so via the email address

Yell Press Release

This is Yell Press contact number 0207 384 1663, and if you are looking for certain information to do with Yell press release, representatives will give you the feedback you want. Through the press, information reaches many through media about the company advertisement progress, new ventures and new plans to market businesses. You can reach Yell press on their website page Yell Press release and receive the information that you require.

Yell Complaint Approach

If you want to get the information about complaints, you can go to Yell complaint page and learn the way forward, and how to present your complaint if you may have one.

Yell takes into consideration client’s plea and dissatisfaction of their services which they try their level best to settle amicably. In that case, they have provided many ways of contacting them through the site, emailing them at, filling their site online form.

Yell Testimonials

Yell contact number for testimonialsTo check Yell testimonials, go to their site and check this page and there you will find clients who have listed their businesses with Yell share the experience listing with the company.

Yell Headquarter Address

Yell headquarter is located in Reading, Berkshire, UK. If you have pressing queries and you would like to meet the authorities either to do with your business listing, having your services placed in the Yell directories, or even complaints warranting top officials intervention, then this is the place to go:

3 Forbury Place, Forbury Road, Reading RG1 3YL, UK

Contact Yell via Social Media

Yell Social Media is very active receiving queries and giving answers depending on clients information they are looking for. Social media is now many people favourites and contacting Yell is easy through these social avenues:

Lebara Mobile Contact Numbers

Do you intend on taking up services offered by Lebara? Have you been searching for all things related to their customer service contact details? Well, if you answered yes on any of the questions asked, you have come to the right site, as this post will get to highlight a list of their contact numbers that you will need when contacting their customer service.

Lebara Phone Number List

Lebara Helpline Support UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service Number 0203 036 3001
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Lebara Mobile Customer Service

Lebara contact number for official website main page

To get in touch with their representatives, simply dial the following Lebara mobile customer service number 0203 036 3001. Furthermore, you can use this Lebara contact number to inquire about them as a company, the initiatives they have in place and what drives them.

If you have questions regarding any of the services offered by this company, whether it’s local or internationally, feel free to interact with any of their representatives and they will be able to answer any question that you might have about them.

How To Contact Lebara

Lebara helpline number for contact us section

Lebara Contact Us page is the direct avenue their customers or clients can use if they choose to interact with Lebara customer service. While at their contact us page, you are going to find a contact form for customers. Fill this form in detail explaining your query or inquiry and they will get back to you in good time. You can also explore other avenues mentioned below.

As a customer, you can use several communication channels when interacting with their customer service. For instance, you can opt to get in touch with them by writing them a letter and send it to them using their postal address.

Although it brings up a physical approach, letters tend to be very slow given the back and forth involved in sending and receiving letters. With this in mind, a good number of their customers tend to avoid it, especially when dealing with urgent queries or inquiries.

Others opt for social media platforms when contacting Lebara while others use their telephones. In most cases, you will find most of their customers using phone calls when contacting their customer service as it’s fast and direct.

Regardless of the communication channel, rest assured that their representatives will get back to you in good time with an appropriate response.

Lebara Top Up

Lebara customare care top up number

For complete information regarding their Top Up facility visit Lebara Top Up official website page. If you are their customer, you can top up your SIM using several channels. Other than topping up physically, you can also top up your SIM online.

You can also use this Lebara top up the number to inquire about the various bonuses that Lebara has. In most cases, you will find that customers receive certain bonuses with their top ups. For instance, if you were to top up your SIM with 20 or 30 pounds, you will receive 5 and 10 pounds extra respectively.

Lebara Pay As You Go SIM Services

Are you trying to learn about their PayAsYouGo service? Do get in touch with one of their friendly staff by dropping an email to the following Lebara Pay As You Go SIM services email address

If you are constantly on the go and would like to use the services offered by this company, then you need to take up Lebara pay as you go services. With this in hand, you will be able to pay for your mobile SIM  while on the move. Furthermore, this service allows you to make a purchase of any of their SIM and have it delivered to you within 48 hours.

Another advantage of this Lebara pay as you go service is that your SIM won’t run out of credit. All you have to do is simply switch on the auto top up option. You can use this Lebara contact number to get more details on this great service.

Lebara Headquarters Address

If you settle on letters as a communication channel when interacting with this company, you will need to arm yourself with their headquarters postal address. With this information, you will be able to send your message directly to customer care manager. One thing you should do before sending your letter is confirming the postal address, failure to have this information might see you sending your letter to an unknown recipient.

In addition, make sure that you include your contact details in your letter. This should include your home or office postal address, your name and phone number. That being said, below you will find the right Lebara headquarters postal address.

Lebara Mobile
25 Copthall Avenue

Lebara Pay As You Go Top-Up Services

Topping up your mobile SIM while you are on the go is very simple, but just in case you have any issues, do contact one of their friendly staff by filling the following Lebara pay as you go top-up service Contact Us form.

Once you filled and submitted this form, one of their staff will take you through their pay as you go top-up service by giving you details on the various top up methods you can take up. This service is not restricted to Lebara customers who have an account if you don’t have one you can still enjoy their services by topping up online while you are on the go.

Lebara International

You can find entire in information related to their global calling rates on Lebara International Cheap Calls customer service page. With your Lebara SIM, you are able to make calls to a number of countries worldwide. Thanks to their low call rates, you are able to talk more to your loved ones and friends without worrying about spending too much money. Furthermore, you won’t be required to sign any contracts.

Lebara Credit Check Number

What it the Lebara Credit Check number? Visit Checking Your Balance page and learn all the essential details.

Not sure on how much your credit is? Well, if your answer is yes and you haven’t subscribed to their automatic credit top up service, then you need to get in touch with one of their staff members for a clear picture of your credit. This step is very important especially if you don’t want any disruptions while making your call (internationally or locally), signing up for data bundles or even their SMS services.

Lebara Internet

If you would like to be connected while you are on the go, make sure you take up Lebara’s internet services. If you are having trouble setting up your internet connection or you simply need more details on how to activate internet and MMS services on your SIM, email one of their customer care representative by visiting Lebara Internet Contact page.

Upon the reception of your email, their friendly staff will take you through the 3-step process involved in setting up your SIM to access their internet services. You can also use this Lebara phone number to inquire about their internet rates before setting up internet access on your own.

Lebara Lost SIM

Have you lost your SIM? Recover it by leaving an email to their new ideas or Lebara Lost SIM Support Contact address It’s very important to keep your SIM safe, but in case something happens and you happen to lose your SIM, there are various steps set up by Lebara that you can and should take up. Before even jumping into how you can seek your SIM issues, it’s good to note that if you’ve lost your SIM, you will be required to 3 pounds for a replacement. You receive this replacement SIM within 3 to 5 business days.

Lebara Activate

Lebara contact number for SIM activation

Planning to buy a new SIM but so no know how to activate it? You can learn the complete detail by visiting Lebara Activate SIM connection page. If you plan to enjoy the services offered by Lebara such as data, calls and SMS services, then you will need to activate your Lebara SIM. You can take up when activating your SIM various steps. However, it’s best to get in touch with one of their friendly staff when activating your SIM as they will take you through the process step by step.

Some of the easy steps you can take when activating your SIM for Lebara services include sending a direct message to the following numbers for internet settings 40127 and for SMSes 5588.

Lebara All In One

If you want more details about this great service, do get in touch with one of Lebara’s representatives using the following Lebara all in one email address  And they will take you through their all in one service.

If you want to save money on your SIM then taking up Lebara’s all in one service is the way to go. With this plan, you will receive SMSs, data and international and local calls one package. Given this fact, you will be able to save up some money.

Lebara Find My Number

Worried, that forgot your own number? You can dial the code mentioned below or visit Lebara Find My Number support community page.

If for some reason you don’t know your number or simply forgot it, there are two steps you can take. One, you can decide to find out your number by yourself or you can get in touch with Lebara’s staff. If you opt to go in alone, you will be required to dial the following number *#100#.

Contact Lebara via Social Media

Lebara customer service contact number for social media Twitter Account
In addition to all the numerous Lebara phone numbers shared on this post, you can opt to interact with them using social media platforms. With social media, communicating with Lebara is very simple. All you need to do is simply locate any of their social media pages.

Once you have located them, simply post your query, inquiry or complaint on their page and one of their representatives will get back to you in good time. That said, below you are going to find a list of Lebara’ social media account.

Chi Chi London Contact Number

Founded back in 2012, Chi Chi London is a young fashion brand that specialises in offering the very best to it’s UK customers when it comes to prom, cocktail and evening dresses. Furthermore, they do have a variety of beautiful limited edition designs created by their in-house designers for their UK customers.

If you have been searching for their contacts without any success, you have come to the right site, as this post will get to highlight all the Chi Chi London contact number you will need including the very important Chi Chi London helpline support number.

Chi Chi London Phone Number List

Chi Chi London Helpline Support UK Contact Numbers
Chi Chi London Customer Service 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London Complaints Number 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London Shop 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London My Account 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London Student Discount 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London Payment 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London Gift Certificate 0208 880 1211
Chi Chi London Delivery & Returns 0208 880 1211
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday Closed

Chi Chi London Customer Service

If you have queries or inquiries about the services offered by Chi Chi London, the best and easiest thing to do is to contact their customer service. This you can do by simply dialling the following Chi Chi London customer service number 0208 880 1211 and one of their customer service representatives will be right with you ready to assist. Before placing the call, especially if you have a query, always make sure that you have all the relevant details about it as this will help their customer services help or serve you better.

In addition to the Chi Chi London contact number shared above, you can also get in touch with their customer service by filling out a form you will find at Chi Chi London contact us page. To get a fast response, make sure that you include all relevant details about your query or inquiry on the form.

If you prefer to get things done on your own or simply don’t want to contact their customer service using the Chi Chi London phone number shared above, you can simply visit Chi Chi London FAQ page. There you will find many questions asked and answered by different Chi Chi London UK customers. That said, there is a high chance that your question has been asked before by another customer.

How To Contact Chi Chi London

If you want to contact Chi Chi London Customer service, you will be happy to note that you can go about it in a number of ways. If you are a fan of social media and want an easier way of getting in touch with Chi Chi London, you can easily do so by using their social media accounts. You can also write them a letter if you prefer a more physical approach when contacting Chi Chi London. However, if you do settle on writing them a letter, it’s good to point out that it tends to be slow given the back and forth involved in sending your letter and receiving a feedback. In fact, a good number of their customers avoid using letters when contacting them especially if they have a query or an inquiry that needs a fast response.

Regardless of the communication channel you choose, rest assured that you would receive a response from Chi Chi London customer service.

Contact Chi Chi London Headquarters

If you settle on writing to Chi Chi London, then you will need their postal address. Not to worry, below you will find the correct Chi Chi London postal address that you should use when sending your query or inquiry. There a few things you need to confirm before sending your letter.

If you have a wrong postal address, your letter might end up in the wrong hands. Two, always ensure that you include your contact details. By contact details, I mean your postal address (home or office) and your name or phone number. This is very important, as they will use these details to get back to you with a feedback. A good number of customers forget to include this and as such fail to receive any feedback. That said, below you will find the correct Chi Chi London postal address.

65A Wilton Way, London E8 1BS, UK

Chi Chi London Complaints

Like any other business, there are bound to be complaints by Chi Chi London customers about their services or products. With that, if you happen to have any complaints feel free to address it/them with their complaints department by simply dialling the following Chi Chi London complaints number 0208 880 1211. Once you make the call, there will be a representative from their complaints department ready to assist you. Same as queries or inquiries, make sure that you are clear about your complaint and have all relevant details about it.

Chi Chi London Shop

Chi Chi London Shop

If you plan to shop for any Chi Chi London products, then the best place to so is at Chi Chi London shop. There you will find a variety of products available to their UK customers that are bound to meet all your needs. In addition to the wide range of products, they have also ensured that they have everything for everyone. If you have a curved body or simply looking for heels, rest assured that you will find at their shop. You can visit their shop to learn more about what they offer by going to the following Chi Chi London shop page.

In addition to visiting their online shop, you can also find out more detail about the clothes that they have on sale at their shop by simply getting in touch with Chi Chi London customer service. This you can do by dialling the following Chi Chi London phone number 0208 880 1211.

Chi Chi London My Account

If you want to better access the services and products offered by Chi Chi London, you should consider setting up your own account. This is very easy. All you have to do is simply follow the account opening instruction and you will be good to go in no time. If you are having problems creating or setting up an account, do seek assistance by dialling the following Chi Chi London helpline support number 0208 880 1211. You can also use this number if you are having issues opening your account.

In addition to this Chi Chi London phone number, you can also visit Chi Chi London FAQ page where you will find many useful answered questions on all things Chi Chi London account.

Chi Chi London Student Discount

Chi Chi London’s student discount is another great service that UK customers can take, that is if you are a student. With this in place, students receive a cool 20% discount on all party dresses offered at their online shop. If you need further details about this great service, do get in touch with them by dialling the following Chi Chi London student discount code helpline number 0208 880 1211.

Furthermore, you can use this Chi Chi London student discount code helpline number to address any issue you might have regarding this particular service. One thing you should note is that to access this service, you as a student needs to register with Student Beans. For more on their student discount code, do visit the following Chi Chi London student discount code page.

Chi Chi London Payment

There are various steps taken by Chi Chi London to ensure that their customers enjoy an online shopping experience. One such measure is having a wide variety of payment options customers can use. That said, if you do happen to have any problem with any of their payment methods, do get in touch with one of the customer service representatives by dialling the following Chi Chi London payment phone number 0208 880 1211.

