Yell Contact Numbers

Yell is a UK online media company, touching the globe in the marketing world. It was established in 1966 and has been operating for the last 50 years. In 1996, the company started as a search engine for locals in the Uk, targeting businesses.

Since then, Yell has experienced lots of transformation, for instance, by mid-2015 the company had built websites above 50, 000 while managing over 20, 000 pay-per-click campaigns for UK clients. Today, it operates in the UK and across the world. Below, find all Yell contact information.

Yell Phone Number List

Yell Department UK Contact Number
Customer Service 0800 555 444
Advertising Service 0800 777 449
Business service  0800 777 445
Standard listing  0800 605 060
Press release 0207 384 1663
Yell Need Help 0800 533 433
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Yell Customer Service

To reach Yell customer service call this number 0800 555 444 and you will be attended to by qualified staff. Expect to get answers to do with advertising of your business, exposure your business will get when you have it on Yell. Also, as a client seeking answers about your business plan to reach more buyers, here, you will get all the details possible.

Yell markets businesses and acts as a link between sellers and buyers. Therefore reaching customer care about queries probably to do with your business market guide, then you will get the direction you are seeking. Customer care service is open from Monday to Thursday 8:00 am up to 6:00 pm. And during Fridays you can contact at 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Alternatively, if choosing the email option, you can do so to, and your query details will be received.

Yell Advertising Service

Yell customer service number for review page

To reach Yell advertising Service call 0800 777 449 and you will have your queries sorted if you need your business to appear on yellow pages. The company attracts about 80 million attention per month with listed businesses ranging around 20 million.

The figure tells you, advertising with Yell exposes your business to the right buyers. Other option regarding your advertising query you can fill contact form from the site, and you will receive the information you are searching. Also, you can reach support through the email

Yell Business Service

Yell helpline number for business page

The number to contact Yell business service is this 0800 777 445. Reaching out through the contact will help you know about the products available from the company and the services that they provide. Additionally, calling the number will get you the information about how to rank your business on top of search engines, be visible on Google, and learn how to maximise your business sales.

You can as well proceed with your queries by visiting the website page FAQs, and you will receive some of the information if not all you need. The company social media is active and it is another way of contacting and getting to ask your queries.

Yell Standard Listing

The contact number to reach Yell Standard Listing is 0800 605 060, and if you are looking forward to having your business listed for free, then this number will help you get all the information you are after. When you contact, the staff will answer you regarding the exposure you will have on Yell, how buyers will get to your business location to get services you provide, and numerous advantages.

There are many possibilities to have your queries received, if not contacting on the phone, you can do so via the email address

Yell Press Release

This is Yell Press contact number 0207 384 1663, and if you are looking for certain information to do with Yell press release, representatives will give you the feedback you want. Through the press, information reaches many through media about the company advertisement progress, new ventures and new plans to market businesses. You can reach Yell press on their website page Yell Press release and receive the information that you require.

Yell Complaint Approach

If you want to get the information about complaints, you can go to Yell complaint page and learn the way forward, and how to present your complaint if you may have one.

Yell takes into consideration client’s plea and dissatisfaction of their services which they try their level best to settle amicably. In that case, they have provided many ways of contacting them through the site, emailing them at, filling their site online form.

Yell Testimonials

Yell contact number for testimonialsTo check Yell testimonials, go to their site and check this page and there you will find clients who have listed their businesses with Yell share the experience listing with the company.

Yell Headquarter Address

Yell headquarter is located in Reading, Berkshire, UK. If you have pressing queries and you would like to meet the authorities either to do with your business listing, having your services placed in the Yell directories, or even complaints warranting top officials intervention, then this is the place to go:

3 Forbury Place, Forbury Road, Reading RG1 3YL, UK

Contact Yell via Social Media

Yell Social Media is very active receiving queries and giving answers depending on clients information they are looking for. Social media is now many people favourites and contacting Yell is easy through these social avenues:

Odeon Contact Numbers

Odeon is without a doubt one of the largest and well-known cinema chains in the UK and Ireland with their premier club hosting more than 2 million members.

The success has had over the years since they opened back in 1930 is attributed to everything they do. They are determined to give each guest a great experience and as such, they innovate and improve their hospitability as well as services.

If you would want to make a booking or just contact support or any of their departments based on your needs, use the Odeon contact numbers, emails and mailing addresses shared in this post.

Odeon Phone Number List

Odeon Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0333 006 7777
Disability & Accessibility Helpline 0800 138 3315
Conferencing & Events 0203 582 6339
Limitless Customer Service 0333 004 4411
Gift Card 0800 888 911
Ireland Customer Service +353 (0)1 686 9460
Business Events and Experiences 0207 766 1895
Advertising 0203 773 4358
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N/B: Lines open from Monday to Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Friday & Saturday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Odeon Customer Service

If you wish to contact Odeon support for help/assistance, you can call them on this Odeon customer service number 0333 006 7777.

You can also use this number to speak with their guest service team for all your questions about Odeon voucher and gift cards.

They also do have an online contact form for all your queries, inquiries and complaints accessible at Odeon contact us page.

To use live chat feature instead of the Odeon phone number already shared when contacting their customer service, visit the following Odeon live chat page.

Another useful link when dealing with company queries, inquiries or complaints is Odeon FAQ page where you will find a list of questions touching on the services they offer.

Odeon Disability & Accessibility Helpline

This Odeon disability & accessibility helpline number 0800 138 3315 is available to all UK residents with disabilities planning a visit to watch a movie.

Odeon Conferencing & Events

Need some help throwing your next office, family or even friend party? Get in touch with company events by phoning this Odeon conferencing and events phone number 0203 582 6339.

Odeon Limitless Customer Service

Odeon Limitless Customer Service

This is the Odeon limitless customer service number 0333 004 4411. Use it to find out how much you will pay as well as the criteria for joining their limitless club.

Odeon Gift Card

Call the following Odeon gift phone number 0800 888 911 for all your gift card queries and inquiries.

This Odeon mailing address is also applicable for anyone who would like to know more about gift card services like;

  • Paper Odeon Gift Vouchers
  • Odeon Limitless Membership e-codes
  • Paper Odeon vouchers – Adult & Child

Odeon Ireland Customer Service

Dial this Odeon Ireland customer service number +353 (0)1 686 9460 if you are calling from Ireland or simply want to host an event there in the near future as it connects you directly with a customer service representative who will assist you accordingly.

Odeon Business Event and Experience

Odeon Business Event and Experience

Searching for a venue to host your next event? Dial this Odeon business event and experience number 0207 766 1895 to inquire about how you can go about it as well as submit dates and other relevant information.

Other than this Odeon contact number, individuals keen on hosting their events at their venue can contact them by filling out an online inquiry form at Odeon business event and experience page.

To find the best venue for your event after settling with this company, use their Venue Finder tool and key in the relevant details such as how many seats and tables you want for the event.

Odeon Advertising

Dial this Odeon advertising phone number 0203 773 4358 if you have a product or service that you would like to advertise using their platform. You can also use this number to inquire about the advertising options they have in place for UK customers and businesses such as;

  • On-Pack Promotions
  • On-Screen
  • In-Foyer

Odeon Head Office

The best way to contact Odeon head office is by posting them a handwritten letter using this official Odeon mailing address and they will get back to you in good time and most importantly with the perfect response or feedback:

Odeon Stoke Cinema, Marina Way, Festival Park, Stoke on Trent, ST1 5SN

Contact Odeon via Social Media

Odeon customer service contact number for social media Twitter account

Odeon are very active on social media and their social media accounts are as follows;

Use this accounts when contacting their customer service for whatever reason you might have. If Odeon customer service is not in a position to answer your inquiry, query or solve your complaint, they will direct you to the right department.

Music Magpie Contact Numbers

If you are looking for ways that you can turn your stuff into money then look no further than Music Magpie. What this platform does is offer an online platform where you can sell things that you don’t really need anymore. The entire process is very simple but just in case you need any assistance from the team at this company, you can use various methods to contact them. This post will get to highlight all this method and give you all the Music Magpie contact numbers you definitely going to need when contacting Music Magpie customer service.

Music Magpie Phone Number List

Music Magpie Department  UK Contact Numbers
Music Magpie Customer Service 0333 555 0101
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9 am – 7 pm, Saturday 9 am – 5 pm, and closed on Sunday.

Music Magpie Customer Service

Music Magpie helpline number for main website page

If you need assistant from their customer service, do contact them through the following Music Magpie customer service number 0333 555 0101.

Furthermore, If you are looking for a simple way of turning some of the things you don’t use into money, then you should embrace Music Magpie. This platform allows you to sell what you are no longer using to UK customers all year long. The process itself is very simple but if you happen to need any assistance, their customer service is always a call away ready to assist.

Some of the things you are likely going to need assistance with include setting up an account or even posting your product on their platform.

You can also use this Music Magpie contact number if you would like to inquire about their services, either buying or selling, and one of their customer service representatives will get to give you a feedback.

In addition to this Music Magpie phone number, their customers can contact their customer service by simply visiting Music Magpie contact us page. Other than the additional contact information that you are going to find there, you will find a contact form that you can and should fill detailing your query or inquiry.

How To Contact Music Magpie

How To Contact Music Magpie

One of the benefits of taking up the services offered by this company is that contacting them if you happen to have an issue or simply need further advice is very simple. In fact, there are several communication channels that you can use while contacting Music Magpie.

That said, this post will get to look at three commonly used communication channels and they are communication through letters, social media and telephones. One thing that you should note when it comes to matters communication is that regardless of the method you use, rest assured that their customer service will respond to you.

Music Magpie Complaints

For any type of complaints visit Music Magpie department Contact Us page. In an event that you have complaints regarding the services offered by this company or you simply have a report to make against a Music Magpie user/seller/buyer, do get in touch with one of their representatives by filling up their contact form. you can find these form by visiting the website page mentioned above. once you have filled the form, one of their representatives will respond to it. One thing that you should do when addressing your complaint is making sure that it is clear. By doing so, they will be able to solve your complaint faster.

Music Magpie My Account

Music Magpie contact number for My Account

Just in case you have difficulties opening an account, do get in touch with the company by writing them an email at Music Magpie My Account customer service once you send an email to this address, one of their staff will take you through the process of opening an account step by step.

For you to access the services offered by Music Magpie if you intend on selling things you don’t use on their platform, you will have to create an account. Creating one is very simple, in fact, it will take you a few minutes and you will be good to go.

Music Magpie Sign In

To get in touch with their sign in support team, simply fill out the contact form at Music Magpie Sign In FAQs page. If you happen to have an account with this company, you are likely going to face login issues from time to time especially if you tend to forget your password many times. Luckily, the company has a team in place that will assist you in an event that you have problems accessing your account.

You can and should use this Music Magpie contact form to contact their customer service team if you are having problems accessing your account despite having the right password and username and they will assist you accordingly.

Music Magpie Delivery

In order to learn the complete detail related to their delivery procedure, visit Music Magpie delivery terms and conditions official website page Other than selling items, anyone can go to their online platform and purchase an item that they like at a very reasonable price. That said, all the items purchased at their online platform could have them delivered to them at their homes or even place of work if they chose to. You can also use this Music Magpie contact detail to address any issues that you might have regarding their delivery services.

Music Magpie Express Delivery

Music Magpie Helpline number for Delivery FAQs section

The company has a dedicated order status website section for its valued customers. If you opt for urgent delivery and want to learn about its status then visit Music Magpie Express Delivery postage queries FAQs page.

If you have purchased an item on Music Magpie’s platform and would want to receive it as quickly as possible, then you can go for it yourself (if you happen to be near) or sign up for their express delivery service. With this service, you will receive your sensitive goods or items fast and best of all in a timely fashion.

Music Magpie Headquarters Address

If you settle on contacting the company using letters then you are going to need their postal address. As simple as it might sound a good number of their customers fail to have the correct postal address written in their letters and as such, end up sending their letters to the wrong recipient and this means that they will not receive any feedback or response. If you happen to have their postal address already, do ensure that you have the correct one by comparing it with the one shared below.

47 George St,


TN34 3EA, UK

Music Magpie Track Order

For details about their track order, do contact one of their friendly staff using their contact form. This contact form you can find at Music Magpie Track Order Status page. Their customers who’ve purchased items from their online platform can also use this form to raise queries that they might have regarding their track order services.

If you purchased an item from this company’s online platform, there is a track order option that you can take up in an event you want it delivered to you. This option is very useful for individuals who like to know how far they product is as this will give them an estimate as to when they will receive their product.

Music Magpie Payment Problems

Music Magpie customer service number for Contact Us section

Are you faced with difficulties or obstacles in the payment stage? Solve your enquiries by visiting Music Magpie Payment Problems FAQs section. The company has set up numerous payment methods for their customers to take advantage of when it comes to all things payment. This they have done in an attempt to make their customers as comfortable as possible when it comes to all things payment.

That said, if you happen to have any inquiries about Music Magpie’s payment option, any problems with it or simply need further details how it works, do get in touch with one of their representatives and they will assist you accordingly.

Music Magpie Discount Code

For information about their discount codes, do speak to one of their friendly staff. this you can do by using Music Magpie contact form. Their customers can also use this contact details if they happen to have queries or any problems about their discount codes.

In some cases, this company offers discounts on the products on their online platform. If you would like to shop for their products at reduced rates then do get yourself one of their discount codes. This will enable you to purchase items at discounted prices and as such saving you valuable money.

Music Magpie Warranty

Have you bought anything from this company and now it is not working correctly as expected? You can learn all the imperative details by visiting Music Magpie Warranty customer service section. One of the best things about the items available for sale at Music Magpie’s online platform is the fact that they have warranties. In an event that something happens to them and they become faulty, you have the option to return it and get a new one or have it fixed as long as you were not at fault.

Contact Music Magpie via Social Media

Contact Music Magpie On Social Media

Other than the Music Magpie phone numbers shared in this post, you can as well contact their customer service using social media. To initiate the interaction, you will have to locate their social media accounts. Once you do this, simply post your query, complaint or even inquiry on their page and they will respond to you in good time. That said, below you are to find all Music Magpie social media accounts below.

Robinsons Equestrian Contact Number

If you are a horse riding lover and own horses, then you will understand what all products and equipments are required to keep your passion alive. Instead of purchasing your products from here and there, you can visit a Robinsons Equestrian store or browse through their website, and purchase your essentials there and then. For more information about the company and its products, you can call the Robinsons Equestrian customer service number or visit the Robinsons Equestrian contact us page online.

Robinsons Equestrian Numbers List

Robinsons Equestrian Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Robinsons Equestrian Customer Service, Head Office 0165 369 7442
Robinsons Equestrian Catalogue, Job Vacancies 0148 288 8777
Robinsons Equestrian Delivery and Returns 0175 937 1291
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Robinsons Equestrian Customer Service

If you like to get in touch with a Robinsons Equestrian executive, you can call the Robinsons Equestrian customer service number 0165 369 7442. This Robinsons Equestrian customer care helpline is open to resolve any kind of queries or concerns made by the customers. The company has a wide range of equestrian gears that you can buy both online and offline. If you want any kind of help or you want to inquire about anything related to the company or its products, you can call this number and receive complete Robinsons Equestrian helpline support from professionals. The customer care executives available on this Robinsons Equestrian helpline are extremely friendly and polite and listen to your concern with patience. Once they understand your needs, they give you a prompt response and solve your query right over the phone.

Robinsons Equestrian helpline support
About Us

The company also offers special discount codes to its regular as well as new customers. They are dedicated to offering best quality goods to its customers at minimum prices, and they further slash down their rates with the help of discount codes. You can call the Robinsons Equestrian discount code helpline to make a query about the available discount codes and promotional offers, and find out how to redeem them to save money. Some discount codes also allow you to avail free delivery on the products you purchased. This is the same Robinsons Equestrian phone number to call to make a query about Robinsons Equestrian free delivery facility. If you are a student and want special student discounts on the goods that you purchase from the company, you become eligible to avail special student discount from the company. Call Robinsons Equestrian student discount customer service from the customer care executives of the company.

Robinsons Equestrian Free Postage

The company has application forms to serve its customers better. If you need Robinsons Equestrian application form support regarding how to find and fill a form, do not hesitate to reach their customer service department by calling this Robinsons Equestrian customer care helpline. If you want to make any kind of query regarding the Robinsons Equestrian free postage service, then you can call the same number 0148 288 8777 to seek Robinsons Equestrian helpline support from the expert professionals. You may also call this Robinsons Equestrian contact number UK to request a catalogue from the company. Once you receive your catalogue, you can browse through all the products available with the company, and order your choicest goods right over the phone.

Robinsons Equestrian Next Day Delivery

Once you place your order with the company, they deliver your goods within 3-4 days. But the company proudly offers Robinsons Equestrian next day delivery service as well, provided that you placed your order before 3 pm between Monday to Thursday. If you are trying to avail this service, call this number 0175 937 1291 and seek Robinsons Equestrian support to know how to avail it and what the other conditions that you have to meet are. If you are looking to build a career with the company, you can call the Robinsons Equestrian job vacancies number to know about your possibilities and options.

Robinsons Equestrian phone number
Our Stores

Once you have bought something from the company, there may be times when you are not satisfied with the product or you received a wrong or defected product. If you want to return your purchased item, call this Robinsons Equestrian phone number to know about the company’s Robinsons Equestrian returns policy. If you are concerned about whether you will receive your money back or not, and how, then you can call the Robinsons Equestrian refunds number to know more about your options and avail complete Robinsons Equestrian helpline support regarding the matter.

Sending them an Email

Apart from calling their Robinsons Equestrian contact number UK or sending them a written letter, you can also seek the company’s help by sending them an email at their email address Whether you want to make a query about their products, or want to know about their returns and refund policies, delivery and shipping terms and other conditions, feel free to send them an email

Subscribing to their Free Mailing List

You have to provide your contact details, including your name, address and email address to subscribe to the company’s free mailing list. Once you do that, you receive regular updates about the company’s latest offers and products right in your inbox. Some of the special offers and voucher codes that the company offers are available for their mailing list subscribers only. So, if you do not subscribe, you will miss out some of the great deals offered by the company. The mailing list is free to subscribe to, and if you want to unsubscribe from it, you can quickly do that anytime by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in your email. For more information, call their Robinsons Equestrian customer care helpline and talk to a customer care executive.

Using their Online Search Tool

If you are looking for the company’s products on their website, you don’t need to find your product by visiting each and every page. You can use their online search tool to enter the name of the product you are looking for and receive a list of available products. You can quickly choose the one of your choices and order it quickly. You can add several items to your basket, and order all at once after making a single payment. For complete Robinsons Equestrian support, you can call the Robinsons Equestrian helpline and speak with a company representative.

Following them on Social Media

Satisfying the needs of the recent times, the company is available on a number of social networking sites as well, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can follow them on any of these social media platforms, and stay informed about their latest news, updates and offers. Visit the Robinsons Equestrian contact us page and follow them on these social networking sites. In addition to reading their latest updates, you can also post your queries on their home feeds, and receive an instant reply from the company professionals. Other people who have similar kind of query to make can also join your thread and share their views.

Overview Robinsons Equestrian

Robinsons Equestrian is more than a century old, dealing with all things related to horses, equestrians and riders. Whether you are a leisure horse rider or your earning comes from horses, you will find all that you need from here, including horse wear, head collars, riding boots, saddles, show shirts and jackets, whips, stable rugs and horse toys. Keeping at par with the recent times, they have also made an online presence, through which you can order a wide range of equestrian products right from the comfort of your home. They feature products from a number of reputed suppliers, including Horse Ware, Caldene, Woof Wear, Toggi, Musto, Meares, Puffa, Prolite, Naff and Field House.

The company has stores located in York, Beverley and Malton, each having its own Robinsons Equestrian opening hours. Call a Robinsons Equestrian phone number to get complete information about the company’s branches, locations and their product availability. You can come in contact with the company professionals and seek Robinsons Equestrian support through a number of ways, including:

  • Sending them a written letter
  • Calling a Robinsons Equestrian helpline number
  • Sending them an email
  • Subscribing to their free mailing list
  • Using their online search tool
  • Following them on social media

One great way of getting in contact with the company professionals is to send them a written letter. Although this is a slow method of communication, it is a tried and tested method of getting in touch and having everything in written. Sending a letter and receiving a reply can take a time of several days, due to which you are not recommended to send a letter if you are expecting a quick response. Their head office has been located at the following address:

Robinsons Equestrian, Norton Road, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 9RU

Apart from writing them a letter, you can also call their Robinsons Equestrian head office number. You will be directed to a higher official of the company, who will be able to resolve your query within minutes. On this Robinsons Equestrian contact number UK, you can also ask whom to address your letter and which department is expected to receive and respond to it.

Dance Direct Contact Number

If you have been searching for Dance Direct contact numbers without any luck, then you come to the right site because this post will get to highlight a host of Dance Direct phone numbers including the all-important Dance Direct customer service number. In addition to going through this post, you should also visit Dance Direct contact us page where they have shared great information on how to contact them.

Dance Direct Phone Number List

Dance Direct Helpline Support UK Contact Numbers
Dance Direct Customer Service, My Account, Complaints 0179 382 2838
Dance Direct Orders and Delivery (Germany Switchboard) +49 800 333 2623
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Dance Direct Customer Service

If you intend on shopping at Dance Direct online shop and need assistance on how to go about the whole process, do not hesitate to contact their customer service. Thanks to the fact that they receive adequate training about the job beforehand, they will be able to help you pick the right item just for you. Furthermore, there are in a position to help you sought out any issues that you might have with the team at Dance Direct. These issues might include payment, delivery and even order problems. To get in touch with their customer service team, all you have to do is simply dial the following Dance Direct customer service number +49 800 333 2623 and one of their representatives will be right with you ready to assist.

In addition to this Dance Direct phone number, customers can also reach out to their customer service by simply filling out the contact form that is available to their customers at Dance Direct contact us page. If you happen to have a query or inquiry and you would like to do things own your own then you will be happy to know that you might just find what you are looking for at Dance Direct FAQ page.

How To Contact Dance Direct

How To Contact Dance Direct

Contacting Dance Direct is very easy and simple thanks to the various measures they have put in place to do so. If you are Dance Direct customer and plan to contact Dance Direct customer service, then you can do so using various means. For instance, you can settle on contacting their customer service using phone calls as evident from the Dance Direct customer service number already shared in this post.

You can also settle on contacting their customer service using letters or by using their social media platforms. One thing to note about this communication channels is that no matter the channel you select, you are bound to receive a response or feedback from Dance Direct giving you advice on how to go about your queries or inquiries. That said, all these communication channels will be looked into later in this post.

Contact Dance Direct Headquarters

If you fancy reaching out to people or even companies with a more physical approach, then writing them a letter is the best thing to do. In addition to being a physical approach, writing letters also give time to customers to set out what they wanted to say clearly. Despite these positives, sending letters has one major flaw and that is speed. In general, the whole process of sending and receiving letters tends to take time. In fact, you might just end up waiting for days if not weeks for a response. This ultimately has seen a good number of their customers avoiding using letters especially when they have matters that require a fast or immediate response. If you plan on using letters as a communication channel, below you will find Dance Direct postal address.

Unit G20 Parsonage Road, Swindon SN3 4RN, UK

Dance Direct Complaints

Like any other business, there is bound to be complaints from time to time. If you happen to have a complaint, be it in their products or even in their services such as delivery and returns do address it with one of their representatives by simply dialling the following Dance Direct complaints number 0179 382 2838. Upon placing the call, one of their representatives will help you in resolving your complaint quickly.

In addition to the Dance Direct phone number shared above, you can also raise your complaints by simply filling a form that you will find at Dance Direct contact us page. When filling the form, make sure that you include all the relevant details that will help them address your complaint easier and faster.

Dance Direct Orders

By simply dialling the customer service number above, you will be able to receive the exact location of your purchased product. To make matters even better is that this number is completely 24/7 so you can call it at any time and expect to find one of their representatives.

You can also use this number if you have queries or inquiries about this particular service. Your query might be a delay in delivery or even not receiving the right product. Regardless of the issue, simply use the Dance Direct contact number shared above and one of their representatives will help solve your issue.

Dance Direct Payment

To ensure that their customers have an easy access to their products, they have set up a variety of payment options for their customers. In addition to this Dance Direct contact number, you can also find more details about their payment service by simply visiting Dance Direct FAQ page. There you will find a great deal of information in form of questions about their payment services.

Dance Direct Voucher Code

As a Dance Direct customer, you can end up saving some money while shopping for those perfect dancewear products or accessory by simply taking up any of their vouchers. Dance Direct usually issues these vouchers during various competitions or promotions. In most cases, you will find these vouchers issued when they are launching new dancewear products so watch out for such occasions. For more details on their vouchers simply order a catalogue and learn more about the Dance Direct voucher code program.

In addition to vouchers, Dance Direct customers can also end up saving money while shopping for any of their products by simply taking up their promotional codes. With this promotions code in place, customers will only pay a certain percentage of the product they like at Dance Direct.

Dance Direct Delivery & Returns

Upon purchasing an item at Dance Direct, you have the option of having it either delivered to you at work or at home based on your preference. These services are free for customers who end up spending over 40 pounds while shopping for products at their store. If you happen to have queries or simply inquiries about their delivery service, simply get in touch with their customer service by dialling the following Dance Direct delivery phone number which is the German switchboard +49 800 333 2623.

They also do have a return policy in place for their customers. With it, customers can return a product purchased from their store within a given period. For more details about this service, simply use the Dance Direct returns phone number and one of their representatives will be with you ready to assist with whatever query or issue you might have.

Contact Dance Direct on Social Media

Contact Dance Direct on Social Media

In addition to the Dance Direct phone number shared above, customers can also contact Dance Direct using social media. For many social media lovers who shop at Dance Direct, contacting Dance Direct using social media is very common. For you to get in touch with Dance Direct customer service all you have to do is simply locate any of their social media accounts. Once you have done this, you can simply post your query or inquiry on any of their social media pages. You can also send it as a message if you want it to be private. Below is a list of all Dance Direct social media accounts.