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Betfair has steadily grown and established itself as UK’s leading online sports betting operator. They do offer a number of betting services to their UK customers such as betting on all sports, arcades, live casino and even exchange games and Vegas slots. Get answers to most of your Betfair questions without contacting their customer service by simply visiting Betfair help centre page.

If you would like to take up any of their services or simply communicate to a member of their staff, you will find this post to of great use as it gets to highlights a number of Betfair contact details including the all-important Betfair contact numbers.

Betfair Phone Number List

Betfair Department UK Contact Number
Betfair Customer Service 0344 871 0000
Betfair Contract Ireland 180 094 4000
Betfair Contract International +44(0)203 059 8888
Betfair Dublin Offices 180 023 8888
Betfair London Head Office 0208 834 8000
Betfair Telephone Betting Ireland 180 071 9915
Betfair Telephone Betting UK 0844 871 5000
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N/B: Lines open Monday to Sunday 7:30 am to 12:30 am

Betfair Customer Service

Betfair helpline number for customer service department

Have questions regarding their services and offers? Get in touch with Betfair customer service contact number 0344 871 0000 and have all your questions resolved.

You can as well visit Betfair help and support page to send email on their online platform. You can also use their live chat feature by visiting any of their online platforms.

You can contact Betfair customer service in three ways, you can choose to give them a call (typical answer time 30 seconds), use their online live chat feature (typical answer time 30 seconds) or send them an email (takes between 2-4 hours to respond).

Betfair Communication Department

Betfair Contract UK

Are you a resident of Great Britain and want to approach the company via electronic mail? If you are sending them an email, send it to this Betfair customer service email address You can narrate all the details of your enquiry and send it to the address mentioned above.

Betfair Ireland Contact Number

If you are calling from Ireland with regards to their contracts, use the following Betfair contract Ireland phone number 180 094 4000.

Betfair International Enquiries

Dial this Betfair contract international phone number +44(0)203 059 8888 if you are a Betfair customer calling outside the United Kingdom with queries and inquiries to speak with one of their friendly staff members.

Betfair Dispute Resolutions/Complaints

If you are still dissatisfied despite raising your complaint with their customer support team, you can choose to escalate the matter even further by emailing in order for management to look at it.

If you are not fully satisfied with the services or products offered by Betfair and as such have a complaint to make, do visit Betfair help home page for details on how to contact them.

Betfair London Head Office

UK Betfair customers with queries, complaints or inquiries that need the attention of their head office can and should use the following Betfair London head office number 0208 834 8000 to speak to one of their staff members.

If you plan to send them a letter, use the following Betfair London head office postal address Paddy Power Betfair, Waterfront, Hammersmith Embankment, Chancellors Road (access on Winslow Road), London, England W6 9HP, United Kingdom.

Betfair Telephone Betting

Use this Betfair telephone betting phone number 0844 871 5000 if you are leaving in the UK and have questions surrounding Betfair telephone betting or maybe have a complaint that you would like to bring to their attention.

Betfair Betting from Ireland

If you are leaving or calling them from Ireland concerning their telephone betting services, dial the following Betfair telephone betting number 180 071 9915 and they will assist you accordingly and in good time.

Betfair Developer

If you are a Betfair developer and have questions or issues surrounding their development program, they do advise that you visit Betfair developer support page before initiating any communication with them.

If you are contacting support regarding your account, send them an email to

Betfair Affiliates

Betfair contact number for affiliates

If you are a Betfair affiliate, access you account by visiting Betfair affiliate account page. If you have queries or inquiries about their affiliate program, use the following email address:

Calling Tips to Contact Betfair

The preferable contact timings are from Monday to Sunday 7:30 am – 12:30 am. You can also email the if you do not have the facility of telephone around you. Otherwise, you may wish to catch them via social media as followed below.

Contact Betfair via Social Media

Betfair customer service contact number for Twitter social media account

If you prefer a more social approach when contacting Betfair, then look no further than their social media accounts. Like most business, Betfair is very active online and as such, you can easily reach out to them using this avenue.

To do this, simply locate any of their social media accounts and post your complaint, query or inquiry message and they will get back to you. Below is a list of Betfair social media accounts.

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