You can also use this Chi Chi London contact number to reach out to their customer service if you need clarifications on the payment options available to UK customers.

Chi Chi London Gift Certificate

If you plan to give someone a gift of a Chi Chi London product, then you don’t have to necessarily buy them one of Chi Chi London products, all you have to do is simply buy them a gift certificate that they can use on their own. If you need further clarification about their Gift certificate service, feel free to interact with one of their representatives by simply dialling the following Chi Chi London gift certificate phone number 0208 880 1211.

You can also use this Chi Chi London phone number to address queries you might have about this service. Customers looking for additional information on their gift certificate can simply visit Chi Chi London gift certificate page.

Chi Chi London Delivery

If you have any queries about Chi Chi London’s delivery service or you simply want to make an inquiry about it like how it works or how much it costs, do get in touch with their customer service using the following Chi Chi London delivery phone number 0208 880 1211. You can also visit Chi Chi London FAQ page under delivery if you happen to have queries or inquiries about their delivery services.

Another great service offered by the team at Chi Chi London is their return policy. This allows customers to either return or exchange an item that they purchased at their site. For more details about this particular policy including what products actually qualify for a return, do contact one of their representatives using Chi Chi London returns phone number. You can also visit Chi Chi London FAQ page under returns for a more detailed look at this particular service from how it works to the products that qualify for a return.

Contact Chi Chi London On Social Media

Contact Chi Chi London On Social Media

In addition to the contact details already shared above, you can also get in touch with Chi Chi London by simply using social media. For this to happen, you will first have to locate their social media pages after which you can choose to either post your query or inquiry on their page or simply send it as a message. Either way, Chi Chi London customer service team will get back to you in good time with a perfect response. With that, below you will find their social media accounts.

Groupon Contact Number

This is an age dominated by the Internet, and an increasing number of people are turning towards the facility of shopping online. While buying online, you have a myriad of products that you would never find in a single local store. You have the facility of ordering things from different parts of the world, that too from the privacy and comfort of your own computer. If you have an Internet-enabled device, you can quickly log on to the web and start purchasing the choicest of things. Groupon is one such company that allows customers to get access to merchants selling different types of products and services across 28 different countries. For more Groupon contact details, you can call the Groupon customer care helpline or visit their Groupon Contact Us page.

Groupon Phone Numbers List

Groupon Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Groupon Customer Service 0203 510 0444
Groupon Phone Number 0203 510 0666
Head of communication 0800 007 5719
Problem with order 020 7956 2225
Book a New Order 0144 241 4100
Voucher Redemption 0207 060 6877
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Based in Chicago, Groupon is an online shopping site that connects merchants and customers across hundreds of cities in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and many others. Till date, it has more than 35 million subscribers registered to their service, in addition to millions of active, but not registered customers. Launched in 2008 by Andrew Mason, Groupon has become one of the fastest developing businesses in the industry. Today, Groupon is serving 500 markets across 48 different countries, including the US, Canada, India, Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, UAE, Malaysia, China, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and others.

The company is popular for giving excellent Groupon support to their new as well as existing customers. They are easily accessible through a number of mediums, which the customers can choose as per their own convenience levels. Some of the ways with which you can get in contact with Groupon include:

  • Sending them a written letter at their mailing address
  • Calling their Groupon Helpline
  • Downloading the Groupon app
  • Having a live chat
  • Getting connected with social media

Send them a Letter in Writing

Groupon headquarters are situated in Chicago, Illinois, east of Chicago River North Branch next to the North Larrabee Street and the Chicago Avenue. The mailing address is Groupon Headquarters 600 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60654. If you happen to visit the Groupon head office, you will see that it is far from the boring workplaces people use to work from 9 to 5. Being at this office can never be boring, as it is fully equipped with a tiki bar, enchanted forest and a game room. If you need Groupon support on any issue, you can write a letter to them and post it to the above address. A customer care executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You will either receive a written mail or a call from a Groupon phone number in response soon.

Groupon Customer Service

Although Groupon is known across the world for its excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction ratio, you can call their Groupon customer care helpline to place any kind of query, complaint or suggestion. Feel free to call the Groupon phone number 0203 510 0444 to get connected with the qualified and experienced customer service team of the company. When you call this Groupon contact number, you will get connected to an authorised customer service representative to help you out in every possible way. Keep your order details ready with you while making the call, as you will need to provide these to the executive so that he can assist you. For instance, if you want a refund for your order, you can call the Groupon customer service refund number, provide your order details and place your request.

Groupon Customer Service Refund Number
Groupon Customer Service

Groupon Phone Number

In addition to the Groupon Helpline, you can also call the Groupon phone number 0203 510 0666 to avail unmatched Groupon support. Just like the Groupon customer care helpline, this number will also allow you to get connected with a customer care executive and interact with him regarding any complaint, enquiry or issue. But like we said earlier, make sure to have your Groupon contact details and order details handy. Otherwise, the executive may not be able to locate your order and he may not be able to resolve your issue in the best possible way. You can visit the Groupon Contact Us page to find more ways of getting in touch with the company representatives.

Head of Communication

If you are having trouble finding Groupon contact details, if you cannot call the Groupon contact number, or if you are not satisfied with the solution provided by their customer service team, you can call the head of communication to make your voice heard by a person with higher authority. In a case of any query or complaint, calling the head of communication at 0800 007 5719 is the best way to go. Provide your order details to the person you speak to, and place your request to get it resolved as soon as possible. Talking to a higher official will definitely make a difference in the processing speed of your request. The people you will talk with at this number will be well knowledgeable and qualified to assure you that you receive best possible service really quickly.

Problem With Order

Groupon is a business and it does its best to satisfy its customers. But like any business, Groupon customers may also have some problem with their order that may need to be addressed. This is their right and Groupon tries its best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The company has a special team that is trained and dedicated to deal with problems with the orders. If you have any kind of problem with your order, you can call the Groupon Customer Service Refund Number 020 7956 2225 and place your request or complaint.

Once you have placed your order, you can find complete Groupon contact details on your order receipt. Give a call at this Groupon helpline, and an experienced company representative will be there to assist you with any problem with the order you might have.

Book a New Order

Do you want to shop with Groupon? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that you can do so within minutes, that too from the comfort of your own pyjamas. For you to book a new order at Groupon, all you need to do is to log on to the company’s official website, browse through the huge variety of products on offer, select the one that you want to buy, and place your order. There are several options which you can use to make your payment. Cash on Delivery facility is also available in select areas. So, if you decide to book an order at Groupon, it is a win-win situation in all respects. You get a chance to select from a huge variety of products available in the market, you are able to browse through the products offered by a number of merchants from different countries, and you get excellent customer service by calling the Groupon Customer Service Refund Number, if you happen to have a problem with your order. Call Groupon contact number 0144 241 4100 to book new order at Groupon.

Voucher Redemption

Groupon allows you to redeem certain vouchers to place orders on the site or avail special discounts or offers. All you have to do is to visit My Groupons section of the site and print your voucher. Each voucher comes with special instructions on how to use this voucher. You can simply follow the instructions and fulfil the conditions, and avail the attractive offers announced by Groupon from time to time. If you are not able to redeem your voucher, you can call 0207 060 6877 to get help in doing that.

Groupon Contact Details
Voucher Redemption

Download the Groupon App

Today, many customers are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices. They browse through the Internet, book tickets, and even shop online through their smartphones. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or iPhone, you can download the Groupon app to access Groupon from your hand-held device. You can not only browse through the available products and the available vouchers, you can even redeem them through the Groupon app. The app allows you to do your share and save the environment, because if you are pulling up your voucher on your mobile app, you will not need to print it, thus go paperless.

Have a Live Chat

After placing the order but before making the payment, you will see a ‘live chat’ button on the right-hand side of your screen. You can click on this button and start chatting with a Groupon representative. If you have a query about the product you have selected, you can get it cleared there and then, without receiving the product and then return it.

Connect via Social Media

When you visit the Groupon contact us page, you will see that you can get connected with the company through a number of social networking sites. Groupon is fully active on a number of sites, including FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can follow them at these social networking mediums, and stay updated about their latest events, launched and announcements.

Ticketmaster Phone Number

In this article, you are going to find all the information you need on Ticketmaster including Ticketmaster phone number and other details on how you can reach Ticketmaster customer service. In addition to going through this article, make sure you visit Ticketmaster’s online page where you will find lots of information regarding the services they offer.

Ticketmaster Phone Number List

Ticketmaster Helpline UK Contacts
Ticketmaster Customer Services 0333 321 9999
Ticketmaster Complaints Department 0208 681 2525
Booking Line 0333 321 9999
Booking Line (Northern Ireland) 0333 321 9996
Booking Line (Rep. of Ireland) 0818 903 001
Ticketmaster Refund Policy 0333 321 9999
Ticket Insurance 0345 641 9726
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When it comes to matters event tickets, be it comedy, music, sports or even theatre then there is one company that tops all the rest and that is Ticketmaster. With offices in more than 19 countries worldwide, Ticketmaster boast of making millions of ticket sales on a monthly basis to some of the most sought after events.

One of the countries where Ticketmaster operates in is the UK and as such, UK residents can use it to purchase tickets for almost any event currently going on in the country. There are so many advantages associated with taking up their services. For instance, you are likely going to receive discounts on some events.

For more details on Ticketmaster and the services that they offer, do visit Ticketmaster’s online site.

Get In Touch With Ticketmaster

Get In Touch With Ticketmaster

If you have any queries, complaint or inquiries you would like to make then you will happy to learn that contacting Ticketmaster is very simple. In fact, Ticketmaster, in their efforts to make sure that their customers find using their services simple and easy, has created numerous communication channel one can use if they choose to contact Ticketmaster.

That said, there are three communication channels you can use if you choose to contact Ticketmaster. You can contact Ticketmaster customer services through phone by using the Ticketmaster phone number shared on this post. You can also contact Ticketmaster customer service by sending them a letter either by email or by postal address. When using this means of communication, make sure you write a letter that clearly points out your inquiry, complaint or query. In addition to these two, you can also contact Ticketmaster through their social media accounts especially if you are looking for details regarding a particular event that you want to attend.

From these three, the most preferred communication channel by many Ticketmaster customers is by phone given that fact that it is direct and fast. You should also consider visiting Ticketmaster’s contact us page for further details about how you can get in touch with them.

Ticketmaster Headquarters Postal Address

Embedded map code: <iframe src=”!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d19859.51488500538!2d-0.14161670658543232!3d51.5235008486729!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0%3A0x15b75f53749880ac!2sTicketmaster!5e0!3m2!1ssw!2ske!4v1482731249181″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you would like to get in touch with the team at Ticketmaster by writing them a letter then feel free to do so by sending it to the Ticketmaster postal address given below. However, it’s good to point out that this means of communication is not that fast given that there is a process involved in sending and receiving the letter. In fact, many tend to avoid writing a letter when addressing matters that require quick attention because they might get a response or feedback a day or even a week later.

While writing the letter, remember to include all the relevant information, as this will help them get back to you in good time and most importantly with your desired answer. While still on matters what you should include on your letter, ensure that you provide your name and address where they can send you a letter back. Below you will find Ticketmaster postal address.

Ticketmaster, 4 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9HF, UK

Ticketmaster Customer Services

Ticketmaster Customer Services

Ticketmaster customer services are available to you at all times and as such, you can address your queries at any given point. To make matters even better, they have in place different ways of contacting their customer service. However, many prefer to place a phone call when contacting them as it is direct and fast.

If you are one of the many then do use the following Ticketmaster phone number 0333 321 9999 to get in touch with them. If you are calling from outside the UK, do use the following Ticketmaster helpline number +44 161 425 7563. A highly trained Ticketmaster representative will be ready to assist you with any query, complaint or inquiry you might have once you make the call.

Ticketmaster Complaints Department

Ticketmaster Complaints Department

Although not that common, there are bound to be complaints about Ticketmaster and their services raised by some of their customers. If you happen to be one of the customers with a complaint or complaints with Ticketmaster then you should address it with the Ticketmaster complaints department. This you can do by simply using the following Ticketmaster phone number 0208 681 2525.

In general, the team at Ticketmaster complaints department can end up taking up to 28days before resolving your complaint and as such, do not worry if they take some time solving it, as they will eventually work on solving it.

However, if you feel like they are not handling it properly, you can choose to contact the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform. You could also contact Star using the following number 0190 423 4737. By doing so, Star will act as a mediator between Ticketmaster and you the customer during the process of solving the problem.

Booking Line

Booking Line

Booking tickets for any event is very easy with Ticketmaster. All you have to do is, first of all, create an account on their platform, once you have done this, you will be asked to do some more small activities such as keying in your personal details but once that is done you will be able to book your ticket online.

If you happen to have any queries or questions surrounding their ticket booking process then feel free to get in touch with Ticketmaster customer services using the following Ticketmaster helpline 0800 988 4440. Once you make the call, one of the representatives will guide you through the entire process step by step. You can also use this line to ask about some the top events currently going on in the country.

You can also make bookings for your tickets online by visiting Ticketmaster booking site. In fact, it is the quickest way to make bookings if you happen to be using Ticketmaster.

Booking Line (Northern Ireland)

Booking Line (Northern Ireland)

If you leave in Northern Ireland and experiencing issues while using their booking services or simply want some clarification, then do get in touch with Ticketmaster using the following Ticketmaster phone number 0333 321 9996. Upon placing the call, there will be a Ticketmaster representative on the other side of the call ready to guide you in the process of booking your ticket.

As it was the case with the first booking line number, you can also use this Ticketmaster helpline to ask about some of the top events currently going on in the country. You can also make your bookings online by visiting Ticketmaster booking site.

Booking Line (Republic of Ireland)

Booking Line (Republic of Ireland)

If you are from the Republic of Ireland and you want to contact Ticketmaster for inquiries or queries that touch on their booking service, then do so by placing a call to the following Ticketmaster contact number 0818 903 001. You will be assisted on all things booking and how to fully benefit from this service by simply contacting Ticketmaster customer service using the Ticketmaster contact number provided. Additionally, you can ask about some of the cool events currently going on in the country when speaking to one of their representatives using this number. You can also make your bookings online by visiting Ticketmaster booking site.

Ticketmaster Refund Policy

Ticketmaster Refund Policy

Ticketmaster’s refund policy is of great use to customers, especially if a planned event fails to happen. With this policy in place, individuals who purchased a ticket for an event that failed and has no reschedule of it in the near future to happen will be given their money back or (depending on the customer) another event option which in most cases is usually the same price as your initial event.

If a cancelled event has been rescheduled, then you will be required to return your initial tickets in order to be given new ones. When sending the tickets back to Ticketmaster, do use the following postal address Ticketmaster Customer Services, PO Box 798, Manchester, M60 1WU. For more details on Ticketmaster refund policy do use the following Ticketmaster contact number 0333 321 9999.

Ticket Insurance

Ticket Insurance

Upon making a purchase of any given ticket, you can choose to insure it. By doing so, you will be protected in an event something happens to your ticket. While still on matters insurance, it’s good to point out that the ones offering this service to Ticketmaster customers are Allianz and as such, if you happen to have any queries or questions related to ticket insurance do contact them using the following contact numbers 0345 641 9726 and 0208 681 2525. You can also fill in the form at Allianz’s page detailing your query or question and a member of their team will contact you.

Get Social With Ticketmaster

Get Social With Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster’s social media platform also offers a perfect avenue for one to get in touch with Ticketmaster if they happen to have an inquiry, query or even complaint to make. All you have to do is simply identify any of their social media accounts and leave or post your message. Once you have posted the message, expect to hear from them in a matter of minutes depending on the time you leave your message.

In addition to contacting Ticketmaster customer service using this channel, you can also use it to keep up with all things Ticketmaster. By following their page, you will start receiving posts they make on their page right on your social media home page, be it Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. Below you will find all their active social media pages.






PayPal Contact Numbers

PayPal is one of the leading payment solution providers and offering online payment transfer services in the United Kingdom as well as on a global scale. Its main function is to provide a platform, which allows organisations and individuals to send and receive payment electronically. You can create your account with PayPal and also add money to your account via credit cards, bank transfers and more.

Account holders can access their account anywhere, anytime and use their funds in a number of ways. One can even access their money by using the iOS and Android compatible app. If you need any PayPal contact details, such as setting up an account, verifying, cancelling, any fraud allegation or service related queries, you can dial the following PayPal Contact Numbers listed in this guide below.

PayPal Phone Number List

PayPal Helpline UK Contact Number
PayPal Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 358 7911
Complaints and Main Menu 020 8605 3000
Credit Card Services 020 8181 0000
Paypal Contact Us – Dublin +35314369004
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There are many benefits of the PayPal phone number system. These issues range from being able to purchase goods online without providing sensitive credit or bank card information. PayPal offers one of the best alternative methods for accepting payments online. So being a global company, they offer customer support with their toll-free PayPal Customer Service Number 0800 358 7911, email support as well as social media outlets.

PayPal Contact Details

PayPal is actually a free, easy-to-use and secure way to make credit card or debit credit payments via your mobile, tablet or PC/laptop. Once you have signed up for your free account, you only need to register your credit or debit card details, bank account details (or all three) and within a few quick clicks, you will be able to make or receive payments.

After creating an account, you can make payment instantly without waiting for security verification or enter payment details again & again. You can also pay to anyone with an email address, in case you don’t have a PayPal account. If you face any problem, you can dial the PayPal dispute phone number 0800 358 7911. Representatives will provide you the right information, how you can access your account and use to send and receive money online.

As a global banking service operating in more than 200 countries, PayPal’s global customer care teams available around the clock to help customers and solve their issues, you are just required to visit at PayPal contact us. Some major concerns from clients included, setting up a new account with ease, verifying that said account and managing it as well.

If you have any of these concerns you should reach out to the PayPal contact details listed above.

PayPal Customer Service

With so much achievement, therefore many customers, technological problems and buyer-seller disputes are certain so PayPal has set up a comprehensive customer support method via FAQs and contact forms on its website, If you don’t see the answer to your concern in the PayPal FAQ section and you’re not keen on posting on the social media sites, fill in their customer service type and a PayPal executive can get back within couple of days. However, the trouble it appears, the PayPal dispute phone number is for easy and quick connection.

There are various approaches, PayPal designed as “PayPal Contact Us” for further information about the goods & services they offer and also get instant help with them. The easiest and simplest approach to contact is often to simply call their PayPal contact number toll-free 0800 358 7911.

Why Choose PayPal

  • Simple Balance Maintenance: You don’t need to store money in your PayPal account to make purchases. Once you have committed to pay at the checkout to happens easily. In case, your account is in credit, PayPal will use this balance to pay for products and services, before seeking any more money from your chosen bank account or cards.

  • Buyer Protection: PayPal has created another layer of protection by covering the purchases of buyers. Once the case is reported to PayPal, then their customer support team examines the case and refunds the total amount of the order. In case, you go through any issue or need assistance, then don’t forget the Paypal dispute phone number 0800 358 7911, where your issues will be fixed.

  • Secure For Shopping: PayPal makes your shopping easier and comfortable, You just need to click the PayPal option when you’re checking out on the e-commerce website. Log in to your account to approve the payment, and your payment detail will be automatically saved to your account.

  • Worldwide Access: Either you are a seller or a buyer. Therefore, you can easily access your PayPal account in 200 countries and make your transactions in almost 26 currencies. Fees for money conversion do apply.

  • Accessible From Any Device: Nowadays, making online transactions is not a difficult task. You can access your account through any device which is connected to the internet. Whether it’s a computer, tablet or mobile, you can make the payment easily. If you are facing problems to access your account then you have the best option, just dial the PayPal Contact Number 0800 358 7911.

  • Favored By Customers: It is favoured by many customers worldwide and can be used in many countries. Particularly in the UK it is preferred as number 1 for online transactions.

PayPal For Business

PayPal makes it possible for company owners accept credit cards, bank cards, send invoices online, send and receive payments. The Point of sale (POS) option is also available, including a PayPal card reader for mobile devices. Following are some most common services for the business:-

  • Express Checkout: Add PayPal to your internet checkout.

  • Payments Standard: Accept Paypal and credit cards through your website.

  • Payments Pro : Accept PayPal Credit Credit

PayPal provides a simple fee structure for businesses and also charges a percentage of the total sale price. Typically, no company fee will exceed 3.5%, and most transaction charges that are online can be found at 2.9%. The PayPal Contact Us Number 0800 358 7911 is also provided to discuss the various options for businesses.

PayPal Card Readers:

You will find two options to select from, including Chip Card Reader and Mobile Card Reader. Both products are able to take credit and debit cards, but only Chip Card Reader can process funds via contact-less, Apple pay and chip cards. Both could be linked to yours and Android devices, but the only mobile card reader works with windows platform. For more information regarding this, you can contact the PayPal Customer Service toll-free team 0800 358 7911.

PayPal Business MasterCard:

A PayPal MasterCard debit cards can be used for online shopping and to withdraw funds from most ATM’s. Any cash device that shows the MasterCard, Genius or Cirrus Logo may be used to withdraw funds (costs may apply). There are not any yearly expenses, and also the card offers a prize of 1% cash back on all purchases that are eligible. It’s another benefit, there are no limits of cash back rewards. The PayPal debit master card offers a zero liability policy, which addresses all and any unauthorized purchases. If your PayPal balance is zero, you can use your PayPal Business MasterCard, because the backup payment method has been connected to the card.

PayPal For Individual

PayPal is one of the best options for an individual customer to send and receive funds as well as to use for online shopping and payments. You can create your account without paying anything. There are no charges for transferring funds to friends and family members. When you accept payments for goods and services, then you will be charged. You can dial the PayPal contact number 0800 358 7911 to get more information about the newest fee structure.

PayPal.Me provides a unique and easy way to request funds. This support allows you to send an individual web link to others, which can then be utilised to perform a transfer. The link you can also send via text message, email, etc. if you are looking to use this service, you just need to dial the Paypal phone number 0800 358 7911 to root out the issue.

eBay Transaction via PayPal

One of the largest sources of business for PayPal is facilitating payments on eBay, which was founded by eBay a long time ago. You’re able to link your two accounts to enable seamless PayPal transactions on your every eBay purchases. From eBay payments to expenses, receiving funds for goods and services and solving disputes, you can handle any issue with eBay transactions directly via your PayPal account. To get help along with your PayPal purchases on eBay, you can contact PayPal Customer Service 0800 358 7911.

PayPal Contact Us

If you want to send any suggestion to PayPal to improve their services or any other information, you can also write a letter. We offer you the following address to communicate with PayPal via letter. This is an opportunity to give feedback or share your complaints with them. Please send clearly written letters to the following address or visit at Paypal dispute phone number page of the website:

Whittaker House,
Whittaker Avenue,
Richmond, Surrey,


Contact PayPal via Social Media

PayPal can be found on popular social media websites, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social media is an alternative option for those who wish to contact PayPal to get basic info about PayPal account. It is very important to notice that any question that is linked to an individual or company account is probably going to require you to contact PayPal helpline representatives at 0800 358 7911.


PayPal Overview

During the times, when people considered money transfers might never go beyond their bank account, a fresh trend was established by PayPal. Now, PayPal has become one of the world’s biggest internet payment set up.

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an official business name of PayPal. In 1988, the company was launched in collaboration with four people named as Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery and Luke Nosek. Formerly founded underneath the organisational title of conformity, this company was a money transfer service. In 2000, it was merged with, an online banking company and after it was renamed as PayPal.

In the year of 2002, it was acquired by eBay. The merger of two companies was a natural one, as the most of eBay retailers were accepting PayPal payments. By 2010, the organization had more than 100 thousand account holders, with customers coming from 190 independent markets. In 2015, eBay and PayPal separated into two, separate, publicly traded entities. In the same year, “” was presented by the company. The brand new service enables customers to use text, mail, and other messaging platforms that are differing to deliver requested cash and links. The new service is now available in more than 18 nations. Now, PayPal has over 170 million account holders. To get more information about PayPal, you can visit the official website.

John Lewis Phone Numbers

John Lewis is a renowned chain of upmarket department stores with the facility of online shopping. It sells fashion, homeware, sports and electric items along with gift list service. Operating throughout UK since mid-1800’s, John Lewis has come grown in popularity ever since. This page contains all the important John Lewis helplines, if you any queries, need to track your order or have issues related to return or refund. You can also visit their official site in order to know more about John Lewis contact numbers for customer service.

List of John Lewis Contact Numbers

John Lewis Helpline UK Contact Number
John Lewis Customer Service 03456 049 049
John Lewis Technical Support 03301 230 106
My Account Helpline 03456 100 312
Gift List 0345 602 5323
Partnership Card
General Inquires 0345 300 3833
Application Inquiry 0345 300 3830
Activating card 0345 6080 764
Stepchange Debt Charity 0800 138 1111
National debtline 0808 808 4000
Lost or Stolen Card 0800 015 0914
Textphone 0121 265 3051
Online 03456 049 049
Stores and Shops 0345 602 5329
Technical Support 0330 123 0106
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The John Lewis Partnership opened the first store in 1864 at Oxford Street London. It soon flourished into a chain of upmarket department stores and presently there are 46 stores throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The chain also includes 12 “At Home” stores, and “flexible format” stores in Exeter and York. John Lewis is committed to quality, value and service and hence was awarded a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen as: “suppliers of haberdashery and household goods.” John Lewis was also named as the favourite shop in the 2016 customer survey. It ranked top for baby products, and second for beauty and electrical. The dedicated customer service team has definitely won over hearts and made it one of the best high-street retailers in the United Kingdom.

Ways to Contact John Lewis

If you are looking for help to track an order or get information about the availability of a product at an online store or regarding payment options etc; you can contact John Lewis customer services through the following channels:

  • Browse the frequently asked questions section
  • Call any of the John Lewis contact numbers
  • Drop an email by filling out the online form; Your queries will be answered within 24 hours
  • Clarify your doubts by having a live chat
  • Send a hand-written letter to John Lewis customer service via post
  • Visit the John Lewis contact us section
  • Take help from social media sites

Contact John Lewis

John Lewis Customer Service Address

For any general inquiry, complaints or sending feedback regarding products or services, you can send a handwritten letter:

John Lewis Customer Services, Selectapost 57, Sheffield S97 3GL

NOTE: Don’t forget to mention your contact information, so that the customer care can get back to you with the solution. This process might take some time, as it depends on the time the letter will take to reach John Lewis customer service. Alternatively, you can also use any John Lewis contact number to speak directly to their representative in an emergency.

John Lewis Contact Number Centres

Whether you have a pre-purchase inquiry or need help from customer care regarding delivery and collection, appliance installation, delivery status or return and refund; you can contact John Lewis customer service team using the following number: 03456 049 049.  Help and support are available from 7 am till midnight, seven days a week. John Lewis contact numbers will get you the best service.

The following are some of the reasons, you will need to get in touch with John Lewis customer service:

  • For help regarding orders placed at the online store. This may include tracking order; amending or cancelling the order; about an out of stock of order or inquiry about missing, incomplete or damaged order.
  • For inquiries related to delivery and collection of purchased products.
  • For queries related to refund policy; returning or exchanging an item and methods of payment and refunds.
  • For help regarding application installation, disposal and recycling.

Gift List

Contact John Lewis

From a wedding to a big birthday party, a gift list helps you out. You can select from over 350,000 products from the JL owned collection and many other trusted brands. You can also add honeymoon and travel contributions to your list. There is a bonus with an added advantage of gift vouchers and free home delivery as well. You can also register your gift list or manage the list from the comfort of your home with the help of online shopping facility.

John Lewis provides its customers complete assistance throughout the shopping process. Their customer service executives are always available for help and support so that you can shop peacefully and stress-free. Registering for gift list is simple and easy and you can either visit your nearest shop or use any of the John Lewis contact numbers.

Dial 0345 602 5323 to get in touch with the gift list department and get appropriate help and advice throughout the process. You can choose your gifts 8 weeks before the event and your guests can make the purchases 6 weeks before the event. The computer system will also keep a track of all the purchased items to make things easier for you when you send out thank you notes.

Partnership Card

John Lewis Contact Numbers

John Lewis offers endless products of great value from numerous trusted brands of United Kingdom. It also strives to make shopping at their stores easy and delightful and hence provides its valued customers with options like a partnership card. The partnership card makes your regular purchases rewarding.

Every time you make a purchase with your card, you will earn points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can turn those into a gift voucher and treat yourself to more. You can also enjoy 0% interest on your purchase and balance transfers for up to 6 months. You earn 1 point for every £1 spent on your card.

If you are planning to apply for a partnership card, but have a few queries you need to resolve first, you can call0345 300 3830 and speak directly to a John Lewis customer care representative. Apart from that the following John Lewis contact numbers will also be helpful:

John Lewis Technical Support

You can shop for a wide range of electrical appliances and home furnishings from some of the most trusted and well-known brands in the industry. The John Lewis Helpline will not only help during the pre- purchase phase so that you get the best product as per your needs and preferences, but they will also provide assistance appliance installation, disposal and recycling. Their installation team will take the hard work out of buying a new home appliance.

If you are shopping online, you will have to select the installation option before your purchase. Installation is also offered on in-store purchased products. In order to check if the installation service for your appliance purchase is available or not; call today to see, 0345 604 8835.

Apart from that, if you have any after sales on any electrical or technology product you can contact John Lewis technical support agents at 03301 230 106Support is available at this number from 8 am to 9 pm on the weekdays, from 8 am to 8 pm on Saturdays and from 10am to 6 pm on Sundays. It is closed on public holidays.

My John Lewis Account Helpline

Contact John Lewis

You can make your online shopping easy, quick and secure by creating a My John Lewis Account. Just register with your email id and enjoy a personalised online shopping experience.

If you already have a My John Lewis Account and are facing some issues with the account or have some other queries related to the account, you can call at 03456 100 312 and speak directly to an executive about the concern.

This special John Lewis helpline is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 9 pm; Saturday between 8 am to 8 pm and on Sundays between 9 am to 6 pm. The centre is closed for public holidays.


Apart from being a renowned high street retailer of fashion, home, sports and kids product, John Lewis is also a well-known insurance provider. It provides reliable coverage for car, home, travel, pet, events, wedding and life. You can find all the relevant John Lewis contact numbers for their insurance services at the John Lewis contact us page.


John Lewis continuously strives to delight it customers with exceptional service and minimal complaints. Therefore all customer feedback is highly appreciated and complaints are welcomed. The John Lewis helpline for complaints ensures that your issue is heard by the right department and resolved at the earliest. If you are not happy with any product or service, raise a complaint either through the John Lewis contact numbers above using this online form.

For problems or queries with your purchase or service from the online store, you can call at 03456 049 049 or send an email.

For problems or queries with an electrical or technology product you’ve bought from us, you can get in touch with John Lewis technical support at 0330 123 0106.

NOTE: Even after contacting the complaints department, and you are not satisfied with the solution and wish to escalate the complaint, you need to write to the head centre:

Head of Help Centre, 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN

Contact John Lewis Via Social Media

John Lewis Contact Numbers
Picture From Twitter

Apart from post, phone and email, you can also contact John Lewis via social media on the following platforms:

HMRC Phone Numbers

On this page, you will find all the important HMRC contact numbers and Tax return details, which will help you resolve your queries or in order to file a complaint. The HMRC helpline can then contact the relevant HM revenue and customs department or personnel for support and guidance. You can also get additional help for dealing with HMRC by visiting their official website.

List of HMRC Contact Numbers

HMRC Helpline UK Contact Number
Self Assessment
HMRC Customer Service 0300 200 3310
General Queries Textphone 0300 200 3319
 Payments Helpline 0300 200 3401
Amendments Helpline 0300 200 3300
Form Ordering 0300 200 3610
Tax Credits or Income Tax Helpline
General Inquiries Telephone 0345 300 3900
General Inquiries Textphone 0345 300 3909
Tax Credit Payments 0345 302 1429
Agent Dedicated Line 0345 300 3943
National Benefit Fraud Hotline
Telephone 0800 854 440
Textphone 0800 328 0512
Child Benefit
General Inquiries: Telephone 0300 200 3100
General Inquiries: Textphone 0300 200 3103
Guardian’s Allowance 0300 200 3101
National Insurance
General Inquiries: Telephone 0300 200 3500
General Inquiries: Textphone 0300 200 3519
State Pension Statement & Inquiries
Telephone 0800 731 7898
Textphone 0800 731 7339
Further Pension Statement & Inquiries
Telephone 0345 3000 168
Textphone 0345 3000 169
Tax Inquiries for Employers
General Inquiries: Telephone 0300 200 3200
General Inquiries: Textphone 0300 200 3212
Helpline For New Employers 0300 200 3211
HMRC VAT Helpline
General Inquiries: Telephone 0300 200 3700
General Inquiries: Textphone 0300 200 3719
VAT Online Services 0300 200 3701
Construction Industry Schemes
General Inquiries: Telephone 0300 200 3210
General Inquiries: Textphone 0300 200 3219
Employment Status Inquiry 0300 123 2326
HMRC Online Services Helpdesk
 Online Services Telephone 0300 200 3600
Online Services Textphone 0300 200 360
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HMRC or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs is a non-ministerial department of the UK Government. The department holds responsibility for collecting taxes and paying state support. It also runs the administration of some regulatory regimes including the national minimum wage.

HMRC is responsible for administration and collection of direct and indirect taxes. The direct taxes include corporation tax, income tax and capital tax; whereas the indirect taxes include VAT, excise duty, land tax, stamp duty etc. The department is also responsible for National Insurance contributions, distribution of child benefit and enforcement of national minimum wage.

Let us review all the ways to get in touch with the relevant department at HMRC in order to solve any query or file a complaint.

Ways to Contact HMRC

HMRC Contact Numbers

We have listed all the ways above to get necessary support and guidance from the HMRC helpline. In case you have some general inquiries, need help with your taxes or have to update your personal details with HMRC,  the best ways to contact HMRC and resolve your issues quickly:

  • Fill the online support forms
  • Online help and support through webinars and online videos
  • Live chat
  • Call any relevant HMRC contact number
  • Write about your queries and complaints
  • Visit the Contact HMRC page on the official website

HMRC Customer Service Address

You are free to write a letter regarding your queries or complaints to HMRC at the following address:

HMRC FoI Act Team, Room 1C/23, 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ

If you decide to contact HMRC via post, it is suggested that you make the purpose of your writing extremely clear in the letter. You must include the subject of your concern at the top of the letter and the body should be precise yet have complete information in order to facilitate a response.

Note: The above-mentioned address is for freedom of information requests. For specific inquiry or complaints, you can visit the HMRC Contact Us page on the official site and find the relevant contact details for your concerns.

HMRC Contact Numbers

HMRC Contact Numbers
Picture From

HMRC offers a plethora of options to contact them in case you need to make any general inquiry or are unhappy with their services. However, certain ways to contact HMRC are much efficient and quicker than others, One of them is phoning the relevant departments and speaking directly to the representative for any of the following:

  • First-time Residency
  • Tax Calculations
  • Tax Credits Information
  • Taxes on Inheritance
  • Business Taxes
  • Setting Up Shop
  • VAT Inquiries
  • Personal & Business Accounting
  • Reporting Tax Fraud
  • Inquiring Charity Tax Status
  • Advice on special tax relief schemes

There are specific HMRC helpline numbers for different departments. Calling the general inquiries helpline number, which is relevant to your concern will save your time.

Note: People with hearing or speech impairment can contact HMRC through their textphone numbers and resolve their queries quickly and efficiently.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

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Under the self-assessment system of HMRC, taxes are automatically deducted from wages, pensions and savings. People and businesses with other income are supposed to declare these deductions in the tax return form, which is filed at the end of every financial year. In order to file your tax returns on time, you need to keep all the records of bank statements, receipts etc. HMRC helps calculate the tax on the basis of what you report.

If you need any help or support with filing your tax returns or have any questions about self-assessment tax, you can visit the HMRC contact us official website and get detailed information. You can also call at their general inquiries number 0300 200 3310 or have a web chat with their adviser.

Business Tax

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All the employers need to register for PAYE if the employees are paid more than £112 a week. PAYE is HMRC’s system for collection of income tax and national insurance from employment. When you pay the employees using payroll, you also need to operate through PAYE and make deductions for tax and national insurance of the employees. Payments to the employees include salary, wages and other benefits. Other deductions are loan repayment and contribution towards pension scheme.

If you have any query related to what you owe or reporting and paying or claiming any reduction, you can speak to their adviser through HMRC contact number. Their payments inquiry helpline number is 0300 200 3401.

Tax Credits

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HMRC offers certain benefits to some taxpayers, which allows them to reduce a specific amount from the total tax they owe the state. Tax credit is a form of state support for those with low income. There are two types of benefits offered by HMRC; child tax credit and working tax credit. For child tax credit you get money for each child that qualifies. On the other hand working tax credit is allotted if you are aged from 16 to 24 and have a child or a qualifying disability, or are over 25 years of age (with or without children) and have income below a certain level.

In order to learn more about tax credit eligibility, the general process to claim tax credit etc., you can visit the official site or call 0345 300 3900.

National Insurance Contributions

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National insurance is paid to qualify for certain benefits like State Pension. There are different classes or types of national insurance. The class of national insurance you fall in depends on your income and employment status. Additionally, the gaps in your national insurance record also affect your contributions. You can stop paying national insurance after reaching the state pension age, although the norms are slightly different for employed and self-employed.

For detailed information, you can explore the official website or call at 0300 200 3500.

Income Tax

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As the name suggests, income tax is the tax which is paid on a person’s annual income. It includes money earned from employment, profits made as self-employed, state benefits, rental income, benefits from job and income from a trust. For employees, income tax is automatically deducted through PAYE before the salary or wages are paid. The self-employed and high-income employees on the other hand, need to file a tax return annually.

If you need any help with your income tax or make amendments to your personal information with HMRC, you can call at 0345 300 3900The adviser will provide necessary support and assistance.

HMRC VAT Helpline 

HMRC Contact NumbersVAT is a business tax, which is usually charged on taxable supplies like the following:

  • Sales of goods and services
  • Hiring goods
  • Selling business assets
  • Commission
  • Items sold to staff – eg canteen meals
  • Business goods used for personal reasons
  • ‘Non-sales’ like bartering, part-exchange and gifts

NOTE: VAT can only be charged if your business is registered for VAT.

If you are a VAT registered business, you need to report your VAT return to the HMRC every three months. VAT return consists of the amount you have charged as VAT and the amount you have paid as VAT.

In order to know more about VAT, VAT rates, registration etc. you can contact HMRC VAT helpline at 0300 200 3700

Child Benefits

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A person who is responsible for a child under 16 or under 20 (if they stay in approved education or training) is eligible to claim child benefit. Even if you chose not to get child benefit, you must fill in the claim form to get National Insurance credits and also to ensure that your child is registered to get a National Insurance number at the age of 16. You must also report any change of circumstances to the Child Benefit Office.

You are also eligible for Guardian’s allowance if you are raising someone else’s child when one or both his parents have died.

Learn more about child benefit through HMRC contact number for child benefit inquiries. You can call at 0300 200 3100 for any query or amendment in personal information. For inquiries related to guardian allowance, you need to call at 0300 200 3101.

Online Service

You can get in touch with HMRC customer service centres online in case you are facing the following:

  • problems logging into or registering
  • receiving an error message
  • support using free software and tools
  • trouble sending online forms

Contact HMRC at 0300 200 3600.

If you are facing a technical problem with any of the VAT online services, you can contact HMRC VAT helpline at 0300 200 3701.

Note: HMRC online helpdesk will be unable to resolve your tax related queries.


If you are unhappy with the HMRC services because of unreasonable delays, mistakes or for any other reason, you can file a complaint against the person or department responsible through HMRC helplines. You can also write to the person or office you have been dealing with. Another efficient way to file a complaint is with the help of online forms.

You can also report to HMRC’s National Benefit Fraud Hotline if you believe someone is committing benefit fraud. The department of work and pensions will do everything in its power to put things right quickly. Call HMRC toll-free 0800 854 440.

Contact HMRC Via Social Media

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Although HMRC contact numbers will help resolve all your queries, in many cases your questions or complaints go unheard. You can use social media platforms to raise your concerns. You can immediately grab their attention by posting on their social media like Twitter or Facebook. The following are the platforms HMRC is available on: