Next Employee Portal Customer Service Contact Numbers

Next Employee Portal Departments UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0116 319 9038
Head Office 0333 777 4577
Customer Enquiries 0333 777 8000
Technical Support 0333 777 4510
Merchandise Enquiries and Product Loans for London Based Media 0333 777 8098
Merchandise Enquiries and Product Loans for London Based Media Fax 0845 456 7818
PR National 0333 777 8098
Alternate PR National 0773 804 5527
Press Officer 0207 034 2464
Senior Press Officer Home 0207 034 2471
Press Officer Fashion 0116 284 2352
Social Media Manager 0116 284 3214
Senior Social Media Co-ordinator 0207 034 2474
Next Stores 0333 777 8911
Investors & Corporate 0333 777 4577
Complaints 0333 777 8247
Unresolved Complaints 0333 777 4582
PR Manager 0116 284 3169
PR Manager Alternate 0774 089 4919
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Next Employee Portal Customer Services

Next Employee Portal customer services number is 0116 319 9038 available from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm Monday to Thursday, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Friday to Saturday and 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Sunday. The company has more than 49,033 employees and they maintain all their record in a well-organized manner to avoid any inconvenience to their valued employees. You will be calling this number if you are an employee with Next or you are trying to register with them. Basically, if you are facing any issues with signing up or you do not understand something, giving them a call would get you enough help. Likewise, after you have signed up with them and some issues come up like you are not able to manage your account or you suspect some unusual activity, their customer services team would be very helpful. In case you have forgotten your password or even if you have not received a confirmation email after you have registered, you can let them know and relevant assistance can be asked for on the mentioned number. Any help with respect to employee portal can be gotten from here.

Next Employee Portal Customer Enquiries

Next Employee Portal customer enquiries helpline number is 0333 777 8000. If you are an employee of this company, they have a complete record of their workers on a separate website portal. You will have your very own user name and password. By signing in you can access information like payslip, holiday booking, payment history, your company profile, and other special features offered by this organization. It means that you have the freedom to access all you official information record and archive from anywhere and the only requirement is the internet access.

How to Contact Next Employee Portal?

The company maintains a large number of customers. Likewise, it also manages a variety of contact channels for the convenience of its customers. Probably, you may find it difficult to find the contact methods of the company on their official website, but worry not, we have arranged a list of contact channels as hereunder:

  • Visit their official Contact Us page
  • Fill a complaint form
  • Send them an email
  • Dial any of the concerned number given above
  • Sign up on their official website
  • Book a callback
  • Follow them on social media
  • Next live chat
  • Write them a letter
  • Visit the nearest store

Next Employee Technical Support

Next Employee technical support helpline number is 0333 777 4510. There comes a time when the service or internet service of your local area is not working properly and you may face problem accessing your desired website page. The company maintains a special hot line phone number for their valued employees and customer in order to sort out the issue being faced. You may come across obstacles like page not accessible, website under maintenance, incorrect username or password, link text, colour contrast, style sheet, alternative text for images, text size, keyboard access, javascript independence and other related hurdles. In such cases, you may dial the above-mentioned number and have your problem solved.

Next Employee Portal Complaints

Next Employee Portal Complaints contact number is 0333 777 8247. The company is the flagship local, international and online retailer based in the UK. They mainly deal in clothing, home products, furniture, footwear, jackets, overcoats, petticoats, and attires of high street latest designs. Have you bought any of their product and noticed any fault in it? You can have your complaints registered by dialling the number Next plc helpline number and ask for a return, refund or replacement. Certainly, there are terms and conditions for such claims which you can learn by accessing this website page.

Next Employee Portal Unresolved Complaints

Next Employee Portal unresolved complaints telephone number is 0333 777 4582. If two week has elapsed and you feel that your complaint has not been given an iota of consideration, you can dial this given number and escalate your complaints resolution. By doing so your complaint will be referred to their higher authorities and they will try their level best to get it resolved within the given limited time frame to your satisfaction.

Next Employee Portal Stores

Next Employee Portal stores phone number is 0333 777 8911. The company has almost 700 stores. 500 of which are only in the Great Britain, other 200 are in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. They sell a wide range of products via this long chain of company authorised stores around the world. If you are their customer or an employee who wants to know the exact location of one of their store, you can call on this number of visit Next store finder page.

Next Employee Portal Press Office

Next Employee Portal press office helpline number is 0207 034 2464. This number is for all those reporters, interviewers and fashion designers who are interested in their latest products and company operating mechanism. By approaching their press office you may succeed to arrange an interview with one of their press office staff member who is competent enough to answer all your queries.

Next Employee Portal Press Office Fashion

Next Employee Portal press office fashion phone number is 0116 284 2352. Are you interested to make shine your business in corporation with this company? You can learn all the details of their existing and upcoming clothes, footwear and home products fashion designers only by approaching their press office fashion department.

Next Employee Portal Investors and Corporate

Next Employee Portal Investment telephone number is 0333 777 4577. The company has overtaken a famous Britain retailer Marks and Spencer in 2012 and now stands almost at the top of British retailers of the high street. It has also been listed on the London Stock Exchange as well as a constituent of FTSE 100 Index. To its credit, it has a record revenue of £ 4,097 million, operating income of £ 827 million and a net profit of £ 635 million. Furthermore, you can easily access their financial ten-year history for your business research work on this following web link. They have managed a complete record of their successful financial achievements.

Next Employees Portal PR National

Next Employees Portal PR National helpline number is 0333 777 8098. This is the Next Employee Portal public relation contact number and it would be helpful for enquiries related to menswear, womenswear, the child wears and various other home products. You can get in touch with their PR manager and disc on the topics like quality, rates, accessibility, stores, delivery management, suggestions for online shopping, shopping in stores, and Next Direct. This department is only for their customers and employees who want to communicate with the company’s higher authorities and bring change in their policies.

Next Employee Portal Head Office Address

Next Employee Portal head office phone number is 0333 777 4577. In addition to their phone number, you can also narrate your issues, complaints, suggestions via correspondence. Ink down your query and post it to the following address:

22 Cathedral Road
Cardiff CF11 9LJ

Next Employee Portal Free Contact Details

If you have some questions to ask with respect to the next employee portal, you can also check out the Next Employee Portal FAQs. You are likely to find questions to your answer there. In case you cannot, you can either visit them in person, send them a letter or give them a call. They are there for you for whatever it is that you need to ask them or face problems with. Just ensure reaching out to them when required.

Next Employees Portal Delivery

Next Employee Portal Deliver phone number is the same as their customer service number. They offer the following packages and sorts of deliveries as followed:

  • Next Day to Store Free
  • Next Day to Home £ 3.99
  • Next Unlimited £ 20 for a Year
  • Precise Next Day Home £ 5.99
  • Furniture Delivery £ 8
  • Send to a Friend £ 3.99
  • Next Day to Parcel Shop £ 2.50

In order to learn about the complete details or to comprehend the entire spectrum of their delivery mechanism, please visit their delivery section.

Tips to Contact Next Employee Portal

  • If you are an employee, please get handy your username and password allotted by the company.
  • Please do not share your username and password with anyone, not even with your colleague
  • Dial on the concerned department number as given in the table
  • Most preferable contact timings are from Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 pm, Saturday 8 am to 9 pm and on Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Get handy all the necessary official documents before making a call

Contact Next Employee Portal via Social Media

Next Employee Portal social media manager contact number is 0116 284 3214. The company regularly updated its existing and upcoming products on their social media platform. You can view their new and under progress items on these platforms. Moreover, if you feel that any of the information is incorrect or there are misgivings, feel free to dial the above number and enquire about your issue. For your convenience we have compiled the list of their social media channels as below:

Money Claim Online Customer Service Contact Numbers

Money Claim Online is a UK private company that is dedicated itself to providing assistance to parties that seek help online. It’s a company who customer service team are committed to ensuring that their reputation surpasses the expected standards. Though the company services are available online, it can be a hassle to get their contact details online. AllServices is here to help you get Money Claim Online Contact Numbers that will connect you with their support team. Apart from the Phone numbers, you will also get useful links, social accounts, emails and addresses that will help you get in touch with Money Claim Online.

Money Claim Online Numbers List

 Money Claim Online Department  UK Contact Numbers
 Customer Service  0300 123 1057
 Money Claim Online Helpline  0160 461 9402
 County Court Money Claims Centre  0300 123 1372
 County Court Money Claims Centre Fax  0161 743 4023
 UK Government Fax  0870 324 0166
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Money Claim Online Customer Service

You can get in touch with Money Claim Online customer service on 0300 123 1057 to know about the services they offer. Dial this number in case you have queries regarding the services offered by this company. The support team is always ready to assist you with any enquiry that you might be having.

Money Claim Online is an HM Courts & Tribunals Service that is based on the internet. The online tribunal based court can be used in case someone owes you money and won’t pay you back. In case you want to make a court case, all you need is government gateway ID provided once you make a registration. Money Claim online is a service that can be enjoyed by:

  • Individuals
  • Solicitors
  • Government departments
  • And businesses.

If you are having troubles making a claim through the internet, you might as well call the helpline, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. This hotline is available from Monday to Friday and to speak to a human, make sure you time between 8:30 am and 5 pm. Their services are unavailable on the weekends.

Money Claim Online Headquarters

In case you feel that you want to pay them a personal visit to their head offices, then you need to use the address that will be provided below. Their Head Offices are located in Northampton. If you like, you can pay them a visit to make a claim, have solutions to your query. Other reasons as to why you should visit them are if you need to talk to an executive and get advice on court matters or want to file a complaint on how your claim was dealt with.

However, in case you fancy writing, you might show them your skills by sending a well-curated letter. This is more so applicable to individuals who live far from Northampton. In case you choose this method, make sure that the address is valid and clearly indicate your personal details so that the support team may get to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. The Money Claim Online address is:

4th Floor, St Katharine’s House, 21-27 St Katharine’s Street, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 2LH

Money Claim Online Login

Money Claim Online Helpline number is 0160 461 9402. You can always use the number in case you are having troubles accessing your online account. If you want to change the 12 number digits or the password you receive after registering, dial the number and speak to an agent. Please have in mind that if you forget your user ID or password, it may be hard for you to retrieve the details in your account and may have problems accessing the account in the future.

Please note that if you forget your user ID or password, it may be hard for you to retrieve the details in your account and may have problems accessing the account in the future. Apart from existing customers, those who want to enjoy Money Claim Online services for the first time can use the number if they are having trouble registering online.

Money Claim Online UK Government Fax

Money Claim Online UK Government fax number is 0870 324 0166. You can fax them to make a claim online. This also an alternative through which customers can utilise to address their concerns. Simply get in touch with the fax number if you need details regarding the court charges or judgements.

County Court Money Claims Centre

County Court Money Claims Centre phone number is 0300 123 1372. Through this line, you will be connected to a representative who will provide solutions to most of your queries. However, for you to reach a human make sure you make the correct timing by calling during their normal opening hours. Alternatively, you can seek assistance through their County Court Money Claims fax line 0161 743 4023. The support team are committed to responding to all queries irrespective of the channel used.

Apart from using Money Claim Contact telephone numbers, you can always write to them. You can send them an email or draft a message in the form of a letter. If you have filled in their Claim Form N1, you can always send the papers through the mail. The County Court Money Claim postal address:

County Court Money Claims Centre
PO Box 527
Greater Manchester
M5 0BY
DX:702634 Salford 5

Alternative Money Claim Online Contact details

Money Claim Online Helpdesk email

In case you are unable to contact Money Claim Online Helpdesk using the helpline provide above, you can always use the email Use this email in case you need to make a claim. Also, if you have queries regarding the court fee or other questions on the services offered, just write an email. Whatever you have in your mind, they will be happy to address it!

County Court Money email

If you need help finding a court tribunal, make sure to use to address all the queries. Also if the questions on the services and court fee, they will be happy to assist. Just get n touch! If you want to make a complaint, they will be glad to listen. Just quote the incident in the email and send it to them. However, customers are expected to know that it may take up to 48 hrs to get a response for enquiries addressed through this channel.

Money Claim Online User Guide

Customers who are having issues logging to their online account can download a user guide from Money Claim Online official website. In case the problem persists, try ringing the helpline provided, and they will instruct you on how to access the online services. Moreover, in case you have gone through the guide, and certain aspects are not clear to you, the best option is to give them a call. They will clear the confusion!

Money Claim Online fees

To make a claim online, you must always pay a court fee. Money Claim Online is here to help you get justice and satisfaction.If you have any enquiries related to the court fee, you can contact them online or give them a call. The fee for making claims online is cheaper than those who prefer to send paper claims.

The court fee can be paid using a debit card online. In case you have trouble making the payment, speak to a representative who will share more details with you.

Money Claim Online Defence

Received an online claim and didn’t know how to respond to it? In case someone claims that you owe them money, you will get a claim from the county courts. To know how to respond to the claim, you can contact the Money Claim Online helpdesk, and they will be happy to assist you. You can also seek advice and help on how to respond if you think you are innocent. Have in mind that you have up to 14 days to respond to any claims sent to you. You can ask for an extension of more 14 days if you think more time to respond.

Money Claim Online Contact Tips

In case you are UK member, you can always get in touch with Money Claim Online customer service by dialling the helpline provided above. However, you should notice that there are millions of customers who may be on the same line trying to have their issues addressed. At this time, you may find it difficult to get in touch with an agent, and it would be wise to use other channels such as email and letter writing. You can try calling between 11 am and 3 pm this way you will be able to beat the traffic. Also, it would be better if you visit their official website and find solutions to most of the queries that might be affecting visitors.The channel you choose depends on the urgency of the matter that needs to be addressed.

To communicate with Money Claim Online today;

  • Dial the Contact numbers outlined above.
  • Send them a quoted email.
  • Practically write a letter.
  • Visit their headquarters in person.
  • Communicate using fax numbers provided.

Travel Republic Contact Numbers

The Travel Republic is the flagship online travel agency in the Europe and serving its valued customers for over 12 years. You can select from the huge combination of over 308,438 hotels and choose your flight from over 500 airlines to more than 1,000-holiday destinations across the world. More than 3 million clients confidently make the bookings with them annually. You can find your perfect destination with the help of over 1 million genuine reviews of their customers who made their holidays joyously with this company. If you are one of their customers and looking for their any of the Travel Republic customer service details, you can find almost all of Travel Republic contact number and even their postal address on this page. For detailed information, it is suggested to visit their official website.

Travel Republic Phone Number List

Travel Republic Helpline UK Contact Number
General Enquiries 0208 974 7200
Cruise Sales 0800 298 8513
Cruise Enquiries 0800 298 8696
Specialist Assistance 0208 974 7200
Travel Insurance 0343 658 0240
Fax 0208 9747228
Overseas +4420 8974 7200
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They have the following awards to their credit:

  • Best Hotel Booking Website, Best Online/ Call Centre Travel Agent and Best Travel Retailer for Customer Service at the British Travel Awards 2015
  • Best Agent Website award from the Travolution, three times consecutively
  • Agent Achievement Awards, two times
  • Best Attraction Ticket Provider in the British Travel Awards 2014

How to Contact the Travel Republic?

Travel Republic Customer Service Website page

The company maintains a number of channels for its valued customers to get in touch with them. They have an award winning customer friendly team in place which is equipped with every minute detail and trained to guide its client to their satisfaction. You can reach them in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Dial any of the related Travel Republic Contact Number, given above
  • Visit their Official Website
  • Write a Letter
  • Fax
  • Download Mobile App

You can approach the company in the via any of the above methods of communication

Travel Republic Customer Service Address

Some people enjoy correspondence and think that it is an effective and quick way of registering a complaint and its redress. If you are of the same view then you can also post a hand-written letter to the company to the following address as hereunder:

The Travel Republic,
Clarendon House,
147 London Road,
Kingston upon the Thames,
KT2 6NH,
England, UK

Make sure that you have included the following details with your letter:

  • Departure Date
  • Arrival Date
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Holiday Destination

Describe the difficulty candidly and also apprise them of the solution that you require

How to Make a Booking for Holidays?

The travelling agency is the Accredited Agent of IATA and has a full membership of ABTA as well as ATOL, it means you can book your holidays safely and the contentment that you are well protected.  The company has a very interactive user-friendly website. You can make your booking conveniently by just entering relevant information like selecting your holiday destination, from where you want to fly, date of your departure, date of arrival and the number of travellers. They offer a wide list of holidays that start from only with a meagre deposit of just £49 pp.

If you have any enquiries, get in touch with Travel Republic Holidays contact number 0208 974 7200 and for the cruise enquiries, dial Travel Republic customer service number 0800 298 8696

Group Bookings

Are you a group and want to make a booking for wonderful and protected holidays?  The company also offers its services for group holidays. If you want to book for more than three hotel rooms or more than twelve passengers on the flight then you can get this done confidently with this company. They can arrange group booking of any size for flights and accommodation.  They also cater for the group transfer to safely to your destination. All you need to fill their group booking request form and their agent will contact you back with a quote. Before doing this, it is recommended by the company to search for the available options of flight and accommodations on their website. Provide the company with the specific name of your hotel or accommodation and timings of your flights that you found while making a search on their website.

For enquiries related to the group bookings, feel free to dial Travel Republic contact number 0208 974 7200 or fax to the Travel Republic Holidays contact number 0208 9747228.

Manage My Booking

Travel Republic customer service Login official website page

This travelling agency conducts most of its business via online. If you are looking for the easiest way to manage your bookings just sign up on their website. You have the freedom to sign in with your Facebook or Google+ accounts also. By creating an account you can manage all the details of your booking like check your previous and current trips details, popular recommendations and shortlisted holidays as well as add Extras such as airport lounge, airport parking, airport hotels, and upgrade your flight. Moreover, the company will also apprise you of their new products, events, and other promotional offers via email. For booking lookup, after signing up just enter your reference, booking number, your last name and click on Lookup button. The next page will enable you to view all your booking details.

If you are faced with any problem in sign up or sign in, call on Travel Republic Holidays contact number for general enquiries 0208 974 7200 line is open for customer support from Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Whereas online booking can be made 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Types of Holidays

The company permits you to tailor make your holiday perfect deal with the cheap low deposit of £49 pp. They have a huge list of holiday collections and suitable deals to choose from, which are as followed:

  • All Inclusive
  • All Deals
  • Beach Holidays
  • Summer Holidays
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Spa
  • Beach Resorts
  • City Breaks
  • Discover a New Country

You have the liberty to choose from any of their holiday collection and escape from your busy life to a relax one. If you want to learn more, dial Travel Republic Holidays contact number 0208 974 7200.

Mobile App

contact Travel Republic customer service via mobile app

The travelling agency has a well developed mobile app for Android and IOS mobile phones. Their app includes easy to use an interactive map where you can locate your favourite holiday destinations, facilities in its proximity, clubs, bars and nearest airports. By using their mobile app you can also make a search for your perfect holidays, get quotes, reviews about a location, make a booking and ready set go.

For further enquiries, call on Travel Republic contact number 0208 974 7200.

Travel Insurance

For some extra peace of mind, the company enables you to subscribe their travel insurance programme and spend your holidays with complete contentment. Go to Travel Insurance page, enter your vacation destination, trip type, group type, traveller age, start date, end date, the number of travellers and finally click on the continue button to become protected under their comprehensive insurance. They have affordable policies which start from as low as £8.15 for 7 days in the Europe and £22.24 for several annual trips. Do whatever you want to on your holidays like cycling, water-skiing, golf, fishing, horse riding, sports or anything else, they are able to provide you with complete insurance cover for your every activity. You can select from their following useful insurance covers in place for its holidaymakers:

  • Annual Travel Insurance
  • Single Trip Insurance
  • Winter Sports
  • Business Cover
  • Golf Cover
  • Gadget Cover

Their insurance includes the following covers:

  • Up to £10,000,000 Medical Expenses for any Medical Emergencies and Repatriation
  • Up to £5,000 for Vacation Annulment, Curtailment or Unwanted Interruption
  • Up to £2,000 for personal Luggage
  • Up to £2,000,000 Personal Liabilities
  • 24 hours and 7 days a week Insurance Emergency Travel Republic Helpline

For detailed enquiries, contact Travel Republic Holidays contact number for Travel Insurance on 0343 658 0240

Special Assistance

Their Special Assistance team is highly trained to help clients in special cases. With this option you can subscribe to the following services:

  • Difficulties in Mobility
  • Medical Complications
  • Medication Onboard Assistance
  • Specially Adapted Room Requirements
  • Preferred Flight Timings
  • Upgrade your Onboard Meal
  • Safe Transfers to Hotels
  • Injuries & Diseases

Fill their Specialist Assistance request form and their agent will get back to you with a quote within no time. For further assistance, please contact Travel Republic customer service number 0208 974 7200 the line is open for Special Assistance from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 7 days a week.

Flexible Payments

Travel Republic Flexible Payment Method

The company allows its customers to pay for their vacations in a flexible and a convenient manner. For trips booked 15 days prior or more before your departure date, you can pay £1 and the rest of the amount in instalments to e paid 2 weeks before your departure. Some of the providers do not accept this flexible payment and ask for full payment for their exceptional value and service. Rooms with this option available will be indicated when you search for your holiday destination. To learn more approach Travel Republic customer service by dialling 0208 974 7200.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Looking for the lowest price holidays? Then you have come to the right place. This travelling agency guarantees the lowest rate of their holiday deals. Suppose, if you have made a booking with them and found that someone else is offering lower rates, and then you have the right to make a claim for refund of excess amount. Conditions applied, the company has the right to compare the booking and it must be of the same features, for example, the other trip is based on the same flight, accommodation, dates, boarding class and in the same currency as your Travel Republic booking. To make a claim, email them with the subject ‘price match’ including evidence of the lower rate, for instance, a screenshot. This Lowest Price Guarantee is applicable except cruise bookings and must be claimed within 24 hours according to the company’s term and conditions, otherwise, the claim will not be considered valid.

Want to make a claim? Feel free to dial Travel Republic contact number 0208 974 7200

Cruise Enquiries

To make a booking for cruise journey, just enter the details related to your desired destination, cruise line, cruise ship, time of the month or year and the duration of your vacation. Their cruise deals start from minimum £ 256 pp and you can select the best for yourself from a broad list of deals. For any queries, contact Travel Republic phone number for cruise enquiries 0800 298 8696

Contact the Travel Republic via Social Media

contact Travel Republic customer service via Twitter

In this modern time, it is essential to have your service provider on any of the mainstream social media website that you login. The company also caters for its customers and maintains a wide presence on many of the current and dominant social media platforms. By joining them, you can keep a vigilant eye on all of their new products, events, promotional offers, new packages and deals as well as newly discovered tourist places and hotels. Furthermore, you can also message them and ask for assistance regarding any enquiry. Want to subscribe? Just give them a visit on any of the following:

Thomson Contact Numbers

Thomson Holidays is a travel company based in the United Kingdom and serving you to spend perfect holiday since 1956. It is affiliated with TUI Group which is the world largest tourism and travel company and operates around the world. Its Headquarter is situated in Luton, England. They employ almost 18,000 people to make your holidays wonderful. The company has a wide list of holidays’ collection for you to choose and all their hotels are selected with utmost care in order to win their clients’ satisfaction which now stands at 94 percent, according to their customers’ feedback. If you are looking for Thomson customer service numbers and didn’t find anything helpful while delving into the internet, just scroll down and you will be able to ascertain all of their enquiries and booking numbers on this page. For detailed information, it is suggested to visit their official website page.

Thomson Phone Number List

Thomson Helpline UK Contact Number
Holidays & Flights
Booking Enquiries 0203 451 2688
Flight Enquiries 0203 451 2695
Special Assistance 0203 451 2585 
Holidays for Groups 0203 451 2684
Wedding or Renewal 0203 451 2716
After Travel 0203 451 2699
Lost Luggage Claim 0333 577 0300
Cruise Enquiries
New Booking 0203 451 2682
Shore Excursions 0203 451 2728
Special Assistance 0203 451 2585
Final Touches 0203 451 2695
Group Booking 0203 451 2684
Cabin Pre-Booking 0203 451 2682
After Travel 0203 451 2693
Travel Agent 0203 451 2677
Lakes & Mountains
New Enquiries 020 8939 0740
Thomas Customer Service 020 8939 0467
After Sales Service 020 8939 0740
General Enquiries
On Holiday Helpline +44 333 336 5147 
Car Hire 0800 279 4445
Travel Insurance Policy 0203 636 1311
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How to Get In Touch with Thomson?

Thomson Contact Us Official Website Page

The company enables is customers to access them in a variety of ways. Their client friendly Thomson customer service team is equipped with every minute detail related to travelling or holidays and it can guide you to your satisfaction in every enquiry within no time. If you want to change your booking details, add extra members in your tour or want to learn more about their services, you can get in touch with Thomson in the following ways:

  • Dial related Thomson Contact Number, given in the above list
  • Visit their Official Website
  • Write a Letter
  • Live Chat
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Find a Store or Shop
  • Download Mobile App
  • Social Media

You have the freedom to approach their customer service team via any of the above-mentioned channels.

Thomson Customer Service Address

There are people who enjoy engaging in correspondence with their service provider and consider it as an effective and quick way of redress. The company also allows its customers to write them a letter about their enquiries and suggestion as well as you can narrate your holiday journey experience by writing a letter to them to the address:

After Travel Customer Support,
Thomson Holidays,
Wigmore House,
Wigmore Lane,

NOTE: Do remember to include the following details with your letter:

  • Departure Date
  • Arrival Date
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Holiday Destination
  • Narrate the problem eloquently and suggest the resolution

How to Make a Booking?

Are you planning to spend your holidays at a wonderful destination and do not know how to make a booking? The company has made it convenient for its valued customers to make a booking for their holidays on their website by just providing them with the information like from where you want to fly, select your destination from their huge list which includes thousands of hotels and resorts, the date of departure, duration of your stay, the number of persons who want to travel and finally click on the search button.

For any enquiry, dial Thomson contact number 0203 451 2688 and to make a booking for the group of people just access Thomson phone number 0203 451 2684.

Find Your Perfect Holiday Destination

Are you confused to make a choice and decide your holiday destination? Don’t worry, on their website the company has arranged a wide list of popular and famous tourist spots and tailored them into different suitable packages for their customers. Select the one which is in accordance with your budget and interest. There Holiday Collections are:

  • Sensimar
  • Small and Friendly
  • Family Life
  • Scene
  • A La Carte
  • 3 T Favourites
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Robinson
  • Villas Collection
  • Sky Tours
  • Simply

There Holiday Packages are:

  • All Inclusive
  • Luxury Holidays
  • Family Holidays
  • Spa & Relaxation
  • Long Haul Holidays
  • Beach Holidays
  • Local Flavour
  • Weddings by Thomson
  • Sports & Activities
  • Nightlife Holidays
  • Lapland
  • Tours & Twin Centres
  • Adults Only Holidays
  • Award Winner Destinations

They have designed these collection and holidays packages with keeping in view their all sorts of customers and according to their desires as well as budget. If you have any enquiries, call on the Thomson contact number for bookings and flights 0203 451 2688 or you can also visit their official website Holidays page to learn more.

Manage My Booking

The company allows you to make an online booking and to check the details of your booking on their website. All you need to enter your departure date, Booking reference and lead passenger surname then just click on login. The next page will show you all the related details you want to know about your holidays.

Need to change some or any of the details of your booking? Just contact Thomson customer service number for booking enquiries 0203 451 2688 and for Group Holidays dial Thomson phone number 0203 451 2684

If you have made a booking in one of their travel shops, you need to contact your travel advisor for related queries.

Create an Account

Thomson Create an Account or Sign Up website page

In order to have full control of your booking sign up on their website and create an account with them. By doing so, you can manage and view all your current and previous booking details. You can also add extras in your travel package like car hire, airport parking, airport lounge, and flight upgrade. In addition, you will get your shortlisted holidays and best holiday recommendation.  The company will also send you by email their details of offers, goods and services, events, new products and other promotional offers they think will be of interest to you.

To create an account with them visit their official website Create an Account page or call on Thomson contact number for booking enquiries 0203 451 2688.

My Thomson Holiday Mobile App

The travelling agency has also developed its mobile app to facilitate its valued customers on the go and whenever they need help as well as wherever they are. Just download their mobile app to troll through their large collection of holidays and suitable packages on your mobile. Once you managed to select your desired holiday package and done with the booking, you can use your mobile app for these useful features:

  • Your full holiday summary including details of your flight and hotel information
  • You can also check in online and download your boarding pass direct to your mobile phone
  • Recommended Destinations’ Guide
  • The Top must Sees
  • Holiday Weather Forecast
  • Share your vacations Countdown on Social Media
  • View and Book Excursions
  • Flight Extras and other Information

For further enquiries related to your booking, please contact Thomson customer service number 0203 451 2688 and for group bookings dial Thomas phone number 0203 451 2684 or for enquiries concerning your flight just call on 0203 451 2695. Visit these pages to download Android Mobile App from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store for your iPhone.

Shop Finder

Thomson Shop Finder Website page

Obviously, with their Shop Finder you can easily find one of their stores nearest to your location. On their shop, you can make a booking, enquire about your flight timings and extra details related to your flight, information and friendly guidance about the chosen destination and much more. Just visit their Shop Finder website page, enter your location and find a store within seconds. Use their shop finder and they will also let you know the directions on the map of the shop, phone number of the shop and their opening hours. For more queries or general questions concerning your booking dial Thomson contact number 0203 451 2688, for cruise booking call Thomson phone number 0203 451 2682. Of you are on the holidays and faced with any problem feel free to talk with Thomson customer care agent +44 333 336 5147.

Cruise Holidays

The travelling agency offers you a wide list of cruise holidays collection of 120 top visited and famous tourist destination. The company does not believe in one size fits all and allows you to tailor your holidays according to your desires and satisfaction of your thrill level. They cater for almost every facility like adults only sailing, family friendly cruises equipped with action kids clubs, evening entertainments and unforgettable dining. They are the only cruise holiday company who offers the flights from more than 20 UK airports and you can escape from 5 to 25 nights. If you want to simultaneously enjoy their cruise experience and stay at the hotel, then select one of their Cruise and Stay Properties.

For new cruise booking just dial Thomson helpline number 0203 451 2682 and for final touched of your booking contact Thomson phone number 0203 451 2695.


Thomson customer service care for Extra features

The company has made available for its valued customer the service of adding extra features for spending memorable and comfortable holidays free from any hassle. Their Extras include almost every service that you may wish. You can equip your journey with following extra services as followed:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Foreign Currency, with great rates and zero commission
  • Airport Parking
  • Airport Hotels
  • Airport Lounges
  • Select Your Perfect Seat on the Plane, with extra legroom or space
  • Sports Equipment
  • Excess Luggage
  • Food and Drink Onboard
  • Thomson Credit Cards
  • Holiday Vouchers
  • Car Hire & Excursion

Make your holidays convenient by adding any of the services they offer via their Extras. To learn more contact Thomson customer care number for general enquiries 0203 451 2688. If you want to hire a car and make your vacations more colourful, just dial 0800 279 4445 for queries related to travel insurance call on the number 0203 636 1311. In a case, if you are already on holidays and trapped in a problem, dial Thomson helpline number +44 333 336 5147.

Contact Thomson via Social Media

Contact Thomson customer service via social media

You are fortunate if your service provider is available on any of the common social media platforms and you need to contact them frequently. It just not only saves your time wasted wandering on the internet to find them and it also enables you to get in touch with them on the go avoiding the pain of signing up on various websites. The company has a wide presence on nearly all the mainstream social media platforms. By subscribing them on social media, you can keep an eye on all of their new products, events, existing holiday packages, and other promotional offers. You can also message them mentioning your enquiry and you will be helped instantly or able to get the Thomson helpline number for the relevant department. To give them a visit, just click on any of the following links:

Thomas Cook Contact Number

Thomas Cook is the oldest and well-known international travel company in the United Kingdom which was established in 1841. 23 million customers proudly choose to travel with them every year. They took a humble start but with the passage of time they transformed into a travel agency giant who is now the most dominant in the UK and help their customers explore the world as well as make their holidays wonderful. This is an award winning travel agency and enables you to choose from thousands of destinations and hotels around the world to travel. With their 175 years of experience, you can have amazing travel experience with unlimited facilities and safe journey. If you are looking for Thomas Cook customer service number, on this page you can find almost every Thomas Cook contact number and their correspondence address. For more information, you can visit their official website.

Thomas Cook Phone Number List

Thomas Cook Helpline UK Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 01733 224 8087
Cruise Queries 0800 169 4557
Travel Insurance Emergency 0173 340 2046
Special Assistance 0800 1073 409
Pets Travel Scheme 0370 241 1710
Pets South Office 0178 442 5303
Cargo Helpline 0161 498 4731
Cargo Fax  0161 498 4732
Website Accessibility 0800 107 5620
Group Enquiries 0207 557 6400
Media Enquiries 0173 341 7272
Thomas Cook Tours 0800 804 8330
Airline Enquiries 0173 322 4330
Upgrade Flight Booking 0800 916 0652
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How to Contact Thomas Cook?

Thomas Cook Customer Service Numbers

The company has a variety of ways that enable its customers to get in touch with them. If you want to spend wonderful holidays, travelling for a business matter, or want to file a complaint, you can get in touch with the Thomas Cook customer service and their customer friendly team will guide you to your satisfaction in every enquiry that may arise. You can approach them via following channels:

  • Dial any of the Thomas Cook Contact Number, given above
  • Visit their Official Website
  • Find a Nearest Store
  • Mobile App
  • Live Chat
  • Online Enquiry Form
  • Write a Letter
  • Fax
  • Social Media

Feel free to contact Thomas Cook customer service via any of the method mentioned above.

Thomas Cook Headquarters Postal Address

Some people like writing a letter and are of the view that it can produce quick as well as effective results for them. If you are of the same opinion and want to engage with the company via correspondence, post a hand-written letter to Thomas Cook customer service address as follow:

Thomas Cook

3rd Floor

South Building 200 Aldersgate

London EC1A 4HD

Find Your Holidays Destination

It is an easy way to ascertain your holiday ideal destination in few clicks. All you need to provide the information that from where you want to fly and to which country. Select the dates, duration of your stay, the number of persons who want to travel and click search. The next page will show you the entire list of famous hotels, resorts and tourists point in your desired country with the ratings and views of tourist who have already visited that destination. This enables you to decide whether the place is worth visiting or not. By adopting this online method you can find total price of your tour and Hotel Highlights, means what facilities and benefits that specific hotel can offer. To learn more just dial Thomas Cook contact number 01733 224 8087.

Special Assistance

The company caters for the special assistance service for its valued customers and provides you with an experience of a wonderful journey without being obsessed with any worry. You can call Thomas Cook helpline number 0800 1073 409 if you are faced with the following impediments:

  • Overseas Stay and Transfer Back
  • Assistance at the Airport
  • Travelling with a Pet Dog
  • Injuries & Diseases
  • Medical or Oxygen Equipment
  • Medication On-Board Assistance
  • Wheelchairs
  • Pregnancy
  • Seating & Other Assistance On-Board
  • Fitness & Flying with a Carer
  • Hearing or Visually Impaired

If you are travelling with a pet, you may wish to contact their pet specialised agent South office on Thomas Cook phone number 0178 442 5303 or Pets Travel Scheme on 0370 241 1710. Make sure to inform the company 48 hours before departure.

Want to Hire a Car?

Your holidays are incomplete without a vehicle because when you reach your holiday destination then you may like to explore many of the places such as water parks, museums, beach and much more. The company works as an agent between you and the rental car provider. The contract would be between you and the car provider, whose details and charges could be found when you choose your vehicle on the company’s payment page. You have the freedom to choose from thousands of rent car pickup locations in accordance with your budget across the world. Hire a car and fill your holidays with memorable colours. To hire a car just dial Thomas Cook contact number 01733 224 8087.

Thomas Cook 24-Hours Satisfaction Promise

There is a wide list of hotels covered under their 24 Hours-Satisfaction Promise with its logo. If you have booked a hotel via the company and upon arrival found that it is not the same as had been described by them, then the company will make any of the following arrangements for you:

  • Move you to another hotel of the same standard within 24 hours
  • Send you a 25 % Off voucher, if you continue with your holidays in the same hotel
  • Allows you to fly back home on the next available flight and have your amount refunded

Unfortunately, if you are stuck in such a situation and want to switch the hotel, give them a call as soon as you arrive at your destination on Thomas Cook helpline number 01733 224 8087 line is open 7 days a week.

Travel Insurance

It is a good idea to subscribe an insurance policy before taking a journey to some famous tourist destinations in the world. The company takes complete care of its valued customers when it comes to their insurance covers and provides you with complete peace of mind while you enjoy your holidays in leisure. Their insurance covers depend on what type of traveller you are. There are two types of travel insurance policies:

  • Single Trip Insurance: Recommended for one time journey for 1 year and can be purchased up to 1 year in advance
  • Annual Holiday Insurance: Ideal for unlimited journeys for 1 years and it can be booked up to 31 days in advance

You can add up to 7 travellers in any of the insurance policy, to add more persons you may call on the Thomas Cook customer service number for general enquiries 01733 224 8087.

You have the freedom to choose from the following insurance covers they offer:

  • Bronze Package
  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package

In addition, you can also add some extra features to your cover and tailor it according to you needs, such as:

  • Business Equipment Cover
  • Cruise Cover
  • Sports Cover
  • Winter Sports Cover
  • Wedding Cover

These insurance covers extend to the UK, Europe and the whole world. It is easy to subscribe to the insurance policy by simply selecting your trip type, destination and insurance start and end dates in their quote form page. Choose your favourite cover, enter your payment details and finally, you will receive the confirmation email within few seconds. Unfortunately, if you are faced with any mishap and want to make a claim just dial Thomas Cook phone number for travel insurance emergency 0173 340 2046 the line is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Holiday Extras

For comfortable holidays, the company offers one the world best travelling Top Up in the form of Holiday Extras. You can save up to 50 percent for parking at top UK airports. Have a good meal and stay overnight in an Airport Hotel just a few minutes away from the airport terminal in £19 pp. With Airport Lounge you can spend time away from the crowd with free food and drink in just £15pp. Moreover, you can also add some additional features with Holiday Extra like; Car Hire Excess Insurance and Holiday Insurance.

For further information, call on Thomas Cook helpline number 01733 224 8087.

Store Locator

Thomas Cook 175 Years

The travelling company enables its customers to make a booking, confirm it and make payments for it via any of their stores. You can find the nearest store on their official website page Store Locator. Enter your postal code or town name and the map will show you the nearest store. You can also ascertain the directions and phone number of the store as well as their opening times on the map. Please note that the stores with yellow pinpoints on the map are the Thomas Cook own stores and with blue pinpoints are the cooperative level stores. If you have an enquiry, please dial Thomas Cook phone number 01733 224 8087.

Holidays Packages

They have a wide list of holiday packages to offer to their clients. Whatever you are looking for to be included in your holidays, may it be resorts, cottages, villas, apartments, water parks, museums, restaurants and beaches? The company covers it all for you and provides you with an unforgettable vacations experience. The list includes the following categories:

  • All Inclusive starting from £250 pp
  • Exclusively Adults from £ 167 pp
  • Family Holidays from £ 146 pp
  • Last Minute Holidays from £ 102 pp
  • Lapland from £ 442 pp
  • Summer 2017 Holidays from £ 177 pp
  • Far and Away from £ 446 pp
  • Signature Holidays from £ 180 pp
  • Self Catering from £ 126 pp

In addition, you can also enjoy their Disneyland Paris, Cruise Holidays and Gift Cards. In order to learn more in detail, contact Thomas Cook phone number for general enquiries 01733 224 8087.

How to Make a Payment?

Thomas Cook make a payment

The company offers convenient methods of payment for your travelling with them. You can select from the 3 easy ways. The first is the online payment method, where you can view and change your personal details and view your booking details, previous payments and make new payments. The another way is to use their In a Store method, by this channel you can find the nearest local store and make a payment there and their customer friendly agent will assist you happily. The third way to pay for your journeys is to pay over the phone.

For any queries, please contact Thomas Cook helpline care number 01733 224 8087

Contact Thomas Cook via Social Media

contact Thomas Cook

In the present times, it is one of the great benefits of having your service provider company on any of the mainstream social media websites. To your convenience, you can also approach the company on any of their social media platforms. By subscribing them, you can keep an eye on their promotional offers related to holidays and ascertain useful information about the journey you are going to take. You can also message them to get in touch with their customer care team to have your enquiries solved on the go, within no time. To connect to them, just give them a visit on any of the following links given below:

Nissan Contact Numbers

Nissan Motor Manufacturing Limited is a multinational automobile manufacturer with various branches distributed worldwide. If you are looking for the means by which to them concerning different enquiries you have on the goods and services they offer, you can find almost all the Nissan contact number and their postal address on this page. For further assistance, you may wish to visit their official website.

Nissan Phone Number List

Nissan Helpline UK Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 0330 123 1231
Roadside Assistance 0800 246 820
Car Insurance 0344 335 3780
Existing Insurance Policy 0344 335 3781
Motor Codes Ltd 0207 344 1651
After Sale Services 0330 123 1231
Emergencies & Breakdown 0330 123 1231
Fleet Centre 0800 294 0579
Fleet Customer Service 0192 320 0205
Motability Specialist 0800 732 9633
Financial Service 0333 009 0231
Test Drives 0330 123 1231
Electric Vehicles  0330 123 1231
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How to Contact Nissan?

Nissan UK customer care

The company maintains a number of channels for its valued customer to get in touch with them. You can register your enquiries, complaints and find out more about your vehicle by contacting the company. These are the following methods via which you can access them conveniently:

  • Visit their Official Website
  • Dial Nissan Contact Numbers, mentioned above
  • Find the Nearest Dealer
  • Live Chat
  • Write a Letter
  • Catch them on Social Media

You can approach them via any of the channels mentioned above.

Nissan Headquarters Address

If you are interested in writing a letter to the vehicle company and consider it an effective as well as a quick method of redress, you can post your letter to the following address:

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.

Tyne & Wear

SR5 3NS, U.K.

Washington Road, Sunderland

State of the Art Technologies

In its series of Crossovers, which have been tried and tested by over three million customers worldwide; the company has embraced advanced technology to ensure the safety and comfortably of customers. Among the list of their Crossover’s technological inventions to keep passengers safe on the roads include:

  • Around View Monitoring:

This is characterised by a 360° birds-eye view of the perfect surrounding on the touch screen display. This is essential for decision making especially in heavy traffic and rugged terrains and escarpments which require extra normal driving skills.

  • Forward and Emergency Braking:

The technology entails collision risks warning and automatic emergency braking systems. It is specifically suitable for drivers familiar with stressful and tiresome long journeys, which can undermine concentration on the road.

  • Moving Object Detection:

While moving at slow speeds, especially in busy traffics, it is a common scene of minor accidents such as being rammed into by a vehicle from the back or knocking down a walking pedestrian who appeared abruptly. Their Crossover takes care of all these minor accidents by keeping the driver aware of moving objects. Its computerised systems can any hazards around the vehicle while moving at slow speeds.

  • Intelligent Parking Assistance:

Parking can sometimes be tricky, especially for newbies and slow learners. The company recognises these weaknesses among drivers and therefore provides an intelligent parking system in its latest models. By letting the car do the hard work, automatic steering eases drivers parking experiences at the parking lots.

  • Lane-Departure and Blind-Spot Warning:

Drifting from one’s lane is very costly in terms of accidents and penalty charges if arrested by the traffic authorities. To keep you safe and limit unnecessary expenditure on fines, They provide a lane departure and blind-spot warning that helps drivers avoid drifting from their lanes. The system also warns drivers of any vehicles sitting in their blind spots thereby enhancing the decision-making process to maintain safety.

  • All Models 4×4:

With this technology, drivers boost their SUV handling and efficiency. This brings ultimate control and confidence on different journeys.

  • Intelligent Driving:

With their intelligent driving, you can soon take the stress out of your driving experiences and only leave the joyous experiences. The vehicle will be able to pick you up, drive through heavy traffic, and pack by itself. This is an anticipated technology that if realised will be their latest victory just like its electric vehicle recent inventions.

For any enquiry feel free to dial Nissan contact number 0330 123 1231 and for Fleet Service Centre call on 0800 294 0579

Want to Buy a New Vehicle?

Find Your Perfect Nissan

IF you are looking to buy a new vehicle for yourself or want to gift it to your loved one, the company offers a wide range of vehicles that meet your every need and requirement. You have the freedom to choose from their wide list as followed:

  • Commercial Vehicles:

The vehicle company offers a great range of commercial vehicles that can satisfactorily support your business needs. All their commercial vehicles come with an excellent up to standard innovation technology, and a prevailed low cost of ownership. Among the rich list of commercial vehicles to choose from their brands are powerful pick-up trucks, compact vans, and electric vans.

  • Crossovers:

If you want to drive in comfort, style, and safety in all seasons, you are definitely spoilt for choice from the variety of Nissan crossovers in the market. These includes; Juke, Qashqai, and X-trail. Most of these are equipped with up to date technology, to ensure the safety of the passengers, any day, any time.

  • Hatchbacks:

The company has a variety of city-friendly hatchbacks, to meet their customers’ tastes and preferences, especially those in love with hatchbacks. The variety of their hatchback brands includes Micra, Note, and Pulsar.

  • Electric Cars:

This is the latest technological achievement they have so far had in the history of its manufacturing. In a bid to meet the increasingly growing demand for other sources of energy other than gasoline, The company has come up with a number of comfortable and convenient electric vehicles. These include Leaf, E-NV200 Combi and E-NV200.

If you want to learn more about their new vehicles or Electric Cars, get in touch with Nissan customer service number 0330 123 1231.

Use Online Self-Service Portal

Nissan Contact Us

For exclusive access to a range of exciting new events, personalised customer care services, and special offers; create a YOU+NISSAN login account. If you are an existing customer, you can log into your online account and book Nissan customer services, make enquiries or launch complaints. To sign up or login into your Nissan UK customer care online services portal visit their official website login page. Are you faced with any hurdle in login? Don’t worry, just dial 0330 123 1231.

General Enquiries

If you in a lagging search for the means by which you can have a chat with the dedicated team of Nissan customer service providers , search no more. The Nissan contact number via which you can launch your general enquiries to the team of dedicated their customer care representatives is 0330 123 1231. The call centre is open 8am-8pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday), and 8am-2pm on weekends (Saturday only).

Nissan Dispute Resolution

For sales of new cars together with servicing as applicable. Nissan, its dealers, and its authorised repair networks are subscribed to the Motor Industry Code of Practice. Motors Codes Limited is the company charged with the responsibility of administering Motor Industry Code of Practice. Motors Codes Limited can provide an alternative dispute resolution platform on grounds of dissatisfied services to a client, provided by the company itself, its authorised dealers, or authorised repair networks.The physical address for Motor Codes Limited is:

Motor Codes Limited

71 Great Peter Street



In case you want to get in touch with any of their dealers or authorised repair networks, the Nissan phone number 0207 344 1651  will channel you to a team of dedicated customer care department. The same applies to those in quest of launching complaints about goods and services provided by their dealers or authorised repair networks.

Emergencies Assistance

In case your vehicle has been immobilised by the occurrences such as accidents, warrantable breakdowns, and unwarrantable breakdowns, contact Nissan phone number 0330 123 1231.

Fleet Centre

Are you anticipating having an interactive overview and inspection of their different brands? Do you want to make prior enquiries on different services available at their fleet centre? If so, call the Nissan phone number 0800 294 0579 and get your queries covered. Their fleet centres are open 9am-5:30pm from Monday to Thursday, and 9am-5pm on Fridays.

Motability Specialist

For enquiries on Motability specialist services, contact the Nissan phone number 0800 732 9633 Note that all calls trough the Motability phone number provided above is free.

Book a Test Drive

If you are a potential buyer in any of their brands of vehicles (commercial vehicles, electric cars, crossovers, and hatchbacks), you can have that golden opportunity of testing out your preferred brand through organised driving tests. Through such test drives, you can gauge whether your preferred brand of Nissan meets your tastes and specifications. For all enquiries on test drives, kindly dial Nissan contact number 0330 123 1231. For detailed information, you can visit their official UK Nissan contact us page.

Electric Vehicles

Automobile technology has grown so fast with electric vehicles being its latest realisation. To ensure that both anticipating electric vehicles owners and the current electric vehicles owners have all their queries covered, clients can contact the Nissan customer service number 0330 123 1231.

If you have any further enquiries or ideas on how the company can improve Nissan UK customer care services or different models of vehicles, kindly call on Nissan contact number 0330 123 1231

You can also subscribe to their newsletters for alerts on upcoming events, latest technological and brand releases, as well as investment opportunities. Alternatively, you can make quick enquiries through its social media platform.

Contact Nissan via Social Media

Contact Nissan Social Media

In the current world, everything is getting social, so is Nissan. Through the various available social media platforms, you can launch your queries and get the latest updates on their activities. The team of Nissan UK customer care is very active on social media platforms, especially facebook and twitter. For quick and short responses, you can take advantage of the company’s alertness and fast responses on social media. Just give them a visit on any of the links as hereunder:


Nissan was founded in 1984 by Nissan himself. The headquarters of their UK associates is located in Sunderland, specifically, Tyne and Wear, North East of England. It has six major subsidiaries and affiliated companies based in; Japan, in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, and Asia. It is notable that Nissan has an 183 consolidated subsidiaries companies.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing Limited is owned and operated by the European Branch of the Japanese car manufacturer-Nissan, which has been in action since 1986. It is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the UK.

Spark Energy Contact Number

Spark Energy took a start in 2007 as a small but bright and strong energy supplier. The company has gradually grown into a well-known supplier and now provide energy to tenants, landlords and letting agents across the United Kingdom. They have facilitated more than 350,000 customers and the turnover of £140 million as well as 300 staff in their Selkirk office based in the Scottish borders, 120 persons from that staff work in the Spark Energy customer service alone. They secured the 23rd position in 2014 for the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and have the credit to be the top-ranked Scottish energy company. If you are faced with any problem and want to file a complaint or general enquiry, you can find almost all the Spark Contact Numbers here on this page. For the acquisition of further information, you may wish to visit their official website.

Spark Energy Phone Number List

Helpline UK Contact Number
Automated Service 0345 130 8966
Spark Energy Customer Service 0345 034 7474
Spark Energy Complaints Number 0345 130 8355
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity Emergency 105
Complaint Escalation 0345 130 8354
Set up Direct Debit 0345 130 8703
Energy Ombudsman Service 0330 440 1624
Energy Citizens Advice 0345 404 0506
Pay Plan 0800 280 2816
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How to Contact Spark Energy?

Spark Energy phone number

The supplier has made it easy for its customers to get in touch with them for any of their enquiries related to their service. You can contact them via a variety of ways and their customer friendly service team can guide you through the problem you may come across. Follow these steps mentioned below to get along Spark Energy customer service team:

  • Dial Spark Energy Contact Number, mentioned above
  • Live Chat
  • Visit official Website
  • Online Complaint Form
  • Download Mobile App
  • Post a Letter
  • Social Media

You can use any the channels to get registered your complaint or learn more about their services.

Spark Energy Customer Service Address

Some people enjoy correspondence and consider it most effective and appropriate for the resolution of their enquiries. If you are interested in posting them a hand written letter, you can do it by sending it to their office address. Remember to include the following details along with your letter.

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Customer Account Number
  • Meter Reading and Meter Number
  • Your Contact Number

Their customer care team will contact you in few working days for the resolution of your complaint. When you compiled the details then post your letter to the following address:

Ettrick Riverside

Dunsdale Road

Selkirk TD7 5EB

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go is their prepayment energy service for which you have to pay before you use the energy supplied. Use all your already stored credit in the meter before inserting your newly received Spark key or card to avoid any loss of credit. Once you received your new key or card insert it for 30 seconds into the meter before the first top up, it is necessary because it updates your meter with all the information related to your new tariff. The company allows its valued customers to top up their meter key or card via three channels and those are the Post offices, PayPoints and Payzone locations. Remember that you can top up only during the operating hours of these top up sources. The company also caters in a case of emergency. If you, unfortunately, missed to top up your meter key or card, you can use the energy up to £5 and the amount will be deducted in the next top up. This emergency service is not for the routine use, but only when you face such an emergency.

Spark Energy Complaints Number

If you have an enquiry or want to learn more about any of their services you can feel free to call on Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, for complaints dial Spark Energy complaints number 0345 130 8355 lines are open from 8am-8pm on weekdays, 9am-2pm on Saturday.

How to Pay Your Bill?

The company provides you with a range of ways to pay your bill with ease, it is up to you what option suits you best. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter which method you choose to pay your bill, you will be able to have an online account on their official website and there you can view the details of your bill and the energy you have consumed. You can pay them by following ways:

  • Direct Debit
  • Via Automated Phone Service
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay in Branch
  • Pay on the Phone
  • Pay via Cheque or Postal Order

Want to register your complaint or general enquiry? Contact Spark Energy customer service number 0345 034 7474 for service complaints dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 130 8355 and to pay your bill via automated phone service call on Spark Energy phone number 0345 130 8966.

Direct Debit Payment

If you need some extra peace of mind, you can subscribe to their Direct Debit payment method. Most of their customers pay the same and get the freedom from the monthly bill. All you need to do is to let them know your monthly meter reading to pay the right amount and nothing else. If you don’t know your level of consumption, they will do it for you by detecting it by the postcode, historical usage and the time of the year. Moreover, they conduct three Health checks in the first three months after your switching to ascertain that you are paying the right amount. Under Direct Debit payment, your account will be looked into four times a year with two Health Checkups to make sure that how much you are using the energy and paying the right amount for it. They provide you with the account statement every three months so that you can keep track of your consumption and spending. If it was felt during the three-month inspection that your account needs to be changed probably because the usage and the spending are not on the right track, they will notify you ten days before they charge the new amount.

Want to learn more? Feel free to dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, for complaints contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 130 8355.

Smart Meters

Contact Spark Energy Customer Services

The company is committed to bringing all their customers from traditional meters to the new smart meters by 2020. The smart meter is the device which can provide you with the complete control over your total energy usage and the amount you pay for it. Now you don’t need to wait for the monthly bill to arrive and let you know the amount you have incurred. The meter’s in-home display will show you how much gas or electric energy you have consumed and how much the amount is the standing amount to be paid.

You can also keep an eye, with the help of this smart meter, on the appliances that are eating up most of the energy supplied. The meter also sends meter reading regularly to the company, this means that you do not need note down the meter reading and send it to the company manually. By installing the one, you can save yourself from the extra cost and have total control on the usage.

To learn more dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 034 7474, if your Smart meter is not working properly or you have an enquiry to file just contact Spark Energy complaint number 0345 130 8355 for instant resolution of your query. For more information on Smart meters visit their official website.

Difficulties in Payment

Nothing is constant but the change. If your circumstances have changed and you are unable to pay the bill on due time, the company provides you with breathing space to decide for yourself a perfect plan to pay the incurred debt. You can dial Spark Energy contact number for the best advice by the company itself or you can choose to replace your current account with prepayment meter for complete control over your gas and electricity consumptions. Another way to get rid of accumulated debt is to pay in instalments. To avoid any misrepresentation send them regular meter readings. They always take into account your financial circumstances and provide you space to move on without having your energy supply disconnected. The company also allows you to contact independent payment advice agencies to decide the best for yourself. You can contact the following in a case of payment difficulty:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Money Advice Trust
  • Money Advice Service
  • National Debtline
  • Pay Plan
  • Stepchange

It is recommended first to contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 034 7474 for useful payment advice, the Spark customer service team will guide you in every thick and thin situations. If you need further assistance, call on Spark Energy contact number for the Citizens Advice Bureau 0345 404 0506 and Pay Plan on 0800 280 2816.

Emergency Services

If you smell gas leakage, please do not perform any activity such as put the electric switch on, lit a cigarette or other acts which could cause ignition. Remember that whenever you smell gas or fumes emitting from the gas pipeline, instantly open the doors and windows of your property and immediately dial Spark Energy contact number for gas emergency 0800 111 999, it is a free gas emergency service and the line is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

If the electricity in your property premises is out, first check that if your neighbours are also facing electric outage or do they have a constant supply. If you come to know that it is down only in your premises, you may contact Spark Energy complaint number for emergencies 105

Spark Energy Mobile App

Spark Energy Complaints

The company has enabled its customers with an amazing mobile app service, you can download it from Google Play or Apple App Store. With their mobile app, you can enter your meter readings within seconds and get the accurate bill for the energy that you have consumed. The app also provides you with the facilities to check your account details, billing history and payment details. Now to pay your bill on time is not a big deal, with this app you can pay your bill straightaway from your mobile, check your usage and the balance. Furthermore, you can also set up your Direct Debit account from this app in few taps.

Want to change your energy tariff? The app also includes the option by which you can easily compare you current and other available tariffs and choose the best one which suits your needs and consumption. The list does not end here if you are moving home let them know the date you are supposed to move and the last meter reading of your current address. When you finally moved, provide your new address as well as the first-meter reading and the job is done.

For further enquiries, contact Spark Energy phone number 0345 034 7474, for general complaints dial Spark Energy contact number 0345 130 8355. To learn more visit their official website.

Connect via Social Media

Spark Energy contact number

The need of the hour is to have your service provider on any of the social media sites. The company also takes enquiries via their social media platforms and apprises you of their existing service features and the upcoming ones. In order to get in touch with them, you can visit their profile on any of the sites mentioned below:

SSE Contact Number

SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is one of the Big Six that lead and dominate the energy arena in the United Kingdom. The company operates in the areas of energy exploration, generation, distribution, supply, connections, metering service, phone, broadband and even water supply. The headquarter of the company is based in Perth Scotland United Kingdom. They have a team of 20,000 employees and 8.99 million household customers. If you are looking for any of SSE helpline number, you do not need to wander here and there in search of it. Instead, you can find almost every SSE contact number and their postal address on this page. For further information, visit their official website page.

SSE Phone Number List

SSE Helpline UK Contact Number
Gas & Electricity
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electricity Emergency 105
General Enquiry 0345 026 2658
Submit Meter Reading 0345 071 7936
Complaint Number 0345 071 7800
Complaint Escalation 0345 071 9853
Ombudsman Energy 0330 440 1624
Citizens Advice 0345 404 0506
Switch to SSE 0345 026 7058
Pay As You Gas Meter 0345 026 7039
Pay As you Go Electricity Meter 0345 026 7038
Green Deal 0345 071 9599
Smart Meter Enquiries 0345 071 3991
Pay As You Go Smart Meter 0345 026 0677
Pay via Credit Card 0345 704 5038
Difficulties in Payment 0345 070 7395
Textline 0800 622 839
Phone & Broadband
Switch Phone 0345 071 7934
Switch Broadband 0345 071 9498
Complaint Number 0345 071 9890
Home Service
General Enuiries 0345 076 7646
Switch Supplier 0345 076 7645
Gas Installations 0345 076 7648
Moving Home
Gas & Electricity 0345 071 7991
Phone & Broadband 0345 071 9626
Pay As You Go 0345 078 3213
General Enquiries 0345 071 9657
Careline 0800 622 838
Sign Video 020 8463 1120
Energyline 0345 076 7638
Textline 0345 076 7023
Water Service
General Enquiries 0345 078 3200
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They hold great significance for their Six Core Values of Safety, Service, Efficiency, Sustainability, Excellence and Teamwork. In addition, they have long-term priorities for:

  • Responsiveness and Innovation
  • Gaining and Retaining the Trust of their Customers
  • Provision of Complete Energy Service to Business and Other Organisations
  • Competitive and Reliable Energy Procurement
  • Go Green with Environment Protection

How to Contact SEE?

SSE Contact Number

That company enables its customers to contact them in various ways. They have an award-winning SSE customer service team, who will guide you through every problem that may arise. It is easy for their customers to get registered their complaint and keep track of them conveniently. You can get in touch with them in following ways:

  • Dial SSE Contact Number, given above
  • Visit their Official Website
  • Download Mobile App
  • WebChat
  • Online Complaint Form
  • Post a Letter
  • Catch them on Social Media

They are available for their valued customers via any of the channel mentioned above.

SSE Customer Service Address

Some people enjoy writing a letter and assume that the correspondence is the effective way to have their query registered with their service provider and get it solved in a timely manner. The company also entertains their valued customers via postal correspondence. If you have an enquiry, you can write them a letter on the following address:


Customer Service
Grampian House
200 Dunkeld Road

Do remember to include the following details in your writing:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Meter Number
  • Meter Reading
  • Account or Connection Number

Narrate your problem candidly and recommend the possible solution for quick redress.

Pay Your Bill Online

The company takes utmost care for its customers and allows you to pay your bill on their official website with online bill payment facility. All you need to do is to register yourself on their website and set up a payment method. By registering your account, you can view your bill, make payments, view your energy consumption and send them your meter readings within few clicks. You can also receive your bill via email service and say goodbye to the lengthy procedure of paper billing, this will make you save £6 annually. If you have any enquiry, give them a call on the SSE contact number 0345 026 2658. The people who have the hearing problem can contact SSE phone number for text line 0800 622 839. If you intend to file a complaint just dial 0345 071 7800.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the cheapest way to pay your bill. You can register for Direct Debit by their online form and spread the cost evenly over the year and pay on the date that is convenient for you. They will review your payments each year to make sure that you are on the right track of energy consumption and spending. Moreover, you will be protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. If you are registering from the beginning or want to change any details of your Direct Debit account, you will need to provide them with your bank details and fresh meter reading. If you want to cancel this payment method, you will need to provide them with the latest meter reading and decide the future payment plan, if not the future payment plan then they require you to clear off all the dues. You have the choice to select the Monthly Direct Debit or Variable Direct Debit, select the one which meets your needs.

For any general enquiry, feel free to dial SSE contact number 0345 026 2658 and for complaints, you may wish to get in touch with SSE phone number 0345 071 7800.

How to Pay Your Bill?

The company maintains numbers of channel and permits its customers to pay in a variety of ways. Other than the above-mentioned methods, you can also pay your bill by following these simple steps:

  • Standing Order:

Contact SSE customer service and they will send you the Standing Order Form to be filled and let you know the right amount that you have to pay.

  • Paying via Credit or Debit Card:

This option allows you to pay your bill, when it is arrived, by using your online account and by calling on the SSE contact number 0345 704 5038.

  • Paying via Cheque or Postal Order:

Make it payable to ‘SSE’ and also provide your gas or electricity account number. You can use the payment slip provided at the bottom of your bill and send it with the cheque or postal order on the address SSE, PO Box 13, Havant, PO9 5JB

  • Paying via Text Message:

The company allows you to pay your bill via simple text message from your mobile.

  • Payment via Bank Account:

For this option, you will have to register for internet or telephone banking and gas or electricity account number. Make your payments to:

Account number   90210170

Sort code                57-17-57

For CHAPS Payments:

Account number   00800252

Sort code               60-17-21

  • Pay As You Go:

It is the simplest and easiest way to pay for your gas or electricity bills. All you need, top up your prepayment meter key or meter card from local Post Office or Pay Point. Insert your key or card into the meter and enjoy the energy for which you have already paid.

For further Enquiries, Pay As You Go Gas customers may contact SSE phone number 0345 026 7039, Pay As You Go Electricity clients may dial SSE contact number 0345 026 7038 and for Pay As You Go Smart Meter call on SSE helpline number 0345 026 0677. If you are faced with difficulties in payment of your bill get in touch with SSE phone number 0345 070 7395.

Switch to SSE

It is a great experience to be a customer of this company. They have an easy and convenient procedure to switch to them and being supplied by them. To easiest way to switch is to sign up for the online account on their official website and select the tariff which suits you best. They finalise the switching usually within three weeks and keep you informed with every detail of the procedure. Once you applied online, in the first week you will receive their Welcome Pack via post which includes a copy of your contract and their terms and conditions. As soon as you received the pack, your 14 days cancellation period starts. It is the period in which you can change the details of your tariff or contract and you can also revoke the contract altogether if you do not like to join them.

In the week two, they will let your previous supplier know that you have switched to them and let you know the date when they will start providing you with the energy supply. They will ask for the first meter reading, payment plan and send you a confirmation letter of their service which will also include useful SSE customer service numbers. Finally, they will send you another confirmation letter once the job is done. They will charge you according to the payment plan and the date you have selected.

Want to switch? Just dial SSE contact number 0345 026 7058. For general enquiries, contact SSE phone number 0345 026 2658. For further assistance, visit their official website SSE contact us page.

How to File a Complaint?

Contact SSE Phone Number

The company has a step by step satisfactory complaint resolution procedure which could be divided into three simple steps.

  • Step First: When you contact the SSE customer service team, they will try their best to solve your enquiry while you are connected with them on the phone. Unfortunately, if your query was not resolved until 8pm the following working day then you can proceed to the step 2. To file a complaint, call on the SSE contact number 0345 071 7800.
  • Step Two: In this step, you can refer your query to their Head of Customer Service Team, who will initiate an independent introspection and reach a resolution within in 5 working days. To contact the Head of SSE customer service team dial 0345 071 9853.
  • Step Three: If you are not happy with the resolution provided by the Head of Customer Service Team and six weeks have elapsed since you first registered the complaint, you may contact Ombudsman Service Energy 0330 440 1624. The Ombudsman will conduct an independent review of the complaint and the decision will be binding on the company and not on you.
  • If you want to seek a fully independent advice to ‘know your rights’ as an energy consumer, just dial Citizens Advice helpline number 0345 404 0506.

Smart Meters

SSE Customer Service

To install a smart meter is an efficient way to save your money and the energy that you consume. With the help of Smart Energy Tracker, you can keep an eye on those appliances in your home which use most of the supplied energy.  Furthermore, the smart meter can automatically send your meter reading to the company, this means you will not have to bother to note down the meter readings and send it to the company manually. This meter comes with smart consumption indicators which indicate the level of energy usage and the cost incurred, which means there is no more a need for an estimate of your bill. For any enquiry related to a smart meter, feel free to dial SSE contact number 0345 071 3991. To learn more about smart meter, visit their official website.

Contact SSE via Social Media

SSE Contact Numbers

It is not less than a blessing to have your service provider on any of the social media websites that you use. By subscribing the company on social media you can keep yourself up-to-date with their existing and upcoming promotional offers as well as any helpful features they may offer. In order to catch them on the go, you can also message them on any of their social media accounts. To give them a visit, just click any of the followings:

Swiftcover Contact Number

Swiftcover is a flagship online-based insurance provider in the United Kingdom. The company was established in 2005 by the insurance executives and is now affiliated with AXA. It operates online only and provides a superior experience to their online customers where you can perform almost any function related to your insurance on their useful online Swift Space customer area. You have the choice to make a claim by using their efficient and quick online channel or to call Swiftcover customer service team. The company is widely trusted in the UK and operating successfully more than a decade. If you are looking for the Swiftcover contact number or their street address, you can find almost any of their contact detail on this page by simply scrolling down. For further information, you can visit their official website.

Swiftcover Phone Number List

Swiftcover Helpline UK Contact Number
Car Insurance
General Enquiries 0330 024 6394
Policy Holder Enquiries 0330 024 6394
No Claim Discount 0330 024 6408
Claim Enquiries 0371 984 3333
Windscreen Claims 0330 024 6399
Finance & Payments 0330 024 6409
Insurance Annulment 0330 024 6394
Insurance Policy Complaints 0330 024 6389
Insurance Claim Complaints 0330 024 5518
Financial Ombudsman 0300 123 9123
Financial Ombudsman 2 0800 023 4567
Financial Ombudsman Fax 020 7964 1001
Home Insurance
General & Policy Holder Enquiries 0330 024 6423
Home Claim Complaints 0330 024 8075
Claim Enquiries 0330 024 8092
Family Legal Protection 0330 024 8076
Home Assistance 0330 024 8085
Identity Theft 0330 024 8077
Finance & Payments 0330 024 6427
Insurance Annulment 0330 024 6423
Travel Insurance
Claim Enquiries 0330 024 8072
Emergency Assistance 0330 024 8073
Travel Claims Legal Team 01737 815 199
Swiftcover Breakdown Cover Numbers
Emergency Assistance 0800 107 7006
Cover Annulment 0330 024 6394
Standalone Breakdown Details 0330 123 4049
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They have to their credit the following awards:

  • The, Best Value Car Insurer in 2010
  • The Personal Finance Award, Best Car Insurance Provider in 2008
  • The Ecommerce National Customer Service Award in 2008
  • The Best IT Strategy, Computing Excellence Award in 2008

How to Contact Swiftcover?

Swiftcover customer services

It is very easy to approach the Swiftcover customer service and register your enquiry and your complaint solved. The company maintains a number of channels for its valued customers to get in touch with them and provide them with help related to their insurance policies. They have an award-winning customer service team in place to assist their clients in every issue that may arise. You can access them in the following way:

  • Visit their Official Website
  • Dial any of the Swiftcover Contact Number, given above
  • Download Mobile App
  • Use Resourceful Online Forms
  • Post a Letter
  • Social Media

You can connect to them via any of the channels mentioned above. You can select the online channel via their website to have a quick redress because the company conduct most of its business online.

Swiftcover Customer Service Address

The company also entertains hand-written letters for enquiries and complaints. Some people like correspondence and feel comfortable writing a letter instead of other methods of making an enquiry. If you consider it an effective way of redress and want to register a complaint about your car insurance policy, post your letter to the following address:

Complaint Resolution Team

Swift Court

Stockton-On-Tees, TS17 6EN.

If you have a complaint to register for your car insurance claim, you can send your letter to the address as hereunder:

Swiftcover Motor Claims

PO Box 7063, Willenhall, WV1 9ZR.

NOTE: Do remember to include your full name, address, contact phone number, insurance number, claim number and narrate the problem eloquently.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Swiftcover Phone Numbers

The Comprehensive Car Insurance cover is also known as full comp and covers a wide range of events. If you want to get your card fully insured and some extra peace of mind you can subscribe to this package and need not worry for any unforeseen incident. This insurance covers the followings:

  • If your Car is Damaged or Stolen
  • Damage to other’s Car and Property
  • Injury to others
  • Uninsured Driver Promise
  • £5,000 Personal Accident Insurance Cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Lost or Stolen Car Keys
  • Car Stereo Cover
  • Courtesy Car
  • Life Time Repair Guarantee
  • Dashcam Discount 10 Percent

If you have an enquiry or want to file a complaint, you may like to dial Swiftcover contact number for general enquiries 0330 024 6394 line is open from Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm,  Sunday and Bank Holidays 10am-4pm. To know about the status of your claim, contact Swiftcover phone number 0371 984 3333 line is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance (TPFT)

This is the second sort of insurance and covers a wide variety of incidents that may happen, unfortunately. This insurance includes the following covers:

  • Injury to others
  • Damage to other’s Car or Property
  • Courtesy Car
  • Lost or Stolen Key Cover
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Theft and Fire Repairs
  • Dashcam Discount 10 Percent

Unfortunately, if you are stuck with any such incident, contact as soon as possible the Swiftcover contact number for general enquiries 0330 024 6394 and to complaint about your claim contact Swiftcover phone number 0371 984 3333

NOTE:   Under this insurance cover, you can get your car replaced or repaired only in the cases of Fire and Theft.


Dashcam is a video Dashboard video camera that records video through a car’s windscreen and helps you solve the dispute in a case of an accident with a recorded video as evidence. It is recommended to have it installed by the company’s professional workers, but you can also fit the one yourself. The company promotes the drivers to have a dashcam installed in their car to avoid any hassle and help file a claim quickly. In addition, the company also provides 10 % discount for simple dashcam and 12.5 % of your car insurance when you have Nextbase Dashcam. For any query, just dial Swiftcover contact number 0330 024 6394 and for claim enquiries, feel free to contact Swiftcover phone number 0371 984 3333

Windscreen Claims

Siftcover contact numbers

If your car’s windscreen or any other window glass has been damaged or broken, you can make a claim with the Swiftcover customer service team under Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan. When you call them to make a claim, the company will ask for your insurance policy number, your policy wordings and excess. You can find all these details in your Swift Space. If you get the job done by a supplier other than their approved one, they will pay the most £100 for glass replacement and £50 for glass repair. The bill of replacement or repair was done by another supplier should be sent to the following address:

Swiftcover Glass Team
Swift Claims
PO BOX 239
Tunbridge Wells

If you are faced with any confusion or predicament, you can dial Swiftcover contact number for windscreen claims 0330 024 6399 the line is open 24 hours and 7 days a week. To enquire about your existing claim, contact Swiftcover customer service number for claim queries 0371 984 3333

Car Crime Claims

Swiftcover contact numbers

Every human being is prone to unforeseen difficulties and mishaps, no one is immune from it. In a case, if your car has been damaged badly, vandalised, or stolen you must report the incident first to the police and then to the insurance company. Make sure before initiating a claim that, you have your insurance policy number which you will find on the Swift Space and the crime reference number for quick redress.

To make a claim, get in touch with the Swiftcover contact number 0371 984 3333 and for general enquiries, contact Swift phone number 0330 024 6394.

Swiftcover Breakdown Cover Number

The company offers a great Breakdown cover for its valued customers. You can subscribe to their Breakdown cover online easily and benefit from it even if you don’t have car insurance policy. They offer various sorts of cover, choose the one which suits your needs and requirements. The categories are mentioned as hereunder:

  • Swift Roadside Cover
  • Swift Rescue Cover
  • Swift Rescue and Home Assistance Cover
  • Swift European Cover

The Swiftcover Breakdown cover number is 0800 107 7006, but you can also call for:

  • Roadside Breakdown Service
  • Recovery within 10 miles or nationwide along with caravan or trailer
  • Alternative vehicle and overnight stay
  • Message Assistance Service
  • Lost or damaged keys
  • Cover in the UK and Europe

The above-mentioned Breakdown cover services and benefits are mentioned in combined form and vary from cover to cover. For further assistance about each and every cover in detail separately, you may wish to call Swiftcover contact number 0800 107 7006. To change your Standalone Breakdown cover details contact Swiftcover phone number 0330 123 4049. For the cancellation of your cover, just dial 0330 024 6394. You can also visit their official website Breakdown Cover page to learn more details.

Home Insurance

Swiftcover helpline number

By subscribing their home insurance you get complete peace of mind. You can choose from their two packages related to home insurance and add other options that you may like with the help of add-ons and pay only for what you want. Those two packages are:

  • Swift Made

This cover offers the building insurance up to £500,000, content insurance up to £50,000, and single valuable insurance up to £2,500. You have the flexibility to add extra features and protections from their wide list of add-ons.

  • Swift More

With Swift More cover you get some extra cover up features and reassurance with increased limits. It has a building insurance limit of £750,000 and content insurance up to £75,000 as well as single valuable insurance up to £5,000. This cover also includes Home Assistance and legal Expenses as standard.

To learn more about Home Insurance you can contact Swiftcover phone number 0330 024 6423, to make claim dial Swiftcover contact number 0330 024 8085 and for complaints about your claims call Swiftcover customer service on 0330 024 8075. For further in-depth information about Home insurance and its covers visit their official website page.

Complaint Escalation

The company tries its best to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. But if it has not been resolved or you are not happy with the provided solution, you can contact Underwriting Director. If you think that your complaint has not been redressed even by approaching Underwriting Director, then you can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service on the contact number 0300 123 9123 and 0800 023 4567 or fax them on 020 7964 1001. The Financial Ombudsman will provide you with independent advice and try to solve the problem with utmost care. Any decision taken by the Ombudsman will be binding on the company and not on you.

Contact Swiftcover via Social Media

Swiftcover Phone Numbers

In today’s era, almost every fourth person in the world has a social media account. Other than Swiftcover contact numbers, the company also engages with its customers via any of the mainstream social media websites. You can approach them on any of their social media platforms and get help for the registration of your complaints as well as keep an eye on their existing and upcoming offers on the go. Just give them a visit on any of the following:

NSandI Contact Number

NSandI (National Savings & Investments) is the oldest and trustworthy saving and investment organisation in the United Kingdom and operational since 1861. It is not a bank but a government department and simultaneously an Executive Agency with the mission to mitigate the cost to the taxpayers of government borrowing. Are you looking for their customer service number? Don’t worry, if it is cumbersome for you to find all the relevant phone numbers of your service provider at one place to make an enquiry, here on this page you can find almost every NSandI contact number. For additional information, you may visit their official website.

NSandI Phone Number List

NSandI Helpline UK Contact Number
General Enquiries 0808 500 7007 
NSandI Customer Number 0800 092 1286
Information Protection 0162 554 5745
Financial Ombudsman 0300 123 9123
Financial Ombudsman service 0800 023 4567
Textphone 0800 056 0585
Overseas +44 1253 832007
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How to Get in Touch?

NS&I Helpline

Earlier, the agency offered most of its services by posts but from 1 August 2015, it has become exclusively direct business and deals with its customers online and on the telephone to reduce interaction cost. They have an award-winning customer service team for the wholehearted assistance of their clients. If you have any enquiry to make, you can contact NSandI in a variety of ways:

  • Call on the NSandI Contact Numbers, mentioned above
  • Tweet them
  • Visit their official website
  • Download Mobile App
  • Write a Letter
  • Social Media

You can get in touch with them via any of the above-mentioned NSandI customer numbers.

Postal Address

Some people enjoy writing and correspondence and consider it very effective for the resolution of their enquiries. More importantly, you can download different useful Forms related to their various services and post it to them to this address. The agency also permits its customers to write them a letter, if they have any query regarding their services. You can send your letter and Forms on the following address:

G58 1SB

Remember to include in your writing the following details:

  • Your Name, Address, Date of Birth and Telephone Number
  • In case of address or name change, your previous Address or Name
  • Any of your reference numbers such as Account Number, Bond Number, Certificate Number, NSandI Number, Holder’s Number or Customer Number
  • Add details of your Account such as nature of your Investment, Start Date and present Amount in the Account
  • Authenticate your letter by signing it appropriately

Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are just like lottery bonds and enter every month into the lucky draw for tax-free prizes. The lucky number is selected randomly with the help of an equipment called Electronic Random Number Indicator (ERINE), the range of the prizes is from £25 to £1,000,000. If you need money, you can also use your Premium Bond as cash, the government guarantees to buy them back on request of the holder. The bonds are to be held for a whole calendar month before they become eligible for the lucky draw. To invest in the Premium Bonds, you must have minimum £100 or maximum £50,000 per person, the Bonds can be bought at any time. The winners are apprised on the first day of the month and the Prize Finder online list is updated on every third or fourth day of the month. These Premium Bonds are for the masses who want 100% security for their invested money and desire prizes which are tax-free with no interest rate. Anyone whose age is 16 or over can buy these bonds.

If you are the existing customer of these Premium Bonds or want to buy the one, or you have any enquiry related to these bonds, contact NSandI customer number 0800 092 1286, and for general enquiries call on the NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007.

Have You Won the Prize?

It is exciting when you buy a bond and wait anxiously for the monthly lucky draw and anticipate if you win the prize. The agency has made it simple for its customers to know easily whether they have won any prize or not. Register yourself online on their official website and check for the detail related to your bond number. By getting yourself registered on their website you can find, if you have won a prize in the current month, and anything in the former six lucky draws, or any unclaimed prizes older than 18 months. You can also ascertain the above-mentioned details regarding your bonds by downloading their Prize Checker App for your mobile and keep yourself updated with every detail on the go. For enquiries concerning your prize, contact NSandI helpline number for general queries 0808 500 7007, or NSandI contact number 0800 092 1286

Keep Track of Your Investment

NS&I helpline

As human is to err, you can lose the details of your investment record or unfortunately, if the person who has invested passes away. In such cases, the agency provides it amazing Tracking Service for the recovery of your secured investment. If you have lost touch with the agency over the years and know nothing about the whereabouts of it. Not to worry, all your savings are secured with HM Treasury and their free Tracing Service will enable you to reclaim your highly secured money with them. They have so far reunited more than 300,000 customers with nearly £600 million. Although it is recommended not to lose contact with the agency and let them know in a timely manner, if you have changed your address or your name to avoid any inconvenience. If you are stuck with an unfortunate incident and lost the details, you can reclaim your saving by providing any of the details mentioned as hereunder:

  • The record of your Bond or the Bond itself
  • Their Worth
  • From where and when you bought these Bonds
  • Holder’s Number
  • The NSandI Number
  • Your New Address or Name

There is no date limit to claim the prize you have won. But in a case of the person who owns this Premium Bond has died, the claim would be valid for 12 months from the date of the death. Afterwards, the Bond will no longer eligible to win a prize.

For any assistance contact NSandI customer service number 0800 092 1286 and for general enquiries dial NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007

Online and Phone Service

NS&I contact number

The company has a useful and convenient tool of online and phone service for their customers. By having an account online or by phone you can easily handle your account details regularly and that too with instant access. You can manage the following details of your investment or savings with them:

  • View your Investments
  • Have an Eye on your Transactions
  • Manage your Account Details
  • Choose to have Transferred Premium Bond tax-free Prizes Directly to your Bank Account

Once you registered yourself, it will become way easier to invest more and have complete control of your account. For further enquiries, feel free to contact NSandI helpline number 0808 500 7007 and NSandI contact number 0800 092 1286.

Download Forms

The company has various popular forms that can be downloaded and duly filled by the customers to ask for any assistance or to avail any of their different services. You can also apply for most of their services and make a complaint online, but numbers of their services require to be carried out by filling a form. You can download forms by visiting the Downloads & Forms page on their official website.

If you have any complaint or enquiry to file, get in touch with them instantly on NSandI helpline number 0800 092 1286, for general enquiries, dial NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007.

Update or Change My Account Details

NS&I Customer Service

Most of the customers face this difficult question, when they travel to some other place and have their address changed or when they change their name. The company cares about its customers and understands their hurdles in way of their investments or savings and has made it user-friendly for its customers to inform them of any change in your account details. If you have an online registered account you can update your new details comfortably. Otherwise, the other options to inform them about your current details is to download a form by visiting the Download and Forms page and send it to NSandI customer service address.

If you are faced with any predicament, ask for help by dialling NSandI helpline number 0800 092 1286, for the general enquiries you may dial NSandI contact number 0808 500 7007. They have a dedicated and award-winning NSandI customer service team in place, which is equipped with every minute detail of all the services they offer. The team will guide you appropriately throughout the process and help solve your enquiry in a timely fashion.

Escalate Your Enquiry

The company tries its best to provide you with an amicable solution for your investment and savings within 8 weeks. If you feel annoyed and unhappy with the provided solution of your enquiry, the agency permits you to take your enquiry to a higher level and refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for independent and judicious resolution of your dispute. The Ombudsman will take into account both sides, the company side and your complaint. And then it will deliver the verdict acceptable to both the parties. You can dial NSandI contact number for Financial Ombudsman Service from landline 0800 023 4567 and NSandI helpline number from your mobile 0300 123 9123.

Investment Account

Want to have an investment secured with HM Treasury? Just open your investment account initially with £20 and maximum £1 million per person. If you have more than one investment account the gross amount cannot rise above the maximum limit. The interest rate varies and credited annually to the account on 1 January each year. The statement about the interest that you have accumulated in a year will be sent to you annually in the month of January. You can also open a joint account or merge your account with another person’s account and the investment limit will automatically be increased up to £2 million. If you have to withdraw or deposit your money into an investment account, the agency allows you to do it by post only. By the way, you can also view your transactions, current balance and other detail if you have an online registered account on their official website. To apply for the Investment Account, you must be 16 years of age or above it. For any enquiry related to Investment Account, you may dial NSandI customer service number 0800 092 1286 or 0808 500 7007.

Contact NSandI via Social Media

NS&I Customer Service

It is a blessing to have your service provider on any of the social media websites because you can catch them on the go. The social media has engulfed almost everyone including the young and the old, the company also takes general enquiries and keep their customers updated about the existing and upcoming improvements and features of their services. In order to contact NSandI on social media you can visit any of these sites as followed: