SBI UK Contact Numbers

If you were to focus on banks with a large number of employees, assets, customers, branches as well as profits then SBI or State Bank of India is arguably a major player in the banking industry especially among UK residents with an Indian decent.

If you are a customer/client looking to contact SBI UK customer service as well as the various department they have without any success you are in luck as you have visited the right site.

In this post, you are going to find a list of SBI UK contact details including SBI UK contact numbers such as SBI UK customer service and mortgage team number.

SBI UK Phone Number List

SBI UK Department UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0800 532 532
Customer Service (International) 0207 454 4338
Financial Services Compensation 0800 678 1100
Mortgage Team 0844 967 1860
Mortgage Team Fax Number 0147 328 3859
Business Intermediary Development Managers (Ricky Gandhi) 0743 272 5160
Business Intermediary Development Managers (Amir Khan) 0750 666 3857
Business Intermediary Development Managers (Verona Richards) 0790 383 1001
Business Intermediary Development Managers (Sibeesh Sidharthan) 0749 313 3827
Business Intermediary Development Managers (Amanda Lammers) 0758 460 1129
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N/B: Lines open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and Sunday – Closed

SBI UK Customer Service

Customer service number is 0800 532 532. Dial it to get in touch with their customer service for all your queries and inquiries like;

  • Stolen or lost bank cards
  • Assistance with money transfers
  • How to get your hands on a MasterCard
  • Details about their current exchange rates
  • Their branch locations and their opening times

SBI International Customer Service

If you are contacting their customer service outside the UK, dial this SBI UK customer service international number 0207 454 4338.

Other than this SBI UK phone number, you can send their customer service an email at If you are looking for NRI services assistance, the email address to use is

If you are contacting their customer service team to apply for any of their services, you can avoid the hustle by applying online for their services at SBI services application page.

For questions and answers about services and products, visit SBI UK FAQ page where their representatives, as well as customers, have shared answers to their frequently asked questions.

SBI UK Financial Services Compensation

Customers seeking financial service compensation should dial SBI UK financial services compensation number 0800 678 1100 and they will be assisted accordingly.

SBI UK Mortgage Team

SBI UK Mortgage Team

The number to call for all your mortgage inquiries including existing mortgage application is this SBI mortgage team number 0844 967 1860.

A handwritten letter is also applicable when contacting them for all your mortgage queries and inquiries just use this postal address;

PO Box 1018, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 9WU

The following SBI UK intermediary page is also very handy when dealing with all things concerning mortgage services and products.

SBI UK Mortgage Fax

If you have a fax machine, the SBI UK mortgage team fax number is 0147 328 3859.

SBI UK Joining Panel / Business Development Team

If you are contacting them to either join their business panel of business development team, use the following SBI UK contact numbers;

If you are reaching out to Amanda Lammers, dial this SBI UK Intermediary Business Development Managers number 0758 460 1129. You can also send an email to her personal email address that is

SBI UK Business Alternate Contact

To contact Amir Khan, the SBI UK Intermediary Business Development Managers number to call is 0750 666 3857. To contact him via email, use this Intermediary Business Development Managers email address

SBI UK Business Intermediary Alternate Contact

You can also contact Ricky Gandhi for all things SBI UK Intermediary Business Development Managers by dialling 0743 272 5160 or alternatively sending an email to

SBI UK Business Intermediary Alternative Customer Service

The other SBI UK contact person for all things Intermediary Business Development Managers is Verona Richards. Reach her through this SBI UK phone number 0790 383 1001 or send her an email using

SBI UK Business Intermediary Representative

Lastly, you can contact Sibeesh Sidharthan for all SBI UK Intermediary Business Development Managers over the phone using this SBI contact number 0749 313 3827 or send an email to

SBI UK Head Office Address

Contacting SBI UK contact number is really simple, simply write them a handwritten letter detailing your query, inquiry or complaint and send it to their headquarters postal address, which is:

15 King St, London EC2V 8EA

SBI UK Branch Location

To help their customers access their services and products easily, SBI UK has taken several steps including setting up various branches across the UK.

To find the nearest branch near you visit SBI UK branch page. Alternatively, go through the branch list below.

SBI UK Branch Branch Contact Number
Birmingham 0121 515 0400
0121 515 0401
Covetry 0247 623 4900
East Ham 0208 470 2992
Golders Green 0208 458 3856
0208 458 3588
Harrow 0203 114 1027
Leicester 0116 242 8832
0116 242 8838
Manchester 0161 817 2530
0161 817 2536
Southall 0208 574 9833
Wolverhampton 0190 271 6050
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SBI UK Press Enquiries

The email address to use for all your SBI UK media inquiries if you are a member of the press or simply searching for information about SBI UK is

SBI UK Demat Account

The SBI UK contact detail to use for all your SBI UK Demat account is this email address so use it accordingly to get the assistance you need.

Contact SBI UK via Social Media

Given that they are active socially, SBI UK customers can get in touch with their customer service using social media. The SBI UK social media accounts to focus on are;

You can also keep up with all things SBI UK by simply following any of their three social media accounts and you will receive their updates on your social home page.

Metro Bank Contact Numbers

Founded back in 2010, Metro Bank, other than their banking services, offers the very best in customer service experience, when, how and where their customer wants it. This they have managed to achieve thanks to their various stores located across the UK.

Furthermore, these stores are open 7 days a week, 362 days a year and UK customers enjoy a 24-hour contact centre that also caters to everything internet banking.

To contact their 24-hour contact centre or any other department, use the Metro Bank contact numbers, emails and postal address shared in this post.

Metro Bank Phone Number List

Metro Bank Departments UK Contact Numbers
Customer Service 0345 080 8500
Broker Helpdesk 0203 427 1019
Business Banking 0345 080 8508
Private Banking 0203 402 8101
Recruitment 0203 402 8320
Media Team (Tina Coates) 0203 870 6109
Media Team (Deborah Lewis) 0203 427 1485
Company Secretary 0203 402 8900
Registrars 0371 384 2311
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Metro Bank Customer Service

Metro Bank UK Call Centre

This Metro Bank UK call centre number 0345 080 8500 connects you with UK call centre that is open 24/7/365, call it for all your queries and bank inquiries.

If contacting their UK call centre over the phone is not your preferred communication channel, send them an email at

If you notice some suspicious emails arriving at your email box or just suspect there is a fraudulent transaction, do notify their call centre using this Metro Bank email address

In addition to emails, you can also write their UK Call Centre online at the following Metro Bank Contact form page. They respond to inquiries or queries shared using this medium within 24 hours.

Metro Bank Broker Helpdesk

This Metro Bank broker helpdesk phone number  0203 427 1019 is another important contact detail you should always have with you as it connects you with one of their staff members in an event you have a query you want to be solved or just an inquiry you want to be clarified.

Metro Bank Business Banking

Metro Bank’s business banking number 0345 080 8508 will connect you with a reliable staff who will let you in on how to;

  • To open a new business account
  • To make all your business deposits
  • To carry out your day-to-day business banking
  • To receive accounting support for your business
  • To migrate your current Metro Bank business account

Metro Bank Private Banking

Metro Bank Private Banking

The special dedicated number for all things private banking is this Metro Bank Private Banking phone number 0203 402 8101.

Visit Metro Bank Ways To Bank page for a look at the different ways you can bank with them as well as answers to frequently asked questions about private banking.

Metro Bank Recruitment

To join Metro Bank’s team of friendly well-trained qualified staff, use this Metro Bank recruitment number 0203 402 8320 to speak with their HR team and they will direct you on how to go about applying for a position. Alternatively, you can visit Metro Bank careers page.

Metro Bank Store Locator

To find the nearest store contact details, just go through the store’s list table below and if you don’t find one that is close to you, visit Metro Bank store locator page and key in the relevant details.

Metro Bank Store  UK Contact 
Aylesbury 0203 402 7860
Basildon 0203 402 7770
Basingstoke 0203 402 7960
Bexleyheath 0203 402 8920
Borehamwood 0203 402 7530
Brighton 0203 402 7830
Bromley 0203 402 7560
Cambridge 0203 402 7780
Cheapside 0203 402 7710
Chelmsford 0203 402 7930
Chiswick 0203 402 7610
Clapham Junction 0203 402 7910
Colchester 0203 402 7950
Croydon 0203 402 7570
Ealing 0203 402 7680
Earl’s Court 0203 402 7510
Eastbourne 0203 402 7940
Edgware 0203 402 7720
Epsom 0203 402 7750
Fulham Broadway 0203 402 7520
Guildford 0203 402 7660
Harrow 0203 402 7850
Hemel Hempstead 0203 402 7640
High Wycombe 0203 402 7590
Holborn 0203 402 7500
Hounslow 0203 402 7600
Kensington High Street 0203 402 7540
King Road 0203 402 7900
Kingston 0203 402 7700
Maidstone 0203 402 7890
Milton Keynes 0203 402 7740
Milton Keynes Oakgrove 0203 402 7760
Newbury 0203 402 7880
Orpington 0203 402 7820
Reading 0203 402 7620
Romford 0203 402 7630
Slough 0203 402 7670
Southall 0203 402 7870
Southend 0203 402 7790
St Albans 0203 402 7810
Staines 0203 402 7690
Sutton 0203 402 7650
Tottenham Court Road 0203 402 7550
Tunbridge Wells 0203 402 7840
Uxbridge 0203 402 7580
Wimbledon 0203 402 7920
Windsor 0203 402 7730
Wood Green 0203 402 7800
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Metro Bank Media Team

Are you a press reporter or media enthusiast? If so, call this Metro Bank media team number 0203 870 6109 for Tina Coates

Metro Bank Deborah Contact Number

Metro Bank media team number 0203 427 1485 for Deborah Lewis to get in touch with media team for the latest press releases and news about the company.

Metro Bank Company Secretary

Metro Bank company secretary number 0203 402 8900 connects you with their official company secretary.

Not your preferred communication channel? Why not email them using this Metro Bank email address

Metro Bank Head Office

To contact head office, send them a handwritten letter to Metro Bank headquarters postal address that is Metro Bank PLC, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA UK.

Metro Bank Registrars

The Metro Bank phone number to dial for all your registrar queries and inquiries is this Metro Bank registrars number 0371 384 2311.

The company’s registrar is Equiniti Limited and you can contact them through the mail on Equiniti Limited, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA.

Metro Bank Registrar International

The following international phone number +44 (0)121 415 7095 is also applicable when searching for all things Metro Bank registrars.

Metro Bank Complaints

If you are online and want to file a complaint, use the Metro Bank feedback page where you will also get additional information on how to do just that.

Contact Metro Bank via Social Media

Get Social With Metro Bank

All Metro Bank customers, whether you have a personal or business account, can get in touch with Metro Bank customer service or any of their department using their customer service using their social media accounts, which are;

Secure Trust Bank Contact Number

You need a reliable and trusted bank to keep your money safe. You just can’t deposit your money in any account. You need a banking service provider to handle a wide range of financial requirements and services as well. Secure Trust Bank is one such name that has been providing personal banking, business banking, investor relations and other services to its customers in the UK since 1954. For more information, you can seek Secure Trust Bank helpline support by calling a Secure Trust Bank phone number, or visit their Secure Trust Bank contact us page.

Secure Trust Bank Numbers List

Secure Trust Bank Department UK Contact Numbers
Secure Trust Bank Customer Service  0345 111 7092
Close Account Customer Service  0121 683 6410
Complaints  0121 683 6444
Commercial Finance  0292 046 8900
Secure Trust Bank Head Office  0121 693 9100
 Internet Banking  0121 683 6451
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Secure Trust Bank Customer Service

If you have any kind of query to make about the bank’s services, feel free to call the Secure Trust Bank customer service number  0345 111 7092. When you call this Secure Trust Bank helpline, you will be directed to an expert who will be ready to help you out in every possible way. If you have any kind of problem while operating your account or bank card, you can avail Secure Trust Bank problems customer service by calling this Secure Trust Bank contact number UK. If you are planning to open a new account with the banking service, it is important to know that almost anyone can do this by showing his or her identity card or passport. Call this Secure Trust Bank phone number to seek any kind of Secure Trust Bank new account helpline support. As far as building a career in the bank is concerned, it is one of the top rated employers in the country. Call the same Secure Trust Bank recruitment number to find more information about Secure Trust Bank careers. You can also register with the bank as its affiliate, and promote its products and services. Call this number to gain complete Secure Trust Bank affiliate customer service.

Secure Trust Bank contact us
Contact Us

Secure Trust Bank Close Account Customer Service

Closing a bank account is also a quick and easy thing to do with the exceptional Secure Trust Bank helpline support offered by the company. They will not force you to keep the account; neither will they charge anything unreasonable. You can just call the Secure Trust Bank helpline  0121 683 6410, and a professional expert will help you close it down without any hassle. In fact, he or she will actually guide you through the process of closing down your account. For more details on how to close an account with the bank or to seek Secure Trust Bank support regarding the entire process, you can visit the Secure Trust Bank contact us page and get in touch with a company representative.

Secure Trust Bank Complaints

Although the company is renowned for offering high-end Secure Trust Bank support and customer service to its clients, you may come up with a problematic issue at one time or the other. If you have any kind of problem or complaint with the bank or its services, feel free to call the Secure Trust Bank customer care helpline 0121 683 6444. When you call this Secure Trust Bank contact number UK, a patient and polite customer service executive will listen to your complaint and try his or her best to solve your issue within minutes. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, he or she will lodge your complaint and pass it on to the higher authorities to get the best possible solution.

Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance

Secure Trust Bank has recently launched its commercial finance service for its business clients. By availing this service, you can get finance to own a commercial property for your business. After this, you will be saved from paying rents. The rates of interest that the company charges are reasonable, and are much lower than most private lenders. 0292 046 8900 is the Secure Trust Bank phone number to call if you want more information about the company’s commercial finance service or you want to avail one. You may also call this Secure Trust Bank business savings account helpline to get help regarding your business account.

Secure Trust Bank Head Office

Secure Trust Bank head office number is 0121 693 9100. You can call this Secure Trust Bank contact number UK to seek any kind of Secure Trust Bank helpline support from the company professionals. If you want to open a current account with the company or you want to close one, you can call this number to avail Secure Trust Bank current account helpline support from the experts. Whether you have got a new bank card or it has been locked due to some reason, you can activate it by calling this Secure Trust Bank helpline and asking for Secure Trust Bank activate card support. In case you have lost your card, it is important to get it blocked immediately so that no one can use it to misuse your money. Call this Secure Trust Bank lost card customer service number to block your card and keep your money safe in case of a loss of theft.

Secure Trust Bank support
Manage Your Account

There is always a daily limit up to which you can do a Secure Trust Bank money transfer. To know your limits, you can call this Secure Trust Bank customer service number to gain Secure Trust Bank daily transfer limit support from expert company representatives. The bank also comes up with attractive deals and offers from time to time. You can call the same Secure Trust Bank customer care helpline to receive complete Secure Trust Bank invoice discounting support from the authorised company representatives.

Secure Trust Bank Internet Banking

In addition to visiting a bank branch, you can also avail the company’s banking products and services over the Internet. By registering to the bank’s online account, you can view your bank statements, pay bills, transfer money, and even contact the company professionals while sitting at your home or office. You can do all this and much more even while on the go from your mobile device. If you want to avail all this service by registering to an online account, you can call the Secure Trust Bank login your account helpline 01216836451 to talk to an expert executive. They will guide you through the entire process of registering, and even after that. They will make you understand all the tools and features of Internet banking and tell you how you can use them to make the most of the benefit. If you are having trouble while logging in or using your account, you can seek Secure Trust Bank general internet banking login support by calling this number.

Following Secure Trust Bank on Social Media

When you visit the Secure Trust Bank contact us page, you will see that they are available on a number of social networking sites. When you follow them on social media, you get a chance to stay updated with their latest news and events. You may also post your query, complaint, suggestion or compliment on their social media page so that others can also benefit from your experience. They are available on the following social media platforms:

The company regularly updates its social media pages, so that you can be sure that you have not missed a single important update from the company. If you have registered to any of these social media sites, follow them on your preferred medium and stay updated about their latest happenings. This is very important if you have a personal or business account with the bank.

Secure Trust Bank Overview

Secure Trust Bank is the UK based personal and business banking service provider that was founded as Secure Homes Limited in 1954. In 1985, it became an Arbuthnot Banking Group’s subsidiary, and it was renamed as Secure Trust Bank in 1994. Recently in 2015, it started a division for asset finance, through which it started offering loans to businesses. The bank is the Main Market constituent and is also a part of the London Stock Exchange list. There are several ways through which you can come in contact with the Secure Trust Bank support team. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Different ways of contacting the company include:

  • Sending them a letter
  • Calling the Secure Trust Bank customer care helpline
  • Following them on social media

One time-tested way of getting in touch with the company professionals is to send them a written letter at their mailing address. Their head office has been located at One Arleston Way, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4LH. When they receive your letter, they immediately start working at your request and send you a suitable reply within 3-4 days. But remember that sending a letter and receiving a response from them is a time-consuming process, and can take as long as a week and even more. So, if you are not expecting a quick reply, you can send them a letter and wait for your reply. While writing your letter, make sure to raise your query or concern in clear words, and address it to the right person or department. Do not forget to mention your own address as well, so that they can send you a reply in the same mode of communication.

Ulster Bank Contact Number

Founded back in 1836, Ulster Bank has grown to become one of the largest banks in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Island. The success they have achieved over the years can be attributed to their commitment to ensuring that they offer their customers the very best when it comes to banking services and customer service.

Despite their efforts, some still find it had to contact Ulster Bank let alone know about the services that they offer. If you fall under this group and you would like to get more details about their services and contact numbers you are in luck because this article will get to highlight all their contact details including their postal address for those who would want to send them a written letter.

Ulster Bank Phone Number List

Ulster Bank Helpline UK Contacts
Ulster Bank Customer Service Number 0800 046 6486
Retail Banking 0345 366 7001
Corporate Banking 0345 366 5592
Ulster Bank Credit Cards 0800 046 6486, 0345 300 4642
Ulster Bank Insurance 0800 051 1399, 0800 085 1714
New Account Contact Number 0800 046 6486
Ulster Bank Complaint Number 0345 742 4365
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N/B: Lines open between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday & 9 am to 5.30 pm on Saturday

Ulster Bank contact number

In addition to providing Ulster Bank Helpline numbers, this article looks at these two divisions, as well as other great services offered by Ulster bank. If you would want additional information regarding the services they offer, then do visit Ulster Bank about us page where they’ve shared more details about their services.

Get In Touch With Ulster Bank

Get In Touch With Ulster Bank

Getting in touch with Ulster Bank is very simple and easy all you have to do is simply arm yourself with the right contact details, which can be an Ulster Bank contact number or even an email address. Either way, you just have to ensure that you get it right. As simple as it might sound, getting the right Ulster Bank Customer Service numbers can be a bit daunting especially if you have no clue about their services. Luckily, this article will get to share with you all the contact details you might need if you choose to contact Ulster Bank.

Their social media platforms also offer a perfect platform for those who would like to get in touch with Ulster Bank customer service via social media platforms. All you have to do is simply locate their pages (you will get details on this later on in the article) and you are good to go. You can also contact them by filling out their online contact form that you can access by visiting Ulster Bank contact us. page.

Ulster Bank Postal Address

We have already covered a number of contact methods you can use when contacting Ulster Bank customer service but there is one remaining and that is through writing letters. It might sound like the last step many of you might take but for some, it is the perfect way to contact Ulster Bank given the physical nature associated with the process of writing and sending letters.

Despite its positives, this type of communication is slow. If you happen to have a question or query that requires a faster response then it might not be the perfect communication channel to go with. If you choose to contact Ulster Bank Customer Service by writing them a letter below you will find all the postal address details you need.

11-16 Donegall Square E, Belfast BT1 5UB

Ulster Bank Customer Service Number

Ulster Bank Customer Service Number

If you are looking for a simple way to contact Ulster Bank for any reason whatsoever, be it inquiries about their products and services, complaints or even opening new accounts, then their Ulster Bank customer service number 0800 046 6486 is perfect for you. By simply dialling this Ulster Bank contact number, you will receive assistance from their friendly well-qualified customer service on whatever question or query you might have.

Ulster Retail Banking

Ulster Retail Banking

One great service offered by Ulster Bank is their retail banking service. With this service in place, they offer individuals and small businesses in the UK with private, direct and branch banking. Several key features stick out whenever you mention this three. For instance, if you were to take up their direct banking service you will receive direct product offerings and direct access to mobile and internet banking.

For private banking, customers of Ulster bank receive day-to-day banking services tailored to meet all their requirements. For more details on this great service, feel free to contact Ulster bank using the following Ulster Bank contact number 0345 366 7001. You could also see more details regarding this service by visiting Ulster Bank retail banking page.

Ulster Bank Corporate Banking

Ulster Bank Corporate Banking

Other than their retail banking service, they also do offer corporate banking that is specifically dedicated to the corporate world or as some would say big companies and corporations in the UK. Other than giving out valuable advice regarding money management, they also help corporate firms with money and treasury market services.

Other services companies can benefit from are online banking and asset financing. You can get more details regarding this service, including whom to contact when your company is ready to take up this service, by simply clicking on this link. You can as well give them a call using the following Ulster Bank helpline numbers 0345 366 5592.

Ulster Bank Credit Card Service

Ulster Bank Credit Card Service

Getting a credit card can come in handy especially during holiday seasons when you plan on surprising your friends, family members and loved ones with a gift. Unfortunately, some banks make it extremely difficult to get your hands on a credit card. If you are looking for a bank that is not going to disappoint you when it comes to matters credit cards then do ensure that consider the credit card service offered by Ulster Bank.

The process is simple and you might just end up having your credit card in a matter of days. For more details on this great service, feel free to contact Ulster bank by using the following Ulster Bank phone numbers 0800 046 6486, 0345 300 4642. Their online platform is also a perfect avenue for you to learn more about their credit card services. To access this platform, simply visit Ulster Bank credit cards page.

Ulster Bank Insurance

Ulster Bank Insurance

Ulster Bank offers a number of insurance services to their customers. For example, if you are their customer, you can opt to go with home insurance, car insurance or even travel insurance. If you need any clarification regarding their insurance service, you can contact their customer care team by using the following Ulster Bank contact numbers 0800 051 1399 and 0800 085 1714.

When speaking to one of their representatives, feel free to open up and ask them any question you might have as this will assist them to help you make the right decision. You can also get details about this great service by simply visiting their online website where they have set up a dedicated page with all things Ulster Bank insurance.

Opening A New Account

New Account

Do you have a bank account? Are you keen on opening one? Well, if you answered yes to any of this two (especially both of them) the best move will be to get in touch with their accounts department. By doing so, they will be able to assist you with all details you might need before opening your new account. The best thing about this service is the fact that there are various accounts you can choose to open.

If you are a student, you can go for a student account and if you are planning to open a small business account there an account that will suit you perfectly. Contacting their accounts department or Ulster Bank customer service is very easy, all you have to do is simply contact them using the following Ulster Bank Helpline number 0800 046 6486.

Ulster Bank Complaint Number

Ulster Bank Complaint Number

In the business world, complaints tend to come up from time to time. To handle these complaints, organisations or companies usually have a dedicated team that deals with them. The same is also true for Ulster Bank as it does have a special dedicated team to handle all complaints their clients might have quickly. If you happen to have any complaints regarding their services or products, simply use the following Ulster Bank complaint number 0345 742 4365 to address your issue and you will assist you accordingly.

Get Social With Ulster Bank On Social Media

Get Social With Ulster Bank On Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming an avenue for companies to interact with their customers or clients and Ulster Bank is no different. They have set up social media accounts where they share details about their services and products with their clients.

If you would like to keep up with all things Ulster Bank, simply follow any of their social media pages and all posts they make are going to appear on your home feed. You can also use their social media accounts to get in touch with them if you had any question about their services or products. Below is a list of their social media accounts.




Get Their Mobile Application

Get Their Mobile Application

You can also take Ulster Bank everywhere you go by simply getting and installing their mobile application. Some of the benefits associated with having their mobile application installed on your phone are being able to check your balance from practically anywhere, make payments, send money and even check your banking statements online. If you have an android or

If you have an android or Windows-powered smartphone or even an iPhone you will be happy to know that they have an application that is compatible with our phone.  They also do have an application for those who use BlackBerry.

Vanquis Bank Contact Number

Having a bad credit is something many people fear and for good reason. If you were to have bad credit, many financial institutions will turn you down if you go knocking at their door for financial assistance. That said, there are certain institutions that take it upon themselves to help individuals who have bad credit. One such institution in the UK is Vanquis Bank.

If you have a bad credit and you would like to contact Vanquis Bank Customer Service for assistance, you will find this article extremely useful because it will highlight all the Vanquis Bank Contact Numbers you might need. For more details on services offered by Vanquis Bank do visit Vanquis Bank about us page.

Vanquis Bank Phone Number List

Vanquis Bank Helpline UK Contacts
My Vanquis Account 0330 099 3000
Credit Card Advise 0800 781 9660
Credit Cards for Bad Credit 0330 099 3000
Credit Cards for Discharged Bankrupts 0330 099 3002
Low & Minimum Wage Credit Cards 0162 323 2323
Credit Cards for Divorced & Separated people 0330 099 3002
Vanquis Bank Complaints Department 0330 099 3000, 0800 023 4567
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 N/B: Lines open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday & 9am to 5.30 pm on Saturday

Vanquis Bank contact number 0330 099 3002

For more details on their services do visit Vanquis Bank website. In the meantime, this article will get to share with you all the Vanquis Bank contact numbers that you might need in an event you seek their services.

Get In Touch With Vanquis Bank

Get In-touch With Vanquis Bank

Contacting Vanquis Bank Customer Service is very easy especially if you have the right contact details. In addition, know the various departments they have is a plus, as this will help in contacting the right person or department with your questions. For a quick call, reach out to them using the following Vanquis customer service number 0330 099 3000.

You can also choose to contact Vanquis Bank using email or by filling up their customer form which you can find on Vanquis Bank contact us page. If you are socially active and would like to contact Vanquis Bank, you will be happy to know that you can contact Vanquis Bank using this platform. They are very social online and very active so all you have to do is simply send them a message and await the response which normally doesn’t take long.

Vanquis Bank Postal Address

If you would like to take a more physical approach when you choose to contact Vanquis Bank, then writing a letter is the perfect method to pick up. There are several pros associated with this means of communication especially when contacting Vanquis Bank Customer Service, for instance by choosing to write and send them a letter you can specifically address it to a certain individual in the company knowing that there is a high chance that they are going to read it.

Despite its pros, it lacks one major key feature and that is speed. Sending them a letter might result into you waiting long periods before receiving a response from Vanquis Bank. That said, make sure you use another means of communication if you an urgent question or query to ask Vanquis Bank customer service. For those who would like to send them a letter below, you will find their postal address.

Vanquis Bank
Pembroke Court, Vanquis Bank Ltd Fifty Pembroke Maritime CHATHAM 4EL, 397 High St, Gillingham, Chatham ME4

My Vanquis Account

My Vanquis Account

If you are going to interact with Vanquis Bank then you will have to create an account with them. If you happen to have an account with them, you will be able to do a number of things. For example, you can easily build your credit rating with them, you can make payments if need be using your card, you will be able to protect yourself from fraud and last but not least you will be eligible for their credit limit increase program.

In addition, having an account with them will see you receive valuable information such as how to use your visa card abroad and much more. Based on this information, you can tell that your account is very important. In fact, the team at Vanquish Bank is also aware of this and as such, they do have in place a team that will assist you with all things opening a Vanquis account. If you need assistance on your Vanquis Account then do give them a call using the following Vanquis Bank contact number 0330 099 3000.

Credit Card Advice

Vanquis Bank Credit Card Advice

Credit card advice is another great service/program offered by Vanquis Bank. If you choose to take it up then you will receive great advice on all things credit card. Some of the advice you will receive include details on whether they have the right credit card for you, advice on how you can be able to improve your credit rating, advice on credit card security and even how your credit card is calculated. You will also get tips and tricks on how to manage your finances.

If you would like some credit card advice from Vanquis Bank then feel free to contact them using the following Vanquis Bank Contact Numbers 0800 781 9660. Additionally, you can Contact Vanquis Bank by simply filling out their contact forms at Vanquis Bank contact us page.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Vanquis Bank Credit Cards for Bad Credit

One question many people with bad or poor credit card always ask is whether they are able to receive a credit card with their bad credit. If you are looking for an answer to this question the simple answer is yes. In particular, you can with Vanquis Bank. The people at Vanquis Bank believe that a poor or bad credit I not reason enough for you to be denied a credit card especially given the setbacks that we have from time to time in our lives.

For more on how you can be able to get your hands on their credit cards then do contact Vanquis Bank Customer Service using the following Vanquis Bank Phone Number 0330 099 3000. You can also get assistance or apply for their credit card online by simply visiting Vanquis Bank contact page.

Credit Cards for Discharged Bankrupts

Credit Cards for Discharged Bankrupts

One negative associated with being bankrupt is the inability to get a credit card. This usually goes on even after serving the 12-month period set out as UK’s bankruptcy period. In most cases, lenders pre-judge your ability to repay your credit card based on your passed bankruptcy regardless of whether or not it happened due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Vanquis bank is not quick to judge when awarding credit cards to individuals who have been bankrupt, in fact, they take pride in helping you rebuild your credit ratings after your tough times. If you would like assistance with this great service, feel free to contact Vanquis Bank using the following contact details 0330 099 3002.

Low & Minimum Wage Credit Cards

Low & Minimum Wage Credit Cards

Do you have a low income or even minimum wage and you’ve been forced to deal with the struggles of not qualifying for a credit card? If so, there is a solution for you in Vanquis Bank. They do know that accessing credit cards for individuals with low or minimum wage is extremely hard and that is why they’ve set their very own service that caters to this particular group of people.

With their service, you are in a position to receive a credit card limit of between 150 to 1,000 pounds. For more details on this great service do contact them using the following Vanquis Bank helpline number 0162 323 2323You can also reach out to them and even apply for this service online.

Credit Cards for Divorced & Separated people

Credit Cards for Divorced & Separated people

In addition to being emotionally challenging, divorces or separations can have a bad impact financially for both parties. In most cases, you might find that people end up having a damaged credit rating following a divorce or separation. In some cases, many women find themselves with no credit history given that their husbands were the ones in control of the money in the house.

If this happens to be you then you and you are seeking financial assistance then you can contact Vanquis Bank customer service using the following Vanquis Bank contact number 0330 099 3002 and they will be able to assist you accordingly.

Vanquis Bank Complaints Department

If you have any complaints regarding the service offered by Vanquis Bank then a perfect communication channel to use will be their dedicated Vanquis Bank Complaints department 0330 099 3000. Here you will be able to speak with a representative who will answer all the questions that you might have regarding their services.

In addition, they will listen to your complaints and if they are in a position to assist you or comment, they would do so. If you feel a bit short-handed after calling them you will be happy to learn that you can call another company, in particular, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) by using the following numbers 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.

Vanquis Bank On Social Media

Vanquis Bank On Social Media

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, you can also interact with Vanquis bank on social media if you happen to have queries about their services. In terms of preference, it’s best to try and communicate with them using their LinkedIn page compared to the other social media accounts that they have. That said, their social media accounts offers a perfect platform to keep up with all things Vanquis bank.




Yorkshire Bank Contact Numbers

We have created this page especially to give you complete details of Yorkshire Bank contact numbers, along with their customer care, helpline and other ways of contacting them. For further details, you can access the Yorkshire Helpline.

Yorkshire Bank Phone Numbers List

 Yorkshire Bank Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Telephone & Internet Banking (24/7)  0141 951 7315
Branch no :- (xxx= sort code)
 0141 9582xxx
 Main number  0141 951 7315
 Card Services: Lost & Stolen (24/7)  0141 951 7315
Customer Services  0141 951 7315
 York branch  0141 958 2994
Cleckheaton branch 0141 958 2373
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Owned and operated by CYBG plc as a trading division of the Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank is operational in England, especially its northern regions including Yorkshire. Headquartered in Leeds, England, it is a major financial services provider in the country. Some of its major services include banking, personal loans, credit card, insurance and mortgages. Being operational since 1859, this bank has a huge customer base and more than 150 years of experience in serving the masses. It prides in offering an excellent customer service through its different modes of contact. There is a long list of Yorkshire Bank contact numbers that you can call as per your geographic region and your individual purpose of calling. If you feel confused about which number to call, we are going to help you here.

Yorkshire Helpline
About US

There are different ways of contacting Yorkshire Bank:

  • Visit your nearest branch
  • Send them a snail mail
  • Call them on their Yorkshire Bank contact numbers
  • Send them an online query
  • Have a live chat with their executives
  • Contact their Financial Care Team
  • Use their App ‘B’
  • Connect on Social Media

Yorkshire Bank mailing address

The bank has around 165 branches across 147 different locations. The headquarter of the bank is located at

94 Albion Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6AD

The bank opens from 10am to 4pmand remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You can find the exact location of the bank’s head office through this Google Map. Zoom in to find a complete route to the location from your place.

There is an online branch locator through which you can use to find the Yorkshire Bank branch nearest to you. The bank is centralised, which means that you can visit any branch of the bank to carry out your transactions. In addition to branches, you can also use this tool to find ATMs and business and private banking centres of the bank near you.

If you are looking for a branch with specialised facilities, like ramp access, Saturday opening, hearing loop, audio ATM or self-service facilities, you can check the boxes and search. There are executives employed at each branch, whom you can contact to receive any kind of Yorkshire Bank support.

There is a long list of Yorkshire Bank Contact Numbers that you can call in case of a query or requirement. You can find their Yorkshire Bank Customer Care Helpline numbers at their website. There are special emergency contact numbers that you can call in a case of the loss or theft of your credit card, or if you suspect a fraud. Apart from these, there are other Yorkshire Bank Contact Numbers that you can call as appropriate to your queries, like Internet banking, credit card service, personal loan inquiry, PPI, existing mortgage enquiry or branch information.

Some of the Yorkshire helpline numbers are available 24/7, while others can be called only during office hours. They offer a Minicom service as well, that has different numbers for registration, and for registered users.

If you are contacting the Yorkshire Bank Customer Care Helpline by phone, make sure that you keep all your account details, card details and other important information ready in hand. You may need to enter the information as and when needed. Before revealing any important information, the customer care executive may also ask for a personal identification number that you will have to provide. So, keep all these handy with you while calling.

How to Contact With Their Financial Care Team

The bank has a special Financial Care Team that is always available to help the customers. The Yorkshire Bank phone number to send them a general query can be called from Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm, and on Saturdays between 8am and 5pm. For mortgages related queries, you can contact the team through their Yorkshire Bank phone number between Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 4.30pm.

You can also send an email to the bank’s Financial Care Team at However, they may not check their mail regularly, and you may expect a late response. Also make sure not to share any confidential information over the email, as online transfers of information may be subject to fraud and theft.

The mailing address for the company’s Financial Care Team is

Yorkshire Bank

Financial Care Team, 20 Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8NZ

You can send them a written mail at this address and wait for a suitable response.

Yorkshire Bank phone number
Financial Care team

Telephone and Internet Banking

You can enjoy the benefit of Yorkshire Bank telephone banking by using calling at Yorkshire Bank phone number dedicated to telephone banking. With this facility, you can do an entire range of banking jobs, including transferring money, check account balance, pay bills, cancel direct debits, change address, change, cancel or modify pending orders etc. As it is a 24 hour Yorkshire Bank helpline number, you can call them at your own convenient time and place.

As far as Internet banking facility of the bank is concerned, all private, personal and business customers can register to this service. Once you have registered, you can log in to your Internet banking account and carry out a whole range of banking jobs, including balance inquiries, fund transfers, transactions history, know credit card transaction details etc. For more queries and to register to the telephone and Internet banking facilities of the Yorkshire Bank, call them at 0141 951 7315

Yorkshire Bank Contact Numbers
Telephone and Internet Banking

Branch Number

You can directly contact a Yorkshire Bank branch by dialling 0141 9582xxx, followed by the branch’s last 3 digits of the sort code. The Sort code is a 6-digit number that banks use to facilitate money transfers between their different branches. To know the sort code of your bank’s branch, you can log on here.

Yorkshire Helpline
Branch Locator

Main number

Call 0141 951 7315 which is the main Yorkshire Bank phone number that allows you to talk with the bank executives directly. Whether you want to make a query about opening an account in the bank or want to know your nearest branch, you can call this 24/7 customer service number from any place and at any time. You can also call this number to find out any other number you want to contact particular section of the bank.

Card Services: Lost & Stolen

Your card is a very sensitive financial document, and it needs to be kept protected all the time. But in case you have lost your card or someone has stolen it, it is extremely important to get it blocked immediately. After blocking the old card, you need to apply for the new card as well, which will reach your doorstep within a few working days. If you have lost your card under any circumstances, call this 24/7 Yorkshire Bank helpline at 0141 951 7315 to notify the bank about it.

Customer Services

Another Yorkshire Bank phone number you can call is their customer services number which is 0141 951 7315. This number allows you to make any kind of queries related to the banking service of the bank, including account opening, registering to mobile banking or Internet banking, loans, mortgages, insurance and others. With this Yorkshire Bank helpline, you can access 24/7 customer service facility of the bank.

York branch

In addition to the Leeds head office, the bank has a number of branches across the globe. As far as its York branch is concerned, it is located at 46 Coney St, York YO1 9NQ, UK. The branch remains open on all working days from 9.15am to 4.30pm. It opens on Saturdays from 9.15am to 4.00pm and remains closed on Sundays. Some of the facilities available at the York branch include audio ATM, ATM facility, self-service facility and hearing loop. For more information about the Yorkshire Bank York branch, you can call their number 0141 958 2994

Cleckheaton branch

Cleckheaton is another main branch of Yorkshire Bank, situated at:

12 Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 3RJ

The branch remains open on all working days from 9.15am to 4.30pm. It opens on Saturdays from 9.15am to 4.00pm and remains closed on Sundays. Facilities available at this branch include audio ATM, self-serve facility, ATM facility, hearing loop, access and others. It is a full-service bank branch that offers kinds of banking services that Yorkshire Bank has to offer. For more details about the Cleckheaton branch, call their Yorkshire Bank phone number 0141 958 2373.

Yorkshire Bank Support through Social Media

With an understanding of today’s customers having an active account on social media, Yorkshire Bank also keeps its customers updated with their online presence over different platforms. You can follow them at:

  • Twitter: Find the latest news, comments and local connections of the bank by following them @YorkshireBank. For Yorkshire Bank support and queries, follow them @AskYorkshire.
  • Facebook: Like their Facebook page to stay updated about the bank’s latest offers, activities and Yorkshire Bank support.
  • LinkedIn: Find their Yorkshire Helpline and support at to know about their latest business events, developments and forecasts.
  • YouTube: Take a look at to view the company’s latest activities and events

Use these online social media platforms to stay updated about the company’s latest offers, events and achievements.

NSandI Contact Number

NSandI (National Savings & Investments) is the oldest and trustworthy saving and investment organisation in the United Kingdom and operational since 1861. It is not a bank but a government department and simultaneously an Executive Agency with the mission to mitigate the cost to the taxpayers of government borrowing. Are you looking for their customer service number? Don’t worry, if it is cumbersome for you to find all the relevant phone numbers of your service provider at one place to make an enquiry, here on this page you can find almost every NSandI contact number. For additional information, you may visit their official website.

NSandI Phone Number List

NSandI Helpline UK Contact Number
General Enquiries 0808 500 7007 
NSandI Customer Number 0800 092 1286
Information Protection 0162 554 5745
Financial Ombudsman 0300 123 9123
Financial Ombudsman service 0800 023 4567
Textphone 0800 056 0585
Overseas +44 1253 832007
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How to Get in Touch?

NS&I Helpline

Earlier, the agency offered most of its services by posts but from 1 August 2015, it has become exclusively direct business and deals with its customers online and on the telephone to reduce interaction cost. They have an award-winning customer service team for the wholehearted assistance of their clients. If you have any enquiry to make, you can contact NSandI in a variety of ways:

  • Call on the NSandI Contact Numbers, mentioned above
  • Tweet them
  • Visit their official website
  • Download Mobile App
  • Write a Letter
  • Social Media

You can get in touch with them via any of the above-mentioned NSandI customer numbers.

Postal Address

Some people enjoy writing and correspondence and consider it very effective for the resolution of their enquiries. More importantly, you can download different useful Forms related to their various services and post it to them to this address. The agency also permits its customers to write them a letter, if they have any query regarding their services. You can send your letter and Forms on the following address:

G58 1SB

Remember to include in your writing the following details:

  • Your Name, Address, Date of Birth and Telephone Number
  • In case of address or name change, your previous Address or Name
  • Any of your reference numbers such as Account Number, Bond Number, Certificate Number, NSandI Number, Holder’s Number or Customer Number
  • Add details of your Account such as nature of your Investment, Start Date and present Amount in the Account
  • Authenticate your letter by signing it appropriately

Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are just like lottery bonds and enter every month into the lucky draw for tax-free prizes. The lucky number is selected randomly with the help of an equipment called Electronic Random Number Indicator (ERINE), the range of the prizes is from £25 to £1,000,000. If you need money, you can also use your Premium Bond as cash, the government guarantees to buy them back on request of the holder. The bonds are to be held for a whole calendar month before they become eligible for the lucky draw. To invest in the Premium Bonds, you must have minimum £100 or maximum £50,000 per person, the Bonds can be bought at any time. The winners are apprised on the first day of the month and the Prize Finder online list is updated on every third or fourth day of the month. These Premium Bonds are for the masses who want 100% security for their invested money and desire prizes which are tax-free with no interest rate. Anyone whose age is 16 or over can buy these bonds.

If you are the existing customer of these Premium Bonds or want to buy the one, or you have any enquiry related to these bonds, contact NSandI customer number 0800 092 1286, and for general enquiries call on the NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007.

Have You Won the Prize?

It is exciting when you buy a bond and wait anxiously for the monthly lucky draw and anticipate if you win the prize. The agency has made it simple for its customers to know easily whether they have won any prize or not. Register yourself online on their official website and check for the detail related to your bond number. By getting yourself registered on their website you can find, if you have won a prize in the current month, and anything in the former six lucky draws, or any unclaimed prizes older than 18 months. You can also ascertain the above-mentioned details regarding your bonds by downloading their Prize Checker App for your mobile and keep yourself updated with every detail on the go. For enquiries concerning your prize, contact NSandI helpline number for general queries 0808 500 7007, or NSandI contact number 0800 092 1286

Keep Track of Your Investment

NS&I helpline

As human is to err, you can lose the details of your investment record or unfortunately, if the person who has invested passes away. In such cases, the agency provides it amazing Tracking Service for the recovery of your secured investment. If you have lost touch with the agency over the years and know nothing about the whereabouts of it. Not to worry, all your savings are secured with HM Treasury and their free Tracing Service will enable you to reclaim your highly secured money with them. They have so far reunited more than 300,000 customers with nearly £600 million. Although it is recommended not to lose contact with the agency and let them know in a timely manner, if you have changed your address or your name to avoid any inconvenience. If you are stuck with an unfortunate incident and lost the details, you can reclaim your saving by providing any of the details mentioned as hereunder:

  • The record of your Bond or the Bond itself
  • Their Worth
  • From where and when you bought these Bonds
  • Holder’s Number
  • The NSandI Number
  • Your New Address or Name

There is no date limit to claim the prize you have won. But in a case of the person who owns this Premium Bond has died, the claim would be valid for 12 months from the date of the death. Afterwards, the Bond will no longer eligible to win a prize.

For any assistance contact NSandI customer service number 0800 092 1286 and for general enquiries dial NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007

Online and Phone Service

NS&I contact number

The company has a useful and convenient tool of online and phone service for their customers. By having an account online or by phone you can easily handle your account details regularly and that too with instant access. You can manage the following details of your investment or savings with them:

  • View your Investments
  • Have an Eye on your Transactions
  • Manage your Account Details
  • Choose to have Transferred Premium Bond tax-free Prizes Directly to your Bank Account

Once you registered yourself, it will become way easier to invest more and have complete control of your account. For further enquiries, feel free to contact NSandI helpline number 0808 500 7007 and NSandI contact number 0800 092 1286.

Download Forms

The company has various popular forms that can be downloaded and duly filled by the customers to ask for any assistance or to avail any of their different services. You can also apply for most of their services and make a complaint online, but numbers of their services require to be carried out by filling a form. You can download forms by visiting the Downloads & Forms page on their official website.

If you have any complaint or enquiry to file, get in touch with them instantly on NSandI helpline number 0800 092 1286, for general enquiries, dial NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007.

Update or Change My Account Details

NS&I Customer Service

Most of the customers face this difficult question, when they travel to some other place and have their address changed or when they change their name. The company cares about its customers and understands their hurdles in way of their investments or savings and has made it user-friendly for its customers to inform them of any change in your account details. If you have an online registered account you can update your new details comfortably. Otherwise, the other options to inform them about your current details is to download a form by visiting the Download and Forms page and send it to NSandI customer service address.

If you are faced with any predicament, ask for help by dialling NSandI helpline number 0800 092 1286, for the general enquiries you may dial NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007. They have a dedicated and award-winning NSandI customer service team in place, which is equipped with every minute detail of all the services they offer. The team will guide you appropriately throughout the process and help solve your enquiry in a timely fashion.

Escalate Your Enquiry

The company tries its best to provide you with an amicable solution for your investment and savings within 8 weeks. If you feel annoyed and unhappy with the provided solution of your enquiry, the agency permits you to take your enquiry to a higher level and refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for independent and judicious resolution of your dispute. The Ombudsman will take into account both sides, the company side and your complaint. And then it will deliver the verdict acceptable to both the parties. You can dial NSandI contact number for Financial Ombudsman Service from landline 0800 023 4567 and NSandI helpline number from your mobile 0300 123 9123.

Investment Account

Want to have an investment secured with HM Treasury? Just open your investment account initially with £20 and maximum £1 million per person. If you have more than one investment account the gross amount cannot rise above the maximum limit. The interest rate varies and credited annually to the account on 1 January each year. The statement about the interest that you have accumulated in a year will be sent to you annually in the month of January. You can also open a joint account or merge your account with another person’s account and the investment limit will automatically be increased up to £2 million. If you have to withdraw or deposit your money into an investment account, the agency allows you to do it by post only. By the way, you can also view your transactions, current balance and other detail if you have an online registered account on their official website. To apply for the Investment Account, you must be 16 years of age or above it. For any enquiry related to Investment Account, you may dial NSandI customer service number 0800 092 1286 or 0808 500 7007.

Contact NSandI via Social Media

NS&I Customer Service

It is a blessing to have your service provider on any of the social media websites because you can catch them on the go. The social media has engulfed almost everyone including the young and the old, the company also takes general enquiries and keep their customers updated about the existing and upcoming improvements and features of their services. In order to contact NSandI on social media you can visit any of these sites as followed:

The Cooperative Bank Contact Number

There are banks, and then there are ethical banks. An ethical bank is a bank that concerns itself with the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans. For one, the ethical bank movements involve ethical investment, impact investment, socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility, fair trade movement, ethical consumerism, and social enterprise. Ethical banking can also be known as social, alternative, civic, or sustainable banking.

While ethical banks are regulated by the same authorization as the traditional banks, ethical banks share a common principle, which is obsolete transparency and aims that are targeted towards social and economic responsibility. Their profit margins tend to be narrower than the traditional ones.

In the UK, the most prominent ethical banks that are running are Charity Bank, Islamic Bank of Britain, Reliance Bank, and The Cooperative Bank of UK. This article will be focusing on The Cooperative Bank, or simply Co-op. You will be seeing a list of Cooperative Bank contact numbers that will allow you access to the Co-op customer service team, whilst also learning the other methods that you can contact Cooperative Bank.

Cooperative Bank Phone Number List

Co-op Bank Helpline UK Contact Number
Co-op Customer Service 0345 721 2212
Calls from Outside UK +44 1514 941 260
Credit Card 0345 600 6000
Co-Op Bank Mortgages 0800 234 6761
Britannia Savings 0800 132 304
Insurances 0344 249 9981
Business Current Accounts 0345 721 3213
Business Credit Card 0345 606 6701
Business Online Banking 0345 601 9938
Fixed Deposit Support 0345 603 2921
Debt Management 0345 600 3550 (Managed Accounts)
0345 600 1170 (Collections)
Foreign Services 0345 755 8888
Co-Op Bank Contact Us Support 0345 765 4654
CHAPS Support 0345 604 4533
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Cooperative Bank Customer Service

Co-op customer service number

The Cooperative Bank makes themselves a bank with flexible accessibility so that customers will not have any trouble in their attempts to acquire services and assistance from the bank. They are always in the process of upgrading their services, branches, and online facilities to make things easier for their customers.

Their branch offices are equipped with hearing induction loops to make things more accessible to their customers who are hearing impaired. Card readers are also set up to have larger keypads, while ATM machines are now enabled with high contrast screens and talking functionality. For customers who have difficulties with keypads or memorising numbers, the Co-op bank helpline will provide special chip and signature cards.

The Co-op customer service team has been providing exceptional services to their customers that their customer feedback is often – if not always – positive and praise abundant. They are always looking to put their customers at the heart of what they do.

If you have any general enquiries get in touch by calling the Co-op customer service number on 0345 721 2212. International callers ought to call the Co-op bank contact on +44 1514 941 260. You can also dial this Cooperative Bank contact number to lodge a complaint. The bank will do their best to rectify the issues for you and not repeat the same mistake. These numbers are open for calls 24-hours every day of the week.

Apart from that, you can visit the nearest Co-op Bank Commercial Banking Centre for face to face advice. Their full addresses and phone numbers are available on the Co-op Bank Contact Us page.

Nevertheless, if you wish to contact Co-op Bank via letter, remember to send it to this address:

Customer Response
The Co-operative Bank Plc.
1 Balloon St
M60 4EP

Credit Card

All it takes is 10 minutes to apply for a credit card from the Co-op. It is straightforward and easy. As usual, they will run a credit check on you and then they will inform you of the status of your application within five days of submitting the form. The basic eligibilities for a Co-op credit card is to be at least 18 years old, a UK resident, and have an income 0f £10,000 or more per annum.

To learn more about Co-op credit card, call the Co-op bank contact for this department on 0345 600 6000. This is also the Cooperative Bank contact number to call if you wish to apply for one.

Co-Op Bank Mortgages

co-op contact number

Mortgages can be complicated, but that’s what the Co-op is here for. Their main purpose is to make things as simple and straightforward as they can be, while giving you the best price there is to a mortgage. It’s not difficult to get a Mortgage in Principle from the Co-op; you just have to place a call to the Co-op customer service number on 0800 234 6761, which only takes 30 minutes or less.

The Co-op bank mortgage agent will ask you about your accommodation details, employment details, financial details, and purchase requirements. They will also run a background check, which is usual for applications such as this.

Britannia Savings

Britannia Savings used to be a savings arm of The Cooperative Bank, but they are currently on the move to a single Co-op brand, which can raise some complications for the customers and the bank at the same time. You can find the Brittania Savings information on this web page on the official Co-op website.

While they in the process of moving and incorporating, you can get in touch with the Cooperative Bank contact number on 0800 132 304 if you have any questions about it.

Co-Op Bank Insurances

Co-op bank helpline

With Co-Op Bank insurances, you can go about your life reassured that your properties and possessions are under strict protection. They provide insurance covers like car insurance, home insurance, and young driver insurance. These insurances are each tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

You can get in touch with the Co-Op customer service number on 0344 249 9981 to acquire detailed information about their insurance products. This is also the Cooperative Bank contact number to call if you wish to get a quote.

Business Services

The Co-Op Bank offers a series of multipurpose services for businesses as well. They aim to help you in running your business with an easy flow.

You can reach out to the Cooperative Bank contact number for business current accounts on 0345 721 3213 for more information.

Fixed Deposit

The bank offers you the option to place a fixed deposit online. This is a commercial online banking service that will give you direct access to your business or personal accounts online. Fixed Deposits online are secure and you will be getting a fast and accessible online banking experience.

To learn more about this service, you only need to call the Co-op customer service number on 0345 603 2921.

Debt Management

Circumstances in life can take a turn abruptly and land you in a pile of hot mess that you never expected to be in. The Co-op Bank wants to help you in the financial aspect if you ever find yourself in this undesirable situation.

You can discuss by contacting the Co-op customer service number on 0345 600 3550. They will do their best to manage your account and assist you in sorting out the financial difficulties that you may be facing. When you are ready to pay your debts with the bank, you only need to call the Collections department on the Cooperative Bank contact number 0345 600 1170.

Foreign Services

Do you currently have offshore businesses? Can they be a hassle when you are handling their finances? Do you wish that there’s just someone who can help you with the finances?

The Co-op provides Foreign Services to those who are dealing with an international workplace and need their financial transactions to be dealt with efficiently and responsibly.

If you wish to be a part of their Foreign Services, do not hesitate to reach out to the Co-op bank phone number on 0345 755 8888.

Relationship Account Support

If your problems do not necessarily require the expertise of a Relationship Manager, the Relationship Account support team can offer their assistance in your issues. They are on hand to deal with your enquiries via phone calls from 8a.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday, on this Co-op bank helpline 0345 765 4654.

CHAPS Support

CHAPS, the Clearing House Automated Payment System, is a service from the Co-op bank mortgage centre to help you in making sure that your suppliers or employees are paid on time, or that funds are credited to your business accounts. It enables the direct transfer of money between bank accounts.

Reach out to the Cooperative Bank contact number 0345 604 4533 to enquire further about this exceptional service of theirs.

Contact Cooperative Bank via Social Media

Contact Cooperative Bank

Through the official social media accounts, not only will you get regular updates about the bank, you can also contact the Co-op customer care department.


The Cooperative Bank of UK, also recognised as the Co-op Bank, is a retail and commercial bank that provides high street and internet banking, current accounts, mortgages, savings accounts, credit cards, and loans. They were founded as the Loans and Savings Department of the Co-operative Wholesales Society back in 1872, and evolved themselves into what they are now by providing customers with viable alternatives to their competitors.

Given that the Co-op is the seventh-largest lender in the country, it will be natural that their main income comes from the interest charges of the loans they have made. The bank even turned out to place the fourth rank in the British Bank Awards 2016.

They market themselves as an ethical bank, avoiding investments in companies that are somehow related to the arms trade, fossil fuel extraction, genetic engineering, animal testing, and use of sweated labour. Their major commitment is to pave the way to ethical, environmental, and community development in the banking industry. The Co-op aims to turn about a positive difference in the lives of their customers and the communities. They want their cooperative values to be distinguished as an efficient and financially sustainable ethical bank in the UK.

Following are the various means to reach out to The Cooperative Bank:

  • Call the Cooperative Bank contact numbers given above
  • Send a letter
  • Drop them an email
  • Begin a live chat
  • Social media

Santander Contact Number

The Santander Group is a financial group based in Spain. The group has expanded to such an extent that they have numerous acquisitions operating worldwide, including Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia.

Santander UK, or Santander, is one of the most successful banking companies in the UK. You will find a list of Santander contact numbers that you can dial to reach out to Santander customer service team. There will also be descriptions of other methods for you to contact Santander aside from calling.

Santander Phone Number List

Santander Helpline UK Contact Number
Santander Customer Service 0800 389 7000
Mini Account 0800 030 4154
Savings Account 0800 032 4601
Investment Accounts 0800 328 1328
Account Management 0800 912 3123
Loans 0800 092 2212
Business Loans 0800 313 4482
Online Banking Support 0800 917 9170
Credit Card Application 0800 389 9905
Credit Card Support 0800 181 4181
Lost or Stolen Card +44 1512 648 725 
Mortgages 0800 068 6064
Existing Mortgages 0800 092 3881
Business/Start-Ups 0800 068 7010
Business Account Management 0800 731 6666
Complaints 0120 262 9161
24-Hour Payment Line 0120 256 0996
Press Office 0779 965 2418
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Santander Customer Service

Santander customer service

The banking company’s most applauded feature is that they have everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of financial service you need – from personal accounts to investment services – Santander will be able to provide a product that will certainly satisfy your needs.

Santander is known for their provision of impressive customer support in the UK; one of the reasons being that it is very easy to get in touch with Santander. Customers can always have full faith that the company’s representatives will be friendly and helpful once contacted.

The bank has made sure that there will not be a hint of negligence in terms of offering assistance to their customers, while also making it easy for the users to get used to their support team lines. You don’t even have to worry about having called the wrong number because a representative will be there to help redirect you to the right department.

If you have any general enquiries about banking and require assistance, feel free to contact Santander customer service on 0800 389 7000. You are advised to have your account number ready.

You can also choose to write a letter instead:

Santander UK
2 Triton Square
Regent’s Place
United Kingdom
Find their email information on the Santander Contact Us web page if you wish to send them an email instead.

Before getting in touch with Santander customer care team, it will be wise for you to check out the Santander FAQ page first to see if your problems have already been solved. This is to save time and to increase efficiency.

Santander Current Accounts

Santander cares for the customers’ individual needs, hence they have opened up a wide range of current accounts that are free for customers to choose from. Plus, they make your process of switching accounts to Santander hassle-free and without a cost.

Their current account choices include 1|2|3 Current Account, 1|2|3 Lite Current Account, Everyday Current Account, Choice Current Account, and Basic Current Account etc. These accounts are all tailored to suit customers’ individual requirements with varied features that will certainly satisfy the customers.

If you wish to apply for a current account, contact Santander on 0800 389 7000 to learn more about each account’s benefits, and terms and conditions. Their most basic current account benefits include cashback on household bills, overdraft control fees, and steady income payment allocations.

The bank also provides mini accounts that are created to avail even the young ones to put in savings before hitting adulthood. Their mini accounts are flexible and adaptable, developed to be safe and controlled so that little to no financial damages can be inflicted upon them.

You can apply for their mini accounts, such as the 1|2|3 Mini Accounts and the Student and Graduate current accounts, by using the Santander contact number 0800 030 4154.

These phone lines are open from 8a.m. to 9p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Santander Savings

Contact Santander

Savings accounts are created so that people can plan for their future and be able to prepare for any future financial hazards that might occur. However, some savings accounts do not allow for flexibility or even a fixed term for a guaranteed rate, unlike Santander’s saving accounts.

Santander’s saving accounts allow customers to have instant access to their accounts, online or otherwise. Their saving accounts are built to be eSavers so that customers can have access to them whenever and wherever they want, without the restraints usually imposed by other banks.

If you wish to apply for a savings account from Santander, like a Regular eSaver, Everyday Saver, or a Fixed Term Bonds, please reach out to the Santander helpline 0800 032 4601 to learn more or apply.

Santander Investment Accounts

Santander contact us

When you plan for your future, you must find an ideal balance between savings and investment. You need to have a knowledge of where is best to allocate your funds and how long you should have them allocated for.

Santander provides a service where they can help you set up your investment accounts and advice you on the best investment choices in order to save you from any financial situations that are undesirable. Their representatives are well-trained in this department and will offer the best advice they can give.

To learn more about this spectacular service, reach out to the bank on the Santander contact number 0800 328 1328 toll-free. Email option is also available, of which the information can be found on the Santander Contact Us page.

Santander Account Management

You can always manage your accounts through your existing Santander online accounts. However, should you ever feel the need for manual support to manage your accounts, you can call for help through this Santander helpline 0800 912 3123.

Santander Loans

Santander Loans are created to help you realise your dreams with a low-interest rate. Regardless if you want to finally purchase your dream car, buy a new home, consolidate your debts, organising a special event, or for other reasons than these, Santander will always have a solution for you.

Business dreams can also be made true with Santander Business Loans. The options range from working capital loans to corporate and commercial lending. All they ask from you is a persistent and responsible attitude.

When you apply for a loan from the bank, they will perform a credit assessment of your circumstances, which means a background run on your credit. This may affect your interest rate, but only in a minimal way.

Interested in a loan from Santander UK? Feel free to learn more about their loan products by calling them on the Santander phone number 0800 092 2212.

Business loans information can be acquired if you contact Santander on 0800 313 4482.

Santander Online Banking Support

Online banking can be a tricky thing. If you’re a tech savvy, then you won’t have a hard time navigating Santander’s online banking service. Nevertheless, if you wish to seek support from Santander regarding this service, you only need to call this Santander contact number 0800 917 9170.

Santander Credit Card

With Santander, you can easily choose a credit card that is right for you. They currently have three credit card choices – All-In-One, Everyday, and Zero – that are specifically designed to suit each one of their customers. They have got everything covered, from interest repayments to travelling expenses.

If you wish to enquire about Santander’s credit cards or to apply for one, get in touch with Santander customer service on 0800 389 9905.

Do you need help with your credit card? Feel free to call the Santander contact number 0800 181 4181 toll-free for assistance.

In the case that you find your card lost or stolen, do not hesitate to reach out to the Santander helpline +44 1512 648 725 to file a report and request for a replacement.

Santander Mortgages

Buying houses is an important step, regardless of how many houses you have already purchased in the past. Santander wishes to help you make the right choices and purchase the right mortgage that will best fit you and your new home.

Reach out to Santander contact number on 0800 068 6064 if you interested in a Santander mortgage for the first time.

Santander Business/Start-Ups

Santander contact us

Santander is recognised as the best for business savings and start-ups. They have been taking care of business customers since their launching and without fail, they have managed to help keep their customers afloat with their beneficial business accounts.

If you wish to apply for a business account with Santander, phone them on the Santander contact number 0800 068 7010 to learn more about the process of it.

You can look for assistance in managing your existing business account by contacting the Santander phone number 0800 731 6666.

If you prefer to email them about their business accounts, you can find their email information on the Santander Contact Us website.

Contact Santander via Social Media

Contact Santander

Apart from reaching out to Santander customer service by calling, emailing, and sending letters, you can always seek them out through the social network outlets they have established.


Santander started with three constituent companies, which are Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester, and Bradford and Bingley. It was rebranded as Santander UK when the Spanish conglomerate, Santander Group, acquired all three companies and combined them into one. However, their management is done entirely autonomously with their own management team.

As of today, Santander is one of UK’s leading personal financial services provider, especially mortgages and savings. The bank has hired over 20,000 employees, gathered 14 million active customers, with almost 1,010 branches and 50 corporate centres across the country. The bank provides a full range of personal, business, and corporate accounts, such as current accounts, mortgages, credit products, savings, and investments. These products have all been lauded by public for being easy and complete.

To contact Santander, just do one of the following:

  • Dial the Santander phone numbers provided above
  • Visit the Santander Contact Us page for full contact information
  • Send them a letter
  • Write them an email
  • Social media

RBS Contact Number

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group) is a banking and insurance holding group in the UK, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have offices located in Europe, North America, and Asia. It is the second largest bank in the UK and Europe, receiving significant support from the UK government, which holds and manages a 73% stake through UK Financial Investments (UKFI), as of August 2015.

This post will catalogue a complete list of RBS telephone banking numbers that will allow you to reach the RBS support team and other departments. There are also other ways to reach out to RBS that won’t require you to pick up the phone and dial the numbers provided below.

RBS Phone Number List

RBS Helpline UK Contact Number
RBS Customer Service Scotland 0345 724 2424
+44 131 549 8888
RBS Customer Service England 0345 900 0400
+44 131 242 0017 (Abroad)
RBS Customer Service Wales 0345 900 0300
+44 118 373 2181 (Abroad)
Lost or Stolen Card 0370 600 0459
+44 1268 500 813 (Abroad)
Personal Credit Card 0370 333 9091
+44 126 850 8018 (Abroad)
Business Credit Card 0370 154 1234
+44 370 154 1234 (Abroad)
BusinessOne 0345 300 8460
+44 345 300 8460 (Abroad)
RBS Telephone Banking Number 0333 202 3332
+44 131 278 3507 (Abroad)
Mortgage Queries 0800 056 3220
Existing Mortgage Enquiries 0800 056 0567
+44 121 629 0739 (Abroad)
Personal Loan 0800 148 8331
Existing Loan 0345 030 3216
RBS Contact Number for Fraud 0800 161 5150 (Personal)
0345 300 3986 (Business)
0800 161 5153 (Personal Credit Card)
0800 161 5164 (Business Credit Card)
Silver Membership 0345 607 5154
+44 2392 666 062 (Abroad)
Platinum Membership 0345 609 0456
+44 2392 668 827 (Abroad)
Black Membership 0345 266 8801
+44 2392 668 814 (Abroad)
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RBS Customer Service

RBS customer service

RBS not only operates from traditional storefront branches; they perform phone and internet banking as well, along with “mobile” branches in the rural areas. As of now, they have a total of nineteen “mobile” branches in the shape of vans.

The company only has one simple but strong objective – to serve their customers well. Their bank’s core ambition is developed on consistent, high-quality customer service that has rarely, if ever, let any of their customers down. They vie to be trusted, respected, and valued by their customers, shareholders, and communities.

They earn all these by focusing on their customers’ needs and ensuring that the customers are on the receiving end of excellent customer care.

If you have an account or are interested in setting up an account in Scotland, you can reach the local RBS contact number on 0345 724 242. For calls from outside of UK, please contact RBS helpline on +44 131 549 8888.

The RBS phone number for the England customer care team is 0345 900 0400. Overseas callers can reach out to RBS through this RBS telephone banking number +44 131 242 0017.

In the case that you are located in Wales, call the RBS helpline for local users on 0345 900 0300, while customers from abroad should reach this phone number +44 118 373 2181 instead. RBS phone numbers for customer care are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

If you wish to submit your general enquiries by letter, remember to send it to this address:

Royal Bank of Scotland
36 St Andrew Square
United KingdomYou can seek for email information on the RBS Contact Us page if you wish to send them an email instead.

However, before you reach out to RBS for support, you are advised to log onto their FAQ web page to check if your queries have already been solved. This way, you can save a lot of time and solve your problem easily.

Lost or Stolen Card

Credit or debit cards must be kept safe at all times. Otherwise, you may encounter severe financial hazard if someone else has access to your cards without your permission or knowledge.

If you realise that you lost your card or your card have been stolen, do not hesitate to lodge a report to the RBS contact number 0370 600 0459. If such an unfortunate incident occurred abroad, you must contact RBS phone number for international callers on +44 1268 500 813. The company will terminate access to your card immediately and request a replacement card.

RBS Personal Credit Card

RBS helpline

The banking company issues personal credit cards that are rewarding and tailored to meet your requirements. They aim to build a bank that does not ask for much from you but gives you all you need without much hassle.

If you are interested in applying for a reward credit card from RBS for personal use, get in touch with them on the RBS telephone banking number 0370 333 9091 to learn more about it. For overseas callers, the RBS helpline to dial is +44 126 850 8018.

A Silver membership for a personal credit card allows you to acquire travel insurance, protection benefits for your mobile, and lifestyle benefits such as two-for-one meals. Learn more about this by calling the local RBS contact number 0345 607 5154 or the international number +44 2392 666 062.

Apply for a Black membership and you are entitled to substantial spending power with specialised travel benefits, along with refunds or an annual fee. More information will be given to you if you contact RBS on 0345 266 8801 or +44 2392 668 814 for callers from abroad.

If you are Platinum account holder, you can have mobile and worldwide travel insurance. In addition, RBS also provides car breakdown cover. Do call the RBS telephone banking number on 0345 609 0456 or +44 2392 668 827 for overseas calls for more information.

If you find yourself to be a victim of fraud, do not hesitate to report to them on the RBS helpline 0800 161 5153 or 0800 161 5153 to report it.

In the case that you prefer emailing to calling, their email information is available on the RBS Contact Us page.

You are encouraged to peruse RBS’ Digital Banking to manage your personal credit cards if you are already an existing customer. Their website will provide more details on the feature.

RBS Business Credit Card

RBS telephone banking number

An RBS Business Credit Card allows you to run your startup business with a turnover of over two million pounds. You can get up to 45 days of purchases free of interest once an application has been approved and you have paid your balance in full.

Interested in applying for a business credit card? Contact RBS helpline on 0370 154 1234 for more details. Callers from abroad ought to dial the RBS contact number on +44 370 154 1234.

To be eligible for an RBS Business Credit Card, you ought to be a UK citizen of at least eighteen years old. Your registered business address should also be in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or Gibraltar.

You must report to this RBS phone number 0800 161 5164 or 0345 300 3986 if you find yourself to be a victim of fraudulence.

Full contact information can be found on the RBS Contact Us page.

RBS BusinessOne

Contact RBS

Apart from the usual personal credit card and business credit card, RBS also offers another kind of credit card service called BusinessOne. A BusinessOne card allows you to do it all: travel, entertainment, and general business expenses.

To learn more about this particular service, feel free to get in touch with the local RBS contact number 0345 300 8460.

RBS Private Banking Manager

Private Banking is an exclusive service established to make your banking management easier and more private.

You will have a personal Private Banking Manager to help you along the way of managing your funds. Your Private Banking Manager will always have the latest updates or offers and happy to assist you in any matter.

Feel free to reach out to your Private Banking Manager anytime through this RBS telephone banking number 0333 202 3332. Customers from abroad can also call for a Private Banking Manager on this helpline +44 131 278 3507.

Send an email if you prefer it; their email information is available on the RBS Contact Us page.

RBS Mortgage Queries

RBS can help you a lot with your mortgage if you have a contract with them. Borrowing from them will not hurt your credit score at all as they will have people calculating the ideal amount for you. An RBS mortgage allows you the opportunity to be transparent with them and vice versa.

For general enquiries about RBS mortgages, you can contact RBS phone number helpline on 0800 056 3220.

RBS Loans

RBS contact us

RBS loans allow you to borrow at a lower interest rate compared to other banking companies or loaners. You can work out an ideal loan quote using the online calculator that RBS provides.

The range of a loan from RBS is between £1k and £25k, with an ideal repayment schedule that is tailored to your financial situation. RBS loan quotes will not affect your credit score in any way, so do not worry about it.

If you have any enquiries about their loan products, reach out to RBS on their RBS telephone banking number 0800 148 8331 toll-free.

Contact RBS via Social Media

Contact RBS

Aside from calling, emailing, and sending them letters, you are encouraged to receive updates or get in touch with RBS via the social media accounts they have established.

RBS Overview

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is a retail banking conglomerate in the UK, subsidised by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group). There are more than seven hundred branches under the RBS, mainly based in Scotland, and others in large towns and cities in England and Wales. It is an entirely separate entity from the Bank of Scotland, which is older than the RBS by a total of thirty-two years.

RBS operates a wide range of banking services for both personal and business use, private banking, and corporate usage. Each and every member of the RBS team is essential to provide the best banking services to their customers, hoping to serve the citizens well and make their lives easier. The banking company takes risks very seriously and will never dare to play with customers’ funds.

They are a member of the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Limited, Bankers’ Automated Cleaning Services Limited, the Clearing House Automated Payment System Limited, and the LINK Interchange Network Limited. It is also authorised by the Financial Ombudsman Service to run its operations.

To get in touch with RBS customer service, you only need to do one of the following:

  • Dial the RBS contact numbers in the list above
  • Send them a letter
  • Write them an email
  • Social media