Decathlon Contact Numbers

With More than 28 stores across the UK designed in such a manner that it allows customers to try out the various products in their store such as indoor test areas for scooter customers as well as cycling aisles, Decathlon is arguably one of the best sporting stores in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the regular sports merchandised, the company offers other large sports products like fitness machines, table tennis tables and tents just to mention a few.

To find out how you can get your hands on any of their sporting products you are going to need the Decathlon contact numbers, links and postal addresses shared in this post.

Decathlon Phone Number List

Decathlon Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0207 064 3000
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N/B: Lines Open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Decathlon Customer Service

Decathlon Customer Service

This Decathlon customer service phone number 0207 064 3000 will connect you with a staff member from their customer service team who will assist you with all your shopping problems at any of their sites, all your complaints regarding their service or products, much needed advice before purchasing an item from their store or even need assistance locating the nearest store.

Before initiating contact using this Decathlon contact number, they do advise that you visit Decathlon FAQ page where you will find several frequently asked questions about how to return an online order or how they ship their products internationally.

If you are online and looking for a simple way to contact Decathlon customer service, do send them an email to and they will get back to you in good time with a perfect response.

Decathlon Find Your Store

Decathlon has taken several steps to bring their sports products close to their customers. One such step is establishing several stores across the country. To find the closest store near you visit Decathlon find your store page, key in the relevant details and you will get your answer.

Decathlon Store  Contact Number 
Belfast 0289 042 2049
Bolton 0120 439 4023
Edinburgh 0131 442 3293
Farnborough 0125 251 8315
Lakeside 0170 889 5650
Harlow 0127 941 8299
Newcastle – Gateshead 0191 495 8330
Oxford 0186 579 7910
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Decathlon Head Office

Get in touch with Decathlon head office using the following Decathlon head office postal address:

Canada Water Retail Park, Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 2XU.

Do More With Decathlon Mobile Application

Do More With Decathlon Mobile Application

Get more out of your Decathlon membership by installing Decathlon shopping application either on your phone or on a tablet. They have application versions for both Android and iOS phones in an attempt to make sure that the application is easily available to a good number of their customers.

Contact Decathlon via Social Media

Other than the contact details shared in this post, you can get in touch with Decathlon customer service using their social media pages.

This process is very simple, all you have to do is post your query, complaint or inquiry message on their page and await a response. With that in mind, below is a list of all Decathlon social media accounts.

Clarks Contact Numbers

With branches in more than 32 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, Clarks offers a wide range of shoes to its customers.

Throughout the years, the company has managed to gain a considerable amount of popularity with UK residents by starring a number of well-known celebrities in their commercials be it online or TV.

If you would like to contact their customer service department, this post will help you do just that by highlighting all the relevant Clarks contact numbers, postal address and email addresses.

Clarks Phone Number List

Clarks Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0145 889 9901
Website Queries 0145 889 9878
Ordering 0145 889 9904
Fitting Appointments 0844 248 8408
Media Inquiries 0203 128 8100
Head Office 0145 844 3131
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 8.00 pm, Saturday 8.30 am – 6.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm and bank holidays 10.00 am – 2.00 pm.

Clarks Customer Service

Clarks helpline number for main website section

This Clarks customer service number 0145 889 9901 will transfer you directly to Clark’s customer service team who will assist you with whatever query, question or complaint you might have regarding their products or even the services that they offer.

If you are not in a position to use this Clarks phone number, you can send their customer service team an email using and they will get back to you in good time with a perfect response or feedback.

Expect a reply within 48 hours if you contact them via email.

Before initiating any communication with the company’s customer service team, they do advise that you visit Clarks FAQ page.

For additional information on how to contact their customer service as well as other company departments, the following links are very useful Clarks Contact Us page.

Clarks Website Queries

Get answers to all your Clarks website queries like login issues and shopping difficulties that include online payment difficulties by calling this Clarks website query phone number 0145 889 9878 or visit their customer service section.

Clarks Fitness Appointment

Phone this Clarks fitness appointment number 0844 248 8408 to book a fitness appointment with one of the company’s friendly staff members.

The process of booking or setting up an appointment can also be done online by visiting this Clarks fitness appointment page and follow the instructions provided.

Clarks Ordering

Have you made an order already? Do you need assistance making an order? If you answered yes, then you need this Clarks ordering phone number 0145 889 9904 to contact their ordering department and they’ll assist accordingly.

Clarks Media Enquiry

All the company’s media enquiries should be addressed to MHP communications using this Clarks media enquiry phone number 0203 128 8100.

If you are having problems reaching them using this Clarks contact number, you can as well contact them via email by sending all your media enquiries to

Clarks Head Office

Dialling this Clarks head office phone number 0145 844 3131 will connect you with one of their staff members based at their head office.

In addition to this Clarks contact number, you can opt for a more physical approach to contact their head office by writing them a physical letter and sending to the following address:

Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, 74 Ealing Broadway Centre, Ealing W5 5JY.

Contact Clarks via Social Media

Clarks customer service contact number for social media Twitter account

If you are a social media lover while at the same time love Clarks services and products and would like to contact them using their social media platforms, post your query, complaint or inquiry message on any of the Clarks social media platforms shared below. They are normally very active so expect a response from them within a few minutes.

TM Lewin Contact Number

Since 1898, TM Lewin has been offering the very best when it comes to suits, coats, ties, accessories and even shoes for both men and women. All the clothing, shoes and accessory items listed on TM Lewin online platform display the craftsmanship, quality and time taken to create each and every piece so rest assured that you will find only the best.

If you have been searching for all things TM Lewin contact details then you are going to find this post very useful as it highlights all the TM Lewin contact numbers you are going to need when contacting their departments including TM Lewin customer service number.

TM Lewin Phone Number List

TM Lewin Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0845 389 1898
Customer Service Fax Number 0189 545 8229
Careers 0207 877 3557
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am -6:00 pm, Saturdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm and closed on Sundays

TM Lewin Customer Service

In addition to dialling the following TM Lewin customer service number 0845 389 1898, you can contact their reliable customer service with your query or inquiry message via email using the following TM Lewin email address or through their interactive chat feature on their online platform.

TM Lewin Fax Number

You can also contact their customer service by fax using this TM Lewin fax number 0189 545 8229.  

The TM Lewin customer service number, email address and interactive chat feature can also be used to report or address complaints or suggestions you might have about the services and products they offer.

Find additional information on how to contact their customer service by visiting TM Lewin contact us page.

TM Lewin Careers

Other than inquiring about open positions, this TM Lewin careers phone number 0207 877 3557 can and should be used to contact TM Lewin careers team for anyone keen on joining TM Lewin’s team of employees.

The following TM Lewin email address is also applicable when inquiring about their job openings or simply sending your curriculum vitae.

To see the available positions online, follow this TM Lewin careers page link.

TM Lewin Store Finder

Having trouble finding a TM Lewin store near you? If so, simply visit TM Lewin store finder page and key in either your current city location or your current postal address and you will find the answer you are looking.

For a more detail result, make sure you use the filter options offered by TM Lewin to get a more tailored result.

TM Lewin Store Contact Number
Manchester Trafford Centre  01617 497 408
Manchester Spinning Fields  0161 832 6494
Cheshire Oaks  0151 357 2765
Victoria Station  0207 931 8163
Kings Road 0207 881 0957
Oxford Street 0207 989 1155 
 Reading 0118 956 9925 
 Westfield (White City) 0208 743 5890
 Regent Street 2 0207 287 9870 
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TM Lewin Returns

For all your TM Lewin returns queries and inquiries, use this email address to seek further assistance from their customer service on what to with your returns. Do note that returns exclude altered footwear, underwears as well as gift voucher purchases.

If you are planning to mail your return, then use the Royal Swift MAIL included in your order. Educate yourself about all things TM Lewin return policy by visiting TM Lewin returns policy page.

TM Lewin Wholesale

If you plan to purchase items at TM Lewin in bulk, be it their underwears, footwear as well as womenswear, contact a member of their staff using this TM Lewin wholesale email address and he/she will help make your transaction easier and most importantly less expensive.

For additional information on all things TM Lewin wholesale, visit this TM Lewin wholesale page.

TM Lewin Affiliate

For details on how you can join TM Lewin affiliate program, contact Benjamin using the following TM Lewin affiliate email address In addition to this email address, this TM Lewin affiliate page offers additional information on how to join their affiliate page.

TM Lewin Head Office

Do you have an issue that you believe requires the attention of their head office? If your answer is yes then simply write down your query, inquiry or complaint on a piece of paper and send it to their head office postal address which is Trafford Centre, 151 Regent Crescent, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AR, UK.

How To Contact TM Lewin

You can contact TM Lewin using the different TM Lewin phone numbers, emails and even postal address shared in this post based on what you need. Additionally, social media platform is another avenue you can use when contacting their customer service.

Below you will find the different TM Lewin social media pages/accounts you can sue when contacting them.

TM Lewin Payment & Gift Cards

TM Lewin accepts major credit and debit cards for all purchases made online. They also do accept bank transfers but before initiating this process do get in touch with their customer service in order to get TM Lewin bank details.

Feel free to also enquire about TM Lewin discounts, TM Lewin offers and their student discounts if you are a student using the TM Lewin contact details provided under the customer service section.

The Fragrance Shop Contact Number

If you live in the UK and plan to shop for top quality fragrances, look no further than The Fragrance Shop. In this post, you are going to find a great deal of The Fragrance Shop contact details including The Fragrance Shop contact numbers for all their stores.

The Fragrance Shop Phone Number List

The Fragrance Shop Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0161 468 1701
Business Enquiries, Bulk Ordering 0161 848 7111
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed  

The Fragrance Shop Customer Service

Phone this The Fragrance Shop customer service number 0161 468 1701 to contact the Fragrance Shop’s friendly UK based customer service team for queries or inquiries about their services and products.

To contact their customer service via email, use this The Fragrance Shop email address

The following links The Fragrance Shop FAQ page and The Fragrance Shop contact us page are very helpful for customers looking for answers to all their The Fragrance shop questions as well additional communication methods one can use when contacting them respectively.

Business Inquiries & Bulk Ordering

Use this The Fragrance Shop phone number 0161 848 7111 to speak with one of their staff on how you can benefit from The Fragrance Shop discounts put in place for customers purchasing their fragrances in bulk.

The Fragrance Shop Complaints

If you have complaints write and send them a letter detailing your complaint to the following The Fragrance Shop postal address Customer Service Department, The Fragrance Shop Unit 6 Premier Park, Acheson Way, Trafford Park Road, Manchester, M17 1GA.

Visit The Fragrance Shop Contact us page for more on how to address your complaint and the stages involved.

My Account

To open a shopping online account with The Fragrance Shop, visit The Fragrant shop accounts page and register for one by following the on-screen instructions. If you have an account, simply login in the login section using your personal details.

Store Finder

Currently, The Fragrance Shop has more than 183 stores spread out throughout the UK. To locate a store near you, especially if you don’t see one in the store number list shared below, visit The Fragrance Shop store listing page.

Click & Collect

Take up The Fragrance Shop click & collect service and enjoy the unlimited convenience and fast delivery services to a store of your choice every time you purchase a fragrance brand from any of their stores. For more on this contact their UK based customer service team or visit The Fragrance Shop click & collect page.

Gift Card

Visit The Fragrance Shop gift cards page to find out how you can treat that special someone with a gift product from The Fragrance Shop. Use customer service number shared in this post to learn more about their gift card terms and conditions as well as pricing.

