SCC Contact Numbers

For over 40 years now, SCC has been in the forefront of all things IT in the UK as well as Europe. What this company specialises in is planning, supplying, integrating and managing IT services for a number of businesses as well as individuals.

Furthermore, this company integrates enabling IT that supports the entire British economy. They are also in charge of managing IT services that create foundations of UK’s natural heritages as well as charities.

With that in mind, below you are going to find SCC contact numbers for those who plan to contact them.

SCC Phone Number List

SCC Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0121 766 7000
Customer Response Centre 0845 155 6556
Customer Return 0845 351 0087
Payrolls 0845 357 0111
Supply & Recycling Centre 0845 351 0974
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

SCC Customer Service

The number to call for all your queries, inquiries and complaint is SCC customer service number 0121 766 7000. The queries or inquiries SCC customer service team handles include;

  • Cloud solution assistance
  • Data centre solutions and services
  • A list of their managed services

Additional information you can receive once you make this call are on HR & Recruitment, National Distribution Centre and Group Administration. More information about this three is available at the following SCC online pages;

Make sure you visit SCC contact us page for additional information on how to contact their customer service or the various departments they have.

For information on SCC jobs/careers, do visit SCC careers page and if you are from the press or simply need information about SCC as a company, visit SCC news bytes page.

SCC Customer Response Centre

SCC Customer Response Centre

Dial this SCC customer response centre number 0845 155 6556 to initiate communication between you and a customer response centre staff member. Their customer response centre is located at:

Cole Valley, 20 Westwood Avenue, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 3RZ

You can send all your handwritten letters to this postal address if you are contacting their customer response centre using letters.

To submit a customer request for assistance from customer response centre, visit SCC contact us page and navigate to customer response centre link.

SCC Customer Returns

The SCC contact number for all things returns is this SCC customer returns number 0845 351 0087. Dial it to speak with one of their friendly staff about their returns policy as well as how you can take advantage of it.

SCC Payrolls

Contacting payrolls over the phone? the number to call is this SCC payrolls number 0845 357 0111. In terms of location, payrolls department is located at;

Lyndon Place, 2096 Coventry Road, Sheldon B26 3YU

If you are new to payrolls services, get to visit SCC payrolls page before contacting them as this will give you valuable knowledge.

SCC Supply & Recycling Centre

SCC supply & recycling centre number is 0845 351 0974. Dial it if you have queries or inquiries that touch on services like;

  • Storage
  • Procurement
  • Data security
  • Configuration
  • Recycling

Their supply and recycling centre is located at;

High Bay Warehouse, Seeleys Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, West Midlands B11 2LE

Feel free to send your letters concerning supply and recycling centre to this postal address and they will get back to you.

SCC Centre

Below is a list of all SCC centre numbers so feel free to use it to locate a centre near you. You should also consider visiting the individual centre web pages for information about their centre.

SCC Centre Centre Contact Number
Belfast 0845 351 1901
Bracknell 0134 440 9800
Bristol 0117 313 1560
Glasgow 0141 774 7998
Leeds 0113 240 5250
Livingston 0845 351 0986
London 0203 451 8351
Newcastle 0845 357 0096
Nottingham 0845 356 3042
Warrington 0192 585 3650
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SCC Head Office Address

The official SCC headquarters contact information is their postal address, which is;

SCC Headquarters, James House, Warwick Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2LE

To contact the head office using this mailing address, simply send a letter, it can even be handwritten and send it to the above postal address.

Contact SCC via Social Media

If you haven’t found a communication method that suits you when you want to contact SCC customer service or their departments, reach out to them using social media. To do this, just follow any of their social media accounts.

RS Components Contact Numbers

With a presence in more than 5 continents, RS Components is arguably a major player in its field. It has opened up numerous branches in different countries worldwide including the United Kingdom.

To help you get in touch with their branches and various departments in the UK, this post highlights all RS Components contact numbers.

Given the fact we are focusing on the UK, the RS Components phone numbers shared in this post are UK numbers.

RS Components Phone Number List

RS Components Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0845 720 1201
Customer Account Services 0153 644 4414
Online Help Desk 0153 644 4222
Data Protection 0153 644 4077
Marketing Department 0153 644 4129
Marketing Department Fax 0153 640 5575
Technical Support 0845 850 9922
Press Team 0779 540 0651
Large Orders 0845 602 5226
Head Office 0186 520 4000
Head Office Fax 0186 520 7400
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday closed

RS Components Customer Service

Customer or client need to dial this RS Components customer service number 0845 720 1201 if they find themselves in a position where they need;

  • Advice before purchasing a product
  • Expert support regarding product
  • Help to make orders and purchasing
  • Information about their delivery and returns services
  • Help with account management and invoicing

Of course, there are other communication channels to use when contacting RS Components customer service. One such alternative is communicating through their online contact form accessible at RS Components contact us page.

You can as well send them a feedback regarding their services and products at this RS Components feedback page.

RS Components Customer Account Services

Phone this RS Components customer account services phone number 0153 644 4414 if you need credit or cash accounts from the company as well as get information on all your customer account service inquiries on;

  • Account management
  • Credit accounts
  • Guest Checkout accounts
  • Cash accounts

RS Components Online Help Desk

RS Components Online Help Desk

Need some quick help while you are online? Customers can and should dial this RS Components online help desk number 0153 644 4222 for fast reliable response to all your online queries and inquiries.

Visit RS Components online privacy policy page for more on their online helpdesk queries and inquiries.

RS Components Data Protection

The RS Components data protection number to call is 0153 644 4077. Dial it for all your data protection queries and inquiries. You can as well visit RS Components data protection policy page for a look at their data protection policies and guidelines.

RS Components Marketing Department

The RS Component contact number to call for customers who want to subscribe or subscribe to mailing services is this RS Components marketing department phone number 0153 644 4129.

You can also make this request online by simply sending RS Components marketing department an email at

RS Components Marketing Fax


If you have a fax machine, use this RS Components marketing department fax number 0153 640 5575 to interact with their marketing department.

RS Components Technical Support

If you are need of technical support for things like;

  • Solutions to your day’s technical queries
  • Information and availability of products that discontinued
  • Product information that is made up of 550,000 tables, charts as well as data sheets

Call this RS Component data protection number 0153 644 4077 for technical assistance. This number is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Other than this RS Component phone number, RS Component customers can address all their technical support queries or even inquiries if there is one by visiting RS Component’s technical help page.

RS Components Local Branches

RS Components Local Branches

To find an RS Component local branch near you just go online, visit local branch page, and fill in the necessary location details.

Alternatively, you can go through the RS Components local branches list below to see whether there is one listed near your current location.

RS Components Local Branch Branch Contact Details
Aberdeen 0122 487 0982
Birmingham 0121 359 8844
Bow 0208 983 3233
Bristol 0117 954 1161
Corby 0153 644 4041
Gatwick 0129 352 1374
Glasgow 0141 552 4446
Heathrow 0208 572 4225
Leeds 0113 231 1211
Manchester 0161 429 7476
Newcastle 0191 491 0900
Nottingham 0115 986 6422
Nuneaton 0247 637 7700
South Wales 0114 384 1573
Southampton 0148 978 0590
Watford 0192 321 9696
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RS Components Press Team

The contact person for RS Components press team is Aakriti Kaushik. You can contact him over the phone using this RS Component press team phone number 0779 540 0651 or by email using this personal email address

To mail him your complaint, query or inquiry letter, use this postal address;

PR Manager – EMEA, RS Components Ltd, International Management Centre, 8050 Oxford Business Park North, Oxford OX4 2HW

See to it that you visit RS Components press team page because it does have some valuable information.

RS Components Large Orders

Use this RS Components large orders number 0845 602 5226 to speak with a representative from their finance department who will give you valuable details that will help you save your money in the long-run. Additionally, he or she will give you;

  • An online quote
  • Available delivery modes
  • Different methods of placing an order
  • Valuable production packaging information

Other than the RS Components contact number shared above, make sure you visit RS Components large orders page.

RS Components Head Office Address

You can get in touch with RS Components head office in three different ways.

If you are contacting them via phone, dial this RS Components head office phone number 0186 520 4000. If you are sending them a handwritten letter, then send it to the following postal address;

RS Components Limited, Birchington Road, Weldon, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 9RS.


RS Components Head Office Fax

Lastly, you can contact them with your home or office fax machine using this RS Components head office fax number 0186 520 7400.

Contact RS Components via Social Media

For information on how you can get into business with RS Components as well as first-hand news on new products and products information, do visit RS Components social media accounts. Their social media accounts are;

Bright House Contact Number

When it comes to all things rent-to-own, then there is one company that definitely stands out from the rest and that is Bright House. In fact, it’s estimated that they have over 270,000 customers in the UK who use their services on a regular basis. Other than their services, this number, as well as the growth they’ve achieved over the years, can be attributed to their exemplary customer service who are always ready to assist their customers when need be.

If you are a Bright House customer or simply someone who would want to enjoy the services offered by Bright House, you can go about contacting their customer service in a number of ways. That said, this post will get to highlight all Bright House contact details including Bright House customer service number. You can also visit Bright House contact us page for more details on how you can get in touch with them if need be.

Bright House Phone Number List

Bright House Helpline Support UK Contact
Bright House Customer Service Free Number 0800 526 069
Bright House Corporate and Jobs Centre 0192 348 8200
Bright House Fax Number 0192 348 8202
Bright House Media Inquiries 0207 404 5959
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N/B: Lines open on Monday To Saturday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Bright House Customer Service Number

If you happen to have queries or inquiries about the products and even services provided by Bright House, do address them with one of their representatives using the following Bright House customer service number 0800 526 0690. Before placing the call, make sure that you have a good amount of information about your query or inquiry as this will enable them to help you a little bit faster. In addition to the contact details shared on this post, you can contact their customer service by simply visiting Bright House contact us page.

In addition to contacting their customer service using the Bright House helpline support number shared above, you can also visit Bright House FAQ page before placing your call to their customer service. In most cases, you might find that there are other customers with similar queries or inquiries and the best part is, these queries or inquiries are usually addressed.

Why Get In Touch With Bright House

Ensuring that their customers are in a position to contact them is one of Bright House major campaign and as such, they’ve taken and set up various measures that enables their customers to easily communicate with them when in need. That said, there are three commonly used means of communication by their customers. The three are through phone calls, social media and writing them a letter. Regardless of the communication method, you settle on, you are bound to receive a response from their customer service detailing how you can go about solving your problem or inquiry.

However, its good to point out that these communication channels do have their own limitations and pro. For example, if you settle on contacting Bright House by writing them a letter, you should know that this means of communication is relatively slow. In fact, a good number of their customers tend to avoid it especially when they have queries or enquiries that require an immediate or fast response. Below you will find a detailed look into these communication channels in terms of how you can use them to contact Bright House.

Bright House Headquarters Postal Address

One way you can contact Bright House is by writing them a letter. If you opt to go with this communication channel, you will need their postal address. If this is something you already have, then well and good, if not, make sure that you get it below. Before sending your letter there are a few things you need to check.

For starters, you need to ensure that you have the right postal address written on your letter, failure to have this might result in you sending your letter to the wrong recipient. You should also ensure that you include your contact details. By contact details, I mean your name and your postal address.

If you are feeling a little generous, you can go on and give out your phone number as well. This information, especially your postal address, is of great importance because Bright House will use this information to send you a response. In general, writing letters tend to be slow and as such, it is advised that you seek other communication channels if you have something that needs a direct and fast response. Below you will find Bright House postal address.

Bright House, 121 Parker Dr, Leicester LE4 0JP, UK

Bright House Complaints Number

Bright House Complaints Number

Customers to happen to have any complaints regarding the services or products offered by Bright House can address them with their complaints department by simply dialling the following Bright House complaints number 0300 123 9123. When you place the call, there will be a representative on the other side of the call ready to assist you with your complaints. In addition to the Bright House phone number shared above, you can also address your complaints with Bright House by simply filling out their complaint forms. You can find these forms at Bright House complaints page.

Bright House Finance

For queries or inquiries related to finance, do get in touch with their finance department by dialling the following Bright House Finance phone number 0800 526 0690. You can also use this number to seek finance assistance when it comes to purchasing any of the products offered at their online store.

When you dial the Bright House contact number shared above, there will be finance representative from their finance department who will take you through some of the different finance payment options they have in place for their customers. In addition to this number, you can also visit Bright House Finance page where you will find a great deal of information about their payment options including how to apply for finance.

Bright House Delivery

Another great service offered by the team at Bright House is their delivery services. Upon getting your hands on any of the items on their store, customers have the option of having those products delivered right to their doorstep. If you happen to have any inquiries about this particular service, feel free to get in touch with their customer service using the following Bright House delivery phone number 0800 526 0690.

You can also address any queries that you might have with their delivery service using this Bright House contact number. If you have questions about their delivery services, it is advised that you visit their frequently asked page as you are bound to find answers to your delivery questions right there without necessarily having to contact their customer service.

Bright House Returns

Don’t like what you received? Well, if your answer is yes then you will be pleased to know that Bright House does have a return policy that will see you return your purchased item. If you happen to have queries or inquiries surrounding their returns policy, do address them by dialling the following Bright House returns phone number 0800 526 0690. In addition to this phone number, you can also find details regarding their returns by simply visiting the following Bright House Return page.

Bright House Payment

There are a number of payment options set up by the team at Bright House for their customers. This they’ve done in an attempt to make the whole process of online shopping simple and easy for their customers. That said, there might be issues that might arise with their payment services. If this happens, do contact them using the following Bright House payment phone number 0800 023 4567. You can also use this number to get in touch with them if you have any inquiries about their payment options.

Bright House Store Locator

Still, on their attempt to ensure that they make it easy for their customers to access their products, Bright House has set up a number of stores countrywide. If you have inquiries about these stores or even queries do address them with them by simply dialling the following Bright House customer service number 0800 526 0690.

You can also find details about a Bright House store near you by simply visiting Bright House store locator page. In fact, this is the easiest way you can take up when searching for a store near you. All you have to do is simply type your zip code and you will get details of all stores that are close to you.

Below is a list of their different store numbers. For the full list, do visit the following Bright House Store Finder page.


0122 459 5417


0125 439 8634

Acocks Green

0121 708 2370


0125 231 2374


0177 352 0038


0125 921 5551


0126 435 0096


0124 144 2621


0123 366 4466


0167 085 6677


0161 339 6559


0129 632 0072


0129 261 8856


0124 866 0523


0122 673 0630


0127 132 1900


0122 982 5004


0144 644 2221


0126 852 6066


0125 632 7600


0123 435 0077


0117 953 1147


0208 301 0300


0164 239 5121


0190 249 8075


0151 666 2046

Bishop Auckland

0138 860 9300


0125 469 5137


0125 362 6919


0149 522 1981


0190 845 3421


0192 240 0415


0167 054 0988

Bognor Regis

0124 321 4403


0120 453 5080


0151 933 5171


0120 230 1105


0120 531 0727


0134 436 0060


0127 472 5722


0113 236 0361


0148 282 8484


0165 676 6569


0127 845 2002


0126 267 7022


0127 367 6822


0117 954 4736

Bristol Kingswood

0117 244 6115

Bristol Knowle

0117 370 0702


0208 460 8500


0115 927 9009


0128 283 9449


0128 354 6629


0161 797 9451


0191 224 2773


0292 080 5321


0154 350 0051

Cardiff Canton

0292 039 7919

Cardiff City Centre

0292 042 1821


0141 883 8063


0122 852 0092


0126 761 0752


0197 766 8117


0141 634 6272


0163 440 9404

Chelmsley Wood

0121 788 0004


0153 050 3521


0123 643 6133


0120 676 2008

Colwyn Bay

0149 255 0449


0120 758 9572


0153 626 5252


0124 284 4421


0124 440 0077


0191 387 5533


0124 634 3921


0125 726 8815


0141 941 1771

Coulby Newham

0164 287 6297


0247 663 4622


0186 544 1021


0129 355 1122


0127 084 9100


0208 686 9086

Crystal Peaks

0114 248 0498


0123 645 3191


0163 386 0714


0208 595 6703


0207 249 2269


0132 528 2937


0132 222 2270


0133 229 9131


0192 446 7433


0130 234 1191


0130 421 5100


0138 424 2235


0138 931 0764


0138 726 1111


0138 222 6177


0138 362 5243


0158 247 1962


0191 370 9799

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Contact Bright House On Social Media

Contact Bright House On Social Media

In addition to all the contact details already covered in this post, you can also contact Bright House customer service using their social media accounts. For this, you will have to find their social media accounts. Once you’ve accomplished this, all you have to do is simply leave or post a message on their wall and they will get right back to you with a response. If your message is a bit private, you should consider sending it to them directly via the message feature.

In addition to contacting their customer service, Bright House customers can also use this platform to keep up with all things Bright House. For this, customers have to follow either one or all their social media pages. By doing so, you will be able to receive all posts Bright House posts on their page right on your social media home feed thus ensuring that you will never miss anything Bright House especially if it was shared on their social media platforms. Below you will find all their social media pages.




YouTube Contact Number

Mobile phones have become a necessity these days. Almost every person has a mobile phone in his hands, whether he or she is a professional, businessman, student, housewife, elderly or even unemployed. With the introduction of Internet in mobile phones, it is quite impossible to stay away from your mobile phone even for a couple of hours. Considering the increasing demand of mobile phones by consumers, mobile phone manufacturers have started making entire ranges of models that suit different consumer needs and expectations. A number of new manufacturers have also come up in the market over the last few years.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit website and start comparing. There are different mediums of getting support. The company is renowned for its excellent customer service. You can either call their helpline or visit their contact us page for more information. Phone Numbers List Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service Team 0150 961 5474
Order Cancellation Or Changes 0150 961 8561
Phone Care Insurance 0800 049 6189
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Founded in 2001, was the first website from the UK at that time where people could compare mobile phones. It is an affiliate of Mobiles4everyone Ltd., which is a private limited company based in Wales and England. Today, the website stays updated with the latest of mobile phone models, and any deals available out there. You can collect information about each model’s features, specifications and prices on this site, and then make an informed decision. They also provide information about the available mobile phone models to other websites as well, including insurance and financial comparison sites, and a number of affiliate sites. It has an extremely user-friendly interface, which makes comparing mobile phone models, deals and contracts too easy and fast for the customers. makes it easier for everyone to compare mobile phone models and their deals. If you face any problem while using the website, or if you have any query or complaint to make, you can quickly call the contact number and get in contact with the customer service team. You can also redeem a voucher code to avail special discounts and deals on select mobile phones.

There are different ways of contacting the company experts, including:

  • Sending them a written letter
  • Calling their phone number
  • Talk to a customer care executive at helpline
  • Register to a My Account
  • Visit their contact us page
  • Follow them on social media Customer Care Helpline
About Us Headquarters

You have the option of contacting the company by sending them a written mail. If you need any kind of assistance from the customer service team, you can write a letter to them and post it at the following address:

3r House, Belton Road West Extension, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5XH

Although this is a slow method of communication, it is a safe and fool-proof medium of getting in contact. You can even file a copy of the mail for your future reference. If you are not in a hurry to receive a reply, you can use this method to seek support from the company.

Call Customer Service

If you have a query related to your order or the service offered by the company, you can call the contact number 0150 961 5474 to talk to a member of the company’s expert team. The lines of this phone number remain open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm, and on Saturdays and bank holidays between 9.30 am to 6 pm. They remain closed on all Sundays.

Make sure that you keep all the details of your order and your query ready in your hand so that you can quickly provide them to the customer care helpline people when you call them. All the customer care executives are professionally trained and qualified to help their customers in every possible way. When you call their team, you will be connected to an authorised professional who will be able to clear your query and answer your question in the most satisfactory manner. Cancellation and Changes is the best site to compare mobile phone models and the available deals. They also allow you to redeem a voucher code and place your order online through the manufacturer’s or vendor’s site. But there may be times when you want to cancel your order or make some changes in your order. You may want to change the colour, quantity or even the model of the mobile phone. You may want to change the delivery address, or make any other changes in your order. If you want to cancel your order or make any changes in your order, you can call the phone number 0150 961 8561 to place your request. You can follow the automated instructions to cancel or change your order, or talk to a company representative to make your request. The friendly and polite customer care executives will do their best to get your job done and satisfy you. You can visit the contact us page to find more ways of changing or cancelling your order. Phone Care Insurance also offers phone care insurance for mobile phones out there. If you want more information about the phone care insurance services, need to file a claim, or want to cancel an order or insurance that you have already received, then you will need to directly call the phone care insurance contact number, which is 0800 049 6189. The customer care executives available at their helpline will be ever-ready to help you out in every possible way. But before calling this phone number, make sure that you keep all your order, bill and insurance details ready so that you don’t waste time looking around for them when asked for.

Register at contact us page

When you visit the company’s contact us page, you will find a link to register to the site. Click on the ‘My Account’ link and follow the instructions to create an account at Once you do that, you can log in to your account anytime, and quickly get recent updates, track your delivery, and get an update about your voucher code online. When you place an order and it gets shipped by the seller, you receive a tracking number which you can enter in your account to track its current status. After logging in to your account, you can open your helpdesk, click on the ‘contact us’ link, and send them an email to make your query, claim or complaint. Contact Us
Contact Us

Request a return or exchange

Once you have received your order, you can return or exchange it within 14 days of receiving it. You can visit the contact us page to contact the returns team of the company or fill out a cancellation request form available on their site. If you want to exchange your received product, then also you will need to contact the company’s returns team. If you happen to receive a mobile phone with a manufacturing defect, then you are given a period of 30 days to get it exchanged. aims at making things easier for its customers, and they will do their best to return or exchange your order while making minimal trouble to you.

Contact via Social Media

Being an Internet based enterprise, has a strong presence on social media as well. They keep themselves updated on a number of social networking sites so that people looking for mobile phones online can get access to them and stay updated about their latest deals and offers. As more and more people are registering themselves on social networking sites, realises the importance of staying active on social media too.

You can follow them on a number of social networking sites, including the following:

  • Like them on Facebook
  • Watch them on YouTube
  • Add them on Google Plus
  • Follow them on Twitter

You can follow them on any or all of these social networking sites, but with certain limitations. Although social media is a nice platform to stay updated about their latest offers, events and happenings, this is perhaps not a good channel to communicate with their customer service team. If you want any kind of help from the company, or if you want to make a query, complaint or suggestion, then the best way is to call the customer care helpline. By personally talking to a customer care executive, you will be able to place your query on an individual level and seek ultimate support.

If you are out there in the market to look for a mobile phone, then selecting one model that best suits your requirements, preferences and budget is quite overwhelming. You may feel confused after seeing so many models to choose from. This is where comes to your rescue. This is a UK based website that allows you to browse through and compare different mobile phone models available in the market. You can compare the different available models at your home, decide which one you like most, and then go to the market to quickly buy your choice. You can even buy your choicest mobile phone over the Internet.

Currys Contact Numbers

Currys is a leading British electrical retailer, which offers a wide assortment of kitchen appliances, TV, entertainment equipment, camera, PC accessories, phone and smart tech gadgets etc. The store offers the largest selection of electrical products at unbeatable prices. If you have any inquiry regarding a product availability at their store; need assistance with shopping, or have an issue with a product purchased from the store, you can use the following guide to find all of the Currys contact numbers to get in touch.

List of Currys Phone Numbers

Currys Helpline UK Contact Number
Currys Phone Number (Sales) 0344 561 0000
Customer Service/Care Plans Support 0344 561 1234
PC World Customer Care 03445616263
Gift Card & eGift card 03456 080809
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Reasons to Contact Currys

So, you have recently bought a washing machine from your nearest Currys support centre store. What about the installation? Oh! Did you order wireless headphones from the online store and the order hasn’t reached yet or you have received the wrong product? Any of the above-mentioned situations can be only resolved by Currys phone number customer service centre. We have enlisted some other reasons for calling Currys helpline. Take a look.

  • General inquiry about the availability of a certain product at the store or about some specific features of a gadget you have been meaning to buy.
  • A problem with a product you purchased from the store or ordered online.
  • You want to return the product, cancel an order or exchange the product.
  • Regarding a shipping issue like the product didn’t arrive on time, or one is damaged.
  • For billing related issues.

Ways To Contact Currys

Currys Contact Numbers

Currys support centres offer a multi-module customer service channel to its valued customers in order to answer their queries and resolve the complaints in a timely manner. If you have a reason to contact Currys, the following channels can help you get support and guidance from Currys customer service easily.

  • Direct call the relevant Currys contact number and speak to a representative regarding the issue for a quick solution.
  • Send an email to the Currys customer care.
  • Write a letter stating your query or complaint.
  • Get in touch with the company on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Visit the nearest store if you prefer to speak in person with a representative.

 Currys Customer Care Address

Currys Contact Numbers

The customers who do not prefer to use the Currys contact numbers have the option to send in their queries, complaints and feedback in writing to the Currys Customer Service Address. From queries or issue related to the online shopping to help with a return, exchange or billing; the following support address will answer all your questions and resolve all your concerns.

Currys Support, PO Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA

You can also visit your nearest Currys store in person, for information related to products you are meaning to buy or queries related to problems with previous purchases. To find a Currys nearest location to you visit the store locator; enter your postal code or town and get the address of your nearest store.

NOTE: When sending any queries or complaints in writing, it is wise to include all the details regarding your concerns so that the service agents can easily understand the problem and offer a quick resolution. A clear and concise letter helps avoid miscommunication and facilitates a quick response. It is also suggested to include your contact information with the letter to enable the customer care to get back to you.

Email Support

Currys Contact Numbers

Other than sending a handwritten letter to Currys helpline support, you can also send them an email. It is not only quick but more convenient as well. A skilled and knowledgeable team of representatives will address all your concerns within 48 hours.

Do You Know the Currys Phone Number?

Currys Contact Numbers

Although email is a great option to start to get a problem resolved but sometimes you can’t get your answer through mail. If you don’t feel that writing a letter or sending an email is helpful enough, then you can speak directly to the company’s agent and resolve the issue. Currys contact numbers are open from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm. In case you are stuck with something urgent on Saturday or Sunday, you can reach Currys customer service numbers during the following hours:

  • Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm
  • Closed for Public and Bank Holidays

Shopping with Currys

Currys is a renowned retailer of electrical with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores in UK and Ireland. You can either visit your nearest store for purchases of home appliances and electronics or shop online and avail next day delivery. The trusted retailer boasts of exceptional customer service and always strives to enhance convenience for its valued customers. Therefore, you also have the option to order a product online and then collect from the store to avoid the disappointment of non-availability of a product.

Delivery and Tracking

Currys Contact Numbers

There’s nothing more convenient than ordering a product from the comforts of your home and then getting it delivered right to your doorstep. Currys offers a great range of reliable delivery prices and time on your online orders. You can choose from the next day delivery, free delivery and at your suitable time for delivery options. In order to avoid any delivery charges, you can also order online and collect from the store.

Tracking the orders is also super easy. Just visit the Knowhow track it page and provide the reference number and postal code to know the delivery status. Alternatively, you can also contact the courier specified in your order confirmation mail to track the delivery. If you have chosen standard free delivery for a large product then to find out the expected time of delivery, visit the Currys Contact Us Tracking page after 9 pm the night before your confirmed delivery date. For problems with the delivery, contact Currys customer service at 0344 561 1234.


Currys Contact Numbers

You can not only buy electrical and other home appliances from Currys and get it delivered the next day; but also get them installed immediately with the help of experts. Currys offers a team of skilled engineers and technicians to install the new product on the very same day.

The installation services are available on all days in most of the areas and you can choose a time that suits you the best for installation. Currys Knowhow team is the expert at installing everything from LED to dishwasher; from integrated appliances to cookers. Currys installation service also offers free disconnection of your old appliances and can also help you recycle. The Currys helpline can provide you more detailed information on the same. Dial 0344 561 1234 and speak with a friendly representative to clarify your queries.

Gift Cards

Currys Contact Numbers

If you are one of those people who have trouble shopping for gifts or just can’t figure out the perfect present, then you must take advantage of Currys gift cards. You can purchase a gift card or voucher for any value and let the person you want to give the present choose for themselves. The gift cards can be easily redeemed in store or online by providing the gift card number and pin during the checkout process. The personal gift cards can be purchased in the multiple of £5 and £10 online and dispatched to any UK address with a small charge. The in-store gift cards can be loaded with any value up to £1,000.

Care Plans

A washing machine failure on a Sunday afternoon or a computer crash mid-work can be a true nightmare. There’s nothing more stressful than having an unexpected product breakdown. Getting it fixed is all the more inconvenient let alone expensive. As such, Currys care plans can help you protect your electrical.

In case any of your home appliance or other machine suffers a mishap, Currys expert team can help you with the repaired. In case the product is not fixed within 14 days you will be given a replacement. The company also offers instant replacement option for products costing less than £150. You get 3 years protection against breakdown or mishap along with unlimited repairs, all parts, labour and call out charges covered. The care plan covers home appliances, TV and entertainment, computing, camera and camcorders, audio and phones.


Currys offers repairs for the products covered under the care plan or those bought from Currys, which are still under warranty. You can either visit the store or use the Currys contact number and speak to a customer care representative about the options. You can call 0344 561 1234 as per the following schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Closed on all Public and Bank Holidays

The repairs service is available 7 days a week for computers and TVs and 6 days a week for household appliances.

The Knowhow team at Currys repair a wide range of products including washing machines, cookers and hobs, fridge freezers, computers and TVs. All the repairs come with the benefits of a free in-store consultation for computers, fixed price repairs. All repairs also come with a 3-month guarantee.

Contact Currys via Social Media

Currys Contact Numbers
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Currys offer a seamless customer service experience, which spans across its showroom floors to the Facebook timeline and tweets. The social media platforms not only offer regular updates on exciting offers, discounts and special deals but also serves as a channel to communicate with the company’s customer care. You can easily post your queries and concerns on your preferred social media platform and get an immediate response. You can connect with Currys through the following platforms:


Currys is a renowned British electrical retailer, which specialises in household appliances and electronics. Currys was founded by Henry Curry in 1884 as a cycle manufacturing company. It gained a strong financial footing in 1897 after forming a partnership with his sons and came to be known as C. Curry and Sons. By this time the Currys sold a wide assortment of products including bicycles, toys, radios and gramophones.

The company was taken over by Dixons Carphone in 1984 but maintained its separate brand identity until April 2006 when DSG announced that its Dixons stores would be re-branded as Currys Digital. Presently, there are around 295 superstores and 73 high street stores along with many smaller stores that trade under the Currys Digital brand in the UK.

Currys has grown to become a one-stop shop for any electronic or home appliance purchase as they offer products at an unbeatable price with exceptional before and after sales service.

Samsung Phone Numbers

Samsung devices have taken over the world in a rage. Almost everyone has a device: Galaxy Tab, Note, and Galaxy etc. Being the most prominent of all Android brands, it comes to no surprise that there are a number of Samsung contact numbers that you can call if you are to come across a problem with your phone or tablet.

This post offers an outline and guide for all of the Samsung phone numbers that might come in handy in case you need to contact Samsung in the future. There will also be listings of Samsung customer service information such as website links and postal addresses for those who find that writing in detail is more effective. For more information, it would be wise for you to visit the Samsung Contact Us page.

Samsung Contact Numbers List

Samsung Helpline UK Contact Number
Samsung Customer Service 0330 726 7864
Corporate Contact 01932 455 000
Online Shop (New and Existing Orders) 0330 726 7467
UK Career Opportunities 0193 245 5000
Outside UK Calls +44 (0)1932 454358
Individual City Support Centres
Bristol 0117 908 1050
Cambridge 0122 331 2558
London 0207 345 5323
Teddington 0208 977 5050
Romford 0170 860 7999
Reading 0170 860 7999
Wembley 0208 903 9864
Plymouth 0175 221 3668
Belfast 0289 033 2430
Chester 0124 435 4073
Cork +353 2142 737 96
Edinburgh 0131 539 8087
Glasgow 0141 226 4082
Manchester 0161 839 4980
Sheffield 0114 327 0370
Stoke 0178 257 6933
Warrington 0192 546 7575
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Samsung UK Overview

Samsung Helpline

First founded in 1928 as a trading company by Lee Byung-Chul, Samsung UK has undergone a numerous evolution for it to become what it is today, a South Korean multinational conglomerate company. Currently, South Korea’s largest business conglomerate, the company has a number of subsidiaries and affiliated businesses under its belt, including food processing, textiles, insurance, security, and retail.

Samsung has established a number of subsidiaries. Their notable industrial subsidiaries include Electronics, Heavy Industries, Engineering, C&T, Life Insurance, Everland, and Cheil Worldwide.

The company’s main source of income, however, is its involvement in the electronics industry. It has been globalising its activities and electronic products since 1990, especially its mobile phones and semiconductors.

Have a look at their electronic products!

Samsung’s discoveries, inventions, and breakthrough products have made them into being the spearhead of the electronic products industry. They aim to share wonderful discoveries with the people of the world with their devotion to continue inventing and discovering.

Samsung Customer Service

If you have any questions, simply reach out to one of the Samsung Customer Service representative centres and you can get your answers! May your question be about issues with your device, or online shopping, or you are looking for a job!

There are several means for you to contact Samsung UK, such as:

  • Calling any of the Samsung contact numbers
  • Drop an email
  • Post a letter
  • Visit Online Support

Samsung Customer Service

There is a comprehensive team of representatives who are ready to pick up your calls and help you out in any way you need from Monday to Saturday, 9a.m. to 6p.m. By simply picking up the phone and dialling the Samsung contact number, 03307267864, you will be connected to a friendly representative to follow up with your enquiries, complaints, suggestions, feedback, and reviews etc.

If you do not feel like giving them a call is helpful enough, you are welcome to send a letter to register a complaint or even a compliment:

Samsung Customer Support
Selectapost 38
Sheffield, S97 3FJ

Other than writing them a letter, you can write them an email too. If you are from the United Kingdom/Ireland/Scotland, feel free to write anytime to obtain information or answers.

It would be wise for you to include as many details as you can regarding the issues you are facing in order to ease and help the Samsung Customer Service representative understand your problem and help you in resolving it. The representative would have a hard time trying to clue in on your issue if you mail a letter with vague details.

Samsung Helpline – Corporate Offices

Need help with your business enquiries? Have some business technical issues that you can’t quite understand? Contact Samsung Corporate Contact, 01932 455 000 and get your answers.

If you are in the mood to submit a physical letter, send it to their corporate office at the Electronics (UK) Ltd site.
Samsung House 1000
Hillswood Drive
Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0PS

For press enquiries, you should email them for more information.

Samsung Online Shop

It is entirely justifiable if you do not feel like having to go out of your house and visit the nearest flagship store to make your purchase. Samsung has taken that into consideration and offers you the opportunity to make your purchase of any device online on its Online Shop instead.

The Online Shop provides a comprehensive catalogue of its products that are available online, including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy Tab, Smart TV, and Monitor etc. To view them, simply visit their Online Shop.

Samsung Contact Numbers

For enquiries, contact Samsung helpline to access the Online Shop, 0330 726 7467. If you have already made your order and would like to track the progress of your order, simply log in to your account and you can see the progress!

However, before calling you are advised to check out their Online Shop FAQ page to see if your question is answered there. That way, you won’t have to take your time to wait for a representative to pick up your phone when the answer is already provided.

Bonus: Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Contact Samsung

The latest product is the long-running Galaxy series, which now comes in two shapes, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. There have been many variations of the phones in the Galaxy series, but the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have redefined the phone with the realisation of many possibilities that we could only imagine.

With the curved edge design, you are allowed quicker access to your custom shortcuts while having your phone fit perfectly to your hand.

You will be able to capture special moments in spectacular quality with the newly improved Dual Pixel 12MP camera – almost enabling you to feel as if you’re back in the moment when you look at the photo. You can take crispy clear photos without turning on the flashlight in the dark.

In addition, there is no need to fear that you will run out of battery upon two hours of usage. Nor should you worry about dropping it into water and risk damaging your phone permanently. With a newer design, is a better hardware assemble. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are waterproof and dust-proof, with a longer battery life along with a fast-charging capability, and an incredible processing power.

Career Opportunities

Samsung Contact Number

Samsung does not just sell, it recruits too. With numerous career opportunities for those of you who are interested in working see if your expertise matches up with the company’s requirements.

To know more about UK career opportunities, dial the Samsung contact number, 0193 245 5000.

If you are uncertain if working for the UK store is a suitable choice, you can see if there are any right jobs available for application at the Career Opportunities webpage.

Samsung Contact Number Overseas

Contact Samsung

If you are not from the UK or currently not in UK but you have general enquiries about the products and services, you can contact Samsung Helpline for Outside UK calls at +44 (0)1932 454358.

City Support Centres

Samsung phone numbers are available for every support centre throughout England. Individual city support centres have become hubs to help you in your time of need.

Samsung Customer Service

For the centre in Bristol, get in touch with a Samsung Customer Care representative on their Samsung contact number 0117 908 1050 or visit their support centre at 30 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JA.

For Cambridge, get in touch and contact Samsung Helpline at 0122 331 2558 or visit them at their support centre at 

Are you in London? Then call, 0207 345 5323 or visit them at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Unit 29a (post 42), Redriff Road, London, SE16 7LL.

For Teddington’s Centre, reach out at 0208 977 5050 or visit them at 84-86 Broad Street, Teddington, TW11 8QT.

In Romford, use this special Samsung telephone number 0170 860 7999 or visit them at Unit 1a, Tollgate House, 96 Market Place, Romford, RM1 3ER.

Samsung Contact Numbers

If visiting Reading, then contact Samsung with 0170 860 7999 or visit them at 14, Broad Street Mall, Oxford Rd, Reading RG1 7QE.

For Wembley, dial the Samsung Helpline on 0208 903 9864 or visit them at 21 London Designer Outlet Centre, Wembley, HA9 0TG.

If you are in Plymouth, get in touch using this Samsung contact number 0175 221 3668 or visit them at 156 Armada Way, Plymouth PL1 1LB.

If you are in Belfast’s call 0289 033 2430 or visit them at 29 Ann St, Belfast BT1 4EB.

Chester, 0124 435 4073 or visit them at 53 Watergate Row, Chester, CH1 2LE.

Cork, +353 2142 737 96 or visit them at 14 Father Mathew Quay, Cork, T12Ay92.

Edinburgh’s 0131 539 8087 or visit them at 107 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ.

Glasgow, 0141 226 4082 or visit them at 239 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8DL.

Manchester, 0161 839 4980 or visit them at Arndale Centre, R33 Marsden Way South, Manchester, M4 3AQ.

Sheffield, get in touch using the Samsung contact number 0114 327 0370 or visit them at 18 Commercial St, Sheffield S1 2AT.

Stoke,0178 257 6933 or visit them at 10 Tontine Square, Hanley, Stoke, ST1 1NP.

Warrington, reach out to 0192 546 7575 or visit them at Martin Dawes House, Europa Blvd, Couleward Westbrook, Warrington WA5 7WH.

Contact Samsung via Social Media

Contact Samsung Via Social Media

Being a multinational business conglomerate, it would be unusual for the company to not establish social media accounts to reach out to the more tech savvy users out there, especially the young ones. Therefore, Samsung maintains a strong social media presence to keep its users up to date with any news. Other than the contact information provided above, you can also get in touch with Samsung Customer Service through its social media outlets.

Carphone Warehouse Contact Number

Are you looking to sell, recycle or trade-in your old phone? Here’s a guide to Carphone Warehouse contact numbers through which  you can find appropriate help in finding the best possible deals. Speak directly to Carphone warehouse customer service and explore your options. You can also visit their official site to get further information on their services or store locations.

Carphone Warehouse Phone Number List

Carphone Warehouse Helpline UK Contact Number
Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 424800
Carphone Warehouse Contact Us 0370 111 6565
Sales Advice 0800 049 6250
Repairs 0800 276 1373
Geek Squad 0800 049 1067
Lifeline Insurance 0800 049 6193
Track DPD Delivery 0845 601 0411
Return and Exchange 0800 049 6248
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Ways to Contact Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse Contact Number

Planning to upgrade your phone or change your network tariff? Carphone Warehouse can help you compare and find the best deal that’s right for you. You can compare from the widest assortment of options and find the perfect combination of mobile phone, tablet, network and tariff. Contact Carphone Warehouse from any of the following channels and get answers to all your queries:

  • Email your queries or complaints.
  • Call the relevant Carphone Warehouse contact number to speak directly with a customer service executive.
  • Find the nearest Carphone Warehouse store through the store locator and pay a visit.
  • Help yourself by browsing the various help topics and frequently asked questions on the site.
  • Write a letter to Carphone Warehouse customer service.
  • Follow on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Alternatively, you can also go through the Carphone Warehouse Contact Us page to get detailed information all the possible options to reach their customer care.

Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Address

When it comes to filing a complaint or sharing a feedback about the service, sending a hand-written letter to the company is one of the best alternatives. If you too prefer this option to contact Carphone Warehouse, you can write to them at the following address:

The Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Centre; PO Box 375; Southampton; SO30 2PU

NOTE: If you are planning to send your queries or complaints to the Carphone Warehouse Helpline via post, it is suggested that you write an elaborate letter, explaining the issue in detail so that it becomes easier for the company’s representative to understand the problem and offer a quick solution. Also, do not forget to mention your details so that the support team can be in touch with you.

Carphone Warehouse Contact Numbers

Carphone Warehouse offers numerous platforms to its valued customers to maintain a healthy channel of communication in case the customers have any queries, complaints or feedback regarding their services. One of the quickest and most convenient ways to get in touch with their customer care is through Carphone Warehouse phone numbers, as listed in this guide. These can be used to connect you directly to the company representative of a particular department.

All you need to do is find the relevant department as per your query or complaint and call their customer service. If you have any general inquiry or do not understand, which department can resolve your queries, you can call 0370 111 6565 and explain your concerns. If you are planning to contact Carphone Warehouse, please keep in mind the following schedule and call accordingly:

  • Monday- Friday: 8 am – 7 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm
  • Public Holidays:  Closed

Compare Phones

Carphone Warehouse offers a wide range of mobile phones, latest tech gadgets, accessories, TV, tablets, broadband and sim cards. Customers are given the option to filter the best options and conduct a thorough analysis based on their in-depth specification before buying any product.

You can even select up to three phones to compare them side by side in order to reach a decision. The company also offers an in-store feature known as “pinpoint.” This is especially designed to help the customers find just what they are looking for. You can also compare the various deals to find the perfect fit for you. This amazing feature personalises the complete experience and helps you get your money worth. For further information, you can contact Carphone Warehouse customer service at 0370 111 6565.


Carphone Warehouse Contact Number

Whether you are due for an upgrade or you just got tired from your current network and are looking to make the switch early, Carphone Warehouse helps you get the best deal. With Carphone Warehouse you can upgrade your existing contract seamlessly, without having to worry about retaining your number, old contracts, or unpaid bills etc.

The company also helps you through the upgrade even if you have no clue about which tariff you are currently on. All you need to do is use the Upgrade Eligibility checker online and provide the necessary information. The Carphone Warehouse helpline will tell you if the upgrade is possible and also the best possible deals for you.

For detailed information about the upgrade service, you can get in touch with any agent from the Carphone Warehouse customer service centre. Just call 0370 111 6565 and all your queries will be answered by the customer care representatives of the company.

Upgrade Reminder Service

Contact Carphone Warehouse

Upgrade reminder is another unique service offering by Carphone Warehouse. By signing up for the service, you will be automatically reminded that your current network is due for an upgrade and you will also be treated with an amazing deal. Upgrading with Carphone Warehouse not only gives the advantage of getting the best price in the market, but you also get to keep your current network benefits along with some other special treats.

You can visit the upgrade service reminder section of the site for detail information or get in touch with the customer care. Alternatively, you can also explore the help section where all the frequently asked questions are already answered. As a last result, you can use the special Carphone Warehouse contact number, that is toll-free, 0800 424800.

Sales Advice

When we are faced with many great choices; deciding the best fit as per our preferences and budget can be overwhelming. Apart from that, even the not-so-tech-savvy people need help and support before buying a mobile or any other gadget so that they get their money worth. If you fall in either of the above categories of people, you would definitely appreciate a little expert help before making a purchase.

Carphone Warehouse sales advice team is always available to help customers select the right product and get the best deal. Carphone warehouse contact number representatives will connect you with a skilled and knowledgeable company representative who will guide you in making the right decision.

Call toll-free. 0800 049 6250 anytime between 8 am – 10 pm from Monday to Friday; between 8 am – 8 pm from on Saturdays and Sundays and between 10 am – 5 pm on bank holidays. This helpline also offers support in case you need help with placing an order online.

Geek Squad

Carphone Warehouse Contact Number

Despite being utterly careful and attentive, sometimes we accidentally drop our phone or spill it in water. Sometimes, we don’t even do anything but our faithful partner decides to ditch us by getting hung up every now and then or just by refusing to work.

Technical glitches and unwanted intrusions on the cell phones are just unavoidable. But its nothing that can’t be fixed. Carphone warehouse partnered with Geek Squad to help its customers with any mobile misery or tech tragedy. However old or new your phone is; no matter how big or small the issue is; Geek Squad tech experts are there to help.

Geek Squad offers certified mobile repair service, available at all the Carphone Warehouse stores. Simply call 0800 049 1067 for a quote or in-home visit.

Buying Online 

Carphone Warehouse offers the convenience of shopping from the comforts of your home through their online site. Once you place your order online, the company will send you a confirmation email and also help you track your order and delivery status. You can also order a product on phone by calling any of the Carphone Warehouse contact numbers above. If you have any questions about placing an online order you can call 0370 111 6565 and the representative will guide you through the procedure.

If you need more help with choosing a product or simply need to speak to an expert for advice, you can call toll-free, 0800 049 6250Alternatively, you can also visit the buying advice section on the site and get answers to your queries.


Carphone Warehouse Customer Service

Free next day delivery available when buying:

  • Any phone
  • A pay-monthly SIM card
  • Both with a conditional minimum requirement of £50

The company offers flexible delivery options all days of the week to fit your busy schedule. Apart from that you can track your delivery status on a real-time map, and take advantage of the delivery date-change option, in case you are not available for pick-up.

You can also go for click and collect option where you can pay online and collect your order from the nearest Carphone Warehouse store. You can learn more about the delivery options on your online purchase through the Carphone Warehouse Contact Us and delivery FAQs.

Refund and Exchange

Returning something you recently purchased through Carphone Warehouse is just as easy as purchasing it. The company offers easy returns or exchange on almost anything bought online or on phone.

Whether you changed your mind or have some other reason, you can return the product within 14 days of purchase. For more information on return or exchange go through the following:

  • Visit the return and exchange section on the site.
  • Visit the Carphone Warehouse store, where you purchased the product.
  • Contact Carphone Warehouse customer service representatives at 0800 049 6248.

All of the above three options will resolve your refund or exchange related queries.

Contact Carphone Warehouse Via Social Media

Carphone Warehouse Contact Number
Picture From

Although all your queries and complaints will be quickly resolved through the above mentioned Carphone Warehouse contact numbers or by sending an email or letter, in case you just cannot get through easily, social media will help.

