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Bringing the world closer to Greece, Aegean airlines is the biggest Greek airline with 145 destinations, 34 domestic and 111 international in 45 countries, as of 2016. A member of the Star Alliance, it boasts of being named as “Best Regional Airline in Europe” seven times including in 2016 by Skytrax World Airline Awards. The airline also offers cargo and charter services and is partners with a dozen other airlines.

If you would like to know more about the airline, visit their online sites and get a wide array of information on topics like booking, prices, check-in services, baggage, travelling with child or pets, special assistance and flight irregularities among others.

Aegean Phone Number List

Aegean Airlines Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Aegean Airlines Customer Service +30 210 3550 300
Contact Number 0208 759 3800
Telefax Number +30 210 62 61 900
Aegean Reservation Number and Ticketing 0208 759 3800
Special Assistance 0208 759 3800
Miles and Bonus +30 210 6261 000
Car Hire +30 211 198 5134
Aegean Airlines Customer Complaints +30 210 3550 300
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With the airline established on 1999, Aegean Airlines has only been in service for less than two decades. But the airline proves that it is not the length of work, but the quality of work that makes them. Their 17 years of service has been nothing but outstanding in providing high-quality services to their clients hence the numerous recognition they have received throughout the years including Airline of the Year in 2008/09 and the Fast Travel Green Award in 2015 to name a few.

The achievements they have garnered have proven their commitment to giving services of high standards to their customers. One of the many steps they have taken to ensure quality service is through having efficient and reliable communication lines for their customers.

How to Get in Touch with Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines Contact Number
Aegean Airlines Contact

If you want to contact Aegean Airlines, there are numerous ways you can do so. In order to further assist their customers, they have specialised teams into different areas depending on your needs, such as flight reservations, car hire, and special services.

One of the main ways to get in touch with them is through the Aegean contact number 0208 759 3800. This hotline is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  If you want to send them your questions, requests, compliments and recommendations online, do so through this Contact Us page. You can also connect with Aegean airlines through their social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Aegean Airlines Customer Service

Do you need to contact their customer relation and service department? Call this number +30 210 3550 300 for Aegean Airlines customer service. You can inquire on any number of concerns. This number is available weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Telefax Number

If you want to send the airline a letter of enquiry, recommendations, comments, requests or complaints, you can send them a fax through this Aegean phone number: +30 210 62 61 900. The airline welcomes to know your thoughts on their services or anything related to that matter.

Aegean Reservation Number and Ticketing

As your comfort is important to Aegean Airlines, the company has made flying easy for you. For quick and easy booking of your flights, dial this Aegean Airlines contact number 0208 759 3800. This Aegean reservation number can be reached daily, 24 hours a day. Aside from booking seats on Aegean Airlines flights, you may also book flights operated in partnership with other airlines, redeem miles, and ask information on your journey.

If you want to make any changes to your bookings like change or cancel your flight, change contact details or baggage allowance, you can easily do that as well through calling the Aegean reservation number.

You can also book your flights online through their website. As well, access your flight information online with just your booking reference number and name. Kindly see the Aegean Guide on their website for instructions on booking tickets online. In order to check the status of your flights, you can comfortably check it via their Flight Status page by giving the dates and the flight number.

Aegean Airlines Special Services

Are you travelling with pets, infants or persons with special needs? Or is your child travelling alone? The Aegean airlines have a dedicated team for these cases. You can contact them through Aegean contact number 0208 759 3800. Also, if you have dietary constrictions or request for a special meal like a diabetic meal, fruit platter meal or vegetarian meal, you can inform the airlines through the same number.

For more information regarding their special services including information on countries which require a visa, make sure to check the Special Assistance page on their website.

Miles and Bonus

Aegean Airlines miles
Aegean Airlines miles

The Miles and Bonus is the program of Aegean Airlines for its frequent fliers.

To know all the benefits of Miles and Bonus program, these are explained at the Miles and Bonus page. Members of the frequent fliers’ program can earn miles while flying with Aegean airlines, shopping, renting cars, dining as well as through staying at partner accommodations and enjoying activities part of the program. For more related information, you can call Aegean contact number +30 210 626 1000.

You can also earn tier miles that can be gained from specific activities cumulatively in order to become a Blue Cardholder and then Silver and then a Gold Cardholder. There is also an award mile, which is collected in order to be redeemed by swapping them with the award of your choice, i.e. products and services offered by the Program. All the details of the program are explained on their website or you can also just call them for any inquiry. You can also check as to the number of miles that can be earned while flying through the provided miles calculator on the website. To check partners available to earn points from in your area, visit the Aegean airlines website or call Aegean contact number.

Car Hire

With more than 150 car parking options available to be chosen, Aegean airlines make renting a car for you so easy and fulfilling that not only you easily get a car but you also get lower rates and benefits if you book with them. If you would like to rent a Hertz car with Aegean airlines, call them through Aegean phone number +30 211 198 5134.

As well, you can send your request for a car via email or you can make the bookings online on their website. You can also use any of the three ways for any changes you need to make your car booking.

Its partner company Hertz gives special offers for online bookings that you can do at Hertz Check-in page. As well, you can apply for a mileage credit for a Hertz car rental by filling their online form. You can even book a car parking space at the airport.

Aegean Airlines Customer Complaints

For any customer complaints you might have, you are welcome to contact the Aegean Airlines Customer Service or the Aegean Airlines Customer Complaints Department 0208 759 3800.

You may also send your complaints online through the Aegean Airlines Contact Us page. Make sure to give all the details required so that they could get back to you as soon as they could.


For airport check-in, you may use the Self Service Kiosks that allows you to check-in 24 hours to 30 minutes before your flight’s departure time subject to the airport policy.

For online check-in, you may self-check-in via your computer, tablet or phone from 48 hours to 30/40/60 minutes before your flight depending on the airport. Choose your preferred seat and get your boarding pass as a mobile boarding pass or have it printed. You may also have your boarding pass at the airport kiosk or check-in counter.

For more information on the check-in time at every airport, visit the Check-in time page.


Aegean Airlines baggage
Aegean Airlines baggage

The Aegean Airlines’ website offers much information on your baggage. For policies on carry-on baggage including allowed size and weight, visit the Cabin Baggage Allowance page. If you would like to know about your baggage allowance, see the Baggage Allowance page. If you wish to add baggage allowance and to know details for charges, follow this Add Allowance page. For information on bringing sports equipment or musical instruments, visit the Special Baggage page, and to know which goods and materials are not allowed on board, see the Dangerous Goods page.

In case you have lost your baggage or it was damaged in the flight, visit their Delayed / Damages Baggage page for information on what to do. If you have reported your lost baggage and would like to see the status of its tracing procedure by the airport authorities, visit their Track and Trace page. Be prepared with your file reference number as you will be asked to enter it along with your name to continue further.

Contact Aegean Airlines Via Post

If you would like to contact Aegean airlines through a more physical mode of communication, send your letter of enquiry, comments, compliments or complaints to their headquarters address. Please note that sending posts would take time. So for more urgent concerns such as flight bookings, car hire and others, contact them through the Aegean phone numbers provided. Below is the Aegean airlines headquarters address.

AEGEAN AIRLINES S.A, – H.Q.: 31 Viltanioti str., 145 64 Kifissia, Greece

Contact Aegean Airlines via Social Media

As well, Aegean airlines social media channels offer videos, pictures, information and chance to connect with them. You may contact Aegean on these social media websites:

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