Tesco Car Insurance Contact Numbers

Do you have a policy with Tesco Car Insurance? If your answer is yes and you are looking for the Tesco Car Insurance Contact Numbers and customer care department heads, then this is your guide. A representative will be there to sort your questions and assist you in all other insurance related matters.

Tesco Phone Number List

Tesco Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Tesco Customer Service (Main) 0345 246 2895
Tesco Contact Number (Mobile) 01132093098
Cancellation 03452462895
Glass Line 03456778888
Claims 03456000680
Box Insurance Complaints 03300222202
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Tesco Bank is renowned for providing many services but it is most famous for offering the best deals and packages on Tesco Car Insurance. The bank is located in the United Kingdom. It offers a wide range of coverages and is tied up with some of the top most known firms to deliver ease when claiming. If anyone is going through any issues or need to solve it immediately, highly experienced and qualified Tesco Customer Service representatives are there with the suitable solution. They are able to provide solutions via contact number or mailing.

Tesco Car Insurance Customer Service

Contact Tesco Helpline

Jack Cohen launched his world famous Tesco in 1919. The founder started his business journey with a stall that specialised in selling grocery items, and it was located in the East End of London. As the days passed, the business also grew and reached to be renowned as the UK supermarket, which offers a broad range of products including, grocery items, electrical, books, insurance, entertainment, phones, broadband, financial services and so on.

Tesco Finance offers financial services such as Personal Loans, Investments, Credit Cards, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Van Insurance, Pet Insurance, etc. To learn more about these awesome services please dial the Tesco Phone Number0345 246 2895.

Tesco Car Insurance customer service is one of these great product and service features of the company that delivers a great opportunity to save themselves from unwanted conditions. Of course, it contains some other policies and rules, which are definitely required to be known by the applicant. To know about these terms, you need to dial the special Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number 0345 246 2895.

How to Contact Tesco?

Tesco Customer Care

There are so many reasons you may need to contact Tesco. These are the conditions when you may need to do so:

  • Details about policies and opt for best one, suitable for you.
  • Claim on existing policy.
  • Change, cancel or renew an existing insurance plan.
  • To make complaints against the policy or payment.
  • To learn more about the Insurance Group and relevant information.
  • Claims and its discount offerings.

Be sure to memorise this Tesco car insurance phone number, 03453661309 as your main alternative method to connect with the company.

Insurance Policy

Tesco Helpline

Obviously, when you call any of the Tesco Car Insurance Contact Numbers to know about policies and its benefits, the representative will definitely let you know with details as your required.

However here are some more details you may want to know before making a call today:

Standard Car Insurance:

Uninsured Driver Promise: Unexpectedly, an uninsured driver may hit your car, and you will not penalised. You may have to pay the initial fees. After investigations, if the accident would be declared as a fault by an uninsured driver, you can gladly access the excess amount, restore the no claims discount and you will be refunded the extra money which was paid for temporary loss.

Small Courtesy Car: If you are willing to take a courtesy car, you must ensure that it should not be written off, stolen or still missing. In order to obtain the courtesy, it should be repaired via an approved technician. The customers with insured van policies will not be qualified for a car courtesy. However, to know about this you may Contact Tesco helpline services.

Coverage for Fire and Theft: This is coverage for a car damaged by fire or one that is stolen.

Windscreen Coverage: Using a chipped windscreen or window is not a safe way to drive, so you may need to repair or replace your window altogether. If it is broken or scratched, you can claim for this by calling the Tesco contact number helpline. Usually, this goes without any fees and is part of your overall coverage.

Child Car Seat Replacement and car entertainment equipment coverages are also included in your policies. UK coverage is also extended when you are driving into the European Union, up to 90 days even.

As long as you will remain a resident of the UK, under Tesco Car Insurance helpline rules, you don’t need to pay extra charges as the coverage is extended to the EU. You can enjoy your holiday at any location in an EU Country up to 90 days. Learn more by dialling the Tesco Phone Number 03453661309.

Passenger Information

Tesco Car Insurance Contact Numbers

Choosing Tesco Car Insurance also enables the passengers to secure their-self under this policy. Get a glass to its benefits for the passengers:

24/7 Accident Helpline: Accidents just happen unexpectedly without any invitation. So, whenever your face accident, you may instantly contact Tesco Helpline Number agents as we are available round the clock.

Personal Possessions Cover: The other personal possessions in the car with a total value of £200 if face any damage, pay for that damage or loss at the time accident.

Medical Expenses: If the passengers inside the insured car and unfortunately get injured or face any physical damaged, pay up to £100 for medical expenses.

Cover for Personal Accident: By-chance, If you and your partner went through any serious injury when travelling via the insured car, Tesco Helpline reimburses up to £5,000 compensation.

Accident Location: When you are injured and ready to Contact Tesco for claiming, make sure it should be under the terms of the extended EU cover. Claim up to £150.

Additional Coverages

Tesco Phone Numbers

Breakdown Cover: Offered by RAC Monitoring Services and RAC Insurance Limited. No matter, if the breakdown covers appear on roadside occur from everyday routes are under extended to EU holidays, there will be four levels of coverage and it allows you to select one suitable for you.

Courtesy Car Coverage Upgrades: In the term of capacity, under this coverage, you can upgrade your small courtesy.

Driver Injury: If the driver faces any serious injury, he/she will be given full support of rehabilitation or expenses by us. Eliminating the matter of whether the accident happened by mistake or not. The insurance will cover the all lump sum payments with the maximum specified limit.

Car Key: Lost your keys or a want replacement? Locked inside the car, keys stolen or any other issue related to keys? You simply need to contact Tesco Customer Service number.

Box Insurance Ages 17-25

The Box Limited is underwritten by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company of Europe Limited. Young drivers insurance allows driving that is safe to be rewarded by us by giving you monthly benefit miles. It is for young drivers and a small box is installed in the vehicle to see how you drive. Your price at renewal will rely on a number of factors, one of these being bad driving behaviour. Better drivers receive more discounts.

Here are a few of the reasons why Box Insurance might be right for young drivers:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for drivers that are young.
  • You can earn a no-claims discount for every year if you don’t make any claim.
  • You can earn 100 miles per month by safe driving.
  • It is helpful for theft tracking, to check driving online and accident alert.
  • Guaranteed discounts for club card customers.
  • Aged over 21? Standard Car Insurance, which doesn’t require you to have a box installed is also offered and has no distance limitations.

Insurance App

Visitthe official website to download the Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number App, which enables the users to grab an exceptional discount to begin. If you have any issue when downloading it, you can connect via Tesco Car Insurance customer service 01132093098The App is free with rewards built into the program:

  • On downloading this app, the users will be able to share driving with us for up to 50 miles.
  • We will release our feedback on your driving skill and rate you per trip.
  • When you unlock the badges you can win the rewards.
  • On making a good and safe driving month, you can receive a one-time discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I make Claim?
In the case, you are a current policyholder and are looking to claim on your policy, you are required to call an underwriter related to your policy. Having any issue to find your underwriting, you may connect with us via Tesco Car Insurance Contact Number 03456000680. Or read more at the FAQ pageto get the answer your queries.

Tesco Car Insurance Contact Us

Not happy with us? Or are you very happy with our business? We want to hear what you have to say. It is sometimes formal and appropriate to send handwritten letters in the post too. Go ahead and send to the following address. Be sure to keep all personal information about your policy away from the letter writing process so nothing is later compromised by mistake.

Customer Relations Manager
Tesco Bank Complaints
P.O. Box 277
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE12 2BU

Contact Tesco via Social Media

Tesco Phone number

The Tesco Helpline has set itself up to be utilised on all social media platforms. If you are not in the mood to speak with a service representative and call the Tesco Contact Number list, then go ahead and find your answer on the internet below:

GoSkippy Phone Numbers

This page offers all the GoSkippy Contact Numbers that you will need to get in touch with their care centre for queries or complaints. Whether you want to apply for home insurance, file a car insurance claim or just need to inquire about their deals and insurance procedure, you can easily contact GoSkippy and get in touch with the right department or person without any hassle.

GoSkippy Contact Numbers 

GoSkippy Helpline UK Contact Number
Car Insurance
Sales 0344 840 6300
GoSkippy Customer Services 0344 840 6302
Renewals 0344 840 6301
Make a Claim 0344 840 9503
Home Insurance
Sales 0344 776 5306
GoSkippy Contact Us 0344 776 5311
Renewals 0344 776 5306
Van Insurance
Sales 0344 776 5309
GoSkippy Customer Care 0344 776 5308
Renewals 0344 776 5314
Claims 0344 840 9504
Bike Insurance
Sales 0344 776 5748
GoSkippy Helpline Centre 0344 776 5308
Renewals 0344 776 5315
Claims 0344 840 9505
Breakdown 0330 159 0452
Complaints 0344 776 5725
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GoSkippy is an independent insurance broker, which offers value-for-money insurance after searching all the available insurers, including their own in-house company. Apart from excellent car, home, van and bike insurance policies, the company also offers a wide range of additional products according to your needs. Being a leading insurer in the market, the company aims at providing exceptional customer care throughout its procedures. It aims to delight its customers by offering best deals and excellent service experience.

You can easily get in touch with GoSkippy customer service representatives through the channel of communication that suits you the best; call, email or through the post. You can also visit the official website for detailed information.

GoSkippy Contact Number

Get in Touch Today

GoSkippy helpline is always available to walk you through every step of your policy. You can easily get in touch with the company representatives if you want to inquire about their policies, deals or even to lodge complaints. Following are the channel of communications to contact GoSkippy.

  • Phone the GoSkippy helpline
  • Email
  • Send a Postal Letter
  • Visit the website.

GoSkippy Contact Us offers easy connections and answers within a few minutes time!

GoSkippy Contact Number

GoSkippy Customer Service Address

If you ever find yourself in a situation when you have to send some important policy or claim related documents over to the company or need to file a complaint, you can simply write to the following address:

GoSkippy Insurance, Lysander House, Catbrain Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7TQ

Note: If you are planning to send GoSkippy a handwritten letter, make sure you draft an explained letter to avoid any miscommunication. Since letters may take a day or two to reach the company, it is advised you stay patient and the company will respond as soon as possible.

When to Call GoSkippy Customer Service

GoSkippy thrives to delight customers with an excellent service experience throughout the policy. You can easily get in touch with their customer service representatives through GoSkippy helpline and share your queries and issues. The company assures that you will be furnished with appropriate support and guidance whenever required. The company’s skilled and experienced  representatives walk you through the procedures, update you with the best offers and also resolve your issues and complaints. All you need to do is contact GoSkippy at 0344 840 6300 to get the desired information. Make sure you use this GoSkippy contact number with this schedule:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Friday: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Public Holidays: Closed

GoSkippy Customer Service

How to Get a Quote

If you are planning to get an insurance policy for your car, home, van or bike, then you will first need a quote, 0344 840 6300. The company representative will render complete information about the various offers, policies, their benefits and requirements to get the policy. Alternatively, you can also visit the GoSkippy contact us page to get a quote.

Car Insurance

Seeking the best deal for your car insurance? GoSkippy offers affordable and reliable car insurance policies to help you save money and get extensive cover for your vehicle. Customers are offered a number of policy options to tailor fit their requirements as well as budget.

The company also provides comprehensive insurance in order to ensure that you get extensive coverage and protection against all possibilities. You also get the benefit of other value added services including extended warranty, or specialist insurance, on vintage and other specialised vehicles. Get all the information on the company’s car insurance policies from the following GoSkippy contact numbers:

GoSkippy Contact Number

Home Insurance

The place where we live and nurture our families holds a special significance in everybody’s life. Home is both an emotionally and a financially important element of our life and hence getting it insured from potential losses through fire, theft or natural calamities is really important.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can buy an appropriate home insurance policy and get protection from mishappenings. You can call on the following GoSkippy contact numbers for your respective inquiries and get detailed information before you get your home insured.

  • If you are just planning to get your home insured and looking for the best policy offers, you can simply visit their official website and request a quote. Alternatively, you can also speak to one of their friendly specialist’s agent at 0344 776 5306 and get in detail information regarding their policies as well as procedure.
  • If you encounter any issue before or after getting your home insured you can always call the company’s customer service representative through GoSkippy contact numbers. This 0344 776 5311 helpline number will help you get in touch with the company’s home insurance department where you can get the agents to resolve your issue.
  • For renewals request or query you can simply call at 0344 776 5306.

GoSkippy Contact Us

Van Insurance

GoSkippy could help you save on your Van insurance and also get adequate coverage. It also ensures that you get the right policy that suits your requirements as well as budget. It offers amazing insurance policies for commercial vans and minivans. The company offers a comprehensive insurance policy, tailor-made to fit your needs and reflect the demands of your individual business. GoSkippy offers different types of insurance covers, which are flexible and affordable to suit the nature of your trade and your individual requirements:

  • If you are looking to get you Van insured, you can quickly get a quote from GoSkippy official website. Alternatively, you can also call their sales department and speak to a knowledgeable agent regarding your requirements and the appropriate policy. Their representative is available at 0344 776 5309 to walk you through their van insurance policies.
  • Facing problems with the documentation or have any other query related to your van insurance? Get in touch with GoSkippy customer service at 0344 776 5308 to get a quick solution.
  • All your policy renewal related queries will be answered without any hassle at 0344 776 5314.
  • Need to make a claim for your van insurance? Call at 0344 840 9504 to get the necessary support and guidance during the entire procedure.

GoSkippy Contact Number

Bike Insurance

You can get the most affordable and reliable insurance coverage for your bike with GoSkippy. The company offers personalised insurance deals to suit your requirements and also fit your budget. The comprehensive insurance policy also covers the cost of repairs or even the replacement of your motorbike after an accident. You can discuss the benefits and features of each policy in detail with the company’s insurance agent and choose the policy that suits you the best:

  • You can request a quote for motorbike insurance at their official website. You can even call GoSkippy contact number for detailed information at 0344 776 5748.
  • For further help during the service experience, you can get in touch with the GoSkippy customer service representative at 0344 776 5308.
  • Have a query related to your policy renewal? Dial GoSkippy customer care at 0344 776 5315.
  • Need information related to claims and its procedure? Dial 0344 840 9505 for necessary support and guidance.

Contact GoSkippy


Seeking a value-for-money breakdown cover, which is reliable and trustworthy? GoSkippy has partnered with RAC to help you get back on the road after a breakdown in no time. The RAC patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside within 30 minutes of breakdown. The company also offers the option to choose from different levels of breakdown cover and the options include roadside rescue, recovery, at home rescue, onward travel and European cover. You can choose the level of cover that suits your requirements to your insurance policy. You can also get in touch with GoSkippy customer service at 0330 159 0452 and get detailed information from company’s representatives.


The company aims to resolve all their customer’s issues and complaints in minimum possible time and their friendly and experienced customer service representatives ensure that same. So, if you have any complaints you can contact GoSkippy either by sending an email or via post by sending a handwritten letter at the following address:

Quality Manager, Lysander House, Catbrain Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7TQ

You can also dial the GoSkippy customer care number 0344 776 5725 to file your complaint. If you are not satisfied with the solution provided by the company, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Contact GoSkippy via Social Media

GoSkippy Contact Number

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the most popular channels of communication these days. These platforms allow you to share your feedback or even show your resentment towards the company if you have a complaint. Social Media ensures that your complaints are being heard and addressed quickly and efficiently. If you wish to connect with GoSkippy on social media, then you have the following options:

You can also be a part of GoSkippy Fan Club.

GoSkippy Contact Number

Hastings Direct Customer Service and Phone Numbers

This page contains all of the Hastings Direct Contact Numbers you will need to make general inquiries regarding your insurance policy or in case of emergency if you need to file a claim. We have compiled a list of Hasting direct customer service numbers, which will connect you directly to the right department without any hassle. You can also visit Hastings Direct official site for detailed information.

List of Hastings Direct Phone Numbers

Hastings Direct Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Hastings Direct Customer Service 0800 035 4781
 Car & Bike Insurance 0800 035 4801
Home Insurance 0800 035 4917
 Van Insurance 0800 035 4946
New Quote 0800 101 8172
Policy Renewal (Car & Bike) 0800 035 4790
Policy Renewal (Home & Van) 0800 101 8158
Making a Claim 0800 035 4260
Complaints 0800 035 3949
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Founded in 1997, Hastings Insurance Services Limited is a renowned UK personal lines provider. It started as a private car insurance provider and has since extended its product range to include home, bike and van insurance policy along with related products and services. Presently, it is a leading insurance provider in UK with a customer base of more than two million clients.

The company boasts of providing straightforward products and quality services, ensuring long term security for its valuable customers. By offering extensive support and assistance to all the customers, both before and after getting insured, Hastings Direct has ensured that their customers are always satisfied with the services. The company enables you to resolve all your queries in the minimum possible time by providing various channels of communication. You can choose the one, which suits your purpose.

Ways to Contact Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct Contact Numbers

Whether you need to make some general inquiries about a specific policy, need assistance in choosing the best policy as per your budget and requirements or have some issue related to your current insurance policy, you can easily find a solution by getting in touch with the Hastings Direct customer service agents toll-free,0800 035 4781. You can reach out to them through following channels:

  • Navigate to Hastings Direct Contact Us page to find your options.
  • Visit Hastings Help Centre to find answers to all the frequently asked questions.
  • Register for online access and resolve your queries through live chat.
  • Use any of the Hastings Direct contact numbers above, to get in touch with customer care.
  • Email your queries, feedback or complaints.
  • Write a letter.

Hastings Direct Customer Service Address

If you wish to reach an agent through mail in order to resolve issues or file a complaint in written; you can post it to the following address:

Customer Relations Department, Hastings Direct, Conquest House, Collington Avenue, Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, TN39 3LW

Note: Make sure that you send a well-written letter, explaining your issue in detail. You are also required to mention your contact information with the letter, so that the company’s customer care representative can get back to you with the solution instantly.

Hastings Direct Phone Number 

Planning to get your home or vehicle insured? It’s always best to gather as much information as possible about the various policies, along with their features and benefits. This allows you to make a well-informed decision considering your requirements and budget.

Speaking to an expert can answer all your general queries and you will also get expert advise related to the policy that best matches your requirements. Use the Hastings Direct contact number toll-free,0800 035 4781, to get in touch with their customer service representative and you will receive proper support and assistance. The representative will also walk you through the entire procedure and requirements for getting the insurance.

Maybe you have a specific query about different insurance?

  • For car and bike insurance you can call the Hasting Direct phone number, 0800 035 4801.
  • Dial 0800 035 4917 for home insurance related questions.
  • Call 0800 035 4946 to get answers related to Van insurance.

The best time to make a call is as follows:

  • Monday-Friday 8 am-9 pm
  • Saturday 9 am-5:30 pm
  • Sunday 10 am-5 pm
  • Closed on Public Holidays
  • Avoid calling during the busiest hours of the week, 11 am-1 pm, unless it is an obvious emergency.

Note: The above mentioned helpline numbers offer support to both existing and new customers. If you already own an insurance policy with and have some query, you can use these numbers.

Car Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Hastings Direct various levels of car insurance covers with a wide range of optional extras to give you the perfect insurance policy, customized as per your particular needs and budget. The optional extras include enhanced personal accident cover, breakdown and motor legal expenses coverage.

If you have any general query related to the different policies and its coverage or have any specific questions regarding the company’s acceptance criteria, required documentation, and uninsured drivers benefit; you can get in touch with their insurance agent and seek expert advice. Call the Hastings Direct phone number toll-free, 0800 035 4801. You will speak to the Hastings direct customer care centre directly, where all your doubts and reservations will be answered.

The helpline also renders support to existing customers if they need to make amendments to their existing policy regarding name or address.

Home Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Our home is one of our most prized and cherished assets and so are its belongings. Every inch of the home is filled with emotions and memories from the past, both happy and sad ones. As such it’s only fair that we do everything we can to protect it from anything unexpected. Home insurance allows you to minimize your losses from unprecedented expense from a theft, loss, fire or any natural calamity.

Hastings Direct offers a wide range of insurance policies tailored to suit your budget and requirements. You can choose the coverage with maximum advantage. Speak to Hastings Direct customer service for advice and assistance regarding their policy offerings. The agent will resolve all your queries and help you get utmost advantage from the policy. Contact Hastings Direct at 0800 035 4801 and clarify all your issues.

Motorbike Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Get the advantage of a comprehensive insurance policy for your ride in order to minimize your losses in case of a damage caused by natural or man-made calamity.

Hastings Direct offers two levels of bike insurance with amazing benefits like protected no claims discount, discount for advanced riders, uninsured driver promise and additional savings on multi bike insurance. You get a de facto 5-star rated cover for your ride along with the advantage of a 24*7 claims helpline in case of an emergency. The premier policy also includes helmet and leather cover and £100,000 of legal cover for your bike. The company also offers a wide range of optional extras like personal accidental cover, breakdown and legal policy. You can choose the services you want to add to your policy as per your requirements and budget.

Call toll-free, 0800 035 4801 to learn more about these amazing bike insurance policies or visit their official website to gather information.

Van Insurance

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Do you use a van for your business? Why not get it insured and safeguard your business from any unexpected loss?

Hastings Direct offers flexible and easy-to-get insurance for vans and minivan, which helps you ensure that if anything goes wrong due to an accident or natural calamity, you are able to get back to business quickly. You can choose from the two levels of insurance policies and also add the optional extras to customize the policy as per your requirements and budget.

The van insurance cover includes getting a courtesy vehicle while yours is being repaired, up to £750 of in-van entertainment system cover, unlimited windscreen and glass cover and up to £250 of personal items cover. The can also add personal accident, breakdown and substitute vehicle cover in your policy for extra benefits. To get in detail policy info call 0800 035 4946 or visit their official website.

Requesting a Quote

Hastings Direct Contact Number

You can easily get a quote by visiting the Hastings Direct site. Navigate the type of insurance you are looking for, at the top menu bar. Open the particular insurance page and there you will find a tab saying “get a quote”. Click on that and provide the required information to retrieve a quote. Alternatively you can also call at 0800 101 8172 to speak directly to an insurance agent and request a quote. This Hastings Direct phone number offers a new quote for your car, home, bike or van insurance.

Policy Renewal

Is your insurance policy due for renewal? Don’t worry all the Hastings Direct insurance policies are set to renew automatically so you need not go through the hassle of getting it done manually or online. You will receive a renewal notice and if you are happy with the renewal details, it will be automatically renewed. In case you wish to make any amendments, the renewal notice will confirm if you want to contact for any changes. You can easily change your payment details, address or add any optional extras to the policy contact Hastings Direct toll-free, 0800 101 8158.


In order to register a new claim you can get in touch with the customer service through Hastings direct contact number. For all car, bike and van insurance claims you can dial 0800 035 4260In case of a home insurance claim you will need to contact your insurer directly. This claims helpline also answers your queries related to an existing claim.

Breakdown Assistance

Roadside assistance in case of a breakdown is included as a standard benefit, if you are a Hastings policy holder. If you are a Hastings Direct or Essential policy holder, you can choose from the four levels of breakdown cover as an additional benefit with your insurance policy. If you are eligible and require a breakdown assistance you can get help by calling at 0800 035 4781. This Hastings Direct phone number operates 24*7 in order to offer assistance at all times.


The company strives to provide quality service to all its customers in an open and accountable manner. The company intends to offer high level of customer service and minimize mistakes in order to reduce customer complaints. All your feedback and complaints are responded quickly and positively. Therefore, if you ever encounter any problem with the service, you can contact Hastings through phone, email or letter. Following are the Hastings Direct contact number and other details you will require to file a complaint:

  • Complaints: 0800 035 4801
  • Complaints Direct address: Customer Relations Department; Hastings Direct; Conquest House; Collington Avenue; Bexhill-On-Sea; East Sussex; TN39 3LW

Contact Hastings Direct Via Social Media

Hastings Direct Contact Number
Picture From https://twitter.com/HastingsDirect

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also a great option to send your feedback for Hastings services or file a complaint. Social Media will also keep you connected with your insurance provider and you can get regular updates regarding any policy changes, new offers or discounts. Following are the social media platforms where you can contact Hastings Direct:

Esure Contact Numbers

Welcome to Esure, the insurance company for all categories. This page contains all the Esure contact numbers and addresses that you will need to connect with their representatives and resolve your queries. For detailed Esure customer care inquiries, you can also visit the Esure Contact Us website portal.

List of Esure Numbers

Esure Helpline UK Contact Number
Car Insurance
Esure Customer Service 0345 045 1000
Quotes and Sales 0345 045 1000
Esure Toll-Free 0800 434 6764
Renewal Hotline 0345 603 7879
Payment Queries 0345 045 1000
All-hours Accident Recovery 0800 085 8533
24-hour Windscreen Repair 0800 085 8459
Motoring Legal Protection 0345 603 7872
Motoring Legal Advice (24/7) 0345 850 9596
Car Breakdown Sssistance 0800 783 0587
Home Insurance
Esure Customer Care 0345 045 8000
Quotes and Sales 0345 045 8000
Renewal Helpline 0345 601 7079
Payments 0345 045 8000
Claims 0345 601 7072
Pest Coverage 0345 601 7073
24-hour Family Legal Protection 0345 601 7070
Home Emergency 0345 601 7624
All Annual Travel Claims 0345 601 6194
Pet Insurance
Payments 0345 606 1361
Claims 0333 234 0669
Esure Customer Service Number 0345 606 1374
24-hour Pet Legal 0345 606 1392
Pet Health & Well-being 0800 434 6122
Pet Bereavement Counseling 0345 606 1391
Dog-napping Helpline 0345 606 1891
Pet Minders 0345 606 1393
Vet Search 0345 606 1360
Travel Insurance
Sales 0345 600 3949
Payments 0345 600 3950
Claims 0345 600 3951
Renewal Number 0345 600 3950
Travel Esure Customer Service 0345 600 3950
Web Enquiries
All Esure Contact Us 0345 603 7873
Pets 0345 606 1362
Travel 0345 600 3949
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Esure is one of the leading direct insurance providers in UK, which offers 5 Star Defaqto rated car, home, travel and pet insurance at low costs. After being established in 2000, it has been one of the fastest growing insurance companies with an expanding customer base. Esure solidified its rising success and firm financial standing in 2013 after it got listed in the London Stock Exchange for the first time.

Esure Contact Number

The company has leveraged technological advancements to create a one- of-a-kind Esure Helpline for its UK customers. Being a direct insurance provider it has been offering quality protection at competitive rates. Now with the help of phone and internet, the main channel of sales is connecting with their customers.

Ways to Contact Esure

Getting in touch with the company’s representatives is pretty easy as they offer a number of ways to contact them. Whether you like the traditional way or the contemporary one, following are the channels for communication:

  • One of the many Esure phone numbers above
  • Typetalk options for the hearing impaired
  • Emailing
  • Handwritten letters via the post

Esure Customer Service Addresses

Looking for a brick and mortar office of Esure? Do you want to make a visit or simply ask a question? Or maybe you are you are among those who still rely on the old-school method of writing a letter to get your complaint heard and registered.Following is the

When using an Esure Car Insurance Phone Number is not your best option, contact Esure below:

Esure The Equinox 19 Cadogan Street Glasgow G2 6QQ

All Esure Contact Numbers in One

We all agree that the fastest and most efficient way of getting your queries resolved is by getting in touch with the care centre service representatives through your mobile device. You can use any of the Esure contact numbers to express your concerns. Each number can directly connect to another service if you mistakenly called the wrong number. For example, if you call the complaint line but meant to dial the Esure Car Insurance Contact Number, your service representative will expedite your transfer.

Typetalk / Textphone

For those with hearing or speech impairment the typetalk or specialised textphone is the best way to get in touch with the Esure customer services. All you need to do is add the prefix 18001 to the respective Esure contact number and get your query resolved.


All Call Centre lines except the Claims lines are open as following:

  • Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
  • Sat: 9am – 5pm
  • Sun: 9am – 2pm
  • Public Holidays: Closed

Esure Phone Number claims can be taken during this schedule:

  • Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
  • Sat: 9am – 5pm
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: closed

24-hour lines are open 7 days a week.

Car Insurance

Esure Contact Number
Picture from https://www.facebook.com/esureinsurance

For all your car insurance related inquiries you can use the Esure Car Insurance Contact Number, 0345 045 1000. From the above mentioned Esure contact numbers, you can also find the right department. Whether you need to make quick payments, or receive a quote, pick up the phone.

Service agents are ready to answer all your questions about legal advice, renewal related query or some other assistance, getting in touch with the right customer service representative will be a cakewalk with the help of these Esure contact numbers. For claim-related inquiries you can reach the company at 0345 603 7872.

You can also visit the Esure Contact Us official website for detailed information regarding various policies and benefits.

Multicar Insurance

Esure offers multicar insurance for those having two or more cars at home. This insurance offers no claim discount matched to the highest amount. It is limited to the years the driver has held a full-time UK licence.

Get your quote today! Contact Esure at 0345 045 1000 or visit their official multicar insurance page here for additional details.

Home Insurance

Esure Contact Number

Esure offers one of the most comprehensive home insurance policy in the market to help you protect you home. It provides cover against loss from fire, burglary, natural calamities or any other threats. If you have any question regarding their home insurance policies, you can easily get in touch with their representatives at the Esure contact number, 0345 045 8000.

The home insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage for the structure as well as the contents of your home. It enables you to secure your assets from any possible mishappenings, which in turn reduces stress and tension during adverse circumstances. With Esure home insurance policies you can find the best coverage with comparatively lower fees and additional services like family legal protection and home emergency cover.

Contact Esure for an in-home walk through and evaluation.

Pet Insurance

Esure Phone Number

Just like us humans, our beloved pets are also prone to accidents and health problems. Having your pet insured can save you a lot of trouble during the time of emergency. The company no longer offers new Pet insurance. However, the company offers help for prestigious clients to find the best pet policy comparison service named Gocompare.

All you need to do is enter your details on the site and get a number of alternative quotes for pet insurance policies. The Esure contact number for your pet is 0345 606 1374.

Travel Insurance

Esure Contact Number
Picture from https://www.facebook.com/esureinsurance

Esure offers a wide range of travel insurance plans to safeguard your overseas business trips or international family vacations. Whether you need insurance for a single trip or an annual cover, you can explore your best options online. You can get the advantage of most competitive prices, maximum coverage and convenience while buying the policy. The company allows you to get a travel insurance policy for your trip even at the last minute through their online portal.

Esure offers utmost convenience and efficiency to the customers by allowing them to buy their travel insurance policies online. After completing the required procedure for buying the policy online, you can print your policy documents so you don’t have to rely on the post.

You can get in touch with Esure customer care for travel insurance quotes at 0345 600 3949, while your other travel insurance related queries can be resolved through their customer service helpline.

Other Insurance Products

Apart from offering exceptional car, home and travel insurance policies, the company also offers other insurance products like motorbike and van insurance. You can visit Gocompare and find the best insurance policy for your vehicle. Gocompare also enables you to compare gas, electricity and dual fuel prices to find the best deals on utilities.

Car Insurance Claims

If unfortunately, you have been involved in a car accident, contact Esure immediately. All you need to do is dial the Esure helpline at 0345 603 7872. The Toll-Free number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 0800 085 8533.

After providing your car’s registration number, location of the incident, name, address and other required details, an Esure customer service representative will guide you through the procedure of claim. The company arranges for the recovery and repair of the car for your convenience.

You can directly contact the person handling your claim or get in touch with Esure Car Insurance Contact Number at 0345 603 7872.

Home Insurance Claims

Making a home insurance claim at Esure is also extremely easy to do. Simply call the 24-hours emergency Esure helpline at 0345 601 7072. You will be required to give some necessary details to initiate the procedure and the customer service representative will guide you through the entire process.

If you have already registered your Home Insurance claim with Esure, you can contact them by sending an email. Don’t forget to include your claim reference or policy number so that your query can be forwarded to the right department.

Travel Insurance Claims

For claims related assistance during travelling, you can get in touch with Esure customer service at their 24-hour emergency helpline number. Also, if you need a GP or need to go to A&E or a clinic, you can call at the Esure helpline direct, 0345 600 3951.

Web Queries

Need a walkthrough for using Esure Contact Us, FAQ section or their official website? Are you stuck trying to buy or receive a policy online? All of Esure’s car and home insurance related web queries are answered at 0345 603 7873. You can also get in touch with their official representatives for travel insurance related web queries at 0345 600 3949.

Stay connected through Social Media

Esure Contact Number
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Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to make your complaint heard. You can also follow to get the latest updates or immediate company information. In the case of Esure, you can show gratitude for the exceptional service. You can also learn about Esure’s upcoming offers and policy discounts: