New Look Contact Numbers

Known to have started out back in 1969 as a single store in the UK, New Look, other than their new status, which is a leading fast fashion brand in the UK, now boasts of having more than 500 stores in the UK alone and more than more than 250 stores across Europe, Asia and China.

Customers who would like to get in touch with any of their stores regardless of the location would find this New Look Contact number post to be of great use as it lists a number of New Look phone numbers, emails as well as postal address.

If there is a number you would like to see included in the post, just leave a comment in the comment section and will get back to you.

New Look Phone Number List

New Look Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0344 499 6690
International Customer Service 0800 0926 0926
Financial PR 0203 805 4822
Press & Media Relations 0203 219 7410
Store Card Customer Service 0371 781 3051
Head Office (Weymouth) 0130 576 5000
Head Office (Paris) +33(0)14 646 3700
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

New Look Customer Service

Customer service number is 0344 499 6690. Dial this number if you need assistance from their staff members for;

  • Making orders
  • Tracking your orders
  • Refunds
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Delivery services
  • Store locations
  • Cancellations and returns

There is also a live chat feature customers can use to contact their customer service if they haven’t found their preferred communication method.

If you are looking for answers to your queries and inquiries fast without necessarily speaking with staff members, visit New Look FAQ page where you are going to find a list of answered questions that are likely going to match your current need.

Additional information on how you can contact customer service, as well as the various departments they have, can be found at New Look contact us page.

New Look customer service contact number for main website page

New Look International Customer Service

Contacting from outside the UK? If your answer is yes then dial this New Look International customer service number +44(0)800 0926 0926 to speak to a member of their customer service.

If you are unable to reach them over the phone using either the local or international New Look phone numbers provided, send them a handwritten letter detailing your inquiry or query to the following New Look mailing address;

New Look Customer Services, Exeter, EX1 9TY

New Look Financial PR

The New Look phone number to call for all things financial PR related stuff is this New Look Financial PR number 0203 805 4822 that will connect you to Headland, this is the company that handles New Look PR.

Alternatively, customers can get to know more about New Look’s financial information by sending them an email using

New Look Press & Media Relations

Whether it’s press reports, press releases, financial results (yearly) or even publications, use this New Look press and media relations number 0203 219 7410 to speak to a member of their Press & Media department and he/she will assist you accordingly.

This Press & Media relations department can also be reached via email at

New Look Store Card Customer Service

This is New Look store card customer service number 0371 781 3051. Use this number for all your store card issues, queries and inquiries like who qualifies for a store card, the documents you need when applying as well as what should know before applying (terms and conditions).

For additional information on how and when you can contact their store card customer service department, visit New Look Store Card application page.

New Look Head Office (Weymouth)

In addition to this New Look head office Weymouth number 0130 576 5000, customers who want to contact their head office be it to report a complaint, make some inquiries about the services and products they offer or simply give a feedback can send them a letter to the following New Look head office mailing address;

New Look House, Mercery Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5HJ, UK

New Look Head Office (Paris)

Dial the following New Look Head office phone number +33(0)14 646 3700. The following mailing address, New Look Retailers, 11 RUE Leredde, CS 11350, 75214 Paris, Cedex 13, France, is also applicable when contacting their Paris head office.

New Look Ethical Trade

Would you like to find out the efforts the company is taking towards protecting the planet as well as the people who help shape their business?

Speak to their ethical trade team via email using The following sustainability pages are also important when it comes to New Look ethical trade.

New Look Franchise

Use this email address to get more information about New Look franchise partners.

If you want to open your own their franchise in your neighbourhood, speak to a representative about it using this franchise email address.

New Look Investors & Share Holders

If you are a shareholder or even an investor, interact via email or their mailing address.

If you are sending an email, use this New Look email address and if you are sending them a handwritten letter, use this investor and shareholders mailing address:

New Look Retail Group Limited, New Look House, Mercery Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 5HJ, United Kingdom.

Contact New Look via Social Media

New Look Social Media Accounts

If you are big on social media or simply did not find your preferred communication channel to use when contacting New Look, reach out to their customer service through social media. Their social media accounts are;

If you follow any of their social media pages, you will also get updates about promotions, sales or even new arrivals about them on a regular basis.

Primark Contact Numbers

Are you a Primark customer leaving in the UK? Have you been searching for Primark contact numbers without any success? Would you like to have all the Primark phone numbers with you at all times?

If you answered yes to any of the questions asked, then you definitely going to find this post to be of great use as it lists a number of Primark contact numbers including Primark customer service number, Primark Ireland head office number and even Primark helpline number.

