Muscle Food Customer Service Contact Number

Muscle Food Customer Service Number

Muscle Food Customer Service Number is 0115 979 8487. Call the number on Fridays and Sundays from 8 am to 9 pm to order sport and nutritional products.  You can enquire the protein rich product or supplements that you may require as a sportsperson.  There is a range of products from the Muscle Food you can choose for the specific nutritional need. Once you select the preferred items on the website, you’ll get an email notification for account details where you are able to add your payment mode. In case you’re unable to purchase from the website, contact the customer care representative for help. Likewise, if you are unable to make the payments, the customer service agent will assist to ensure your payments are done smoothly and efficiently. Routinely, the payments are effected from your card 2 days prior to dispatching the order.

Getting the right nutrition is vital to building your muscles. Muscle Food has developed a nutritional calculator to help get the right nutritional breakdown. This way you can learn a number of nutrients you need. The Muscle Food products have gone through a nutritional analysis to make it easy for you to calculate the nutritional balance. If you are not aware of your nutritional needs, contact the customer service person and learn how to balance your nutrition. Further, you can send an email to to get a response from them on the issue regarding nutrition, supplements and other muscle products.

Visit the Muscle Food website and buy supplements or rich proteins and stand a chance to get a discount. After shopping online, you’ll get a chance to enter the discount code given for the purchase made from the Muscle Food. In case you are unable to redeem your discount, you can contact the customer care agent for assistance.

You also stand a chance to earn loyalty points for being a regular customer. These points can be redeemed to make purchases at Muscle Food. Refer your friend to Muscle Food and earns loyalty points. The customer care agent is available to inform you more on how to earn loyalty points.

For information on order delivery, you can contact the customer service agent to get an update on when your order will be delivered. The majority of the products from Muscle Food are available for delivery the next day, just place an order online before 7 pm and get the order the next day. When you place an order, you’ll get an order tracking number that you can use to check on the progress of your order. The Muscle Food also sends you short message notifications on your phone about your order delivery.

Muscle Food gives you a chance to grow your career. All you need to do is to contact the customer care agent to get information on the available opportunities. Alternatively, you can do this by visiting the Muscle Food website and checking the careers online. If you have applied for a particular job and you need to know the progress, contact the customer service agent for assistance.

If you would be like to engage the customer care representative regarding your order or any other queries, you can do so by visiting the Muscle Food website contact us.  The customer care agent will get back to you and offer assistance as soon as possible.

Contact Muscle Food via Social Media

Yorkshire Water Contact Numbers

Yorkshire water is a company that deals with the supply of water and management in the whole region of Yorkshire. It was established in 1973, and by the year 1989, it got privatised. The company is tasked with ensuring customers are supplied with clean water, maintenance, treatment, and improving services on a daily basis.

Yorkshire Water, supply about 1.24 billion litres per day. For their excellence services to the customers has earned them several awards.Here are Yorkshire Water contacts you can use to reach the company.

Yorkshire Water Phone Number List

Yorkshire Departments UK Contact Number
Customer Service  0345 124 2424
Developer Services 0345 120 8482
Free Number 0800 573 553
Head Office 0843 453 0216
Press Enquiries 0127 469 2653
Community Trust 0345 124 2426
Resolve Scheme 0345 1299 299
Pay Your Bill 0345 124 2420
Automated Bill Payment 0345 124 7247
Incidents and Emergencies 0333 414 9040
Water Direct Scheme 0345 129 9299
Whole Sale Service desk 0344 902 0228
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Yorkshire Water Customer Service

When you want to contact Yorkshire water customer helpline call this number 0345 124 2424, and you will be attended by customer representatives, and have your queries answered back. You will get help with your question from:

a) Billing issues/queries

b) Moving from your current home location to settle elsewhere

c) Enquiring about online payments

d) Issue to do with water supply

e) Transfer of payments information details and much more.

Yorkshire water agents are available from 8 am to 8 pm. Another alternative way of contacting the company is initiating a Live Chat on their website Contact Us page.

Yorkshire Water Developer Services

Yorkshire helpline number for developer services page

To reach Yorkshire Water developer services call 0345 120 8482. This number will help you reach Yorkshire water developers the moment you are planning to develop your home, or probably any alteration that may interfere with the sewer; the number will provide you with all the information you need. The same applies when you visit the web page for Developer Services, you will grab the answers to your query.

Yorkshire Water Free Number

The number to call Yorkshire Water free number is this one 0800 573 553 to enquire any case of water leakage, or bill related issues among others. You can as well reach through email address by filling the contact form, and they will answer you.

Yorkshire Water Head Office Address

The number to contact Yorkshire Water Head Office is 0843 453 0216 which will let you connect to the highest office and have your queries answered accordingly. This contact will give you the information you want if you are a representative of an organisation and you require serious attention to do with connection or related cases.

Yorkshire Water is located at Western House, Western Way, Bradford BD6 2SZ, UK

Yorkshire Water Press Enquiries

Ring this Yorkshire Water press enquiries number 01274 692 653, and you will get all the information you want. You will learn about the company water plan and the latest news that focus on improving supply services. Moreover, you can visit the Media page and digest the latest information from there.

Yorkshire Water Community Trust

This is the number to contact Yorkshire Water community trust 0345 124 2426, and it deals with individuals who are not able to raise water payments and therefore they are given a longer duration to pay or until they can pay charges they owe the company. So, when you contact the company, and you are in that category with low income, then you will get help.

Yorkshire Water Resolve Scheme

Dial this Yorkshire Water Resolve Scheme number 0345 129 9299, and the representatives will resolve your queries you may have. If you have been unable to pay all your bills, here, you will get help about how to spread your payment for 12 months until you are debt free. Provided you have low income and have arrears exceeding 12 months.

Contact Yorkshire Water via Social Media

Yorkshire Water Twitter

To contact Yorkshire Water social media is very easy by writing to the sites below and you will have a response to your queries.

Yorkshire Water understands the power of social media especially to the young generation, therefore expect speedy feedback regarding water supply disruption, bill query, and any other information you would like to enquire.

Lily’s Kitchen Contact Number

If you are thinking about puppies, kittens, dogs and even cat food, then there is one name that comes to mind in the UK and that is Lily’s Kitchen. Over they have specialised the very best when it comes to this type of foods. That said, if you have been searching for their contact details in order to purchase any of their items, report an issue or even get into business with them, you are going to find this post to be of great value as it shares with you all Lily’s Kitchen contact numbers you will need.

Furthermore, this post will get to give a small brief about the services they offer. In addition to going through this post, make sure that you visit Lily’s Kitchen contact us page for extra details on how to get in touch with them. You can also visit Lily’s Kitchen home page for a small brief about their business in general.

Lily’s Kitchen Phone Number List

Lily’s Kitchen Helpline Support UK Contact Numbers
Lily’s Kitchen Customer Service 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Complaints Number 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Pets At Home Helpline 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Offers Contact Number 0207 449 6080
Lily’s Kitchen Proper Food For Pets 0207 449 6080
Lily’s Kitchen Bulk Buy 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Free Sample 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Feeding Guide 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Hypoallergenic Customer Service 0207 433 1863
Lily’s Kitchen Head Office 0207 433 1863
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Lily’s Kitchen Customer Service

Get to know more about what Lily’s Kitchen is all about by simply interacting with their customer service. This you can do by dialling the following Lily’s Kitchen helpline support number 0207 433 1863. Upon placing the call, one of their representatives will take you through the services they offer as well as the products you can purchase from them.

In general, they will get to answer any inquiry questions you have. You can also use this Lily’s Kitchen phone number to contact them if you have queries about their services that you would like to address.

In addition to the Lily’s Kitchen helpline support number shared above, you can reach out to Lily’s Kitchen by simply filling one of their contact forms at Lily’s Kitchen contact us page. While there, you are going to find additional Lily’s Kitchen contact information such as email contacts that you can use when reaching out to their representatives.

Lily’s Kitchen FAQ page is a perfect place for Lily’s Kitchen customers who prefer getting things done on their own. There you are going to find a variety of frequently asked questions (some of which are similar to yours) already answered by other customers or Lily’s Kitchen representatives.

How To Contact Lily’s Kitchen

How To Contact Lily's Kitchen

There are several communication channels you can use when contacting Lily’s Kitchen. That said, there are three mainly used communication channels and they are phone calls, letters and social media. A majority of Lily’s Kitchen customers prefers phone calls, as they are fast and direct. In fact, most of their customers tend to use phone calls as a communication channel when they have urgent inquiries and queries. Customers looking for a physical approach when contacting Lily’s Kitchen usually adopt letters.

Although it gives the physical approach they are after, they tend to use other channels in an event they have urgent matters with Lily’s Kitchen. Customers who use social media as a communication channel usually spend most of their time online and in particular on social media, as it’s more convenient to them. Regardless of the communication channel, you pick, rest assured that Lily’s Kitchen will get back to you with a response or feedback to your inquiry, query or complaint.

Lily’s Kitchen Headquarters Postal Address

If you settle on contacting Lily’s Kitchen using letters, you are definitely going to need their headquarters postal address. As simple as it might sound, a majority of customers fail to get it right and such, end up sending their letters to the wrong recipient. To avoid such situations, always make sure that you confirm the postal address on your letter. If you are not sure simply confirm it with the one shared below. In addition, make sure that you include your contact details on your letter.

This should include your name, phone number and most importantly your home or office postal address. This information is very important because the team at Lily’s Kitchen will use it to send you the feedback or response that you are after. All that said, it’s good to point out that mean of communication tends to be slow so you might end up waiting for weeks before receiving your feedback. Below you will find Lily’s Kitchen headquarters postal address.

Lily’s Kitchen, PO Box 59287, Vale of Health, London, NW3 9JR

Lily’s Kitchen Complaints Number

Like any other business, there are bound to be a few complaints here and there between customers and Lily’s Kitchen. These complaints tend to pop up regardless of how much Lily’s Kitchen try to do away with. So if you happen to have any complaints about the services offered by Lily’s Kitchen, do get in touch with them by dialling the following Lily’s Kitchen complaints number 0207 433 1863. Upon placing your call, a representative from their complaints department will be with you ready to solve your complaints.

Lily’s Kitchen Pets At Home Helpline

Lily’s Kitchen’s pet at home is another great service that you can take up with them. That said, if you have queries or inquiries about this particular service, do get in touch with one of their representatives by dialling the following Lily’s Kitchen pets at home helpline number 0207 433 1863. Once you dial this number, one of their representatives will take you through this service and inform you about the benefits associated with it. He or she will also get to solve any query you might have about this great service.

Lily’s Kitchen Offers Contact Number

You can benefit from several offers if you are a Lily’s Kitchen customer. To get a clear picture of the offers they run from time to time, do get in touch with their customer service using the following Lily’s Kitchen offers contact number 0207 449 6080. Once you make the call, one of their representatives will take you through their offers.

Furthermore, they will advise you on how best you can take advantage of their offers. Customers can also use this Lily’s Kitchen phone number to contact any of their representatives in an event that they have queries regarding this service and they too will be assisted accordingly.

Lily’s Kitchen Proper Food For Pets

Lily's Kitchen Proper Food For Pets

Do you love your pets? Do you want them to have the very best when it comes to food? If you answered yes in any of the questions asked, then you need Lily’s Kitchen proper food for pets. If you happen to have questions about their proper food for pets service, do contact them using the following Lily’s Kitchen proper food for pets phone number 0207 449 6080.

Once you make the call, one of their representatives will be on the other side ready to take you through what you can expect with their proper food for pets services. Customers who have queries about the food they offer or this service, in general, can get in touch with one of their representatives using this Lily’s Kitchen phone number.

Lily’s Kitchen Bulk Buy

If you intend on buying any of their products in bulk, you need to speak to one of their representatives if you want a good bargaining price among many other things. To do this, simply dial the following Lily’s Kitchen bulk buy phone number 0207 433 1863.

Upon placing the call, one of their representatives will take you through the process of making such a purchase and organise a delivery service for you. Customers who have queries about Lily’s Kitchen bulk buy services can also use this Lily’s Kitchen phone number to address them with any of their representatives.

Lily’s Kitchen Free Sample

If you are not sure about the food products offered by Lily’s Kitchen or you simply want to try it out before making a bulk order, you can request a sample. This sample order can be placed by dialling the following Lily’s Kitchen free sample phone number 0207 433 1863.

Furthermore, customers who have queries regarding their free sample can use this Lily’s Kitchen contact number to address them with a Lily’s Kitchen representative. Queries related to this might include problems acquiring the free sample to requesting changes.

Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Feeding Guide

Are you having problems finding the right feeding habit for your puppy? Well, if your answer is yes then you definitely need Lily’s Kitchen puppy food feeding guide. This guide takes you through the entire process of feeding your puppy right. If you happen to have queries or inquiries about this service, do address them with one of their representatives by dialling the following Lily’s Kitchen puppy food feeding guide phone number 0207 433 1863.

Lily’s Kitchen Hypoallergenic Customer Service

If you happen to have an allergic animal then this is the food to for as it will not cause unwanted harm to your pet. However, before placing an order, make sure that you get in touch with a representative from Lily’s Kitchen for more details on this. You can contact them using the following Lily’s Kitchen hypoallergenic customer service number 0207 433 1863.

Upon placing the call, their representatives will take you through the foods they have under this category. Customers can also use this Lily’s Kitchen contact number to bring up any queries they might have regarding their hypoallergenic food products.

Lily’s Kitchen Head Office

If you would like to get in touch with their head office for whatever reason you might have, do use the following Lily’s Kitchen head office contact number 0207 433 1863. Once you place the call, you are most likely going to talk to a Lily’s Kitchen representative from their head office upon placing the call. If you have the name of the person you want to speak to, feel free to notify them about it in good time.

Contact Lily’s Kitchen On Social Media

Contact Lily's Kitchen On Social Media

In addition to the Lily’s Kitchen helpline support numbers shared in this post, customers, especially if you fancy the online world, can contact Lily’s Kitchen using social media. To initiate the communication, you need to locate their social media accounts first.

Once you find them, simply post your query or inquiry on their social media wall page and one of their customer service representatives will respond to you.

If you prefer a more private conversation between you and Lily’s Kitchen, do send them a direct message as opposed to posting it on their pages. Below you are going to find Lily’s Kitchen social media accounts.

Iceland Contact Number

Developing into one of the most successful and most prevalent supermarket chains in an entire country is not easy. It takes several years of hard work and experience to gain a huge customer base. Iceland Ltd. is one such name that has established itself as one of the most leading supermarket chains in the entire United Kingdom. We have created this page for you to give you complete details about the Iceland support system and its Iceland contact number. For more details, visit their Iceland Contact Us page online on their official website.

Iceland Phone Number List

Iceland Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Customer Care Team 0800 328 0800
Iceland Delivery Contact Number 0124 484 2842
Iceland Online Shopping Phone Number 0800 328 0800
Main switchboard 0124 483 0100
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Iceland is the trading name of Iceland Foods Ltd., a UK-based chain of supermarkets that has frozen foods as its major product of sale. In addition to prepared vegetables and meals, the company also sells non-frozen items of grocery, including meat, dry goods, dairy and produce. Around 2% share of the food market of the UK belongs to Iceland.

Established in 1970 with its first store in Leg Street, Oswestry, Shropshire, England, today Iceland operates more than 800 stores in the UK alone, along with some others in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Jersey, Czech Republic, Iceland, Malta, Libya and Guernsey. They have an online presence too, with which they sell a wide range of products, even appliances in partnership with the Manchester based DRL Limited. For more information on their online option, you can call their Iceland Online Shopping Phone Number.

Iceland is known for its excellent customer service, and the great deals and offers it regularly comes up with. To make themselves more easily accessible to their loyal and new customers, they have arranged several modes through which the customers can contact them. You can either call their Iceland Customer Care Helpline number or read below to find the different modes of availing Iceland support. Here are a few ways of contacting Iceland:

  • Send them a written letter by post
  • Send them an email
  • Visit their website
  • Open their Iceland Contact Us page
  • Call their Iceland phone number
  • Use their online store locator
  • Shop online through their online store
  • Register for a Bonus Card
  • Follow them on social media

Iceland Postal Address

Although people do everything online these days and prefer to send an email over other modes of correspondence, you can still send a written letter to Iceland. However, don’t expect to receive a prompt reply, as sending postal letters takes time from both ends. You can prefer this mode of communication if you are not in a hurry and waiting for a few days won’t harm you in any way.

If you wish to send them a written letter, create it with all your contact details and the issue or query, and post it to the following address of their headquarters:

Iceland Foods Ltd

Second Avenue, Dee side Industrial Park, Deeside, Flint-shire, CH5 2NW

Once you post your letter and the Iceland people receive it in their office, you can expect a reply within 3-5 days. Make sure to send the letter by the start of the week, so that no weekends come in between which may slow down your correspondence by several days. Call the Iceland helpline number to know more details about their office and opening hours.

Customer Care Team

The customer care team of Iceland has been specifically trained to handle queries related to different issues from the customers. Whether you want to find information about your nearest store location, or you have an issue with your recently bought product, you can give a call to the relevant Iceland phone number, and pose your query. While calling the Iceland Customer Care Helpline, do not forget to keep the details of your purchase ready with you so that you can quickly answer any questions that the customer care executives ask, such as your bill number, the store location from where you bought your product, the mode of payment you used, etc. This Iceland contact number line remains open from 8 am to 9 pm on weekdays, 8 am to 8 pm on Saturdays, and 8 am to 6 pm on Sundays. Just give a call to their specialised Iceland helpline at 0800 328 0800, and talk to an expert executive to solve your issue immediately.

 Iceland Contact Number
Customer Care Team

Iceland Delivery Contact Number

Iceland offers a number of delivery options to their customers as per your requirements and preferences. They offer Home Delivery offer to their customers who spend more than £20 while shopping in an Iceland store. They can choose either next day or same day delivery for free, as per your convenient time slots of delivery. Customers who shop online and spend more than £35 also get the facility of free home delivery from Iceland. If you have done your shopping online, you can even track the status of your delivery by using their online delivery status checker tool or dialling their Iceland Online Shopping Phone Number. You can call their Iceland delivery contact number 0124 484 2842 to know more about their delivery offers, or visit their Iceland Contact Us page for further details.

Fast and on-time delivery is one of the main advantages of shopping with Iceland. When you shop at an Iceland store and spend more than £20, show your Bonus Card at the counter and ask for a home delivery. To avail this facility, you will have to register for a Bonus Card by filling out a registration form. You will receive your card within 4 weeks of registration. You don’t need to worry about the quality and freshness of your food products, as all the deliveries are made in Iceland’s special temperature controlled vans.

Iceland Delivery Contact Number
Free Delivery

Iceland Online Shopping Phone Number

Considering the fact that more and more customers are shopping over the Internet at their own convenient times and places, Iceland has also made steps to go online and allowed the customers to shop online. You can log on to their online shopping website anytime of the day, and place your order for your selected items. They allow you to shop for a wide range of products over the Internet, categorised into frozen foods, chilled and fresh foods, food cupboard, household items, drinks and offers. You can open the appropriate category, and browse through the products available on offer. You can even tag some items as favourites, and access them quick and easy. They display the deals of the day and special deals on festivals as well. When you spend more than £35 on their website, they send you the shipment absolutely for free.

For more details, call their Iceland Online Shopping Phone Number 0800 328 0800.

Main Switchboard

Iceland allows you to shop a huge range of frozen and fresh food products both online and offline. It is one of the most trusted brands of food products in the UK industry. The Iceland Customer Care Helpline not only helps customers during the purchase process but also after it. The highly experienced Iceland support team takes the hard work by delivering the products right at your doorstep, that too for free. 0124 483 0100 is the main switchboard of the company, that you can call to make any kind of query with the Iceland professionals. You can call this Iceland contact number, and you will be directed to the appropriate department that you want to talk to, as per the nature of your query or request.

In order to check if the delivery service is available in your locality or whether your nearest store offers this service or not, call their Iceland Delivery Contact Number and find out quickly. If you have any kind of query related to your order or product, call their Iceland helpline during working hours of the UK. The expert customer care executives will be happy to help.

Connect via Social Media

Since Iceland takes care of its online customers as well by providing an opportunity to shop over the Internet, it remains active on a number of social networking sites as well. It continually updates its information and keeps its customers and clients updated with its latest offers, events and activities. You can easily connect to Iceland via different social networking sites, including:

Find them on these social networking sites and follow them to receive the latest news about their happenings.

Payment Methods

Whether you are shopping with Iceland online or offline, you are offered a number of payment methods to use to make your purchase. If you are shopping at a nearby Iceland store, you can pay for your products either in cash or cheque or through your credit card at the counter. If you are shopping online, you can use the facility of net banking, debit card, credit card or PayPal to make your payments. If you have a Visa or MasterCard, you can quickly make your payment and request for a home delivery for free. You get one bonus point for every £25 you spend at Iceland. You can accumulate these points and redeem them afterwards to avail special discounts and deals. Call their Iceland phone number for complete information about their products and payment methods.