Teletext Contact Number

So, what are you looking for? A nice honeymoon holiday with the love of your life? A worry-free vacation trip with the family? Or just a single-person trip to explore the world at your own whim?

Now, all these require one thing: a good holiday planner. You need your hotel:rooms booked, your flights set up, and your plans laid out, all in one go and without any complications. It’s not easy to do so on your own, and you probably don’t have the time for it because the only reason you want a holiday has to be because you need to get away from your very busy life.

In the UK, there are numerous travelling agencies that can help you in that regard, like Expedia, Thomas Cook, Hays Travel, and Teletext Holidays. You will be able to find a comprehensive list of Teletext Contact Numbers in this article to plan your holidays for the rest of your travelling life while you’re at it.

Teletext Phone Number List

Teletext Holidays Helpline UK Contact Number
Teletext Customer Service toll-free 0800 4089369
Holiday Bookings 0203 001 0555
Teletext Holidays Phone Number 0207 741 1347
Teletext Holidays Cancellation 0800 4089367
Booking Balance 0207 741 1205
Teletext Holidays Contact for Press Office 0207 479 0910
Teletext Holidays Emergency Number 0207 741 1303
Emergencies from Abroad +44 2077 411 303
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Teletext Customer Service

Teletext Holidays customer service

Teletext Holidays is a travel agency that is recognized for their ability to plan out safe, secure, and cool holiday trips for all kinds of trips that their customers are looking for. Their packages are insured and authorised by the ATOL, an organisation that protects UK citizens when they book trips with UK travel agencies. When you book with Teletext, you are booking the safest and most fun trip anyone can ask for in the UK.

Their packages are all of exceptional value for money. You just have to go online, look for the ideal holiday package, and inform the agency. After that, they will personalise, tweak, and maybe add some extras to make it a holiday customised just for you. Or you can just call up Teletext Holidays customer service for them to do it for you.

Teletext has assembled an exceptional team of staff to make up their customer care department. They want their customers to feel special and safe with them, not tolerating even a hint of flaw in their system that might bring displeasure to their customers.

If you ever feel the need for it, you can contact Teletext Holidays support team on the Teletext contact number 0207 741 1305 to make a general enquiry or register a booking. This Teletext Holidays phone number will be open from 9a.m. to 9p.m Monday to Sunday.

They are attentive to emails too, so you can do that too; just look for their email information on the Teletext Holidays Contact Us page. If you’re feeling old-fashioned and you want to write them a letter, have your letter delivered to this address:

9th Floor
Holborn Tower 137-144
High Holborn

Teletext Holiday Bookings

Teletext Holidays contact

It is not much of a holiday if you have to constantly pull at your hair and scratch your scalp because you’re concerned about the restraints your financial budget will impose over your desired holiday destinations. That completely takes away the entire purpose of a holiday.

Therefore, you should hire a travel agency to do it for you, and not just any travel agency. Teletext Holidays will be able to help you in smart saving while not having to skimp on the comfort and fun factors of your holiday. They are very good at doing their homework to lend you a hand in finding affordable holidays across the board, be it a trip where you can display your well-trained figure and get a tan, or a tour around a bustling city where you can experience the busy life of a city that rarely ever sleep.

If you wish to make a holiday booking or learn more about the affordable packages the travel agency has to offer, feel free to get in touch with the Teletext contact number on 0203 001 0555.

Teletext Holidays Phone Number

Teletext Holidays helpline

When you hire Teletext Holidays helpline as your travel agency, it will be wise for you to make your payments as soon as possible. The Teletext contact number to make payments is 0207 741 1347. This is the agency’s dedicated payment line that allows you to make a payment over the phone to your balance. You can call this Teletext Holidays phone number from 8a.m. to 9p.m. Monday to Sunday.

A more convenient way of paying the travel agency is by going to the Holidays Payment section of their website. You should be ready to input important details such as your last name, and your booking reference number. If you can’t remember or find your booking reference number, don’t worry, because you can contact Teletext Holidays via email to ask them for it.

Teletext Holiday Cancellation

Nevertheless, you can still choose to book now and pay later with the travel agency. There is also the option to cancel when you would like to do so. The Teletext holiday cancellation number is toll-free, 0800 4089367. Now you can simply allocate a small deposit into your booking, and then pay for the rest of it in installments before your holiday begins. Your money will always be protected in the event of a cancellation. This can lessen the burden in your pocket and give you the opportunity to save up, while also allowing you to fully pay for it before you board the plane.

Booking Balance

Teletext Holidays phone number

Teletext Holidays policy requires you to pay off your balance within ninety days prior to your planned holiday. You can check your booking balance in the payment summary that will be delivered to you upon booking confirmation.

If you wish to reach out to the travel agency to enquire about the workings of booking balance or check your own balance, please call the Teletext contact number for this service on 0207 741 1205.

Aside from calling you can choose to simply fill out the online form they have if you are unsure about anything regarding your booking balance with Teletext Holidays. They will get back to you in no time.

Teletext Holidays Contact for Press Office

Teletext contact number

The travel agency has set up an online media centre just for members of the press. They want to spread the news about their agency, and they know there is no better channel to do so than the talented journalists and reporters in the UK.

However, if members of the press are still in need of more press material, the Teletext contact number to call is 0207 479 0910. Those who are looking to advertise with the travel agency can get in touch with them through this Teletext Holidays helpline as well.

Or you can send them an email with your press enquiries or requests. Find the press office’s full email information on the Teletext Holidays Contact Us page.

Teletext Holidays Emergency Number

It will be rare if you ever face anything overseas that you might require urgent assistance for. The travel agency is all about keeping you safe and secure while ensuring that nothing will come to you while you are travelling.

Despite their reassurances and leaded protection, there are times when things will happen and you will have no choice but to have to get in touch with your travel agency for emergency help. In such a case, do not hesitate to get in touch with their 24-hour Teletext holidays emergency number +44 2077 411 303. For emergencies that occurred before you went for your holiday, please contact 0207 741 1303.

Contact Teletext Holidays via Social Media

Contact Teletext Holidays

We should be grateful that in this day and age, we have other ways to contact a certain company rather than calling, emailing, or writing a letter. You can always choose to get in touch with the travel agency on their social network outlets, which can be more convenient for some people. Their social media accounts are also where you should go to if you are looking for instant updates about Teletext Holidays.


Teletext Holidays have been a proud travelling agency in the UK for more than 20 years. Their involvement in the travel trade encompasses the provision of flights, transports, and transfer deals. They offer products that range from short and long haul beach holidays to UK getaways, all at affordable prices so customers get to enjoy while not having to spend a lot of money for their services.

The travel agency actually started out by offering their services through television text services. When their customer base began expanding and they were able to do more, they migrated their operations fully to the official Teletext Holidays website for an easier run of their operations.

Teletext Holidays are unlike other travel agencies; they are able to retain a mass appeal among the audience, rather than attracting a niche audience. Teletext is able to fill up more than 1 million hotel:rooms annually, officially landing them in the top ten OTAs in the UK market of travel agencies.

Following are the means to get in touch with the travel agency:

  • Call the Teletext contact numbers provided in the above list
  • Send them a letter
  • Drop them an email
  • Initiate a live chat with Teletext customer service
  • Social media

Thames Water Contact Number

If you are a citizen of the UK, you must have heard about the utility company called Thames Water. There’s even a highly likely chance that your place’s water supply is sourced by Thames Water, or maybe it’s your business offices that receive water supply from the utility company.

This article will be a full catalogue of the Thames Water contact numbers that will allow you access to Thames Water customer service team, along with descriptions of other ways to get in touch with the utility company that do not require you to pick up the phone.

Thames Water Phone Number List

Thames Water Helpline UK Contact Number
Thames Water Customer Service 0800 980 8800
Calls from Abroad +44 1793 486 555
Textphone Support Team 0800 316 6899
Thames Water Leak 0800 714 614
0800 316 9898 (Textphone)
Thames Water Emergency Number 0800 316 9800
0800 316 9898 (Textphone)
HomeServe Plumbing and Drainage Cover 0800 073 1243
Meter Installation 0161 615 1177
Meter Fitting 0161 615 1110
Billing 0179 336 6000
Direct Debit 0179 336 6001
Debt Collection Department 0208 763 4522
Debt Collectors 0161 935 2203
Press Office 0203 577 4364
Thames Water Complaints 0800 009 3988
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Corporate Responsibility Thames Water

Thames Water number

Thames Water’s main objective is to maintain a sustainable development within the country. They desire to lower the environmental damages that have already been inflicted while also being a water supplier and waste water treatment company in the UK. This policy of theirs is underpinned by more detailed policies that surround factors like environment, employees, customer service, health and safety, business ethic, and finally, sustainable procurement.

Thames Water invests in community engagement, a process of ensuring that their customer feedback always stays on the positive side of the spectrum with their services of staying within the parameters of keeping the environment safe. With this objective of theirs, they aim to invest  £6.5million in community projects like implementing educational initiatives about water conservation and environmental presentation and support community projects that deliver environmentally and wildlife improvements.

They also offer flexible and bespoke water and waste water to businesses in the UK. From hotels to retailers, they do intricate homework to fully understand the requirements of their customers and implement carefully designed services that suit each business best. They are advisors that ought to be trusted to be able to provide the ideal advice for cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

If you wish to contact Thames Water, just do one of the following means:

  • Call the Thames Water contact numbers provided in the list above
  • Write a letter to the Thames Water office
  • Send them an email
  • Social media

Thames Water Customer Service

Thames Water customer service

Currently, Thames Water supplies for 15 million customers in total, which makes up for 27% of the UK population.

The utility company has assembled a skilful customer service team that will assist you with all general enquiries that you may have for them. They will attempt to help you solve issues from leaks to moving homes account switching.

Thames Water is determined to build up steady trust and loyalty among their customers, even when it comes to their customer service performance. They will not rest until you are happy and they are certain that they have done their responsibilities in having their customers hang up happy and satisfied.

Have general enquiries about Thames Water Services? Feel free to contact Thames Water via the Thames Water customer service number on 0800 980 8800. If you are calling from outside of the UK, the Thames Water phone number to dial is +44 1793 486 555. For those who are disabled in some way and want an easier way to get in touch with the company, don’t worry, because you can reach out to them through their textphone number 0800 316 6899. These numbers are open for calls from 8a.m. to 8p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday.

You can also reach out to them through these Thames Water contact numbers if you are moving homes. Water meter issues can also be reported by dialling these helplines.

For those who prefer the old-fashioned way of writing a letter, remember to have your letters delivered to this address:

Thames Water
Walnut Court 8BN
Swindon SN2

Still, it will be better if you visit the Thames Water FAQ webpage to see if your queries have already been answered before placing any call, in order to save time and money.

Thames Water Leak Reports

Wet or damp patches in your garden? Unusual specks of dirt or air in your water? Ugly cracks in paved areas? Random appearances of sinkholes or potholes? Water pressure reduction? Drastically increased usage in your water meter? Well, you are probably experiencing a leak.

When such occurrences happen, you can either choose to fix the leakage yourself or call for free assistance from Thames Water. Do not hesitate to contact the Thames Water Leak Helpline toll-free 0800 714 614 or their textphone number on 0800 316 9898 for assistance for possible leakages. These numbers are available 24 hours every day of the week.

Engineers will come to your home and investigate the source of the leaks. After that, they will help you in fixing the leakages so you can go on as usual as soon as possible.

Thames Water Emergency Number

It is inevitable that someone will experience more than a water leak. Maybe it will be a flood in your home or on the road. The Thames Water Emergency Number helpline is 0800 316 9800. There may come a time when you notice there is something inherently wrong with your water supply. For example, there can be absolutely no water supply to your space at all, or the water pressure is unusually low compared to normal. Even if you notice a change in flavour, odour, or colour, you must report it.

What you should do first is to check if there’s any major incident that could have occurred to impact your water supply, like a major pipe breakage in the main supply system. If there’s none, the next thing you ought to do is check if your stop valves are open, or if there are any frozen pipes.

Textphone users can contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9898. You are free to call these phone numbers any time of the day.


Thames Water helpline

Thames Water drainage and plumbing insurance are affiliated with HomeServe. Their aim is to ensure that your home is safe from any water-related emergencies and that if something were to happen, you will be well protected and compensated.

Take out a plumbing, drains, and water supply pipe insurance with HomeServe and you will be given access to a network of HomeServe approved plumbers. Their coverage goes from burst pipes to blocked drains. You can avoid any unexpected costs if you decide to get an insurance from HomeServe.

Contact Thames Water through this phone number 0800 073 1243 toll-free to learn more about their insurance cover and to apply for one. Learn more about HomeServe insurance cover on their official website.

Water Meter Service

A water meter is useful in such a way that it measures your water usage and let you see how much you have used or check for anything unusual, like a water leakage.

If you wish to request for a water meter installed in your space, please call the Thames Water contact number on 0161 615 1177. You can also request for a meter installation online, by filling out this form that will directly send an email to Thames Water.

Meter fitting requests can be submitted by dialling this Thames Water phone number 0161 615 1110.

Billing Department

Thames Water phone number

It is fairly easy to pay your bills with Thames Water. You are given the options to pay them online, set up a direct debit, or place a phone call to pay your water bills – not much trouble, right?

If you have any concerns related to your water bill with Thames Water, you can get in touch with Thames Water contact number 0179 336 6000. You should also call this number if you want to make your payments.

To set up a direct debit, Thames Water allows you to do so online, or reach out to them through this number 0179 336 6001.

Debt Collection

If you are unable to pay your bills on time, you can accumulate a debt account with the utility company. By the time you are ready to pay your bills, please contact Thames Water on 0208 763 4522 or 0161 935 2203.

Press Office

Journalists or other members of the media can look for the latest press releases or news about Thames Water on their online media centre. Their media centre provides details such as facts and figures, and a comprehensive image gallery.

You can also acquire information by calling the Thames Water contact number for their press office on 0203 577 4364.

Thames Water Complaints

Thames Water complaints team takes their customer feedback very seriously. They will keep up with their good work and rectify the unsatisfying parts of their operations based on their customer feedback. They have also set up a Complaints team to give their customers a suitable outlet to voice their dissatisfaction with the utility company.

If you find yourself unhappy with the services that Thames Water has provided, you are welcome to lodge a complaint by calling the Thames Water complaints helpline 0800 009 3988. Their representatives will be much obliged to take your complaints into serious consideration and try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Contact Thames Water via Social Media

Contact Thames Water

Thames Water has maintained a strong social media presence ever since the emergence of these useful tools. They are helpful in terms of keeping in touch and releasing latest updates without much trouble. You can contact Thames Water through their social media accounts if you wish to.

The Cooperative Bank Contact Number

There are banks, and then there are ethical banks. An ethical bank is a bank that concerns itself with the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans. For one, the ethical bank movements involve ethical investment, impact investment, socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility, fair trade movement, ethical consumerism, and social enterprise. Ethical banking can also be known as social, alternative, civic, or sustainable banking.

While ethical banks are regulated by the same authorization as the traditional banks, ethical banks share a common principle, which is obsolete transparency and aims that are targeted towards social and economic responsibility. Their profit margins tend to be narrower than the traditional ones.

In the UK, the most prominent ethical banks that are running are Charity Bank, Islamic Bank of Britain, Reliance Bank, and The Cooperative Bank of UK. This article will be focusing on The Cooperative Bank, or simply Co-op. You will be seeing a list of Cooperative Bank contact numbers that will allow you access to the Co-op customer service team, whilst also learning the other methods that you can contact Cooperative Bank.

Cooperative Bank Phone Number List

Co-op Bank Helpline UK Contact Number
Co-op Customer Service 0345 721 2212
Calls from Outside UK +44 1514 941 260
Credit Card 0345 600 6000
Co-Op Bank Mortgages 0800 234 6761
Britannia Savings 0800 132 304
Insurances 0344 249 9981
Business Current Accounts 0345 721 3213
Business Credit Card 0345 606 6701
Business Online Banking 0345 601 9938
Fixed Deposit Support 0345 603 2921
Debt Management 0345 600 3550 (Managed Accounts)
0345 600 1170 (Collections)
Foreign Services 0345 755 8888
Co-Op Bank Contact Us Support 0345 765 4654
CHAPS Support 0345 604 4533
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Cooperative Bank Customer Service

Co-op customer service number

The Cooperative Bank makes themselves a bank with flexible accessibility so that customers will not have any trouble in their attempts to acquire services and assistance from the bank. They are always in the process of upgrading their services, branches, and online facilities to make things easier for their customers.

Their branch offices are equipped with hearing induction loops to make things more accessible to their customers who are hearing impaired. Card readers are also set up to have larger keypads, while ATM machines are now enabled with high contrast screens and talking functionality. For customers who have difficulties with keypads or memorising numbers, the Co-op bank helpline will provide special chip and signature cards.

The Co-op customer service team has been providing exceptional services to their customers that their customer feedback is often – if not always – positive and praise abundant. They are always looking to put their customers at the heart of what they do.

If you have any general enquiries get in touch by calling the Co-op customer service number on 0345 721 2212. International callers ought to call the Co-op bank contact on +44 1514 941 260. You can also dial this Cooperative Bank contact number to lodge a complaint. The bank will do their best to rectify the issues for you and not repeat the same mistake. These numbers are open for calls 24-hours every day of the week.

Apart from that, you can visit the nearest Co-op Bank Commercial Banking Centre for face to face advice. Their full addresses and phone numbers are available on the Co-op Bank Contact Us page.

Nevertheless, if you wish to contact Co-op Bank via letter, remember to send it to this address:

Customer Response
The Co-operative Bank Plc.
1 Balloon St
M60 4EP

Credit Card

All it takes is 10 minutes to apply for a credit card from the Co-op. It is straightforward and easy. As usual, they will run a credit check on you and then they will inform you of the status of your application within five days of submitting the form. The basic eligibilities for a Co-op credit card is to be at least 18 years old, a UK resident, and have an income 0f £10,000 or more per annum.

To learn more about Co-op credit card, call the Co-op bank contact for this department on 0345 600 6000. This is also the Cooperative Bank contact number to call if you wish to apply for one.

Co-Op Bank Mortgages

co-op contact number

Mortgages can be complicated, but that’s what the Co-op is here for. Their main purpose is to make things as simple and straightforward as they can be, while giving you the best price there is to a mortgage. It’s not difficult to get a Mortgage in Principle from the Co-op; you just have to place a call to the Co-op customer service number on 0800 234 6761, which only takes 30 minutes or less.

The Co-op bank mortgage agent will ask you about your accommodation details, employment details, financial details, and purchase requirements. They will also run a background check, which is usual for applications such as this.

Britannia Savings

Britannia Savings used to be a savings arm of The Cooperative Bank, but they are currently on the move to a single Co-op brand, which can raise some complications for the customers and the bank at the same time. You can find the Brittania Savings information on this web page on the official Co-op website.

While they in the process of moving and incorporating, you can get in touch with the Cooperative Bank contact number on 0800 132 304 if you have any questions about it.

Co-Op Bank Insurances

Co-op bank helpline

With Co-Op Bank insurances, you can go about your life reassured that your properties and possessions are under strict protection. They provide insurance covers like car insurance, home insurance, and young driver insurance. These insurances are each tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

You can get in touch with the Co-Op customer service number on 0344 249 9981 to acquire detailed information about their insurance products. This is also the Cooperative Bank contact number to call if you wish to get a quote.

Business Services

The Co-Op Bank offers a series of multipurpose services for businesses as well. They aim to help you in running your business with an easy flow.

You can reach out to the Cooperative Bank contact number for business current accounts on 0345 721 3213 for more information.

Fixed Deposit

The bank offers you the option to place a fixed deposit online. This is a commercial online banking service that will give you direct access to your business or personal accounts online. Fixed Deposits online are secure and you will be getting a fast and accessible online banking experience.

To learn more about this service, you only need to call the Co-op customer service number on 0345 603 2921.

Debt Management

Circumstances in life can take a turn abruptly and land you in a pile of hot mess that you never expected to be in. The Co-op Bank wants to help you in the financial aspect if you ever find yourself in this undesirable situation.

You can discuss by contacting the Co-op customer service number on 0345 600 3550. They will do their best to manage your account and assist you in sorting out the financial difficulties that you may be facing. When you are ready to pay your debts with the bank, you only need to call the Collections department on the Cooperative Bank contact number 0345 600 1170.

Foreign Services

Do you currently have offshore businesses? Can they be a hassle when you are handling their finances? Do you wish that there’s just someone who can help you with the finances?

The Co-op provides Foreign Services to those who are dealing with an international workplace and need their financial transactions to be dealt with efficiently and responsibly.

If you wish to be a part of their Foreign Services, do not hesitate to reach out to the Co-op bank phone number on 0345 755 8888.

Relationship Account Support

If your problems do not necessarily require the expertise of a Relationship Manager, the Relationship Account support team can offer their assistance in your issues. They are on hand to deal with your enquiries via phone calls from 8a.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday, on this Co-op bank helpline 0345 765 4654.

CHAPS Support

CHAPS, the Clearing House Automated Payment System, is a service from the Co-op bank mortgage centre to help you in making sure that your suppliers or employees are paid on time, or that funds are credited to your business accounts. It enables the direct transfer of money between bank accounts.

Reach out to the Cooperative Bank contact number 0345 604 4533 to enquire further about this exceptional service of theirs.

Contact Cooperative Bank via Social Media

Contact Cooperative Bank

Through the official social media accounts, not only will you get regular updates about the bank, you can also contact the Co-op customer care department.


The Cooperative Bank of UK, also recognised as the Co-op Bank, is a retail and commercial bank that provides high street and internet banking, current accounts, mortgages, savings accounts, credit cards, and loans. They were founded as the Loans and Savings Department of the Co-operative Wholesales Society back in 1872, and evolved themselves into what they are now by providing customers with viable alternatives to their competitors.

Given that the Co-op is the seventh-largest lender in the country, it will be natural that their main income comes from the interest charges of the loans they have made. The bank even turned out to place the fourth rank in the British Bank Awards 2016.

They market themselves as an ethical bank, avoiding investments in companies that are somehow related to the arms trade, fossil fuel extraction, genetic engineering, animal testing, and use of sweated labour. Their major commitment is to pave the way to ethical, environmental, and community development in the banking industry. The Co-op aims to turn about a positive difference in the lives of their customers and the communities. They want their cooperative values to be distinguished as an efficient and financially sustainable ethical bank in the UK.

Following are the various means to reach out to The Cooperative Bank:

  • Call the Cooperative Bank contact numbers given above
  • Send a letter
  • Drop them an email
  • Begin a live chat
  • Social media

Pontins Contact Numbers

Pontins is one of the leading trading companies, which deals in holiday parks in the UK. There are six-holiday parks in the UK under Pontins, people can select any one from these definitely, they would have a great fun and enjoyment. It offers a great opportunity to make your holiday most entertaining, whether you are with your family or friends. On the other side, two parks are specially designed for Adults only. If you want more information about the holiday parks in the UK, you can dial Pontins contact number.

Pontins Phone Numbers List

Pontins Helpline UK Number
Pontins Customer Service Toll-Free 08002980118
For Inquiries 0800 406070
Contact Centre 0800 2980117
Pontins Six Holiday Parks 08002980118
Group Booking 01704 882100
Britannia Hotels 01278 751627
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These Pontins contact numbers are provided by Pontins to help their customers to sort out the Pontins complaints, inquiries and serve you better services. When you call at Pontins customer service number 08002980118, Pontins customer care representative will be there to help you in the miscellaneous problems with best of their knowledge. The number will be available:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 am to 20:00 pm
Saturday: 09:00 am to 18:00 pm
Sunday: 09:00 am to 17:00 pm

Pontins Customer Service

If you are new to deal with Pontins and considering to select a package, you can connect with superb knowledgeable and experienced advisors of Pontins, who are available to assist you. You can access Pontins contact number 08002980118The advisors will be there to suggest you about each holiday park. But, if you are well known to all six holiday parks, then you can connect with their personalised number. For solving your general queries, you can avail the Pontins customer service number 08002980117. In keeping your requirements, everyone is given access to get connect with their services and special people are served with special services. People, who are disabled can dial Pontins service number 08002980118 for disability which is available from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

On talking about online services, when you use online booking facility, you can pay through our Solo, MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Euro Card, Paypoint, Bank Transfer, Cheque and E-money Voucher. You can also make payments over the phone by calling at Pontins contact number 0800 298 0118 for payment. The company has always kept its perspective to accomplish optimum client satisfaction with exclusive entertainment and amazing activities during holidays. Nevertheless, any client goes through any issue can share at Pontins complaints resolving team either you can mail at Pontins complaints email ids specialised according to the six holiday parks as given below:

All the issues are given a satisfying answer as soon as possible. Solving the issues of customers is really a crucial job, so you can find the answer to your questions by visiting at Pontins FAQ. In case, your query’s answer is not available there or you have an additional query then you can also send your question through a Request Form which is soon given revert by Pontins customer service executive. On the other side, to know more about Pontins, you can explore their official website.

Pontins Six Holiday Parks

pontins six holidays parks

The Pontins has already been offering finest vacations and holiday experience via holiday parks, which are located in the UK. Pontins all six-holiday parks deliver an unforgettable experience of enjoyment.Let’s start with your accommodation, people are given luxury apartments to stay with many other facilities such as electricity usage in free of cost, TV with many channels and other necessary appliances, free breakfast, voucher for free wine, 50% discount for activities, bed linen, private bathroom, car parking services and amicable environment to have long life memories, when in comes to the disabled people they are ensured to have a great time.

Let’s start with your accommodation, people are given luxury apartments to stay with many other facilities such as electricity usage in free of cost, TV with many channels and other necessary appliances, free breakfast, voucher for free wine, 50% discount for activities, bed linen, private bathroom, car parking services and amicable environment to have long life memories, when in comes to the disabled people they are ensured to have a great time.

Besides these, you can also make a request for additional services. However, all the services will be served by the staff, but you can also enjoy the self-catering and for this, your shopping will be arranged for the local stores. All the clients are given access to upgrade the accommodation from classic to club apartment. For making a reservation in the Bungalow, dial the Pontins phone number 08002980118. Below are all Pontins six holiday parks information is described:-

Brean Sands Holiday Park

The location of Brean Sands Park is well known for having golden beaches and many other exciting attractions like the Brean Leisure Park, Animal Farm Adventure Park, Beaches and Brean Down Bird Garden are amazing. In order to know more about Brean Sands Holiday Park or arrange your holiday bookings, you can visit at the park address as or make a call at Pontins Free Phone Number 08002980118.

Pontins Brean Sands Holiday Park,
Burnham on Sea,
Contact No: 01278 751627

Pakefield Holiday Park

Pontins Pakefield has many wonderful family vacation areas in Suffolk, it’s set in a picturesque seaside place, having lovely landscapes and it has a few of the comforting and most lovely views around, free activities ranging from a gentle game serving right through to Waterwalkerz inside the swimming pool, beautiful gardens, peaceful resorts, canal boating, view of wildlife, seaside places and much more. Overall, it is a peaceful place where you have a great opportunity to feel relaxed. Pakefield Park Address:

Pontins Pakefield Holiday Park,
London Road, Kessingland,
Lowestoft, Suffolk,
NR33 7PF
Contact No: 01502 502900

Camber Sands Holiday Park

This location contains hidden oasis with the blue beach to spend your holidays with your friends and family. There are several lovely attractions like lovely sea breezes, fun places, deserted beaches with wildlife, view of sunset, camber castle, Rye Heritage Centre, Drusilla’s Park, Englands Medieval festival, action watersports and much more. If you consider exploring more information, you can get in touch with Camber Sands Holiday Park address as given below:

Pontins Camber Sands Holiday Park,
New Lydd Road, Camber Sands,
TN31 7RL

Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park

Prestatyn Sands nestle between miles of beaches and the rolling hills of wales. You also have a range of three breathtaking shores, there are lots to do in the stunning Conwy Castle towards the buzz of Rhyl Seaquarium. The Park is good for newer individuals with the smallest (and noisiest) others of the family occupied. Skilled team supervises kid’s activities, so you can watch and feel relaxed as the children will whiz around the leader of the Croc’s Driving School. The Park is a superb holiday package with restaurants, cafes, and enjoyment for your family. Find the Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park address here:

Pontins Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park,
Central Beach, Barkby Avenue,
Prestatyn, Denbighshire, North Wales,
LL19 7 LA
Contact No: 01745 854523

Southport Holiday Park

Southport is one of the traditional seaside accommodations with an excellent range of things that an individual can do in Southport. The city itself is just a world of an energetic buzz of excellent nightlife, peaceful areas and landscapes. Southport Holiday Park sits on the outskirts of the wonderful resort town of Southport only to the edge of Ainsdale Community. Located on the glorious Northwest coastline with sand dunes, sandy shores and wonderful panoramic landscapes sights, Ainsdale Beach is well-known for Dick Merill and Jack Lambie’s transatlantic flight. Every night with big connect 4, crazy golf, fun or it is possible to save your electricity for amazing evening activity. So, if you’re thinking to proceed for Southport, you can visit at:

Pontins Southport Holiday Park,
Shore Road,
Aindale-On-Sea, Southport,

Sand Bay Holiday Park

Sand Bay is a perfect trip experience for having wonderful accommodation, great activity, and fantastic services, you will be guaranteed with Pontins. Sand Bay can be a strip of shore in Northern Somerset outlined to the north also to the south by Worlebury Hill Sand Place and by Middle Hope. It is located in the wonderful open landscape, green grass to stroll on, and to feel relax, view of the sunset, golden sand dunes, blue sea, interesting Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, shopping places, Cheddar Gorge to Clevedon Hall and many other hearts winning places. Visit at this address to schedule with the Sand Bay Holiday Park:

Sand Bay Holiday Park,
Beach Road, Kewstoke,
Weston Super Mare
BS22 9UR

Pontins Deals and Offers

Pontins offers a wide range of entertainment services, which are made for your money saving as well as enhance entertainment in your holiday parks. The offers are declared within the gap of some days. To know about these deal you can contact with Pontins free phone number 08002980117 either can sign up Email Offers. Your registration with Pontins enables you to stay updated about latest offers, which are notified you through your alternate contact information given in registration form whether it is email id, post, phone or SMS. Get registered for Kids Croc Club which is an exciting program for your children to bring fun in their life.

Pontins Contact Us

Pontins Contact us

Although Pontins gives access to get connected for solving any query, complaint or significant information via Pontins telephone number 0800 2980118, or Pontins free phone number 08002980117. As there are 6-holiday parks under Pontins, if you are looking to get information about each separately, you can visit online at Pontins contact us. On the other side, your Pontins complaints, suggestions, and questions are also accepted through your letter, your letters should arrive at Pontins correspondence address:

Britannia Jinky Jersey LTD T/A Pontins,
Ainsdale House,
Shore Road,
Ainsdale, Southport,

Contact Pontins via Social Media

Pontins Phone Number

Pontins is renowned holiday parks arrangement providers, so it is obvious to have their social media networks. Definitely, people can share Pontins complaints and queries at their Pontins contact number  0800 298 0118, but you can also share your suggestion, feedback, queries, information and experience with their social media networks. Of course, the main goal of the company is to achieve the customer satisfaction and your feedback will play extremely a big role in improving their services, so you can touch with Pontins through below mentioned major social media networks.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pontins Overview

    Pontins was originally founded by Fred Pontin when he opened his first-holiday camp in the year of 1946 at former US army base. The founder expanded the business to more than thirty sites. Further, the company took many moves such as, in 1978, it was sold to Coral. In 1980, Bass Brewing took over the Coral and later sold it to Trevor Hemmings’ Management Buyout team.Subsequently, in 1989, Pontins was sold to Scottish & New Castle. Over a decade, the company was closed and sold off quite a few sites.

    In a three-year process within the middle-1990s, the rest of camps were modernised. By 2000, the business was running about eight camps and was offered back to Hemmings. In 2008, the Pontins was offered to Ocean Parcs. In 2009, some holiday parks were announced to be closed, in which five parks are still trading. In order to refurbish these five parks, a five-years multi-million investment plan was announced and new half-board restaurant, ice skating rink, and a new roller skating rink were introduced.

    Subsequently, in 1989, Pontins was sold to Scottish & New Castle. Over a decade, the company was closed and sold off quite a few sites. In a three-year process within the middle-1990s, the rest of camps were modernised. By 2000, the business was running about eight camps and was offered back to Hemmings. In 2008, the Pontins was offered to Ocean Parcs. In 2009, some holiday parks were announced to be closed, in which five parks are still trading. In order to refurbish these five parks, a five-years multi-million investment plan was announced and new half-board restaurant, ice skating rink, and a new roller skating rink were introduced.

    The company was again bought by Alex Langsam and he announced re-investment of 25 million pounds, which were to update the centres with accommodation and many other facilities. In 2014, the former Sand Bay Pontins Resort was purchased and added in rest of the five parks. Now, there are 6 Pontins holiday parks are served by the company. People are served via online and offline services. Pontins customer service number 0800 298 0118 will directly connect you with the skilled Pontins executives, who are capable of listening, understand and root out your Pontins complaints and issues. Pontins Six Holiday Parks.

Scottish Power Contact Number

The energy industry describes the totality of all the corporations involved in the business of energy supply – production and sale of energy. One of the most crucial parts of energy supply is the electric power industry. The energy industry important in the development and maintenance of society in the entire world.

This article will catalogue a collection of all important Scottish Power contact numbers to reach out to Scottish Power customer service department. If you ever feel the need to contact Scottish Power, you only need to scroll down for the list of contact numbers, and also other methods to get in touch with them.

Scottish Power Phone Number List

Scottish Power Helpline UK Contact Number
Scottish Power Customer Service 0800 027 0072
International Calls +44 800 027 0072
+44 345 270 0700
Minicom 0800 027 8899
Scottish Power Meter Reading Services 0800 027 8000
Card Payment 0800 001 5115
Boiler and Radiator Cover 0800 001 5214
Boiler and Radiator Emergency 0800 111 4686
Scottish Power Connect Installation 0800 027 6464
Scottish Power Complaints 0800 001 5136
Scottish Power Phone Number for Small Business 0800 040 7002
New Connections 0141 614 8800
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Why Choose Scottish Power?

Yes, there are definitely a lot of energy suppliers in the UK. Yes, you definitely have the choice to choose from other energy suppliers, rather than Scottish Power in the UK, like Green Energy and Bristol Energy. But here’s the thing: why should you choose Scottish Power instead?

Either you run a business, or you’re looking for a comfortable home, and you just want there to be a steady energy flow that you won’t have to worry about except for the occasional ups and downs that usually comes along with the prospect of powering your spaces. And this is definitely not telling you what to do, but there is a whole host of reasons of why you should go with Scottish Power.

Not only does Scottish Power provides electrical power, they also provide exceptional gas supply services. They have over 5.2 million customers currently, trusting Scottish Power to power their homes or offices; and their trust is not unfounded. They offer:

  • Fairer deals for everyone who comes to them for energy supply
  • The availability to switch between their deals whenever you want
  • The option to control your energy account the way you want
  • The possibility for a future with cleaner energy

These are reasons why you should go with Scottish Power, and then you can go on with your usual lives without having to worry about anything, because they will take care of you with their best services. These are, however, not the only reasons for you to choose Scottish Power. Visit the Scottish Power website to convince you.

To get in touch with Scottish Power, you should:

  • Contact Scottish Power numbers provided in the above list
  • Help yourself to Scottish Power Contact Us page to find out their full contact information
  • Send a letter to Scottish Power letter-box
  • Drop an email in Scottish Power customer service inbox
  • Social media

Scottish Power Customer Service

Scottish Power customer service

The Scottish Power Helpline believes that bringing energy to you isn’t their only job as an energy supplier; they want to be able to provide you with as many choices in terms of energy supply as possible while making them clear and simple. They are firm believers in the concept of being energy efficient.

Scottish Power customer service team members may be the best you have ever encountered. Their representatives are well-trained, friendly, and are total know-it-alls when it comes to the product and services of Scottish Power, but in a good way. Get in touch with them and you will get to learn everything you need to know to make a wise decision.

You are always encouraged to contact Scottish Power telephone number 0800 027 0072 if you are interested in becoming one of their customers. They are always happy to help you. You might even end up knowing more than you plan to when you hang up. If you are calling from overseas, the Scottish Power contact numbers to call is either +44 800 027 0072 or +44 345 270 0700.

This number is multi-functional, as you should also call this Scottish Power phone number if you change your supply address due to a move. While it is unfortunate for Scottish Power to lose you as a customer, you can call the Scottish Power helpline if you wish to cancel your plans with the company.

Minicom services are usually established to take into consideration the customers with special needs, and Scottish Power does not neglect any one of their customers. You can always reach out to them through their Minicom service on this Scottish Power contact number 0800 027 889.

These Scottish Power phone numbers are open from 8a.m. to 10p.m. Monday to Friday, 8.30a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday. They are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Other than that, Scottish Power pays attention to the letters they receive with the utmost care, so you can write a letter if you prefer this method to this address:

Scottish Power
Cathcart Business Park, Spean St, Glasgow G44 4BE

Scottish Power Meter Reading

Admittedly, energy fees are not cheap. Hence, it is always important to make sure that your meter readings are accurate so that Scottish Power will be able to calculate your fees correctly.

One way to learn about your Scottish Power meter reading is to go online. It’s very easy; all you have to do is create a Scottish Power account and just enter your meter reading in your account.

If you like it old-fashioned, that’s not a problem at all, because you are given the option to contact Scottish Power telephone number on 0800 027 8000 and tell them about your meter reading. This is a 24-hour service so you need not worry.

Scottish Power Phone Number for Payments

Scottish Power Number

Making payments can be difficult at times, especially when you are given restrictions as to how you should make your payments. What if you want to make your payments through cards, but the company only allows payment through cheques? What if you need to delay your payments, but the company doesn’t allow it?

Well, when you are a customer of Scottish Power, you don’t have to worry about these things, because they offer an array of payment options to make it easy for you. You can either choose to debit directly, pay as you go, set up a monthly cash plan, or with a card etc.

If you wish to make your payments with a card, go to your online account and pay online. Or contact Scottish Power number on 0800 001 5115.

Boiler and Radiator

Scottish Power telephone number

Making sure that your boilers and radiators are on their tip top conditions is one way to keep your peace of mind. Never ever risk your home because you feel as if it is a waste of time or money to maintain the appliances in your home, or you might just lose everything.

An affordable boiler and radiator cover plan from Scottish Power can save you a lot of money in the long run, and a regular boiler and radiator service can help them work more efficiently and effectively and reduce the likelihood of damages in the future.

Feel free to reach out to Scottish Power contact number toll-free, 0800 001 5214 if you are interested in getting a boiler and radiator cover from the supplier.

In the unfortunate event that you face an emergency with your boiler and radiator, do not hesitate to call the Scottish Power telephone number 0800 111 4686. Experts will be with you in no time to help you rid of your troubles before it goes too far and the only memories you have of your house are in smithereens.

Scottish Power Numbers for Connect

Scottish Power phone number

Connect is basically a remote gas heating control on the go. You can be anywhere; it can be anytime; and you will be able to control the gas heating remotely through the Scottish Power Connect application. Of course, it does not hurt that there will be an engineer to help you in the familiarisation of the application and the syncing of the application with your home heating system.

Once you acquire the Connect application, your home heating system will literally be at your fingertips, allowing you access anytime anywhere. It helps you schedule, boost, and stop your heating all in one.

Interested? Enquire about or buy a Connect by calling the Scottish Power contact number on 0800 027 6464. You will be given a full rundown of the Connect packages available and advice on which one to get.

Need technical assistance and want to make an appointment? You don’t have to worry about that because you only have to contact Scottish Power telephone number 0800 001 5136 to request for technical assistance and schedule an appointment with an engineer.

Small Business

Scottish Power helpline

You can’t run a business without power and that is a fact. You can, however, run a business on clean and efficient energy, which makes you a participant in the effort of saving the Earth as well.

Scottish Power carries this goal in their mind when they set up an energy supply plan for businesses in the UK. They offer a range of business energy fixed price contracts that are affordable and worthwhile that can prevent any unexpected price hikes for the entire duration of your deal.

New Connections

You’re probably moving and you need a new meter installation, and you’re worried about how to get it and how much it costs. It’s time you stop fussing and think about Scottish Power, because they offer this service for free.

Just get in touch with Scottish Power contact number on 0141 614 8800 and you are good to go. Keep this information at hand while you make this request:

  • Confirmed postal address and postcode
  • MPAN
  • MPRN
  • Planned connection dates for both electricity and gas

Contact Scottish Power via Social Media

Contact Scottish PowerThe Scottish Power helpline is the only ways for you to reach out Scottish Power Customer Service. Honestly, in this day and age, we all have to keep up with technology and the tools it has to offer us, like social media. If you wish to a Scottish Power complaint you can do so by using the number above, but social media is set up to offer updates, and a chance to complain.

Santander Contact Number

The Santander Group is a financial group based in Spain. The group has expanded to such an extent that they have numerous acquisitions operating worldwide, including Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia.

Santander UK, or Santander, is one of the most successful banking companies in the UK. You will find a list of Santander contact numbers that you can dial to reach out to Santander customer service team. There will also be descriptions of other methods for you to contact Santander aside from calling.

Santander Phone Number List

Santander Helpline UK Contact Number
Santander Customer Service 0800 389 7000
Mini Account 0800 030 4154
Savings Account 0800 032 4601
Investment Accounts 0800 328 1328
Account Management 0800 912 3123
Loans 0800 092 2212
Business Loans 0800 313 4482
Online Banking Support 0800 917 9170
Credit Card Application 0800 389 9905
Credit Card Support 0800 181 4181
Lost or Stolen Card +44 1512 648 725 
Mortgages 0800 068 6064
Existing Mortgages 0800 092 3881
Business/Start-Ups 0800 068 7010
Business Account Management 0800 731 6666
Complaints 0120 262 9161
24-Hour Payment Line 0120 256 0996
Press Office 0779 965 2418
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Santander Customer Service

Santander customer service

The banking company’s most applauded feature is that they have everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of financial service you need – from personal accounts to investment services – Santander will be able to provide a product that will certainly satisfy your needs.

Santander is known for their provision of impressive customer support in the UK; one of the reasons being that it is very easy to get in touch with Santander. Customers can always have full faith that the company’s representatives will be friendly and helpful once contacted.

The bank has made sure that there will not be a hint of negligence in terms of offering assistance to their customers, while also making it easy for the users to get used to their support team lines. You don’t even have to worry about having called the wrong number because a representative will be there to help redirect you to the right department.

If you have any general enquiries about banking and require assistance, feel free to contact Santander customer service on 0800 389 7000. You are advised to have your account number ready.

You can also choose to write a letter instead:

Santander UK
2 Triton Square
Regent’s Place
United Kingdom
Find their email information on the Santander Contact Us web page if you wish to send them an email instead.

Before getting in touch with Santander customer care team, it will be wise for you to check out the Santander FAQ page first to see if your problems have already been solved. This is to save time and to increase efficiency.

Santander Current Accounts

Santander cares for the customers’ individual needs, hence they have opened up a wide range of current accounts that are free for customers to choose from. Plus, they make your process of switching accounts to Santander hassle-free and without a cost.

Their current account choices include 1|2|3 Current Account, 1|2|3 Lite Current Account, Everyday Current Account, Choice Current Account, and Basic Current Account etc. These accounts are all tailored to suit customers’ individual requirements with varied features that will certainly satisfy the customers.

If you wish to apply for a current account, contact Santander on 0800 389 7000 to learn more about each account’s benefits, and terms and conditions. Their most basic current account benefits include cashback on household bills, overdraft control fees, and steady income payment allocations.

The bank also provides mini accounts that are created to avail even the young ones to put in savings before hitting adulthood. Their mini accounts are flexible and adaptable, developed to be safe and controlled so that little to no financial damages can be inflicted upon them.

You can apply for their mini accounts, such as the 1|2|3 Mini Accounts and the Student and Graduate current accounts, by using the Santander contact number 0800 030 4154.

These phone lines are open from 8a.m. to 9p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Santander Savings

Contact Santander

Savings accounts are created so that people can plan for their future and be able to prepare for any future financial hazards that might occur. However, some savings accounts do not allow for flexibility or even a fixed term for a guaranteed rate, unlike Santander’s saving accounts.

Santander’s saving accounts allow customers to have instant access to their accounts, online or otherwise. Their saving accounts are built to be eSavers so that customers can have access to them whenever and wherever they want, without the restraints usually imposed by other banks.

If you wish to apply for a savings account from Santander, like a Regular eSaver, Everyday Saver, or a Fixed Term Bonds, please reach out to the Santander helpline 0800 032 4601 to learn more or apply.

Santander Investment Accounts

Santander contact us

When you plan for your future, you must find an ideal balance between savings and investment. You need to have a knowledge of where is best to allocate your funds and how long you should have them allocated for.

Santander provides a service where they can help you set up your investment accounts and advice you on the best investment choices in order to save you from any financial situations that are undesirable. Their representatives are well-trained in this department and will offer the best advice they can give.

To learn more about this spectacular service, reach out to the bank on the Santander contact number 0800 328 1328 toll-free. Email option is also available, of which the information can be found on the Santander Contact Us page.

Santander Account Management

You can always manage your accounts through your existing Santander online accounts. However, should you ever feel the need for manual support to manage your accounts, you can call for help through this Santander helpline 0800 912 3123.

Santander Loans

Santander Loans are created to help you realise your dreams with a low-interest rate. Regardless if you want to finally purchase your dream car, buy a new home, consolidate your debts, organising a special event, or for other reasons than these, Santander will always have a solution for you.

Business dreams can also be made true with Santander Business Loans. The options range from working capital loans to corporate and commercial lending. All they ask from you is a persistent and responsible attitude.

When you apply for a loan from the bank, they will perform a credit assessment of your circumstances, which means a background run on your credit. This may affect your interest rate, but only in a minimal way.

Interested in a loan from Santander UK? Feel free to learn more about their loan products by calling them on the Santander phone number 0800 092 2212.

Business loans information can be acquired if you contact Santander on 0800 313 4482.

Santander Online Banking Support

Online banking can be a tricky thing. If you’re a tech savvy, then you won’t have a hard time navigating Santander’s online banking service. Nevertheless, if you wish to seek support from Santander regarding this service, you only need to call this Santander contact number 0800 917 9170.

Santander Credit Card

With Santander, you can easily choose a credit card that is right for you. They currently have three credit card choices – All-In-One, Everyday, and Zero – that are specifically designed to suit each one of their customers. They have got everything covered, from interest repayments to travelling expenses.

If you wish to enquire about Santander’s credit cards or to apply for one, get in touch with Santander customer service on 0800 389 9905.

Do you need help with your credit card? Feel free to call the Santander contact number 0800 181 4181 toll-free for assistance.

In the case that you find your card lost or stolen, do not hesitate to reach out to the Santander helpline +44 1512 648 725 to file a report and request for a replacement.

Santander Mortgages

Buying houses is an important step, regardless of how many houses you have already purchased in the past. Santander wishes to help you make the right choices and purchase the right mortgage that will best fit you and your new home.

Reach out to Santander contact number on 0800 068 6064 if you interested in a Santander mortgage for the first time.

Santander Business/Start-Ups

Santander contact us

Santander is recognised as the best for business savings and start-ups. They have been taking care of business customers since their launching and without fail, they have managed to help keep their customers afloat with their beneficial business accounts.

If you wish to apply for a business account with Santander, phone them on the Santander contact number 0800 068 7010 to learn more about the process of it.

You can look for assistance in managing your existing business account by contacting the Santander phone number 0800 731 6666.

If you prefer to email them about their business accounts, you can find their email information on the Santander Contact Us website.

Contact Santander via Social Media

Contact Santander

Apart from reaching out to Santander customer service by calling, emailing, and sending letters, you can always seek them out through the social network outlets they have established.


Santander started with three constituent companies, which are Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester, and Bradford and Bingley. It was rebranded as Santander UK when the Spanish conglomerate, Santander Group, acquired all three companies and combined them into one. However, their management is done entirely autonomously with their own management team.

As of today, Santander is one of UK’s leading personal financial services provider, especially mortgages and savings. The bank has hired over 20,000 employees, gathered 14 million active customers, with almost 1,010 branches and 50 corporate centres across the country. The bank provides a full range of personal, business, and corporate accounts, such as current accounts, mortgages, credit products, savings, and investments. These products have all been lauded by public for being easy and complete.

To contact Santander, just do one of the following:

  • Dial the Santander phone numbers provided above
  • Visit the Santander Contact Us page for full contact information
  • Send them a letter
  • Write them an email
  • Social media

RBS Contact Number

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group) is a banking and insurance holding group in the UK, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. They have offices located in Europe, North America, and Asia. It is the second largest bank in the UK and Europe, receiving significant support from the UK government, which holds and manages a 73% stake through UK Financial Investments (UKFI), as of August 2015.

This post will catalogue a complete list of RBS telephone banking numbers that will allow you to reach the RBS support team and other departments. There are also other ways to reach out to RBS that won’t require you to pick up the phone and dial the numbers provided below.

RBS Phone Number List

RBS Helpline UK Contact Number
RBS Customer Service Scotland 0345 724 2424
+44 131 549 8888
RBS Customer Service England 0345 900 0400
+44 131 242 0017 (Abroad)
RBS Customer Service Wales 0345 900 0300
+44 118 373 2181 (Abroad)
Lost or Stolen Card 0370 600 0459
+44 1268 500 813 (Abroad)
Personal Credit Card 0370 333 9091
+44 126 850 8018 (Abroad)
Business Credit Card 0370 154 1234
+44 370 154 1234 (Abroad)
BusinessOne 0345 300 8460
+44 345 300 8460 (Abroad)
RBS Telephone Banking Number 0333 202 3332
+44 131 278 3507 (Abroad)
Mortgage Queries 0800 056 3220
Existing Mortgage Enquiries 0800 056 0567
+44 121 629 0739 (Abroad)
Personal Loan 0800 148 8331
Existing Loan 0345 030 3216
RBS Contact Number for Fraud 0800 161 5150 (Personal)
0345 300 3986 (Business)
0800 161 5153 (Personal Credit Card)
0800 161 5164 (Business Credit Card)
Silver Membership 0345 607 5154
+44 2392 666 062 (Abroad)
Platinum Membership 0345 609 0456
+44 2392 668 827 (Abroad)
Black Membership 0345 266 8801
+44 2392 668 814 (Abroad)
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RBS Customer Service

RBS customer service

RBS not only operates from traditional storefront branches; they perform phone and internet banking as well, along with “mobile” branches in the rural areas. As of now, they have a total of nineteen “mobile” branches in the shape of vans.

The company only has one simple but strong objective – to serve their customers well. Their bank’s core ambition is developed on consistent, high-quality customer service that has rarely, if ever, let any of their customers down. They vie to be trusted, respected, and valued by their customers, shareholders, and communities.

They earn all these by focusing on their customers’ needs and ensuring that the customers are on the receiving end of excellent customer care.

If you have an account or are interested in setting up an account in Scotland, you can reach the local RBS contact number on 0345 724 242. For calls from outside of UK, please contact RBS helpline on +44 131 549 8888.

The RBS phone number for the England customer care team is 0345 900 0400. Overseas callers can reach out to RBS through this RBS telephone banking number +44 131 242 0017.

In the case that you are located in Wales, call the RBS helpline for local users on 0345 900 0300, while customers from abroad should reach this phone number +44 118 373 2181 instead. RBS phone numbers for customer care are open 24 hours, seven days a week.

If you wish to submit your general enquiries by letter, remember to send it to this address:

Royal Bank of Scotland
36 St Andrew Square
United KingdomYou can seek for email information on the RBS Contact Us page if you wish to send them an email instead.

However, before you reach out to RBS for support, you are advised to log onto their FAQ web page to check if your queries have already been solved. This way, you can save a lot of time and solve your problem easily.

Lost or Stolen Card

Credit or debit cards must be kept safe at all times. Otherwise, you may encounter severe financial hazard if someone else has access to your cards without your permission or knowledge.

If you realise that you lost your card or your card have been stolen, do not hesitate to lodge a report to the RBS contact number 0370 600 0459. If such an unfortunate incident occurred abroad, you must contact RBS phone number for international callers on +44 1268 500 813. The company will terminate access to your card immediately and request a replacement card.

RBS Personal Credit Card

RBS helpline

The banking company issues personal credit cards that are rewarding and tailored to meet your requirements. They aim to build a bank that does not ask for much from you but gives you all you need without much hassle.

If you are interested in applying for a reward credit card from RBS for personal use, get in touch with them on the RBS telephone banking number 0370 333 9091 to learn more about it. For overseas callers, the RBS helpline to dial is +44 126 850 8018.

A Silver membership for a personal credit card allows you to acquire travel insurance, protection benefits for your mobile, and lifestyle benefits such as two-for-one meals. Learn more about this by calling the local RBS contact number 0345 607 5154 or the international number +44 2392 666 062.

Apply for a Black membership and you are entitled to substantial spending power with specialised travel benefits, along with refunds or an annual fee. More information will be given to you if you contact RBS on 0345 266 8801 or +44 2392 668 814 for callers from abroad.

If you are Platinum account holder, you can have mobile and worldwide travel insurance. In addition, RBS also provides car breakdown cover. Do call the RBS telephone banking number on 0345 609 0456 or +44 2392 668 827 for overseas calls for more information.

If you find yourself to be a victim of fraud, do not hesitate to report to them on the RBS helpline 0800 161 5153 or 0800 161 5153 to report it.

In the case that you prefer emailing to calling, their email information is available on the RBS Contact Us page.

You are encouraged to peruse RBS’ Digital Banking to manage your personal credit cards if you are already an existing customer. Their website will provide more details on the feature.

RBS Business Credit Card

RBS telephone banking number

An RBS Business Credit Card allows you to run your startup business with a turnover of over two million pounds. You can get up to 45 days of purchases free of interest once an application has been approved and you have paid your balance in full.

Interested in applying for a business credit card? Contact RBS helpline on 0370 154 1234 for more details. Callers from abroad ought to dial the RBS contact number on +44 370 154 1234.

To be eligible for an RBS Business Credit Card, you ought to be a UK citizen of at least eighteen years old. Your registered business address should also be in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or Gibraltar.

You must report to this RBS phone number 0800 161 5164 or 0345 300 3986 if you find yourself to be a victim of fraudulence.

Full contact information can be found on the RBS Contact Us page.

RBS BusinessOne

Contact RBS

Apart from the usual personal credit card and business credit card, RBS also offers another kind of credit card service called BusinessOne. A BusinessOne card allows you to do it all: travel, entertainment, and general business expenses.

To learn more about this particular service, feel free to get in touch with the local RBS contact number 0345 300 8460.

RBS Private Banking Manager

Private Banking is an exclusive service established to make your banking management easier and more private.

You will have a personal Private Banking Manager to help you along the way of managing your funds. Your Private Banking Manager will always have the latest updates or offers and happy to assist you in any matter.

Feel free to reach out to your Private Banking Manager anytime through this RBS telephone banking number 0333 202 3332. Customers from abroad can also call for a Private Banking Manager on this helpline +44 131 278 3507.

Send an email if you prefer it; their email information is available on the RBS Contact Us page.

RBS Mortgage Queries

RBS can help you a lot with your mortgage if you have a contract with them. Borrowing from them will not hurt your credit score at all as they will have people calculating the ideal amount for you. An RBS mortgage allows you the opportunity to be transparent with them and vice versa.

For general enquiries about RBS mortgages, you can contact RBS phone number helpline on 0800 056 3220.

RBS Loans

RBS contact us

RBS loans allow you to borrow at a lower interest rate compared to other banking companies or loaners. You can work out an ideal loan quote using the online calculator that RBS provides.

The range of a loan from RBS is between £1k and £25k, with an ideal repayment schedule that is tailored to your financial situation. RBS loan quotes will not affect your credit score in any way, so do not worry about it.

If you have any enquiries about their loan products, reach out to RBS on their RBS telephone banking number 0800 148 8331 toll-free.

Contact RBS via Social Media

Contact RBS

Aside from calling, emailing, and sending them letters, you are encouraged to receive updates or get in touch with RBS via the social media accounts they have established.

RBS Overview

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is a retail banking conglomerate in the UK, subsidised by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group). There are more than seven hundred branches under the RBS, mainly based in Scotland, and others in large towns and cities in England and Wales. It is an entirely separate entity from the Bank of Scotland, which is older than the RBS by a total of thirty-two years.

RBS operates a wide range of banking services for both personal and business use, private banking, and corporate usage. Each and every member of the RBS team is essential to provide the best banking services to their customers, hoping to serve the citizens well and make their lives easier. The banking company takes risks very seriously and will never dare to play with customers’ funds.

They are a member of the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Limited, Bankers’ Automated Cleaning Services Limited, the Clearing House Automated Payment System Limited, and the LINK Interchange Network Limited. It is also authorised by the Financial Ombudsman Service to run its operations.

To get in touch with RBS customer service, you only need to do one of the following:

  • Dial the RBS contact numbers in the list above
  • Send them a letter
  • Write them an email
  • Social media

RAC Contact Number

Ever had your car break down in the middle of the road? Or worse yet, ever had your car break down in the middle of the road in the middle of the night? Usually, insurance companies would have closed down their businesses for the night after 7p.m, so it is highly unlikely that you can get assistance from them if such an unfortunate disaster does occur to you.

RAC Insurance is one of the few brokers in the UK that provides 24-hour assistance. In this article, you will find a listing of all the relevant RAC breakdown contact numbers that you can dial if you ever find yourself in such situations. In addition, for other needs, there will also be descriptions of other contact options that you can utilise to contact RAC.

RAC Phone Numbers List

RAC Helpline UK Contact Number
RAC Customer Service 0192 243 7000
RAC Breakdown Contact Number 0333 2000 999
RAC Car Insurance Contact Us 0330 159 1031
Car Insurance Sales 0330 159 1019
RAC Insurance Claims Phone Number 0330 159 1062
Caravan Insurance 0800 308 1111
Classic Customer Care 0330 159 0728
Motorbike Insurance 0330 159 1156
Van Insurance 0330 332 8308
Van Insurance Claims 0330 332 8315
Home Insurance 0330 159 0985
Home Insurance Sales and Renewal 0333 202 3044
Travel Insurance 0330 159 0405
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RAC Customer Service

RAC customer service

RAC is the most progressive amongst all motoring service providers in the UK, constantly upgrading and developing their products in order to keep up with the increasingly complex technology and satisfy their customers. It is a standardised protocol for all RAC patrol vans to carry more than 500 parts and tools so that they will be able to get customers’ faulty vehicles going without wasting time.

RAC provides comprehensive motoring services that will not drive the customers to look for other providers for different services, including breakdown cover with roadside assistance, insurance, purchase of a used car, vehicle inspections, legal services, or the latest traffic and travel information. RAC customer service team has been trained to understand all aspects of these services and be able to offer you a deeper understanding should you need it.

If you have any general enquiries about any of their products and services, contact RAC phone number agents 0192 243 7000. In the case that there are any additional documents and files that you think RAC should take a look at, you can send them via post:

RAC House
Brockhurst Crescent
United Kingdom

RAC Car Insurance Contact Us

Like most top insurance companies, the internet is a great source to find information. You are welcome to use this specific phone number to be in touch with the support team, 0330 159 1031. However, you can always and should look for their email information on the RAC Car Insurance Contact Us page if you wish to send them an email with the soft copies of any necessary documents attached.

Please be advised to log onto the company’s FAQ website and check if your queries have already been solved before making any contact with the RAC customer service.

RAC Breakdown Contact Number

RAC breakdown contact number

Signing up for an RAC Breakdown Cover can do you a lot of good and no harm at all. Their Coverage is a winner of a five-star rating by Defaqto.

On average, their patrols are capable of fixing four out of five broken down vehicles in the span of thirty minutes, so you can be assured that you will be moving along in no time after getting assistance from RAC. They also provide an assortment of extras for customers, including courtesy car and key replacements.

To learn more about the variety of RAC breakdown cover offers, feel free to call the RAC breakdown contact number toll-free 0800 072 2822. If you are an existing customer, you can contact the RAC helpline on 0333 2000 999 if you find yourself stuck in an undesirable situation.

Blue Badge Cover

Blue Badge holders receive the full package of breakdown coverage policies. The RAC breakdown contact number for Blue Badge holders is 0800 029 029. You can call this number for general enquiries about this specific cover, or request assistance from RAC patrols if you are already an existing customer.

RAC Car Insurance Phone Number

RAC is a five-star rated brand when it comes to car insurance policies, so you know that when you sign up for one of their policies, you can trust them to offer you the best. Regardless if you wish to insure your child’s first vehicle, buy a temporary cover for when you are away or insure more than two cars, RAC has the policy adjusted to suit you.

The company’s car insurance benefits include uninsured driver promise, five-star rated cover, RAC member discount, and free motor legal protection.

Get in touch with RAC customer service by calling 0330 159 1031 for clarifications of any concerns regarding your insurance. This is also the RAC contact number to call if you wish to check the coverage of your insurance policy and your payment schedule. Enquiries are taken from 7a.m. to 10p.m. Monday to Friday, 8a.m. to 7p.m. Saturday, and 10a.m. to 4p.m. Sunday.

To register a claim or check on an existing claim, contact RAC phone number on 0330 159 1062 to do so.

Caravan Insurance

RAC helpline

You may have a caravan for a trip in the outskirts or just for the fun of it. Nevertheless, caravans are prone to accidents and unprecedented incidences as well, which is why it is wise for RAC caravan insurance. Use this RAC contact number 0800 308 1111 if you are interested in getting this insurance.

RAC Insurance Claims Phone Number

Much like all the insurance policies that are provided, you are protected. For example, let’s take a look at the RAC Caravan Insurance policy. This provides coverage for both static and touring caravans in the UK and even abroad. You can have continental usage of this insurance for up to 240 days and more, discounts for years as long as you haven’t made a claim. In fact, as long as you do not make a claim, your rating only improves.

However, that is not life. We get in accidents, we have unexpected things happen to us. We need to make claims. This is why there is a special RAC Insurance claims phone number to dial at all times, 0330 159 1062.

In most instances, you will need to contact RAC claims centre for registration or existing claims. If the first number is busy, please use this alternative RAC phone number, 0333 323 0966.

Classic Car and Motorbike Insurance

RAC customer service

Classic cars are hard to come by and they do most certainly do not come cheap. So if you are a proud owner of a classic car, you should definitely get an insurance for it. With a Classic Car Insurance from RAC, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your pride and joy is well protected. They include coverage for public road rallies and trials, third party liability cover, and agreed value cover with no extra cost.

RAC has been on rescue missions for bikers for over 119 years. Their Motorbike Insurance is flexible and can be tailored to suit customers’ needs, covering whatever bike that you possess. They have even tailored some useful extras just in case you need it, such as personal accident cover and legal expenses cover.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the company by dialling the RAC contact number 0330 159 1156 to learn more about a classic car and motorbike policies.

Van Insurance

Contact RAC

Vans can be used for business or personal pleasure. They work both ways. Such versatile vehicles should be protected with value, hence RAC Van Insurance.

At RAC, they offer the best possible price for the ideal van insurance that is tailored to your needs. They understand that if you use your van for business purpose, it is a must for you to get back on the road as soon as possible. And by just being an RAC member, you are already eligible for a valuable discount.

You can register a new claim or enquire about an existing one by calling RAC on 0330 332 8315.

Home Insurance

RAC helpline

“Home is where the heart is”, they always say, and it cannot be truer. Homes are easily the most expensive and most important investment anyone can make, and everyone should have it protected if only to protect the memories that have been built there.

RAC has always been a reliable rescuer when it comes to emergencies related to customers’ residences. The company is willing to replace any damaged or stolen items in your homes with its insurance policy. You can even get a temporary accommodation that is worth up to £75,000 if your home isn’t safe for the time being.

For general enquiries regarding this insurance policy, make them by calling the RAC contact number 0330 159 0985.

To ask about the latest updates about RAC Home Insurance, please dial this RAC phone number 0333 202 3044 instead. This is also the phone number to call if you wish to acquire clarifications about your automatic policy renewal.

Travel Insurance

Some people travel for leisure; some people travel to escape from their usual lives, and some people travel for business. RAC Travel Insurance is developed for this purpose: to protect you while you are abroad. With a travel insurance from the company, you are eligible for compensations for emergency medical and dental expenses, lost or delayed luggage, and airline failure and cancellations.

You should dial this RAC helpline 0208 667 2464 if you wish to make a new claim or check on an existing claim.

Contact RAC via Social Media

Contact RAC

Apart from calling, emailing, and writing letters, you can also get in touch with RAC through the social media accounts they have established. You can get updated with their latest news with their social network outlets as well, while you are at it.

RAC Overview

RAC Limited, or RAC Insurance, is an automotive services company in the United Kingdom. Their primary services are roadside assistance and general insurance policies.

RAC has led the motoring industry since its conception in 1897, from introducing uniformed patrols to rightfully boasting a computer system that surpasses most others to handle calls for emergency breakdown assistance.

RAC offers vehicle and breakdown services nationwide from three bases. As of 2014, RAC has been recorded to have attended to 2.3 million rescue breakdowns. It does not matter what kind of emergency you might have; RAC offers a solution for all motoring needs. Here are the several means for you to contact RAC customer service:

  • Call the RAC phone numbers provided above
  • Handwrite a letter
  • Drop them an email
  • Social media

Ryanair Contact Numbers

Airline costs are sometimes outrageously unreasonable and make a large dent in your wallet. These airline costs have caused some parties to come up with airlines that cost less, though with fewer comforts that you might get to enjoy with the usual airlines.

The Ryanair call centre is equipped with direct communication with sales agents via the Ryanair contact numbers. This article will provide a complete catalogue of Ryanair customer service numbers, alongside instructions of other ways to contact Ryanair without having to call.

Ryanair Phone Number List

Ryanair Helpline UK Contact Number
Ryanair Customer Service 0330 100 7838
Ryanair Special Assistance Phone Line 0330 100 7839
Business Plus 0330 100 6996
Ryanair Complaints and Post Flight 0330 100 7839
Press Office +3531 945 1949
Corporate Jet +3531 945 1810
Airline Dispute Resolution 0203 540 8063
Ryanair Lost Luggage
Birmingham 0121 767 8699
Bristol 0127 547 3543
Derry 0287 181 0784
Doncaster 0130 262 5158
East Midlands 0133 281 4203
Edinburgh 0131 344 3253
Glasgow Prestwick 0799 055 1125
Leeds Bradford 0791 955 3053
Liverpool 0151 907 1022
London Luton 0158 270 2312
Newcastle 0191 214 4376
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Ryanair Customer Service

Ryanair customer service

Ryanair holds on to the belief that a worthwhile and satisfactory passenger support hinges on their ability to commit to their low prices and high punctuality. This pushes them to always rate their fees to as low as possible while allowing their customers to be able to enjoy the services Ryanair has to offer.

They are also no stranger to policy, publishing the Ryanair Customer Service Statistics on a monthly basis, which confirms that Ryanair is Europe’s No. 1 provider of airline customer care due to their unwavering commitment.

Ryanair customers’ timing issues are also taken into consideration, as the company will always inform the customers of any issues that might delay their flights as soon as possible, and also allow the passengers to check in online so they won’t have to do it at the airport. Customers are also given the freedom to make reservation changes within reasonable boundaries.

If you have any general enquiries that you wish to submit to Ryanair, please contact Ryanair customer service number on 0330 100 7838. This number is available for calls from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and 10a.m. to 6p.m. Sunday.

You can also choose to reach out via email, of which the information you can find on the Ryanair Contact Us web page. There is a live chat service for you also if it is urgent. This live chat service is available from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and 10a.m. to 6p.m. Sunday.

Besides dialling the Ryanair Call Centre, you can also write them a letter if you wish to, and mail it to this address:

Airside Business Park
Crown castle
Nevertheless, you should always help yourself to their FAQ page beforehand to check if your queries have already been answered by Ryanair. That way, you won’t have to waste your precious time to contact Ryanair for assistance.

Ryanair Special Assistance Phone Line

Ryanair Special Assistance Phone line

Do you have a handicap? Do you need a wheelchair before and after your travelling experience? Maybe you need an interpreter or hearing impaired care? At Ryanair, we are prepared to take care of all of your needs. Do not worry about getting any assistance in advance of your flight and also after you land in your destination.

Arrangements will be made on behalf of you by the airline. You must call at least 36 hours prior to your flight in order to benefit from this service. The Ryanair Special Assistance Phone Line is 0330 100 7839. This number is open 24 hours a day.

Ryanair Business Plus Benefits

Ryanair phone number

Customers who book a Ryanair Business Plus flight will get to enjoy a host of benefits that other airlines are still not able to offer.

All Ryanair Business Plus customers are privileged to a newfound flexibility and frequency with their flight, as they can make changes to their flight details +1/-1 day of their flight without extra costs. If you are a Ryanair Business Plus customers you can be assured that you will arrive without delay. You are given priority and get to board your flight first before other customers flood in after you. Need to know more about Ryanair Business Plus baggage allowance? Do not worry, your benefit is for freer experience; allowing you a free 10kg cabin bag and a carry-on to take on board.
Have you read the Ryanair Business Plus Review online? Visit the website or use a mobile device by calling the Ryanair contact number 0330 100 6996. You will be able to reach a representative on this number from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and 10a.m. to 6p.m. Sunday.

Ryanair Complaints and Post Booking

If you are already an existing customer of Ryanair, feel free to enquire anything about your existing booking by reaching out to Ryanair Call Centre on the Ryanair customer service number 0330 100 7839. Ryanair representatives will be more than happy to help you along the way as soon as possible.

If you have a complaint you can also use the same number above. All agents look at Ryanair complaints as an opportunity to grow as an organisation.

Ryanair takes their customers’ feedback very seriously, always doing their best to ensure that their customers are happy with their service and rectify whatever issues that their customers might have with the airline. If they ever received a complaint, the responsible party will always seek out the best way to solve it and to compensate the customer sufficiently.

The airline company accepts complaints in the form of post and emails. Under normal circumstances, Ryanair will respond to a complaint in written form within seven business days after the complaint is filed.

In the case you are not happy with how Ryanair has tried to resolve your complaint, you can always issue your complaint the Airline Dispute Resolution, an ombudsman service set up for airline issues. As a member, Ryanair is bound by their decisions and this service is free for all.

If you wish to redirect your complaint to this department, please call the Ryanair contact number on 0203 540 8063. Or send a letter to the Airline Dispute Resolution office at this address:

Airline Dispute Resolution
33 Floor Euston Towers
286 Euston Road

Ryanair Press Office

Ryanair call centre

Members of the press can acquire any media updates from the Ryanair Media Centre. If you wish to speak to a staff member from the press office, please reach out to the Ryanair phone number for the press office on +3531 945 1949. They will try to be as transparent as possible while answering your queries.

Corporate Jet

The company’s Corporate Jet service is the privilege to travel on Ryanair’s first customised jet that is meant only for business travellers. Their customised corporate jet is fully fitted with sixty business class seats and fine dining catering facilities offered to the customers.

Ryanair’s Corporate Jet service provides spacious luxury and comfort to the customers, along with the guaranteed high-quality Ryanair performance, service, and value. A highly trained cabin crew will also be with you throughout the entire journey to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

Interested in booking a flight with Ryanair Corporate Jet? Feel free to reach out to the Ryanair customer service number on +3531 945 1810 to do so. You can also submit your general queries or make a booking by emailing them; their email details are available on the Corporate Jet web page.

Ryanair Lost Luggage Number

Ryanair lost luggage number

There will be times when careless mistakes will happen and the aftereffects of them will occur on your person. For example, a staff member might so careless to have misplaced your luggage, and in the end, you may not find your luggage after hours of waiting at your destination.

If such a thing does happen to you, please call the individual Ryanair Call Centres for different destinations to relocate your luggage.

For lost luggage in Birmingham, reach out to Ryanair on 0121 767 8699.

You can relocate your luggage in Bristol by contacting the Ryanair phone number 0127 547 3543.

Get in touch with the Ryanair customer service number 0287 181 0784 if you are unable to locate your luggage in Derry.

The Ryanair lost luggage number in Doncaster is 0130 262 5158.

If you have lost your luggage East Midlands, do not hesitate to call the Ryanair phone number 0133 281 4203.

To relocate a lost luggage in Edinburgh, reach out to Ryanair contact number 0131 344 3253.

Contact 0799 055 1125 for Ryanair lost luggage number services in Glasgow Prestwick.

Reach out to the Ryanair phone number 0791 955 3053 if you lost your luggage in Leeds Bradford.

Lost luggage in Liverpool can be relocated by calling Ryanair helpline on 0151 907 1022.

If you are in London Sutton and can’t find your luggage, please get in touch with Ryanair on 0158 270 2312.

To report a lost luggage in Newcastle, call the Ryanair phone number on 0191 214 4376.

Contact Ryanair via Social Media

Contact Ryanair

Phone calls, emails, and letters aren’t the only way to reach out to Ryanair. You can also do so through their social network outlets.


Born in Irish, Ryanair is one of the leading low-cost airlines in the UK. Their base of operations is Dublin and London Stansted Airports. This airline was founded by business mogul Michael O’Leary, started from flying between Waterford and London back in 1984 to multiple international flight routes today.

As of 2013, Ryanair is both the airline with the largest customer base and the busiest international airline in Europe. They have over 350 Boeing aircraft under their wings, characterised by their rapid expansion and the success of their low-cost model. Ryanair’s status as the most popular international airline in the UK is cemented by their exceptional bargain basement prices and the impressive network of European airports they are affiliated with.

Ryanair has always made sure that their facilities and services are top of the line in the industry and that they are able to satisfy their customers’ needs at all times. You can contact Ryanair customer service through the following means:

  • Reach out to Ryanair Call Centre
  • Send them a letter
  • Drop an email in their inbox
  • Peruse the live chat
  • Social media

Plusnet Contact Numbers

Plusnet Plc bestows communication and internet services in the UK and is a foremost choice of people for providing services at the most reasonable price. They play a triple role in serving its customers with internet services via landline, broadband and digital television. That’s why they are famous as triple play internet service provider. However, depending on your different queries, all the contact numbers are differentiated.

Plusnet Phone Number List

Plusnet Helpline UK Contact Number
Plusnet Customer Service 0800 028 0282
Plusnet Member Centre 0800 432 0200
Sales 0800 023 2221
Cancellation 0800 731 7512
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As the company provides new deals and offers, people often raise queries when a new service or offer is launched in the market. And to solve their queries the Plusnet Helpline is toll-free, 08000280282available to provide better information. On the other hand, the existing customers who caught out in unexpected issues, are always given Plusnet support via offline or online.

Plusnet Customer Service

Plusnet Customer Service

PlusNet customer service Support team is available around the clock to sort miscellaneous queries of customers, whether it is related to Broadband, Phone, TV or Your Plusnet Account & Billing. If you are looking to renew or upgrade the existing plan, having a problem with Plusnet products and complaints with the services of Plusnet, you can simply visit the company’s FAQ, where all the common questions are answered for your convenience and saving your time.

In case, your questions’ answers are not available there, you can simply contact Plusnet support toll-free 0800 028 0282, which is accessible 365 days in the year for providing you better information in the best manner but if there is any complaint or you are not satisfied with the services then you can dial the Plusnet Customer Service 0800 432 0200.

When it comes to the setup of broadband, and you need guidance but not on-call help, then the Plusnet Online Chat is a preferable solution. However, you can also download the Plusnet App which gives a view of broadband usage, invoice & call charges. The official Contact Plusnet website gives you access to explore all other information related to services and packages.

Plusnet Member Centre

By joining with Plusnet you can experience all the features of a respected customer deserves. The Plusnet Member Centre offers you an opportunity to access your bill, as well as, usage and service status information. You can easily create a new account online using their web portal. But if you wanted to first find out more, you can always use the Plusnet contact number toll-free, 0800 432 0200.

Why Choose Plusnet?

Plusnet Customer Service

Advanced Networks: Plusnet is the most trusted and one of the advanced ISP networks in the UK. The reason is, it delivers high-end speed and flexibility to its customers. Overloading on few networks cannot give better services to its customer that’s why Plusnet networks are available in a wide range.

The networks setting is divided into three to meet the demand of the users such as:

  • Normal daily operation
  • High demand
  • Disaster situation

Relocate The Broadband Services: Do you want to switch to Plusnet? Now, it has become easier to switching or relocation, you are simply required to dial the Plusnet Contact Number 0800 028 0282 where a dedicated customer care executives team will make a discussion with you and take responsibility of relocating all services quickly whether it is broadband or phone services.

Dealer and Partner: The program is designed for delivering better services quickly at best price without facing any kind of hassle. It is just an another way to get Plusnet support. They simply give you an access to earn money, in case, you have any query related to this, you can contact Plusnet Partner Number 0800 023 2345 to get the guidance. Learn more about the benefits that an individual can obtain after becoming a partner with Plusnet.

Inexpensive Deals: In keeping the requirement of all types of businesses regardless the size, the most affordable packages are offered to all the customers. From the new startup companies to developing enterprises can grow easily by using Plusnet reliable free router, contract options, call plans, overnight usage and so on. In order to have information about any package, customers can avail Plusnet Customer Service Number 08000280282, which is available 24/7.

Best Quality Products: Plusnet Broadband products are shipped over their fully resilient and high-performance network. Their leading-edge sensible traffic management systems ensure quality and goal of service for enterprise purposes at all times. Your goods that are broadband have an array of use to match all business needs, from your home working to big office networks. Their products derive from the standard Plusnet collection.

Dedicated Customer Support Team: Dedicated Customer Support Team: Problems during work can appear anytime. These need to be settled with urgency. This is why Plusnet Contact Number 0800 028 0282, is available around the clock. It allows one to get connected anytime for having best services. The team is dedicated and reliable to give you proper support in broadband setup, installation, new packages’ detail, crucial information, etc. Problems may appear with an individual or enterprise, and a solution is now easy to find through the Plusnet Helpline with their skilled customer care staff and professionals. They deliver excellent services to its clients by providing right guidance about technical issues. That’s why, Most of the Awards, which Plusnet has achieved are referring to incredible Plusnet Support for their Customers, some are as given below:-

  • Best Value Provider
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Value Home Broadband
  • Best Broadband & Home Phone
  • Most Recommended Provider

Plusnet Packages

Plusnet Helpline

Broadband: Whether it is for monthly usage or unlimited, Broadband only delivers high-end services without allowing any restriction. Their up to 18mb broadband allows you reliable usage of business application online and telephone lines. On the other side, there’s a range of 1, 12 or 24 months contract options to fit your requirements, which are based on the lowest monthly cost. Your infinite inexpensive broadband bundles could handle the heavier, bandwidth and intensive actions in your workplace as there’s no regular download control or extra fees to bother about. So, in order to know more about broadband packages you can contact Plusnet sales team at 0800 389 7854

Fibre Broadband: Plusnet Fibre allows the customers to remain flexible by doing many tasks in less time. You can work successfully from your home and connect with others, equally as you’d at the office. Plusnet Fibre allows multiple consumers to communicate quicker than standard broadband. Take a look at its other benefits:

  • Quicker send and receive of files
  • HD video calls for sharing info
  • Fastest router
  • Data storage capabilities

Overall, it affects to grow the productivity of business and save time and cost. So, Contact Plusnet sales team number 0800 389 7584 or either visit online to view the Fibre broadband package options to select your package.

Plusnet Phone: You can choose from the calling plans offering International, UK, and Mobile calls, along with a PAYG option. If you take 24 months contract, you will enjoy one of lower rental rates. Plusnet contact number in the UK allow one to make endless anytime calls to UK 01, 02 & 03 landline numbers including 0845 and 0870 calls. The competitive UK and overseas International calling plans include either 500 or 1000 minute to US and UK landline. An additional benefit to the users is that they can even make free calls to the Plusnet Customer Service Number 08000280282 anytime if they are looking forward to knowing more information about phone package or any other support from Plusnet Customer Service.

Plusnet Exclusive Offers

Plusnet Customer Service OfferPlusnet is the award-winning company in ISP, with thousands of people available in their customer segment. The main reason for their business achievement is assumed by their services, which they offer at most reasonable charges. In addition, the exclusive offers are just like break icing on the cake. So, you can grab the offers and enjoy the rewards.

Plusnet Referrals: It is really a great opportunity to grab the discount on monthly charges. As per the Plusnet Referrals program if an existing customer brings a customer on reference then he/she will be able to pay the monthly bills with discount. However, the certain amount of discount is not decided. So, in order to save your extra money, it is a great offer. If you have inquiries regarding the sales, get the assistant, with Plusnet Helpline Number 0800 23 2221, which is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Either you can fill the online inquiries form with your appropriate queries, your queries will be assisted soon by the Plusnet support representatives.

Plusnet Contact Us

Beside the Plusnet customer service help desks, Plusnet postal address also gives you an access to reach out Plusnet. If you have any concern or suggestion to improve services, complaint and want to review anything, which you are unable to share with Plusnet Contact Number 08000280282, you can share by sending a letter at

Plusnet Member Centre Address:
Plusnet Plc
S1 2GU, UK

Contact Plusnet via Social Media

To contact with Plusnet, Social Media Networks is one of the best methods. Plusnet has its presence on all major networks. The Plusnet support number 0800 028 0282 is available all the time for solving the issue as well as give you details of services, but if you have any concern, suggestion, information or review, you are invited to share with social media.

Plusnet Contact Twitter


Plusnet Plc was founded 1997. The journey of Plusnet Technologies Ltd started when it was formed by Force9 internet that is now known as the sister brand of Plusnet. They initially began the “dial-up internet” and offered to its subscribers at lower cost with more value added service. The bigger move came when the company was acquired by an American PC Peripherals Company named as Insight Enterprises.

Insight had no interest in ISP, so it left the company under the charge of Lee Strafford. Force9 offered a new version of “unmetered” under the brand name F9 which was changed into Plusnet. Further, it achieved only success by developing many new products. During those days, in order to enhance the speed of broadband product, one had a need of BT Engineer as initial speed was 512 kbit/s but today it has reached up to 16 Mbit/s even without having a help of BT Engineer. It is just because of the self-install broadband product. With the acquisition of Parbin Ltd and its consumer ISP Metro Net, Plusnet enhanced it services by involving the range of broadband packages “Pay as you go”.
On March 5th, 2007, BT Group made acquisition of Plusnet and promoted to Lee Strafford (Chief Executive) as CEO and Neil Comer (Finance Director) in other senior roles. There are 750,000 customers in the UK, apart from Plusnet, Metronet and Plusnet Hosting are businesses operated by the company. Plusnet is introducing many services such as unlimited Fibre Broadband package free for the six months is one among the others. They also designed Plusnet support number 0800 028 0282, where a team of professional customer care executives is always available to treat all the queries whether it is regarding an existing customer or a new one.