You can easily bring your queries or complaints to the notice of the right company representative through Facebook or Twitter. These platforms also allow you to get regular updates regarding deals and discounts from the company and share your feedback.

Carphone Warehouse Overview

Carphone Warehouse Contact Number

Carphone Warehouse is a renowned mobile phone retailer in the UK with more than 2,400 stores all across Europe. Charles Dunstone first founded the company in 1989 when portable phones were too bulky to carry and were known as car phones. The company is now a part of Dixon’s Carphone, which is the largest independent telecommunications retailer in Europe. It specialises in offering personalised deals on mobile phone and network tariffs by comparing all the best options, both online and in-store. You can use the pin point in store feature or visit their official site to the best deal that fits your budget and preferences. Carphone Warehouse continues to be the number one independent mobile online retailer in the UK, thanks to its exceptional customer service.

Apple Contact Numbers

The following page lists down all the Apple contact numbers that you can use in order to get in touch with the company. These contact numbers will help you get in touch with Apple customer services as quickly as possible, so that you can inquire about the different services being offered by them.

Apple Helpline UK Contact Number
Apple Customer Service 0800 048 0408
Apple Toll-Free 0800 058 2222
Buy For Education 0800 912 0207
Technical Support 0800 107 6285
Beats Headphones 0800 028 2329
Accessibility Technology 0800 048 0754
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Apple Contact Us

Apple Overview

Apple is the biggest company in the world. Its range of premier products and A+ quality services means Apple products are highly desired and appreciated by its customers around the world. Ever since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the company has blown up in a big way and has been on an upward trend that has seen it surpass Microsoft and even the famed giant Alphabet to become the most valuable company in the world.

Every year Apple launches a new version of its iPhone device and also accompanying versions of the iPad,Macbook and the Watch to extreme fanfare. Every year, these devices sell out faster than any other device being manufactured by any of their competitors. You can say they have set a standard for themselves and for other companies around them. Above all, Apple is an experience, and users are hooked on its simplicity and efficiency that no other product has been able to match.

You can contact Apple UK through a number of means including,

  • calling the Apple Helpline
  • writing an email
  • sending a post letter
  • online support chats

Apple Customer Services Address

If you are looking to contact Apple Distribution Services and communicate with them through writing, we recommend that you write to the main corporate arm. The customer service address to contact Apple UK is,

Apple Distribution Services

Hollyhill Industrial Estate

Hollyhill, Cork

The Republic of Ireland

You can also write to one of the Apple retail stores near you regarding any hardware or software issues with your Apple product. The flagship retail store in the United Kingdom is located on Regent Street in London. Its address is,

235 Regent Street

London, W1B 2EL

Please be advised to include as much detail as you can in your letters so that the representatives can effectively help you in solving the issues that you may be facing. A vague or confused letter may have a hard time being properly answered and thus may suffer from a delayed or equally vague response in return.

Apple Contact Numbers

If you are looking to contact Apple via telephone, the company runs a comprehensive number of Apple helplines to help you with your queries. These centres are run and maintained by a well-trained staff who main priority is to help the company’s customers in getting the most out of their devices. Apple is a game changer and you can expect the same from their customer services as well. Here are the Apple Contact Numbers according to department.

Apple Store

Contact Apple

If you have run into any problem while using the Online Store, or are having issues with your credit card or country information, you can contact Apple customer services. You can do this either by visiting the online portal or by using the Apple contact number toll-free 0800 048 0408.

In addition to getting your complaints registered, you can also use any Apple contact us phone number to make purchases. So if you want to purchases any sort of hardware, software and also third party accessories, you know which helpline to call. The Online Store is open every Monday-Friday from 08:00-21:00 and every Saturday-Sunday from 09:00-18:00.

Connect to the online store today. You can purchase all of the products available in your region through this page including the latest iPhone 7, iPad, Macbooks, Apple Watch and also services like iTunes and TV etc.

Head over to the Apple Contact Us page to find out more about other services and forums where you can get your questions answered.

Buy For Business

If you are looking to buy products and services for your business and would like to talk to an Apple customer service representative regarding this, you can do so by calling the Apple contact number 0800 058 2222. The company offers its customers a variety of options when it comes to purchasing hardware for their businesses.

When you contact Apple you will be made privy to a variety of business services and financing solutions that you can use to set up your business. You will also get a host of options including trade-in deals and access to developer products so that you always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the digital quality of your business. Open an Apple Business Account today to get access to all of these services.

This Apple contact number is open every Monday-Friday from 09:00- 18:00. Or you can visit the official page for its Apple’s business customers.

Buy For Education

Are you a student looking to get your hands on the best Apple products available today? Well, if you have the money to do so, then it is very easy to get your hands on them anywhere in the world. Apple products are considered inherently expensive due to the quality of their build and craftsmanship. So for a student, obviously owning these products seems like a pipe dream most of the time. However, Apple does offer an exclusive service which you can use to buy products from them as a student with afforded massive discounts on products.

The educational services provide discounts to both students as well as educational institutions looking to buy their products. If you are a student or a teacher, you can contact the following Apple contact number to garner as much as £349 in discounts when buying a Macbook: 0800 048 0408. Or you can visit the education page to explore more of your options.

If you are an educational institution looking to provide state of the art technology to your students in labs and classrooms, you can contact Apple directly at 0800 912 0207. These lines remain open every Monday-Friday from 09:00-17:00 for your convenience. Visit the Apple Contact Us page to learn more.

Technical Support

If you run into a hardware or software issue with your product and would like to talk to an Apple customer care representative or Apple Genius, to sort out the issue, you can contact the technical support helpline. You can contact Apple technical support by calling 0800 107 6285.

apple contact us

Get a Genius

The official Apple retail stores around the country usually employ an in-house “Genius Bar” which is manned by a set of expert technicians who can fix your devices and also service them for you. These technicians are called Geniuses and have been extensively trained with different Apple products so that they can troubleshoot your product problems on the spot. So if the Apple customer care helpline is unable to help you out in solving your device’s problem, then you should probably make a reservation with your local Apple Genius Bar and get your device checked out.

Find your nearest Apple store in the UK by following this link or fill out this support form to find out the Genius service options available to you and then make a reservation.

Beats Headphones

In 2014, Apple acquired Beats Electronics in the largest acquisition ever undertaken by the company at a price of $3 billion. This gave Apple a foothold in the market for the production of audio products with the primary focus of Beats being on developing headphones and speaker systems. Thus Apple has acquired all of the Beats operations including any liabilities of existing or future Beats products.

So if you own any Beats equipment and are having technical difficulties with it, or you would like to make a claim regarding malfunctioning equipment including warranty claims, you can do so by calling the following Apple contact number: 0800 028 2329.

You can also contact Apple Support Online to get your queries sorted out related to different products and service including Beats Audio, iPhone, iPad and also Mac. This page not only has the answers to many of your burning questions, but also products manuals and technical articles that can assist you in getting more in-depth knowledge about your products and their different functionalities.

Apple Customer Service Beats Headphones

Accessibility Technology

In case you are unable to contact Apple customer service through the usual means of communication due to a physical disability, Apple also runs a dedicated centre for special needs users. A variety of assistive technologies is available. You can get in touch with the Accessibility and Assistive technology division of the company by using the following Apple contact number: 0800 048 0754.

To learn more about Apple Accessibility Services for a variety of products head over to this Apple Customer Support Page.

Contact Apple via Social Media

Contact Apple

You can say that Apple doesn’t really do social media. This could be considered strange for a company whose many products are designed to generate hype and what better to ramp up the advertising machine than to use social media as a foremost weapon. Still, the company does maintain a certain level of social media presence to keep in touch with its users and also provide them with timely updates about product launches and also useful tidbits and information. The following are the official social media outlets being run by the company that you can use to stay in touch with them and also keep up with all the latest products and updates.

Sony Contact Numbers

On this page, you will be able to find Sony customer services contact numbers for the United Kingdom. In addition to the phone numbers, we will also provide you with useful addresses and website links in order to guide you in the right direction.

Sony Contact Numbers List

Sony Helpline Sony UK Contact Number
Sony Customer Services Toll-Free 00800 7898 7898
UK Technology Center 01656 867020
Sony Mobile Support 037 0523 7237
Sony PlayStation 0203 538 2665
Sony Electronics 020 7365 2810
Sony Music 020 7361 8000
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Sony Overview

Sony Corporation is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. Its head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Sony has a strong tradition of creating exceptional products which are married with their relentless desire to constantly innovate.

As an entertainment company, Sony primarily provides services in the gaming, motion picture, electronic, and music industries. Sony Financial is also a key part of the company’s portfolio and provides insights into financial markets and other financial services to their customers. Sony has been a cornerstone in many pop cultural revolutions of the past few decades.

The Sony Walkman was a game-changer for the music industry due to its portability and the Sony PlayStation is the biggest selling gaming console in the World. The impact and cultural significance of many of Sony’s products cannot be denied.

The Sony helpline contact numbers centre is operated regionally in order to effectively cater to a global user base. Below are ways through which you can contact Sony UK.

Sony has always striven to provide the highest quality products to its customers. Many of their products like the Sony PS and Sony Xperia are widely praised for their design, sturdiness, and their user-friendliness.

Sony UK Customer Services Address

If you are looking to contact Sony through writing; contact their customer services department at the following address,

Sony UK Technology Centre,

Pencoed Technology Park, Pencoed, South Wales, CF35 5HZ

If you want to contact Sony Headquarters:

Sony Europe Limited – Head Office UK Semiconductor & Electronic Solutions

Brooklands Lane, Weybridge, KT13 OXW, UK

Note: Be clear and concise in your enquiries to get a good customer services response. You can write to Sony UK to discuss your product warranties, billing issues and any other problems you may be encountering with your Sony service or device. The Sony customer care centre will take care of all such queries.

Sony UK Phone Numbers

There are regional Sony support helplines for every different service including the Sony PS, Sony Mobile and Sony Music. You can find a list of the Sony contact numbers here.

Sony Customer Services

Sony Support is the regional one-stop for all your Sony-related troubleshooting needs. Highly trained and professional staff have access to the Sony technical library. The Sony Library contains a large collection of service manuals, training curriculum and other technical information which will help the Sony support to thoroughly respond to your troubles.

You will be able to contact Sony Customer care toll-free at 00800 7898 7898. This service is available Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 CET. Be sure to have the following information on you before calling this Sony contact number:

  • The model of your product
  • The serial number associated with the product
  • Your personal contact details

If you would like to get access to the Sony technical library as well, you can sign up for the Sony Pro-Assist service. To find out more about Sony Pro-Assist, click here.

Sony UK Technology Center

Sony UK Technology Center is one of the biggest manufacturing divisions of Sony Corporation in Europe. This huge Sony building not only acts as a manufacturing unit for high-end broadcast and camera solutions but also houses more than 32 startup companies.

Sony Technology Center also acts as the customer services centre for the residents of the United Kingdom. They provide service and repair solutions to customers who are experiencing problems with their Sony equipment. You can make an appointment to get your Sony device repaired or serviced by calling the help desk and making an appointment at the Sony phone number: 01656 867020.

The company utilises the latest in product repairing technology and a team of skilled engineers to make sure that your products are serviced and repaired at a lightning fast speed.

The Sony Center is renowned for its world-class equipment repair facilities and its manufacturing prowess. This electronics plant has played its part in the development of many computing and visual technologies like the LED and Raspberry Pi. In addition to this, it is also highly involved in the research and manufacturing of important devices being used around the world to improve the state of general health care on the planet.

Sony Mobile

Sony Contact Number

Sony Mobile is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation that manufactures products including smartphones, headsets, tablets, and smart watches. Its flagship products are the Sony Xperia smartphones renowned for their waterproof designs and high-performance cameras. If you are having issues with any Sony Mobile product, or would like a customer services representative to assist you in setting up your device, contact Sony Mobile support at 037 0523 7237.

The timings for this Sony contact number are as per the following schedule:

  • Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Closed Sunday and public holidays

You can also chat with a Sony UK representative by going to the Sony Mobile Chat Support or heading over to the Sony Xperia forums. There you can discuss your problems with the community.

The Sony contact number for mobile support can also be accessed through the Sony UK Technology Centre, 03705 237 237.

Sony PlayStation

Sony Contact Number Playstation

Arguably the most famous of the Sony products. Sony PlayStation has been a mainstay in the gaming consoles industry for the past two decades. The popularity of the console cannot be denied. The PS4 released in 2013 has consistently been a top seller for the company and regularly outsells its biggest opponent: Microsoft Xbox One.

We live in a World where gaming has become an important part of our lives. We play games for education as well as entertainment. So if you are having any problems with your console and would like that problem to be fixed quickly, call the Sony contact number 0203 538 2665.

The representative will be happy to assist you with any problems you may be encountering. You can also get your complaints registered.

This Sony PlayStation contact number is open every Monday to Saturday between 10:30 to 19:00.

You can also get in touch with the technical staff by filling out the following online contact form.

Sony Electronics

Sony Customer Service Television

Sony is not only world renowned for their gaming consoles but also for the high standards they set for a number of other electronic products as well. Some of the products that Sony regularly manufactures and possesses a sizable market share in:

  • Televisions and Home Cinema Systems
  • Audio Equipment
  • Static and Video Cameras

The Sony Televisions combine beautiful designs with a stunning picture quality to provide you with the best and a truly unique experience at home. They along with the Sony Home Cinema System and its flawless immersion technology prop up Sony as one of the leading manufacturers of visual technology in the World. To check out all of the Sony television products, head over to the Sony website.

Sony has always been a market leader when it comes to their audio technologies. It is not surprising that the Sony Sound Systems are still the market standard when it comes to audio quality and detail of the listening experience.

Sony has been manufacturing and providing image and video capturing devices to the motion picture industry for a long time. Their DSLR cameras easily compete with the market leader; Canon and Nikon, while never compromising on the technology. Many photographers and directors prefer Sony Cameras due to their high-resolution lenses and smart designs.

You can also head over to the Sony support page and explore, discuss and resolve your issues with the help of other Sony customers. The information available on this page is far reaching and highly useful. You will find posts discussing different products ranging from eReaders to Home Cinema projectors and a lot of information regarding the resolution of different problems.

You can contact the Sony Repair helpline using this special Sony Contact Number, 01656 860 666.

Sony Music

As an entertainment division, Sony also creates and produces media content including TV shows, movies and music. In the business of signing musicians and putting out albums, Sony Music represents different global superstars from Beyoncé to Willie Nelson. If you are looking to contact this company for any reason or to register your complaints, call the Sony contact number 020 7361 8000.

However if you want to write to them, you can also do so by sending a letter to the following address,

Sony Music Entertainment

9 Derry Street, London, W8 5HY

“Support by Sony” apps

Sony Contact Us Support

In addition to running online community forums and live chat services; Sony also has developed apps for Android and iOS to facilitate customer support. The Support by Sony apps provide their users with support manuals which they can use to quickly solve their problems. In addition to this, features such as NFC support, instant notifications and search history make the apps highly user friendly.

For example, you can simply scan your NFC compatible Sony device with a smartphone, and find all the support information instantly displayed on the phone screen. You can also receive important Sony news updates and firmware upgrades for different devices through the app.

We highly advise you to download the “Support by Sony” app and take advantage of the many services provided by the app. You can download it by following these links

Connect on Social Media

Contact Sony Today

Being a giant multinational corporation, Sony pays a lot of attention to its social media accounts. The purpose of any company’s social media account is to connect to their customer base in a meaningful and positive way. Sony’s accounts are updated regularly with the latest news and products information.

Sony also arranges a number of competitions and giveaways for its social media followers thus giving you a chance to be able to get your hands on shiny new Sony merchandise and that too free of cost! So if you want to stay updated and in touch with Sony and also be up for a chance to win exciting prizes, head over to the following websites and get connected.