To check your gift card balance online, visit the following The Fragrance Shop merchant page.


If you would like to join The Fragrance Shop’s team of talented staff, do send them an email on to find out whether they have any openings that match your skills. Alternatively, you could visit the following The Fragrance Shop careers page.

The Fragrance Shop Head Office

Have queries, complaints or inquiries that you would like to bring to the attention of The Fragrance Shop head office? If your answer is yes then do write to them using the following Fragrance Shop postal address The Fragrance Shop Unit 6 Premier Park, Acheson Way, Trafford Park Road, Manchester, M17 1GA.

Contact The Fragrance Shop Via Social Media

In addition to The Fragrance Shop phone numbers shared in this post, you can contact their customer service using social media by simply identifying their official social media pages and posting your query, inquiry or complaint message on any of them. Below is a list of its social media account.

Woodhouse Clothing Contact Number

Focusing exclusively on menswear, Woodhouse Clothing offers the very best when it comes to high-quality designer clothing. The men’s clothing offered at their online store includes formal wear, casual wear, footwear and accessories that will complete your look.

The clothing items up for sale on their online store are from top brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Stone Island and Paul and Shark so you will be getting the very best.

That being said, this post will get to highlight a number of Woodhouse Clothing contact details including Woodhouse Clothing contact numbers you will need.

Woodhouse Clothing Phone Number List

Woodhouse Clothing Department UK Contact Numbers
Woodhouse Clothing Customer Service 0161 413 3640
Woodhouse Store Notting Hill  0207 792 8253
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 6:30 pm and Sunday 12:00 am to 5:00 pm

Woodhouse Clothing Customer Service

Use this Woodhouse Clothing customer service number 0161 413 3640 if you happen to have a question or inquiry about the services and the clothing items offered by Woodhouse Clothing and you’ve failed to find an answer at Woodhouse Clothing FAQ page.

You can also use this Woodhouse Clothing phone number if you have a complaint to make regarding the services or clothing items offered by Woodhouse Clothing.

Alternatively, you could visit Woodhouse Clothing online platform and make use of their online chat feature to get in touch with a staff member from their customer service.

For more on how to contact Woodhouse Clothing customer service, do visit Woodhouse Clothing contact us page using your phone, tablet or laptop.

Woodhouse Clothing Notting Hill Store

The following Woodhouse Clothing store number 0207 792 8253 can and should be used by Woodhouse Clothing customers in an event they plan to contact their main store in London.

When making your call do have in mind that they open Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am to 6:30 pm and Sunday from 12:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can also contact them by writing them a letter and sending it to this Woodhouse Clothing store postal address 189 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, Greater London, W11 2SB.

Woodhouse Clothing Orders

Once you have identified an item that you would like to purchase from Woodhouse Clothing, the next step is placing or making an order and this you can do by speaking to Woodhouse Clothing customer service staff or through their live chat feature on their online platform.

How To Contact Woodhouse Clothing

This post highlights a number of ways you can take up when contacting Woodhouse Clothing customer service. The communication methods already highlighted in this post include communication over the phone, via email and by writing and sending them a letter using their postal address.

That being said, the growth of social media has also brought up a new communication channel you can use when contacting their customer service. To do this, simply locate any of their social media accounts and you are good to go.

Woodhouse Clothing Returns

Get more details about Woodhouse Clothing returns policy and process by speaking to one of their staff members using the Woodhouse Clothing customer service number shared in this post.

Alternatively, especially if you are keen on learning their returns policy, you could visit Woodhouse Clothing Returns policy page and get informed.

Woodhouse Clothing Student Discounts

Sign up with Student Beams to enjoy Woodhouse Clothing’s 10% student discount at Woodhouse Clothing student discount page. If you need assistance registering for their student discount, simply get in touch with support using the Woodhouse Clothing phone number shared in this post.