Bright House Contact Number

Bright House Contact Number
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When it comes to all things rent-to-own, then there is one company that definitely stands out from the rest and that is Bright House. In fact, it’s estimated that they have over 270,000 customers in the UK who use their services on a regular basis. Other than their services, this number, as well as the growth they’ve achieved over the years, can be attributed to their exemplary customer service who are always ready to assist their customers when need be.

If you are a Bright House customer or simply someone who would want to enjoy the services offered by Bright House, you can go about contacting their customer service in a number of ways. That said, this post will get to highlight all Bright House contact details including Bright House customer service number. You can also visit Bright House contact us page for more details on how you can get in touch with them if need be.

Bright House Phone Number List

Bright House Helpline Support UK Contact
Bright House Customer Service Free Number 0800 526 069
Bright House Corporate and Jobs Centre 0192 348 8200
Bright House Fax Number 0192 348 8202
Bright House Media Inquiries 0207 404 5959
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N/B: Lines open on Monday To Saturday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Bright House Customer Service Number

If you happen to have queries or inquiries about the products and even services provided by Bright House, do address them with one of their representatives using the following Bright House customer service number 0800 526 0690. Before placing the call, make sure that you have a good amount of information about your query or inquiry as this will enable them to help you a little bit faster. In addition to the contact details shared on this post, you can contact their customer service by simply visiting Bright House contact us page.

In addition to contacting their customer service using the Bright House helpline support number shared above, you can also visit Bright House FAQ page before placing your call to their customer service. In most cases, you might find that there are other customers with similar queries or inquiries and the best part is, these queries or inquiries are usually addressed.

Why Get In Touch With Bright House

Ensuring that their customers are in a position to contact them is one of Bright House major campaign and as such, they’ve taken and set up various measures that enables their customers to easily communicate with them when in need. That said, there are three commonly used means of communication by their customers. The three are through phone calls, social media and writing them a letter. Regardless of the communication method, you settle on, you are bound to receive a response from their customer service detailing how you can go about solving your problem or inquiry.

However, its good to point out that these communication channels do have their own limitations and pro. For example, if you settle on contacting Bright House by writing them a letter, you should know that this means of communication is relatively slow. In fact, a good number of their customers tend to avoid it especially when they have queries or enquiries that require an immediate or fast response. Below you will find a detailed look into these communication channels in terms of how you can use them to contact Bright House.

Bright House Headquarters Postal Address

One way you can contact Bright House is by writing them a letter. If you opt to go with this communication channel, you will need their postal address. If this is something you already have, then well and good, if not, make sure that you get it below. Before sending your letter there are a few things you need to check.

For starters, you need to ensure that you have the right postal address written on your letter, failure to have this might result in you sending your letter to the wrong recipient. You should also ensure that you include your contact details. By contact details, I mean your name and your postal address.

If you are feeling a little generous, you can go on and give out your phone number as well. This information, especially your postal address, is of great importance because Bright House will use this information to send you a response. In general, writing letters tend to be slow and as such, it is advised that you seek other communication channels if you have something that needs a direct and fast response. Below you will find Bright House postal address.

Bright House, 121 Parker Dr, Leicester LE4 0JP, UK

Bright House Complaints Number

Bright House Complaints Number

Customers to happen to have any complaints regarding the services or products offered by Bright House can address them with their complaints department by simply dialling the following Bright House complaints number 0300 123 9123. When you place the call, there will be a representative on the other side of the call ready to assist you with your complaints. In addition to the Bright House phone number shared above, you can also address your complaints with Bright House by simply filling out their complaint forms. You can find these forms at Bright House complaints page.

Bright House Finance

For queries or inquiries related to finance, do get in touch with their finance department by dialling the following Bright House Finance phone number 0800 526 0690. You can also use this number to seek finance assistance when it comes to purchasing any of the products offered at their online store.

When you dial the Bright House contact number shared above, there will be finance representative from their finance department who will take you through some of the different finance payment options they have in place for their customers. In addition to this number, you can also visit Bright House Finance page where you will find a great deal of information about their payment options including how to apply for finance.

Bright House Delivery

Another great service offered by the team at Bright House is their delivery services. Upon getting your hands on any of the items on their store, customers have the option of having those products delivered right to their doorstep. If you happen to have any inquiries about this particular service, feel free to get in touch with their customer service using the following Bright House delivery phone number 0800 526 0690.

You can also address any queries that you might have with their delivery service using this Bright House contact number. If you have questions about their delivery services, it is advised that you visit their frequently asked page as you are bound to find answers to your delivery questions right there without necessarily having to contact their customer service.

Bright House Returns

Don’t like what you received? Well, if your answer is yes then you will be pleased to know that Bright House does have a return policy that will see you return your purchased item. If you happen to have queries or inquiries surrounding their returns policy, do address them by dialling the following Bright House returns phone number 0800 526 0690. In addition to this phone number, you can also find details regarding their returns by simply visiting the following Bright House Return page.

Bright House Payment

There are a number of payment options set up by the team at Bright House for their customers. This they’ve done in an attempt to make the whole process of online shopping simple and easy for their customers. That said, there might be issues that might arise with their payment services. If this happens, do contact them using the following Bright House payment phone number 0800 023 4567. You can also use this number to get in touch with them if you have any inquiries about their payment options.

Bright House Store Locator

Still, on their attempt to ensure that they make it easy for their customers to access their products, Bright House has set up a number of stores countrywide. If you have inquiries about these stores or even queries do address them with them by simply dialling the following Bright House customer service number 0800 526 0690.

You can also find details about a Bright House store near you by simply visiting Bright House store locator page. In fact, this is the easiest way you can take up when searching for a store near you. All you have to do is simply type your zip code and you will get details of all stores that are close to you.

Below is a list of their different store numbers. For the full list, do visit the following Bright House Store Finder page.


0122 459 5417


0125 439 8634

Acocks Green

0121 708 2370


0125 231 2374


0177 352 0038


0125 921 5551


0126 435 0096


0124 144 2621


0123 366 4466


0167 085 6677


0161 339 6559


0129 632 0072


0129 261 8856


0124 866 0523


0122 673 0630


0127 132 1900


0122 982 5004


0144 644 2221


0126 852 6066


0125 632 7600


0123 435 0077


0117 953 1147


0208 301 0300


0164 239 5121


0190 249 8075


0151 666 2046

Bishop Auckland

0138 860 9300


0125 469 5137


0125 362 6919


0149 522 1981


0190 845 3421


0192 240 0415


0167 054 0988

Bognor Regis

0124 321 4403


0120 453 5080


0151 933 5171


0120 230 1105


0120 531 0727


0134 436 0060


0127 472 5722


0113 236 0361


0148 282 8484


0165 676 6569


0127 845 2002


0126 267 7022


0127 367 6822


0117 954 4736

Bristol Kingswood

0117 244 6115

Bristol Knowle

0117 370 0702


0208 460 8500


0115 927 9009


0128 283 9449


0128 354 6629


0161 797 9451


0191 224 2773


0292 080 5321


0154 350 0051

Cardiff Canton

0292 039 7919

Cardiff City Centre

0292 042 1821


0141 883 8063


0122 852 0092


0126 761 0752


0197 766 8117


0141 634 6272


0163 440 9404

Chelmsley Wood

0121 788 0004


0153 050 3521


0123 643 6133


0120 676 2008

Colwyn Bay

0149 255 0449


0120 758 9572


0153 626 5252


0124 284 4421


0124 440 0077


0191 387 5533


0124 634 3921


0125 726 8815


0141 941 1771

Coulby Newham

0164 287 6297


0247 663 4622


0186 544 1021


0129 355 1122


0127 084 9100


0208 686 9086

Crystal Peaks

0114 248 0498


0123 645 3191


0163 386 0714


0208 595 6703


0207 249 2269


0132 528 2937


0132 222 2270


0133 229 9131


0192 446 7433


0130 234 1191


0130 421 5100


0138 424 2235


0138 931 0764


0138 726 1111


0138 222 6177


0138 362 5243


0158 247 1962


0191 370 9799

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Contact Bright House On Social Media

Contact Bright House On Social Media

In addition to all the contact details already covered in this post, you can also contact Bright House customer service using their social media accounts. For this, you will have to find their social media accounts. Once you’ve accomplished this, all you have to do is simply leave or post a message on their wall and they will get right back to you with a response. If your message is a bit private, you should consider sending it to them directly via the message feature.

In addition to contacting their customer service, Bright House customers can also use this platform to keep up with all things Bright House. For this, customers have to follow either one or all their social media pages. By doing so, you will be able to receive all posts Bright House posts on their page right on your social media home feed thus ensuring that you will never miss anything Bright House especially if it was shared on their social media platforms. Below you will find all their social media pages.





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