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Who has America Online anymore? No one, you would think! However, that would be a really poor assumption on your end. America Online, today AOL, is one of the leaders in internet technology and a global player in connecting people today.

So you may use AOL. Or you may have questions or concerns about AOL. Therefore, we put together this guidebook for you. Are you looking for all of the AOL contact numbers list? You are on the right page! Here you will find the list of the most important numbers you can have with you in case you want to contact AOL customer services. As you go through this article, you will also find other relevant information, including addresses and links by which you can contact AOL. To find out more about services in detail, visit the official AOL contact us page.

AOL Contact Numbers List

AOL Helpline UK Contact Number
AOL Customer Service Toll-Free 0808 234 9279
Software Services 0808 234 9279
Press Contact 0207 492 1000
Textphone 0800-759-3323
International Number +44 844 499 5555
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AOL Customer Service Address

The customers have the alternative to contact AOL via postal service as well. If you require assistance of AOL customer relations department, you can do such by composing a letter and sending it to this address: Shropshire House, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA, United Kingdom

You are required to include your personal contact information in the letter posted so that the members of the help team can contact you on your mentioned address or contact phone number as soon as possible.

The postal process can also be used for filing complaints too. In the event that you wish to make a complaint in writing, you can do as such by writing a letter and sending it. This can also be in respect to any unlawful matter on AOL.

The following address is only for complaints: AOL Legal Team, AOL (UK) Ltd, Shropshire House, 11-20 Capper Street, London WC1E 6JA

General Enquiries

The AOL helpline always aims to make the online experience better for the customers via their innovative technological advancements and offering the dedicated and trained user support representatives who are always happy to offer assistance.

NOTE: The users can contact AOL customer services toll-free 0808-234-9279. The telephone lines are open from 8am to midnight on all days including Sundays. The centre is closed on public holidays.

A textphone system is also available for all clients that need assistance services for hard-hearing impairments. Of if you are an indvidiual that needs text phone help, then call toll-free: 0800-759-3323 which needs a TTY-enabled piece of tool to use.

Are you a Spanish speaker?

The Spanish speaking clients can call the AOL contact number 1866 885 5117. Please note that your call might be recorded or monitored for quality, security or training purposes. You can submit your queries by visiting AOL Email Support page with the contact details so that the AOL customer service team will respond to the specified email address as soon as possible.

The users can also chat with the AOL customer care executives online and get their assistance. But this can only be availed by AOL paid users. Check this AOL Contact Us Help Page for more information.

You can simply type in your queries and the representatives will respond back at the earliest. The users are given an easy accessibility of social medium like Twitter or Facebook accounts to get in touch with the company anytime and anywhere.  For the services like McAfee, or AOL computer check or any kind of software service for UK users, you can call AOL toll-free, 0808 234 9279.

For all the phone enquiries from outside the UK, you can contact the AOL customer service centre by calling +44 844 499 5555.

NOTE: It should be noted here that international tariffs and roaming charges will be applicable while calling to AOL service number. However, if you are making the calls from a TalkTalk phone, the call to the customer care number will be free of expense.

Broadband Service

For the AOL broadband services, call the UK Broadband number toll-free, 1 800-827-6364. You can learn about the monthly plans that AOL offers.

AOL Contact Us

Press Contact

Are you a journalist? Doing an investigative report and need AOL’s help? The journalists and the media individuals can reach the press office by calling 0207-492-1000. Alternatively, you can also call 0207-492-1099.

General AOL Helpline

The support helpline is a team of experienced and trained experts to provide support to handle the email account effectively. The customers can reach the AOL helpline number at 0808 234 9279 on all days from 8:00 am to midnight for any queries related to advertising, membership services, advertising etc. Please note that the centre is closed on public holidays.

After making the call, you can press 1 to reset the password, press 2 for email updates or press 3 for any information related to account management or bill payments.

Account Support

There is always going to be a time when your system breaks down, or you forget a password or are locked out. AOL no longer provides old school email and chat services anymore. In fact, it is now an internet provider and news source, as well as, music and radio. Therefore, you never want to get locked out of the system. This is when the account support services will be helpful to you.

One of the AOL contact numbers is toll-free 1-855-893-4562. This number will help you utilise any account issue, from being locked out, dealing with a spammer, or preventing your account from getting hacked/phished. All login issues can be handled here, and it is a 24 hours service.

Customer Complaints

AOL Contact Number

The users are always encouraged to post their complaints so that the right move is made to help. All customers can have the best online experience but if it goes wrong, AOL is here to help!

There are multiple ways to reach out to AOL and complain including using the AOL contact numbers listed above. Yet, you may not want to speak with a person directly so you can mail through the post, a handwritten letter to complain, or send an email to the head department.

If confronted any issues with the AOL mail, you can also call the AOL customer service toll-free number, 0808 234 9279, between 8AM to midnight GMT Monday to Sunday.

The users can visit also the Unlawful Content Page and report any unlawful content present at AOL. You can fill up the Legal Form with all your contact details so that the complaints department can reply back soon.

Contact AOL via Social Media

Contact AOL

AOL has always been the pioneer of entertainment over the internet. From the early days of chat rooms and file attachments on emails, the company has driven toward a direction of bringing people closer together.

Even though AOL supplies different services than it did 20 years ago, it still maintains the one selling point, bringing people close together in the moment. It maintains a fiery and lively online networking presence to help it stay in touch with its users. You can follow AOL on these links and stay up to date with the latest information or redesigns. Also, you can shout out to them over social media and let them about your complaints and opinions.

These alternative social media sites help inform you about the company but also present to you different ways of accessing news, media, music, and so much more in the world today.

Posting a comment, concern or question for any of these social media teams is a great approach to develop visibility about an outage or other problems. In an urgent situation, the collection of the posts, Tweets and uploads can give the AOL Helpline team a valuable overview of the areas affected by the outage.

AOL Overview

Founded in 1989 as America Online, AOL is one of the earliest providers of web services in the world. During its splendid years, it maintained a news distribution channel and offered broadband internet as well as publishing software. With the headquarters located in the United States, the company has been gaining practical experience in the sector of websites, blogs, internet services, web portals, home pages, online advertising and SEO services.

AOL customer services have been at their best for all the queries raised, to the best possible customer satisfaction.

AOL Contact Number

Useful Links

The official AOL Website will help with all the necessary information like AOL UK office, or router settings or AOL contact numbers or AOL UK prices, AOL UK VIP etc. It also provides the list of all contact numbers which the user can easily access to reach the correct department.

Here is a special video about Tim and a restaurant he owns and operates. Tim has Down syndrome but this is the story of a lifetime. AOL did a feature on him and created this beautiful piece that will melt anyone’s heart. Enjoy!

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  1. Tried to get my e-mail up and running after a nasty hacking incident. Seems my A/C has been blocked by yourselves due to the suspicious activity, either from the hackers or the computer repair shop. Spoke on two of your tel. nos today and they are unable or unwilling to help me. I have been a faithful customer for many, many years but if I don’t get reinstated in the next couple of days I will be closing my AOL account. Trust you can offer some positive help – they will not even allow me to change my password at the moment!!!

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