DX Customer Service Contact Numbers

DX Customer Service Contact Number

DX Customer Service Contact Number

DX Customer Service Contact Number is 0333 241 5700. Alternatively, you can reach DX customer service support on live chats from the DX website. Call now for all delivery needs you might require a solution. DX customer service team is in position to advise you on various delivery services offered by DX Delivery and offer a solution to your delivery needs.

If you have already hired DX to deliver your item, you can contact the customer service agent to check on the progress of your item. Such information can also be obtained by visiting the Track My Item section on DX website. You’ll need a tracking number in order to track your item. In the event the tracking number is invalid or you’re unable to trace the number, contact DX customer service agent for assistance.

You can contact the DX customer service agent to inquire about available careers which you can apply. The customer service agent is in position to assist you to know the progress of your application or the interview you attended. Further, you can use the online platform to apply for job opportunities at DX.

DX Complaints

DX Complaints contact number is 0333 241 1142. If you are unhappy about DX services, kindly contact the number to raise your issues. The customer service agent is going to listen and resolve any issue regarding DX services you might be experiencing as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can send an email to address to customer.concernsDXS@thedx.co.uk for assistance.

DX Freight

DX Freight number is 0844 826 1178. For large parcels, you can reach the DX Freight number to inquire about the delivery. You might need to know how the packaging is organised, charges to various destinations or availability of such services from the company.

DX Business to Business

DX Business to Business Contact Number is 0844 371 3335. Do you have a business that needs a constant delivery of parcels or items to other businesses? Then, contact DX business contact number to speak with a customer care agent. The customer care agent is well trained to give you every detail you might need to know about the company. Further, the customer service agent is in a position to book an appointment with the management to discuss the terms of business.

DX International Delivery

DX International Delivery Contact Number is 0190 238 9071. In case you’re located in the UK and need to send a parcel to an international jurisdiction, kindly contact the number for assistance. You can still get help by sending an email address to International@dxfreight.co.uk.

DX Customer IT Support

DX IT Support

DX Customer IT Support Number is 0333 241 5111. The number is available from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can reach the DX IT support team through sending an email to service.desk@thedx.co.uk for an immediate response. The support team can also be reached through the live chats. Contact DX customer IT support for any IT related issue you might be experiencing. It might be you’re unable to log into DX account or errors while placing a request online.

DX HQ Offices

If you’re in UK or Ireland, you can visit the offices for enquiries, business meeting with DX team or complaints you need to be addressed. The customer service agent is going to assist you in any other issue related to DX services.


Ditton Park

Ridding Court Road




Exchange DX1, Dublin

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Angling Direct Contact Number

Fishing is an interesting activity in which a person tries to catch fish with the help of a number of techniques like using a spear, angling, trapping, netting and hand gathering. You can catch not only fish but also echinoderms, crustaceans and other aquatic animals during this activity. Fishing usually needs a lot of technique and patience, as you may sit waiting for a fish to come. But with the right equipment, you can maximise your chances of catching a nice fish. Angling Direct is a UK based company that deals in a huge variety of reels, rods and other equipment you would require to go fishing. Whether you are fishing for recreational purposes, or for competition or commercial purpose, Angling Direct can actually bring you some of the finest equipment helpful in this activity. For more information, you can go on this web page or visit the Angling Direct contact us page online.

Angling Direct Phone Numbers List

Angling Direct Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Angling Direct Customer Service Number 0160 340 0870
Complaints Telephone Number 0160 340 0757
Angling Direct Delivery 0160 340 0870
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Angling Direct Customer Service Number

Whether you have a query, complaint, suggestion or compliment to make, the company’s expert team is available to receive your call at the Angling Direct phone number 0160 340 0870. When you call this number, you are directed to a customer care representative of the company, who will be ready to provide every kind of Angling Direct support as per your requirements and preferences. Make sure to keep your query details ready with you, so that you can quickly provide them when asked for. For instance, if you are making a query related to your order, then keep your order number and bill details ready in front of you while calling the Angling Direct contact number.

Angling Direct Customer Service
Customer Service

One great facility offered by the company is their Angling Direct customer care helpline. With this Angling Direct phone number in place, you can clear all your doubts and queries easily over the phone. When you have a query or complaint regarding the company’s products or services, do use the Angling Direct Norwich phone number 0160 340 0757. When you make a call to this number, a company representative will talk to you to answer any query or question you may have. You can use this Angling Direct contact number for all kinds of queries about the company’s products, services, deals or offers. You can find more details at the Angling Direct contact us page online.

Angling Direct is a reputed business in the UK that is renowned all over for its excellent products and services. The Angling Direct customer service is popular all around to satisfy its customers and keep them happy. But if you happen to have an issue with the company or its products, then the expert complaints department of the company will try its best to resolve your issue. Just give a call to the Angling Direct phone number available at 0160 340 0757, and talk to a customer care executive regarding your complaint. You may also call them to give your valuable suggestions or feedback regarding the company and its products. This is a dedicated Angling Direct helpline to book complaints from the customers. While calling the number, make sure that you have all the details of your order ready in your hands, so that you can quickly tell them everything when asked for.

The company claims to make its deliveries within 1-3 working days of placing the order. They deliver products to the UK Mainland, along with the UK Islands, Northern Ireland, Eire, Scotland Highlands and the European Union countries. If you are situated in the UK Mainland, you are entitled to receive free delivery, provided your order is above £50. If you have any kind of query related to the delivery of your order, then you can call the Angling Direct helpline 0160 340 0870. If you happen to have any kind of delivery related issue with the company, such as a delayed or failed delivery, then you can quickly get it resolved at this Angling Direct Norwich phone number. When you make your call, you will be directed to a trained company representative, who will be able to resolve your issue within seconds. Make sure that you have the details of your order ready with you while making the call.

Contact Angling Direct Headquarters

Angling Direct is a UK based company that deals in a wide range of fishing equipment. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, they are renowned for their exceptional Angling Direct customer service. There are several ways with which you can buy from the company, including placing your order through mail order via all major fishing related magazines, purchasing online, or visiting one of their superstores. They also have a dedicated insurance department which takes care of your insurance replacement as well. Should you need any kind of assistance regarding their products or services, feel free to call their Angling Direct contact number.

Sending them a written letter by post is one of the most reliable of methods for getting in touch. But if you are in a hurry, then understand that this method of communication will take several days of time. If you can wait for a few days to receive a reply, then feel free to send them a written letter at the following address:

Angling Direct Limited

2D Wendover Road,

Rackheath Industrial Estate

Norwich, Norfolk

NR13 6LH United Kingdom

But if you want a quick and prompt reply, then it is better to call their Angling Direct Norwich phone number and talk to a customer care executive in real-time. The expert and experienced executives at this Angling Direct helpline will be ever-ready to help you out in every possible way.

Creating an Angling Direct account

Regular customers of the company can create an Angling Direct account on their website. After signing up for an account, you can log in 24/7, and become entitled to receive special benefits of using their service. You can view your order history, save your payment details, track your orders online, and receive regular updates about the company’s latest news and offers. You will be able to store multiple delivery addresses, and check out faster after signing up to an Angling Direct account.

Using Angling Direct Order Tracker

Once you have placed your order with Angling Direct, you will be curious to know where your shipment has reached until now. The online tracker tool available at the company’s website is a great way to track the location of your order in real-time. The information is updated regularly so that you can judge the estimated delivery date of your order. Visit their Angling Direct contact us page for more information on their online tracker tool.

Angling Direct phone number
Track Your Order.

Subscribe to Angling Direct Newsletter

In order to keep their customers happy and satisfied, they come up with attractive offers every now and then. They also remain active in the industry, due to which you need to keep updated about their latest news and events. If you are a regular Angling Direct fan and follower, you can subscribe to their newsletter and receive their regular updates right in your Inbox. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can be sure that you never miss out even a single lucrative deal from the company. All you need to do is to provide your email address. You will instantly start receiving their newsletter by email. If the emails turn out to be too disturbing or too frequent to you, then you can unsubscribe from it anytime as you wish.

Contact Angling Direct Via Social Media

The company provides complete Angling Direct support through social media as well. Keeping at par with the latest technology, they are available on a number of social networking sites, including the following:

They have their own blog as well, that you can visit to get information about their latest happenings. Just follow them on your preferred social networking site, and get regular updates from the company right in your home feed. The company regularly updates its information and uploads pictures, videos and posts related to its latest happenings. You can also send them a personal message or post a message to them on their home feed, in case you happen to have a query, complaint or feedback about the company and its products.

Angling Direct Over View

If you are looking for a high-quality expensive Angling Direct equipment, but you don’t have the finance to buy it, then you can apply for a 0% finance from the company as well. When you place an order with the company, you are entitled to get free delivery if your order amount is more than £50.

You can receive high-end Angling Direct support through a variety of methods to contact them. Some of them are:

  • Sending them a written letter
  • Calling the Angling Direct customer care helpline
  • Creating an Angling Direct account
  • Using their online order tracker
  • Subscribing to their newsletter
  • Following them on social media

UPS Contact Numbers

With a history that dates back to 1907, UPS or United Parcel Service, prides itself on being one of the world’s leading provider of all things logistics and specialised transport services. UPS, just like any other company, started out as a small business a few decades ago, fast forward to 2016 and they are a multi-billion dollar corporation with offices in some of the world’s major countries.

UPS’s growth can be attributed to their commitment to ensuring that they offer their customers and client with the very best in customer service and as such, they’ve made public all UPS contact numbers their customer’s might need if they choose to contact them.

UPS Phone Number List

UPS Helpline UK Contacts
UPS Contact customer Service Number 0345 787 7877
UPS Helpline Number 0800 742 5727
UPS Technical Support Number 0800 833 0056
UPS Shipment tracking 0345 787 7877
UPS Freight Services 0345 787 7877
Corporate Number 0800 742 5877
International Import Export Services 0800 782 7892
UPS Billing 0345 161 0016
UPS Delivery Number 0345 787 7877
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 20:00 pm

If you have been searching for UPS contact details then you will find this particular post extremely useful as it has all UPS contact numbers you might need. If you are searching for additional information about UPS, then you can visit UPS home page where they have shared lots of information about their services including details on their international import export services.

Get In Touch With UPS

Get In Touch With UPS

If there are queries, questions or even complaints you might have with UPS then you will be happy to know that you can contact them using different communication channels. For instance, you can choose to use the UPS phone numbers shared in this post or you can alternatively send them a message via email. If you are more into the social world and looking for ways that you can contact UPS socially, then you will be happy to know that you will be able to do just that by simply following any of their social media accounts. You can also contact them by sending a letter. However, contacting UPS via a letter might take some time and as result, it is advised that you seek other channels especially if you have a query, concern or issue that requires immediate attention.

UPS Postal Address

As already mentioned, you can get in touch with UPS by simply writing them a letter. One plus associated with contacting UPS via a letter as opposed to using any of the UPS phone numbers listed in this posts is the physical attribute associated with it. When writing a letter, you can easily jot down all your issues before getting in touch UPS as you will be doing it without no rush.

The key when it comes to contacting UPS via letters, especially if you want to get feedback from them really quick, is to ensure that you get the right contact details (in this case the right postal address) and address your letter to the right department. That said, below you will find UPS postal address. Remember to address the letter to the right person/department and confirming the postal address before sending it.

UPS contact customer service, Forest Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 7DY, United Kingdom

UPS Contact Customer Service Number

UPS Contact Customer Service Number

If you have any issues, queries or even complaints regarding the services offered by UPS then do feel free to get in touch with them using the following UPS contact customer service number 0345 787 7 877. Upon making the call, there will be a representative from UPS on the other side of the line ready to assist you with any request you make. When using this means of communication, you should know two things.

One, always have with you all the details you think you might need when talking to one of their representatives before placing the call. Two, feel free to contact them for just about anything as long as it touches on UPS and the service that they offer. For more details on how you can contact UPS customer service, then do visit UPS’s contact page.

UPS Helpline Number

UPS Helpline Number

Other than their customer service contact number, you can contact UPS using the following UPS helpline number. Just like their customer service, anyone who wants to get in touch with UPS helpline can easily do so by simply following this number 0800 742 5727. Upon making the call, feel free to interact with any of their representatives on any issue, complaint or enquiry you might have regarding their services.

If you would want a quick resolution to your question, complaint or query then make sure you have the right details with you, as this will assist them in assisting you and seeing to it that your problem or issue is resolved. For more details on their helpline, do visit UPS contact page.

UPS Technical Support Number

UPS Technical Support Number

Given the type of services offered by UPS, you are bound to have some technical issues at some point. Luckily, they do have a technical support team in place ready to assist you with any problems you might have. Some of the problems you are likely going to face might touch on the upgrade process, installations ideas and process or even using any of the technical guides offered by UPS.

If you happen to encounter any trouble while using any of their services then do not hesitate to contact UPS using the following UPS technical support number 0800 833 0056. For more details on UPS technical support, including how they can be able to assist you, do visit UPS’s technical support page where they have shared all the information you will need when faced with some technical difficulties.

Corporate Number

Corporate Number

If you have any corporate issues that you would like solved or even corporate enquiries surrounding UPS, then getting in touch with their corporate division team is the perfect way to go. Like queries and complaints, do make sure you have all the information you need or want to ask with you before placing the call to UPS, as this will make the entire process much faster and easier.

If you choose to contact UPS using the following UPS contact numbers 0800 742 5877. At the end of your phone call will be a representative from UPS ready to assist you with any query you might have. The best thing is, they are well qualified and knowledgeable about all things UPS so rest assured you will get what you are looking for when you contact them.

UPS Freight Services

Under corporate, there are other UPS phone numbers you should know about and have. This number are;

UPS Shipment tracking 0345 787 7 877

UPS Freight Services 0345 787 7 877

International Import Export Services 0800 782 7892

Use UPS shipment tracking number if you happen to have any queries regarding your shipment. Additionally, you can use this UPS phone number to track the status of your shipment. Alternatively, you can do just that by simply visiting the following UPS shipment tracking page.

If you happen to have shipment services for loads that are more than 150 lbs, then you will be happy to learn that UPS offers freight services tailored jut for you. For additional information on this service, do get in touch with them by calling the following UPS contact numbers 0345 787 7 877.

Do make sure you have details of the freight services you want before placing the call. For instance, you might be looking for air, ocean or even critical freight services, so before making the call, make sure you have these details with you. For more details on their freight services, do visit UPS’s freight services page where they have shared lots of useful information about their services.

For more details regarding UPS’s under international import export services do feel free to get in touch with them using the following UPS phone number 0800 782 7892. Upon placing the call, they will be a UPS representative on the other side of the call ready to answer any question you might have regarding their services. You can also reach out to them by simply filling up a form on their import export services page.

UPS Billing Phone Number

UPS Billing Phone Number

If you have questions, queries or even complaints regarding UPS billing then feel free to address them by contacting UPS using the following UPS billing phone number 0345 161 0016. You can also get answers to your questions without necessarily having to give them a call, all you have to do is simply visit UPS billing page where you can download all the billing analysis and details you might need. You can also use that link to analyse all your shipping expenses before taking up any of their services.

UPS Delivery Number

UPS Delivery Number

For all queries or questions you might have regarding UPS’s delivery services for any parcel you might have sent or received from them, then do contact them using the following UPS contact numbers 0345 787 7877. For more details on delivery services like call collection and deliveries on Saturdays, then do visit the following UPS delivery page.

UPS Social Media Accounts

UPS Social Media Accounts

If you are looking for a more social channel of keeping up with all things UPS or even contacting them for that matter, then following any of their social media accounts is the way to go. They are very active online and as such, you will easily be able to keep up with all things UPS as they do share posts on their social media pages from time to time throughout the week. By following their account, you will be able to see posts they make on their page right on your social media home feed. You can also get in touch with their customer service using their social media accounts by simply posting or sending them a message with your query, complaint or question.





ParcelForce Contact Numbers

Parcelforce is one of the top courier delivery companies in the United Kingdom. They have a specific helpline that is manned by customer care staff, who’re capable to deal with a range of issues. They can offer advice and info on the various Parcelforce delivery providers that exist, including the monitor, offshore shipment solutions as well as documented shipping services and track support.

You may even need-to contact the Parcelforce helpline, in case your package has been damaged during transit. They will be able to talk with you to resolve your issues through the claim process and explain the total amount of compensation that you will be able to claim for your package. ParcelForce Contact Numbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for its customers to resolve their queries.

Parcelforce Phone Number List

Parcelforce Helpline

UK Contact Numbers

Parcelforce Customer Services

0344 800 4466

Welsh Services

0344 800 5550

Hearing Impaired Toll-Free

08000 855 854

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Parcelforce Customer Services

ParcelForce Customer Services

You can trust on the courier to deliver your parcels at your home and abroad getting the same care that you would yourself. They’re equipped with the newest technology and you’ll find that high quality can also be good value. They provide a wide range of value for money services delivering across the UK locations as well as worldwide with exceptional quality of services.

They deliver to every address in the United Kingdom and 99.6% of the world. The strength of global partners around the world means they are able to provide combination of services. They offer a range of flexible convenient shipping & delivery options including distribution to over 11,000 local Post-Office branches, should they know they can’t beat house to get their objects.

  • They’ll get from your door step or you can drop-off at your closest Post-Office branch or depot.

  • They could attain every household and office in the UK every morning of the year.

  • Users can also pick up from their regional Post Office division.

  • You’ll be able to track your parcels at every phase.

  • They offer delivery services on Saturdays.

  • For business account customers you will find text facilities that are online and additional expert services.

Parcelforce Customer Care Numbers

ParcelForce Customer Care

Keeping the urgent enquiries of our customers, we offer several methods to get connected with our professional and dedicate team of customer representatives. The Parcelforce helpline number is 0344 800 4466. If you are a Welsh speaker, contact Parcelforce at 0344 800 5550 and for impaired hearing person you can call toll-free 08000 855 854.

Call centre hours:

  • Monday To Friday : 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Saturday : 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Public and Bank Holidays : Closed

If you need the email address for Parcelforce customer care, then you can visit the office website. Just fill  in an online form with whatever your query is, and within minimum time, your query will be answered. Regular customers can fill the short form to the query of special rates.

Parcel Tracking

Parcelforce Helpline

Parcel tracking is available for all continents. Tracking services are divided into five stages:

  • Collected

  • In Transit

  • At Delivery Depot

  • Out for Delivery

  • Delivered

At every stage of the delivery process, customers will be able to get the five-stags breakdown. It appears with a date and time to let you know when the delivery is expected to arrive.

Package Status

Guidance: The process starts of delivering the parcel, as soon it is entered in the system, the client will receive a message and parcel tracking scan will begin. At whichever point the parcel reached, status will change to “In Progress”.

Clearance for Awaiting Customs: You will come to know whether the parcel has reached the country. You will then be notified of any international customs handling.

Hand over to Royal Mail: Parcel has been handed over to the Royal Mail (RM) to complete the process of delivery.

Delivery Process: In case, the parcel item damaged, incorrect paperwork at customs and got any restricted items, it will stop the delivery.

Tracking services do not include any charges from the client, while other tracking care problems. You can sort it all out at the Parcelforce Helpline 0344 800 446.

Services in the UK

Parcelforce is a very trusting delivery agency using a personal touch by offering a wide range of services and access points. You just need to pay and get your delivery to the door step. These are services provided by the company:

  • ExpressAM

  • Express24

  • Express48

  • Express48 Large

Through all these services the parcel is collected and delivered at the door step of the given address. Clients are given access to tracking services and ParcelForce Contact Numbers to stay connected for solving issues during the process.

UK Networks

ParcelForce UK Networks

Parcelforce delivery networks are spread throughout the worldwide which are beneficial for faster and easy delivery. All the European destinations delivery by 10:30 am of the next day and the United States and Canada deliver by midday. 53 depots networks in several major cities around the country handle all deliveries. Two hubs are located near Coventry Airport, and each handles the international and domestic parcels.

Royal Mail is the sister company of Parcelforce. It is also known as the subsidiary of General Logistics Systems, which have road based networks of 23 delivery companies that span 30 countries within a distance of 5 million kilometres. The RM handles the European shipments and they are specialized to handle the over 1 million parcels per day, which is quite an advantage for our clients. Overall Parcelforce delivery networks enables to connect with more than 239 countries at the global level. That’s why they have earned a place among the top competitors of the delivery brand.

 Shipping Services

  • The foremost benefit is that the clients are ensured for the parcel to be delivered within the defined weight limits and size along with its ideal service for personalized and business customers.

  • Having a big variety of shipping options and supply within as little as 24-hours to Europe, UK and United States North locations. Parcelforce provides confidence and efficiency, while economical solutions exist for whom speed is not necessarily important.

  • Parcelforce enables one for tracking within the UK as well as as confirmed to be delivered at resident or abroad. Reassurance to clients that their shipments have arrived safely. Furthermore, their services provide collection of delivery from customer’s opted address although parcel might be dropped off at a depot or post office which is preferred.

  • There are various options for UK and overseas shipment. Their charges are per the weight and size of the parcel and speed of delivery as per the client request. Delivery items are taken from the sender’s suggested location.

  • The capability to track as it crosses the world or the nation is important to many clients who involve the confidence that their delivery is currently making improvement to its destination on time. Also, for peace of mind one can be assured that the products received an electronic signature on delivering the product to its recipient.

  • Products delivered with Parcelforce are allocated to a distinctive tracking number which typically includes a series of characters and numbers. It is the following number, which enables an individual to view the continuing advancement of the shipping from your point of collection location within the UK could be monitored at each stage in their vacation.

  • The easiest way to monitor a package is by using the Parcelforce website. By entering the initial lot range, customers will receive proof of shipment after it’s dispatched and can quickly see real-time details about the development of the parcel’s location.

  • The incredible ParcelForce Contact Number 0344 800 4466 provides assistance throughout the process of delivering from sender to receiver. Whether, you have issue with the shipment price, parcel size, charges, or you are unable to track or any other issue, you are required to contact Parcelforce and get the solution via their superb customer care services team.

Parcelforce Contact Us

Are you not satisfied with your experience? Or are you happy with their services? They will hear everything you need to say. It is occasionally proper and not informal to deliver letters that are handwritten inside the post also. Go right ahead and send to the following address. Be sure to keep all private information about your personal detail from the letter-writing processes.

Parcelforce Helpline:
Office: 100 Victoria Embankment,
EC4Y 0HQ, London

Contact Parcelforce via Social Media

Parcelforce Contact Numbers

You can post your inquiry online too using social media networks. You can expect answers within 48 hours but do not use personal details.


More than 25 years in the making, Parcelforce has a long history as a part of Royal Mail Group. In the year of 1986, Royal mail developed another parcel purpose building the foundations of the company which is today we know. In 1990 Royal Mail Parcels was relabeled with a huge investment in IT and infrastructure together with the introduction of online tracking and also the development of National and Worldwide sorting hubs.

Subsequently in 1998 the business enterprise was renamed as Parcelforce Worldwide. Since in 2013, they continued investing to enhance their network across the global. Parcelforce Worldwide operates shipping services via using a network of local depots. These have been purposefully based from Inverness in Scotland’s north to Plymouth in the southwest of UK. You can find two depots in Wales, one fundamental warehouse in Northern Ireland (offering Belfast) and two smaller satellite.

DPD Contact Numbers

List of DPD Phone Numbers

DPD Helpline UK Contact Number
 DPD Customer Service Number
Courier Contact 0121 500 2500
Billing 0121 647 0869
International Services 0121 698 3783
Special DPD Cities
Aberdeen 0122 487 8686
Southall 0208 744 7643
Edinburgh 0131 335 4000
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Ways To Contact DPD

DPD Contact Numbers

Do you have any business related queries or you just need to track your parcel; DPD customer service is available for you and can provide the necessary support and guidance. All employees of DPD are happy to address your concerns and hear your feedback and improve the quality of its services. Enlisted below are the various ways to contact DPD and get in touch with the right personnel or department that can answer your queries and resolve your issues:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Dial any of the relevant DPD contact numbers from the table above to speak directly to a DPD customer service agent.
  • Send an email to avoid calling the DPD customer service number.
  • Write a letter and share your feedback or complaints.
  • Follow on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You can choose any of the above channels to communicate with the company when required.

Reasons to Contact DPD

This parcel delivery agency strives to delight its customers with its incredible services, but in case anything goes wrong or you just have some queries related to their service offerings, you can communicate directly with a DPD customer service representative. There can be a number of reasons, i.e. situations when you might need help. Here are some of the potential reasons to call the DPD helpline:

  • For sales related inquiries.
  • To inquire about a pending delivery.
  • For assistance in tracking your parcel status and international tracking.
  • For credit and billing information.
  • For queries related to MyDPD account and online services.
  • Existing customers for sales leads, stationery orders, price requests or login requests etc.
  • To share your feedback.
  • To file a complaint about an unpleasant service experience.

Whether you prefer to send an email or use our given DPD contact numbers to reach their customer care; the company will provide complete help and guidance to address your concerns.

DPD Customer Care Address

Are you a potential customer who needs to inquire about the service offerings or retrieve a quote? Or have you recently engaged in business and wish to share your experience with the customer service. Whatever the case be, sending a handwritten letter is an easy and convenient way to contact DPD without all the hassle of using one of the many DPD contact number centres. You can send the letter at the following address:

DPD Services, PO Box 6979, Roebuck Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1BN, United Kingdom

NOTE: If you prefer to communicate with the DPD helpline via post, make sure you write your queries or complaints in detail so that the customer service can easily understand the issue and provide a quick solution. You must mention your contact details as well so that the company can send a response to your letter. While choosing this mode of communication, it is important to understand that the response might take some time, depending on how long the post takes to reach the company.

Contact DPD via Email

Sending a handwritten letter can be a polite, formal and even an easier way to get in touch with the customer service, but an email is much more convenient. All you need to do is visit the DPD contact us page, go to the email us section and fill in the online form for general inquiries or complaints.

Provide the necessary details and you are good to go. You can expect a response from DPD within 90 minutes. If your complaint is still unresolved you can escalate the matter by sending an email to the Director of Customer Experience.

DPD Customer Service Number

DPD Contact Numbers

For those of you who are in a bit of rush and getting in touch with the customer service via post or by sending an email seems to be a lengthy procedure; you can use the DPD contact number to speak directly to a customer care agent. This is the quickest and the most effective way of communicating your queries, feedback and complaint to the right company representative.

You will not only receive an immediate response, but you can also avoid back and forth conversation in case you are not satisfied with the initial response. In order to speak to the right DPD helpline agent, call 0121 275 0500. For specific inquiries, you can browse the table above and find the relevant DPD phone number.

DPD Services

DPD Contact Numbers

DPD is committed to connecting businesses and people throughout their wide assortment of products and services. DPD is focused on providing exceptional customer experience and hence integrates the skills of their team with cutting-edge technology to ace in their field of work. DPD not only offers product delivery within the United Kingdom but also thrives internationally as well. Read on for more information about their service offerings:

UK Specific Services

DPD offers its customers time-critical and value for money delivery, especially when it comes to delivering their parcels within the UK. The company’s services are unmatchable both in terms of delivery time and cost. Whether you need to send Christmas gifts to your friends and family or need to deliver products to your customers, you can count on DPD to exceed your expectations.

You can choose from a wide range of services, which includes next day, two-day, Saturday and Sunday delivery as per the level of urgency. All you need to do is provide your postcode to check the delivery options. You can also predict and follow the parcel and alerts will also offer one-hour window to the customers to avoid wait time while receiving the parcel.

International Specific Services

DPD is your one quick parcel delivery solution for overseas. Along with exceptional domestic delivery services, DPD offers unbeatable overseas services for your delivery and logistics needs around the world. The DPD group has access to extensive ground and air networks, which enables them to offer reliable delivery service. Their services are competitively priced and available in numerous countries around the world. DPD offers the following four overseas delivery options:

  • Classic, which is one of the most reliable parcel delivery in Europe.
  • Express, which offers unparalleled delivery options for around 200 countries around the world.
  • Air Classic, which is an amazing international service for non-time sensitive shipments that require complete tracking.
  • Direct, which is an innovative international delivery service, designed for online retailers.


DPD aims to delight its customers by providing complete order fulfilment. With the help of DPD logistics and a number of other value-added services, the company adds value to your business. Logistics enables DPD to hold and manage stocks of numerous companies throughout the UK along with effective distribution service to their customers. DPD streamlines procedures, seamlessly linking manufacturers to customers by acting as a reliable delivery channel between the two. The order fulfilment service businesses get the following advantages:

  • The advantage of core location and premises of DPD logistics, which enables later cut-off times for taking orders and providing faster delivery.
  • Their modern storage facility and state-of-the-art sortation hub, which is fully fitted with CCTV for on-site security.
  • Fully integrated warehouse and distribution IT system for monitoring and tracking of good throughout the delivery process.
  • Barcode scanning and tracking, auditable stock transaction histories and a dedicated team of managers and responsive staff to offer expert business advice.

Credit and Billing Support

DPD Contact Numbers

The company provides complete support throughout the process of delivery. With the help of the DPD contact number for credit and billing, you can easily resolve any query related to your new account, account options, billing, payment or general account related queries. Either you can directly dial 0121 647 0869 and speak to their credit manager or send an email to the relevant department. You can also find more DPD phone numbers for the credit and billing department at the DPD Contact Us Page.

Lost Parcels

Although the company offers seamless delivery solutions, without any possibility of errors. The transparent system of the company gives its customers the option to follow and track the parcel so that you can monitor its progress and know the delivery status anytime. They also give the customers a one-hour delivery window, so that the wait time is minimised and delivery is more convenient for the customers. With these innovative techniques chances of faults are negligible, but if still a parcel is lost during the delivery due to some reason, you can contact their Lost parcel support. Call 0121 275 0500 to speak to a customer care executive about the issue.


The company strives to minimise any possibility of errors, which may cause any kind of inconvenience to the customers. But humans error and we live in a world that has unexpected disasters, weather changes, and so much more. Parcel delivery can still be unpredictable but DPD does its best to be on top!

Innovative techniques and integrated use of information technology try to prevent the unexpected. However, if the customers are unsatisfied with the experience, the leaders of the company would like to hear about it and provide a solution. If you have any complaints related to the company’s services, you can get in touch with their representatives through the DPD complaints helpline. Direct dial 0121 275 0500 and explain the issue to a customer care agent and you will be offered an immediate solution.

Contact DPD Via Social Media

DPD Contact Numbers
Picture From https://twitter.com/DPD_UK

Apart from a DPD phone number, email and customer care address, customers also have the option to connect via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily share your feedback regarding their services or complaints if any, by posting it on social media and expect an immediate response. The company is available on the following social media platforms:

DPD Overview

DPD is a business-to-business parcel delivery service, which operates internationally. The company owned by Geo-post has more than 830 depots in 40 countries worldwide, making it a prominent name in the industry. It was founded in 1977 in Aschaffenburg, West Germany and was originally known as Deutscher Paketdienst (meaning German Parcel Service). It was then re-branded in 2008 to “Dynamic Parcel Distribution”.

Presently, DPD is a leading time-critical carrier providing unparallel ground-based service to Europe and Air Express services to the rest of the world. The company has integrated its skilled and experienced team with state-of-the-art technology and information systems, which allows them to provide seamless service. For any queries related to their service offerings, you can contact DPD through the ways mentioned above.


Yodel Contact Numbers

Still searching for your tracking number with Yodel? Has your package arrived yet? This guide was created to provide you with the most important Yodel contact numbers needed when trying to connect with the company regarding your packages and deliveries. Don’t get stuck searching the web day and night, and instead just read below for important information about the company.

Yodel Phone Numbers List

Yodel Helpline Toll-Free UK Contact Numbers
Yodel Customer Service 0800 157 7777
Deliveries and Tracking 0800 157 7777
Large Parcels Services 0808 101 0002
Delivery and Collection Depots – Local Calls
Yeovil 0193 543 2924
Mitcham 0208 685 1032
Kidderminster 0156 282 7299
Herefordshire 0156 282 7299
Worcestershire 0156 282 7299
Gloucester 0145 272 7692
Wrexham 0203 738 2020
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Yodel Overview

Yodel is a delivery services and parcels logistic company based in the United Kingdom. It was formed during an acquisition of DHL parcels services, when it was then known as Home Delivery Network, but was later rebranded as Yodel in May 2010. It is now privately owned by the Barclay Brothers.

It offers domestic delivery services all across the UK. It offers B2B as well as a B2C logistics for electricals, health and beauty, gifts, fashion, home furnishings, gardening, industrial equipment and components, leisure, entertainment and more.

It has more than 55 service centres to offer easy delivery services. For delivery in the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Isles. The company also has tie-ups with Jersey Post, Fastway Couriers and Guernsey Post.It also offers

It also offers Yodel Direct that can directly link your eBay and Amazon accounts with the company, demonstrating its accessibility into the 21st century and technology.

Learn About the Delivery Services

Yodel has engineered delivery services that cater to individuals, larger clients and businesses, as well as corporations. Besides its Direct service, which works more closely with Amazon and eBay deliveries, the company offers four individual methods of parcel delivery: XPRESS, XPECT, XPERT, and ROI/CI. Each has different value and offers a solution for the package you are trying to successfully send.

You can find out more about the different services by visiting the main website or using this guide to contact Yodel customer services.

Yodel Contact Numbers

Why Contact Yodel?

Lost your tracking number? Did you watch that YouTube video of a delivery man breaking the package? Or are you simply pleased with your delivery? There are many reasons you will have to be in touch with Yodel Customer Care representatives. The easiest and cheapest way to be in touch is by calling the Yodel contact number toll-free, 0800 1577777. A team member will be able to assist you with any of your needs.

However, are you expecting a larger delivery? It is important that you use the special Yodel phone number, also toll-free, 0808 1010002. There are more options than one for contacting the company as you can see. Yodel customer service is also available online and if you need to find your package visit the tracking page for status updates. There you can also login to your account and fill out necessary forms.

If you are having certain issues with your services you can also troubleshoot at the FAQs page on the website. All these options are available on the Yodel Contact Us page.

Contact Yodel Customer Service Address

Sometimes we find ourselves on the telephone for hours wondering why we have wasted our day. Well, it turns out you can avoid some trouble of being on the phone by writing directly to the company. This is an opportunity to share a complaint or provide feedback. It is not recommended that you contact Yodel Customer Service in order to address a missing package or general query that can be answered by the FAQ page on the website. Please send clearly written letters to the following address:

Yodel Direct

Second Floor, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool,

Merseyside, L3 4AE

Yodel Contact Tips

Whenever you are trying to speak with a customer service representative, it is important that you have all of your information ready, including a parcel’s tracking number and your credit card and identification used to make the purchase. Since the Yodel phone number, 0800 1577777, is toll-free, it experiences very heavy traffic during the week.

Avoid calling at peak hours which is Monday through Thursday from 11am to 1pm local time. All Yodel contact numbers, local or toll-free are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. The centres are unfortunately closed on Sundays and all public holidays, but you can leave a message if necessary. You can also look for sound Tracking Advice on the website for safe and secure delivery of goods.

Whenever you use the online services, you can track a parcel or engage in the FAQ section 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services are not limited on weekends or public holidays either. However, you will not be speaking to a person directly, just so you know.

Contact Yodel Customer Service

Taking Care of Customers

In case you are not available to collect the parcel at the time of delivery to your address, the personnel will go ahead and leave you a calling slip. This can be either of two – a green card or an orange card.

  • Green: It has the mobile number of the delivery personnel / driver on which you can call till 9pm.
  • Orange: It has the instruction that you will now need to choose some other day when you can come and collect it from the collection depot.

This card is going to tell you what you can do further. When you contact Yodel customer service, please be sure to identify the information and colour of your card so you can be directed on how to retrieve your parcel. Since Yodel is one of the major players in the logistics industry in the UK, the company makes a concerted effort to be efficient and responsible of your deliveries. Therefore, these colour systems are in place for maximum protection and assurance of delivery. If you have any questions you can dial the Yodel phone number, 0800 1577777, for more information. Yodel also has in place a customer feedback program called “Have Your Say” in order to improve the customer experience constantly.

Yodel Contact Number

Yodel Direct Delivery Options

Not sure what type of fast service you need? Here is a list of what Yodel offers. To find out more you can dial the Yodel contact number toll-free, 0800 1577777.

  • Next Day Delivery – The Next Day Delivery is a 24 hours service that insure that the delivery your parcels on the very next working day. You can use this for urgent deliveries.
  • Two Day Delivery – The Two Day Delivery is a 48-hour service. It is ensured that recipient receives the parcels within two working days from the dispatch.
  • The Republic of Ireland – The ROI service is meant for those looking for a reliable and quick solution to delivering parcels to the Republic of Ireland. These parcels can weigh a maximum of 25 kilogrammes.
  • World Delivery – International parcel delivery services.

Depot Collection Contact Numbers

Apart from receiving orders in the standard way, that is at the office, Yodel also extends collection facility. Yodel Direct makes it absolutely easy. Your parcels will be picked from your address and delivered to the addressees. For this you can either call any of the Yodel contact numbers listed above.

Alternatively, you can call the depot that is the nearest to your location. There are a number of parcel depots that Yodel has set up important locations. The collection is done between 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. However, the depots are closed on Sundays and public bank holidays.

Yodel Contact Number

You will need to produce a photo identification, such as a driver’s licence or officially registered passport to prove your identity for delivery or collection. You will also need to show your green or orange slip if it applies. Here is a list of the locations and the hours of operation.

  • Yeovil, Sea King Rd, Lynx Trading EST, Yeovil, BA20 2PJ – 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays
  • Mitcham, Unit 7, Ellis Rd, Willow Lane Ind EST, Mitcham, CR4 4HX, 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays
  • Kidderminster / Herefordshire / Worcestershire, all at Hoo Farm Ind EST, Worcester Rd, Kidderminster, DY11 7RA, 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays
  • Gloucester, 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays
  • Wrexham, 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays

Contact Yodel via Social Media

Contact Yodel

In today’s world, we are able to let a company know whether we are happy or dissatisfied with the click of a button, a picture upload, or even a quick email. Yodel delivery services and the Yodel customer service team are both available on social media so you can get in touch quickly. Here are your options to contact Yodel customer service when the Yodel contact numbers are busy. You can also get updates on the company from these sites on a daily basis. Do not use these forums for tracking of packages, however.

MyHermes Contact Numbers

On this page, you will find all the relevant myHermes contact number information. The company runs a host of service centres and helplines. The agency also offers other services to facilitate the process of interaction between deliveries and clients.

myHermes Contact Information

myHermes Parcel Delivery Services offers its customers very simple and user-friendly delivery options. You can contact Hermes at your convenience to place an order seven days a week by telephone or by visiting the myHermes Contact Us main website. There is a handy little box which asks for a few details. Enter them accurately, and you can get a quote for your parcel delivery.  If you would prefer to talk to any myHermes customer service representatives you can get in touch with them in the following ways:

  • Webchat
  • Email
  • Any myHermes Telephone Number on this page
  • Social Media

myHermes Contact Numbers

myHermes Helpline UK Contact Number
myHermes Customer Service 0330 333 6556
Head Office 0113 397 6400
Customer Care Direct Manager 0113 397 6690
Contact Hermes (ParcelShops and Depots)
Bolton 01942 844160
Peterborough 01733 330575
Dunstable 01582 476633
Bristol 01275 375683
Airdrie (Glasgow area deliveries) 01698 735123
Boldon Colliery 0191 519 3236
Southampton 023 8073 1310
Rochester 01634 721234
Birmingham 0121 373 3795
Bridgend 01656 766458
Newmarket 01638 723500
Weybridge 01932 339070
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With more than 4,500 outlets located nationwide, myHermes is one of the leading delivery solutions in the United Kingdom. All of the delivery locations were chosen carefully to ensure maximum convenience for you to receive your package timely. Therefore, when you contact Hermes, you will be set up with the location that is nearest to you. Fastest delivery translates to repeat and happy customers!

The goal of the company is to provide a quick and efficient delivery that is also not going to put a strain on your wallet. The assurance of this service is what forms the backbone of this company. Employees work promptly every day to make sure that your parcels are delivered to you safe and sound.

In today’s world, with the explosion of technology, everything is accelerating at a breathtaking pace.  The internet has made instantaneous communication possible, and people are more connected than ever. Speed and efficiency are the virtues of a company. MyHermes buys into this business philosophy and aims to provide quick service to its customers, they also maintain a great customer service helpline that will help you out with any problem.

myHermes Customer Service Address

If you are looking to get in touch with the delivery centre you can write to the following address to contact Hermes Headquarters,

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd,

Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley LS27 0WH

Feel free to put your queries in a letter and get in touch. Hermes customer service representatives can guide you with any of your questions. Make your enquiries as clear as possible, this will help the customer services to respond in a better way.

myHermes Customer Care

Lost a parcel? Have questions regarding the rates being charged for different deliveries? Or do you want to track the progress of a parcel through the mail? These are all great questions that need answers or solutions.

Hermes customer service and helpline maintains a well-trained troop of representatives who can assist you until you are satisfied. Get started today by using this particular myHermes contact number, 0330 333 6556.

You can also visit the myHermes Contact Us page on the website, where you can receive even more customer satisfaction. The company aims to ensure that you receive your parcel on time, every time.

There is no room for mistakes either. Their clear guidelines, and plans for every situation or problem make this possible. Once the delivery person receives a package, the entire team will make sure that it is sent to you.

The company is so good at deliveries with a 95% successful delivery rate. The aim of the service is to provide its clients with a professional, affordable and an efficient delivery system. They are professional, they are reliant, and they believe in getting the job done.

Hermes Customer Service Contact Number

The Head Office

The goal of the leaders of the company is to give its clients a wide range of delivery options, ensuring that everyone’s requirements are met. This is a result of their understanding that every individual has their own timetable, requirements and preferences.

To provide for the customer’s demands, they have created a number of delivery options that can help you get what you need and when you need it. To make this happen, clients fully understand the life span of a delivery, start to finish. Hermes customer service is active during all working hours, seven days a week. You know where you parcel is, whether in the warehouse or is it on its way towards you.

But in case you have any problems with the service you received or have any other question regarding your delivery, you can easily call the head office and get the relevant details. The myHermes contact number for this is 0113 397 6400.

Customer Care Manager

It does happen sometimes when you have a terrible experience with customer call centres. In case you have faced an issue with any representative, or would like to show your lack of satisfaction with the service being provided, there is a telephone number to call. You can get in touch with the Hermes customer service manager directly, using the myHermes contact number 0113 397 6690.


myhermes contact number

With over 4,500 different shops positioned all over the UK,The myHermes is one of the premier delivery options today. All of them have been positioned in proximity to your local stores, making them a convenient destination for the customers to visit. The Parcelshops are there for your convenience and try to work around your schedule. Each shop offers their own extended hours, allowing the customer to drop the parcel off at any convenience.

The overall delivery process has been kept relatively simple. This is meant to provide you with a stress-free experience as they deliver your packages all over the world. Once the package has been dropped off, it is very easy for you to track the progress of your parcel online. Use the online portal to monitor it until it has safely reached its destination safely. Contact the myHermes customer service centre in case of a hiccup in the delivery. Use this link to find the parcelshops near you.

Courier Service

How about the fastest delivery service imaginable? myHermes courier service provides you with attractive options such as door to door pickup and delivery. The service currently employs more than 10,000 couriers to strengthen the quality and speed of the service. These couriers are able to provide you with flexibility so that you can receive your order promptly even if you are not at your designated address. The courier will be more than happy to take a detour to deliver your package to you if you are close to his delivery area.

If you are looking to get in touch with one of these courier services in your area, we can provide you with the depot numbers of your particular area. This will allow you to verify the arrival and departure of your package through the official company warehouses.

The Hermes courier services have recruited their delivery staff from the local area. This means that their team has an extensive knowledge of their surroundings, a skill which can be invaluable in many situations.  They are able to collect the parcel from you, or a safe storage place if that suits you better. This option is also available to the recipient! Don’t worry about the parcel, they will deliver it; and with our online tracking system you can keep track of the collection and the delivery.

Hermes Contact Number

Multiple Parcel Sending

The myHermes ‘multiple parcel sending’ service is a great option for those who want to send multiple parcels at once. The company offers an ‘import function’ on their official website which allows you to import orders from a variety of markets and platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify. With this integrated shipment system you can chose to import your package with just a few clicks. Use the myHermes contact number, 0330 333 6556, to find out more.

The ‘myHermes Business Account’ will help you in a variety of ways and its available to anyone who sends over 150 parcels every week. This efficient delivery solution can not only save you time but also money. myHermes customer service team members are highly experienced and will be more than happy to answer any other queries you may have. Call the myHermes contact number 0330 333 6556 to talk to a representative about opening your account.

The ‘ETA’ System

At myHermes they provide a variety of services to clients, which allows them to keep an eye on their parcel and stay informed of throughout the entire process. While they do offer a range of service to fulfil this goal, you may also prefer to call them on one of the MyHermes contact numbers and get updates.

myHermes runs around a business model which strives to provide a hassle-free experience to its customers. To achieve this, they have implemented an ‘ETA’ system which allows you to stay in touch with your parcel. Under this system, they add a 4 hour window for their delivery on to the web tracking link. myHermes will inform you in case this time window changes in any way. This will allow you to plan your day without worry, and the hassle that can come with awaiting a parcel. You are assured of a quality service and myHermes makes sure that you get your package on time.

In the ETA system, the company provides its clients with a highly useful, and time saving service that we like to call the ‘Parcel Manager’. Under this service, myHermes will take on the responsibility of updating the recipients about their package’s progress. Their staff will provide you with a choice of methods such as an SMS and email, which they will use to keep you informed about your package’s progress. Parcel Manager will let you know when the package has been collected and delivered, while also providing you with a delivery window of 4 hours. You can also track the parcel using the link, or the tracking number you have been provided with.

If you wish to return a parcel to the company or an individual responsible for the delivery, myHermes can help you with that as well. Their courier personnel can collect the parcel at your doorstep. These collections can be arranged by the recipient or by the sender, whatever is more convenient. Be sure to give them a call on your local MyHermes contact numbers to ask for more details.

Hermes Contact Number Helpline

All Delivery Options

Hermes Customer Care delivery solutions offers a variety of options, each one designed to meet a specific requirement. They have strict policies in place to make sure that you get your parcel even if they have to make multiple visits to your address.

The standard myHermes delivery option can deliver to locations all over the UK. The services provided in this option includes the ‘ETA’ timing, notification alerts and delivery location choices such as the recipient’s home, the neighbor’s house, and a safe place of their choice or the ParcelShop. They also promise to make three attempts to deliver the parcel in case the delivery was unsuccessful in the first two.


The myHermes Next Day delivery option is perfect for sending urgent packages. This option allows clients located in the UK mainland to order a parcel,and have it delivered on the next day. This fully tracked service is available from Monday to Saturday. So, for example, if you order an item on Monday they will have it delivered to you on Tuesday.  This option comes with customer notifications, ‘ETA’ timeslots.

If you need a package delivered on Sunday, there is an option for that too. Sunday Delivery allows clients in the UK Mainland to order a parcel on Sunday and receive it on Sunday. This option is brilliant for anyone who needs a parcel delivered outside the usual Sunday ‘working hours’. Their extended hours gives you the option of ordering a last minute package and have it delivered instantaneously. If this is the option for you, try calling a representative using the MyHermes contact number, 0330 333 6556.

myhermes contact number

Customer Protection

Customer satisfaction isn’t just about providing clients with a professional, efficient service. It’salso about protecting them. myHermes takes extra care to not ask for any of your sensitive data. With myHermes deliveries, payments can be made in cash, at the time of collection or delivery. They will not ask you to enter your account information over the internet or the phone. If you’re still not convinced with concern to your privacy, place a call at Hermes customer services and the reps will answer all your questions and concerns.

Contact Hermes via Social Media

Contact Hermes

Social Media is a very important aspect of any company’s public relations nowadays. myHermes customer care also maintains an active social media profile of the company and make sure that you can easily get in touch with them. So head over to any of the below mentioned myHermes social media accounts and discuss and share your experience. You can also make complaints and point out issues to them, and they will immediately respond to your queries. Your satisfaction is their main priority.