Primark Phone Number List

Primark Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0118 960 6300
Business Customer Service 0371 200 0648
Fashion media Enquiries 0207 323 9620
Fashion Media Enquiries (Spain & Portugal) +34 910 508 600
Fashion Media Enquiries Ireland +353 188 805 00
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Primark Customer Service

If you are in need of customer service assistance, use this local rate Primark customer service number 0118 960 6300. The information they will share with you include;

  • When does Primark close?
  • How can I get/enjoy Primark’s student discount
  • Does it have gift vouchers?
  • Does it have online shopping?
  • Does it Accept MasterCard?
  • Does it Do Exchange Without A Receipt
  • How they handle customer complaints

In addition to these Primark telephone number, their customers can interact with their customer service by emailing them using this official email address

Primark Business Customer Service

For all your business queries and inquiries, phone this Primark business customer service phone number 0371 200 0648 to address them with one of their friendly representatives.

Alternatively, you can submit all your queries and inquiries by filling out a Primark contact form available at Primark contact us page.

For those who are contacting their customer service to make orders, you can make them online by filling out this order form available at Primark order page.

Another useful link to use for those who are not comfortable communicating using the Primark phone number shared above is FAQ page where there are valuable frequently asked questions that might be similar to yours already answered.

Primark Fashion Media Inquiries

Primark Fashion Media Inquiries

For fashion media inquiries, the phone number to use is this Primark fashion media inquiries number 0207 323 9620. This Primark helpline number will connect you with Sian Nash who is in charge of all things fashion media.

Use this Sian Nash email address to contact her using email for all your fashion media inquiries.

Primark Fashion Media Ireland

If you are contacting them from Ireland or happen to leave there, address all your fashion media inquiries to Katie Kelly by using either this Primark fashion media inquiries Ireland number +353 188 805 00 or this personal email address

Primark Fashion Media Spain & Portugal

Customers leaving in Spain or Portugal, on the other hand, should address all their fashion media inquiries by dialling the following Primark fashion media inquiries Spain & Portugal phone number +34 910 508 600 or send an email to

Both these communication methods connect you with Alejandra De la Riva Sainz, the person in charge of all things fashion media in both Spain and Portugal.

Primark Store Finder

To locate a store near you, if you cannot see it in the store list below, visit Primark Store finder page and fill in the form with information about your current location.

Alternatively, reach out to customer service staff members for assistance in locating a store near you using the Primark helpline number shared above under the customer service section.

Primark Store Location Store Contact Number
Oxford Street (West) 0207 495 0420
Leeds Trinity 0113 234 0788
Manchester 0161 923 4772
Belfast 0289 024 2288
Cardiff 0292 022 0605
Aberdeen 0122 421 3828
Liverpool 0151 709 4635
Newcastle 0191 261 5093
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Primark Head Office Address

The Primark postal address to use when getting in touch their head office once you have finished writing your complaints, inquiry or query letter is:

Primark House 41, West Street Reading Berkshire, RG1 1TZ

Primark Head Office Dublin

Primark customers leaving in Dublin or contacting Primark head office from Dublin should send all their Primark handwritten letters to the following Primark head office Dublin mailing address:

Mary Street Dublin 1. SET AS MY PRIMARK

Primark Suppliers

Those who have partnered up with Primark as their official suppliers should contact them through email using

Primark Careers/Jobs

UK residents who believe have what it takes to join Primark’s remarkable staff members should submit their CV’s to

However, make sure that you get to visit Primark careers page for a look at some of the available open positions.

Primark Corporate Media Inquiries

For all your corporate media inquiries, do get in touch with the relevant parties by simply sending him/her an email using

Additional information about Primark corporate media is available at this Primark corporate page.

Contact Primark via Social Media

How To Contact Primark Through Social Media

To ensure that their customers can reach them at any time, Primark has set up various communication channels including social media.

To contact Primark customer service using social media, just post your Primark customer complaint, query or inquiry message on any of the Primark social media accounts listed below;

RS Components Contact Numbers

With a presence in more than 5 continents, RS Components is arguably a major player in its field. It has opened up numerous branches in different countries worldwide including the United Kingdom.

To help you get in touch with their branches and various departments in the UK, this post highlights all RS Components contact numbers.

Given the fact we are focusing on the UK, the RS Components phone numbers shared in this post are UK numbers.

RS Components Phone Number List

RS Components Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0845 720 1201
Customer Account Services 0153 644 4414
Online Help Desk 0153 644 4222
Data Protection 0153 644 4077
Marketing Department 0153 644 4129
Marketing Department Fax 0153 640 5575
Technical Support 0845 850 9922
Press Team 0779 540 0651
Large Orders 0845 602 5226
Head Office 0186 520 4000
Head Office Fax 0186 520 7400
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed

RS Components Customer Service

Customer or client need to dial this RS Components customer service number 0845 720 1201 if they find themselves in a position where they need;

  • Advice before purchasing a product
  • Expert support regarding product
  • Help to make orders and purchasing
  • Information about their delivery and returns services
  • Help with account management and invoicing

Of course, there are other communication channels to use when contacting RS Components customer service. One such alternative is communicating through their online contact form accessible at RS Components contact us page.

You can as well send them a feedback regarding their services and products at this RS Components feedback page.

RS Components Customer Account Services

Phone this RS Components customer account services phone number 0153 644 4414 if you need credit or cash accounts from the company as well as get information on all your customer account service inquiries on;

  • Account management
  • Credit accounts
  • Guest Checkout accounts
  • Cash accounts

RS Components Online Help Desk

RS Components Online Help Desk

Need some quick help while you are online? Customers can and should dial this RS Components online help desk number 0153 644 4222 for fast reliable response to all your online queries and inquiries.

Visit RS Components online privacy policy page for more on their online helpdesk queries and inquiries.

RS Components Data Protection

The RS Components data protection number to call is 0153 644 4077. Dial it for all your data protection queries and inquiries. You can as well visit RS Components data protection policy page for a look at their data protection policies and guidelines.

RS Components Marketing Department

The RS Component contact number to call for customers who want to subscribe or subscribe to mailing services is this RS Components marketing department phone number 0153 644 4129.

You can also make this request online by simply sending RS Components marketing department an email at

RS Components Marketing Fax


If you have a fax machine, use this RS Components marketing department fax number 0153 640 5575 to interact with their marketing department.

RS Components Technical Support

If you are need of technical support for things like;

  • Solutions to your day’s technical queries
  • Information and availability of products that discontinued
  • Product information that is made up of 550,000 tables, charts as well as data sheets

Call this RS Component data protection number 0153 644 4077 for technical assistance. This number is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Other than this RS Component phone number, RS Component customers can address all their technical support queries or even inquiries if there is one by visiting RS Component’s technical help page.

RS Components Local Branches

RS Components Local Branches

To find an RS Component local branch near you just go online, visit local branch page, and fill in the necessary location details.

Alternatively, you can go through the RS Components local branches list below to see whether there is one listed near your current location.

RS Components Local Branch Branch Contact Details
Aberdeen 0122 487 0982
Birmingham 0121 359 8844
Bow 0208 983 3233
Bristol 0117 954 1161
Corby 0153 644 4041
Gatwick 0129 352 1374
Glasgow 0141 552 4446
Heathrow 0208 572 4225
Leeds 0113 231 1211
Manchester 0161 429 7476
Newcastle 0191 491 0900
Nottingham 0115 986 6422
Nuneaton 0247 637 7700
South Wales 0114 384 1573
Southampton 0148 978 0590
Watford 0192 321 9696
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RS Components Press Team

The contact person for RS Components press team is Aakriti Kaushik. You can contact him over the phone using this RS Component press team phone number 0779 540 0651 or by email using this personal email address

To mail him your complaint, query or inquiry letter, use this postal address;

PR Manager – EMEA, RS Components Ltd, International Management Centre, 8050 Oxford Business Park North, Oxford OX4 2HW

See to it that you visit RS Components press team page because it does have some valuable information.

RS Components Large Orders

Use this RS Components large orders number 0845 602 5226 to speak with a representative from their finance department who will give you valuable details that will help you save your money in the long-run. Additionally, he or she will give you;

  • An online quote
  • Available delivery modes
  • Different methods of placing an order
  • Valuable production packaging information

Other than the RS Components contact number shared above, make sure you visit RS Components large orders page.

RS Components Head Office Address

You can get in touch with RS Components head office in three different ways.

If you are contacting them via phone, dial this RS Components head office phone number 0186 520 4000. If you are sending them a handwritten letter, then send it to the following postal address;

RS Components Limited, Birchington Road, Weldon, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 9RS.


RS Components Head Office Fax

Lastly, you can contact them with your home or office fax machine using this RS Components head office fax number 0186 520 7400.

Contact RS Components via Social Media

For information on how you can get into business with RS Components as well as first-hand news on new products and products information, do visit RS Components social media accounts. Their social media accounts are;

Pixmania Contact Numbers

Known to have started out as a relatively known online store in France, Pixmania has slowly but surely grown to become a big retail commerce store with a presence in numerous European countries such as the UK and Ireland.

If you are their customer leaving in the UK or Ireland and you would like to contact their UK Branch, you will easily find the contact information by going through this Pixmania contact number post as it highlights a number of contact details including Pixmania customer service number.

Pixmania Phone Number List

Pixmania Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0844 369 0372
Ireland Customer Service +353 1 691 7120
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 5:00 am to 5:00 pm

Pixmania Customer Service

This Pixmania customer service number 0844 369 0372 allows you to speak to a staff member from their customer service team who will get to answer all your questions.

Customers who prefer a different approach in terms of contacting Pixmania customer service can send an email to They usually take a day to respond to customers emails.

Mailing your query, inquiry or query letter is also another communication channel to use other than the Pixmania contact phone number shared above when contacting their customer service.

Pixmania Head Office Address

When using this communication channel, mail your handwritten letters to this mailing address:

VDD SAS 244 route de Seysses, 31100 Toulouse, France.

Pixmania Useful Links

Pixmania FAQ page is perfect for UK customers who want to get answers or solutions to their queries or inquiries fast and without necessarily speaking with a representative. At their FAQ page, you will useful questions and answers that match what you are looking for.

Pixmania Contact us page offers additional information on how to contact Pixmania customer service as well as the different departments they have.

Pixmania Ireland Customer Service

Pixmania Ireland Customer Service

This Pixmania Ireland customer service phone number +353 1 691 7120 connects you with Pixmania customer service so do dial it if you find yourself in Ireland or you are currently leaving there.

Pixmania Partnership

Thinking about partnering with this company? If your answer is yes then get in touch with their franchise department by emailing them using

Clients who have already partnered up with them can use this email address when communicating with the company regardless of the nature of their message.

Pixmania Cancel Your Order

Do you want to cancel an order? Here are the simple steps you are going to take. The process will take only a few minutes or seconds depending on your speed.

  • Sing into your Pixmania online account
  • Click on the “My Orders” section
  • Click the View Details options (You will find this in the order you wish to cancel on your right)
  • Select the “Cancel My Order” option (You will find this on the Order Tracking inset)

That’s it, you have cancelled your Pixmania order. If you have any difficulties just use the Pixmania customer service number shared above for assistance.

Contact Pixmania via Social Media

Contact Pixmania Through Social Media

Given the fact that Pixmania is an online-based company, it comes as no surprise that they are active online.

Customers can contact as well as keep up with the company by simply following their social media accounts (not all even one is okay). With that, below is a list of all Pixmania social media accounts.

Matalan Contact Numbers

Whether you are looking for festival inspired piece, dreamer dresses, kids wear for any birthday party or even the best in home accessories, there is only one place to visit online and that is Matalan online store.

For years now, they have been offering UK residents with the very best in men’s products, women’s products, kids products, style tips, shows on style and fashion as well as home accessories bound to give your home a perfect look.

With this in mind, this post highlights a variety of contact details including Matalan contact numbers like the all-important Matalan customer service number.

Matalan Phone Numbers List

Matalan Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0333 004 4444 
Press Enquiry 0151 556 6657
Direct 0333 344 3177 
Head Office 0151 556 6000
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Matalan Customer Service

The Matalan customer service number is 0333 004 4444. This Matalan customer service number is open Monday to Friday, and Saturday from. Use this Matalan contact number to get answers to all your questions and inquiries including how;

  • To find the perfect clothing size for you
  • To find product reviews
  • To navigate their online store using the site map available

Besides calling or contacting their customer service over the phone, the company has an email address,, customers can use when contacting their customer service if they find it preferable.

While you can get in touch with Matalan customer service for answers to all your queries and inquiries, you can search for answers to your queries and inquiries on your own on the Matalan FAQ page where they have shared all the answers of their customer’s frequently asked questions.

For additional contact channels to use when contacting customer service including their online contact form, do visit Matalan contact us page.

Matalan Direct

Matalan Direct helpline number

The Matalan Direct phone number is 0333 344 3177. Dial this Matalan contact number and have all your direct queries, inquiries or complaints sorted out by one of their friendly staff.

This Matalan Direct email address is also applicable when addressing any of your direct queries, inquiries or complaints so don’t hesitate to use it.

Find additional information about Direct by visiting the following Matalan Direct online page.

Matalan Damian

If you are calling outside the UK and you would like to contact Matalan customer service or in particular Damian Hopkins, send him an email using and he will assist you accordingly.

Matalan Press Enquiry

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with using this Matalan press enquiry number 0151 556 6657 for all your press enquiries. Other than this over the phone contact method, press team can also be reached via email through

Matalan Head Office Address

If you wish to seek attention from a high authority, you can always contact Matalan head office by either dialling this Matalan head office phone number 0151 556 6000. Matalan head office mailing address is;

Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, LIVERPOOL, L33 7SZ

Matalan Careers

Matalan Jobs

If you believe you have the energy, spirit, and drive needed to work in the fashion industry, then find out how you can join Matalan’s team of staff members by contacting their HR department using the following Matalan jobs social media accounts;

You can as well visit Matalan Jobs page to see the various job openings The company has in place currently at their various offices and branch.

Contact Matalan via Social Media

If you feel as if contacting Matalan by emailing, calling or even writing a letter and sending it to their postal address is a process, then you can also get in touch with them via social media.

Below is a list of the Matalan social media accounts you should use when contacting any of their departments or customer service for that matter.

Missguided Contact Numbers

If you want some street style in your look with a little bit of pop culture influence, look no further than Missguided.

Over the years, this forward thinking fashion brand has offered women in the UK the very best when it comes to great looks thus powering women to be confident about themselves and be who they want to be.

If you have been searching for their contact details you are going to find them all in this post as it highlights all Missguided contact numbers.

Missguided Customer Service

Have something that you would want to share with the team at Missguided customer service it might be about their product, size guide, promotions, student discounts, details about your order or even offers as well they delivery information, do send them an email using

Missguided Customer Service Contact Us

If you are online, you can contact their customer service using Missguided live chat feature that you will find at the following Missguided contact us page.

Missguided Store Finder

Missguided has opened up several stores across the UK to ensure that their customers can easily access the various clothing items they offer. To help you find the closest store near you, this post features a list of Missguided common stores in the UK as well as their contact numbers below.

If you are unable to find a store near you in the list provided, visit Missguided store finder page and key in your location as directed.

Missguided Store Store Contact Number
Westfield Store 0203 471 7680
Manchester Trafford Store 0800 012 3400
Manchester Exchange Square Store 0113 369 8040
Birmingham Bullring Store 0800 123 400
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm.

Missguided Returns

Purchased an item that you would want to return to Missguided? If your answer is yes, then send all your Missguided purchased items to the following;

Missguided Returns, 22 Central Park Estate, Mosley Road Manchester, M17 1PG.

Missguided Head Office Address

If you have purchase queries or inquiries or any other issue that you would want to address with Missguided head office, send them a handwritten letter at this postal address;

75 Trafford Wharf Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1ES.

Contact Missguided via Social Media

Contact Missguided customer service helpline number for social media Twitter

If you haven’t seen your preferred communication method when it comes to communicating with Missguided’s customer service while going through this Missguided contact number post, use their social media platforms and they are;

Littlewoods Contact Numbers

Littlewoods is known for their ability to offer UK residents the very best when it comes to brands. If you opt to shop at any of their stores, you will be shopping over 100 world class labels such as V by Very, Adidas, Nike, Apple, Superdry and even River Island.

If you would like to get in touch with one of their staff members before purchasing any product from them or even taking up any of their services, use the Littlewoods contact numbers, emails and links shared in this post.

Littlewoods Phone Number List

Littlewoods Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0344 822 8000
Payment Protection Insurance 0344 811 1220
Payment Difficulties 0344 822 2321 
Cancel Financial Mailings Subscription 0344 811 1218
Insurance & Warranty Products 0800 092 9051
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Littlewoods Customer Service

Little customer service can be reached on this Littlewoods customer service phone number 0344 822 8000 if you are contacting them over the phone or through If you are sending an email.

Customers seeking additional information on how to contact Littlewoods customer service, be it for Littlewoods delivery, Littlewoods returns or payment protection insurance services should visit Littlewoods contact us page.

Alternatively, they can visit FAQ page, which features a number of valuable questions already about the company and services they offer already answered by the representatives or other customers.

They also do have an online help system that you can access by simply visiting either customer care page.

Littlewoods Payment Protection Insurance

This Littlewoods payment protection insurance phone number 0344 811 1220 will connect you to a representative who will answer all your payment protection insurance or PPI questions including how you can sign up for this great service.

Littlewoods Payment Difficulties

This is the Littlewoods payment difficulties number 0344 822 2321. Dial it if you are having problems or difficulties making a payment and one of their friendly staff will assist you accordingly and in good time.

Littlewoods Cancel Financial Mailings Subscription

By calling this Littlewoods cancel my financial mailing subscription number 0344 811 1218, you will be able to opt out of your initial subscription as this Littlewoods phone number connects you to their financial mailings department charged with sending emails as well as subscribing and unsubscribing customers to or out of their mailing list.

Littlewoods Insurance & Warranty Products

Littlewoods Insurance & Warranty Products

Call this Littlewoods insurance and warranty phone number 0800 092 9051 to learn about the different types of insurance products like home, shopping and even mobile insurance has in place for their customers.

Additional information about insurance products is available at their official insurance page, which is Littlewoods insurance page.

Customers can also use this Littlewoods phone number to get an insurance quote from one of their representatives or inquire about product warranties.

If you are searching for an insurance quote from this company, simply visit this Littlewoods insurance quote page.

Littlewoods Head Office Address

Have a query, inquiry or complaint that you would like to have Littlewoods’ head office to handle? Well, consider writing them a letter and sending it to Littlewoods head office postal address, which is:

1st Floor, Skyways House, Speke Road, Speke, Liverpool L70 1AB


Littlewoods Online Account Expiration

Littlewoods current customers holding an expired online Littlewoods account should contact their support by sending an email to for assistance from Littlewoods support on how to reactivate their expired accounts.

Contact Littlewoods via Social Media

If you are unable to contact Littlewoods using the Littlewoods contact numbers shared above or email address and you are active in the social world then do so using their social media accounts.

Just locate any of their social media accounts (you will find this information below) and post your complaint, inquiry or query message on them.

DFS Contact Numbers

Get the very best in leather, fabric, corner sofas, as well as recliners, dining sets, bedroom items and sofa beds at great pocket-friendly prices by visiting or contacting DFS.

If you have settled on taking up any of their products as well as the services they offer, whether you plan to plan to visit or contact their store while at home, this post is going to be of great value to you as it highlights DFS contact details you are definitely going to need.

If there is a DFS contact number you feel has been left out feel free to share it in the comment section.

DFS Phone Number List

DFS Department UK Contact Numbers
DFS Customer Service 0333 999 9777
DFS Complaints 0808 149 5682
DFS Product Information 0808 120 9679
DFS Order Direct 0808 231 7224
DFS Online & Telephone Orders 0130 257 3200 
DFS Order Inquiries 0800 110 5000
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

DFS Customer Service

Speak to a DFS customer service representative by dialling this DFS customer service number 0333 999 9777 and he/she, in addition to solving and answering all your DFS queries and inquiries respectively, will;

  • Offer shopping assistance for you to find the right sofa or even furniture for your house
  • Help you find the right DFS store close to you
  • Help you track your order once you’ve initiated a purchase

DFS customers can also acquire this information by simply contacting their customer service using DFS customer service email address, which is or

For additional information on how you can contact DFS customer service regardless of your query or inquiry, make sure that you visit DFS contact us page.

DFS Complaints

DFS Complaints

Call this DFS complaints number 0808 149 5682 to get in touch with their friendly head office representatives.

Before initiating this communication, they do advise that you call your local store and get in touch with the store’s customer service team, if you have gone through this step and not completely satisfied, that’s when you can dial their DFS complaints number.


To send them an email visit this DFS complaints page and visit the email section.

DFS Orders Product Information

Use this DFS product information number 0808 120 9679 to speak to a DFS employee if you are in search of additional information on the products they offer from sofas, accessories and even dining sets.

DFS Order Direct

DFS Order Direct

Call this DFS order direct number 0808 231 7224 (this number is open 24hrs) for all your orders at any DFS store regardless of where you are or you can as well use this DFS order direct number to raise queries or complaints you might have about their order services.

DFS Orders Telephone Number

Use this DFS orders telephone number 0130 257 3200 if you plan to make your DFS orders using your phone, as it will direct you to relevant parties.

DFS Orders Inquiry

Have you made an order with DFS? Use this DFS orders inquiry number 0800 110 5000 to track it all the way before it gets to you. You can also visit DFS track my order page to inquire about how you can follow up on your order once you have made a request.

DFS Store Finder

Find a DFS store near you that will allow you to easily shop or pick up any purchased product with ease by visiting DFS store finder page. Feel in the store directory with relevant and correct information about your current location and you will get an answer in no time.

With that in mind, below is a list of some DFS stores, where they are located and their contact numbers.

DFS Stores DFS Stor Numbers
Aberdeen 0333 999 9809
Aintree 0333 999 9846
Ayr 0333 999 9740
Banbury 0333 999 9752
Basildon 0333 999 9801
Basingstoke 0333 999 9760
Beckton 0333 999 9789
Belfast 0333 999 9803
Birmingham 0333 999 9782
Birstall 0333 999 9807
Blanchardstown Dublin 0164 042 32
Bolton 0333 999 9736
Bradford 0333 999 9734
Brents Cross 0333 999 9804
Brentford 0333 999 9827
Brigg 0333 999 9731
Bristol 0333 999 9775
Bromley 0333 999 9730
Bury St Edmunds 0333 999 9749
Cambridge 0333 999 9817
Cannock 0333 999 9746
Carcroft 0333 999 9732
Cardiff 0333 999 9766
Carlisle 0333 999 9813
Carrickmines Dublin 0129 464 84
Cheltenham 0333 999 9758
Chester 0333 999 9754
Christchurch 0333 999 9790
Colchester 0333 999 9763
Colne 0333 999 9832
Cork 0214 359 306
Coventry 0333 999 9756
Crawley 0333 999 9511
Croydon 0333 999 9773
Darley Dale 0333 999 9738
Darlington 0333 999 9759
Derby 0333 999 9818
Derry Londonderry 0333 999 9838
Droitwich 0333 999 9742
Dudley 0333 999 9844
Dundee 0333 999 9823
Eastbourne 0333 999 9842
Edinburgh 0333 999 9793
Enfield 0333 999 9783
Exeter 0333 999 9816
Farnborough 0333 999 9815
Gateshead 0333 999 9757
Glasgow 0333 999 9812
Grantham 0333 999 9743
Hanley 0333 999 9747
Hereford 0333 999 9828
High Wycombe 0333 999 9826
Hove 0333 999 9786
Huddersfield 0333 999 9824
Hull Upholstery 0333 999 9733
Inverness 0333 999 9822
Ipswich 0333 999 9847
Kettering 0333 999 9840
Kings Lynn 0333 999 9748
Leicester 0333 999 9781
Limerick +353 61 439 678
Lincoln 0333 999 9833
Llandudno 0333 999 9834
Llantrisant 0333 999 9831
Longwell Green 0333 999 9843
Luton 0333 999 9821
Maidstone 0333 999 9787
Manchester 0333 999 9751
Measham 0333 999 9741
Milton Keynes 0333 999 9772
New Malden 0333 999 9769
Northampton 0333 999 9744
Norwich 0333 999 9764
Nottingham 0333 999 9761
Old Kent Road 0333 999 9825
Oldham 0333 999 9755
Oxford 0333 999 9770
Paisley 0333 999 9792
Peterborough 0333 999 9767
Plymouth 0333 999 9768
Poole 0333 999 9784
Preston 0333 999 9753
Reading 0333 999 9774
Romford 0333 999 9796
Rotherham 0333 999 9814
Salisbury 0333 999 9507
Sheffield 0333 999 9835
Shrewsbury 0333 999 9745
Sidcup  0333 999 9771
Slough  0333 999 9785
South Ruislip  0333 999 9776
Southampton 0333 999 9788
Speke 0333 999 9794
Stevenage 0333 999 9805
Stirling 0333 999 9839
Stockport 0333 999 9829
Stockton 0333 999 9845
Stratford 0333 999 9798
Sunderland 0333 999 9762
Swansea 0333 999 9795
Swindon 0333 999 9765
Taunton 0333 999 9802
Torquay 0333 999 9848
Tottenham Court Road 0333 999 9837
Truro 0333 999 9508
Tunbridge Wells 0333 999 9811
Warrington 0333 999 9778
Waterlooville 0333 999 9819
Watford 0333 999 9806
Westwood Cross 0333 999 9841
Wetherby 0333 999 9735
York 0333 999 9849
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DFS Head Office Address

If you have a query or inquiry that you would like DFS head office employees to handle, you can write them a letter and send it to:

DFS Head Office, Rockingham Way, Redhouse Interchange, Adwick-Le-Street, Doncaster, DN6 7NA.

Contact DFS via Social Media

In addition to the DFS contact numbers shared in this post, DFS customers can contact their customer service using social media. Their social media accounts are listed below;

To initiate the communication process, just post your message on any of their social media pages and they will get back to you in good time and most importantly with a perfect response.

Decathlon Contact Numbers

With More than 28 stores across the UK designed in such a manner that it allows customers to try out the various products in their store such as indoor test areas for scooter customers as well as cycling aisles, Decathlon is arguably one of the best sporting stores in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the regular sports merchandised, the company offers other large sports products like fitness machines, table tennis tables and tents just to mention a few.

To find out how you can get your hands on any of their sporting products you are going to need the Decathlon contact numbers, links and postal addresses shared in this post.

Decathlon Phone Number List

Decathlon Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0207 064 3000
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N/B: Lines Open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Decathlon Customer Service

Decathlon Customer Service

This Decathlon customer service phone number 0207 064 3000 will connect you with a staff member from their customer service team who will assist you with all your shopping problems at any of their sites, all your complaints regarding their service or products, much needed advice before purchasing an item from their store or even need assistance locating the nearest store.

Before initiating contact using this Decathlon contact number, they do advise that you visit Decathlon FAQ page where you will find several frequently asked questions about how to return an online order or how they ship their products internationally.

If you are online and looking for a simple way to contact Decathlon customer service, do send them an email to and they will get back to you in good time with a perfect response.

Decathlon Find Your Store

Decathlon has taken several steps to bring their sports products close to their customers. One such step is establishing several stores across the country. To find the closest store near you visit Decathlon find your store page, key in the relevant details and you will get your answer.

Decathlon Store  Contact Number 
Belfast 0289 042 2049
Bolton 0120 439 4023
Edinburgh 0131 442 3293
Farnborough 0125 251 8315
Lakeside 0170 889 5650
Harlow 0127 941 8299
Newcastle – Gateshead 0191 495 8330
Oxford 0186 579 7910
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Decathlon Head Office

Get in touch with Decathlon head office using the following Decathlon head office postal address:

Canada Water Retail Park, Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 2XU.

Do More With Decathlon Mobile Application

Do More With Decathlon Mobile Application

Get more out of your Decathlon membership by installing Decathlon shopping application either on your phone or on a tablet. They have application versions for both Android and iOS phones in an attempt to make sure that the application is easily available to a good number of their customers.

Contact Decathlon via Social Media

Other than the contact details shared in this post, you can get in touch with Decathlon customer service using their social media pages.

This process is very simple, all you have to do is post your query, complaint or inquiry message on their page and await a response. With that in mind, below is a list of all Decathlon social media accounts.

Clarks Contact Numbers

With branches in more than 32 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, Clarks offers a wide range of shoes to its customers.

Throughout the years, the company has managed to gain a considerable amount of popularity with UK residents by starring a number of well-known celebrities in their commercials be it online or TV.

If you would like to contact their customer service department, this post will help you do just that by highlighting all the relevant Clarks contact numbers, postal address and email addresses.

Clarks Phone Number List

Clarks Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0145 889 9901
Website Queries 0145 889 9878
Ordering 0145 889 9904
Fitting Appointments 0844 248 8408
Media Inquiries 0203 128 8100
Head Office 0145 844 3131
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 8.00 pm, Saturday 8.30 am – 6.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm and bank holidays 10.00 am – 2.00 pm.

Clarks Customer Service

Clarks helpline number for main website section

This Clarks customer service number 0145 889 9901 will transfer you directly to Clark’s customer service team who will assist you with whatever query, question or complaint you might have regarding their products or even the services that they offer.

If you are not in a position to use this Clarks phone number, you can send their customer service team an email using and they will get back to you in good time with a perfect response or feedback.

Expect a reply within 48 hours if you contact them via email.

Before initiating any communication with the company’s customer service team, they do advise that you visit Clarks FAQ page.

For additional information on how to contact their customer service as well as other company departments, the following links are very useful Clarks Contact Us page.

Clarks Website Queries

Get answers to all your Clarks website queries like login issues and shopping difficulties that include online payment difficulties by calling this Clarks website query phone number 0145 889 9878 or visit their customer service section.

Clarks Fitness Appointment

Phone this Clarks fitness appointment number 0844 248 8408 to book a fitness appointment with one of the company’s friendly staff members.

The process of booking or setting up an appointment can also be done online by visiting this Clarks fitness appointment page and follow the instructions provided.

Clarks Ordering

Have you made an order already? Do you need assistance making an order? If you answered yes, then you need this Clarks ordering phone number 0145 889 9904 to contact their ordering department and they’ll assist accordingly.

Clarks Media Enquiry

All the company’s media enquiries should be addressed to MHP communications using this Clarks media enquiry phone number 0203 128 8100.

If you are having problems reaching them using this Clarks contact number, you can as well contact them via email by sending all your media enquiries to

Clarks Head Office

Dialling this Clarks head office phone number 0145 844 3131 will connect you with one of their staff members based at their head office.

In addition to this Clarks contact number, you can opt for a more physical approach to contact their head office by writing them a physical letter and sending to the following address:

Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, 74 Ealing Broadway Centre, Ealing W5 5JY.

Contact Clarks via Social Media

Clarks customer service contact number for social media Twitter account

If you are a social media lover while at the same time love Clarks services and products and would like to contact them using their social media platforms, post your query, complaint or inquiry message on any of the Clarks social media platforms shared below. They are normally very active so expect a response from them within a few minutes.